Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 13
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SI. 1P41' STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS Paw Thirteen News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties 1W Father and Son Banquet At Lutheran Church Is Attended by Sixty Five n. 'l:e and fakr: The fstlifr find MIII bar, j . Luth?rfin rhurrh \\>ri!'.? ir ninj was attPtifird h;. PS j bovs. Thf Rrv. (V n Mrt:. tor of the Nfbo Ijitlina., c Chicago, wns tiir c-.:r-t P; B\\ild?rs was ihc U;r: proftrnm and thf rii!.i:< w*s for thr purpc-f cf b spirntion toward plan- I church edifice wl-.i-h i- :!;• c«al *hlch the pastor. th<> Rr\. Milion Lundahl. h«ri in mind »hen he encouraged the establishment of a building fund. A small amount has already been accumulated tor that purpose. Aa much intciest was shown in the father and son banquet, it LS expect••4 that the banquet wilt be an annual affair and a brotherhood probably will b* organized to meet once a month: The pastor discussed the important part which character plays in winning positions today, stating that in the last four months he has had occaaion to recommend 75 persons for jobs. He declared that good character means more today than aver before. Build Chmtlj Uft Try to build a Christly life nnd Uvc it for your own samfaciion and M an example to others, the Rev. Mr. Hanson urged. Remember that VB *re always building our personalities—from the time 'we are six months old all through lUr. Charl «eter, Christian life and personality are all built within the church. He told of two boys who moved Into a mall town in, Ohio, one into __* neighborhood where crime abounded, and the other into a Christian tome where he was unde- the in- i finance of church and Sunday achool. The latter became a Christian evangelist and the other a&sas- itoated President McKinlcy. The. pioneers of this church he continued, didn't build for them- fcelvee alone for they had In mind thoae who would come after them. '^Whenever you set out to build anything you may exjpect some opposition, either from within or from without. But if the builder, whether it be a church, a family or a nation. to Hound within itself it will not be named by outside opposition. The best way to overcome oppo- aitlon Is through our own fai'h and enthusiasm. If we have the will to build and thir^aithrthaT"we~^hsirbe~ •Die to do It. then nothing in. the ),< world can stop us, he concluded. .Rev. LHitdaiil Is Toastmaster Tne Rev. Milton Lundahl served as toaatmaster. Community singing was .M by Spencer Johnson. A toast to -|R* father* was given by Allen Olb- aflri and the toast to the sons was ftven by Carl O. Swanson. A qu&r- ttt^ettBpoaed of Paul Ackeberg, Edward Jensen. Harold Anderson and Spencer Johnson, sang two songs and trombone duets were played by John Johnson and Spencer Johnson Ouat Ackeberg. 78, wai> the oldest father present. Wendell. 6-year-old MA of Fred Johnson, was the young- •t aon present. The father present with the largest number of sons was B*rt Maxfield. He and his three aona attended. .... Tha Luther-Anns served the din~F*vor»,~ containing the pro•run and menu, were cut in the form of a church and a small church in the center of the room and aurrounded by the tables set In -U" ahape. Church Services LBON METHODIST — Sunday aehool at 10 o'clock. Evening worship at 7:10. LouU B. Palmer, pastor. METHODIST — Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11. Missionary' -sermon. Evening services •t 7:30. A. E. Simeater, pastor. OOKOREOATTONAL — Sunday jit 10 j^m. Mornsnt worship •I 11. Sermon, "The Victory of the flftinta." Obaervlnc All Saints day. I. O. Campbell, pastor. •T. OATMRRINKS CATHOUC ~ -Maaa at I o'clock on the first, third 'and fifth Sundays of the month, •ad at 10 O'clock on the aecond and fourth Susdaya. A, M. Weitekamp, paator. LUTHERAN — Sunday tchool at If a.. m< Divine worthip at 11. •' Aid will meet Wednesday at h*me of Mra. Arthur Olbson. Th4 LUther League will meet Tues- itjr evening at the Laura Swaiuon RMM. MUton Lundahl. pastor. Bridge Hostess Mr*. Loui* Rotit entertained her RligfO club Thuraday afternoon )n her home.' There were three table* •t fcrttg* and high «cort went to F. J. P*nin. Oueau included Mayale Hull. Mra. Axel «*e- Mra. M. J. Baldwin and Mr*. Uacwrhill. PropHtrsfowrt Red Cross Stands Sixth in State for War Relief F*rf 1 'r''PI^->'^^- n t'."!t of {\\ ("ro*« lirirt !'«, ar.mtai m*f: fjr(::r:i of ^'f:fr« anrt h f\rr.'.::K M:v DcH'iuv Adams chairman. I «',ii< noti!. Mr? chatrmar. and Mrs. Hugo Heri-.t «rrrrt«ry unri treasurer, wrre rfrirrtrd to thpir offir?5 for fltifiihrr \rar, Ruth Rasrr Mrs Ada Psiichard. the Rrv. I. C. Campbell, ?vlrs. Arth'.ir Arkrfofrg »nd M»>or Knui?!li Miller were. n»mrd on the iKifuri of diiff!or« HwfUi''? "f !hr Isrc' 1 amo'iri' of •.(Winy ami kr.ittiiiR lor wiir whuh was don? during the lift \?ai the rhBpter has gcmf from thirti?!] place to sixth place in Th? Ktati ! nuking among the me*', activ chapters in Illinois. The treasurer's report showet (hut >96 16 has been spent dunn the year for supplies. gasoline ex pense. medical and dental treat ment and aid of transients. It was announced that anothe meeting will be held in the city ha next Wednesday evening when plan for thr annual Red Cross roll ca and drive for funds will be made The drive will end on November I nnd will be made the week in ad vaticc of that date Hail of the pro ceeds are retained in ProphfUtown and. half is sent to national Re< Cross headquarters. Margaret Drummer Entertains County Postmasters Group Margaret Drummet. PropheUtown postmistre.v. entertained the White side County PoMmaMers' a«ocia tion at R dinner Tuesday evenlm at a Prophetstown restaurant. Af ter dinner a bu.slne.-is meeting was held in her home. Postmasters wh attended the dinner and meetini were Joseph Ward of Sterling Charle.s Beien of Rock Falls. Ro Cocking of Erie, Hubert Darby o Tnmpico, John Cornelius of Lyn don, Joe Wilson of Morrison. John Hook of Fulton. John McCormick o Deer Grove. George Fruin of Dixon and Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Fruin and Hazel Waite were guests. .«. Mr Mr? JI-OIK £>a'r>n of 6sn-;'s. I* Ml.'. R«!;V: Bn^n-au ,M>! s:r.'"i »n>t> TJy;: c '"U'. » '. '*•: r^T Mr snd Mr' •'<"•.;••, n Walker sr TAMPICO NEWS R?p*>ri*r. f!?S<m H. R1J Dr. \V F !•->:. Ksi ; A\"l S 1 ^ .fr.r-, •.; q'" > : r.< thi.« a'ternivvi »r of *h^ f*r.. c ,.*-' tvrrk »' IT' Sc in Mam? * ; Merriwidows Club M'i | ' "l Hallowe'en Party, at .*:::•! Home of Mrs. McKeown • '"'.r .'f '.' .'•-•f R-.II i - '. ; •> •. r -.V. -,:-. T - •' T. M '•' '-'!'' U' '" .880 \ ',• -a M •'••.' Mr.' I. b«»^p; ^jj» ' • .TT- ^-- ri • <"'f ;i;:">j :- A!. '• R .: <• -••''• ;a:n- | r -nr 1 r,? fh" v •-•-< i a c-iiKiv.i - n r i toi Prenupfiai Shower f'/iMf'-Hu' f* ' *" r ] ' ' *i n *~ *" For Miss Jane Powell Mi--- \::t. :::•*: 18 Prophetsrown Club Women at Federation Women from the various Proph etitown clubs who attended the fed era tion meeting in Rock Palls Thure day were: Mrs. Dale Cooper, Mrs. George Yeager. Alfreda Hansen. Mrs Eugene Boyce. Mrs May-,Waite.-Mrs Ralph Wlldman, Mrs. V. R. Olm stead. Mrs. Arthur Ackeberg. Mrs. Emil F»uUr. Mrs. John Bwanson Mrs. Valfred Johnson. Mrs. Arthu Hannabarger, Mrs. Charles Cleave land. Mrs. Bert Lyon. Mrs. Lewis La Due. Mrs. Le Roy Gibson and Har riette Lyon. Birthday Surprise Mrs. Winifred B«ue was surprised on her birthday anniversary Thurs day when a few of her friends came in for the afternoon and brough a picnic supper. They spent thi afternoon playing Chinese chess and the Thursday club presented Mrs Besse. with a party gift. Those who surprised Mrs. Bessa were Mrs. Emma Randall, Lucy Beardsley. Carrie Loomis. Mlnnine Gibson and Mrs Clarence Arnett, At DistricTwSCS Mrs. William Lamont, Mrs. Ployd Breed, Mrs. Clate fleeley, Mrs. Prank Chapin. Mrs. Grant Wildman, Mrs Augusta Wildman. Mrs. John Beldin and Mrs. John Sibley attended the district meeting of the Methodist Women's Society of Christian Service at Prinoaton Thursday afternoon. Enter Hospitals Supervisor A. S. Greene who has been confined to his home since Monday with a severe cold was taken. .lo._tbjt-.£t*rlin§ public hospital Thursday morning. OharlM Burd*all entered the Moline public hospital Thursday morning where he will remain a few days for observation. Ntw Arrivol Born, a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Reynold* Of Ptopheutown Thursday morning in the Sterling public hospital. Prophetstown Britf* Mr. and Mrs. Prank Dorathy of San Juan. Puerto Rico, who have been visiting in' the home of his aunt. Mrs. Emma Teach, for three weeks, left this morning for N«w York. They will go from there to New Haven. Conn., to visit their «ou who is enrolled in Yale univer- city. After that they will go to Worlds and return to Puerto Rico from there. Mr. and Mra. Buel Langdon of Wllmettc came Wednesday .evening for a viKlt in the Oaorge fit* horn* Mrs. A. B. ClauMen returned Wednesday evenlnv from a three- f T P N P H f A / i 1 •• . t ! / (' /////' ! N D A VU N ^fftttSuT-tb**'**^ ^*' fi&CZ\>M a*)* >••' SEEJS^L- ^•^^^^^ ^ __^^^^^ai^g^*RRHRJBI MIIJLEDGEYIU.E , Mr*. Gerald Langhlln Offte* rtim* II MviT,:^' M K' M: N'-- - ;v•'•. sx :.'•.: « frirrl < Inrkrn dm- *••.' ai'.d Mr.v r f> I«\ r Oir.-trr plmi?n!»?-. '<" ).T ^'-'': " M,,'-'"•:».. am and M.. ; .* M^;K3:n O>- pf'^'-.l •»;•.'-•<• :; .•>.:: iIHte ~< Mosquerade Party at Milledgeville Grange The member's' of tne MillrdKf"' 'lie Grangr and friends enjo\ed a masked Halloween part\- in their hall on Wednesday e\eninR Mrs. A A. Martin and Howard Echtenach received the prlite for the best costum* 1 and Mrs Paul Sites for the most comical costume. After the games and stunts were enjoyed the. masks »rrc removed and pinochle wa.s enlcned by the group. Mrs. John Dittinat 1 and Harry D«vMiiRer received high score »nd Mrs. O. E. Martin and George Baylor the low score. Refreshments were served by the committee. Church Services METHODIST - W. 6. Feldwusch. paitor. Sunday .school at 10 a. m. Morning service at 11. Dr. B. J. Swaney. the new dLstrici .superintendent. will bring the message. Following this service there will be a business meeting which will take the place of the first quarterly conference meeting. :;<*in. The t»i>>- ;;-, ;•.; ; . •.) ; • i ! ', • 1 1 f!||l.S W «Tf J!l .:.; -,i ; : : i :.:r J la ! '.na r r n ..ra-'*i: i..c • -. . . en'ei pi« v ' f ! '• VR - < - R 'k::: '.:.''". -v:t!l fl'.ilt.'. Thf !l(v-t- ;\r;r i:\rn CiM. 1 - of Hal- rr. a;>:''.".. ; aiul <.~n]^ for srrv- '.T: Rrb*\M< Ffi:;.- -if ^'; i>.''-d Weflrir.'.ria-. i '.;'.: .-da', n: C!B'i-;)fr and Mrs Ir.n Km.;-. M; -. daughter, TRINITY LUTHERAN — Bible school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11. Walter Rowoldt of the Maywood Seminary will be the speaker of the morning. Ladles 'AW will meet in the church ba-sement on Wednesday afternoon. Nov. 5, at 2 o'clock. On Thursday evening. Nov. 6. there will be a congregational meeting in the church at 7:30. DUTCHTOWN CHURCH OP THE BRETHREN — Paul Miller, pastor. Morning worship at 10 o'clock. Church school at 11 a. m. 2:30 p. m., district rally of younu people of northern Illinois and Wisconsin. C. D. Boneack. guest speaker. Dr. Bonsack has been the general secretary of our mlsjUon board for many years. At 7:30 there will be a play by the young people from Polo followed with the address" of the evening by Dr. Bonsack. Guest Officers Mr. and Mrs. Oerald Laujhlin attended guest night at the Mt. Morris chapter. O. E. S.. Wednesday eve-_ ningTMrs.' Laughlln served as mar,- shal and Mr. Laughlin as secretary. A dinner dance followed the meeting. ____ Sew for Relief The ladies of the Dutchtown Church of the Brethren held an all day meeting Tuesday In the Fike- Werner home, west of Milledgeville. The day was spent sewing for relief work. Uncle Succumbs Glenn Clark of Milledgeville received word Thursday morning of the death of his uncle. W. B. Lang, of Wett Palm Beach. Pla. Milledgeville Briefs Mn. W. A. Litwiller and Mrs. Mary Colbert ipent Wednesday In P«oria. Mis* Hattlt Been of Coieta U vis- Itlnff in the home of Miss Dessa Hanna. Mrs. Sam Kane of Sterling was a dinner guMt Wednesday of Mrs. Edna Maxwell. R. B. Polhlll spent Thursday at Watarloo, la, —-— Mrs \V•.;•.;»:!> ^-ftHc'K. H«iiowe>n ggme.s and stunts fur- n:5:.rd tJ'.e fi:\er. < -ion of the nftrrjioni:'; present were Mrs. Ivy McKen^ip flnrl Hiliripgsrde Stnnrk Members »rre Mr.v RebrrCa Ferrl.<; »nd Mr.v Mary Wood of SterlinR. Mr. 1 Lo'iiMP QuHintnnce. Mr.">. Mar- caif. Prott. Mr.v Chprlottn Booz. Mis Dorotr.v McCiccdy and Mrs. Mary Howiett. John Donneily Dies At San Jose, Calif. Mi.v F«nnie Forward of Tnmpiro hn.« received 'aord ol the death of her Min-m-i«\\. John Donnelly, who r>a.ved away Wednesday in cSnn Jrv.r. Calif The bodv will nrnve in Tnmfi£P Monday but no furtlier word was received in regard to funeral services. Church Services METHODIST — Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Morning worship at 10:45. Choir rehearsal nt the church each Thursday evening at 8 p. m. D. E. Springer, pastor. GH«DWICK NEWS Reporter, Mary Phrnt 1X1 Frances Kness Wed to Chos. Howes of Savanna CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY —Sunday school at 9:45 a, m. Reg- xilar Sunday morning service at 11 Subject. "Everlasting Punishment.' The public is cordially invited to attend. Reading room open Saturdays from 2:30 to 5 p. m., except holidays CHURCH OF CHRIST — Church at study, 10 a m. Church at worship. 11. Church in expression, 7 p. m. Church in evangelism. 8 Please remember this date, Wednesday. Nov. 19. Tins l.i the night on which our missionary to the island of Jamaica will be in Tamplco to show the colored pictures of the work on that Island. Most of the pictures will be shown in natural color. Come and bring your friends. Kenneth C. Hanson, pastor. BAPTIST — "Ever welcome to this house of God are strangers and the poor." Sunday school, 10 a. m. "Of all the Institutions of our country there is none more important than the Sunday school. The right lessons learned in Sunday school fortify against temptations of later life. Our'"Sunday ^schools retain some- ting of the true American spirit that made ours one of the greatest nations of the world. Many leaders in the nation's affairs attribute much of their success to the Sunday school. Its power for goad cannot be over-estimated and Its opportunity for service to the world is greater today than ever." Frank R. Reid. Give yovir children the best opportunity for development Bring them to Sunday school. Classes for all jiges^ Come and bring someone with you. Morning worship at 11. Special music. Everyone cordially invited. B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m. Young people, prepare yourself today to be leaders tomorrow. Evening sen-ice at 7:30. You will enjoy the fine spirit of fellowship In this informal gospel and praise service with special music. We invite you to come and worship with us. brchestra practice each Thursday evening. E. C. Ralston, pastor. Tampico Briefs E W. Vickrey returned Thursday morning from Akron, Ind., where he had been since Saturday. He retuwied to Akron Friday night to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Knew of Chadwick announce the marriage of their daughter Frances to Charles Howes of Savanna in Kalioka. Mo. on Saturday. Oct. 35. Mrs. Howes was at- ttrec! in a wine colored suit with harmonizing accessories and she car- j ried an arm bouquet of red roses Ati tending the couple were Miss Doris iKnrss. sister of the bridr and Rob- jert Gravatt. Miss Mar.iorlc Canavan and J.immy Canavan all of Savanna. The couple will reside in Savanna where Mr. Howes Is employed at the Savanna ordnance depot. Bridge Hostess Mrs. Herbert Spealman entertained the members of her bridge club Wednesday evening at her home in Chadwtck. Prizes in the games went i to Mrs. Robert Isenberger and Mrs. Lester, Church Services PAIR HAVEN EVANGELICAL — Paul Parley, pastor. 8 p. m.. Thursday prayer service: Sunday, Nov. 2. 10 a. m., Sunday school; 10:55. morning worship; 10:55 a. m.. Mission Band at the parsonage. Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 5. the Ladles' Aid society will meet at the home of. Mrs. Albert Adolph. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN — J. W. Bucklln. pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 a, m. Reformation service and Holy Communion. 10:45. All members are urged to attend this service. The Ladles Aid and Missionary so- citles will meet Wednesday afternoon Nov. 5 at 1:30 in the home of Mrs. William Schuhard, Mrs. Emll Hartman will be the leader. HOPE EVANGELICAL — L. M. Phillips, pastor. Sunday. Nov.' 2, 9:30 a. m., Sunday school; 10:30, morning worship. Theme. "Multiplication of Second Coming Signs." 6:45 p, m., prayer service. C:45 p. m., E. L. C. E., topic, "ChriiUan Missions as a Way to Peace." feader, Mrs. Robert Spealman. 7:30, evening sermon on the theme 'Thoughtless, and Thankless Christiana." Watch for announcement of two services on Nov. 16. CJ)t>fx>i; c i '. R<« < F'a.i- »..i inkr plac' t!.f la'Vr pnr" r; N^'. rnihrr Th* r-.rr'.-f. -• f\' s"!.: ?-'- tard.i. A«a:ri« in.: •« Mr< l.rr, Drrt?. ilif (?Hio: "ir.f t.n>ii':rp «««. \\\? \f. cipirn' of o inrjf tvanbi": "T Imelv and u?ef'.!l £:?•.!•: from I-.T .'neiuU. Rrfrrshrr.T.:* w*re yrntd at the close of the e\enir.g. Legion Auxiliary Guest of Polo W.R.C. The Polo \V. n C w»<- hrw'css Thursday evenniK to the members of the American legion auxiiiar-. at an old fashioned Hallowe'en partv held at the corps rooms Thur<cU'. evr- jninR. Guests were in masqurrarie jcostumr ar.rt earne* ar.ri refresh| nients were in keeping with thr son- ton. CLAMfFIBD AD8 recover- |ing from injune* received in a fall at her home. Mrs. B. W. Vlckre Chickens THI CHIAMST MEAT YOU CAN BUY " FOR PRYING, ROASTING or STEWING ALSO PLENTY DUCKS, GEESE, TCRKCYS aad MALLARD*. Long's Poultry The QkUree Wi Whk» WRh ittt Pastewiiad »Mk FaNt MILK ft c«*UiM UM «iteiate» tfeat kt«» tke« la lip-tap *aafe, warti ttt c«M|« a»i aick- n«ec, •aake aappy aiftf carefree children. Give th«H that "«M,rt-a>«ar" »*d UUt Rock Falls Dairy DAIRY PRODUCT* i. THIRD ST. mom tu RUCK, Among the Sick Mr? Flo>d Stauffer of Poio who .xubmitted to msior surgery at the Dc«rone,<s hospital In Frceport Monday, is making a satisfactory rc- coven'. Mrs. Fred Galor uudrrwciu mn- jor surgery at the Deaconeiu hospital In Frreport Thursday, Mrs. Ernest Warnkcn is confined to her home by illnr.v;. The condition of Mrs Will Dew. who suffered a slight paralytic stroke Sunday night. Is somewhat improved. Meet at Blough Home Members of the friendship circle of the Church of the Brethren held their first meeting of the new conference year at the home of Mrs. Rbbert Blough Thursday afternoon. Response to roll call wav "A Place of Interest I Have Visited Recently" and "Th* Beauty of God" was the topic of the program. Attend Amboy OES Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keefer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles MetzJer and Mrs. F. X. Cruickshank attended - the- guest night meeting of the Amboy chapter of the O. E. S. which was held on Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Keefer served as associate patron and matron and Mrs. Metxler as associate conductress. Party at Polo Church The Youth Fellow«,hip of' the Methodist church enjoyed a Hal- lowe'en party in the basement of the churrh on Thursday evening. Games, stunts and refreshments- in keeping with the season were features of the evening. Entertain Husbands Members of Chapter D. W. of the _P. E. O. sisterhood of Poio enter- WK SUGGEST: Clorerleaf Rolls, dot. lie Pvnpkta Mes, each Me Rath Rons, <6a. ...tic Cap Cakes. «ea, .... Me RreaaV—an area frwh delight. Baked for family dinner tonight, Erery hoasewif* wants U get U. Tie yoar finger,—doa't forget It. 318 FIRST AVE. PHONE tf7 ROASTIM atd FIYH8 CHICKENS Lb MfME ROLLED Rll ROAST .. ,.... Ib. lie FCY. IAIY IEEF fOT ROAST .. Ib. lie and 20c SHORT and SIRLOIN STIAKS .Ik. 2fc VEAL Shoyldtr Ro«st ...... Ib. 23« St««ki lt>.25c LAMB Should«r JtoMt Ik. lie L.gO'Lomb Ib. 25c Chops Ib. 35* Pork Shouldor Roost UOH Pork Stock Frosli Horn, wholo or holf RoHi't Tondor>modo Picnic Horns .. .iocon Squoroi, komt eur«d Livtr Pvddtaf ond Sousogc llood SoiiMfO, komo mods Homo Roftdorod lord Frotk Plf'i Poor Croomory inrtor, "Old Hom.sUod" Frotk loof Tonfiits Ib Ib. lie Ib. lit Ib. 2ic Ib. 25c Ib. lie Ib 20c Ib. 25e fMVkt . Ib. 7c Ik. 35t Ik. 20c Plonfy good komt-mod* soitsoto in ony ftyU d«»irtd—nic«ly soosonod. Horn & Morath 310 firtl At*. Fnt DtUvtr* PktHt ihr an-jent n! si! the rrmrrh !«frvK»i* a\rry v.'ial P ! I, p»ru lout f.Tung A j I-^rd'* ri«v. !.-*t everyone in 1 .!?* 7 (•)<>>• k il'.rrT a? Grand Df'rt\ir ' * n m pn np to loin us at th^ Irv.irs :<-'i;i-Trrr! hv mrriv f 1 ' ^nrfhip and Bi'olf at'.irly. L*' it hr kiifi^n that our Move to Compton Mr <•••, ire v. r i IVrr..< ;-.*• taVsrn over a hulk M:- P-n«»ll Dennis snd 1 .:-', tii.ri .Jriry L*f, at? .toy, th' OOLETA NEWS Reporter, Mr*. Gr*e« Wallace Fhone IS-Ml Mrs. Cora Fellows of Dixon Dies Thursday Rr-!,<t:\r- i:-. coirta rrreivrd word of thf tirath. nf Mrs Cora Fellows at Dixon Th-ir.'-day. Mrs. Fellow* was a .M.Mrr of thr Intr Earl Gilbert of Cnlrta. Funeral strvircs will be held Sat»iiriav nt 2 .70 p. m at the Dixon Christian rhnrch. Burial will be at, Chnpcl Hill Memorial park, Church Services WEST GENBSSEE — Holy Communion and sermon nt 2 p. m. Rev. J. W. Bucklln. pastor. MAIN STREET U. B. Rev E. C. Owen. pa*tor. Eundny ochool at 10 n m Morning worship at 11. CliriMian Endeavor. 7:30 p. m. Midweek prayer service, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. GROVE STREET U. B. — Donald C. ElhliiiR. pastor. Sunday school promptly at 10 a. m. Divine woj- shlp nt 11 a. m. A meeting of the administrative board will be called following the morning service, ChrlMlan Enciea\or at. 7 p. m. in charge of Emma Brown. The Endeavor service will now begin at 7 p. m. e\ery Sunday. Prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 p. .m. ~ CHRISTLVN — Bible school at 10 a. m. Communion and worship at 11. Christian Endeavor at 7:^ in the evenlnR. The attendance from Sunday to Sunday shows that there is sustained interest in the Bible school und worship service. The Primary class had the largest attendance last Sunday—17 In all. Next Sunday a new class will be formed and Mrs. Asa Stuart will be the teacher.--' Those who were in charge of the exercises and classes last Sunday did a splendid work. They deserve a great deal of credit for the admirable way they took hold at their turn to serve. Th* Thanksgivuig season is approaching once again and as we look back over the ten months of 1841 we cannot but feel a deep sense of gratitude for the countless blessings we have received. Let the spirit of the Thanksgiving season lead us to even a deeper sense of gratitude for the abundance of great providence. In these busy days let us include in our plans a determined effort to be pres- tn Br,'.r>r,f rir'irr in mme and join ',j< in o:ir worship will find n gm\i\r.* wM r 'f>rr.5 in <">:ir mt<lM Cvms H Buxhman, Sunday grhooi superintendent. LANARK NEWS Fer*»t H*ne, 1YT-G Pb«fi«. OfflM IN | Funeral Saturday For Mrs. Mary Orth; Resident of Lanark Funeral services for Mrs Miry Orth who pulsed away Wedne*day evening will be conducted at the Frank funeral home Saturday at 3 o'clock with Rev. I. D Leatherman officiating. Burial will take place at Cherry Orove Mr.v Mary Orth WHS born April 2,1, 1873, in Cherry Grove towtuhip, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.-Peta Small. She was married to Casper Orth. Jan. 2R. 191P. They re.Mded on a farm in Freedom township for about a year and then moved to Lanark. Mr. Orth pa.wd away Jan. 15, 1926. Mr*. Orth made ( her home in Freenort for four years after the death of her husband and then returned to Lanark where she had since resided! She made her horns at the Lawrence Haught home for the past 16 weeks, where she ptssed away Wednesday at 8 p. m. Lanark Youths Will Exhibit at Chicago MIfHreri and Alan HeWer. of Mt. Carroll, and Robert Guenzler tad Bernard Diehl, of Lanark, will be among the Carroll county farm boys and girls exhibiting this year at th* International Live Stock exposition at Chicago, November 39 to December 6.. The former will each exhibit a Hereford steer; Ouenzler has listed a Hereford and a Shorthorn; and Diehl a Hereford, all of which will be shown in the junior classes which will feature a showing of upward! of 600 head of baby beeves, lambs, and pigs which have been fed and fitted by boys or girl* under 21 year* old will also be thown. Lanark Briefs Mtss Betty Rowland entertained » number of her schoolmates at a Hallowe'en party in her home on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Downs drove to Port Sheridan Friday to visit their ton, Corp. Randall Downs and also take in the military show. Tom Diffendorfer is nursing a badly mashed finger, having hit Ik with a hammer. FOR SUNDAY DINNER • FRIERS •DUCKS • TURKEYS Enjoy the beet In fowls this weekend. We offer just that... dretaefl fresh after you order. Tell as how you want U HM it and wo'U pick the right bird for yea. 1__ .;__,_•_ Frtsh Country Eggs • FREE DELIVERY Rock Falls Produce Co. FIRST AVE.. ROCK FALLS PHONE M4 GLENN P. McWETHY—Better knawtt as "Pete," WAHLS MARKET 16c"23c lb MMOUB'S STUB HAMS WHOLE, II I* II LB.*fllU8E . , . Ib. IACON SQUAIES . . . LUfc MIST POUND .. sun POUND 23 BACON |Kile FINEST SKIMiSS nUtfUFWITS . Lk.»i MINCED HAM . . Lb. RING LARD PACKAGE 4 *% 1 ^ 1 pound IXf C 2ft. lei UKMOM QHIEII . . . IT*

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