The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 35
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 35

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 35
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DEAR ABBY w First husband offers competition Abigail Van Buren B DKAH AltHV. 1 am *? and rov »if* i» 24 li '» F. *«» « iSM fc«l f w Mg } s>i >Mts ,„ ' f's tfJiing to Kfff »)..»! hW Tls« U*i tim* *h» U»fi, I <fut till* »«rit lo hw , =:*?» **»jr .>»,y« 6 ntt Wh*n «l»* mm* homf , shi> i«M m* (hey ht<J lived »« man »twi wit* »(f«in, ami she thinltt sh« IWM him mw» than m* !*»»u(Mr h* i« Ui* fslti« of hw f hlU) A!KI. «h* say* ho i* • ttiuih t»U« lover than 1 *in film* i* iKal fw an Inifulltl On thr otJicf hsmi »h* tay*h* i» « )e-«l'«j» m«n who l»*«f« h« t»j«i;h ami lik«*» !/j run with »tht? *om*i) 1 l<i<t« E!<J/ir* iinij wogtd <J«> snyshing iifi kwp hw lwm«. timntnj; Iwtk «n<l (»rth (l ix» 1 /,««! w,'ir»«:m* (/> tril m* U> h*f {army oul (or jj 1 THOUHLKDINNJ. ORAR TROUBLED: T«0 RAw« ti«ei>7 how you fed »»xrai her off-Main•on-uain rttotlondilp with IMT "«*." ln«l*( on *n "nlf-of-imJhl^" mirriMe. And If Kldori l»u't •rtJIlog U> b* * ftlthful wl(« to you, kkk h#f finoy iNMk to h«f "*»" with no rrfrelf. DKAK AIIHY: My hunbtnd «nJ I mud* * km* trip lr> tnnthn city t/> vicft my «orn and hi* f*rni!y. The lir*t evfnfng, our wm c«m« home *o l*t« fw dinner th»t w«- hud to wit without him. The M*wnd night, my hu*b*nd *nd I din«d «lon« nine* my vjn uriil hit wif* hid a pr«>vlmi* invitation for dinrwr. Hit third night. th*y a»W ui if we m!nd«d bnby»ittinjt »fl»in whJl« ihfy talW on frimdi, Th« fourth night, WK were *«k«d if we'd stay with the children i(j«in white lh*y w«it to • party, Th« nc»i day, we taid w* h»d lo gn hwn«, and th»y acted v«rry hurt >MC«U»» th«y hadn't MM hardly tnough of ui! Abby. *h*n parwiti visit thrir marriwf thildrtn whom Ui(ry d'i not M* frit month* at a time, ihould they tx Mpw,t«! u> l>e unpaid babyiiturt? USED IN PITTSBURGH DKAR USKD: No. And I/ it happw lo you again, yotj aabfd for It DEAR ABBY: Jo* and t hav« b«8ti m*rri«d for <rv« month*, and our problem I* Jo«'« oM buddy, U Roy, H«'« 11 and afnglff, and h« can't ««wn to net ft through hi* h«*d that Jtw and I *r« m»rri«d now und would lifc« to be alotw, \* Roy m*k*j * d*U with • girl, tUnds hw up and lit* at. our pt«c« all evening, jurt w«uhfng TV or playinn card* witli ua. HeU corrm to our place right afu* work, juat Uks h« live* h«r«. I've b««n iwtting the rapper Uhl« for three slmo#l every night nine* I've been rrwrrled, and i'm tired of It. Joe uy« he wl»h« Le Roy would bag off, trot h* doesn't want to hurt hit feeling*. I hat« to My anything because Joe and L« Rov have been like brother* tinee they were kid*, and 1 don t think it'* my place to do the talking. So what do you My? FED UP DEAR PCD UP: If* your baabaod'a pUec to tefl W* oM baddy Uiat aewlywed* need a little pifracy. And If be doeee't Ufl Win, It meejia that be lao't M fed op with him M yen ate—In whkh e«a«, you abonld Ufl Le Roy aa nicely M po**fb!e sot to come around *o often. FHendly People... Mendly Service • V I. •/ SAFEWAY! SAFEWAY Hamburger Helper /O; Macaroni and Cheddar * J FINEST FROZEN FOODS! • NON-FOOD VALUES ' Meat Pies * 7 DAYS A WEEK! hp<nv C*i^h!.*«d ASiunOse'fl 1 DAIRY-DELI FOODS! Cream Cheese Salad DreSSing Butter nt „, '«! Chip Dips 42' 3 '1 Margarine;, ,;32' Can Biscuits. » f ,1T Cheese$pread';:,,,: 5 1.25 LucerneYogurts; 4 1 , U Mayonnaise;::; ,98 C Preserves":.;,, Sandwich Spread :r ,89 { Grape Jelly,,. Low Cal Dressing:,";: ', 42 1 Syrup;;:;::: Tomato Sauce,,:, ,,29' Grape Juice;,::;, Ripe Olives ^ QQ C OrangeDrinkMixsT Mi-'*i"ff •'..:-" \f if , .,« I .•«' *t;<i",.< ;f.:i#r; /'0; :»• • • ;99 C ,;79 C •i- 89 C ; 99 C Dill Pickles <* Or Shortening iTtiU-f. A!! Pu(f«» , $ 1.19 Frozen Dinnere . &»"?*<•! C>Kktr: Tj/firf JI 0; ^M ^M i*n 4Wft!UV P* r . "TaT Fried Chickenfrr'V,; J 1.99 Fish Sticks;;;::: 3£ $ 1 Cream Pies^ ; a ;45 { Strawberries^ ^29' Orange Juice lo , on e U^*l:<n . c«« Xi W Mellorine Deswrt COLOR FILM Kodak 12 Eip. C-110&C126 M.07 Special! . Each Aspirin 7090 . Btl 65* Contact;.., Baby Shampoos Multi Vitamins.,., T 99° Maalox Liquid ", Alka Seltzer 25 a £H*r«Ktfrt UMtli Btl Mouthwash S P Antiseptic 29* 16 SPECIAL! Btl. SAFEWAY GUARANTEED MEATS! Instant Coffee;:;; ! , 5 L89 ^ k f, Mixes !ls .f;49 c Chocolate Mix;:: •',;;• 69 C Frosting Mixes^P ••,* 59 C Salad Oil jr % S 1.39 Ovenjoy Flour,, t ;,;59 { Corn Meal;," ,.',85' Soft Drinks*;;:;;; 1 "--59' Tomato Soup^. Chunk Tuna^- w Canned Chilis Snack Crackers^ ^39° Crackers^ Cut-Up Fryers•m*^ F Fryer Parts |»QC Lunch Beef For Stews -i *)Q Beef Franks fctM«i#.i0^rt ,S I mMmJV ., W ( « A ;I .M«I i.i'»«n _ _ Boneless Brisket"r/,:;'. 11 .,'1.39 Sliced Bologna.:;::'', ' .i! s 1.09 Top Round Steak:.!:...,.. .M.68 Beef Franks^ 1 ;:,"' >;;'1.19 Pork Loin Chops;? il.29 F " Pork Steak $1 OO Boneless Roast ;"-. ^:^«:^V,,, U I •OlF fc.^i^ ; ,^^ si ,;!• Slab Bacon,„.,., ,4.28 Smoked Sausage $ Sliced Slab Bacon , S 1.48 ^<^n* Sliced Bacon i;':::.., -i 4.65 Sliced Bacon i*. 1 ;;' v,; 4.69 Rump Roast $| 30 Short Ribs C^i-vl &«*^ ftt..r i 1 Fx'-f » s ! *' • 0 ^M^ -^ ftftl ^Utf lc*n 4 Wfi"!* Canned Drinks,,,™ : ;,14 { Soft Drinks«; , J:o , IV; gjj Beef Stew Io»n 240; . C*n 69 Hair Spray White Run Aerwol 110z.$l IT Can I • I / Shampoo Earth Born. . 120;. $ Btl. 1.87 BAKERY TREATS! 39 English Muffins \2Q: H«>:UI*J- p^. Bunsr;:,rr : " French Breads", ;;45 C . Premium Ground Beef Safeway Quality Lb. Any Si/e Package! Mandarin Oranges 1.0* PIIC*! Canned Drinks 4SO{ -n^c Ciagmont F/uil Fli»o/«d . . Can **••* 39 Grapefruit Juiceir7rE39 c Tan Pnrn ri *"* Ki ' i«sc.OQt ball V»UI lit,,^^ »,,„•,„ C4*«.%l Green Beans Cut Bananas Apples 1 ^% Red Delicious M M^L *fF Eitra Fane) Lb. Jfm ^T Mellon S*ee! Fruit Oranges lb 23* ^ %dr No. Orange Juice Walnut Tomatoes Lettuce s, ..... . (* ^99' Russet Potatoes ££' ^50' ^4.19 Premium Russet Potatoes u27' i. 39* Potted Mums* ^. w « tl 5 2.99 qoc Bulk Walnuts WJL latmSiitti ............ tt nun n j Roll-On Deodorant &r !50l $ i " Blickbtui Apple . Cht<<* SARAUf Frozen Pies 110J.M73 310*. '1.63 310I.M.69 Mini-Pads "£ S 1.29 Paper Towels »i*UWIi.l* Uttidsi So«ul' IWC i MOOtSS Sanitary Napkins MCI. $<1 QO t' ... 801 I «W W 5^,4 rtt HCCCPI USOA fOOO COUPONS! Patty 'N GrivjDinner !***»•*# "^ 98' Corn Oil Margarine .** i»«>4i " * 70' Instant Coffee w,,as^. 100< Whole Mushroomsfc«<6a« u , fa si' t»i 31 1.2S * u,>2.78 Tartar Sauce '^69' Sliced Mushrooms G.«. i-f 69' BIC Butane Lighter $ itch . lo 1 « 1 W Paper Sweet Peasu,. 36 « 10 °. c i 52' Mushrooms Pacific futnd Button (Stems & Pieces) (4 0*. Can 29') . . 3 $ 1 ^MF Cans • Pric« Effective Sun.. Moo.. Tu«.. W«d. Nov. 30-Dee. J, J. 3. in Quialit) Ri|hu Rtunt* SAFEWAY 19«,

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