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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, June 30, 1859
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GliEAI ENGLISH REMEDY, ' -if t needveinun tamplaof m^miimifm^ :t£^£»i^.^s;»rS<ii .M:'-"" •* -.•-.• rTW thronghontby the ntmoBt Branch Wafehouae,Walter* Point . noinliu>ted fo» Oorernor by We oonfidenttjr believe that *& fastanoea the) 'y acclaniktlon. wlUlielrliUnphfcntly deotedT v£&Ml**tii : f *«-lntlonB m-wlitlon to popalar »ore«lgnt; • •wid ttrrid^ J 6f^rotecitlng n,i!tnrali,^ B citfaen ^roft-f'Ta«li-|«o fe *il5r.ia*ik i O5iAii'€-^i?« ,»_: MOHABlXr.JHGriHK,. 0,W. fjrjt jHJp ! • wlUfce fe »&o:wltn%Ser6_ii1by5Se dent- this fii^»r With' Mh' f a tiofet and pUtfonn,OTooerateeMg tons almost Inejl table. WeInyite^arfUoutar tilteo'tlon to the following «soltttlon»whIeh-wereTinan1hionsly adopted t ' That we afflnn the princi- and nf more;; that wEen the them with at least they say i that the Democratic ftaU itntrai Pstted^jtMadl»oc.irn^«,<aJa «-> A great dealvfa ;>«ia' F »arrender of '' ipme'oif jie'rights'-of fordga born citfiens.— fleeaye "if *t that time (the tfme of emigrating from their nativ* country,) they were in tit army, or actually called tnWtf, snoli emigra- natnralizatioii does not exempt them vMeh ffiey'meurrid ty The distinction between those -w1io'"were in the .army, or actually.; called 3ri to It," and persons who were merely liable to *• called Into the army, is lost sight of by tome wjsll disposed naturalized citizens. In many instances we find them maintaining that General Case concedes that every person who w*f, liable tp military duty, is not exempt from Hby.Jils subsequent einigvaltai and natural,, SncEadootripB, wonW, beaatanable Democratic . •»» ,-,^---7,^8 doctrines of noo-inter- JxereJn c6ni«ned, as (he only ground Upon wlfioh'a national party can be maintain*, edin these opnfpderatsd States. ' : ; the organized Territo- tfi they _ Anstriana have been Hrlven from Italy the'war wiU ^estayed, the prize of con tart w|U be woD, 1 "~ *" * ~ ' " " n*v* d Bonrtrons, and General Gass ha* oarefnlly ^ ignarded his language against any snoh interpretation. Be not only limits the liability to pereons in, or actually called into the-army, bnt in order to preclude the possibility of a misconstruction of his language, or a misunderstanding of tbe position of the administration, he says that they are not exempt from the legal penalty which they incurred by desertion U U well known that a person who is simply liable to military duty, does not, become a deserter ;by emigrating from hie native country. In every country, not excepting onr own, a certain class of citoensr-able-bodied and be- ttreen certain age*—»re liablo to military dn ty; bnt this in no WBy Interferes with their right to emigrate and when thry do prnitrrate, snoh emigration is not "doefiti,.n " That term is only applicable to a. solui«i vn actual ••rvioe, under arms, who abandoue his colors without leave. It does not even apply lo a man who abandons his country in order to . avoid becoming a soldier. One who is not , actually in the army, incurs no penalty «--,-< -*. -,,--- -""A States are only held in the Territorial condition until they attain a snfi floient nqnibW of inhabitants to authorize! their admission into the Union as States, and are justly entitled r to self-government and the undisturbed regulation of their own domestic .y£8 e $&£l> "fliM only to tbe Constitn< Uon of the United States. 8d: 'Setolved, Tiia°t inasmuch as the leirfs- latlve power of the Territories extends nude-' nlably to all rightful subject* of legislation no power can prevent them from passing snoh laws upon the subject of slavery, as to them may seem, proper, and whether snoh laws when passed, be constitutional or not, can be finally determined, not by congress, bnt by the Supreme Court, on appeal from tbe decisions of the Territorial Courts ***** 8th. Retolvtd, That it is a doctrine of the democratic party that all naturalized citizens are entitled to the same protection both at .home and Abroad, that to extended, to tbe native born citizens., and that even B voluntary return of snob citizens to the land of their birth for a temporary purpose, does not place them beyond the range of that protection, but that our government is bound to shield them from injury and insult while there at every hazard. Tbe Sentiment of Virginia. The Richmond Examiner takes decidsxl ground te favor of maintaining, at Charleston, the Cincinnati platform. It is sustained by the local press of Virginia. Of one thing we are satisfied, and that is, that onr position of adherence to the Cinoiitv nati platform oM856, has the endorsement of an overwhelming m&jouty of the Democracy of the Onion.— LyncMmrg Republican. The Richmond Index, and the Biobmond Examiner, both advise an adherence to the Cincinnati platform of the Democratic party as all sufficient, and oppose the Introduction' of the plaak called "intervention for tbe sake of protection " We are satisfied that in this thpy express the conservative sentiment and almost unanimous judgment of the party in Virginia. — Alerand' ; a Sentinel of June 22. The Examiner says, in regard to the propo- . suspicion to whioh we hare already alluded, there IB 're- all- no reason why these good tidings shonja not be trae, and why ihese professions should -n*t ripen Into performances. It is the real interest, both of Francs and Russia,that Europe should be at peace. Tha glory of having resuscitated Italy wonld give a lustra to the name of Napoleon that would throw a doubt over the possibility of some earlier details of his history. Military success wonld have consolidated his popularity with: his army, and peace would restore confidence to bis citizens, and prosperity to the industry of his empire. He boasts that he can commune with the spirit of his age. If he be w\s« enough, and enlightened enough, and thoughtful enough to comprehend the intelligence among whioh he lives, and (o shape his acts in harmony with his tendencies, then this is precisely the policy whioh he would pursue. It has align and chivalrous character, and has at the same time all the advantages of the most humble expediency. It wonld astonish all men into applause., 'it wonld give lo his name the renown of a gr^at historic revival • and it wonld at the Ban. • time considerably increase tbe influence of France in tbe south of Europe, and aid her commercial interests on the great inland s«a. As to Russia, her interests are quite evident, and are at this moment all on the bid« of peace. Whatever may be her ulterior objects, ber present duty is to develope her own internal strength. 'She knows that she has wtutt-s and wildernesses W win within her own frontier before she can hope to repeat with sucpes* her efforts at distant conquest. Public decency is another guarantee upon whioh we wonld place some confidence. In this nint-t^nth cemnrj even Emperors will be held to their public promises. Solemn declarations made vo.untarilj to their brother sovereigns can ool be treated as idle Stales. Beri yoar o»nse, by-giving ont that I * ****** . ^ . TO IH» P«"QJrW , ; , Tbe fortune of war bringing ma Into the oftpital of Lombardy, I come to tell you why 1 am here. , • When' Austria made its' unjust atttok on Piedmont, I resolved to support my ally, the Sardinian Rfag; the honor and interest of France make It a point of duty. Yonrfoes—who are mine-^i*vfl( tried to Us- sen the universal sympathy all Europe felt in •vsi/nai J*A*I)MJK ^•'•••tsi.i'mim. ,««* AlkisBts. T *J: . only made war Jar personal ambition, or to aggrandise the French territory. If there are men who cannot understand the epoch they live hi I am not of that number. ^_ ' la a sound state «f publi^Bilnlou, at this ne of day, men become greater by the moral time of day, men become „ .. innaenoe they exert than by barren conquest* I seek with pride that moral influence by contributing to render freelhemost beautiful land in Europe.. .Tour welcome has proved that you fully understand me. 1 come not here with a pre-arranged plan to dispossess sovereign?, or to impose on yon my will. My army will have two works lo perform—fight your enemies, and keep internal order. No obstacle shall be raised to tbe free manifestations of your legitimate wishes. Providence often favors nations, as it does individuals, by offering them the opportunity of sudden greatness; but it is on condition of their knowing how to avail themselves of it wisely. Earn, then, the boon now offered yon. Tour desire for independence so long put forth, Bo often baffled, shall be realized if yon show yourselves Worthy of it.— WH UATlUg VQIQ U| nil 6 WI Uam M. Klmball. 0. O. HURRAY. .*_. .~_. „ I hereafter be conducted under tbe •Veof Prtor,Harbtck4 Co., who wlllietUe aOaceoonti Of Murray, Prior A Co. • ' A. P. PRIOR, . . . ' J. P. HARBIOK, s,Jy WM M. KIMBALL. ! 86 HKWAKD--S1.UT L.OST. 1 & BKAU, Black and WhBe Wn«, wearing «» „ XsV a new leather lUap around her ritct. Mts**"»i and baa ber eare cat to a point In the ship*, or iox< Mrs, ana: answers to tbe name of "Jennie," wai lost on •atnrday afternoon, June «th. Whoe'er will return »sld Slat »o SIT Main street, will receive the abore re**">• Jel cooy. amtoiB. KoLunaB..cmuuao.ooma. COON, HOLLISTEfi. & COTTON. Attorney sand Counsellors, NO?. 4,5, AND6, PHCBMX BU1LDMG, (157 But Water Street,) J( , 9 ffl , . Unite, then, one and all, In one great objrct — the del militar , the deliverance of your native land. Adopt words, uttered without meaning and broken without hesitation. It is more pleasing to search the policy of po»«rful nations for to- mans of a rational and generous course of action, than to point ont how a policy baaed upon meaner motives wonld be certain to call millions of armed men Into conflict, and to loosen all the foundations of ciril order thronghont Europe. If Russia an <i France honestly mean what they have so distinctly aajd, this Italian war will »oon be ai an end. military organization ; rally around the standard of King Victor Emanuel, who has Indicated to yon so nobly the path of honor. Remember that without disoipline there is no army ; and, burning with the sacred fire of patriotism, be toldieri to-day, to become tomor- rovfrte eititnu of a great country. NAPOLEON. Headquarters, Milan, June 8, 1859. PKOCLAMATIOS TO TH« ABUT Of IT ALT. SoLntiBS i — One month ago, relying confidently on the efforts of diplomacy, I still hopvd for peace, when the sudden invasion of Piedmont by the Austrian troops called us under arms. We were not ready j men, horses, material, stores were failing ; and we were com- or Molni. A HHOMI-ORY NOTE for |40, paj.Me lo Barb.ra lleM, elf hi mnn.h! .fter .'ate > , ec tied br Vrelderlch Froerel and Mil la Ch Kroegel, dated Mil- waakee, Ocu.i>.r li, 1»B>. I «»ru ererVbodr not to baj iald note u It wai not b« paid -to any one except '*"«-_ U'S] flABBARA UIIB. NOT 1C hi. H AVING purchurd of M ,blcr t Cu . U»e r ituck In trade, consisting of Cl <th-«, ( lothing and GenU Pur- niil.ln< (joods, vlih mtrrnt m the txulaen at in- itore Nb. 183 Ka«t <V» e i r n, « err I luteuil .^rrjioi; on th« Clothing bum ru In HI It, b tncho M.lwatUr.., MJIJ 3o, 1549 W K hiv, 4o M ,„ with Inter it • t. tt\ rtc lie gcr.eralir Milva.k. t, m»)81-c)2w In oa busfots* L' R MA! LTV ar stock in trtde, Vi 19l Kail W\ter» and the pub- MABLEY 1 Cl>. Celebrated Female Film. Prtpared from a prescription of Sir J. Claki, D. t PkysieinnSxtraardinaTy to the Queen Thto InTeJuahle medicine li unfailing In the cure or ill tbMe painful and dangerous diseues to »hioh the fe- niitltatlJn .• •object. It moderate* ait «x<-tn and repiOTei all ob»trnctlon», and a tpeedy r n r. raay be relied on. TO TIARniED LAI>IE> It ll peculiarly ratted. It wUl, In a ihort ttm«-, bring .,o the monthly period with regularity Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears inn Gn»- r r.,;i^i Btamp of Great Britain, to preTsnt ci.unti-rjetu. _ r _HATS,AND CAPS HA T*; ( A p >, -AND- STRAW GOODS TK.N PEK tE.Vr. I I lian ran IW Purvha*< I - A r— ANY I'THER riOlSE I.N FflK WK-T \IS .'1 c SRCn.iNT- ./ / > r« vn>lll<Yl at out »'«</«. l .u* i* -.vy <><A«r fiasT rmtss xoifi as art mifft ta bring on J/iUcar H*M (toy «r« Kp> the Back and Llmbt, Fatlinu: on ilignt ueruoe, PaJpl- tatlon of the Heart, Hysteric*, ir. 1 Wi.u-.. ••.,,,. P.II, wfll effect a core when til othrr means n.v» nu:,-a, in./ although a powerful remedy, Jo not contain iron, calomel, antimony, or any thing hurtful to trie ^. nmi>iii..n foil directions In the pamphlet aruan I e\>-t ,, t ..< * L which ibocld be carefully preferred. Sole Ajent for the Cntteil 8t»t»s »n.l u»n. • . JOB M08TZ8, (L»t«, I. C. Ut..|» n A U, SroheaUr. N W-. B.— 1V,IX1 anil > poslAgr it»m| . «nehm>. I it onifd Agent, will ln«ur< . t.. a,,- ,-. , , pllll, by return mall For sale hy uttXKN *OII- I t' . T . i-. v anr35-d*w j M A LI nn "HATHAWAY & BELDLS HANKINi . •Laud and <<> I )•.•<.• I inn OIIi< Ml r< ItKI I uy .Vly <.. ^O.N.N f-lK '»< >.N.NI-.I; Hi >N N I- K l{< >.\M- K 15( ).N ' N KK MI 'N N r- K Ml >N ,S I- I ' I' A I I Ii I . l. I I - 1, , .f. I .r- I (,|. (..,. ! I .( , | h I if, | , i \ , | \ i IJ 1 IN, ? in i>4 K till. * A o-.ri!» J. HOTELS, &.C 1 . O U I > I 1 o I Us 'II.K HI*. li»l i n CRON, Dear Sjui \\ , , .- • f «'i- -MblV I ,. -4.1 ,• ,. . R r T A i I , (./ ( , (j •»«> Oentlemtjn X Musts & Children' Boots, SHOES, SI.lI-Hf.KS A: Itl HUMUS. >o. 225 Ku«l Uatrr afreet iC'ppo,,t W.'k.r ii ,uj^,; MIL.. Al'liKK. [n,»,JUj leaving his country. General Cass says thai "emigration and naturalization do notex- empt them from the legal penalty whioh they incurred by their desertion." If they were not in the army it was impossible for them to desert, and if they have not deserted they have incurred no legal penalty. It is .well known that emigration and naturalization do not ex. empt persons from legal penalties incurred for any oati*- iu i '..jt native country. Those who have incurred r ^1 penalties are entitled to the protection u : tuegovernment. Prussia claims that those who were liable to military duty are included in the other class; this the administration deny. I git ion that the Charleston Convention shall j take-action on the question of the protection of Slave property in the territories If we mistake not, no paper at tbe North, nor in this State, occupies the position of the Richmond Enquirer in averting that the Charleston Convention thatt lake action upon this question. If we are mistaken, we shall take mnch pleasure in giving our readers the benefit of any correction which our neighbor may make. Mr. Itoiiglaa:' Letter. Tbe letter addm><<ed bj Mr Douglas to Mr. Dorr, of tbe Dubnqne (Iowa) Exprrst and Herald, it just now the subject of very general comment'and criticism In the North we oK •eme that the press, without distinction of party, speak of it as being one of his best productions. The New Fork Herald regards it as an able and well-timed epistle, and attributes th« authorship of it to Martin Van Buren, who of course never heard of it until it appUred in the newspapers. As a friend of the Union, we an glad that Mr. Douglas has succeeded in writing a letter which meets with such general commendaHon from tbe democracy of the Northern States. If any letter was necessary, he has Well supplied the demand, and if there was no such jiecessity existing, he has, even than, done no harm to himself or the party with which he is now so intimately assoc.^icd and closely identified. This is indeed a great achievement, and worthy of any statesman, living or d«d, not excepting the venerable ex- President, who is ae innocent of the author•hip of it as Bennett himself. Of all the no ttcei of it whioh have come under onr obser- vrtion, the following, which we extract from the Boston Courier of the 26th Inst., is decidedly the best : jKr. Douglas, it cannot be denied, is endow. ed . ."? * krge measure with those qualities which awaken H certain measure of admiration, Ti 8 ?!*'?™ ° f the P &Tti <n l ^r end towards which they are directed. He is a man of courage, energy, self-reliance and indomitable will These, are •tttaotive traits of character, and Political THE RKSCLT is KA.XSAS.—The Kansas Con- stitutionul Convention will consist of fifty-four members, and the Leavenworth City Rrrald, of the 19th inst., foots up the election of delegates as follows: Democrats, - . . . ._>g Republicans, • - 23 Free State. ----- 3 Doubtful, o What the dinUnctive, antecedents of the '• tree Stal. " mer, ar. «•* are unable to say. but the paper from which we extract the result declares that " not one of the three conld bare stood a ghost of a chance lor success had he have claimed affinity with black republicanism.' Important Presidential Movement—Secret Meeting of Rrpubllcana. A very important mnptiiij was held the o'h- cr day in on« of the wardu up town, touching the gflection uf a Candida!., for the next Pi-wi- dential election Tl i me--'iug consisted of a Dumber of the strongest l.-kdere of the rt-pub- lioan party, mtny o: whom were the mast ar- lent, generoDB and infln. itial supporters of Fremont in UIH election ot 1856. Almost every ward ,u the. ity was represented by some one of th" r-puWL-an leaders. The ot)j -cl of the fi-ctin.- wag explained by one of the gwntlemet who called it, to be fo'r the purpose of cotnf» -me P. .iniong and discussing the best mod- '.' eut. ring upon the neit fn 1S60. " Presidential campairr it wnnld be one of i ' tions ever held in tl, ganization of tbe en, ance arose from the . country in refer>-nc" ' which bad agiuite.1 : year? past to an tit. tii^n ot »iy former p- />1 w.-hed uia associates. ., U the mportance of ti gfiit.. .n^in had rifl-vt wrul.! g;v. the m»cti- .'•• nrd, r l'.«t iheir ^ n t-l a« j".on as j." He slated that •• ni ist Important elec- 1 country since the or- rnriMnt. This rrtport- •ru'.ar condition of the • t •' slavery qawtion, r Uition for nearly ten t f.. r beyond the agiU- In conclusion, h'e H into consideration - question, and if any 1 u(>on it, he liop^d hr < lie benefit of hij vltw?, liberation might Iv <1\- •tible to a practical con- pelled to assist our allies to debouch by small fractions bejond the Alps, in presence of A formidable enemy, long since prepared for the straggle. The danger was great ; the energy of ih» nation and your own courage have supplied all deficiencies. Prance has tound her olden virtues and united (or a single object, and In one sentiment she has shown the might of be resources and the Etrength of her patriotism. The operations commenced ten days ago, and tb* Pittdmontese territory Is already freed fron. ils invaders. The allied army hug beton sncce8*fal in foi r engagements and one decisive bailie, whKl. have opened the gates of the cap tul of Lou - bardy. You have put upwards of 35,000 AL« triana hors du combat, taken 17 gun*, 2 colrus, ti, 000 prisoners. Bnt all is not over TwrJ arv more battles In store for us, more obstacles to I rely upon you. Conrage, then, gallant soldiers ol the army of Italy 1 From the heigl la of heayen your father* proadlj contemplate their chlMren. NAPOLEON Heart-quarters, Milan. J line 8, 1859 These two proclamations are said to have picked great enthusiasm at Milan Th • little phrase aliout tliH duly of the army " to main tain Internal order." do-« not appear to have finir-k the Milanese. They will h- allows! " frev eipresaion of their wishes," with a large army to "preserve order'' The history of France for the last seven y*ari ehuvr^ what U meant by that. K. GHK \ r FJ.\ ! A. < i ru M i) \«.i FIIUF \\ - AND AHT OAI IJ.KY, 171 Kasi H'(j,*r .Street. Lhetr |>a( r- LI K ;< i i fort. •oo o. \ rsi v ALBANY RESTAURANT Mil.1.1 AKJ > Attain % tU, • k, • / ' 0ir U'. ilec4- .11, H AVINU »ecu.rJ the u<>«t»ace .f ir.-.,-.M r » moti np«r;..,r : ce^ op*rat. r in th« West M. , kcu«, iwKo»«> skin tn h:« (ir).«.rtcjtrrit .• welj HDQI many ,.| ih- fit-zewi of M.lwau.^,) I »m DOW pret to uffer to K.c pubnc crrry -le»;raMe .tj , r ,r p lt fc&ovn W> t^t comrounttj »i tower r»T« nn<l t*<-< In * Wtler m&bner Lhaa rmn l-e Jont .o ar.j i'-ht t*MI*femmt In the * «t. m EnAt Wtter «tr "FEED THE HUNGRY," rpHlS Injunction, Jli.ue m it ... « r. « u .i ,,t,, n A as » dot? apoo as sj.', Is r.'.w Ki.r.ff bsnve- ;. fullest exu-nt bj H Y A T T I FD U, | HP Tl Meson. K »r • eaterti country *««.pin(T, *nd Qfi .i Hy»tl H'-uni- w li 'l errinir the putr^rj Li'UK HERE, .1 fl b. V\ LA1>\ 1 K V \\ D I N J N d KAS'i MtLWAOKlE, Who arc jj>l m rro- and m j»t cotDplrtr i \\A1KK S1KK1-.1 . WIJ10.N?IN ipl of Uic cheap. «, t>m HMO'lr,! t. ck <.f Family • tappt'-l 0\ 1 up in pverj )tv •• i lupuL f-ij w Lfi U. H A I . < «, \ M I \ Ivtr e»hih,t*-d in this r re*>?DU> it, th*» .lew Vi F <> K ASM •sssssnag l*"" n<l j »t», At »u"b pr n tt.e tr.,1 Lmr proyi tx.;li Sucb h t^o^s prices,! Tes^ 1 , W baajrh ^Isr |.>r D ,. i « I anil.r • TV »rl|.- 1 !'•» I AMI i ri i. pr- fi- .htri c« '» 7 u . From tbe London Tlm», Joao H. Optnloni la England on Kapolron'i Milan Proclamation and U>« Rnuian Mantrmto. Napoleon III has, in his address to tbe inhabitants of Milan reiterated all bis promises and he retains to himself tbe character of bis disinterested regenerator of Italy. He declares that he is not one of those m«n who cannot One of th" epntlcm an. I said that t,e had i the present position at. reput>lic»n party, of w and he was decidedly -, a-«em\>led th^ n rose -fleeted for some time on 1 future prwpecU o( the :.irh he was a member, .f the opinion that th> for their possessor some share in.w,- « on in. whioh. lie haa lately stood toward* the dem ooratie party, is one whioh has commanded *•» •7 ln P»™i8i of outsiders and speotaiors • and the spirit with whioh be has defended and* sustained himself has caused the rigor of many to relent who bad determined never to forgive him. Tbj letter of Mr. DongUa, which we pub- hshed in our paper of jesterday i« marked by his best qualities. No one can deny that it is a manly and straightforward document. It lOBthti great and peculiar merit of being short * ndr »* lt * B J1 ^ * at *l» e oooaaion calk) upon •blotto say. It seems to be an unpremeditated effusion; Ad yet we hare no doubt that it has bent the result of careful deliberation and much consultation. • And we hare no doubt, too, th«t. tnejdemooratiaparty , or a decisive majority of them, will be fo>rmd walking in-the path which ie hafljindieated. Tha tatnre coarse and policy of, the- democratic party are matters of much wtBrtnMndy4oiaiejnfaibersof the party themselves, but to all persons who Internal peace; b9- : A - oanse tne^aiarejU ,«t political events has de- trolved aponlthe dtmocratio ^S:* 8 !!? 0 ?!!?*"^ ' tbe duty •oonntry; oomprt>hend the spirit of their age, and that he does not appear in Italy to further his own objects of personal ambition, or to apgrandiz-' the territory of France. To do this wonld be in the opinion of Napoleon III, not only a wicked, but a foolish act, for the time is come when moral influences are trnthfnl and victories are sterila. Napoleon III enters Milan as the liberator of Italy. He comes only lo give freedom to the finest part of Europe ; he promises the Lombards that if they will be his soldiers to-day they shall to-morrow be the fre* citizens of a great country. He has sworn to the Italians to combat their enemies, to maintain for them domestic order, and to throw no obstacle in the way of the manifestation of their wishes To the Germans, who are so unquiet in their homes, and who are hrvina in their places of strength, he puts forth protw- tatlons equally explicit, which have th* additional guarantee of being endorsed by the Emperor of Russia. Contemporaneously with tbe publication of the French Emperor's address to the people of Milan we have tb» Russian circular declaring the policy of that empire daring tbe existence of the Italian vrar. France Insists that she was called to this war-by her interests and her honor, and that she has no other object but to defend her ally, who was unjustly attacked, and to give liberty to Italy Enssia declares that Austria is altogether in the wrong ; that h«r objection to the admission of Sardinia to the Conforence was at once unreasonable and unjust; and that in the negotiations Which succeeded, the French Government has honestly seconded the energies of those Powers who were sincerely dosirons of peace. Russia, therefore, is with France in sentiment ; but, as the war itself cannot be werted, she will nse all ter efforts to localize the evil, and to confine it to the oonntry where events have called it forth. She tells Germany that for her there is no cause of fear, that the Emperor of the French has given assurances, which Russia abundantly believes, that no Enterprise is in prospect which will injure the interests.™ the dignity of the great Power of $hioh.Prassia la the head and the natural 'protector. France has * righteous quarrel Wijh Austria, and Russia will stand by and see *" *" M ~ '""'Vt.ont, The war shall not spread , .. and H shall not be quenched in Russia very significantly intimates that prospects of the parly trer>)p<>od if th.'V only followed the right oour-e. ll« b«lieved"in his eonl if they nominated a man of conservative tendencies whose antecedents were not identified with extreme conrs--? or violent sentiments they wonld be shir to carry all the northern States against the democratic party, or any other party which might take the field. In this State it is understood that Win. H.Seward !«to be thrn.Tt down the throats of the repnb- lioans, and threats are held ont that if bo is not nominated no other man will be permitted to get the nomination Now be—the speaker- would be willing to give Mr. Seward all tbe credit to which he. i« fairly entitled ; bnt that gentlt-man was tbe month piece of so many conflicting opinions thai it would be only prudent on their part to drop him at onoe, and adopt some other man more popular in the elements of his political character, and more practical in hig principles and meacurvs Mr Chase, of Ohio, would be a good man, and wonld run well. And there are other good men. General Cameron, of Pennsylvania, is a tried man, and he would make a safe candidate, who would be generally acceptable to the party. But above all, he would take Mr. Banks, of Massachusetts, as tbe best man to be the ca- -tidate of tbe party, from a variety of circumstances which he had not time to detail to tb'-m. Mr. Banl* was originally a democrat and very popular, and there can be no doubt that he wonld unite all the New England rvpobli- cans in his favor, both In the nominating con vention and a' tlU election- He now wtabed other gentleman to express their opinions with the same freedom that he did; bat unless they took np a man like Banks, who was of a statesmanlike, practical character, and without any of those sharp points about him that made some other prominent candidates obnoxious to so many, be did not think they would have so good a chance of succeeding as they imagined. A middle aged gentleman here said be thought the speaker who preceded him had < .-mK, r '.'ll, 1-s'-.''.lr ^u»lltlf! i,f ,r,r I^u, prc( ,,l r fnr >• itietime bars t u:y t>uni.e*s. t- r I « f nl ,moni tnj kcqa&inled will hit the nail on tbe bead. by for extreme opinions. The time was gone He was for mode l» It. M'l.A'fF's CtLl-BR.TtD \rKHII7Llir. AM) LIT FR p| |,1-" £4?~ A slnsju ar COIEI motion, but very effcctoaJ. NSW y, KDoou.r. fi..i,. -iptnencr. by • lemlnp Bron !'itt>bur^ti r nsidered 11 mj dutj, md ma.Tr ma*r tho»* JU-tldl« known wherer. friends A short time K(ro 1 be. an: U>* catf of s yoong flrl, ibo sumr.i to hf troubled j with worms snd llvtr compls-int s>t thr »sm- time, w»d had b»*n sufferlDft for si me two months. Through mj prrsuuion she pnrcbsied one bottle of /V Lnnt'i rfrmi/vfff, and one bux of l.ivtr fHJli, which she too« according to directions. The result w»s, she paxeJ a large quantity of wr.nns, and tHnks thai one bni more of, the Pills will restore ber to perfect hea'Ui. Her Dime and resident e can be learned bj tilling or. E. L. Ttiei.ll, Drunpit, corner if Ro'frr and Monroe streets. EsT" Pnrcda»ej-« will be carrfnJ to ujt lor DR. M'LASK'8 CELEBRATED VEKMIFUQE, manufactured by FLEMING BROS, of Pntsbarrh, Pa. All other YermlfaxYJ) In comparison are worthless. Dr. M'Lane's genuine Verajlfuge, also his celebrated Llrer P>1!>, can now be had at all respectable drag stores Mont fenvinr trsUosd On tiynature a/ [2J jf!4-dAwlm fLEVIVO BROS. rfF.RVOf'M DKBII.ITY. This Is a complaint rery common, especially troonp femalea. Booflan<Ti German Btttfrt nerrr falls to cure thl* disease. Tbe system, under Its os)e, Is restored to Its original strength and rigor; the appetite becomes f/ood, the spirits become chce-ful, and m body aod mind you feel t*e full restoration of health For sale by druggists and dealers In medicines %Tery-wnere, at J6 renu per bottle. iUwlmo BOAKD1NCJ. T WO gentlemen W'tb their ladles can be accommodated with first class board s.t 386 1TIAIN HTHKFT, Second door north of Onleda; a'so fire or six gentlemen can hare rooms, and fiom six to ten dsy boarders can be accommodated on reasonable ter^s. Je36-dlro MKg. WILUAMfON. ! sup«, »1 k.n-li • i K. »>!|rii sn.l .-j I p rs.lnr siimu'« ! t.\ ,T i f Tuf » .i e..i>t.ary |.r.,.i u r^u-ri with F f k and ( t Bla • i • —• i.-. fore Vflrn, Coopers Shr frs. Eal>in«. Cor c.t . CL..( .. . l.o.J< .Nr^ll t. . ^. R ,-.• ". In Bio fcr Macombcrs Salad dream A r *fy fopolar articlr » t, ct sfioa <1 L« -n rurrs f»m IT Wir hare *Is > .2OOO SIGAK < Tbe best eTer cffcrt-i In this ruy ii HI1LM. TH-.s.* Pat up eipressly for oar trade KKKssH CiKOl'NL) r. - - Alto FOUR K A O J'inBKR jv Al >)» . l,»nd Ir I 1 tj.- »nd !*ftr Tn K Ml. In, m lowa A S -•I L(/.\'t, .>* TuK '. lto<*i of Groceries fr..rc wh cl i.nd at t;.« luwrst rates W E S K L L FUR select from | CASH, A -id njAk? no t»»H drbta, »t cmn ifford to un.i<fr»^ii . ur Qtl|Ct,b .rs who do a time tr» ^.», »nd of cenrv- OB« .ij..rt or ie*« ot their pro flu m th»t .raj. Call and Examine Ourito-k, whrthfr jr-a want to bur or not, « n .l w% Wi.l frttlj »how j.,u our frnn<Ji j^nJ pncea which »e ktow e»oo 3i fail to pir»»* joo, ^ J* 2 HL"NN A CROS^V Tbe Franklin (heroica! \Votk^, NO. 831 >ORTri FRAJVULIJI STRnTT. fLL/.YO/li. a n k c c .> 4i I i u ii « . >CK ALWAYS Fl'1,1 cor>Tit» n tin n v > r- J, H. C i) R u fc CU CiOODS AM^I'KU v v' s a C«- i c c e ( \ U V .\E\V i NEW AND^HE OLD i romantic aSpectx, by O W X be, l-a.«i tbr tr.dc In A Bachflor'i i»t. I ;f- uf G^n.r*. The On v-»] r n.-. ,ry, K M P i^ (> Y M K N T . •50 a Month and all tlxpenseo Paid. A N AGENT li wanted In frerr to«-n and coontj In the United Statei to tngtgr In a resp»cubie and' fiy buiinw, bjr which the abort praflu maj be cer- talnlj reatUed For farther part coUn, addrefi Da. i B «»T WAain, ooratr 12th 8tr«« and Broadwar. Cl'y, «nclo»mg one Pniug* Stamp. to announce to oar customers, ao*l lo n Krnertl, tri«t -luring ihl^ x-as.ta n-. travel n( agrnl wll. be illspalched from our worn — H'e inTite oar ol 1 rostnmers anil oUier* to faror us by Utter w.Ui thrir orders for Kssriicen ol* l^iqnora, • hlcb, ss always, w 111 be executed to ihelr entire satisfaction- Thoosandj appreciate the pUn upon which our K>»eiict*> s,re mad- which present) the foil,,wing ad- ranisres *od lactltUrS neTer v fferwt by others -. 1. The E-sence from tbes« wt>'ts are actually trained by ..Ist I anon, the.efO:e Healthy sn.l Pun— some htog that others cannot or jare not na m for . ,.y N i P«p.-. . br J T H-vi,- N "y rr. a; v * c; <- . si 11 n o .\ i> *» , SOLE PROPBIKTOR i MA.NF? ViTC SK8 >,V PL « • OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, I ew York ?fi~ic- -* ***iweula»i 1 be the consequence*.tribe *J^«S4;l«l8«M^««, M. toiffl \ if Germanj interferes in this matter, so IODJT ae - MtreawlM only an Italian qaarrel, Rnssia will also .interfere, andrestore the equilibrium of Wemniltafce it that these two crowned heads are sincere in the professions they thus ""»«""ly pnt tmwaiito the world. We most >,that3Jarx>Je»n when he hag driven the 'ffl Italy will : hand oyer Italy, to -wfll>if Lombard/ wiinPJed- moDt—will BeonllWw! the gtvernment of the ration, for (he practical, and for the overthrow of the democratic party, eren by taking a man from their own ranks. Banks was a very Rood man; bnt he thought Stephen A Douglas Was still better; and tbe difference between their sentiments and hU practically amounted to nothing. He felt satisfied that if Mr. Douglas had a reasonable prospect of the repnblicang uniting upon him throughout the Onion, he wonld ar/*pt their nomination and throw ofl the demo, ratio yoke. He wonld bring with him tbe left *ing of the democratic party. Another speaker nnrr came forward and said the thought Mr. S. ward aa'good a man as any in the list pregenfr.l, and he wag longer in tbe political field and more identified with the principles of the party than those in whose praise so much had J ist been said. It was true that sometimes lie gave annoyance to southern politicians 1'tit he—tbe speaker- doubted very mnch if Mr. Seward meant all that he said. He bad always understood from the intimations of I barlow Weed that a good many of the apeeohea of Mr. Seward were intended only for buncombe. If that be so, then he would Just be as good a man as Banks, or any other person yet named. flew a gentleman came iorwrad and. with great Vehemence said that the rery reason now assigned in Us favor was that whioh made Mr. StOTatdjaostobJeotionnLile. ItwastnadetrantC parent that hp was not honest or consistent • and for his part, In il>e event of the nominal tion being given' to Rawaad, fie Tronl«t rote ag«in« hint utd he b. liejred th« all those who -voted for Tiwnent in 1858 would foUow th« NO11CK. Cm ConmoLLwa's Omoi, ( Contract Department, Mil., June 27, 185». f T iTS following Is a schedule of lots fronting on Ilh street, from C dar to Tamarack strtet, Is tbe Id Ward of the City of Mllnnke-, showing the amount of benefits to earn lot, by grading said street and walks planking walks, paring gotten and grrrellng the street u per jilan of the City Engineer, assessment as fallows: J. H. BURNING, LOOIg ACER, Street Oommlsalonen. T^JOTIOE Ii hereby flren, Oial the deed of 11 tluo of this Company, Is ID the office of Benefit*. 280.00 180,00 190,00 880,00 300,iiO 130,00 483,00 Block. Lot. 167 1 1ST 8 1ST » 167 10 166 t 1M 7 1M 10 - 1M 11 °a JTOMing of Tth street and north al'ejr In 1M an« 167. OncroMlDg of T»h street and south alley In 166 and 167. . J«8>-Mt E. L'fl. QARDINKB, Comptroller. O. TOT DXOT8CB ,.. 0. WUnjsiT VOW DECTSCH & WINKLER, ATTORNIT8 AND OODHSELLOBB AX LAW, OFI10B—Empire Block, ifflX East Water it. HILVAUKXK... ...fjeJoj WJSQOirSfjr. ». The Costi are mnc 1 ) less than oihers . because these fesruccs re put up In packages, each containing enough for forty gallons, ai,<l cmpnains not only all the required tngre llents, bvfaUn tAe Address letters to CAHL ERJ.KK, Muager. , ranklta Chemical Worsj, Chicago, III , r. O Hoi, 3343 Je4— Jflm Oinca or THS Mo.. * Mnrawotk a. R Co., I MUwaokte, Ju e 6, 1818. ) .f orgaalza- ... jf the Secretary of tills Oompmj, in the City of Milwaukee ready to be execntrd by holders of bonds secured hy the mortgages of the LaCrosse A Milwaukee. Railroad Co., under foreclosure of wblt h this Company Is organised; and persons holding such bond t who bare not already executed ibe same are notified lo Jo so In person or by Attorney duly authorised. Notice U also glren, that the Secretary of this Company will lune certificates ol the stock of this Company to the holders of such bonds upon sntTrender thereof, In pursuance O f the provisions O f the deed of organization. Notlc;(s alto given, that tbe Board of Directors of this Company hu made an anetament on the stocn at tHe r»le of one per eejut. for toe i expose ol p.ying the etpenfcea ef foreclo.ln, the said mortgagee and 9 or gacUingUils Company, payable on or before the first da) of July neit, to the Treasurer of this Company, at hh oojcei jn the City of Milwaukee. Je7-dtt DW16 HT W. KEYKS, Secretary. an^j baj b«n mao from the pure juice " Ihns ».T. rdln([ additiooal cvid«?n'- AIP-J .- id ent>rpr»e and tDiloatrv proilu. tr atrtJctea at home eqoaJ t \tlon. thin Oat*wha Brin-Iy n t :h»? Catawr-i i \n»i LAOS our i.'Miny • mn,t»/ -r*? *n y eqna.- y ,-tn . ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. other Th*the t>t in fa« !" Orai iir» u ..> «inown. I 4 con .( ml«d by thf i-erUrtcalefl of >ir ed ant t<cal chemists. The a .ri-.-f Purf prin<ty ^*A l.inrf country. »i-.J tit. .ntrr.ituoi --n >«f an ar tj ai to iapenced« the <aie an«f ui*- ,i pounds hitherto sold andei the name of be regarded a yreat public good. The possesses all the good qualttlei claimt^i 'or \^.Imported Uqnora, and Is of perfect parity *nd «ip^ flavor, and a lOTertyn and §urc remetiy f..r l>v< ;>-. natuleoey, Cramp, Oollc, Ljm k mor, Low 3pu :^ ur- a) Debility, Ac. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHnfT Retail Price, »i,25 Per Bout,.. |^~ R*c«mmended bj th* phyiician* *r..l i,- u ^ of the Cnited States. G.Slmmondthaj appointed J. P. 4 |r 9. IL, J LKY Ul Rut Water itrevt, lole amenta for the ^tau- >r' eoMln, »her« dealers »n»l castomcr^ vil [>i.-^« e »ard their order*. By calling on the agents, the public win rectr'rp « . H J A> i 1 . V •• !• K , 'H i lit', t . i ; |< : i i i x t< i.i ,-,.\ AMERICAN CORNET BAND! -"- number of Instruments, from' one to i twenty-two, for Bails, Parties, Parades,! •xenrilona, «a, Ac,., at reasonable I ar- Mtulc Btore, 178. JCail Water it. NOTICE- Orrr CoirrsoLLn'a Orrtom, 1 Contract Department, Jon, 28,180fc j ta * «cotanieiida. or theSUi Ward, U li H . MEACLE & SOW! SIGN OF THE BIG RED KETTLE ! DKA1VD8IN Stove*, Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware. —AND— ACRHJCLTUKAL IMPLEMENTS, •nrpULO respectfully inform their friends and the T«7 pnbHe generally, that they hare opened a Btore at »Q8 .WKTCAXBR STREET soa fortheialeof UieaboTenained. articles, togethe vlth BPADta, 8HOVBLB, aAEK, HOU, And AgrMaltoral Implements generally, as weB as all •• • . i •orUoi . • 8 ?7^T IBOH %* l ^^ KKftv WOBK, »OTe» flu* np .to older, ^aooont RKjAIBINOof an kind*, and erer, »orl ol »ork la will b, atteiulait to withoot THIS WAY WITH YOUB MONEY JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocer and Wine Deakr. NO.-lei EAST WATER ST. \. M T HE Bg?T PLACE Kl r' 1WI. k U Kl KI V M> hy •!( sprf m lluiU, HI v \ t t'lOSHY J A V » ( , the recommendation of *' Second lih U S » KAMU. fnu Ut-.t ii n.- Kl.c >l K 'KW V.irk Mill m«rlf \ N . «n<i Ammcn >, dAoooia guMulen for its con- litiut. :gm, our. ^onfidenoe' to tbatVwiieoaibiffaron thia cUlvalrem ctOfugftfbeAlaaji.ulao hHdjn»>M6ot In vlOTf: ly. »nd »f othermoavainlngli»:;wiflr*.ir ^pfty^t 10 same course, and torn oandwateofsome otlter' sinpe—peruapa 8ev.ardin'^iBvodatJva.- Q.o ti^»)liw 1 lM.nd,4fsihe3f tmJted ouBanta be wata " &®*B&Stttta£X£ r l.ere 1 rose and stid ne thoBght^here w«s*great dsn» 6ft rut a In what n whoJast«dd>eM«jem. Owners ofproptn» on aali atreeu are aed to construct (aid iewer within tw» iad not vtt been brought forwart , ! «ndtoirniolr he attaohed mnch Importanoe, i incLjUiiat was " IBilTTER. J^^q^.BlJl-EBHk, S&S&I TO BUT FINE GREEN ANi. BLACK TEAS; The beat placvto bay OLD JAVA and MOCHA <_ F FKB3; Tne bat place to buy nice SYRUPS , Tbe best place to boy all kinds of MOLASSES The best place to boy all kinds of 8CQ i R8 , The best place to bay all ktoda of SA i.T n*fT Tbe > eat place to boy Cross t Blackwell's PICK I £ < The best place to bay all kinds rORE'ttN XAUCK* The best place to boy ail kind* Pig FKtJlTS The best place to bay 8O6AH COBEn U AM.- Tho best place to bar 8MOK*f> B« EV; Tbe o«tt place to bay CHOICE BLTTStt The best place to bay PiLB ALE • The belt plaee to toy rORHON ALK and POSTER Tbe best p ace to buy TOILET SOAPS . The best p-'ace to bay alt kinds WASHING 8OAP8 The best puce to boj ben STARCH ; the beat placrlo boy H&s, BAI3IN8, PRtTNr? The b«it place to boy all kinds t<Ui>; The best place to bay pan LIQOOaa ibr famllT um The btit place to buj RatlTe and Foreign WINE j, The best plaee to boy a good box <!1GAR8, The best place to bow Heen&aum 8MOKINQ TOBACCO: The bat place to buy Ugh and low cost CHEWING TOBACCO; The Best plsce to buy Weldham Pine Apple CBSK&E Tbe bett place la bay rngtsh and American The bett place to buy, rr84 GOODS; The Deal pUkee to boT.600DS OoKAP; The best plaee to boy*alr kinds SlttCIRIKS. We ask tue eJUnn* oflfUwmnkee to try us— rich and poor. i Jef* JOHN W. L1DTAHD. CUJLKJLESR. AUSTIN, DBACII IJI and Speeiee mHB^ghe««r»le»psJ6VfDraiikliidsof Gold and 811. 'a was/voioKutAtulilD^ . fitcbuqM oanstantly for>«ale at the lowest prices. ° - - -"-*•- -- •" entire M.Mi;tvl-. I M Ai'l.h. '• lLLuN --' "-H".- J V I CHOr«HY 'H. . K N ' _ CJ < > M A RdlViLor iJL Krvoch, K JE WEL.R Y t 1 . U. VAN t«> I' T 'S, l«r. SUM WiiUr itmt Wuontmn JUrttO. blaving lately iliitposcil a( most <j! my former stock* X exerclsctl myself .a svarchinic «1 tbo ajutwn Market* for all the New &tylv» au<l Pattern*, Which Daro been Imporud anil aunafaotnrad since the last panic. I hare also parch urd a largn stock ol Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watchm, With movements acknAwjedged u m, most snperlor bw the Annrtoan uohilu. ta S? OOOOA SDTS J"« eprW HOBM « QHOBn.

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