Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 25
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 25

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 25
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EVENING, OCTOBER James J "SINS OF CINDERELLA" "VEP," »«id the (tuide, "(hot's where Bill "TVker Jived, in ' (| J' n (he dnj-d when he hnt old Jake, " J ' 11 '" «*"" an' w«» prcMperou-i Wftllu h.w' all fell in now, mi' the only in, , . , ,, I .. i habilnnts 19 chipmunk-., though , (( h;lv( , to ,,,,, 1 heftrd n h'nr h»lp(l up there the' hungry nil the winter I WHS duwii to t h e city, ' last"* alike to «\\ luui 10 m.i tiiu .»i ../ it , , , fiivi.imp c! m ii m.u of U C;lMull TM ul ll) il ' · M1 he lwh hl1 " lo hl " stull!k '" l Ul " u » tl1 :* 1 '"i worui*. an tin' liy on ILIU thing he. happened ,;,,,,.,,,,_ ror ,. lows h time ««' nil food them They eould f eotild get ut l(, or tlii'y i"tttd tunki H«'t nevl i of li:nt Hi.- (iiHu]itloi U tliitrttH'Ki'"j r u t u C o i t A b l t In a euru- cmp. An' w h t n nietih thcy'r* yh run out bl-i^clf. lilriit nf pwci'iilil» und liiw titil'llu' becnil't 1 he v.'f.a tft" 1 cowtiidly tu clii iiu.vlhhiK clw Hut he wnu u h t i t (Deli! i u w t v i t down lu Mn- lon^* cull H orci ^yi^oty i il'*i thi H f ict thftt It to «fiy he p r o l l t i - i l b y n n c t U e f feller*!* oilnn- £0 l u - t i n i t ( ^ I ' t t l n j ; A tliitrli'l f i t t o t n t i i i i i ' T him -in 1 ha\ In' h i m «ent io (tic jn n t h e h^vn jutt %ori nf we.nt d o w n I f . h'-i lioui'f nn' told l i i t n tu Hit and ht t.f' AiW the i:^ufce of it all Mil nil on ttm ridge pol^ of (he limtto when lhc' em Ihe l u f f , lie 11 fid I liev or »i c ' h l t K r r t nin'l jti£illii »' nnyUiln' Uie\ din Utv n claw tw. Ih^T'rc xd full of Bill wft«i "Thl« lieie Jn 1.1'nln, ftu' he t iibout IH« be.i he H'ii.1 no (in limit an' 9hin)f«ti. But btidrt an '«nhiuts nln'i ehoiwy about ttiotr frlenda t h n r w n tnurde-rer onf time who hud .1 don I l m IhouglM he was R j,' 1(l ater tutiti than the Presl- ili-iil an 1 jnovcil it ijivi tlni« when a Pieildcni wo? up h e t e on » flahin' went nway an' %\\'c knowod ^ e c n u l d u ' t pin bini Iti no n i p The Preildent -Jce thin hern dot; (Alt or e*'"n tun hlid our of Hie cuiiil- utiiin' a/tnind hl.n cninjt an' ( l i c i t to try. Ho iiui'k niuiuid H"ri' M R ' tun'te p^t him on i h e hcml, m.' Bit hid fin- ti'f.uhle fur u , a w l i l l i »t''ei t i i x t M i l ,;-i;t jilp[ied foi hl» pnln-j An' th* lie n t e n p'iicund ho i otic il'i^ 'in' wtiiii. doc w o u l d fullnw thai murder- died of It An' actually w e w.m k i n d r nrotinit lilte hi vnv n mxel, (in 1 i d l e d of u Snkf*n h*^rt when tho i u l i f i t f f wfi hK bosi «n' be wa. 1 - drove ' off lo h'i t i l a l lint 1 iviv r p - n U l n * ilioiit J.xke tMu n lie Kpinvi'il 11(1 n n ' fiot so hi* In i o hi i lu'iid that (till would b" , I . r t l f i f i i l [nr n;iv U t t l c prenenlii he ihroiifrlit home to he liept bis eyn round lilin dead ln^lili' th. honi nil' rfledKillidl him bv ( h e 'cut' oiitu I h e ildc ftf him w h " i i t li.i'l »' ii,:i'fl til 11 ! once wlili i i I f l e · tin' '^Vell III" 1 I'riiv itlu i n,ivvt)iln "' t'll t.aillfiiltu, .Ifikc v i i (he imrno nf tlio rrow. ;ui' Hill htiii found him tlif. ni-M ;· In if t ' t:-i-, Horn WHAT TOJIUltHOW M f c A N f t i r . ., n k , i. . lit-8 TO YOC limn tllu^e tot uhlch Mfiture has fil- ff Octotiet ITdi I- j o u t M i t h ' l n i - ted you t i n \!M hours ffir yim DII t l i l i d t i t o i fn« are of B cued nature, and you ni'n tr'ini 0 «.. m lf Id l*VA- ". ''"« do no * "S" 11 ttl e efforts of others to l p, m io 'J p m. mid from 7 p. in. P rtl " vou nn to Kreator Ihrnsn. If to fi p in The (tanner prrlodi are the demnndjt are too Irksome, how- from 11.30 H m. ti. I!:30 | m anil « v(i c. y» u simply balk and ennnot be from ^ p. t« to fi j, m. budned f u i t h e r . You urn n great throitph merit li irtnwn. ]· \ tlopniftnta In life which bring granf Much flin'tuatlon. In fi. I* most thlnfCi which do not strike too neur horn* You refuse to analyze, or out tor whatever ho could KM, tin' It It wnBn'1 ttio ht!»vy to tolc he l-riinK it to Bill, Sometimes he'd « efjK * n ' n PJar 11 onto lh« end of his bonk untl snck the. meat out o/ It nn 1 litlnu tho shell home to Kill Son id tl lima he'd (Ini) iikn n wlilto pebble, or .1 of btialod jfiuM Onuw when there Wftn nn (uitomcbll; nniauh up on the. state road up the till! ovor theru. Jnkft mn hNmilf iioaily gct hritijftn' lionia htlnk^ of nn' Hilt hnd to lock tin 1 door* keep him out or hi* botl would Hnwe bum full c; the. atuff i ·'He wort of ftncOHiagud Juke I n , hi* ifkin' for tilnkcls. just Hie wnmc.J alwnvi hopln' Ihul h« mlRht (jot, soituithln* that was worth while. K« l.uil n uutlim Him "H uf H* some- 1 times Kl^ Hull 'heir mis'il be ft 01 ' 1 In Wtnc of the Htreams high "P ' n the ni'.untulill, nn' he in.vei gave up txpectln 1 thtxt ,iak« wvmlil find ii hunk of it an' l)rins 1' h° mc some day, no' then he could (rack him bash an' discover n mine. Of course betn' IUII hud an Idee t h n l the B'lld would juit lie, hivin' u t o u n d In pie^e-t an' i h l n l n ' 1 UUn ton dollar nolriH dries when Iliev come out of 1h« mlnlt. ·'By nf)' h IhH habll of Jake'.), got kind of n nuiiance Miv Blod- jjett who does a tittle m l i i l n e t y business for some (if the rnnnei'i wives ii| Dnnueiuftiu wny was nettln' out In her front I'M it l i l n i m l n ' hut-! with llltlu bpfttls tknd hunk It"; an' thliiBH like (hat tlinl women like on' hiilf, nn' got willed Into Ihe hnisii| for inmethln'. »n' whlk the WIM; gone Jake, who had been i l U l n ' j watebln' from ft I ret! ctunei l u w n | nn* (ultra off about half the wtuff, I makln' four til]) 1 ) while dhe wan In j Ihe house An' fhe hed to drive him off w i t h a hroom wiion he mi linek lor (he f If Ih H i n t , tie wnt net on xtttn' llie pteltj I ringing It biwk to ole f f l l l "Of cout-f people lieiwn to talk I)}* ail' by. Tltej- jam muidn'l (Itfxcr t h a t Jaki 1 was doln' nil thh thlevlo' Jiwl for hlsselfj They gut the id«e t h i t Bill hud Mm ttalnerl to go gel what he could find, hopln' t h a i It would bother the people llvln' r'niml, all of them be.ln' cnemlcn of his prtitty imicli fur one miaon or an-, other Bttt there won nothtn' t l i f y j could put theli- flnfii-rs nn to j;et Bill I urrested over, SHI they jtihtf)(ijil I h e i r ] gun« h»nly--the nien Mlts thai l ] and trusted to luols to put nn' enil tO[ It the quickest mi' pnle*l v,-»y. "The *nd to the story atitnr one Sunday afternoon when six of the boys had unmake.*! out on (licit wive* an' wai Indul^ln' In a little (fiiniu of draw poker up In u glade in the lr UP s^ r/ - well, nfttt '' But "Well, tlii,* t« uo "- *»!'! Wlk n mile In the**' beinitlfijl eye* pitetnid g Jj, for uyjHjiuOiy for ?)j'*^ ttny tfy h.' MHW when lie KJitnml ,]) W '. r 'l*l^t!' li'» niirl Mitlv. "l h ii*y Io bj|V4 nfmied }gij Ojud^jf.]! fei't sit liny tm ilii)m; ^-hy ^ buy ft'^'d, \lK it"n/llilt (I|IOB«* J whnt inoic Ki)iil'l a mii· | inmtn," he, vnded t»mel H}' UU-ACK M, Mnhel wM whut h'red c«ll«d M MC.itit, AlwuyH t'tmly at f j o'clock wllh her hnir netted, good, _ tttoiit (ititK-f lljst luid (ilrf»Jy gtint' countletin nil leu and hinked nninl tot HL m a n y tn^rc, it v;c)l-flll':J l u n c b con Ivnwkvl thnl heli) not one rmnc-r!, of iinn' »iMiry u^li;lii anil a Hinl)* MNE Al What did they see but Jake floppin' out toward Bill'i thack with the la*t of the three dollar* an' a half that wai into the pot ituff an', wlii'io tlu'rc hud buen » IHivltlon, The ton of U bull blowed «ft In a winter atoitu, but it made a nice handy plnno to plfty, for Iticte ivjis onfl of them rough Inblci in It. an' nonu t.f lli«! women, who wai nil ]i'lnon agin 1 poker. playln' ever went up there. "Woll the boya wiis rmvlti' their poker fame, and 1cl tin' hlj iiiotiey for thtni on' Inert" was u (ut pot on the tdlile when Lester Mullin'« little boy lick who was fhhln* (he utrcitni,' Just helfiw [ell into t h r t n-Bclt, an' 1 let out a yell for help. Ail eif 'cm junijied up an' wtini down then- In 11 h u r i y , an' iound Ihu kid was caught by bJs juiiilj, on a cnnjj un Hn 1 ''iir rent had him pretty neur aueked untlur. It luOk 'am q u i t e a while to (fit him free, ftn' lie took a lif ot vco- l e r aVrntd, on' v-hen he KOI oh t h e bank be net up s t e n l t i l c yell Well, they dldn I want tmhody t» hi'iir him nn' ooiiK: over to !ie- what W.LH tiji jitid find out abuut th" 1 KHUII', so they Hat alumni an' talked lu h l m [ nwhllfi an' tuld him h« wns al! rlfihl.i an' then went hack to the ganic. "An 1 juat as they got to the aland what did they sea but Jake out toward bill's ghack with the Iti of the lino* dollnrH an' u halt that wan Into the. pot. He muni ha-ve made about six trips whila they was sooWi- In' ttifl kM's feellnga. Of eovtue th»y All wont, rtj;ht down to BIH'H a n ' j found him NlUlu 1 cjuli't on Kin porch Hinolilh' n pipe tin' hlowln' cloud int.i th air. They couldn't K«t n o t h i n ' j out of ))!)!), but when the next Ony I they fountl out down to the general · »tore Dint he'l bought hlsoely n new pair of overalls n n ' paid Hire* dollar)- tor '*KI, they u o j t of argued with him till he ti[(rued to le.nve, an' donu It Juke, a*j I lold you attii'k. nruund till he tiled what fur a crow i In a naturnt death by plsen. Thu boyt J WOB aorry they had to let a oVnd IIOMS btat 'ern to (heir n'venffK (CopyilRht, 1030, bV Tim Bi-II Syndicate, Ind,} MODERN t'AUENT "nattglilcr* need discipline ut Ume»," lunmrlted Mrb Hlflyer "They c e t t n l n l y do" snapped Mm. (j]jailrttsht,. "Jlj- Margery's 18, but only IOIL night I had to 3end her to bed without break rant." HOW TO tJKT A (JOON OUT OF A TKKK U'tllft i.dlturla! n h n u t f.wn. Ojn- denin tree Hitting rat nflly craze sweep Ing nation, Coon will rvd n break- fnsl Opinion of cwn molded hv newspaper. Coon will come down. OniwajM tret' Tell ction y..u w working your way through college Coon will he ttyinpitthclk. Will do liKt to htlp. W"lll (tlve lu all Purl with fur coat Put on nhow foi cmin ''inr, will innliiv vif \« in l/uli-ony pfiil Will be hitirilllalt'ii DfiT'n«l al MIVI' Di mnnd f t o n t rfiw nn nKle Re prej of uv'^ulntot, Talk common wtini io coon S;iy it hHd heat! In cloud 1 !. Coon will luae iileallxni. Will come down t') earth Get both feet on ground. Uc- Rutne plodding nnlmnl Tnatall stock tlckei In ttee Coon will folluw name Will ):inilit-. Hold gtttekti for rin**. f'oon ^Iped out bv rntd of hears. \VI11 ··ink to lonej-t n M*t»'l l e f t town (or u inon'h Jt % refl wondered whm I** 1 would dt» w i t h blm.i'-lf on Sundnyf. An lii'lonr office worker, he hud come li look upon t,hef» Simduy.- In tho country n« nol only And rcliJX»t)o)) bin hinll) us wi;)l Thnl w»n Why h Kill Dyvul. who M*I VHtclde Mabel to K" i - i llalnbn* 1 lf»ki wtin on Sunda\ "I'd Just lovis It," K|* mild. "i noflly Unit Ff'l fairly r n u x h t hi' own drealli llcteninw to hoi. Her wld« patidy cy«» inijt bin ond bf wondered tf |in('-"yi''J Jfiili 1 «'· v , n y hud sixth ttolden. einly hnlr Mabel n^ver won 1 n wd\e Wi;aU(" nh(. not only pavM mdney thnt wny tiiu hiili brtish'd back Klnekly im'' pinnoihlv lo(ik"d all rliibt. And if they K! cnUKbt in the rain llKtf was no rtHmnge d u n e Kiln Dycar wac Jit T o'elork, Jilht Jt« Mali but wh'-t ihr-y tench*'! 5i"ilk fhi* Itt.'iied 'ibout wld; e\c,, woi tlel "itily pion)ptt Mnhi | hal Ifun. bi'il UK r-ld*- with her her h md under h i * arm i In; r,»ve, did will) Mnbel, ' l l o w f n i ale «· ^otnit i« lime d. bet "Oil viii v|)in out in Jimi u HIIU whltttt th« :nr enrt ilti-n lift\e vjfurthitu ,, i-itidK with lUKf, nod mowtijiw fli(Tnln({ foi every mouthful of j wt luncheon *" she nuke^ wondtrtntlv lie n'lliffrt iiow Ills* thu buktf Hhe had b i o u K h t mm )i»»vt«r h IHjiInd^ t h a n Ihe otie Mlbe| etntf ally r u n to! sh» apiutcntly dWm wtttii to ,Wd)k mid w i t h thli |i)tj i,, noutdn't h«(p ft up n l! q^y, M ,,. luel/inily ]it ujjnn.l tontrd th* n- rugv w h u B hid little tut b«4 )»,,, put \i] ti} mo! e th»m Wx w«»kn b*. The new tll"d on, lie 'hj'^nl [|j f jtlti )in i o Rainbow hVf W'htti b though 'if it he kicked hlttiftejf A)tf tally that h" hadn't bought litit ilt«K 1'in^ ago nnd enjoyed the at A f t - r nil, there watt no UM In 54,. lnr ih^utnnce on a car and (irift lent If M w:m Rolntt to iH»y In tht Ktiruni 1 foi wi-pkii Hi » time But M'tii'-l httil jlw.ij · been wllllm to trauijt out iti» tnilcit w*Ih him uu Miihcl wii- s" sa%liitt that h* knti tthft would hj'^k 'in Thv i xpcndfiw tin it lofplt^hiK'ftj* and luxury 1 And M i t i i me pretty lltilt Eili Dyjt.-ii! halt (|iiffln«r ou! »(»ut tttt (;tff- ril^Uni tinttly. twiiid'' him he f*li iiHeth n m i ' n i . It wm no much hlK""' Illl*'!* 11 «he KOCK) one, j h.)'* you'f f u n n y »ll J'J*'*'". 1 Any long: I Jui-t love "i Inunh, hut no _ ' ' ' , . , , i n u n y pi-nj.k- a i « rtnlcinii n n d '('it 1 ficd VHS nllcin M t i i l h iut iinlv to *lmp iihaucleil Oft Ihf in«i'(- ''"'"''' lf tiM ' l^lf I*" 11 ' ln l n ' r 'inv tMii-hed out befot" h*r tdw nh'-nl BH'I -otnehow KrH ildrijt of bet sn rinJtHii nii'1 of },l:i).i'lf n)t() n Iltile bluth tli" prince And nlnvwt anv w iW- ' , l r H hnjipcii"il lo ''li)ileiTil« -- W, W Si.aU. "1 iU'-f.)it . n i r ?»r M j b d t W me »'l '!"' m l H ' * ' you had »ueh a cu" IHtle far," ·' w '* *'"*'' "Oh" 1 he *·*!!. with bl- )Jriec|«*ine I K ' t " '-nr an-l ; Ilk* s «na|Klt(i S on - O h 1 J have to 'h* ni'-i - "d«e that (hey met Phil 1 e«t new »hoi»i- -ilres for I' nnd ", (fondmint on pag* W ilH'i pmke'l tl* walhtntt POP thi , i tobti l . I ws»kn ·*»«(). Other paopls worry for "a biit It may no .aid i«ii,««M.. ; , , t Tln i-blid borti K i l i will hav ( . H v i i t u l l l M l i i n nftUir*,! eft , w(l '(,f ymtr But iny mill*, your play- but will have n kind ftiul lovable, did- f u ) mool ( 9 . n nrt Insane optimism, the mutton. [t ivlll not h" overly nm-' w f l l l ( l N THKAy to tcr gi V6 yc , u Wtlwit. bin will li'ivn it ronlentedtftn,! t( » be.lp yavi much. Although ;jihlt It win h ( . r,jninei« In iiulrtlyo,, take mucb (or granted, people do nnri iiibordlnflle pi, 11 will no( r( , wri t ( | 0 [ nK thlnjfs for vnvi Trtu benefit (hroiifli trtcnil!' tiav( , nfl nmoroim nature If ymr itieco^il ()fi|ien(!» on pure .. ,,.. ahillty (f tio i h i r t f u fn a mlml which liirrtiwdil fnople Born 'lulrkly fr'i 1 ' 1 '! 1 '* knowledge, on a like- B h t d ilhpoMHnn, and on p c r n o n a l j 1 - Rieharif M Johnaon, vl««-prest- wttihe«, It ivottld be attfitied Abllltv/denl tiddvr Van liovevcr li no tiiote Ituportant thnn i 2 -- Loretlu' S. Metcalf, founder of tlpk«billty: |n-i*tile«ifn (joinitii You ithc forum, n r e not l.ieldns In anihlllons (lealreit, I ;.-Btuoe Crane, aitliit Init yfi» p r e f t r I r iilc it f u l f i l I l i o i n i 4--Brlc l a ape, nrllst, without your persona! suptirvltiion. n r i 5 -Robert Ijsmilnif, M-aecrctnry at rirrnonnt t i W l f l p e i You are ft u f n e t m e r uf idea 11 but a f i e r thoir htrih, they nmut fend for themi«h'!V|lit rr he (wlopterl by unine cnti nl'.o. You i (Copy rUht 1MB, The Bell Syndicate, *nom content, ot a liwyi Inr.) JAMS /* BEDT _By HOW UNCLE V R (By Hoi Uncle Wtgg f either duster, for Nurie Jar hopping across horn* to hie h Now Mid then man would etc top of a little meadow and t '1 didn't e«e II comins! talking to him looked at the Then he he hill anil looker "There he MbMt. "The must go slow to catch up t him. H a - H fool hfm!" It miftht bi t I'hnnee 10 ca better tell voi n cQiiiin wtne to visit not far fix low nintnp but THERE.S A AlsiD THERE 5 A NATURAL. WHO 5 A Wfcl-t- KNOWN i " "WMATOVOUCAU.IM" · By J, Millar Wfttt fl--Thontrt* Fortune Flyon. capita) "TOMKtNS FLYIN' A THREF-POINF THtRTY. BUDDY? ti/ THMKQF THIS AIRPORT /s NOW? THGY OFFICIALS. / - /JA/ //o£//? 4eo,' , . we rHBow our TH THIS, _ PLEASE? BEEN EXP6CTING YQUf Who's Going to Officiate What? , MA SVfr Of* WS/S *T, . RIGHT* LOOK AT SNSACKf 6KottA/'t /Af fit/a* j By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Forteat jr TW SOOUQ Sherlock Holme* " ' ''t' The Stranger Vanishes *n: m*td h*d b i i m *» wh*t h*d h»p '«fMNWN», "A irvinut* l*l*t, *Ktn Huntf ' ov* wiHt A* doa, the m»n . H. ,*, found no trie* of him," "Did h* lotl th* doer?" I iiUd, MWm»t i*pll«d Hit) h« *t * man, f By Sir Arthur Conan Doyfo lurtwd tni if eb» ie Hutrt»r. Sli* Dttl* In hit hind, 'You K*v» tws Ht In th* Wtti» Cup/ h* to ih« t»d '(i if tfu* btt+»r tfMK Eilv. " 'So foa'rt on* at thc-i* eurwd toutl,' Hi* ,, bey *cl(im*d, 'I'll ihow you haw w* t*tv* *m h»*. H* ruthcd *crow th* ittbl* te vnket* *» do?. Th* flri fl*d faw«rd tn* Keui*, but «i th* nn ih* lc«(*d bttl tow«rd th* (tiblt *rtd uw fh* ttt«A9*r )*«iing through 4* window FWSPAPF8 up R fame tc »«eh Bad Cli P*lh. But L* wmtnB home Jew feather t o»e,k of a but Chips w;pre ( rabbit frei Wlmtlty heart never »een a know how l'i etl *eh him ex htm. KlMy Fat I Just how Mr. *? ni« queer little tftii Uncle W "Oh, t oan vnbhl R^ t 'ft Ull n(, w then I'll ««lle to the , Uticlu 11 Pfftt won Chap, i *l'leh U-BJ. h "hen tin. mn ii low. lin.l 'SPA PER

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