Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 28, 1955 · Page 9
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 9

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1955
Page 9
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph 6 *%*A Saturday, May 28. 1955 JLE6AL_ ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS The Board of Trustees of the Swissville Sanitary District, Lee Countv. Illinois will receive sealed HiHs for the construction of sani tary sewers in parts of Center Street, Tue *aciory noaa, Armei-,ia St.. Swiss Street and in ease ments on private property in Dix on Township. Lee County, Illinois, ..ntii 2:30 o'clock P.M.. C.D.S.T.. on the 15th dav of June. 1955. at the Dixon Rural Fire Department Station. Palmyra Road. Dixon. Illinois. All bids received will be publiclv opened and read aloud at the aforementioned time and P*Th^ successful bidder will be required to furnish a satisfactory performance bond in the full amount of the contract price. The contract documents, including plans and specifications, are on file at the office of the Attorney of «aid District. 107 First Street. Dixon, Illinois, and at the office of C. K. Willett consulting; i-jn^ineers 317 North Galena Avenue, Dixon, Illinois. obtained bv depositing $5.00 with fr>r panh set of documents so ob tained, said deposit to be refunded to each actual bidder returning plans withm 10 days of the date Of opening: bids, payment for this contract will be in vouchers or bonds issued b- bonds to bear interest at the rate of five percent (57r.) per annum. The Board of Trustees of the c„-ie=i-illo Sanitary District reserv es the right to reject anv or all bids and to waive any informali ties in bidding. ah nrnnosals shall be accompa nied bv cash or a certified check on a solvent bank, payable to the order of the President of the Board of Trustees in his official capacity, <-n>- an amount which shall not be less than ten (10) per cent of the aggregate of the proposal. No bid may be withdrawn for at least thirty (301 days after _ the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF TRICT, LEE COUNTY, ILLI NOIS LEROY GAUL. PRESIDENT JOSEPH S. VTLLIGER WILLIAM H. LIEVTNG ALBERT HANNEKEN • iTTORNEY Mav 2S. June 4, 1955 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS The Board of Trustees of the Swissville Sanitary District. Lee County. Illinois will receive sealed bids for the construction of sanitary sewers in parts of Fourth avotiiip in Dixon Township. Lee County, Illinois, until 2:30 o'clock P.M.,'C.D.S.T.. on the 15th day of June, 1955, at the Dixon Rural Fire Department Station, Palmyra Road, Dixon. Illinois. All bids received will be publicly opened and reaa aioua ai we moiemcu- Tht> successful bidder will be reauired to furnish a satisfactory performance bond in the full amount of the contract price. The contract documents, includ-?r,o. -rXa-na anrt specifications, are ™ fii» at tho nffi™ of the Attorney of said District, 107 W. First Street Dixon. Illinois, and at me oince oi C. K. Willett consulting- engineers, 317 North Galena Avenue, Dixon: Pnmet nf thi> rtncnmMltS mav 'be obtained bv depositing- S5 00 with C. K. Willett Consulting Engineers tor eacn set or documents su «u-iained. aaid deposit to be refund ed to each actual bidder returning plans within 10 days of the date of opening bids. Payment for this contract will bond to bear interest at the rate of five percent per annum. The Board of Trustees of the Swissville Sanitarv District reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities in hinrline- nied by cash or a certified check drawn on a solvent bank, payable to the order of the President of the Board of Trustees in his official capacity, for an amount which shall not be less than ten (10) per cent of tne aggregate ot tne pro- nncal No bid may be withdrawn for at least thirty (30) davs after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF SVvTSSVlLLK SAKl't'AKI WS-TRTCT, LEE COUNTY, ILLI NOIS LeRov Gaul - President Joseph S. v illiger William H. Lieving Albert Hanneken Mav 2S. June 4. 1955 NOTICE State of Illinois ) ) ss. County of Lee ) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF LEE COUNT VT PHART.FS A srDTT. EVA PEARL SCOTT. In Chancerv. Heneral No. 55-60 Plaintiff Defendant The vemiisite affidavit for pub lication having been filed, nccice is herebv given vou, Eva Pearl Scott, in the above entitled suit that the nhove suit nas heen com menced in the Circuit Court of Lee countv. Illinois, bv tne --aid plaintiff a {rains* von and that said Suit is now pending and undetermined in said Court, pravmg for divorce from von. and for other relief that summons was ciulv issued out of said Court against vou as pro- said Eva Pearl Scott, the said de fendant, file your complaint in said s make vonr nnoear: the said Circuit Court of Lee Coun ty neid in tne court riouse m ine City of Dixon. Illinois on or before the third Monday in June 1955, being the 20th dav of June 1955, default mav be entered against you at any time after that dav and a decree entered in accordance with the praver of said complaint. John O. Shaulis, Jr.. Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lee County, Illinois. Edward A. Jones Plaintiff's Attorney. May 16, 23, 28. 1955 Folks who find thing* consult the Lost and Found column at once to see if it's advertised. When the answer's "yes," they know how to reach the owner, are encouraged One dandelion plant may produce and distribute as many as i^.uuu seeaa m a year. SATURDAY AFTERNOON 1:00 WGN— News; Coughlan WIND— News; Start the Music WMAQ— Northwestern Presents WBBM— News; H. Stark WLS— Festival 1 :15 WIND— Dueout 1:25 WCFL— Cubs vs. Milwaukee :30 WGN— Dick Coughlan WBBM— Paul Gibson 2:00 WMAQ— House of Music WBBM— Hal StarK 3:00 WGN— News; B. Black WMAQ— House oi music . WBBM— News; Rayner WJJD— News; music WLS — Music Showcase 4:00 WGN— Buddy Black WMAQ— House of Music WTND — News: Album 4:30 WMAQ— Rio Rhythms 5:00 WGN— News: B. Black WBBM— iNews WMAQ— News WLS— News; Go-Round WCFL— News; Barnes WIND— News: Miller WBBM— Sports WMAQ — U.N. Review 5:30 WGN— Buddy Black WBBM— question oi nnies EVENING 6:00 WGN— Howard Earle. news WMAy — r reeoom nouse WBBM — News; Showdown WIND— News; music WLS — News 6:15 WGN — Walter Trohan WBBM— Airmail Special 6:30 WGN— Jack Fuller wbbm— cang ousters WIND — Sports Review 7:00 WGN— News: Fuller wbb.m-uunsmoite WMAQ — Anthology WIND— News: Hits 7:30 WGN— Unshackled WiMA^—rop (jonceri WBBM— Boston Blackie WIND— News; Musical WLS— Hayloft Frolic 8:00 WGN— Hawaii Calls WBBM— Two lor tne Aioney WMAQ— Parade of Band9 WLS— Barn Dance WIND— News: Dance 30 WGN— Lorn bardoland WMAQ — Conversation WBBM— Country Style WLS— Hayloft Party 00 WGN— News: Norman Ross WMAQ— Long Play WBBM— Country Style WLS — Bam Dance Party WIND — News ; dance WCFL — Great White Way :30 WLS— Meet the Folks WBBM— Capital Cloakroom WMAQ— Chan WIND — News 10:00 WGN— News: B. Black WBBM— News WMAQ— News; Chan WLS — Barn Dance WIND — News : Hubbard 10 :15 WBBM— Something New iu:au wuin — news; a. joihc*. wbbm — jvieioay jvuu WMAQ— Mambo with Chan WTND— News 10:45 WBBM — Tony Weitzel 11:00 WGN— News; B. Black WMAQ— News WTND — News : Lombardo 11:15 WMAQ — Chez Show WBBM— News; Strings 11:30 WGN— Buddy Black WIND — News ; music 11 :55 WBBM— This I Believe 12:00 WGN— News: Daddy-0 vviJNU— isews: iNitewaicn WBBM— Music 'til Dawn WCFL^-Night Train SUNDAY MORNING 8:00 WIND — News; Hit Review WMAQ— Southern Baptist Convention WBBM— World News Round-WGN— News WLS— Radio Bible Class WCFL — Morning Melodies 8:05 WGN— Ernie Simon WJJD— Wings of Healing 8:15 WAIT— Rev. Doane WBBM— Sunday Serenade 8:25 WBBM— Musical Weather- 8:30 WIND— News: Sunday Morning Serenade WLS— First Christian Reform Church WMAQ— Faith in Action WBBM — Sunday Serenade 8 :35 WJJD— Healing Waters 8:45 WMAQ— Art of Living 8:55 WBBM— News 9:00 WIND — News ; Parade* of Hits WBBM — Church of the Air WMAQ— Nafl Radio Pulpit WGN— News WLS— News: Weather; Livestock Receipts WAAF— Freddie Williams 9:05 WGN— Ernie Simon W.T.TD— \Telodv Time 9:15 WLS— Little Brown Church 9:30 WIND — Dorse v and uay WMAQ— Comic Weekly Man WBBM— Josn oraay 0-45 WTND— Rinsr Sin£*S 10:00 WIND— News; Record Shop WC1N— iNews WLS— Voice of Prophecy WMAQ— News 10:05 WGN— Ernie Simon WMAQ— Hamilton's Sunday Supplement WJJD — Stars on Parade 10:30 WTND— News; Musical Highlights WLS— Baltimore Gospel Tabernacle 10:45 WIND— Music by Martin 11:00 WIND— News: Dinah Shore WJJD— Peoples ChwrM WGN— News WBBM— News WILL — Student Churchei 11:05 WGN— Jim Mills Show . WBBM — MUlicai weauier-man 11 :10 WBBM— Josh Brady 11 :t5 WIND — Home Fashion Time 11:25 WMAQ— News 11:30 WIND— News; Jim Mills WLS — World Tomorrow WGN — Buddy Black Show WMAQ— Eternal Light 12:00 WIND— News; Tune Shop WMAQ— Jim Hamilton WGN — News WBBM — What's New in Music WLS— Negro College Choir 12:05 WGN— Buddy Black WJJD — Musical Caravan 12 :15 WGN — Interesting Facts 12:25 WMAQ — News 12:30 WIND — News ; Musical Highlights WMAQ— University of Chicago Round Table WGN— Dick Coughlan Show WLS— Amateur Hour WILL— Illini Faculty Concert 12:45 WIND— Canary Serenade ;JD— Hi. Caro frog. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1:00 WIND — News: Tunezapoppin' WBBM— News <•' WMAQ— Catholic Hour WGN— News 1:05 WGN— Dick Coughlan Show WJJD— Juke Box Special 1 :25 WCFL — Sox vs. Kansas City 1.30 WMAQ— Youth Wants to Know WLS— Wings of Healing 2:00 WIND— Baseball (cont) WLS— Your Worship Hour WGN— News WMAQ— Fresh 2:05 WGN— Top Tunes 2:30 WLS— Herald of Truth WGN — N.U- Reviewing Stand s:uu vviinjj — Baseoan tconij WLS— Revival Hour WMAQ— Weekend WGN — News 3 :05 WGN— Success Unlimited 25 w bbm — wews .00 WLS— Light and Life Hour WMAQ— Manhattan Moods WBBM— News WGN RinTmTin WIND— News 05 WBBM— On a Sunday Afternoon 4:30 WLS— Greatest Story WGN — The Masquerader WMAQ— Don Wright Chorus 55 WBBM— News 5:00 WIND — News; B. Goodman w maw— American rorura WLS— News; music WBBM — Gene Autry WGN— Nick Carter 5 :15 WLS— Paul Harvey 5:30 WLS— Hour of Decision • WIND— News WGN — On the Line WBBM — Sunday Playhouse 5:45 WIND — Musical Scoreboard wiiiN — bporis lime SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 WTND— News; Sweet and Solid WBBM — Juke Box Jury WLS — Church in the Home WGN— Lutheran Hour WMAQ— Biographies in Sound 6:30 WIND — Sports Roundup WBBM— Lincoln College Commencement WLS— Music WGN — Voice of Prophecy 6:45 WIND — King Cole Show 6:55 WMAQ— Travel Bureau 7:00 WIND— News; Tune Shop WGN— Radio Bible Class WBBM— Our Miss Brooks WLS— America's Town Meeting of the Air WMAQ— Expressions 7:15 WIND— Tunc Shop 7:30 WIND— News; Musical Highlights WBBM— Mv Little Margie 1 WGN— Back to God WMAQ— Adventures of the Abbotts w.i.ID— Randv Blake 7 :45 WIND— Manhattan Melodiei WIND — News; Forum of Air WLS — Walter Winchell WBBM— Rudy Vallee Show WCFL — Bethany Reform Church WMAQ — Adventures of Sherlock Holmes WfJN—Fulton Lewis Jr. 8:15 WLS— Music for Everybody wgn— Bing crosDy 8:30 WIND — News; Tune Shop WMAQ— Easy Money WGN— Your Senator* Renort 8:45 WIND— Parade of Stare wuk— Jonn i. ryiui WIND — News; City Sketches WMAQ— McGee and Molly WBBM — Gene Autry WGN— Dean Manion 9:15 WGN— Your Senators' Report WLS— MUSIC ior iiveryouuy WMAQ— Great Gildersleeve 9:30 WIND — News; H. Miller WM A^— Meet tne rrcw WGN — Enchanted Hour WLS — Revival Time WBBM — Flight by Night •« wtaTitw — Vac* the Nation 10:00 WIND— News; H. Miller WMAW— *rayn uuej, i»m WGN— News WBBM— News WT S—tMeu-s- music 10:05 WGN — On Wings of Song' 10 :15 WMAQ— Meditations in MUSIC WBBM— Something New WLS— Gospel of Grace 10:30 WIND — Howard Miller wbbm— Meioay juu WLS— Songs in the Night WMAO—Dav's End 10:35 WGN— Lutheran Vespers 10:45 WMAy — LiOUise u. Yvrigui. 11:00 WIND— News; H. Miller WMAy— News WLS— Youth on the March WBBM— News 5 WBBM— The Leading Ques- WGN — Unshackled 11 :15 WMAQ— Chez Show 11:30 WIND— Howard Miller WLS-iiour oi uaiMii WBBM— Invitation to 11 :35 WGN— 720 Club 12.00 WIND— News; Nitewatcn WCJN— news; l^auay-u Student President Seeks Boycott of Grad Speaker LOS ANGELES iff)— The presi- \ dent of the student body at the ( University of Southern Cauiornia , has sent 3,000 letters to fellow sen-1 iors urging that they boycott I their own graduation msxeaa oi listening to Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas. Bill Van Alystyne said the let ters point out that it is not necessary for senior to attend the graduation ceremonies in order to receive tneir diplomas. "Many of us still feel that Gov. Shivers does not represent our best interests and ideals," he said. "A substantial part of our mailing costs of about S100 is being defrayed by a number of faculty members who wish to remain anonymous." University President Fred D. Fagg has rebuked the student sen ate for urging that Gov. Shivers be replaced as the speaker. "Must yoa always point with the third finger of 3 left hand?" Thcyll Do It Every Time — ■» — * By Jimmy Hado ' ' ' ^///////Jt FbOR KUMKW4T-H^ \//////m//^VW^f DOESrfT KNOW IT, BUT f Y SUT LOOK, \|M Sam SSr se ItTkIG 1 ^-"H SlftS C4MCELED BECAUSE Jf / ^^rTfJ^r V^WyBOOy, IT SEEMS-/ RESSRV4TION TILL ^7/ TO OornS TO \ J >OU PUT AAE 4T, I / > — " J THE L4ST>MiN0TE-- K W PUT W REVOLVING \ j rx^MCMAWOf ( V, but HE WWTS RH5UT / \[ CH4IRS 4HD TABLES.!, T^^?F^'uf &S ON THE FIFTY- /~~A TMEtsJ &VERV60DV f I C4NTCH4 PUT ME ($*??>*^> \A yAm LIME— J^^K 6ETS UP NE4R J ^ ^~-X ( SOB-SlSTER,l SO*?-??- ) > BUT I'M I WHOPPCIS S( GOING TO BE I YO'SOeBlN* ) FIRED FROM 1 Abble and Slats BECAUSE I t«T THINKS VO* CAN'T FIND A. IS IN TROUBLE RKALUf MCART->— i W iSB^v ^^^^ FROM TH6 CELLAR, BECKY. I'LL ■ f==^fc7r FROM THE CELLAR, BECKY. I LL * WTTTZZ-L ~~ «» .^\— PMO ™*T AMANfiA BLAKE'S PICTURE 2£.*J^.?f >?9r-%4# * I**<Ave TO OVER. EYIRY Alley Oop Euggs Bunny Freckles and Bis Friends Humpm/twat BOrrsT/ EVENIMcV, j BOf IS SEEINS TOO 11 MR. . U MUCH OF DAISY /\ SWEMP/ Jf 1LL.6WE HIM TME . / >w _^/fL 1 SlLEMT TREATMENrTy \T"^ i Boots and Her Buddies My CHOK.^ TOW TrVt Y0iVO«^ Captain Easy S ATEft ©THAT EvEMMS. -ass.?, .1 SAID NICElF"™^ EVENING f JT<f I TONI6HT. h^JJili ^^^^^ ^ -V'thiS IS THE K.IWD O' LUHUK.V "\ EXCUSE j teSS&K TO, R£cD>y'. VOU HM1ST HAVE A J TALT0N.,A GOLO WHNE ON THE* SIDE I VCAIL F«0W SPOSEVOTHAD FELLA, BUT IT FEJLU £^4 ' 1/ I r STILL WMWrvETH TaU JaU? Sorry to kteep y We'rh 1 ItJU WAIT1N&, I OFF. I 8A200-* / JELLT 1 ^^^^^^^^^^ The News Gets Around W ^ : ft*0V, VOU MAV BE L \/LO, AM5S LANX5. LOOKS LIKE VtX»\HOW (6 5HE, ) M ' OUT COLD, BUT yJuBEl A <SA^ UP A HOSPTTAi: BEP TO ROSE J INSPECTOR? * 8 VV V\V^ THE HOTTEST SPEEPER I EVBR T TBEVOB. SHE TRlEP TO OUTRUM A-WELL ^S^K&Vtl , ■ =JA/ NOMONEX TEAT OH I RENDlM' STORV?jtf COME.** By Raeburn Van Buren By V. T. Hamlin Don't Sit Down /yvaodAva know; r ^ USUALLY PACK5 EM ) v 50 THAT HAPPENS ^A£ V*f*^^>ifflsf rTWS TIME PACK THEM SO I ) \ \ V ^ ■< ^ ' ^CAN 6ET H^E^lTHQljr^^ J ^^^^ ^^==3Sa Charming Chat By Merrill BlosseF EM lOtTD RAPMN6 LIPS WTTH TOU.QW? — WE'LL HAPTA CSKTIWUE SOMC — OTHER TtMC / H6I6H »oJ Jm0^ By Jay Heavlin By Edgar Martin 8 Vr\?OSK,CK \\ COO^St'.O^ By Leslie Turner /'WHAT'S THAT? VOU SAV\'| I THEY FOUND 0U*Y 51AZ5S. ThEM IT / THEY 5P0TTE& THE MISSILE. EASY... \ K*^Ji*N=J> ^k45 I ieECKAtSS PROM THE / IN THE CAPITA N \ DESRseS r^JM .S V AIR. ' S«M : WA5 y MlWm* MEAR W TOlTjOM leGHiVE® . IRCHIVE® HI WSPAPtRl HL WSPAPtRl

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