The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. E :•- THE HUTCHINSON' NEWS. FRIDAY, JULY 13. 1923 BtwwBe 3 «ei Call £W QmzvMfoii Adl IDtepL 1 Insertion , , lc per word 4 ionn , ,...3<* per word 4 to 10 insertions ; %c per word per 1-stuio 10 insertions 7 c per word 10 to 1:5 Insertions 7-tOd per word pur ln?uo 26 Inset tlnna Vie par word per i»Btie Minimum elm-Re 2(ki KPF.CTAL JtATE for Advertiser* using l or more Inches per day (or * monih, running the stints overy d»y or nubjett to iliangt, can be obtained by cnlUnjg The News CiM -'tnifl^d Department. Ad« under regular ela!*fll flea lion must bo entered or withdrawn before 12 o'clock noon. From Ii!:CK> till 3:0*> p. m.. uda RD under "Too I,alo to Cln«*Uy." Phono orders accepted for your convenient**, to be paid upon presentation of bllL ANHW IRS TO BLIND ADS ll -f.r.- 4 lt-ii .V -2 1.I-H7- 2 H-B8 3 l •: • HO • 1 H-I;.V -i; H-Mfi :i ]••'- «r. l\ •-S-67---1 11 - liS 1 S-L.-i-l I 1 J-er... s JI;;I 1 U-OS -3 K -''.6 1 v-er, 1 K M ;i X-|)7--1 i 1 - iiii I lion US 1 P-'IS 1 w I, 1 ~ WANT ED- -M*UE HU1. EARN RXTUA Hl'KN D1NC) MONEV BY 8LLL1NU THE NEWS A I- 1' M. EACH EVENING. 10c SJAUT& T<M; APPLY TO Mlt. ORAf.Kl, ^ L A ;J ••)• p.: i .'.u sin LM.uLL now In O UJ Hull Ctt i"s ;,< itiul bo i'',n!y tor 't ; b ih.- winter months. L"W UitAom, ind;*. instruct loll. l 'oas! L.HH loi nil t ;u:<!u;ii-:-. I 'lioue or W'ittr tlir rialt City "J^.-lilr;;!*. O'iiefce, HutehlKSOli. bMi. „. p.. ii .-I-'pcno.-ut. Short .•• UH-.V. 1V':>;'.'--. POSITION WANTED—MALE (Cont'd) arid p:iiiiling\ n-n-,-n v.ork, ana general I'P.iiia. J. E. vioodbiiikc, phone i)»17'.V £» 'JO-Hot llnof pit! ••!. E<!Jlwairdl Cmlm HU a 'f-!]i(i a H|'*r'ctn'.tv phone ^n?j. all work 5 21-7:21 WAN ri'lU-To adiatpen and repair lawn mowers, Kt'i!a, £ur future, sewing ma- hiixc-B, lochs and keva, bkyties, saws, eiifssoro, knlv.-a, ail kinds tools. Brown HW:yc.'!o Stoic, phone 2470. ~ "" "" FSiBidl M©ir® IF®ir TiniVB OUT—LOOK AT THIS 707 lOUi wrsl. Lot C0xM5 ft. A good five room framo lioniy, woll eon- striicloil. A nico little wash liouso, witli u liaK^imjut. ;i lwirn that win liold fuiir hoatl oi' atot:k or mako a good giiniso. Largo eliailo trees and good Hoil. l'rlce ¥1,000. TerniB. Karl W. Biosalor, Itoaltor. 210 St. Ex. Hldg. — l'hone 2055 It Is just as easy to make a monthly payment on your hifmc as it li» to pny your ront. , 30! 7th West. Four nice rooms, eloctrlc lights, gas and wator. l'rico $2,100.00 14(18 Cth East. Five rooms, niectrlc lights. This homo nearly now 1'rico il.SOO.00. Small payments down, balance monthly. Realtor. FOR RENT— KERIOCNCES tCont'd) Wii niovo you anywhere; long oi ahort hauls make no difference; all \\orfc Kuuraitteed. Cody IVaiiiler Company, lihona I'iil or 838, 1X3-125 Kast Sherman. '.VAXTCD -.p.l. •>\ ith fi'iianiiu '••:\'.h tl./.-sIiii.K «Jiw.- A. J-'. Jt.r MAN w:th S'-jutrJor w !•;-(,:*, i-uo IK in niM-d Sir5 fi,.m ' to ft p.m. J: irbfi On Mai r!--d t -iudiiv Wilt- 11 .tin am ''iicinccr or yf'jr. a* i^,.«.'rlt'iire iflvfj. t';tll oil ur .'i South num. f> 10-14 I - >''.u h' t >:vpi '-:-|fn *'i- wants u !i. I tfood \\->rii. Addri-'isa ••WH. 5 >f a pojd I'arii.-nter. plioiit) :30 a-m. to 5 u.m. ai*d 4 p.m. 6 2-25t pN.iH .SAL.IC at a Imrgain If taktii at otiro--li*ive-room housi:, niodorn except 6 13-25t i fui'iiavt'; wash hotiae and Kiiruse, 'foot irunt, located 523 Kant Klgtith. i y -1 u CALL 3417W and h.ivo your hous<- roofed or iL'PHlrt;d. Satisfaction RUaruntPRd. B-M-2SL LAWN" swid g-iirdiin work. Call 22it4J, 7w;' Ka.-'t Slu-rmaii. g 17-2ot W ANTUIV-Any l'hone lii^OW. of carpentHrini;, 5 7-251 PAHT1K.S wfMhlnR i>la^tvrlng or goneial rroiumi work, phone li>75. 6 'M-'lbl >vANTKn-Kurnittiro to r^yair. r^ftniairt and upnolfater. Call 7£3. 6 27-3Dt I-AL\TL\tj" RiTJl tn~ t ~ Phorif 2.;J7\V, Ft >U HKN'^—Piw-ytar lease, more or less, I'Ue-roont. modern home. ii41 Kant B. SIM: Carl Nelson, phono 7 11-lUL PLKAflANT, nicely arranBod. fivo-rmim cotliitfe. Also furnished two-room rot- tatft. Wost Second. 7 13--1 FOi; ItKNT—Good five-room. atucco bungalow, strIcily modern, to adults. VUuiit- 2211. 7 l '- r,t Reasonable Comtxiissicii or Established 1888 RHALT0R3 No. 4 East Sherman FOP. Ki'.NT—Xiiw Mtrictly nioilovn house CurniHlR'J, north t -lid. l'Jioai; ^ l -'i Hi KKNT- S-vi-n-ri>om houi ;i\ modt-rn i -.\ri -pL fuin:uc, h:irti\vuu,i f'.'-or tluwn- K-.aiiK, garage, |W, -103 Kast Sc-vi:l:l]i. O.tll i U-lt H"t'H.\isin-:i> hmiHi 1 to rouiiis. Hi.-etiliit; l'or.'h, Pl.iim- 1CMW. lOiiSO. st'von llyilo l'ark. 7 13-21) decorating. WAN'l'KtJ—All I'notit 1JSVW. kiuia of trajfc naullne. t 13-26t W A.\"Ti:ii---M;,s;,. l"i.'iils. Call !i)"iriiii^s. ik? I'hnin' !Vl V\»Il i.I-'NT or H.ile—V'our-room, mout-rn ljung^iow ; splendid terms; ^11 Kast IJ. 3041). 7 Ja-llt i-"t.iH UKNT—Five and aix-rocm. mo.lern hon^i'.i, new eak fluors. 520 to $3U. 1. Eaiit Shorman. 4814^115. two Btory, modern, pipe rurnace. in flno repair. ItRception hall, living room, dlulng ro'om and kitchen. N'loo elm shuda trees. This is what you have hoen looking tor. Your opportunity. $-1,000.00. Good terms. 2. Close in five rooms, modern. Basement, garaue. Elegant ahado. South front. Klrat West. $4,200.00. 3. Seven room completely modern, close lu, "II" West. Two story. Fireplace, fiuuaee, chicken outbuilding and wash house. Suitable for hoard and rooming. $4,200.00. 9 Bast Sherman CO. Realtors Phone 42 FOR ltKN'T- Five-room erHlnge II. Inquire -Wii Kast H. lilt Fast 7 10-lli TWO thi« ^-ro'iin houses loeateil on l'.;i-u F, fum'Aieil. liuiulre 324 West First. 7 12-4t POSITION V/ANT ED—FEMALE 1'i-e .K-,ivtt-,v. .Mrs. Uulljer, fiOO W.ilt.ut, lJl.oru- eT.'jW. rnrns u.itneii SALESMEN M.I'.S.MI r: i. i. Air© Y<s>w A l -'very lioii; s owifu In "i:i!'.v iiiv!;,il to see and uiidui^ian-1 fuli ZZij t».;uili Mam. 0 ;-ut i-iuai. l -'ourL in Ws'St t.'Liloriujj i;, iJiiu:: tj -J-J. K. IrjiuiiL- and dvan- \ ANTLD - AVabiiii ii. ti o> th-.- hour. WASJHNO and Ironing. Call 320 Kam J'^jjlilh or ph.,-rt9 3374. 0 U-L!»t I-*(iK KKNT—Five -room house at ^Oii j 'Ja .st Carpenter street. Phone lll'lW. 7 11 -4t 1-\IL Hi;NT--Hlx-room hous'J- fc-pt furnace with jjarnfie. mode: l'hon- K« >it lil :NT- I'lve-rooni r .-Hidence, VAIZI Sr.-ond, Inquire 211 l'ark .«l.r-' Kc «lt ItKNT— Flvo-room, ntodert\, l"i:r- coltiigt-. 414 North Walnut. 7 10-St i'L'lt .Hi:N'T- Nine-iocm liouso, 326 Kast A. Call HM West'fourth. 7 "5-llIt M(.iI)l:p.N. fun;i^h'-d. * five-ruom hcu«e _ rlone in. j'hone 34J4 _.1 rrrirT;KNT~-\\irt"'iv "furniHh-d hoin--. fi4»J Kast A. J'hen..- S'.i'^J. 7 lu-lt -Thre..--r<' Call a: 73 Mil i-'ou KJ:NT•Shi-i man. yXiil HILN'T—Modern five-room h^'tise. 7'J! Kn*t X. Call 18 -4. li-Wl Fuli 2jK N T- S ix - r oo in. 700 Fast St -vemh. mod-rn house Horn furnished •^04. ru."i ]• >. 1 e . J ,'i lo ilO \,< !• day. Lfl- Kt yi 'ai -M;'JU propo- Antlioliuii (..'cnipa ny, Mutt. :i - WANTED— FtlMA LE HELP S&ilasEikin::-! i >t la r. • pi let. t! 13-tit •me 21W4, \VASl!i.\ ,'ANTKD- :i4 (10J. -Work by the. hour v hour, (i &-10t l'hono J :s-2r.t WANTIJL)— Washings. Tlione *^67W. WANTED—WashlnKB. Phone £415. OCJtTALN apeciallit. Phnno »r.i4»V. « .3-251 V A N T K I >— Sew In g. Phono lalO. 6 a-25t FOR RE»"4T—-RE8IDKNCF.8 w.- want fin; r l.niv t-.^'u- .'• tl.V! I" ! !'(i<- ;i Jia .tll.ll ws-1 plii ii 1 plMia- , irni.-,t lo'al and * mi.' to talk Vi .'l lii.irn' • i I vuii a i e a i us; i'-j to n ik Addi-h^ !'-'>. . KlM- > mil- nam*', addt • Iiuiil! -i ,,ml wi- '.si:; «al! 1 iKht ..•any a.- Ih-.- 1 ••..?•!. h"i •; ^^.JTnr-: WORLD MOVES AND SO DO WE HI bet }..• t.ili. o (ppcUly iltTIIANl :<o .la ;h the it-itM now in u.-v I lilh.;il o !J;. i-b. Kpf'diil i,l ami tY[;lh;a. Sliui t'naiu! - L Ifiif "tn-tuie woik. Natl Klioi t haini. 401 Statu J-l.,'. !;;ia! KM '. \\w aiid.a- n my llutch- M it -u-heid Padded VUIIB an4 auto trucks. Pooled earir of ho'isehold ffooda and automoblloj siiil;pr.1 to California and other point*. \V e in-'ll anythiriff anywhere, CSHy TTrffliHifiiEtBir AND HTuKAl.K COMPANY Phciiy No. It 19 West I-'trat. llutrhinaon, Kansas. 5. :...-[. i --,lii. ti.m . s*-. National S.M,-.d UP-.TO-Tili:-MLN"UTE SERVinr LlflHT HOU&EKfc'EPlNQ ROOMS 8 Work euaranteed. Mail orders answered Jiromptly .Frea delivery .Mrs. M-iulrll, 10.' Kaot Tenth, 1633 sV. ti 27-U51 riUlTK of two (!<iwii .-i!iiirs ro'JttiH futnish- cd (••T hfiht-liou^fkeephiK. n> wly p.ip'.-r- od, modern heiise, lias private *'iiuance. ;vlt Fast Fifth. S 13 -14 Ft.'P. ItlvNT-Two ple.uaant upslahrs, fur- nliilied housekeopinc !;oonw adjoining hath; garage if desired. i>14 i-Jast Fourtii. FCRNLSHiOD lltiht housukef-ptni; rooms, ftiito downraUira also one upstair a. 41U Kast Sherman. L'hono 2004W. ,S 0-6t Foil RkLN'T—Two modern, furnished rooms for light housekeeping, $G pvr week. 200 Kast Third. SG-"" FOK HKNT—Two nicely furni:-:h--d light hoiiHekcupiti(f rooms; no children. L'hone €52W. S ll-4t TWO or ktiupinj three nicely furniflhed house • rooms. 221 West First. 8 10-4t 11U L* S K K K V: Y'\ N G rutins; n o obj t e 11 o i to children. Call 207 liast K. 8 11-0t FOR UKNT—Housekeeping rooms, $2 week. 122 Fust Fifth. 8 11-4t rooms, 313 S 2-261 FUKN1SHKD houaekueplnf Kait B- TWO or four-room furnlghed apartment, cheap. 8M W&^t S-cond. 8 2-25t The property at tha corner of IJ and Maplo (6Gxl(K> ft.) is offered for sale at very tow price und tfirms. Thia la a well built seven room house, four large bedrooms. Newly painted and papered. Hot water heal. Price 13750. Jiu'XJ cash, biiianoo monthly. See U3 at once. This la a real bargain. Ileal tors—-""Home liuilders" .Salecmeri; D. P. Coe. Albert Thomson, F.. G. Ashe, Errol McPenned. MISSES' BLACK KID LOW HEEL 1-STRAP SLIPPERS for $3.50; PATENT LEATHER $3.75 and $4. LADIES' BLACK KID, PATENT-TRIM, 2-STRAP SLIPPERS, MILITARY HEELS, for $4 pair. Little Girls'. 1-strap Slippers for .. .$2.48, $2.98, $3.48 LADIES' BLACK SATIN PUMP with MILITARY HEELS, for $4.50 and $4.75. LADIES' BLACK KID STRAP SLIPPERS, MILITARY HEELS, for $2.50, $2.98, $3.50 to $4.50. LADIES' BLACK OXFORDS for $4, $4.50, $5.50 to $6.50. Men's Shoes $3.50, $4, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50 to $7.50 Men's Good Black and Brown Oxfords for $5.50 Part 'Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. 160 acres, Kcott County, 6 miles from Shallow Water; level buffalo rrrapa land. Want nutohhuon properly or enr. Price $1,250 cash. 320 aim's, Morton County, RVi miles from Holla. Price $2,2DO; J l.OoO cash, assume $1,200 mort.g.ij;e. Will trade equity for Hulehln««n property or cur. Vacant lots in north part of town to trade for equity In mnaU house or ear. All modern -north end home, oak finish, Priced right. Will consider contracts or small place suitable for rtMitlng". W©w\ih Emd ©pBD©rftonnaifty THIS HOME PRICE AND TEKMS WILL ALL VLEASE YOU" Five rooms, oak floors throughout, living room clear across front, completely finished In oak, good fireplace, 'dining room pood -size and finished in oitk; cabinets, work tables and a a Ion u-lined Held nit; Hall refi rem tor built into the kitchen; the break fa.? t room and ltn location v. Ill please you; two lar bedrootni with plenty of vh ^et .s|>Hi-e; tiled bathroum. cabinet ti:b and built hn*-n .-best; chdliM - chute, ironing board and broom <-!oset; largti conrretetl l-ascii;'.nt with ample sized Front itunk pipe furnace. Let ua quote you prh-e and liirms. WE HAVK SOME LOTS PRICED TO 3RL.L* S04 First N»a Blflg. Ask about our lot bargains. LOCATEOK WHAT COOHTS lu 'picking out a homo. A Realtor can glre. good advlvu on loeatioti as well us values. LET US SHOW YOU 137 K.-tst lit Strwt. 202 East 13th Street. 112 West 1,1th Street. 108 East 15th Street. All homes In good locations and tliey can ho bought rlg-ht. IdL Ma i »©m B Esafcsr Forty-nine Year« In Hutchinson. No. IJ Sharraan East, Oround ?"loor Otflcs Telephone 3151 rilANK PILE. Man&Kor Real EatatB. Phono 123 Attar 6 P. M. Csiirey Meal Esdall® & IlEavesta©iB8 C©. Lloyd llrowu, J. R. Sanders, D. C. Vandevcer. The man who sings Home,- Sweet Home in a rented ;; | j flat is kidding himself and serenading; his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. Salesmen 113 North Main Phone 972 D(gp®gnft¥®nn[f Csislh Stein Safe aud available at all times. 6% interest paid on time certificates. Tour cash is always n-preMiited by a first mortgage on well lorattd Hutehlndon prop­ yl ty- -In cane you need your cash It la available to you. We operate, under tha Stale Hanking Department, TE Q© SaHft CSfty BnnnEdlDGa^, L<a>aia sasadl Ssvnifflgs^ss B !a. l.loya Brown, Sto'y. • Phono 972 413 Xorth .Main MM MSsMm Lairf Thla 240 acres is located a half mils from paved road to Hutchinson. All smooth, and all In the Little River Bottom. Qood black soil, very beat wheat and alfalla land. Seventy acres of growing alfalfa, balance for wheat this fall This laud is priced below Its value, and owner might take in residence 1 in Hutchinson. Someone la going to make some money on this farm. I*jt ua show you. MtfflGdbaGns @iB nsavestodSffill C^immmmj HEAI.TORS "* ISiiaftcMffiisoiBi Bnsnlldlnffi!^ <£& Loan Room No. 819 Rorabaugh-Wlley Dldg. phone 2167 Coiner First and Main. Phono 400. It you wish to make ft loan; or Increase or renow your present loan, would the following he of interest to you? ? "Central Kansas Loans %Jo Western Kansas Loans _ f>% " Eastern Kansas Loans , 5 r /o Western Oklahoma Loans 6% .City Loans in Hutchinson 6fo with a commission that is customary In each respective territory. 1st Natl. Bldg. FARM MORTGAGK BANKlilRS Hutchinson Kansas. i.-.-j-, 41i FOR RENT— rURNISHED BOOMS > fr'OH Ul!:NT. rfaannable—Ijar/tu, cool, •ktptne ri-i'iiia close In; cur line. Dr. Dai-laud, 3?t fast A, phone 2006W or 138. 9 2S-25t VOli HUNT-£e, cool sleeping room. ri-usor.ii.blG. Cioso in; car line. Phonn 20GUW, J^r. iJ&iland. H IG-^at cool alet-plny rooms. 227 VV. For Ront—FURNISHED ROOMS (ConU FOlt HKNT—One largo cool bedroom; two indies preferred; 204 East Fourth. PUone 1S27J. 9 tl-U MODEIIN bedroom with aleeplne poich, lavatory In room. 14 Eaat Sixth. Phone 1450. ) fmw 29-10t MOD1CRN bedroom with slopping porch, lavalorylu room. 14 Eaat Sixth. Phone HiSS 9 eod 2S-10t MODBHN, aloe-plna- room* Sherman. Phono 20t>. 216 Kast 9 2-:&t TWO nicely furnl3hed, moaern. sh-vpiw rooms. 113 Bast First. Phono 3B32W. » C-9t FOR RENT—APARTIli¥NT»~~7l Three-room, furnished aparlmont, mou- orn throughout; private. Phono 218S. 628 FOK.HI'.>s P—Furnished apartment, three rooms, modern, Imllt-ln features available July 15. Phon« US. illl-4t FOR RENT—Furnished housekeoplnir ,u?i > "i!- tm , H1 *, s ' or respectable people only 1UH lilast Flrat. Phono 1875. u 2-2$j 1IK1.P waninl i«wi*i»in'ii tn K"i f»it that tli.-y buy bv us MEAL ESTATE WANTED We have clients owning Western Kansas land that desire to exchange same for good Reno Coimly improved farms. If you have a good farm in Reno County that you will exchntigo for western or southwestern, Kansas land, call and'soets at once. We will also buy any real bargain, you have to offer lu western lauds. WE MAKE FARM LOANS IN BVBRY-COUNTY IN TUB STATE OS- KANSAS. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Dodge City. Kansas. • Hutchinson, Kansas In answering advertisements, please mention The News. ! lliit.-h in ii fc.-orcl ici. Ki'iul our .ni yr I I n. NH-I; t s fOf 1 | { r „~ full niformalloii. llari-y b.- f.... plume I 1 El K0P. 4 ;-i;t i j| A>'i.F, I .-tt l.ailli-H tu oio ti. -v.- iU .-v,l- I V-T--=r = MilU SlV *4.71, J!i illi Waliiui. WA.VTF.I'- laiun-.l to \\ r i-a I h"r liii-nwH fur 1.'. 7 i. |> irt tiioiiu-iu .tow week, t'lirinn- L'oinimii-'. i 1IAYK a i,'iiaraiui-iil s.'il.i foi- tlu'lr .sliiir..' t mi.- Call afliilliooim loom 2nl', Jiltlland hi.ti-l IBIaiinry Qa ISoie'ilfiiiivcir Cciieral Sheet Metal Work ami Furnaces I'HONK 893. Iir. North Walnut, lluti liinaini, I :anaas. t, :t2-2it BKWINU marhlne nk-anlnl.;. . y i hauhn«; work guaranteed, ... F. Ltanman. iihono

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