Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 20, 1941 · Page 11
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 11

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 11
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3-llH Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Thursday Morning, February 20, 1941 farm Output Kidnaping Suspect Quizzed- Demand Rises today continued the demand for te small like- industrial de- income. activity full seasonal to May." ine in the is anticipated _ to continued „„ improvement in affecting the domes- d for farm defense for military ftunulated Indus«to «ome extent" _ year of operate defense program, gaiu, "but a more factor In the rise •yard buying by and consumer* „ anticipated later er Wfher prices." , commodity prices rose L 1940, to January, .S •»» the highest level in three 501 The decline in the past ""• bureau said, probably and further the "and raw material will rise further, runaway advance is declined seasonally Prices were higher but hog mar_ from the ab- of late 1940. Prices were lower than in higher than a year Greater cash farm in- the bureau said, probably -— than offset the effects , m nower of rising com'£& service prices. Indicts Wonder' NEWTORK, Feb. 19— (AP)— A DC-count mail fraud indictment IBS returned by a fefleral grand iry today against Gene McCann _netime "boy wonder" of Wall Met who recently lost a $55,000,C islt brought against the New tol Stock Exchange and more m 600 bankers and brokers. The indictment charged that cQum victimized Nathaniel Shil- nt, musician; Russell J. Forn- aK, Eeston, Pa.; Joseph J. Briel- 'ent of the Sun Ray Pho- Inc.; Joseph Kahn, of the same concern; £ Samuel Cummins, president of it Nil-Color Motion Picture Cor- iratioo. The Indictment indicated none .them a heavy loser. after the indictment was McCann appeared at the of the U. S. attorney and a letter charging federal with "suppressing the ion of the members of the operating through the Business Bureau in viola- i of criminal provisions of the iial statutes, and through •irwecution of the victims theeof." 5MTTS WRITING NOTES: Raymond Parker, ex-convict arrested on a charge of kidnaping an Oakland, Calif., taxi driver, has con- feased writiar extortion note* to the family of little Marc De Tristan —once kidnaped—demanding $19,000, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation operatives. Parker, right, is pictured with Denzel Troute, deputy sheriff, in Stockton, Calif. Unions Are Blamed For Hike In Prices WASHINGTON, Feb. 19—(UP)— Thurman Arnold, assistant attorney general, the government's No. 1 trust-buster, told the house judiciary committee today that labor union practices were boosting the nation's bill for food and housing. He testified at the opening of the committee's investigation of defense labor problems, including charges that labor strife is hampering preparedness. Discussing specific cases, he •aid it costs $112 more to unload a carload of fruits and vegetables in Lower Manhattan, New York, than it does in other markets in that area. That extra $112 will be lumped into higher retail prices for the fruits and vegetables, he said, b Chicago, he continued, unions have decreed that cement mnst be mixed in "puddles" instead of in cement mixers. Preservation of obsolete labor methods in this manner, he said, is reflected in greater housing construction cost* than in places where modern methods are used. The committee's inquiry is part Hones Collide, Cadet Drowns ILA, FJi-, Feb. 19— If)— Two naval training planes ullWea 1500 feet above Bayou rande near here today and one t the .student fliers was drowned Her he and the pilot of the other lane took to their parachutes. Robert H. Fenley, 22 years old, niation cadet, of Riverside, HI., i graduate of Brown University, ^ .hfc life. Cadet J. A. LepplK i, Lima, O., a graduate of Purdue .jMvemty, landed safely on the IBore of the bayou. ^Officers at the naval air station "t Slid the two planes were part tJL 1 5P nation fli s ht "ad collided PlWionnation was being broken "? /preparatory to landing. to* Poisoning Victim Saved Grocery Chains Have Huge Scope WASHINGTON, Feb. 19—(AP)— A study which said that corporate grocery chains now retailed approximately 40 per cent of all food products sold through retail outlets was made public today by the Temperance National Economic Committee. It was prepared for the committee by A. C. Hoffman. He reportec that five leading firms slaughtered and distributed more than two thirds of the nation's livestock supply, while the three largest firms in the dairy products field distributed 21 per cent of the nation's butter, 44 per cent of its canned milk and 63 per cent of its cheese Hoffman described as "impracticable and unwise" efforts to restrict the growth of mass distribu tion of food products in favor o the independent food merchant, as serting that "mass distribution ha advantages from the standpoint o reducing food costs which are clear and Incontrovertible." . TUEBLO, coio, iJMk from the Feb. 19—<INS) "dead", Arthur mining engineer . Alaska, today was 1 for his life to a fire de«. ^S 06 Wd which used than 1,800 pounds of oxygen inn, £"* hun after he was over|«me by monoxide gas. 1 -'••'using to give up although at _he was believed dead, the faithfully over he showed . The treatments were + Whfle ^ *"*«* the ?toi a hospital, where he _ "Ported "out of danger" to- was overcome while asleep. Russian Jailed As Propagandist HAVANA, Feb. 19— (AP)—Sam uel Gurinsky, a Russian shoemaker was detained today by police a Guantanamo pending investiga tion of charges that he attemptec to spread totalitarian propaganflt among sailors from the near-bj United States naval base. Guryinsky was seized last night, the Guantanamo police chief reported at the request of U. S. mill tary police who were on duty 11 the town during the presence o several hundred American sailors. The shoemaker, it was said, ad dressed a group of sailors at ba Under a decree last.week, Pres Fulgencio Batista ordered Cuban police to watch any suspected to talitarian activities and took ope steps described as moves to defeni democracy. '^engineer came to Pueblo two ) with his wife, who also " hospital convalescing birth to ago. a daughter Kunming, Burma, are thrice-weekly air service. China, and now connected by ecounts Losses China, Feb. 19- Chiang Kal by achieving ttou E h t and action" ied on a resistance which had cost the J,700,000 casualties and .000 yen. the seventh anni- New Life Move- he founded, the gen- outlined a new four- program which included erad- °i gambling and opium Popularization of thrift . 10 Promotion of public JM athletics. „? the shameful Japanese ™5 lre .? dinE opium in the oc- " he said. 'Plane Is Used _7>000 Trainees Five weddings were solemnized i: one family in one day recently in church in Hedemark, Norway. WARNING! Tm*rTo«FromTi|litShMsWaniTM CORNS Feb . army is training .2?P ta aeronautical radio "tion at Scott Field, **> only one airplane • use, Senator Nye, North Dakota, in the senate late , obsolete. He added Don't wait! At the tint •in of con tat* from shoe friction ud preuun. protect tho«e tender (pott with New Super-Sort Efcr. Scboll'i Zino-padi. You 1 ! hm quick relief; avoid •eedtew ton»ent frem-new or tijht tbact «nd keep Fn* of eonii. Thetethin. •oothinc. cushioning P»di cut be uied to lelieve pain of com, alloiaei, bunion., .ore too. Or, they can be umd with the separate tftdiefliont included for nmoviac comi or callouses. ECOMOMICALI Large economy box of New Super-Soft Dr. ScboITs Zmojads, IS C«r» Fa*!s nd 12 separate Cora- ReinoveraTcoiUbut • trifle. At all Drug, Shoe. Dept. Storei . Toilet Good* Counter*. the field last gator- a strong congressional movement r enactment of legislation to out- w strikes in defense industries, has before it several bills to ccomplish this purpose and to cur- il union activities generally. Ad- Inistrative defense chieftains have that labor disputes were an appreciable effect on inied aving efense production and apparently re seeking to head off passage of •strictive legislation. Coincidentally, Edward 'Neal, president of the American arm Bureau Federation, tonight ade public an open letter to Present Roosevelt calling for contin- House Votes Solon Shifts WASHINGTON, Feb. IS— (AP)— The house approved today a reapportionment of its 435 seats on the basis of 1940 census figures, changing the size of 16 state delegations but making no increase in the total number of representatives. The action involved adoption of new formula for alloting the seats. If the senate fails to take similar action before March 8, however, the new reapportionment will be made under the method formerly used. Whichever method ultimately prevails, California will Rain three seats and Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Oregon, Tennessee, and North Carolina each will gain one. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio each will lose one. Under the old formula Michigan would gain one seat at the expense of Arkansas. The bill was fought by Michigan members and virtually all the Republicans, inasmuch as Arkansas' delegation is solidly Democratic by tradition while Michigan has elected 11 Republicans and six Democrats. o Lawyer Admits 185 Charges PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 19—(AP) iVithout a sign of emotion, a lanky 54-year-old financial counsellor sal : our hours in court today and heard a long procession of former clients estify they lost thousands of dol- ars in the collapse of his 52,500,000 nvestment business. The testimony followed a surprise-studded hearing at which Robert J. Boltz first pleaded innocent, then pleaded guilty to 185 ndictments charging embezzlement fraudulent conversion and violation of the Pennsylvania-securities act. Under the plea the tall, bespectacled lawyer is liable to possible maximum sentences totaling 900 years. Judge Eugene V. Alessandroni ordered the former clients, some of them socially prominent, to explain their transactions with Boltz to assist in determining the penalty. Investigators charge that the counsellor while living on a manorial estate in near-by Bucks county Baby Boarding Scandal Bared BOSTON, Feb. 19—(AP)— Discovery oi a baby so ill It may die and of other infants being cared for in wooden boxes at unlicensed boarding houses brought an order tonight for an investigation of all such places in Massachusetts. Mary T. McCann, a state inspector, said she found eight Infants lying in wooden boxes under wet clothing In a laundry of one home, and six babies with various illnesses In one room at another house. Arthur G. Kotch, state welfare commissioner, said complaints already have been issued against two Boston women, charging them with boarding more than one baby without a license. A bill is before the legislature for state license and regulation of all baby boarding homes. Miss McCann reported she visited one home where no identification records of the babies were kept and where the names of two of them were unknown. Famous Sculptor, Wife In Hospital CHICAGO, Feb. 19—(INS)—Gutzon Borglum, the famed sculptbr, and his wife, are both patients of Henrotin Hospital today. Mrs. Borglum was en route to the hospital to visit her husband, who is undergoing treatment, when she slipped on the ice and broke her arm in two places. Now both Borglum and his -wife are being attended by Dr. William Jacks. New York City consumes a billion gallons of water every day. Mexico Gives Assurances MEXICO, D. F., Feb. 19—(AP)— Pres. Avila Camacho personally assured a good-will excursion of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico businessmen today that any investments they made in Mexico would receive "every guarantee." Mexico's chief executive made the statement during a brief speech of welcome to the United States visitors when they called on him at the national palace. The interview lasted more than half an hour during which the president, chatting amiably with various of his callers, painted an encouraging picture of the possibilities of profitable investments in the republic. Gov. Alfredo Chavez of Chihuahua state, who sponsored the goodwill mission, informed the president that financial conditions were improving in Chihuahua because o) investments made there earlier by several businessmen present. Leaving the national palace, the visitors paid similar courtesy calls on Ezequiel Padilla, foreign minister, and Miguel Aleman, interior minister. Padilla, emphasizing Mexican- American friendship, told them: "You have just come at the time when all vital forces of our nation The work done by the human leart in one day is equal to lifting 124 tons a foot high. are being directed designed to protect into channels and stimulate activities for' the development of its economic greatness. "To this end we must encourage bona fide investments and look upon those men, who with intelligence and decision contribute their enter prising spirit and their capital to develop the growth of Mexico's economic resources, as friends^of our workers and of our people." VENETIAN BLINDS ed antitrust law prosecutions of bor organizations. Arnold's testimony followed in eneral the lines of his remarks ast week before the federal mon- poly committee. As in last week's jpearance, he told the house committee he was not prepared to pro- ose revision of antitrust laws in rder to bring labor unions within leir scope. He said there were umerous other departments of the overnment more intimately con- emed with labor problems than he justice department. He said the justice department's ntitrust division, which he heads, as based its policy toward labor unions on the belief that four ypes of practices come under pro- isions of the Sherman act. 1. Efforts of a labor group, either by itself or in combination with other groups, to impose and maintain artificially fixed prices. 2. Similar efforts or combinations to keep up-to-date, efficient equipment or techniques out of use. 3. Restraints of trade either by •> labor group alone or in combination with other groups to exclude from a particular locality materials made elsewhere. 4. Restraints of trade by labor organization to harm an established and legitimate collective bargaining system. A recent supreme court decision, he added, makes it appear that the ourth class is immune from prosecution under the antitrust laws. In response to a question by Earl C Michener, Republican, Michigan, representative, he said he believed the antitrust laws are adequate to meet the situation, however. Discussing various antitrust labor cases now pending, Arnold said 5an Tracy, assistant secretary of abor, is under indictment in San ^rancisco. Tracy is president of the AFL's International Brother- lood of Electrical Workers. The union and a group of contractors were charged with conspiring to _'ix prices of electrical equipment entering San Francisco. Tracy was ndicted in November, 1939, and ;iven the "little cabinet" post last year. He said it would make no difference to his department whether cases under investigation involved defense or nondefense work. and moving in wealthy circles, defrauded his clients by using their own money to pay them dividends on th?ir investments. Measured and Installed Made Here in Phoenix No. 1 Cedar or Flexible Steel with baked enamel finish. INLAID LINOLEUM Yd. Standard Gauge c ^* to Burlap Back Your Floor While it lasts. Other inlaids as low as 99c sq. yd. Highest Quality Carpets, Axmin- sters. Wiltons, etc., at great savings AMERICAN BLIND & LINOLEUM CO. 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