Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 3
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EDUCATORS (tofltimm! iftom j*«ge fcrtftdpifo, « Mve , tafeeft f>art m school business all ove? tfift naiidn white in that cajsaeity. , Selby, fyho spoke, on the quail- ficauon* he looks for in hififif a new teacher of prlhclpal, holds B.A. and M.A. Degrees from the University of Oklaifcriia Horwali, \vho s|>oke 6f his "Remembrances ag a, Veteran Principal," holds a B.A. from Hardin-Sifntnons atid an M.A. from Texas University, He was also awarded an Honorary Doctor's Degree from Hardirt-Sim- ^^^r^-^^^^^,^,^.,^n^|jkj Spgold Mainly About Pcoplt' On Judaism * tftdltttei P*itf Adtettbinf t% t'otjftf.i! t*f A »»f mo e t Tuesday at 0:30 a.M. in Horace Mann School auditorium with Mrs. wiffi *Joft Jones, Mrs. . , minister of the Mary, feiien «ftd Harvester Church of Christ, rnonS. In his message, Selby said, "Kids today know mftre than when you and I were yourfg. They have a broader scope of knowledge because education has made many improvements in the past years. Today's education is the best the it to T, M. Brooks, PTA president, And moderator. Music will be .-, 8am BegefI, school principal, as|ed by the Jufilpf high band, hosts. The nominating commit-1- tee's report submitting a slate of officers for next year will be submitted. Mr. Begert will present' the program. PTA members arej cordially invited to attend. j Eddie Mtisfon, Charles street Beauty Shop, Your patronage ap-' predated.* Alan Snead, son of Mf. ftfld Mfs. I. C. Snead, HIS Charles, was elected president 6f Alpha T a u Omega fraternity District Court Has Heavy Docket Here A group of 46 persons RaBbl Arlhxif filuWffi'S talk on Judaism at a recent wseting ef the' great Mjigions ela#s of th« pa Education' drbup. SttcH Ideas «S idciai wlfifafe. tithing, the Sabftalh, the K^ssiah lh« child's place in" the hon^s and the, status af havi been cofitributed by the Jewish religion, according to Bluhm. j, , ° Mjiiaii iiiuii, pi ew in America, the essence of Godifollowing boys: tHC da ft* A ftrU'A tAvrAkkJt.A^.^.ijiL.J.u. * J^»»L C.m^.»mt,m an <i Lion Badge, Dennis Grider, §1** wUD felCOUlS Oold and Silver Arrow under Wolf; ^ , - Wiley Davis, Silver Arrow under 'fmtiii AtUfttt*!* i Wolf: Larry faylor, Beai- Badge '%j»Cl /%W*irU5 land Gold Arrow; Charles Mckin- jney, Gold Arrow under Bear; tom- A 4 KttM4»«i4tA i m y fco w * r *. *3oid and Stiver Arr\l DallOIIGr ™w under Bear. nJSl*^? 11 ^!? SS1J2 2: r^^f^l^^ri °> *«•**: «-*- • «*-5^ cently in • observance of the 49th pf.. J\ J^fJ, tv cst a McLean; and, fifth, James Baf anniversary of Scouting,- j Kagsaaie, uen master. | germ an of Groom. Rev. William fe. West, awards West initiated a new Bobcat into Mike Spinks was first in the chairman, presented awards to the! Detl 3 - Robert Del Wheeler and Hghi class with Thomas Hudson, /^n_j....i.u. WL i^ --L- „ (Hist t*vnt*Anf<i w£rtt i"i**/»aiant/wl t /•* th*» -. j. n 1 !-*..* _i_ i. *-». ,, * ». ( ... .. PAMPA OAILY news SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 19S0 CHAMP (Cofitimmd ed first Pfl«6 the heavy b a. )• r o W "Butch 1 Glen Adv«rU**m«ftt ZAIE'S WATCH REPAW District it better. "The parent has an Important ** and elaborate role in education today, tut it is not the role of the parent to tell the teacher how to teach. However, no teacher can V teach somelhii ally interested he cannot leach the subject well/' Selby stated. «**« Is the same, whatever the religion and our contribution to humanity will be unity in diversity, he stated. Modern science has come back to God, he said In conclusion. Rabbi Bluhm 19 connected -with the Amarillo Synagogue. ball player and Cycen Fjodr serf, Rally Committee, varsity baseball player and Cycen Fjodr serf, as a freshman. Free—t 8xio portrait, black And white, with order of l at regular' *ivrvcvci, nti Ltrttljiier Cull ' .T.M* ~. ««. w» j. liv »i*£,v.i.t.. something he is not person-! P rlce . l o all children pre-pchool age. iterested in, that is to say, Limited. Koen Studio. MO 4-3564.• . _i _i i ... ... .... fkwrtn*! A* 4t*i>* 1C 1 r* aii***+ Qf«« O4«.j1« Order of the Eastern Star Study Club will meet Monday at 7:30 -11J y SLtllCCJ v^iuiv mil ini^cu jTi.wj lua.j' a,\, t ,ij\j In reviewing the qualifications P' m ' ln thc home of Mrs> Oscar >r a good teacher. Selbv oointed shearer - 409 N ' Nelson. (of 6. good teacher, Selby pointed out, "A teacher must be, cheerful, not always be complaining, have acceptability, get along and like children and be able to Inspire at 2 P- m and challenge children to want to vitcd to aUend - Oray County Community Sing, era will meet In the First Assembly of God Church, 500 S. Cuyler, do their best. Teachers, like the The public is in- For sale new 3-bedroom on th« Grand Jury will meet all day March 13 to consider approp- mately lo cases that have, arisen since the last meeting In January. District Attorney Bill Waters said that some of the civil cases may be settled out of court. The civil docket follows: fifc.V 3 Ed Gales, Beat Badge and Gold Arrow under Bear; Mike Osborne, Denner'8 Stripe,; Hal Cree, Assistant Dthnef Stripe; Larry ] Franklin, Stiver Arrow tinder j Bear; Tommy Sfnalley, ,Lion 'Badge; Craig Davis, Bear Badge;; jEarl Matthews, Bear Badge; Ben-| (Continued Ffom i*age t) < nie f - >aahl Si]vcr Arrow, Gold Ar- banquet slated by the 8. M. Bak- row ftmj Woll> Bafl S e . Larry Key- A- tv* » ' ttAr rVna V'AQ** t>iw I ! h!s parents were presented to the j second; "Butch" Brown, third; iPack. Larry Lamberson, Groom, fourth; ?%*„*?**£J? e Sl l f d ,. lh L P " k and Jim > my Davis ' Pampa> flfthl SCHOOL Charter to Rev. West lo be displayed in the Parish Hall. ftead The News Classified Ads. er PTA. The civic clubs are In for a. rousing week. Three hundred students will present a program Tuesday when the Jaycees meet at Lamar. Pampa High School seniors will One Year Pin. J. Michael Brown, Silver Arrow j under Wolf; J. David Falkenstein, Wolf Badge; Mark Falkenstein. Assistant Denner Stripe; Denny Goforth, Silver Arrow under Bear; (u^t , .. vjtuuiiu, tiitvei/\iiuw unut;r Dear, wS .r «g 'r "T ^ I !^j™._g«~r.» • - < -' i Lee Way Motor Freight versus r,""' 0 Orvel Thornburg Jr., Bettie Ray 1 ' Williams vs. H. Petrey of H. Petrey and Sons; Lloyd Risley vs. Bob McCoy and Jim Storms of the White Deer Truck and Equipment Company; Clarence Ward iya. the City of Pampa; C. R. i, , 4^"- "ie ^iiy m jrampa. u. K. . , . °" ner! m j ne T« t'?iHoover Oil Company vs. Fred W. entlrs field of education has chang- ne , w 3-bedroom 'home. MO 4-6 25. j W11Ilamg . Ph) , Brandt H , d ed. Not often anymore will you Meek of ppavcr services will be, w AnHa ^ A « ~, *>,. i~j~ find the "Old Maid" teacher. The held by the First Ba P l ! st Wom ' real pay l s not monetary but in' cn ' s Misslonar y Union dally, from »VIA i«,._ _» i.i ...!.,_ . . 9:30-10:30 a.m. Mondnv through the love of working with people, that's why the good teachers are loyal employees," Selby concluded. In his talk, Norman pointed out in ins lam, norman penmen out. . „,,*?, . , what he considered the character by Robert E> Lee Junior Dualities a nrlnrlnai mn*t hn,,o I PTA on Tuesday evening, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of Wednesday, when it will meet at p.m. in the church. JW. Anderson of the Anderson Ditching Company. White House Lumber Company vs. J. D. Langwell and Edna M. Lang-well, John D. Young vs. the Texas Casualty Insurance Com Father's Night will be observed qualities a principal must have. They included good personality, health, diplomacy, patience, sincerity, organization, fajrness yet firmness and the ability to g e t along with others. i "You can bet any principal has; had dark moments a!on» t h evening, begin nlng at 7:30, in the school auditorium. The theme, "Education For Citizenship" will be lead by STEERS (Continued From Page 1) .-i- u uut *^ j i n^i i * t; i IL^I eLiuiii I II c f way," Norman said. He cited sev-,organizations of the city taking era! letters he had received while 'part on the program. serving as president of the Na tional Assn. of Secondary Tuesday will be devoted to the pany, Mrs. Lois Lester vs. the Triangle Well Servicing C o m- pany; Ruth Gilliland vs. Joe Daniels and Velma Daniels; Buisz Urbanczyk vs. the Texas Pipeline Company (two suits). Rex Morrison vs. the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company; Billie M. Martin of the Martin Neon Sign Company vs. Chester Thompson of Thompson's Prescription Shop; Ella G. Haley vs. the Texas Employers Insurance Association; Hollls Hale vs. the the l ' c ' 0 * .." The f m of 0 u r «• tnree act comedy by Thornton Wilder. Show time will be 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday in the PHS Auditorium. Until this year. C. P. Buckler served as general chairman of the Pampa Week. The first Texas Public School Week wa s held in 1950. This year, the Pampa observance has two chairmen, School Business Manager Homer Craig and Coyj Palmer. LOVELINESS CAN BE BOUGHT AT HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON In Permanents Styling, Cutting and Coloring Open Mondays-Saturday & Thursday and Friday Evenings 912 Alcock MO 4-4171 TO di>-5 <- >01 YOOR WATCH COMPLETELY OVERHAULED! Glass Crystal * ClAift 0MI*h»d * el*etf,c*!iy timed * If required AutematlcS ilrtd chronograph* «*• eepted Feclflfy MethAdt -* finest Workmanship All Repair Work Fully OudfBflfud! »' —••»•«•«>*••, + +\JHl& L 1CL1C VS. Lilt . ..„„,.. ul ucv-unmijy r-i-jiici- FFA Livestock Judging Contest i Texas Employers Insurance Asso- pals. One letter, from a boy de- w 'th fifty five teams entered. The'elation; William Garnett Morse fending duck-tail or Presley hair-jcontest will climax with a ban-jvs. the Texas Employers Insur- ' at 5 p.m. in the high school jance Association; American Hard- fending duck-tail or Presley hair-! cuts, referred to Norman, as "old! Smoke Causes Much Damage i Pampa firemen Friday extin- i guished a fire that started in the' bathroom of the R. D. Callaway; home, 732 N. Banks. Smoke dam ; age was particularly bad in the f' bathroom and kitchen. & According to firemen, Callaway was washing some motor parts with gasoline when the fire start-, ed. Trucks went out on the call at; 4:23 p.m., returning at 6:45. \ The house is owned by C. N. Hughes. LA MAES 117 W, Kingsmill DRESSES THESE DRESSES HAVE BEEN GREATLY REDUCED FINAL REDUCTION FOR DOLLAR DAY $ 4& $ 7 BLOUSES BAGS $ 3 $000 COME IN AND SELECT YOUR EASTER ENSEMBLE WHILE YOU HAVE A NICE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM FOR THE JUNIOR AND MISSES: We Have: Dresses/ Coats, Hats, Suits, Jewelry, Gloves & Bags T —- - f -•• ---v- ... Q .. u«,.. V v.. | ,^,,^-c. j-LDjyis^,iaLii,Mi ( American cafeteria, com plrments of the First ! ware Mutual vs. the Day and National and Citizens Banks. (Night Manufacturing Co •'Bennett The judging of the Top o' Texas; Brown vs. the Phoenix Assurance Hereford Breeders Show will begin [Company of New York. slick head," and one without "thc ability to grow a decent crop of hair if he wanted to." Norman humorously used elcgvs :••-'•""-" ~-~*-"~*o « ....i .,*_ fe and maxims in outlining the posti at * :zr> P- m - Tueday, followed by i of principal to his interested Us-''heir annual banquet to be held in teners. He said "every youngster i the banquet room of the First in this country needs education. I Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m. at (Continued From rage 1) but education of the right kind."j wh 'ch time Louie Throgmorton, I revision. It la our opinion that an A mrmo- ili A 1 r** nn TVi H n ..j i_ vlc'A nr*»<HHnnf rtf t h» R nr\tihl (^ Ma. «.. f i HA i.. ,. Among the local men Kinard introduced were: McHenry Lane, curriculum coordinator; B. R. Nuckols, county superintendent; Homer Craig, school business manager; Roy Me- Mlllen, former school business manager; Jack Edmondson, high school principal; Cameron Marsh, Pampa Junior High principal; Jack Nichols, Robert E. Lee Junior High principal; Joe Page, acting Lamar Elementary School principal; John Evans, Baker principal; Alex Swenn, acting Woodrow Wilson principal; D. V. Biggers, Stephen F. Austin principal; L. C. Davis, Sam Houston principal; Sam Begert, Horace Mann .principal. Kinard also introduced the following school board members, Rex Rose, Aubrey Steele, Jim Nation, and Damaris Holt. The fifth board vice president of the Republic National Life Ins. Co. of Dallas will speak. The show will close on Wednesday with the Junior Livestock Sale slated at 9 a.m. in the Sales bam with Walter Britten of College Station serving as auctioneer. The Breeding Cattle Sale will start at 1:30 p.m. Monday with entirely new charter should be framed In keeping with the statutes of this State. Much of the present charter can, of course. b« retained in a new charter, but we believe an attempted revision of the old charter by numerous amendments would be confusing and inadequate. "We, therefore, recommend to * * — • - -? «*v-»v.*wici ic^uiiimenu to forty-two head of choice call lei the City Commission that an elec-' from prominent herds in the Topjtion be called to elect a charter °'rT^ Xa 'V rea ,u be , inS offered - commission to frame a new char- Clyde Carruth is superintendent ' of the Junior Show and is also president of the Breeders Association. Ralph Thomas Is assistant in charge of records. town. Of that group, members of t h e Kiwanis Club included Steele, Nation, Lane, Nichols and Begert, who is president of the civic or- that such election be called to be held at the time of the c o m i n g city flection in April. member, E. 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