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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1859
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D»l^r P«Jier,publlilied ever; morning, except Monday Triweekly Paper, Mt,ndar, Wednesday and Frtdar W*eHr Paper, every 1 Wednetday morning. T£RM8 OF DAILY PAPEK. i>ally p<per for one jBear, payable In adraaoe... .$T,W» TEBMS OP TBI WEfEKLT PAPIE. TrlrWeekly'Sajwr foroneynr.payabielaadvaoea^S/SO TEEKg-OP THE WEEKLY PAPER. W«Aly Paper for one year, payable a advance. ,9'JOO RATES nr ADVEKTJSINO IN DAILT XBU lines, or less, of Honparail make a square. J iqnare,14ay »1,00 do. do. do. • do. do. do. do. Saay.. B daft . 4 rta.i .. 5 dm... 1 w^-i... 2 Wevtfc 8w.,ksi. 2,00 2,50 8,00 8*0 *,00 1 npun, 1 month. . 3 months. 8 montlu. 4 months. 6 monthi. do. no. do. do. do. do. 9 0,00 10,00 18,00 16,00 16,00 . , B months... 80,00 lyear.... 80,00 Rounds &, Langdon, AGENTS. I *6 Randolph Street, art avOorimed to re- eetee AdterUteatmtf for (kit and all fht Leading Papert ofOu JforOaaat, and are Ou OHJ.T and ti- .!UTBrvB.Y avOu>H*ea Apente in tht NorOutxatfor a majority of thtir.. mmr4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MARK M. POMEROT, Editor. •nolCTolmg-lcal Record, for Jane 2S, '69 iepi i.y 0. II. OA.Rrtivi.-R k 00 , Bru gK l.u, 19 ftprlnf 78 c For Telegraph and Cmnmernal mattfri ntf fourth Page. Friday evening next, at fiaoine. It has been proposed that an Bxcurslon^iarty respond to this kLid call, either by steamboat or railroad. We learn that several have de* dared their Intentlan 'to be present. WHOLB.SOOT.BIV—Messrs. Kean & Ble«t>f the Newhsll, have presented life. Good Templars, for their Festival to-night, fifty oases of jelly and fifty cases ol blano mange. They, also famish cutlery and other article*,- -necessary to make the affair pass off pleasantly.. "If there are nobler hearted men in Milwaukee the, proprietors of the Newball hote-V we would like to take them by the "corn-' fltealers." , , -£ roe 8e r « Locksroodij McCorinJe*,* McQralh, ^oyw,Bose>«jk\^alC*«»ohand%geir „ „ flii Honor the Mayor in the Obalr Aner, Busaok, Bneni l3T~MujnoiPAL COOBT—His HONOR, Jonoi Foora, 'PRESIDING.—Wednesday, June 29.— Edward Dillon, assault and battery; defendant discharged, and complainant sentenced to pay costs, amounting to $5. David Abraham, assault and battery; settled by defendants paying costs John DieU, disorderly, fined $6 and costs. Siecution issued. Henry Tonnkt-r, violating bridge ordinance; trial by a jury, found guilty, and fined gl and costs. John Smith, drunk,-fined $1 •Absent — Councilors • Rneokertt. ' ' t Ifs-i-!- . •- • « • ; The reading of the minutes of the last meet. ing were dispensed with. ' ; Snadry accounts were presented and referred to the appropriate committees. ' Councilor Aner presented a petition from John F. Laabenhetmer, and others, asking for the construction of public w«lls in the Second Ward. Referred to the local committee of the: Second Ward. Councilor Auer presented a petition from John Sofofar, and others, asking that the east and west alley through block 47, in the Second Ward, be graded to the established grade. Councilor Bnening presented a petition from C. E. Bleck, asking to be appointed Inspector of Wood and Hay for the drftriot comprising aoommnnioatiob from Messrs; Bntter.Bnttriok _& CoHrfH fn ijelatibn to the Second, Found .,1 Ninth Wards, and oflering to pay a rent of three hundred dollars for the same. Referred to the joint local committees of the Hon. C. H. Larrab«e is to deliver an oration at West Bend, on the 4th of July. To DEST&OT INSECTS OK FECIT .—Cot the tree down and hum tbe bark off. - The only acres (be Oswego county meteor took in. in iff rapid fall were \Y\xt- atrei. THE HrMBOLnr FESTIVAL —The laree amount of Council proceedioirH prevents tbe appearance of a report of the Festival held at Albany Hall last evening, till to-morrow morning •Governor Randall offers $200 reward for the apprehension and conviction of Simon Malfine, who is charged with shooting James Conklin dead with • pistol on last Satnrday, tbe 25th inst., at Bearer Dam. STOBM.—Tuesday uiglitonebf b« heaviest storms we ever knew of, nailed is, and for an hour 01 so . the thunder and ghtning was fearful to witness. The lighting was vivid, and flash followed flash In rap- d succession, while the thnnder fairly shook he whole city, and made the air to tremble like a leaf. We never Ixjfore heard such thunder, and never expect to again till time shall cease. It pe med as if the whole of Heaven's artillery were firing a salute over our very beads—as if the oily were breaking np like a cake of ice, aud several times it seemed as if the house wt-re falling, so iiear and great was the concussion Standing by the window, looking out over tbe lake, the scene was the most grand, sublime and magnificent one mortal ever beheld •STATE PRISON.—Commissioner McGraw has been BO systematic, and strict in having religion? service* in the prison at Wanpnn, every Sabbath, that all his prisoners are under conviction. ID this case, however in some instances, conviction did not take place till after coTUvrition ' The wonderful Swiss Bell Ringers will appear again at Albany Hall on Friday eve. ring at 8 o'clock, and on 5atnr4ay evening at 8 o'clock. The Satnrdrv afternoon performance IB expressly for children and those having them in oharee The admission for this performance will only be ten cents COLD BLOODED MURDER. — We have just beard further, particulars of the cold blooded murder that was committed at Beaver Dam It appears that James Conklin, in his capacity of constable, liaii arrested Simon Malone for some trifling offense, and on ibe invitation of the prisoner had -gone into a saloon to drink a glass of beer While drinking together. the prisoner produced ft revolver a- d sl.ot at the unfortunate constable twice, the bails passing throngb his liver about an inch apart He Immediately ran nw«y, and the wounded man only survived tbe eflec-ts of the shots twen- tT-Seven hours. In bis dying moments be be sought those around him to s<je to his wife and children CORRECTION — St. Paul's Churoh seats less than 1,000 people. Mr. Richmond's best friends especially the ladies, cannot come in this weather, to an open air service, not even to Albany Hall, as they would to« chnroh.— This is a feeling that all ehurrhmn appreciate. Besides. Albany Hall is farther down town, ont ot the way for the congregation,- and •ALMOST DEOWNBD —About 8 o'clock Tuesday evening, a young man visited the bathing institution above the dam. He ventured in beyond his depth, and being unable to swim, woujd have been drowned, had it not been for tbe efforts of Mr. Rohn, the teacher, who jumped in and rescued him. REALLY A WHOLESALE CONCERN—0. H Lamberton. Esq., advertises this morning 500 tons of extra baled hay, and 5,000 cords of seasoned wood, at his market on West Water street. His stock is daily coming on, and we are told by bis customers that the best satisfaction if given both in prioe and qnalitv. Jgj^ 1 Mr. Robo wishes us to state that It wac not at his lathing plaoe that the person got drowned on Tuesday, but on the opposite side of the river, where person* are forbid to bathe Mr. Rohn takes especial care that no accident happens at his place. The body of the person drowned was found Wednesday morning. fST" BtrroHKHs' MEETING —The Butchers of the city are requested to meet at the Seventh Ward Market House, this evening, at 7 1-2 o'clock, to make arrangements for turning out on tbe 4th J. s. FrttKOEE, JSOdlt Cb'n Com. Arrangements. , there were iii wrncn on Sunday, instead of the usual tm,- and those, too, at unusual hours. But there were some 600 in Albany Hall, even at the tixth tmice, orhsff the usual congregation Sii tercicef- would weary the best ohureh-goers; if not the iron Rector Thie correction le doe to simple JUSTICE. We publish tbe above for the Rector because it purports to be a correction of something wb-ch has appeared in onr columns. The fact that people will not follow Mr. Richmond into the open air, would, we should suppose, prevent him from holding forth outside of the regular sanctuary The fact is, undoubtedly, as he states, and it ought to convince him of the impropriety of his ooorw So long as he remained inside tbe church, he drew together large audiences, but as soon as he was excluded from it, very few followed him and a majority of thoso were Influenced by motives of curiosity, or happened there by accident.— There ie nothing in it to justify him U) taking on airs and proclaiming himself -'Conqueror '' He has conquered nobody but if he would rule himself and govern hi a own spirit, he would be greater than one who takes a city.— So says the Bible. Second, Fonrth, Sixth tat ^ Ninth Wards Councilor Noyes presented a memorial from 0. Coerper, and other members of Hook and ladder Co. No 1, asking that a sum of one hundred dollars be appropriated to Bach members of the Company as the Mayor ordered to remove UK ruins of Mr. W. P. Young's block, after the late fire. Referred to the committee on Bre department. ' Councilor Heinemann presented a petition from Jacob Landgrs/, and others, asking that "tbe cattle and o'ow market'' near Market Square be removed. On the motion of Councilor Hein-mann It was referred to a select committee of five, appointed by tbe Mayor, viz: • Councilors Heinemann, T«*oh, Auer, Kroe- g*r and McCormiok, and also the Councilors of the Seventh Ward, Messrs. Noyes and Schulte. Conneilor Heinemann presented a communication from Michael Stoli, John Baker and Wm. Drexen, setting forth tbat for the Qardl. n-r and Butcher's Society, they had leased lots 5, 6 and 7, block 151, in the First Ward, to be used for the sale of mnat, culinary articles and vegetables, and excluding all other goods, and requesting that the ordinances relating to tbe obstruction^ on streets and side-walks be enforced against parsons occupying the streets or side-walks adjacent to tbe said lots. Referred to the joint local committees of the First and Seventh Wards. Councilor Koyes presented a petition from Moses Eneeland and others, asking that Marshall street between Division and Biddle streets in tbe Seventh Ward, be repaired and graveled. Referred to tbe local committee of the Seventh Ward. Counoilor Kroegcr presented a petition very numerously sign-d from residents, tax-pay-rf:, and property holders of the Pifth and Elp' •'. Wards, earnestly prayine for, and recommending the passage of the ordinance for ali-ring Jones,. wi|ch Judgment was obtained «pon : a not* fo* $600, given by the city, Ceo. 8', 1^97, to Cbas8;&; Son, for school house furniture, and ststtn^hat Mr. Jones b willing to take •In paym^pt elty warrant, bearing ten per ««nt. 1 InteresV «nd dated April 1, 1859, for $679 31j~ if blob would include costs tnd interests np to that tima Referred ^o the committee on schools. Tba Clerk,presented a | statement of the > account of the late Oity Treasurer ap to the period when his term of offioe«xpired. Referred to the Controlur, The chair presented a communication from W. Tinkler, President of a Committee appointed to make arrangements for paying respect {o the memory of the late Ale*. Von Humboldt, and inviting the' Mayor and Common Council to bs present at the Albany Hall on Wednesday evening next at 8 o'clock. Councilor Johnston moved that the Invitation bj accepted, that the Council attend in a body, and that tbe communication be placed on file. * Adopted-- Tbe ohafr presented a communication from the Controler, to whom was reforred a preamble In relation to lots 16 and 17, block 187, Second Ward, purchased by the city, August 1st, 1850. from James Eneeland and Alanson Lewis, subject to all taxec for the .fear, (which lots were afterwards sold by the Treasurer for taxes.) Also the following resolution, adopted by the board of Aldermen on the 26th of May, vii : Retained, The board of Councilors 'concur- i miuing lin*. that the City Treasurer b« directed to ! . J, refund tn the holder of the nertiflcatea of sale ' Ol * lme<1 of lota 16 and 17. In block 197, Second Ward, for city taxes of 1&<>6, the amount, or facs of said certificates, with interest theroon at the , ,. , flth Ward—By coatioilor Herser, for grading the «jfey' through block 88, and the north and sonth alley, through is, 89. J?or grading Barman street from 7lh to Httbbarrl street ,' For graveling Sherman street from Third to Hubbard street, 'planking sidewalks and pa- vinggntteia. ,AI1 of which 'were concurred In Coaneilor Aaer presented the following: Sttolttd, The Board of Aldermen concurring. That a committee of four be appointed from the Wards comprising the "west distaict," vis.the4lh, 3d, 6tb and 9th Wards, to negotiate for tha purchase of the hay scale, at the corner of Chesnnt and 4th str-els, and to purchase the same for tbe city at a cost not ex- deeding one hundred and twenty flm dollars, l payable in warrants drawing 10 per cent int«r- i est, and the 'Mayor and Clerk are hereby au tboriz-d and directed to sign and issun said wariants, and the Comptroller to countersign the same in payment for said soalx when so purchased, and the said committee are hereby authorized and directed to contract for moving said scale to tlie ground designated therefor and cadge it to be put In order for use with the least possible delay. ———™» -«!•*?• Uun uuuurru aouars, on ao- oonnl of services as Assessor of Ihe Eighth Adopted. Councilor Roaebeok, from the local committee of the Fifth and Eighth Warda, to whom was referred the remonstrance ot C T. Malm* and many others, against the paayage of an ordinance for changing the grade of the said Wards, presented the following report: Tbe committee report unfavorable to the signers of tbe within remonstrance, as the same has been obtafned under »xcitement and without canse, to th* great injury of tbe majority of lot owners and property holders In the Fifth and Eighth Wards. (Signed) J. BOSEBECK. HERMA.V KROEQBK E. 0 HATDEN, FEED VOOEL. Which report was adopted. Councilor Noyes, from th» local oommjtteea of the First and Seventh Wards, to whom was referred the petition of Jakob Schleobt, and other owners of lots on East Water and Division ntreetn, In the First any Seventh Wardn. asking that East Water, from Bi.ldle to Division NUMBER 234 of salaries family offlceri it UI-.T neit m«-< ing Adopted. Counoilor Hoiuemann onVred thu following Retained, By the board of Councilors Fbai the Mayor be niqnnHtvU to oall * ipxnlal m«»t. tonal ii)rnrnl aa r»ferr».i ing of both boards, and lh« C;t/ CUrk to notice of thesamw, on Monday, Jrily ith. o'clock ». m , jononrning the o-.Jarirati', the 4tbx Adopted Councilor Kr v - K « f rom t | •>f the Pifth Ward t,, whom petition of 0 T Statnm and oth-n by the following Raoln'd. Th- hoard of U.i-rni. >g, That tu« lot owner* and ti, e fronting on R«ed ntn-et. *r» Imr-Ky to ? radH aurf pav« with rl arry «.,,„* and bav- tb- game don- in front of •ithln thirtv day* from lli» lid ; if not 'h« Stri"-' '' u ,» .,, ,„„ said lot ovrn«ri. -^ nH ^ lf Wh.oh was adopted, the Chair appointing as rt reets, and Divismn ,tr«et, from East W»fc-r to said committee Councilors Au-r, Johnston, Chestnut street bridge, be pa^i without d«lav Hurfor Bnf4 I onfru*.k.>{«.... i • I and I>anbeuhefm< > r. Councilor Loo kwood from the local committee of the 1st Ward to whom was referred the petition of Wm. Barratt, asking that certain Street Commlss'oD-ra certificates Issued to David Cnlllgan for grading Brady stieet ID front of quarter blocks one and two,in the 1st Ward be cancelled, presented their report and reprosentwd that Brady su-et had t>—D or.W-d opened, and graded 33 f—t wide, under non i-ounot.'or Kr«>.'^«r, fr>nn 1 whom WM relWr»il thn pHdt. »D'l IllhHrl. ult^Twl til- follo Ktr.ol -J, Th.' '/oar'l it V Hnij. That th*» lot >wMMr-. *ii^ to »T»<1« in. I plink reported that a large majority of the owners r>f tw«nty-on« JHVI property were in favor ot the sam«, and ™ 3trwt ''"mm^iH.,!,, tract by D. Colligan The work in front o f Ward quarter block on- and twn via compl-ted and oertiBrate issue I to him. Before or sabaeciu-rit to the order Mr Barratt graded 33 f-*t m commended that th- prmyer of the putltlonara be granted. Whlob was adopted. Counoilor rTHinemann ofler°d f ti- .'ollowm^ Rc*ofatd, By the Board of Councilors, that the Mayor and CUy Cleric he, and ar-« l*-r»hy authorized to ilm and \«au« aity orders to ih» amount of $100 to M K-ogh 10 apply on bis contract for grayling ,'ro-mnir* in th™ F.rit caune th^-oam** t n . <jii'"ii Atf-M M. *r-, r't, lid- II on- W'tn 11 r niit TIH ' I V lir-H-i, \V <( '.' width from N. line ol quart-r l.:.i c k I and 2. making the str—t 66 f-et w I,., haJlh-quit- in tim-, that portion 10 th- city, >, u « half the ripens- could hnve bwn levied on th- opposite lots' Adopted hy a unanimous v ,t~ Councilor Banning, from the oiut !.K-»I '..uj- mittees of ihe Second, Fourth, t 't!, «.!•;, ( th Ward«, to whom wait referr-<t 'i^i or I nanoe r 0 change and prtrman-nt;_7 -n-i'ilun :h- k;rad^ >' a part of Third str-ei »n.i W-at Water itn-et and (^hangln^ th^ width -T" if er, Mr. Adlrr, declined to accept 7 p«r cent, interest, inasmuch as he paid 25 per cent, to th« party from whom he purchased Councilor Johnston said he saw no reason why the owner of th- certificates should not p-t 25 per pent and mowd to strike out the 7th liner-and insert "twenty-five." Agreed to. The resolution as amended was then adopted by a unanimous rote The chair presented the following communication from the Contro)-r CUT COMPTROLLER'S Ornci, ( MILWACEES, ) To the Hen Mayor and Common Oonncil : GasTLKMs*: I herewith return for cancellation sundry coupons on Municipal bonds, amounting in the aggregate to ?12 175, th« same baring t>e-n pud by the American Exchange Bank in tu-ctty of New York BAEK B PUKED.—Daring the heary tbnnder Ptorm on Satnrday night, a barn, be- loneing to a Mr. H one with, in the town of Mngfcpgo, in Waofepsha conotT waf strnok by lightning and burned, together with seven cows, fonr horses, a threshing machine and other fanning utensils. tGP J N- (not E K ) Knapp and wife, of Hudson, Wi.«., ».i, v -ndcd at the late railroad accident, 011 l..e Michigan Southern railroad. Thoy left here for a trip east, by the Chicago'boat, Sunday evening, and were on ' the road just in time to b« Imrt, but how bad, we have not learned. PRESBRT.—Visiting Hor icon yesterday, a friend presented us with an infantile porcine quadruped, so small, its tail refuses to cnrl, and so noisy its mother won't own it. The little rnnt Is of good proportions, has One teeth, is of the feminine persuasion, and very lively. Whoever wants a nice litllt present can call at the office, and go after it, as we left it there on draft IQrThe Asbnry M. E. Sunday School and Mends wfll make »n excursion by lake to Oak Creek, or some' other eligible point, on HOD- day, at 9 a m., from theM. & M. E. B. dock. Car*. Bims has kindly donated the nee of .the fine steam tug Hotter, which will take in tow Mr B. B. Jones* large schooner Arcturns, to carry the school and friends. Tickets, fifty cents. . _ Potmro or JULT.—The Draymen, at their meeting last night,resolved unanimously .- , to torn oat en masse, and appointed Patrick Hanley, F, Klohn, Marshals,..on part of tbe Draymen. The Expressmen bare resolved to torn ont on the 4th, and will make a fine display. The 7th Ward High School turn ont fn Carriages, thlrtj-lhree of the yonng ladles rep. itesenting tbe thirty-throe States. ty Among men of the taaee and. one ia tMeir Tork ; .there is Mgh confab relative to the — FBIOHTFUI. RAILWAY AocinEsi.—All day yesttrday our citizens were sad and silent —-vwrytttdy being filled with painful thought* but such thoughts as arc not oft™ expressed' in regard U> the frightful accident on tbe Michigan Southern railway, near South Bend, in Indiana. It occurred at about 12 o'clock on Monday night The train was bound eastward—it started from Chicago at 8 o'clock the same evening—and bad among the passengers several of our citizens, and several persons, male and female, who were friends of or known to many of oar citisxns Several individuals of both these classes are, alas, dead, and scores of people her- are plunged in deep grief. But the loss to this city is small when compared Vo tbe aggregate loss. The number of the dead has not been accurately ascertained; but it is admitted to 1-e not l-gg than forty-two or forty five ; and it Is possible, nay probable, that It is much greater than this estimate.— Prom the accounts we publish this morning U will be seen tbat the lost, so far as their names and residences are known, are from widely diflere t sections, however, the most of them resided in eastern localities. The most of them, probably, were returning visitors to the west. We bope to present all the particulars in our next Upne Accounts diffi»r, as they naturally -would in the general confusion, as to the cause of tbe accident. It bad been raining heavily—but no rain was falling at tbe time of the disaster. It happened at a onlvert—but it is not known whether the track was already washed away before the train came up, or whether the col vert being clogged up aud the embankment saturated with water, it gave way under tbe weight Ot the engine. The latter Is the infer- enoe that seems'best warranted by the tacts as we learn them. It is said tbat no whistle was given—no alarm of-any kind gave the passengers an intimation of the danger into which tbey were being harried. This ooold hardly have been the case, had not tbe track been In place. Besides, the rush of water through and over the oulverfand embankment down the channel ofthe small stream, was great and impetuous; another fact which goes to Support the conclusion that the track was apt swept away before the engine was upon the onlvert. -, Among the sad Accidents, to the , nyg passengers, pf the fearful night, we have bear! of one lady who was taken by ehe current of the rushing waters, and borne down tbe stream and lodged In the top of a Jow tree—the water in its sndderi rtoe, being close up to ihe tree's branches. While in this fearful position she she «aw two other ladles and establishing th« grade fn the said Ward together with their reasons for requiring sue change of grade. Which was laid on the table. Councilor Busack presented a patltiou from Jacob Gortb and others, asking that the pro] er action be tak«n for extending Sixth 1 street I the Sixth Ward through Perkins and Poert ner's addition. Laid on the table Councilor Koyes presented a remonstranc from C. Comstook, W. Basch and otho against a recommendation of the Btrwt Com missioners of the Sixth Ward, for grading th north and south alley through blocks 4 an 44 In said Ward. On the motion of Councilor Hirwr It w« referred to the local committee of tbe Sixt Ward. Couneilor Vogel presented a petition from Michael Page and others, asking that a pnbli well be constructed at or near tbe corner o Virginia and Monroe streets in th« Fifth o Eighth Wards. Referred to the local committees of the Pifth and Eighth Wards. Councilor Herzer presented a petition from P. A. Oerlach and others, in relation to th water running from the Ninth Ward down through the Sixth and Second Wards to Vile street, and causing damage to the gutters after heavy rains Referred to the local committees of the Second and Sixth Wards. Councilor Herzer presented a petition from J. A. Hoover and others, asking for the con struotion of a sewer through the alley In block 27, Sixth Ward, and another for grading the alleys In said block to a temporary grade. Also a petition from T." Obermann and oth era, asking that the east and west alley through block 96 be graded. Which were referred to the local committee of the Sixth War8. Councilor Hayden presented a petition from 0. A. Nolden and others, asking for the passage of an ordinance to prohibit for the future any burials In tbe Eighth Ward Cemetery on the Mnqnanlgo road A-ISo a petition from C. Eamsohnlte and others, asking that the 8th avenue and sidewalks, from Mitchell street to Pretter's addition in tbe [Eighth Ward, be graded and planked. Referred to the local committee of the Eighth Ward. Councilor Eddemann presented a petition from I*w. Hack and others, asking that Jackson street (n the PJrst Ward, be repaired and sidewalks and gutters constructed. Referred to the local committee of the First Ward; ' ' Thfl chair presented the following : ' MAT-OB'S Orpros. ) IH, June 27, '69. ) O**tUm**.aftXt Common Council : 1 have thought it nry duty to call your attention to fteappweriiiy unsafe condition of the records and papers belonging totheser/rsJ departments of our (Sly Government.., W«J»TO been taught byths expArfenoe of 3d Ward— By councilor Bnenln?,forgradlng th and &o i greets and aide walks, from Cedar o Tamarack street, planking sidewalks and lavinggutte t. V; , ' . _ A - • p ' Stieet from Chestnut to Cedar Also JJeuai atraet from- Fourth to Tenth rate of SHven'per c^'nt. from"date"ther^f,'au"d cllini d( *' J il Wl!1 har " '" '-«">v- a bank of when said certificates are delivered, to cancel | " lrto OD tn « crossii.g nf Rarin- and Marshall the Raid lots for city lax^s of 1856 | struts. The committe- re-commend thatih- The Controls r»po-ted that he had «xam- I quit-claim d-ed to th- nty, • ff~r.-,i l,y \[ r Bar ined and found the matter as represented, | rett . h* accepted, hut report against granting was substantially correct, that the certificates tbat partjof th- p-t-iion a-iklng that thr ,-erti issued amoant-d to 8161 29, and that the own- ficates l«fore ro-ntioo-d he canc-ll-d Which report was adopt-d Councilor L"i kwood from th« local commit tee of the First Ward, to whom was r»f-rre,l tb- p-tition ot Jam-3 Bann-n, asking f^r th- rvmcval of tli- P-*t Hons- in naid Ward, reported hy th- folio fine resolution Rtiolvtd, Th« Board of Ald-rm-n concurring That tb- Br>ard of Supervisor" h- r-- que*t«-d at th-lr *-arli-«t ooovoni-ur- to r-mov- th- P«st Hou.«» from its pr-iu-nt location and outsid- of the citj limita. aa it \* -ndane-rinz the h-alth and lif- of the p-r»ona r~* dins in the riclollv of th- «»m-. oth-rw«e th- Ald-r men and Councilors nf t|je First u ard wLI cause th- r-moval oi tb-game Adopted Councilor Tesch from th- Financ- committee to whom wa« r-f-rr«d th- Controllori munication r«tarning snnday coupons fnr ao c-llalion amoutiting to gl- 175 j the.' had -lammed ih» c.iupoii. r-pnrt r.orr-ct. Whi.-h r-p<-rl wit* alopl-'i The coupon* w-re Ih-n ,-an. -:i-.| ii, i \ . j • .,^ • nee "f th- Ciunriil. l Coonflilor H-invroan rrrvm tl.^ ..r. H'. •»> - u, i- I tee of tL- l«t Wirl to whom » 4 :-f rr i tL- I p-titl6n of Charlei yuent-i.. iak;.^ ; -r tl., r-roisfion of c-r:ain taxe*. pr-«-nt-! • 1 j..-r r.) I port and tb" fnlloving j Rttolved. Thai ill- ttx ,-T.-.| • , r ,-itr—t I Coromiii-ior-rii c-rtifl-ate IT i-V>n ,.n ,,[» Q ! ane 9 In block Ii4. F.rvt \V,ri )». SL1 ,| ,h- »are-ar-here!,r remit!--), in.i id- rr-a«ur-r i.s h-r-hy authoriz^-l (.. '-.i.-,^-1 i!.. -nn-aul charge th- arouuut tn 1:1- Kirst \V ^r 1 : .n i , Which wa.-* adnpu-.i hy a iman mnus r i(,. Councilor Buenioe, ^rnm t:,- -.'11111] • t •- on fir« d-partm-ut. to whom wi, r-f-r;e 1 U,^ j^. If th-CUT now accept of a,juit-'th-Second Ward of th,, ,-,ty ,,f M.Iw.ak- r-ported In favor of th« jam-, nud r-como; it he paK^wi hv th- Boar 1 of i.'o'in ? coupons, each $70 00 22 " • 100 00 •Ml " S6 (0 8140 : ii .0 9.835 , in n am-n'l-t hy the Board .)' A: 1-rm-i. t Which r-port was aiiopt-<1. Tfi- am-ndRQ-ot Hy th- Boar 1 .if \M-rm-rj was i-.incnrre,i in Th*4 ordinaan- as ameud—1 wa^ ih-n rna.l « third tim> and passed.* w Coaneilor Mcrnrm'ck (f-r-ii th^t'ullowini; Rnnlvrd yh- B-iMrd of A M-'rui-u ^nu.-M- rin», that J Duignan \w «l!.<w«j :vr, hnn'r-l and fifty dollars on acr-onnt for ^r*»v«l listr'hu- ted on orossings In the Third WaM w p»r onn- tr»rt Which wart adopted >.y t -jt-anirrnjus "><.* r nnnci!nr tfriirath ,>tf-r-ii tn- foilnwinif resolution n fmlrffi hv th- hoarl .f ^ri.-;'irs t'lat fh- (Mntroll-r ho |s-q Q -«t-d tn n. p ,ir« M t.hM 'inar'i at an «ar'v dar u po^ihl- Ih- tm .unt .1' ?-n-ral HIT «nd ward -ip-nditnr-q for the fl*•al yenr 1^.18.Inrlu.iing th- l-hm Ini-'irr-l In- rm? that 7-ar and pa*«-.l ov-r in thu a.lmin- iatrjitjnn AUo th- tat l-vl-,1 for iren-ral .-itv \n>\ wsjd pnrpo*«j f.->r lhat y-*r Adopt-d Hi -":••;. r-,1, In ih- St'i *D I H'l. wur-i-t o' th• ; "- o' \Clwauk--," in -I rri.,v-d that It h« ru;w ali N" F H'rX V( \ '' H * V •' - H E ; : (r. rf. ourl '.OilU.v or M,-, •n^ '.h.> > r-«'C *n I p.a.-- i i.irth T-<r • ir-i- ,— .tr— ts. Th r ; '.<>iin<rmr BIH«, ic .. 4 ;^.j f p-titioi; it Ju-o'i 'jiir-i n I nrnp-r uotli— 'or 'h- <pi-n'n' 'or t b- parpoM- .• .;^iin^ s •**-ntn itr«et n th-* -IT* . ^V t W h i'' ^ w^v.^ i I • 11 -' ^.; ''nuii'-ilor / il; :H--T • •. ".<i » xt* - .^'jp-r'iil-n I." ' i' B" 1«- >-r'n!.-nd-nt— '. ^a'ar 1 -^ '..h-T*"] .tat-,1 i 1 M- - I .^, up R ....(, u fr v »ui-nd Kesp'y root OMt Serr'l E. L'H GARDINER Com ,.-n t Bel«rred tn the finance committ»«i. T! i iires^nt^d the re-<olutlnns, &<•., adopted by th« Board of Aldermen on the 20th inst , which were takcro up as follows. vi» A resolution anthorir'ng the Mayor and CJerk to sien an order for one hnndr-d dollars, In favor of P Mallon. b-ing in part paym-nt of his salary as A»*-sgor for the 6tb Ward Which was carried. Ayes— IS Nays—1 Councilor Lockwood voting in the n-g»tiv A resolution denlaring certain lots In th Second Ward public nolsatjoes, and orderin that they be aVated In ten days, was pass-e hy the Board of Councilors, and amended b tbe Board of Aldermen, striking out t-n, an inserting thirty days which amendment th Board of Councilors, on the 13ih, refused t concur in Tbe Board of AHennen receded from thei amendment on the 20th of July, hut re- amended the resolution, by striking ouf'ten, and inserting "twenty" days Which amendment was concurred in The resolution was then adopted. A report of the committee on judiciary of th board of aldermen, to whom was referred commcniratloD from the controller,and s reso lutioo adopted by the. board of councilors on the 80th of May,In relation to a street com mis •'-I if th.-r- ....s i !hnt misfit ,'.. il- J -h i!;^- ir <ra-l- th in.I -ith w*rd oioner's certificate, issued to C. Merman, fo $48,90, on lots 20, 13, 12, 9th ward, whereas It should have been against lots 20, 13. 6, On the motion of Councilor Lockwood was referred to tbe committee on judiciary of this board. Tbe following resolution, adopted by the board of Aldermen June 20th, was presented Hetolaed, By the board of aldermen, the t>oard of councilors concurring, tbat the report of the committee on taxes, upon the petition for relief of A S. Me»»er, adopted by the board of councilors May 2d. 1858, and concurred in by the board of aldermen. May 8. 18S9, :*, and the game is, hereby so amended as to require the city treasurer to cancel the tas certificate for tbe city tax^s of 1858, against lot nineteen (19,) in block 18S in the 4th ward, provided the owner of said lot shall pay the mm of twenty -one dollars aud eighty oenls, that being the amount of city taxes properly cr/argeable to said lot. Thirty-seven dollars «erenty-»even cents the amount specified in he said report, including $16.97, State, conn y and school tax, which must be paid to the county. Concurred in. A resolution requesting the chief of police not to enforce tht ordinance so far as It Mates to drays, I Was laid cfl tbe table. A resolution directing the ohi*f of police to lear the sire >t, between blocks 68 and 64, 6th ward, of all < Infractions Concurred on. The follow ng street commissioners recommendations, ime, were p -Men ted: 1st Wf&- By councilor Lookwood, for gra- ing Fo«n Avenue through the hospital and 'esei voiFtnu L ith resolutions approving of the JB-S .}'... iie north iliey in block JM.' tition nf Mnrrtj* L^uii*, r-port.»,l th^ f->,lowing r-aolution Rtmlrcd. By the Bnard of Aid-rm-n, th-i Board of Councilors r-onrarring, that p-mrs i ,«'on o». and her-hy H, granted to M,irr!?< Louis .' in put up a small fram« harn, nor -xc-eding ' 14 f--t In hiight. in r-ar of his Inla 1 and J j block 6, in th* TLirt Ward of th- city of Mil- j wautc-e. ' ' Adopt-! Councilor VlcOratn, from the rotnmittre on i i" 'in -•' r ;,,' niton :n pr.irun tVjlt ^nr -^.imag"-) ta' r-d • , -,-.r 4. - 1 , -n •- o f t «on 1 I- p i: ,j a t of th- t'lln I* 1 .iu"'-:i-.r T^s<-lj «4: I tbit • I'-r-r-n •- Th- .-itv it a'rf, 0'in:-lii.r J.)L-..<on jiid h- j-«»- he olilijr-.] to vnt- airain^t !h- 'ir-iinani-- C"an' ilor said thin matt-r of ia r:ng-s wu got ap to maxe. mnch out of nothing Th- ,rdinanr»for <-h»n»(n« the <r»d- of th- 4th ward bad surb. a re-"o!ut;on. H- hor«.| the oth-r wanl^i wnuM tr-at tb- ith <nd 8th ward* as the J.h tnd «lh had aote.i inwardn r-th-r wardi* Councilor L.>.-kwr.. ' mo^-.! i i .»uieu,l -,j in<-King in th- ordinance — "That the sixth ward inaii !»-, »nd •» her-- hy made andassam-ji to b-,lia!>i- f^r ,\['. -lama su«tain«Kl by prnperty in oo-ise M u-nc- of < p-ct. 7 -..i th- • .. li Ql lit.--- *-r-. i M.A Hlil I 1 • taxes, to whom was ref-rred th- p-tltion of } the chang» of gra<l» her-in a<lopted John and Jamea Hockh-rz, reported by th following resolution : Rerolvtd The Board of Aldermen concurring, tbat the City Treasurer t>-, and he ia ht-r-by, directed to can<vl from his books the sum of sixto-n dollars (g!6). which sum has rwen -rron-ously a»s-ss-d against lot 1, h!o<-k 6, Fifth Ward, for the year 1858, and'charge the sam« to north 40 fe-t of lot 1, block 5, in excess of tax for y-ar 1869, u in conformity •rith the within petition Adopted. Councilor McOrath, from th* samo committee, to whom was r««prred the petition of John Furlong, asking for th- r-mi.«slon or reduction Of certain tax-s for the y-ar 1857, reported by tb« following : Raolfed, The Board of Aldermen concurring, tbat the City • reasurer be, and he H b«>rer>y. directed to dwliver to John Furlong a fell rwipt for tbe tax of the year 1857 on Condition tbat the said Furlong will pay to Ube City Treasurer the sum of three hundred a.nd eighty six dollars and sixty-two cents 8386 62) in cash, which amount of tax has Itwn paid by laid Furlong, on said property for the year 1858. : Councilor Tesch said he- had refused to sign Je report, as he f-lt that the Council had not now tbe power to «qualiie or re assess any tax fajr 1867. The tax committee of last year and ilfl spring had refused to do so. Mr. Furlong lid allowed the time to go hy when ha could hive bad his taxes reduced. [Councilors Johnston and McQrath recommended that tbe report of the committee be adopted. Conneilor Lockwood moved that the- matter be referred to the City Attorney for his opin- on as to the power of the Council to remit he taxes In question. Which was lost by the following vote : ^yes—Councilors Hayden, Etoeger, Look wood and Teach— 4. Hoes — Councilors Aner, Bnening, Bnsack, Heineinann, Johnston, MoCormlck, MoQrath, Toyes, Bosebeok, Sohulte and Vogel — 1 1 The "-hair put the question on the resolution. ; Which was adopted. Ayes, 11 ; noes, 6. Councilor Bnening offered a resolution to rarbhase a fire engine for Engine Oo. No. 8. ^pnnoilor Johnston wished the gentleman woqld withdraw the resolution for tbe present, as li was the opinion of many that It would be »ett r to boy steam fire engines 'for the use of je Hyjn future. 0 nnrflor Tescb thought that a steam fire mgi ie would do tl» work of three ot font of hi i ort now used. If the city got a steam, , inj I) ^o. Wo. 8 could hare owrol those now n tf 9hands of onaof the othar egmpanles. ! ?'*fc'JfeI^L il<_il /*» . •; ^ '*W- " **• after some dlscossidn, #?3n7?-;>^? - ..* • -^ '• ; Ald«ffflen;:i*ononr- hawby appropriated Councilor Rosebeck wishe<f it was am-n.l-,i so that each ward paid iu own -ip-n<«.-i Councilor Kroeger said h<» voted last y-ar for the amendment to th- ordinance, tor tbe changHof grade of the 4th ward, and he then, and before, knew that the change of grad- »aj indispensable. The heaviest property owners in the 5th and 8th wards want*! th- propuiied change of grade Without It, tberu wa* no po-isilnlitT of drainage Th- peopU bad eL-ot- ** ' nuoil for the purpose of car. rying out thur wishes in this matter and thev would do so. I The chair put Ui- question on I'ouooilor ' Lockwood's amendment Which was carrie<l Th-question wsj then put ,in tb- nuend- mcnts to th- ordinano« offered hy Lounc-ilor Rojelwck Which w-re adopted. The ordinance wu then r«ad a thir.l tana and passed. Counoilor McOrath r-portod haok the -sti- I mate of August Miller for ,ioo king Beach 3t , in the Third ward, aud off-red the AMUSEMEN-TS. : N ( 'I 1 V I .« >I M«». HI, i. n. <»K ».. r. x Our AT \ ALBANY Si TM! A .'I :' V . N Thursday Ev-rnn^ J ma ADORrs.-* WILL BK iKI. BHl) Ws . Edit, r .f -n- H ., vai HALL \ -i ill R[>!' H MILITARY BALL JHont£oin«-r> l The W II <.»- , a».i ,„ :„ . I ( ) I H 1 1 1 ( > I- J I t r IHKIU M. v» iKT|4>MV. i : a EAST w 4 r K K - r it F. K r t*f~ Tick '.« .B.. loiUr n, ,.,.nn,, ;-,, ,,_, r I \ l! owiai- '"• "'' *' i ^o Hour- resolution Keiolced, The hoard of ald-rm-i, .„„„„,ring, tbat the city attorney be »i.d Is hereby, directed to report immediately to thia board his opinion ol the legjilfly of issuing oerdfloates agnJnst lots 3, 4, and part of lot «, block SB, 3d ward, city of Milwankee, ior dojkfng te front of said loU on Beach street. Councilor Noyes presented a resolution declaring lot 3, block 7»io the Seventh Ward, a public nuisance, and ordering the same to be abated within ten days. Adopted. Councilor Vogei called from tha table th petition of Michael Page and others, and of fered the following resolution Retained, That the Street Commissioners o the Fifth and Eighth Warda are hereby an thorited to have a public well jonstrnoted a or near The corner of Virginia and Monroe streets, in either of the said Fifth or Eighth Wards, the same to be chargeable to the Pifth and Eighth Ward funds. Adopted. Counoilor Vogel offered Ihe following Revived, By Ihe board of Councilors, tho board of Aldermen concurring. That the committee on railroads be and is herewith requested together with tha City Attorney, to report on the matter of railroad securities, it being a matter of general interest and requiring th» best attention of the administration. Adopted. Councilor Vogel offerer! the following: Resolved, By 'the board of Councilors the bpard of Aldermen concurring, That tha City Tnasarer be and I* hereby requested to giv» a statement of the funds 1 now on hand in the cttrtreasurv. In conformity with seetioa 1 of the amendments of 1859. Adopted;, OdnnelJor Lockwood 4LB4.HY H»LL ^WI--< BKLL O for .1-5 p.rfi>rm»no-« T-iry »•!! .piT.,,"^ T t'banj Hun, ,r~. J,,| y i,, ..„,, ,„,, „ % _ • Fridaf ».n.a« .t H Vcloek. S.eur l»,' ,rt rn. .,„ o c!nc« »mf ^Alurd&r *v«niuj *t H i'-liM-k ^oarttl of July th-re will l>. t>irn p-r'.-.rm»li.-r, » lowi- U o'^l cli In the ru rn ni( 9 i •'..(-* 'n -f,. , oo. a aa 9 o'cUc* In th, -TMIOK The p« '.,'-n. OD *»m day irteraoun will On i r tn.|,ir-n m.l • ho bars tha jar if vhnm. Hie )r v n*n* TIT two ««ylnma »r- ln»lte.l t.tmm in 'r.r th«i «.i^ lOo only I TO < 0> TH »t r«>M<*. Crrr ^uHrrwoULVB'-* '>rriuK, ( OoQCr»ot Dep*rtmeot Juuo ttO. \S6U i A LL propn«als for olty »nrk mu«t b«* llrwtod '-o Ut QQfla v^irnad. and parlou'ar ^ftf '•**'•& t« •Ca- npoa we ODTelopa tha w»rti IQ which «uoh work ;• lo caied, uid the n*tur« of Che irnrk co n « t«*i j^30-J10t K L'H liARUI.IKH. Coiuptr.,ll«r (i od & Hay Emporium THE B'OKST MAftJlKT IN WI3O.-N8IN I/NITKD STATF1 Andruw Johmou, John Heneney, B bert tell. Hlrtm 8. Tramball «nd dcorga Vorbn, T». ThaSo iQonar Charley Hlb- bard, her boaia, laekJe, appar«l and furniture In the l\ A. Olslftcl Uuuri Olitrloi at Wliconiln In admiralty , B T rtrtoe of • writ of VgndlUoal bponu, aiaat out of and under the «»l of the Outrtat Court of th. Uoltad States lur th* Dtnrtflt of Wlwoiuln, I •"«««"" powfbruieudKttil Pa*uo *>«»"". (efOwMih,.. and beitbdder. IOF «••*» OB Jiondi*. UM eUrgmli d«y of JuTlSM at tw»?o1»<* ta«li««rWnooo, on bo.rd 'nv S»r"«y •«*«««, ly-a« la lh. , of M.lw»ul<m, In tbawd -' c wlej OlMwrd, her boaia, tot»nt and furniture, •* ib» no* l\t*. oo«- aViho mil of Aadnw JUuaon «ml ottMn. * akM,JaiM 9, 180A si. jT&On3* U.S. Manh. rwrai stlu. btra Iamll> llo»f ttnjt m bai r*j at [avH iua» a OBOUI'fl

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