Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, March 1, 1959
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Harvesters Going To State Again Serving The Top o' Texas 51 Year* VOL 56—NO. 277 (40 PAGES TODAY) Week Day* R« Sunday Jfto NEW CITY PACT SET Unbeaten Odessa Falls Here, 73-56 By RKK PEZDIRTZ Editor Fiflpfn m^n have hef>n nominated for a proposed < ommission Iha! , will frame a. new charter fir the City of Pampa. Thp Chart f-r Commission will bf> P|P< 'ff\ at thp timr of lh<- City K!<'i 'ion. Ajirii 7. A six-m;in fiiixi'iis Committee, headed hv Aithiu M. Tf'd. nift with Cily Commissioners F" rid.TV lo mnk» nominations for >hr> Charter Commission. Nominai^d are 'Icne Kathpfee. Kir-.] Thompson. Frank Culbprson. Travis I,ive|v. H. H. Thompson. MiUhcll Hill, .Jim Poole. P.. D 'Bob" Olson. ''. A. fluff. Arlhur Teed. O-HW- rorrl Atkinson. Calvin W!i;i:ley. ', P.a\' Duncan, Lynn Boyd and C. ' P. 'Buckler. The Citizen's Committee is made up of K. L. H'-nd.'r-on. Floy (! Man Dies In Fire On Ranch EARLY ARRIVALS Two Allison 4-H Club members bring their calves to Recreation Park in preparation for the Junior Livestock Show Monday. Richard Kiker, left, shows his calf "Sergeant." His buddy, Jerry Glen Davidson, shows his calf "Ox." The boys were two of the earliest arrivals for Ihe weigh-ins today. They were on the scene Saturday night. The calves, they said, had a rough day. (Daily News Photo) Judging In ToT 'Stock Show Opens on Monday ^;i«iw^^ ! 3-DAY PROGRAM TOP 0' TEXAS STOCK SHOW SUNDAY, MARCH I T2:00 Noon Completion of weighing .Junior Livestock at Rncroation Park. 1:30 p. m. Sifting of fat steers. 1:30 p. m. Sifting of fat pigs. MONDAV, MARCH 2 9:00 a. m. Judging of Swine Division. 1:30 p. m. Judging of calves 7:00 p. m. Top o 1 Texas Rodeo Association Junior Exhibitors' Banquet. TUESDAY, MARCH 3 9:30 a. in. FFA Livestock Judging Contest Judging of Hereford Breeding Cattle. Livestock Judging Banquet, Pampa Senior High School. Hereford Breeders Banquet at First Methodist Church. WKDNKKDAY, MARCH I il:30 p. m. Junior Livestock Sale. 1:00 p. in. Hereford Breeders Sale. 85 Steers, 250 Barrows Arrive >M Livestock for the Top o 1 Texan place, at 1 :,1o p.m. Sunday •j, ' Junior Livestock Show began a r- noon according to Clyde. L early Saturday morning at ruth, supermtendenl of the ji 1 Recreation Park with eighty-f i v a Tlie judging of the swm 1 :(X) p. 5:00 p. m. m. 7:30 p m. n after- Car- SI li>W. ilivi- fat steers and two hundred fifty sion will start at 9 R m. Monday j fat barrows entered. (morning, followed by the steer I Sifting of the gteeri will take judging a 1 . 1 p m. Milton Knglaiul. i ihead of the agriculture depai tmcnt of Panhandle Ai-M College, fiood- wel!, Okla . will serve as official judge of the entire show including the breeding cattle On Monday at 7 p m !hr Top o' Tex,is Rodeo AS.-OI \.t ! ion will be host to all junior cxhibiioi 3. their pan-ills slid msti lit ;•>! s a! a barbecue dimii.-r in the .sides Hien;i at the show grounds Awmd.t will be made at tne dinner with civic (See STKKKS. l';, K e S) Chamber Sets Giant Display pre- * * BAGGERMAN * * * SHOWS ROOF FALLS; EIGHT KILLED •HIS SECOND CHAMP Judging was completed today in the Groom 4-H Club. Ilia <>rav County Junior Livestock In the heavy calf division, t h B Show, sponsored by the Pampa winnn.s were Lew Cieen, I'ampa. Noon Lions Club Finnklm Bug first; fi ed Biown, McLean. JMJC- gt-rman, a <ii<»m 4-H'er, again und Joe Wheeler. White Duel, snowed tiir <;raud C1i:iinp!Oii Call, (hiid; Duvid Stockstill of Pampa. a 7S*g pound The (Jrand fifth; «ml Steve Maddox of Pain- Champion Barrow was shown by pa. fifta. Mike Spinki of the Pampa FKA BagReiman placed first Chapter. third in the light calf class Lem Oreen. a Parnpa 4-H Club Woods, Mi Lean, was in second; member, showed the R « « « r v e l * n 'V Short. Whit* Deer, fourth; Ch*mpjon Calf, a, 920 pound Heie- at ]^ Nf ^« Green. Pampa. fifth. pl*c- An n :ht at- ford. Th» Re*erv« Champion Bar-; w*4 shown by Carl Hudson of' Thomas Hudson o/ Groom (See CHAMP, Ps$«» t) A fiant fireworks display ceeded hy a patriotu: prugnim, spiced with thrilling entertain, ment features, is panned for July 1 4 by the Pampa (Chamber of Comme roe. Tliis will be the first time that a program of this type has been attempted, according to Chamber 1 I.ISTOU'Kl.. Out i I'l'l > Manager E. O. \Ved»t?worth The ire rmk /oof ci>J!aj>.>ed wirh entire program will he hmlt nmr Saturdav nuclei U;e \ie' around the inauguration of the neu of ions of snow and n e. i inc »» star flag Congressman Walter in on a group of boys dining Rogers has accepted an invitation im1a\ moining no. Kev |:a.'ti-e to bring; 'h* main addies.s A .MM- Polu e said at leas! seven buys tract has been signed with Ihe and one man weip kilied ai;d 20 Paramount HVeworks Company of persons were (turned Tulsa ' *' )kl " f>r a th » lls «"' 1 <1 '> IIyr A d ..... —,',,„ , he. K of «i-,e y ,,,«n **» ni a .,e to ,1,-:*, „„„,. »,.,« w.H co,ui s t of ^,ue many pet^i,, svc,« nns,!,^ ,n U tfrouna p^Vd coupled w , t h the d,, ol »'= r '* 1 V° nil *» a ' Kl / l , wo le "'"* °' **'» betw " n lu , wilh » P ut1 ^"' «' :1 "' 1 " •'••<>-' >-•««'» ";'' «'«'* ^.vi"« nttl<f " l ^ n ^ n " te .''- ™< ""^l>^ '"•««• I-"K"« '"'"-v «!.*« ihe gram Will bt held in fnmt of '.he>w«fJ Ho.-key Aiena r.»f .-,.] , n d .* r , nd8 ,. nil , n Pa,k lapsed D<JI t will t* piesented fiee to the The rmk, conM.iuted tne venii r ,,blic «» Pampa's way of expiess- ago U ! a cost of more than *ao ooii. j n g lt , appreciation to in* peopi* l-ad been desigr.e.J !o withstand- nt thlf ,,,,, fof tnelr business end fh« heavy sin.wx th«t Call in thi» Fliimf"; of !i/i imkno\vn oriuin engulfed 11 l\vi»-stor\- ten room frame home on the ('omli*..\Vorli*y Kanc-h lutH Siitiirdiiy iilghl. snuffing out Ihn llfn of its rcsidrnl, .Marhin l-'rancls Hla^lnyami-. 77. I'll m pa l-'in- Chief Krni'st Win- hornn ri'pcirted late Saturday thai liin (li'partmi'iit received the alarm at il:!l) and that when their trucks arrived on the scene nhotu> I'! min- j tiles later, the house wan complete.' ly engulfetl In flames. j Tim hoiisf nnd Its furnlshiiijrsl «ero completely <lestroy<-(l with: \Vinhorne putting damagB fisureil at around S50,0(K). After nrrhing on the scene nbonl 3:35. It look a crew of flm-fighters two hour* to removm the hodv at- II :SO p.m. i Hlaslngame, who was only released from the hospital two weeks | ngo, mar lwvi» died of suffocation. a hrnrt attack or hums, (iray County Conioer, J. \V. (Rill) Graham reporte<l. Kriink Curler, who tipped the Dully News off on the storj , said ho thought n small explosion of som« sort might lw\« ignited the hhu.e. Winborne staled hei thought the firn started in the northeast part of the home, probably in the kitchen. Pampa firemen who fought (he firn Included J. V. Pirklr, Paul Sklclmorc, Dong I'oteet, l)al« Sharp aiicj Don lli*ridrick«. Deputy sheriff IJuck Haggard ar. rived on the scene ullh (irahain after being siimmmicd hy \\in home. "We were able to cool It cl.ivMi with water from a, stock tank alter wo goi there, '• \MnlMiniH staled. adding that no water plug was available and that the llr» wn» too far gon*- a/iyuu\. "It's the wors-i- fire we'\e had since- the Dux is Trading |'o*t blaze on S. Ciiylcr In li(.^7," Mlnlmrnc commented. The body ctf Itlasingami- \va» car ried hy \\inborin' in u lire depart mcnt ambulance lo Ihlrnkfl ( 'arml i had 1 iincnil Home. No Satellite Signals Heard VA.\DKNP.r:Ki; A1H KOHCK BASK C«-if . t-PI. The. Air KCIMI- S,r. iui.i'. lii.-, I the !irst S4- 'e i!:'e < ^ i '. v : n g i c>< Ke! In trie • ' P.- "•• 'I i'! /oglam 'Watson, Atkinson. Whatle.y, Huff; and Tf-erl. Trie text of the Com-' 'millee's statement to the Com-, mission follows: : "Kor <jp\-piHl yeaj-?. it ha.« been apparent to many citizens of Pam- 1 pa that our City Charter needs to! bf revised and hroujrht up to rialr. ' Thp nerd for this has also hern 1 rlii»c-\issed on many occasion.'! by thosf who ha\-p Isad thn res|V)nsi-- bility of operating our city £ o v- ; emmen 1 . . "f)ur said chaiter. tinder which Wf opfinto ,'is a "homn niic? c-itv." was aclop'od in lf'27. I! has hec^n ' • Rm'-ndcd only one time since] then, by an M nvndmenl on De- : cemb-r .1. im«-;. dividing- the ci:v into four elo'-tion wards and pro-• vidinsr for a City Com mission < om- ; posed of a mayor and four com^ mission"i s. During the thirty - two years following adoption of the charter otii- city has grown trn-- mendousiy. In many respr-cts. r.ur charter j s no! adequate :o cover needs and problems which arise :n : the administration of a city ! ii c si?.e of Pampa. A'so, son;e laws passed hv the Legislature, of hene- f:i ;»l \-alue in good city government. cannot be taken advantage of by I'ampa because there is no provision in the chartnr permitting same. Our present system of dividing the town into four wards has nlso created «n inequitable .situation. "Tne undersigned gioup, as a sort of Citizens Committee, h a s It'* Incomparable Pampa High HarvpMrr*, defending AAAA champions, who'll TIP right hack in HIP thick nf Hie fight tof Ihft 1S39 cage crown in Austin Friday and Saturdn.v. after (i iMif> nrlslngl.v cnsy. 73-Sfl, cnmrtPr-flnnN verdict ovrr hprotnforp tiff- defeated O(lr«<«in here Saturday nighf. Th*> other threp tennis still blocking the road for ft second straight, and fourth In history, Pnmpn state fill's fl re MHhy of If oil.** ton, Thontn.s .Jefferson of Dallas and Laredo. Tampa's lop-sided win before 2,*00 «crpaming spectators Snf> iirday night was their 12nd .straight over a. two-season span. Til* Harvesters now own it 29-0 record for this season »nd rank as thft only undefeated team left in (he stntc. Odessa was ousted from thrt playoffs with a torrid 2S-1 record. Pain pit won thf slate cr<mn last year, 18-17. over Port Arthur, n. team that uas dropped in the qtiarlfr-finnl roitnd Friday night, 51-38, by Milby. The HiiMcslers Ios( to Port Arthur in (he 1957 finals. (57-31. but won state titles In 1053 hy fit -47 over Austin nlid in IBM hy • "•*•) over. Cro/.lpp Tech of Dallns. l^i redo, Ihp l!i;>fi stiite |i(|t> winner, tniiled the entire came fll San Anlnnio Saliirrlny night before rowing- from behind (o oust Austin .McCallurn, B3..">«. as tiny (halo .Molina, who stands only S-» hit 3d points. Thomas Jefferson of Dnlla* had a 45-18 sc|iiccker over (Jarland Friday night to gain Ihe state meet. l-'or Panipn hi>re Saturday night till fivn starters hit in double figures. All--slate plnyers for Pampa, named Saturday by flip Tev- HS Sports M'ritprs Association, f'oyle \Vlnhorti and (liarlfn Minor had IX anrl 13 respectively while Mack l-ayne fired through IS, Craig Winborn, only junior regular, meshed 12 and Boh (Jindorf netted 1 1. (ilxe Clifton McNeely l)al>inced tram scoring like that Friday and Saturday and Pampa will own the state tide again. For (lie complete story see sports editor Her! (irises' slory and box scorn on pagr 9. OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS Two Educators spent several months studying- the help(: , a City Charter anrl Uie need for its (Sen CITY. Pag administrative side of the field. 3) Public School Week Opens Nfayor Lynn Boyd has issued a proclamation, designating this, week as Tcxaji Public Schooi Week in Pampa. Boyd'.s proclamation was similar to one m;ide by Governor Price Daniel in Conner- ! tion \vith the stale-wide observance. Many JU-'tvitir* m> schemilerl throughout the patent teacher associations and servii-e clubs of the ci'.y. For the first tune, most < ivic club* will hold their meeting's in school i-Mfp' during the week. The idea behind Texas Public School Week, according- to Homer Criag. a Pampa < hail man, is to get parents to take a greater Interest in education by visiting their children in school. Two Amarillo educators with n wanis Club to prematurely kicU- combined of 71 years in the off Texas Public School Week here teaching 1 profession -•- both as Friday. class, room instructoi s and in {he Actually "School Week" opens in the slate today and runs through a.'s Downtown Id-. IH , xt Saturday. i i j But the Kiwanians choose, to hd..- jor Die Pampa school hoard members and school administrators a. ' couplp days early. On hand to address a. large gathering of. Kt« , wanians and sruests were R. A. jiBobi Selby. assistant. .«uperintcn: dent in charge of personnel of t.h« lAmarilln school s\-slem and R. R j Norman, principal at A m a r t 1 1 o | High School. j Tne vetei-an educators from Amarillo were introduced by Kiwan- lan Rick -fezdiil?., editor of the Pampa Daily -Vew.«, after Knox Jvinard, superintendent of Pampa, Schools, introduced local school administrators, i Selby, a former Pampan, was 'principal of Pampa Junior High School from 1929-38 and served one year ns Director of Instmction ;here. He ha.s held his current post with the Amarillo school system since IDoO Norman, who has been in Ihe field of education for 41 years. has been principal at Amarillo | High for the past 30 years. He Is ialso the immediate past president ;of the National Association of Sec- KIHTATOKS, Pagii I) Tile .laycees \v,!l nu'ft in La- niar Elementary School, Rotary in Stephen K. Lions in Sam Houston and Kiwanis in Horace Mann. A slap dinner Tuesday will honor members of the School Board and the. Texas Public School Week Committtjf. The dinner is set (or fi p.m. Tuesday st Sam Houston Klementary School. Another Tuesday even!, will be Fathers Night at Robert K. Lee Junior Hijjh School. The I.amar choir will siiig' at a meeting of the Lamar PTA Thursday. One o/ the best attended events will be a teachers appreciation (Sen SCHOOL. Tag*. S) P:o Bul .'3'ini c e i v >' ihtce V. !1E ll-'l from th« 1 d off >ms af'er tiit- i 'ia.i n,-. n le lOti-pound am- j,> at h*t li* i-i • ,-ontnbulion what it i». in making Mh« city ne.-unn of cemial 75 miles west "f about n. ' -' ;\^ ) ' 1 1 \''. i f- e t, i • t; i .s Bul al 7 i.i in . v, hrll tile hoill Kot.r ,s::ii ii-!,t O:.; a si:m hopr j ,>f su> . i-nn(\'.l oibiuif; ar.d .said it w o u 1 't niak,- an a.'ihoiiii ,'::u-n! shoitlv aiU'i * p in "if hc'>i: !:.f .satellite shou:d h,» :-*>niii Hauainn tr-a< king N'.Hiiori in orbit If It c'imp* from a hardware utor* 1 it. I e\\i)i Hardware. Ad\. SCHOOL WEEK SPEAKERS iu»\ iiidn. riMiUT, .suj)fri Pampa M-lifxii.s. luuks o\.'i>r srnnc tacts and 1'ijAiii f.s "ti lhe "hiring of leachinj; pcrson- nei" uliic-h Boh Si>|h\. Jclt. ;<.n<i R H. Noinsar;, rijiht, used as Ifieir Mjliitvt matter in adrin-sses lo tlu- Pampa Kiuanians Friday. Selby, a lornier Pampan, is as- sisinnt siipofintond'-rii of Amarillo schools and Norman lias been principal at Amarillo High for 30 years. (Daily News Photo) Shop Today's Pampa News For Dollar-Day Values

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