Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 26
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 26

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 26
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OFCATUR..HERALO FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1930, DECAT'JR HERALD JANE ARDEN All Aboard By Mniito Barrett »nd Fwnk Elite \RY ils good A (Jtiy " i-t meti 10 be usltinj. tlioic tiny f c( i (fm, stilly "They bugii \ u n Cinder-ilia wllh those; W)y don't vou ' · · nithlo shoes? They ' ihoie. er--ln t | 1rtn cti lam«ly am-, 10 hike when j ( ,i, ml n lltllfi while' In lli n hine sonitthlnf! to K'H t h o t e Instead o[ '.i4i and mo*quitor» veiy m o u t h f u l of youj he Hiked wondering!) 1 , lit was heavier b\ e fin" Mabfll ftcnei n" iMpaie.ntly didn't i .Hid w i t h thit l6fti he i; i i j i nil day, vi re ..tied toward the KH '-. l l t l l f i rflr hud T ^ than Aix w*ek* b*- |cl Elres h?i on. he ' fijoyed th* n.inbow lake When IIP [he kiehed himself nier. . hadn't bought th(*» lo snd fiijoycd ths car - wan no line In pay on a cftr and gltrait* i,'olnff lo j*tfty In the f^Ks at a lime, Rui ·..i^j benn willing to ttillti with hltn and -.riving that he kne« .. 'jn the txpondlture -!in"ia und luxury . .!, pretty liUle Kiln I f l u f f i n g out about h»r e. |jr-,iilc him h» f*W It WM 'io much ' H a n hiking wemtK' ( i i o ; ixhnustcd on tlic IIP niltt had her tlnv UH' before her, tfi*"^ [ and ·-omMiow Preit ttt het JIB f H itldftT'11ft 1 inUi a l i t t l e bln.ih And nlnifi'it anv onf r, - . . p e t i ' i t in C'lntli-r-IH · f * fr !li"V li«(l pat Ifr'l t l i c id ttcie wnlktilf! dlftne n that they me! Phil 3TATBROOM 57J IS THE ONLY)! MY,I DONT HAVE IT ONG Wfi HAVE LKPT LADIES - VAWITM MS- 1 LET MEt SE6 YOt/R PA99PORTSJLMUST NOT MIS* PLEASE t .... -^^\THtg BOAT . -y -47* ~ MMUTG -I CAN'T S-NFL.U v ~-- N S- WITHOUT J?C£PN3 I GUESS We'tfE UCKfc'P, Ne - THAT TAXI* j* ivEP MAS' TOL.D t MAM WH6Ris WE J ARE ffV NOW r 1 ^ ^ [WHGN YOU ADMIT YOU'PG LICKED,YOU ARE ALL WET- COME ON WITH ME s. TICKETS' AND PASSPOP*TS PLEASE ABOARD TO TEU.SOM6 Bobby 1 hatcher AWD THAT'S HOW (T IS BUD- WITH THE SERVICE CUT IN HALF THSRE'I_L- iBE NO JOB FOR YOU--- 1 BUT IF YOU CAN STICK. I AROUND CAAAP A : DAYS OH YOUR OV/M i TIME SOMETHING V/ILU TURN UP" I'D t-tKB TO MR. CARSOVJ BUT on ACCOUNT M y AUNT AMD S»STSR 1 GOTTA KttEP STEAD/ llM ^r SEARCH US- 1 ARE WE? 1/1VCLE WIGGILY HWPTLMK S'l'OKV .lly HOWrtBU K. (JAUli*. (JNn.B W K t l i t l . V FOOL** t(c;o FOX llty Hnwurd K. i(»rl») Imthcr ( I t i ' i r i ' i . whldi ho had IwuKtit fi.r Nwcsc ,I«n« It'ur.vy Wmasy. wan hoiiplnjr ftcifiH tho flokln on his way mime Id liln hollow ntui»|i hutifpilow. Nnw ind tln-n the olil niblilt gcntlc- mun vroulil itii' when ho trot to tin 1 top of n Ul'lc hill and l«ol( OVM- t h u nimilow nnd lowiird the woodn. "I rlldn't we him yel, hiH f think in. Ii cuuilii!; 1 " "itld t f n c l i i V/\teit\ly. ijitklne to hlnwt'lf and MinlllnB ft» he Tlicti hi- hii|ijn'il on to tlie, next hill [inl lonki'rl n^ula Hicri' he ejiti("j*" ejceltthiH'tl the tiWill ' 1'hfi'e'M Ilodilv Vnx (intl I · m i l (;( «low to K K e l i l i n a f h n n e e i" m l r l i t i j In me Then f i t (ool IHm I t n ' H n 1 i h i ' H n w T tthftll ((ml him'" H ml i, hi «fi-iii f n t i n v !m IFucli' U n n l v I" i'n ilnw inn! i ; h e (led Knx i tin MI i id m i l h 11)1 lo t i l n i id t hint bi-ttn Ml '.Mil t i l i i n i t I! (led T'ox MIH n run-ilti I n l''nr/v I'ox anil lift'1 f"inp 'ii vl it I h l " I'.iul C l i n p In hl-i H r f i n n t fin f i o t n t l n e l c U'litKtly'M liol- lnw«|iun(i l m n , ; i l i w Thf r!»b Cat, "I'll VH//J li'ix mill Pvi'il Knx, niitile uii H unne t ' i e i i l e h ( f i U ' l n WUTwlly, wutt I'jui Oidp t u l t i t t j ; a i l l f f e r o n t h t h Cut I ' m t f W i u n l l v . who wai f t ' i n l R K liotiM f i n i t i t l « « -ilfiie w i t h t h e \*\\ f c ^ l h e i d n i l ei H Jin [pened (o bo 'id 1 * (if 11 hii-li uhi.|i ( i n ' I l l t e i ' Bml flinpn ueii t n l k l n i ; n h n u l eMtchltut 'Hf rntiMi i T n l l i ' i i i : i n And Unelc WiajtH- liriiitl Hi .1 1 - i i v m v lie hii'l ·"vi-t -inn n i t i h l i l l , ·!. he d l d n ' l Vnnw iin^ i| i,, \vii:Klh' Uioked t j ' 'I 1 * liiin even if )ii- '.hiiiilil nu-»I tll:n I'llO) Pnx |ol,| |||^ roll«ltt Uid Pon I'-I limv Mi t(1 lih (im cr I "Oh, how do you do?" asltod Unclu WlKglly. i«»11tily, tccttiiiB up off tht. loi;. 'But I think you have imutu n titlBtaki). I don't know you and you don't know me " "Oh, yea t rto!" b n t k u J Red Fox "You m e Undo Wifely thn rubblt my coiifiln Ftiray l''ox told me about r MOO your Ion;;; cai'st, your pink no'to and If you will turn around I'll BOO your l l t t t n ttliort tnll and tlifn I'll be iuro you urn Unulo WlBglly," "Taki u loolc!" Invited UnH« W(K- K l l y a* he turned uround, Tho fentltpr ilunler wa dtntonod to his H t t l d Bhdrt tntl, hiding It well. Red Knx tnnlied tint! looked n^atn, hta eye* |)i|])ln^ wltle open. "Tlih IH quoov!" he jjvowli'd "What Ii titioei'" ftalted Uncle VVItf- i;lty politely. "Thdt tall of yuurs," wont on Red l''ix, "You are Uncle Wli'llv atl but t h n hill. No rabbit ever had n fu: h n i l i v ttill Hko that an you Cnn't Mr. Loniii-ni'i I ntusit have rnnclc n i n h t t i k e T lew your pardon." "Oh tlint's nil rlclit," snild the hun- n v imlltelv 114 h" wiK{,'ki! the foather diififet till! and tickled the Bed Fox on his nose "We alt mnke niNtaltoa te t n l l ["t riindfi K,.. fl,.|i f ' , , f ,,(,(nv fil« ill TM "'tic tuti (, rtwi i-'nt \vnuiii jicf '"» I'm-lii Wli'Ktlv'n t n l l limited Oh | r ,i n ^iidHv- know ( h u t tliu'li- J'JItll. 1 i n h l i l i t now If 1 ice h i m " 1 TM«f(t tit'i | K««( (inc-c he htiil si-en "i (.,,,,'( niiikn n tuis- looked, ilown {'rhal, as timnelimly IKII snIJ Ami KU/HV "H* rum- Mil,,.,, Ml/- ' \V\lslii\-, niili] |«. thi l» fml. tir !iifi| . to "it , "'"* I,, tln " "Is : oiik 1 1 'In* Hti' i onii' from lll'll h will VtiJt , , |, B ; n «, tailing Mi» :,.d .t h..rl4 H« to h.v* f.»fe») i(| of 11 ll!|l(lL r m!n« 'i W(1 ihn" n"*ot bv ,,,,,) nicre. T'll fool ut tn,Hi' WlK- "·" flral vn«l FiiHtencd llto I ^r. ( t the rahlut Ite mt down !« B»J*r. " P l / l i n V l l w (Ut) W B l t M l I j,,rTM [' °* to cent* up. Tht« noon | JTM« and wlion the KOJC Haw the til *it , * ellt ''' hl * f'"' '""t. n!s nlul hl " 1nk ' twlnhlln By George Storm WKI-L. THEM HBRR'S A CHECK FOR A* V/mBK'6 , PAV AMD yOUR. RETURN FARE.-- t'UL HAVtf TO ' HO** OFF FOR THE CAMP AMD ' t'LL. HAVE YOU IN M1MO IF you WANT x JOB. LATER, njktu, THE NEBBS Secrets Will Out VWA.IT ME: ooe= to /0-/7 TO ELOPE our K»OT TD HE 3«Va TO *3 CMEAPO9 GAS BUGGIES He Should Have Told Her Personally , ENTHUSIASM ' OVER HEMS NfW JOB- A5 UMDERSTUDY TO A MILLIONAIRE WAS CONSIDERABLY DAMPENED UPON LEARNING THAT THE MILLIONAIRE NX/AS A BACHELOR 10/21 IM L1VIN IN A SWELL HOTEL --VALET-LI MOOS INE _ . YACHT-,. TRAVEL IV)R. HORN D E T E S T S MEETING THE PUBLIC-. T IMPERSONATE HIM AND DISCHARGE WIS SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS HIS ^ '· SOCIAL \ i OBLIGATIOWS ) i ^ --LIJU^ · SWEET!! POSINS AS A MILLIONAIRE BACHELOR,) AND I'M TO SIT QUIETLY IN THE BACKGROUND... COUNTING HIS THOUSAND DOLLAR A WEEK SALARY,! SUPPOSE. WH--WMV.,_THe IDEA... TH6 NERVE OF HIM.. IT WONT BE FOR VERY LON3,DARLtNS t KNOW I SHALL MISS YOU* MISS ..YOU I CAN'JUST SBV HIM STRUTTING DOWN THI STREET LIGHTING CIGARS WITH DOLLAR eiLL5.ft.n~He Bt« I AM ... THE MILLtONAIM BACMSLOR SUCH .. V« TOOTS and CASPER The p, CK 7H£ W|NNER[ | Is On "TO THE. =TApluM ARE PACKED WITH ?"! XWE SHOULD HAVE DRIVEN POWM NNITM C O U X E U H F E 1 CATl LOWNfi, OUR FTENSRS! HERB THEY COME «| ATTABOY5!! / PONT ABADABA TECH! THERE 40E^« *TKE VVHIWLC! THE 6*ME 16 ON 1 . In wh\ they put Miblicfs on the end o^ lmi t-cHPiii Hut no h a t n i )i (itim* So I'll he on tuy wny," "Deur me! What n mlntfike 1 itifide'" crowleil Ked Fox, "I 911 he eulled u t t e r the ho[i|ilnK rahblt "you haven't neon IJnrti- WlKRlly. by liny rhance have you'-"' "Oh, yen, I saw h i m this morn liilt," Maid Mr. Luwni.K. Which wnn ti i in fHoiik'l) foe he had looked in tilt KtiHi to HCC It hN ]lpl( noao wiui on iilnil^'ht. »ittd he ,"aw liimuclf. "Well better lurk nt'St lime!" chuckled the tiunfiy uneli- ;IH ho hojipdd to hit liuiK(tl»w with his ftmther tlustoi l u l l . Hod tfnt ahook his head won- d f i h i K t y Ami if the electric fan will blow Home Ktts from the toy balloon Into a nleklo to mnko It look bit; Ilkti fitly conlB. T'll te.ll yoa next ftbout Uncle Wlj;t;l1y'H ruhbei hnop (C«|),vrll{lil, H!)i, by Uuwiifil 1C. ItADIO (JVANIt A'o. Mius Bruklne In active anil lu- fui'nied In radio nmttors. pluying "ITolly ar«y" In the "Cuckoo Hour," nlso driimnllo und twnantic tends over Nlit', "QucHtlon Air" lellH nl«ut witlhi iiorwnalitlpH, etc \Vhnl do you wunt to know? A. t{. VV,. Albuqueiquo, N. Msx, Yen, Prnrod la a reu] boy, nnd his nnmo Is Howard Merrill. Ho gots Into trouble on the nir. but ttt home Ihlnm'n urn not so hurtle, tot which lilM pnroniH utter jirnyers of thanks- BRINGING UP FATHER Turn About By MaManus WAKE UP AMD STOP THAT HORRID 6KJOR.IMG, WORN!'. $1030, Int) FcntUff Sfrvm. tin. Putt BtMiln rtiu fmn VJELL* IT'S ASOOT TIME THE WOF -TUKH1EO- i A. HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY No. 23 Cahokia Taken By J. Carroll Mansfield ttlRED WORSES,"foSE/ie-CAHOklA,AM IM- PofHAMT BRITISH POST, 50 MlLESAWAY OM THE MISSISSIPPI OPPOSITE ST.iOOlS. SOME RWfiNPJ-V FREMifMMEN PO fVBMT WTH BeWMAjj. AS auiBS. THC 701MM WAS TAUEM 63MPLETCLV 0V SORPRIS6. THE STAmtfiD FOCHCH iNHAeiTAwrs weise Puz- uttK TOLD THBM WHAT MAP TAKCUPUCE AT ^AsjrtSHiA, UHlTgT' STATES. - r (Cepyrliln. 1WO, by J. M5SIOU

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