The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on May 3, 1903 · Page 7
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 7

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1903
Page 7
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J^VA **" "f ·*" - -v-^^\ . "«*» -W ~* £ f Its pretty hard to define real beatity Bare and beautiful wohlen everywher owe their loveHness tb Rocky Mounts! Tea. 33 cents at W. W. Hollingawort: Co --Money to loan tin real estate a lowest rates of interest. CARNS ALLFKEE, 144 Newton, Iowa The Secret Of Long IJfe Consists ID keeping all the main organs of the body in healthy, regular action, and in quickly destroying deadly d isease germs. Electric Bitters regulate Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, purify the Wood, and give a splendid appetite. They work wonders in curing Kidney Troubles, Female Complaints, Nervous Diseases, Constipation, Dyspepsia, and Malaria. Vigorous health and strength always follow their use only 50c, guar an teed by W. W. Hollingsworth druggist ' Told of^Congre»sman Larimer. "TMV lB a stor y t° w »y the New York 'WrorWrs Washington correspondent: When Representative I-flrimer of Chf- cigo, who is coming back to the fifty- eighth congress, was a young man, he worked for a time In the glue department of the Armour concern. One morning Mr. Armour came down to the packing house at 6.30 o'clock. He walked through the glue- department and found Lorimer the only man there 'Do you get down at this time every morning?" asked Mr. Armour. "Yes tir," Lorimer replied, "when you arr in the city, sir." It wasn't long before I *\rSmar had a. rise jn nay Kept Away the Burglar*. Peter Newell, the artist, was camping out in Colorado at one time, living in a tent News came of a nocturnal murder In the neighborhood and considerable uneasiness was manifested by some members of the' family. Mr Newell thereupon _cut out some silhouttes representing men of the roughest western type, all with pistols in their belts and in the attitude of men intensely interested In a game of poker These silhouettes Mr. Newell fastened to the inner canvas of the tent. At night, the family fetepping outside into the darkness to view the result, were entranced with its success The shadows thrown irom 4he silhouttes in the lighted interior indicated a tent filled with poker-playing, pistol shooting despera does. Thenceforth the Newell famllj On* Grateful Constituent Convincing proof was furnished in Washington a day or two ago of the fact that constituents are grateful at least sometimes. A congressman had " been asked to use his Influence in securing a job for a rater In his district He did so and failed to land his man. The latter wrote a letter in which he said- "I cannot close without again acknowledging my thanks No language Is rich enough to express my gratitude. No sentiment, however Bubilme, is lofty enough to reveal the obligation I feel Though I go down in defeat, its gloom never can get so dark that to me your friendship will not be a source of Joy and pride and an inspiration to ever .higher thought and action. Ood grant and I cannot help but believe he will spare me, that again some day I may help to crown you " A friend of the Congressman read this gushing epls- tile and inquired. "What did he, want?" "A $900 clerkship." "Gieat Scott' I wonder what he would have written had you betn successful." - Miss Ida. M. Snyder. Tre*w.rer mt the Ijru £·** EM A*t , ,. , . ,2 *w"M P«y morn atteattMi to their health we would have mof* happy wlvtj moth** and d.ujhttri, and if they would observe rttulti they wotM fl«j that the. doctor*' preKrip«M do mat !*«*·"" «w msiiy cure* they are given I credit for. ] - . i to oo *M htve cvciy KMOH to Hunk him I or a new life opened up to me with restored hesHh, snd It only took three month* to cur* me." Wine of Cardui is a regulator of the menstrual functions and is a most astonishing tonic for women. It cures scanty, suppressed, too frequent, irregular and painful menstruation, falling · £ , y^ 0 ' whites and flooding, tt is helpful when approaching womanhood, during pregnancy, after childbirth and in change of life. It frequently brings adW baby to homes that have been barren for years. All druggists have $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui. editorially Kwrti*. News from all of tiWworld-- well written, orlgiskHfcries-Ans- wers to querhS-krticles on Health, the Ho»e,jNew Books and Work about Jbk Farm and Garden. -- is a member-of ti^ Associated Press, the only Watern Newspaper receivlttf tfc« entire telegraphic newsaerrioof the New- York Sun and Speciftt Cable, of the New Yorjt W£/d-d4ly reports from of^JLfft apeclal ·· correspondent* fii£uf,hout the country. - ~ Subscribe for THE SKTRHPmsR and the Weekly Intw Ocean one year, both papers for $1 50. E. M. IVBS, pttocney and Jlotary Public, P. ENGLE, M. D. Will altsad prompUj to my bnainesa table line. Bpeclal attention given to asearincjbtd ooUacUnc ebtou. OCULIST ; ; LuS. KBMNINC5TON, ATTOWEY AT LAW. Glasses Scientifically Fitted. Office Hours 8-30 to 12 «.; 1 JO to 4; 7 to 81.M. Sundays 10 to i. Office 200 Olive Street, Newton, Iowa. Telephone 76. 45 ,1 CMBoaover 47 tint National Bank. NEWTON, IOWA. _JM- ENGLE, Attorney at Law, _ " Mershon Block, HBWTOM, IOWA. Especial attention to the Settlemett of Estates. 'Real Estate Loans. 11. H90KD MOBRELI, Auctioneers and Saiesitf, Either or will respond to all | | calls for tb ir services." * NOThS BOUGHT. SALES CLERKED AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. ' PRICES REASONABLE. NEW TIME CARD. r GOING EAST. GOING WEST. No.22,8:50A.M Paa. No 21,10:25A.M. No. 14,1:38P.M. "- No. 3, 2:12 p. M. No. 4, 7:05 p. M. " No. 1, 7:53 P. M. No. 51, 12:45 p. M. 1. f. No. 53,10:25 A. M |$i,qpo I Light Work, High Reward* Easily Earned. ~' Write for psrjiybrs THEUNIORGO^C NEWS, CiyetLUtD, Ono.' " KewCeninry Comfort. Millions are daily finding a world of comfort in Bucklin's Arnica Salve. It frilla p»in from Burns, Scalds, Cuts, ^Bruises; conquers Dicers, and Fever Sores; cures Eruptions, Salt Rheum, Boils and Felons: removes Corns and Warts. Best Pile cure on e»rth. Only 2Sc at W. VT. Rollings* orth Go's, drug store. A REMARKABLE OFFER. The attention of our readers is directed to the announcement in this issue of special clubbing rates with the VOUNG PEOPLE'S WEEKLY, the best paper of its class published in America. Our arrangements are exclusive, and on terms that enables us to offer that paper and THE ENTERPRISE for $1.40 per year. Our readers will surely appreciate this very liberal offer, and we invite them to make it known to such of thoir friends as are not subscribers. Two papers for the price of one is an inducement seldom offered, especially when either is well worth the pi ice asked for both. All subscriptions accompanied by the cash, should be sent to this office. O. f. EX ; STEAM LAONDRY, · fc * FRANK MASON, lAau. AOMT, KELJLOOCfe*IOWA. \ to E. C. OGOi ATT0WEY ARB ABSTRACTOR, NEWTON, IOWAH ibetnot Booka are complete. I *· ·· ' Mil real estate, attention given A. M. BARRAH. O. P. MYERS. Uw - Atatraet. Loan ', ,,Bd twawtlltooffice . n*m laaw mt lowest rate.. Special ·UwtUoa (rtTwtowtUementof mtatog Mii«Up|nbM«biulaeM. J. B. BURTON, S. A. MORRIS, M. A. MCCORD, Newton, Iowa. 'CURES. C. R. HOMILY, Kellogg, towa. T. H. BTTCHAWAN REAL ESTATE, LOAN | --AND-- Insarance Agents, NBWTOM. IOWA. THE BOY FOUND OUT. Knowledge Gained at First Hand ! Not Easily Forgotten. He was a boy of 12 who was at t Zoo with his father to see the bijji.1 and as they stood before" the cage r \ ctipied by the chimpanzee the boy i quired. "Father, do them things like boj-' "Mebbe they do, my son," rephe the father, "but I guess I wouldn git too near " "But that one wants to shiK hands" "Yes, he 'pears (o; but I wouldn't shake " "Don't you think he wants to IK friends?" "Mebbe so, but you Icin Jest win! ' at him to let him know how you feel That didn't exactly satisfy the boy, however The "chim" Insisted on reaching out his black paw for a friendly grip, and while the father's back was turned the lad extended his hand. Next instant his howls caused a rush of the crowd to see what was the matter, and as he held up a finger Which was bitten to the bone he danced about, the father produced a handkerchief to tie It up and explained to the people: "He's my son Claudius, and he's a great hand to find out things. He's just found out that them critter* her teetfi, and if he ever git* over this he won't never want to shake hands with no more monkeys."--Boston Our sustomers tell us that our stock of gold rings are the prettiest in town. They are just as good as they are pretty. Our personal guarrantee poes'with every ring, whether ladies' or gentlemen's. In ladies' rings we have them at $1.00, 81.50, $2.00, 8350, SI.OO, Jo.OO, $5 50, and $7.50. Gentle men's rings $2 00, 83.25, $3.50, $6.00 and, Sfc.50. Ladies' brooches all styles and prices. Ladies' lone neck chains at $2 00 to $5.00 and lockets from $4 00 'to $5 00. Each and every one fully guar anteed --The Drpartmeut Store. CO VsTAUt' ,VXPffHKNCI AttTOBWMndtnf · qnlekl? «Mwrt*ln Invention · UouMiictlronn ·ont f»·. Olden tikec tf .. itho« A hmdttmetr UlntnUd caution of MruHMitUe ; THE PRICC OT ONE. { MONET! MONET! 1HAVBPBIVATK HONK YON HAND To Loan ·: Per Cent Interest. I do a general real estate, loan · ; and insurance business. Including ', Fire, Lightning, Windstorm, Accident and Life. Farm and City ' property sold, rented andexchauff ed. Give me a call. 22:44 T. II. BUCIIANAH, GRINNELL, IOWA. J.B. BUBTOK. Free. C. J.Ian*. Caahler. BURTON COMPANY . OGK3-. NEWTON, IA. ~ r i I V. H. MbtaUN. H. C. KOBF Attorneys at Low, Suite over First National Bank, 30 Newton, f Pimples, faded complexion, chapped skin, red, rough hands, ec/ema, tetter, bad biood, cured in a short time, with Rocky Mountain Tea, the great complexion restorer. W..W. Hollfoga worth Co. O O N T E FOOLED! Take tin (raulac, «rl|ta«l ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Mudc mljr by M«dl«M AMU elm Co., ftUdlMM. Wl*. It keep* yoM well. Our trad* Mark cut on uch package. Price, *s cent*. Never MM In bulk. Accept no «nb*U tut*. Ask year dniftut. THOVBAHM SAVCD BY ion. RING'S DEW -mm Thit wonderful nwdioint po»4- Itivelyeuns Consumption, Cough* I Cold*, Bronohiti*,A*thm*,Pn«if. Imoni*, Hay F«v»r, Ptouriw, UI Grippe, HMrttiiMt, 8or« Thro«t, ICroup and Whooping Conrk lEvary botlt* fliwnntMd. No Young People's Weekly «. . . . / " The leading young people's paper in America, containing each (week from eight to twelve large pages of fur broad columns each, all beautifully illustrated with original and artistic half-tone engravings, m black and colors. '\- ,. YOUNG PEOPLE'S WEEKijy has reached its marvelous success aud attUid a circulation of over 210,000 copies each week, because its contents interests young readers. 1U popularity extends to .thoughtful parents, who recognize m ,it one of the best aids in keeping young folks m Ijtalthy touch with the active world, giving Mbcm a, taste for clean, vigorous reading an d presenting truths in their most atti?aive form. its fiction is wholesom*, its comment upon current c\«nts is helpful to young people, its editorials are inspiring. All its departments are conducted in a way that has proved most helpful to their readers. All it writers are skilled m interesting and devoted to uplifting young folks. Y6uNG PEOPLE'S WEFKLY isalso, a paper for the fam:ly, and interests old and young alike. It is the largest, h.ndsomest and best paper of its class published. OUR SPECIAL OPPER. Arrangements have beep perfected between the publishers of tlw YOUtc Profie's Week- L*.andTHEENTER«i$e»hK:hei»bks us to offer both papers for per year. Thif offer applies to both nev subscribers and present subscribers whoc renew their subscriptions hjforc fevwy i, 1903 paying for same a full jkr In advance it regular rates Address, INI INTERPRlse. , Iowa CAPITAL, $30,000.00. LARGEST PAID UP CAPITAL Ik JASPER COMTt. General Banking Business Done. Issue Foreign grafts. MAKE FARM LOANS AND RENEWALS Opens at 9 A. M. and closes at 4 r. j with time lock. , A. W. ADAIR. ·»-»-«·*- ADAIR · SON, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, i KELLOGG, IOWA. J. f\ HACKETT, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OFflGE IN BARE BLOCK, VP-STAIRS, $. E. ROOM. All calls answered day or night. 8 Residence in W. J. Breeden property. COO CO ORADO THE PLACE TO CO DB. W. S. ADAIR, Roaidtexit Dentist, KELLOGG, IOWA. Dr. Adair ii prepared to practice Dent- letrjr ia all It* branohee. including Ki- tTmcUn», Fillini, Crown and Bndga Work. Aleo Plate Work of every do- eoriptloB. 221 Baby sleeps and if Rocky It's the greatest to loving mother*. Holllngsworth Co. 'kite ma 1W Is glr«*. offered W. W. ANNA B. JOY, H. J. JOY. '. XXR.8. JOY, DRN'TISTS. Oae and other aneethetiee need with «we Ofltoa la Fehleieen'e BkMk, 2nd door North of Mortbweet corner of tto NEWTON, IOWA. W, H. flUSTIM, D. V. JH ASSISTANT STATB VCTIRARIAN, Yittrlniry Sarjeon. Think of a round trip rate $20.05 from Hello g To Denver, Colorado Springs, (Mamtou) and Pueblo, on certain dates in June, July, August " and September, via The Rock Island System Write for books entitled "Camping m Colorado," -Flshin* tn Colorado" and "Under the Turquoise Sky." The Camping book tells how, where and at what cost parties of two, four and six can enjoy an inexpensive vacation in that ~ delightful climate. Ask agent for full details of rates, limits ar t tram service. JOHN SEBASTIAN, G, P. A., ; CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. DR. J. H. SCOTT, Veterinary Surgeon, NEWTON, JOWA. Graduate of Western Veterinary College of Kansas City, Mo. Office at Sampey's Livery. Telephones 67--373 At Saum's Livery every Tuesday, 15 · e e e e e e-»» « e « » » » » e e e e t e » » « . OUTT'S HOG Woim Eit«imlMUr O will destroy all worms. It will SUM cough and put your hogs in nrst-cla** It Isanure prevemlT* of condition. Cholera · This remedy I* f Mra to keep disease out of herd or uonar refunded. For sale by C. H. MILLKR Harness Maker, Kellogg, low*, ·SPAPFRf

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