The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 36
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 36

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 36
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THIS BftMOSPORT FACTS t, TEXAS. SUNDAY, NOVEMBBR 39, Pa«* 148 The Television Picture J Sunday IJ:JO H, SUCCESSFUL TEXANS 11, ISSUES AND ANSWERS Ronatd Reagan, candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, is Interviewed by ABC News eormportdsnt Bct> C1arV, 1:00 H. NFL FOOTBALL New York Giants vs Dallas Co»*oys, at Irving. Texas. L STALIN A portrait of Jcwph Vlisarfonovicn Stalin n drawn by hit supporters, his enemies »nd Stalin himself. Documentary films combine with subjective material such as poems and folk scngs to trace Stalin's life from Ms peasant beginnines through the Russian Revolution, me great purges artd the srtat wan, born hot and cold. I), SCHOOL BOARD RUNOFF It, REX HUMBARD "Barabbai, Thou Art Fr«™ Is me sermon. Acts N^WJOconfxss* tn* text. 1:00 11, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN J», CITA CON CARLOS — M«SlC 1:30 II, THE SHOW 7S 1*00 :. WILD. WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS 13. MOVIE "Spencer's Mountain." MW3) T!w struggles of farmers (Henry Fonda. Maureen O'Hara) to raise trwir nine children amid me spienckrs of Winning's Grand Tetons. U. TELETHON CONTINUES If, WANTED —DEAD OR ALIVE Josh (Steve McQueen) Is hired to protect a pretty ?too< pigeon. 3:30 I, DRAMA A convicted counterfeiter (James Francijcus) is altawd to escape frcm prison to retrieve currency plates m N«i occupied France. II, NFL FOOTBALL Viorve f 'a V,k nos vs. Recfsfcins at Washingtri i D ; I. BILL MOYER'S X3URNAL INTERNATIONAL REPORT BBC .ranaglng director Huw WtieWon talks wim Bill Movers about Ns nefworVs contribution to American public television. Also featured are clips from some of the popular BBC exports. Including "Tr* Forsyte Saga." "CIvill»at(on" and "Monty Python's Flying . Circus." «. BILL YEOMAN: FOOTBALL HltfUigMs of m« Houston-Tufea game, played yesteroac at me Astrodome. 4:00 », TEXAS MM FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS Highlight* of the gam* egairal Texas, played Nov. V at College Station, 4:10 ». BIO 1 NEWS CONFERENCE Guests: mayoral candidates Fred Homeiru and Frank aristae. «. SOLAR ENERGY Hoit David Prwvftl describes various meara of transforming tolar energy Into power. Including the us* of mirror-focused light to heat steam turbo generators. Born Loser , EUTI W, THRILLER Ray Ml II and directed twi tale of a modem-day incamatton of JacK me Ripper. >:00 1. NEWS I. TRIBAL EYE "The 'clvi1li«d" world's ap p*Ht» for the 'unciviilmr world's art is ravenous." says producer- ho»! David At tertorough. In this episode, he surveys how the artistic productivity of tribal societies has been Influenced by such demand).. .In New Guinea: villagers do a booming business selling sacred masks. Brltan Columbia; the Oltsktan Indians are maintaining traditional crafts like blanket weaving and pole carving. Hawaii: Polynesian sculpture Is ie«n r*f!«ct*d in tourist souvenirs. Tne Arctic: Eskimo) are wiling sculptures for profit; yet, say some critics, tfwy tuiv» Oepartwl from !r»di!>t*vil subjects, Nigeria » Vi*nftM* «rtn> »no tribe's art 1), LET'S MAKE A DEAL ):» I. NBC NEWS II. NEWS 1*. LAND OF THE GIANTS A macaor* war game pits the earthlings agalist tt>« V 3y **aocns of a aunt youngsler. «:M J, WORLD OF DISNEY Tw brothers wl*asn «ic«>ton»!^ 'Sammy. IN* Way oof s*,n. ' a WSky pet *;tn ,vi uncanny «rwn i,,<e cSsrupting part*! «, WORLD PRESS 1). SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON Meifla is convinced that m* footships )f* h*» Even hearing and the officer's brass frvfcn irn found belong to her f»m*r. a tf>ipwtck*d captain beil*v*a to cw o*ad II, MOVIE "Alfc»'» Aaventvrn in Wen dertand." (English. If J) Sue studded version of m» Lewis Carroil classic JJ, TELETHON CONTINUES »:» I. LOVE TENNIS 3», PULSE ?:W I, EVENING AT SYMPHONY S,rrcftOP<« D» Haydn and Pulitter Priiewinmrq ccIT^pe1•r Watter Plsfon are avrtvnv^i t>i trv« Boston Sympfwny Orcn«s!ra witn \dcrjHK Tinon Trvomas cooa«tir>g They on/ Haydn s Symphony No. »« in B Flat, ir* fiftn o* Ns !3 "London" s»mpnonles. jno Piiton's Symofwry No- J Pisfon w*s a music at Harvarg for J4 years and N incluoeo Leor^rd 8«rr,sre<n 13. SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN An »,-n<t-Kjn tc>«ntiu »rxj dvfected to ffi» So, »f union nowwants fo return fo If* U S . Sx* N» pi ans are hindered By hfs young vx\ 1^0 re»v*n to l«av«. », BLACK VIEWPOINT 7:» 1». INSIGHT TO LIFE 1:00 J, McCOY .VcCoy i Tony CWMU jeri up t prwny \Fnti M«ist as part ai an tlntorait plan to snare me leam of carmrtarpv v»f» to« M old (r'/ena for *ia}.OtvA ll.KOJAK Ko|»k and Crocker travel to a small Nevada town toentradtte a man wanted as a w<tr**s In tt» trial of a mob <W»ftaln. I, MASTERPIECE TH8ATRI After iitted by f»r lover Proisptr Marlme*. w««j solace In her relationship* wfth nw French actress Marl* Dcrval and AHred i» .Mirtset. a wit destructive young poet, in Part ) of "glorious Womao " 13, MOV IB "Cavno Royaw. ' (English^ IM-'I Flv» olrectori. Inctudlng John Mutton. Morked on thH elaborate spoof of spy ttlira. told in flaWiy episodic style. If, CHURCH SIRVICI It, BRONX Tortured by memories. Bronk foltows the trail of a mam who ciMmwi responsibility tor ttve rtsam of BronM's wife and the cnpplifg of his daughter, but who wns killed m a Shootout betor* r*v«al>n«> «na hired him 10 do th* |ob I, ASCENT OF MAN "Wortd Wtmin World. J • Part 10 of tnis serin. corK«rn.stneiSsa>v«ry of m» struclvrn o* tr* .rom In taCJtes f»ng,r>« from a Polish sat !<»wi» (oOakHWgft T»f«n.. Mrlps host Jacob Brovwskl tovcnet an IT-* nature of crystals I a first owning ink) ftvt *«r»d of pMyVcs") ind tp^ir tlmlaritits to f<f RvfS»ian tx> dlxov»re«t lade, and, at fh«ir fiom»s in Europe me mwk of NoMl Prut winners SU« P'arx* Nleti Borr avj Ern«st Rumerford. It. HUSTON ASKS BMISCOI AND KOfHBINI ?4. TELETHON CONCLUDES If. DAY OF DISCOVERY it. JAMEI f(O*ISON PMEICNT! u-w I, 11. NEWS I. SOUNOSTAOC A musical saHi>» K>rrurn>*«»r ,V«;«s 0«vH cacs an rtx» witn iaii roc* t, KATHRYN KUHLMAN J. OA8RELL ROYAL. FOOTBALL II. MOVIE xcry t«v«i» is "f* Pafsv ' i cartwr It. GOOD IJ. NEWS 13 M.W >, INVISIBLE MAN 3*1 angrily fi«nn *hen ^* it caugftf in • imaO ^>*n 'r free oc«r«i«i 6-r cr«»<« axat or* 1 *!*' )t, TO BE ANNOUNCED 11:11 II. MOVIE 'Vihat A fit, MI txi!- i weat'fy Shirley ,V\JK\_»<T» r««ns 11 » 1, GOLDEN VOYAGE I » IJ. CYEW1THBSS MEW/J ISSUES ANO A>»- SWCRS 1 90 IX ABC NEWS ...IT'LL TU&! UP I THE OTHER Beetle Bailey FRlENDS'UL GET A JOLT CXIT O' THIS i L:R, FUDDSY/ THESE SOUIRHN FLOWERS ARE / A BARREL O' UAUGHS.' , IF VA't> PUI SOMi ZIP INTA Hl£:S[ MM. GREAr; ju&T SWELL THAf COUWIRY AIK1...I HVOULPN'T MIWP TRAVBLIM6 LIKE THIS ALL THE TIMEJF if W£KEW' r FOR- PERFgCT!_.A PLEASANr SYLVAW SPOT AND CAMPSITE: Ki \NEVeR WASH » IM WIN AT BRIDG| _ South breaks communications Suit tit * .' . :•(( it* !)!»! It It Ik (out '..'Hit 1.1 I »>iit * '. ' 1 : -J...rln ! fli i . s ... : . JdiffwXxl* 1?!^;* trfi* 1 ap.-Kkf f,«i; * v/ !) i < I A K I ) ¥ w n •> » ; > i: «tt « *W>M: " ^ lh 4»< «f >'!( 1(1 , « v > '; A \ > i "< f.' ••«'U>.< ;•; .•..•S.I,':!* st V>p(?l fr itl SwMlA ; : '> - ''jij i'ji'j •• -.-.< <-J ' ^ A, it In.! ffecn PW ;»-j<i> (ft* • {'j.p<rft ._>( ,>i>ii',jr.4li j.'vj iris i! ftfj* Kjl! '.jllr) fei.) l,B< 4.-J.1 SEEK & '"HA" •,:;i',1 '«nt!i H A E, n K ft 0 M K I, A II H M n K Ti 0 t) «; 1 .» o i n t. n >: M A V K f 0 H II H ( K », II * 1 K A I H J H A M H 1 V ( \ A N 1 ' S 1 S V \ f> <i KJM A c; II A H V, | N t K fl H | mi Hi .in i r 1; T * H K M A II A H M T K It «» \ 1 « \ 1) r V K 1 \ 1. t II O K A 1 tt t t) \ II K \ f T »' A 1. M J H « K \ » t H T 1 A 1. \ V »: 1. MART S I » K T K N Ii A f II T t II H \ 1 V \ K A (. s i r i» K >: M i H % t / ft ii i •i n tt t. A 1. A K 1 * 1. \ 1. 4 II 1 T K 1. \ M K ft N Z S H \ \ S N t H t A «4 K N J 1 •) -4 1 r* r K A 1 it N ' A M 1 (. J K 1) H 1 S 1) M H u H ( H (1 K H 1 f U H \ II ,\ 1. I) H 1 C | 1 II ( A » N l |i \ i: i' i «• t: *. \ > M tsit .j| i »«.r4. «. BAIAIAIKA U\JI«H t >tr HA^iMNit «P*I»H|»»I •*»• n*rry«« A »-*it !<-jill Ehr v*l i>? ^ i! pri»i--jj,'<r* thr *:n£ 'jj' 111 *,:>j:!t '.i.i ',r', !h. hi '-tit tn-rk S«»j!ft t» i tj! Mr tbiier , f. &./»>?-uu cau 1 - •*^?tC TVA,SA»SoViS<r iiT'r« ,.-^ i ^^" M< "^" 1 " >M*2aO'*" -• | *'* ^?"1"*> ***'- '.'.A.^ V- LLCK !.A f: !•::• / AM v, : .v"-.;; r Cf".'- -~ iT.wj^TA ».' i / f R/A6OOD; '' -•••' REASON ?^^J •; r . f "- > -*** - — r -«t^ Snuffy Smith H'OWTfLW. I i \ /•\; a w £: X \.' .» , i '•> -. TUAT STURDSOW Vf O' VC?^-- Bf/ f r Kx" iS r - tEAK^r } " ' - :!!'^^ ' i l.,^ I --'•'•« (i^rtUP. ±Hr£^|fi Bfondie is"*, MUST J ^ I PCW evcRvy] ,fM : i " : ^ ig ^'! .fs"cA™rgo eu:>e ro A GXCO'Si; **'.£ ft^j'' w^£3£ VCXJ C£T TnA^ fV^. *,'!«< £N I «: VM ^im i L. Frank and Krnent

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