The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, FRIDAY,, JULY 13, l?Z ociety Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. it. tlin Country club last • week tor u nhorl visit with 'Mr, and "•• * '• Mn. 10. 1"J. Yuggy at the Yagsy Plantation cnrouto fro uiOonnoctlcut where ho tiaa lieon visiting la different {'Dints. •J> t- •» Mr. nnil Mra. .lease Denloirn of lloil|;ii City wero the guests yesterday and last night n[ Mr. mill Mrs, Ilort 1 terry of Crescent Park, for the notary picnic and parly. Mr. Dcntoiis Is cdllor of tho DodRo City Globe. .1. $ Mra. A. J. Miller of St. Thomns, Out. Canada returned to her homo yesterday after upending two months hero visiting her sister, Mrs. Frod ItnniH mill Mr. Uurns and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1). F. lvey. Tho purly rvi-nlnc ror lln? ItntarhitiH of Soulh, Ivuusiu'.' many uu-n unit their wives and frlcndii to 1 lutcliinnon. Among those Mho were hero yesterday ultcmllng tin' various lunotiuna planned for them were: I'roni Lamed: Mr, and Mm. Charles Price, Mi - , and Mm. 1-o.slic Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Will Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. 1,. A. Hiuiinn, Mr. anil MrM. Murk" Krone)}. Mr. ami Mrs. K. 'VV. |tl Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Harness, Mr. uinl Mrs. .1. A. nillon. Mr. nnd Win. il'.inl Atiilrews, 11. M. Heed ond lieu. Jonopli nnd Krod Doll. I'roni I'ratt' Mr. unit Mrs. Tom llryilon, Mr. and Mrs. llorbor, Mr. and Mrs. Jlui:b Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Fay ll\ii;li<':i. Mr. nnil Mrs. UussoU Cravens, Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. Sapplng- lon and daughter, -Mr. lied Mrs. Charles P. Hestoll and il!iill;lller, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Hartwalte. Miss Maude 11. l)o:in, Mrs. Alice Ki.-lllilllll, Hev. .('ro.-ker, J. .1. Hull, Ceor!;o Sv Sciililllu. rCale Ihiehanan. From ("liieaco: K F. Siliil. 1-Yoin Arhiuisas t'ity: I'ern Ihir'urd. l''ro!ii lfcidce City: Mr. ami Mrs. J.-.-.-o lVnioiis, Mr. rind Mrs, Harry C i-cvier Froni < l'.i mid Mr Coe H Hiis.-'-l , Vc-.-kv mtrt Mrs Paul 11,1 Mil.-'--. l-'H's. Mr. mi'! Mrs. Prion 1 Tin Mr. ml- Mr Hid Mrs. M Mrs. Chai », Mrs <!«.-"-:", Mr. vis,in. Mr. anil Mrs Ir and Mrs K. It. I.i Mrs J.s-c liic- Fr.ilik Muses, Mr. pen Woilinor. Il'"ral: l *iinl A. Simmers. Mr. and Mra. Leslie Wallace and Mr. ami Mrs. Will Vernon of Lamed, motored to Hutchinson yostorday to nt.end the llotary picnic and—party, drlvlnn homo later In the evening. Mr. Wallace Is editor of the Lamed Tiller and Toller. Mr. and Mrs. "Monty" Heed and Mr, and Mrs. Mark Krouc.h ot Lamed were here yesterday and last evening for the -Kotary party. :.el Mr ami Mrs. V, e Jack M .rhau.rh. . .Mr 1 ml M Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chappel of l>inK 1- ion K. t Heaeh. Calir., are hero visiting at Is- j siifinrhrtn home of Mr. ami Airs. 11. F. Key in Whiteside. Miss Alice Pick ot .".ii'i.'oinla, is vis-itinc. In ni.l Mrs. W. II. Pick third. * x* l.os Angeles, r parents, Mr. of 120 East Cla> (if .nirls of the hnreh held a pic- Malay. Tte'ir ICumia SVYiKllt •ul'. .Iniiior Foe,mil r ,\;im:e!ieai • lite si Ci.ri-v park (reejier, .Miss Alibi chapel'im-il tile ur ivre liielr were M Ceiss AH ,... I Paris, Mi Mis* IVulah Mill. y, ...tis.s F,ie;ne Ma,- \Vii«»tti». MKs t'"v»lliy Wf- H"i' " Smith. Miss MihiV hie.. Miss Mercedes Mel'lll K.hi.i Ks.l.e. Miss Miii who iMh, Miii Mis Pa'. Mil. lii.l Mr. Will ..1 c Id, Mi ', Mis lehfh •I> Hi" Chin '. M i . - .lei, •<\ I'M. Mi Hie l!iemll..".s „f '.lie el .Mrs. II. li. Wrinht ,11,.! Perl Miller Jr. Ill i'tu'Ji Jennings, .Miss M.elyn Johnson, Miss Wuvd. 1 llran- .-, Miss •T. Mis3 va Sims, Frae.-cs e s, Miss iier. Poll ss were ,lrs. .1. ri. I Mrs. H. P. llarlmann nnil grnnd- ihiiicliler Vlrrrinia llartnnmn have j £one to Lilllwyn, for a short visit. 1 Mrs, II, M. Schumos of 2^4 Rasd Sec- 1 oml left, yesterday for a feiv days' visit In Kansas City, Mo. WOULD MARKET WHEAT ON HOOF County Agent Say» it U Now Cheaper Than Corn for Hog Feed. Whont Is clionpcvr than com as :i hog feed nt tho prevullinK prices, nc- cording to V. 3. Crlppon, county agent. If whont Is tod at the present time It will help to prevent tho further Kim ting ot the market with whont, when the prices are lower than tho cost, of production. "Cnro must he lined In feeding wheat for It contains a higher percoutaRo of protein than corn and It Is also likely to be hoUod when eaten as It touda to form a douRliy ball iu tho hoRu stomach,' 'explained Mr, Crlppon. "That tendency can ho overcome by balancing tho wheat ration with aonio moro bulky feed, uuch na hrnn or ground alfalfa. "The host authorities on livestock teeilitiK agree Hint corn contains loss total nutrients than wheat. Tho analysis shows that corn contains 85 per cent by weijjbt of iliRestiblo nutrients while wheat contains 8S.1 per cent." of the inland, waa hero today rlsltlnK (ho local off Icon and seeing his uncle, C. I). Forby. S. K, Woods, Sat.Ut Fo apodal officer, went to Cheyenne, Wyoming, yos- tenlay. Tho canlaloupo movement over tho Hock Island In nearlnn tho ond. As high as not) cars a day front the Imperial Valley of California havo passed through Hutchinson Ourlng tho peak. In aboul a waok tho cantaloupe movement will havo simmered down to a train ti day from Arizona, But tho wheat movement will ho getting heavier every day nnd traffic probably will be Just as honvy. LATE CHICKENS WOULD PAY BETTER THAN EGGS TOMORROW EVENTS. .1 Vol Mic-v I I l.ii II. Ion Mi 1111' ill!' Mil In il;,!s|,a,l ill hnbl Suil'l.i h-re in i ill tile •III! tile .! the llutc ,1 ami the iin nil d.iy iiitoimiiiil.s', n ie <v. A;. iinson ladlea ,ilcn!c They al.oilt drive •! ,liu- Miss Virc.inla Conkliti and Miss Frances Conklin will preside 115 hostesses to the members of their bridge cluIt at a posepon.el meeting at their home, 2"S Sixth avenue oust. Puncheon will he served at one o'clock, followed by an afternoon of bridge. K. S.A. C.lXPiTAlDS DEMONSTRATION WORK Present Low Price Offers Good Chance to Hold Off Market K. S. A. C. Man Says. Westoni Kan-sas farmers, who nro solUiip ogKs us low :is 13 i:onts a doz- t'li, would bti ;tl3h? la muUe moiioy by hiUohtng t-ptrt and raising latt^ chickons tnsttvul of fitO.linK llit'ir og^s, acronJing to X .1, Schnth, :\ poultry .'qircialiHt from tho extension department of the Kansas State Agricultural College, \s-ho was here today, "Thu ogga which aro beinc sold mu them an? hirgoiy turtilo and tho chioU- ens could he. raised cheaply with homo grown grain.." he- explained. "Tlic! male birds could be caiioniivnl and fed up 5iO that they would compute with turkeys In the lioliday niarki-t around Thanksgiving and Chiistnias. Tlu? pulleis would also find a ready market at that time." SERVICE EXTENSIONS BYU.W.G .*LC0. Tho United Water, Gas and Bloc- trie Co. will begin work on a sorloa of water main and arc light extensions within n short time, according to J. M. "Mnlllson, superintendent. Tho water main on west 'Fourteenth avenue will be extended froi'n Jefferson to Monroe and tho one on Thirteenth west will be extended from Madfsbrr to Monroe. New arc lights are to be put In around the Hock Island crossings on l.oraln street, where several accidents have occurred recently. The lights will bo located at Avenue B and Lorain, at Avenue O and Lorain and at Avenue B and tho Hock Island crossing:. Arc llchts will also be put along the slreeU bordering the St. Elizabeth hospital. RAILROAD NOTES an ;i: b'M 'ri or the WicMui • iiu\,iii;iry. uud the m;ui iijlie.-^ or tlio staff at 7 .ett«> and the ,vi:i be HI '! -....l. • M-f.i.-ion •Mil be tho I'niiMi and and tli" NifWP, vrin'i'.ig eomixuileB Hie were t 'Mt'Ttalned lni: at l .b- }vuu> 1 I*» TwtdHh jiveu lov the affiilr v r .'iitnm. .Mis.* Hynn ;ii:d Mi-:;i rt!' fe'i" !>!': at bridge tl. e!" Mi *s rra:i .in \\ r rf.:bt Hiidr-d II ;.' .dull inv;rn- l/oe, or;*- •tli.- tifk, tUI1(*.l!"i)n \v; abaugh'Wtb-y '!%•, 'e ;irr;!i!^''ni''!)t >> ••fiis r .tiin -d t!i • 'h< i guests l^iruthy Mij *3 Taj' la! :ua. At ^ervi'd ul 11-< An l.ii Th» lyiinn Kvaiiiieiicai clou .!i irit-r-ting yt';;ffrdiiv lorn: of a pii-iiie nt f P '.• 1) I 1 W..|J! S V. :-ei' t'n-- :iii-i'!!i:;-. Tlii"-i ii! I .i ir were ~\\ r. 1 -. A a'um ,Mis Viui'iae t'lcv Mir.s !.is-. ul' tho HrPt held their cla;- 1 * altevnuvu] in (.lie Sy!v;ni park. K*-- ••. ed at I be I'H.AC of e who f'ujoyfd tho iMi.-,s Lavelle liort>thy I 'lrii, Miss 1, Mit^s tH'f\»* Sweet, Hester Kay I, Miss Kuf h fianks, Until Warner .-:id Mi.->s W;iva ']'!(.• tuemlM'r's or the WiMin;? \Vt>rk- rrs f'ireb* i.if tie- Zion i.ijl.l)i.-i'aii Kvan- P<>1 ehuveh ;inil their familie.-i cn- juy.-il ;i pi'-nir supp» j r ;it Die t'urt-y J/..*Ke bi.'d '.'veiling. A ht-uiitiiu] »np- j'.ei' w;i.=. i-crved and tho ••v-.-ning spent lioMiing and ;it tin- thf*;itt r out thure. r i'l'''re were alumt 50 present. A. .T. ?i:liot]\, a poultry specialist from tho Kan.^a^ -State Agricultural (Vilegi!. was here lo.lay helping V. ^. Cripjion, rouuLy a scut I-* Instructing lie* pn;ilt ry nionatraction teams wliiel: art' bein^ organlztKl among the poultry i'Uibs ij; this county. The ih :iii»:iht rnUon is on tlie suh- h-M-t of "Cofting the dligh l^ie^d and it covers trie practical problems of poultry nianiiL-.'-ii'Mit. The 'boy9 and r,!rls cinbs in this eounty will oiu- pele with lh-' cluhs rrom nil over tho stato .'a tfiese demonstration contests '.vhfeh will he le-ld in connection with ibe Statu Fair. FLAKE RUFFLES - NOVKI. FEATURE M'. and Mrs. .lanic: dniigiitei' Annabelle Hpuniling tho prist y. CiiHl'ornia, and who i 1). Neotham and w!io havo boen •ar at I'laremont, liave. boon vHit- inw for 1 wo weclis at tho homes of Mrs. M, II. llinkle ami Mr. and Mm D. y. Itielnirds of Iiiaat. Iciest., h;i\o roturn- t-d tu their home In Ithaca, N. Y. Tlie uiemhorH of Troop 11 of the Hoy ficuuts will have, a barn dunce tomorrow evening at tho Y;iggv PhumitJon. r l 'iie young men and Uiclr latii*^ will go out in a hay rack, accompanied by their ripunsor, Kuv, M. L, Kain. <•> —i> — \, ———-ji—• I PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. • 4, — —« S-—^— 1v— C+; — Q,~kf Miss Margaret ICIdor and Mr. l./aw- reneo Wider left this nioiniiiK for Troy 'whoro thoy will apond tho renviiuder of tho H \mum>r visiting Uioir gi-nnd- V.iroutft, Mr. nnd Mi-b. J. D Eldor. They will viidt in St. J{f,neph, Mo. before returning. Mra. A. H ITryor, Ukla., Woiitor ami rottlrned visit hero with relative.,. They wero iiccompankHl by .Wfaa Monica Ilrough- ton, who will si'eud aovorul weeks UJJ their guest. * <> Mr. and Mra. flilllly JKoarl will leave Buiulay for Omaha, Nebr., and Uncoln, Nehr., for a short visit. They will plop In (ICansas City, Mo., eurout» hero, fi'hey .expect to he go-no about a weeli. * • • Miss Leda Cooiier of 812 East fihor- pian Btreot loft this morning for leaver, and Colorado Sprint's, (Jolo., where she will spend a two weeks' vacation. * • • Mr. Arthur Yagpy or Santa B»r- f <baru, Calif., will stop off Iters next This frock smacks strongly of tho Farlsl&n. The tlwroil .skirt has been ,. featured for r.omy time but these . f ! (rraduatcil ruffles are HOiuothiug new 1,1 , "*"y , I and unique. Tho skirt is made of ..--unlay vo , bl(lck Blllt crelm ;uul 0 , lcil ruKl() t K pinod with silk. Tho blouse of printed silk in perfectly plain with the exception of tho sleeves. These urn lulled Into a narrow black cuff anil are shirred and corded a short distance from the top. A spray of little ullh flowers across the front at the belt la another novel feature. The hat. too, haB a decidedly French look. It Is fashioned of silk and turns up decidedly ou tho lcjt side with a bit silk rose. It Is not a Kown for tho woman who can afford but a few dresses and has to make over her things, hut for the one who can hecominKly wear the styla and can afford to cast Is aside when tt tiros her It Is very clovor and Individualistic C. A. Hunter, traveling freight acent of the I'iVk Inland, has gone to Nehraska lor a two w^oks vacation. * Kuiiployt-e:-: of the local express office have received a letter from tl. H. Nicholson of the Hi'o(.iie;-linod of Railway and Steamship clerks, advising them that their petition for a lac per hour increase will come up ror a decision «oon. The decision Is toade by a government lalxir board ami Mr. Nicholson udvl.^es the lot-ti office em l'\ 11. Doll of Larned waa here today on business. Arthur VoUht ot Creat 'Bend was here today on business. Carl .Telcharalier. a representative of the Kmplre OH \'o., from Newton was here today on business. The Itico county students at the Hays Teachers COUCRO w-oh the silver loving cup at tho Fourth of July track meet. fleo. -Miller of 215 Eleventh east was arrested yesterday evening for driving 3C uiilcs an hour on Main street. .1. W. nelden who has beer, manager of the elevator at Dent Spur has moved his family to Delphos where lie will hiive a simlhir position with the Farmer* elevator at Pe.tphos. Moro thati SO car loads of merchandise was handled at the rretty Prairie station during; the month of Juue, fine indication of the growing Importance of that community. Drs. Thomas ami Thomas', chlro praetors, who have been located at Great Ueml for the past IS months have located hero In the McCurdy building. They wero previously from Wichita. Dr. R. T. Campbell, president ot the Sterling college has been spending the past week nt Winona Lake, j mi; jwai sn-eiv ill W lliona Ind P'.oyees that it is almost certain to be; attending the National Reform con- favorable to them. j ventkui. he was one of the three dele- P. A. Summers. <,f the Santa Ve j gates appointed from Kansas, lines from D .xlge City, is in the city j Bids for tho re-building the court u> day. j house at Pratt will be opened up on Karl Sriowden, traveling agent of the! August 1 Oth. A, R. Mann of Mann, & Southern Pacific linos with head-j "orov archileets of Hutchinson met quarters at. Kansas city. Mo., is in i with the. board of county commls- the city today on business. j sioners and jij-eseuted the finished Clark Davis, division freight agent' l' lMna a,ul tlle - v were approved, of the Santu Vo we.iu to Dodge City! C. W. Cla; liiiugh, editor of the today on business. I Pretty Prairie Times made tho trip A poster put out bv the South-' to San All onio, Tex., last week to at MINISTER LEADS of a beautiful oomplot- ton and a ftktn kept itofl and rolraty by t(i» tiso of thla dainty addition to m!lAdy'a toilet • vthHn and flesh, 80o and rtOo tho Jar. At all good loUti couaUri, OLDFIELD TIRE SALE See Page 4 The Hev. Seth Rem!, Methodist minister, himself a centenarian, was a prominent figure at the Ypslkuitl, centennial celebration recently. He was born the year the city was'fouuded. western Wheat Improvement A-van., of Kansas City, Mo. shewing the effects of crop rotation on wheat yi .-ld-' has been placed iu the local Hock Island ticket office. According to fiitiiies shown on the po.-ter ami proven by actual tests at Manhattan, Kansas, i the Argosy off land is made to yield 146 bushels more! unite a curiosity tend the dedication of the Woodman of the World Sanitarium. The trip took a week and every moment of the time was enjoyed by Mr. Claybaugh. J. B. Nlnlnger brought a potato to Monday that was way, In that it Per acre over a ten yea system of crop rotation. Wallace A. MaCowan, district freight agent of the Lake Erie & Western Tl. H. witJi offices at Kansas, City, •is In the city today. Lawrence P. Forby, of Little Rock, Ark., traveling mechanical engineer period, by aj had grown through the ring of a pad lock- that had no doubt boon lost In the potato Patch at some timo. The potato is ciulte well formed ami Is securely locked in the padlock. Saturday evening dance Stevens ponds 10-tf H ousehold H ints By MRS. MORTON MENU HINT Breakfast. One-half Orunge. Ilotksl Oais. Top Milk. Uncoil. YVbcut Cakes. Cotton. Lunctiaon . Scrambled EBBS- Lettuce Saii'iwtebes. Cl'iaiiiiid t'utiUovB. Cookies. Horrlca. Ti;a or Milk. Dinner. Veal and Peas en Casserole, linked Potatoes. Waldorf Salad. Tea. Raised Plst-uits. Jelly. Angel Food Cuke. i SUGGESTIONS I To Improve a Bathtub—An enameled j bathtub can be greatly Improved if : now and again after washing In the ordinary way with soap and water I you rub it over with a soft cloth soaked in paraffin. A sprinkling ot salt on I tho flannel Is a further Improvement. j Finally, wash the bathtub out with clean, warm water. It will come ujjl white and shiny and free from those (depressing smears that are tho house! wife's horror. „_-,- , r. • Knitted Silk Ties— These are tho Strawberry Tapioca will. Whipped Oram. directIona for a Blrap)e but prettv klltt . TODAY'S RECIPES j ted. silk tie: Four steel needles,. No. _ , _ , '18, are required, and one spool of Angsl Food Cakc -Taka ono cup allk , Cust fifty-four stitches on three' egg whites, one teaspoon cream of needles nnd knit with the fourth, as tratar, one cup granulated sugar, one you~ would a stocking, for fifteen ond onotnlrd cups flour, ono teaspoon Inches, then begin the decreasing; ,, „ knit one, knit two together, taking vanilla. Beat whites &llff, add flour. tront , 00 „ 8 ol HllteneS| klllt lwenty . sugar and cream of tartar which havo tw0 _ kllit mixt (wo together. In back boon sifted together four times, a lit- lops, and repeat. Knit four times lie at a time. Bake In a moderate around plain, ami repeat last five row» oven forty-five to fifty minutes, add decreasing as directed I every fifth vanilla lust to avoid evaporation. The row, only that there wilt ha "two less yellows may ho used for scrambled stitches between tho narrowlngs nt eggs for luncheon. 'each side, every row. When twenty- Veal and Peas—-Take two and one- five stitches remain Unit fifteen Inches half pounds shoulilor of veal, one nan for the neckband, or the length ro- nctts. Urowii meat cut in small pieces c,ttired, then begin Increasing for the In frying pan, scar.on, remove to cas- other end of tie, as you decreased, sorole, bake In slow oven until tender. Widen at each side of tie, front and After removing meat fill pan with hot hack, by picking up and knitting a water to save all flavor and particles stitch as you do for the thuznh guss«t of meat, pour In casserole. When leu- of a glove' or mltton, knitting one dor and one* can of peas, brown, then plain stitch between tho two sldo serve. If there la any left, It is de- whleningB, then knit plain the stitches llclous creamed for lunch next day. across tho tie between. Knit four Waldorf Salad —Take two cups times around plain, and repeat until cubed apple, one cup chopped celery, you have again fifty-four stitches on one-half cup nuts, walnuts preferred, the needles; knit for ten Inches, hind Moisten with salad dressing, serve on oft, press and saw up th» and* or not. lettuce leaf. as preferred. GOSSIP OF THE STREET U. C. T. meeting—The Hutchinson U. C. T. Council will have a meeting on July 28 and Senior Counselor Uu-j rub promises to make the, meeting short and snappy. A number of can- dhlates will be initiated at tills meeting. —-x— To get federal pay—The members of Battery II of the 130th Field Artillery will receive their Federal pay checks at their drill jierlod Monday night. Located In Canada—F. W. Glgax, formerly of Hutchinson who lived here twelve years ago is now general manager of the Matbew Mooily & Sons company* manufacturing agricultural Implements -and threshing machines at Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. Into Los Angeles bank—Mr. and Mrs. Men Astlo will leave soon for Los Angeles, Calif, where Mr. Astlo has secured a fine iwsitiou in a bank there. Ho will take up hts duties there August 1. Two Draw $25 Fines — Russell Lilly, who was tried in police court yesterday afternoon for being drunk, was fined $25 and costs and was given 30 days in Jail. J. P. PVrasel ot Tulaa and W. P. Thompson, who were also tried for being drunk were fined .$25 and costs each. * —x— His Watch Stolen—Ed Suffron. who is staying at the Lincoln Hotel, reports that his 11 jewel Elgin watch was stolen sometime last night. The thief also took his chain and locket which had a red set ou ono side. Eastman Kodaks Edison Phonographs Change of Thought on Watches People arc finding' out that nothing is more extravagant than a cheap watch. They are buying watches today— not as mere pieces of Jewelry, but for what -they are really worth as timekeepers. Be sure and see our beautiful Bulova Watches before buying. Expert watch repairing. Santa Fe Watch inspection. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henry Zli.n Jno. P. Blrchfleld Among the Bargains at Sawyer's Sale This Week $2.98 WaBh Dresses $1.»B 98c Bungalow Aprons..fac $9.95 "Silk DreBses $4.98 $6.95 Wash Dresses $4.98 $6.96 Silk Skirts $3.48 $6.9S Silk Sweaters $3.48 $3.98 Wool Sweaters.. .".$1.98 50c Fay SllpOns 39c 98c Bloomers 75c $2.98 White Waists 98c $1.98 White Middles $1.00 $6.96 Sport Skirts.'. $3.48 $15.00 White Dresses.. .$4.98 $39.50 Silk. Dresses....$19.75 $29.75 Spring Suits $1-1.88 $29.75 Spring Coats,.. .$14.83 $1.49 Petticoats .98c $1.48 Costume Slips 98c AND MUCH MORE. Crescent Park Building Site Having purchased a resideuco, I will offer for sale at n real sacrifice price, c.lvoleo building slto at 109 Crescent Blvd. Complete plans and specifications) for $15,000 homo optional with purchaser. Dr. G. It. Oage. aren't as many spies in war as the magazlno writers claim.- Atchison Globo. MULTlQRAPHtNQ Malllno, Folding, Aridresslnu. PHONE 670 We write advertlKlng campaigns. All kinds ot Maluiin Lists. EUGENE HANDLES ADV. CO. Eueeno Randies—W. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN Knlfo and box Cleauora. plaiting. Lewis 11-41 BRING BODY HERE. Funeral Services Ta Bo Held Tomorrow For O. B, Stewart. Tho body of O. B. Stewart, the hrothOT ot M-ra. Frank Oolloday, will be brought here and the services will be held at the Frieson's funeral parlors Saturday evening at 7 o'clock. Interment will'lie In KasLsido cemetery beshlo his paremn. Mr. Stewart died at Long Beach, California, on July 8, as iho result of Injuries received in an automobile accident. Apologies Accepted. Ho kissed her. They- wero on the porch. Just outside a path of white moonlight, says Cougar's Paw (Wash. Slate). It was their first evening together, and as he did no want her to think thatjie WSB In tho haljit of kissing girls, ha said, "I'm sorry." She looked rather hurt at that, ot course, so he tried to make a recovery. "Well, that isn't what I mean, but you know—ah—o—ah—It Is the first time I've been, out with you nnd—-Oh, shuokol" "Perhaps I did work a little too fast," was her confession. SATURDAY SPECIAL Flower baskets of wicker. Strongly made la many different stylos and colors. All filled with water containers. These baskets are In sizes most suitable for short stemmed summer tkiwers. Only 49c Each. You nood albasket like those for" your porch or house these days. Flowerphona 3800 IS North Main A Matter of Color. "A lady was entertaining hor daughter's caller who was just back from a summer outing. The convorsatlon had been somewhat spasmodic end finally she decided to try him ©r» some of the new books. 'lIUvo you read "'Freckle*,'- Mr . JohnBon?" sha ventured. "No, ma'am," ho stammerad, blushing, "mine are the brown kind."— Medley (N. Y. U.) Such a Question! ' Mrs. Mulcaliy—An' why did yei koe-p Mickey in after school? Teacher^—I asked him who George Washington was and he only stood and looked at me. Mrs. Muleahy—It's dumfounded the poor b'y was at yer Ignorance, likely. —From the Boston Transcript, fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllW 1 WHY PAY MORE? I Men's Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed for 75 Cents. All other items as reasonable. We have the most modern equipment which assures you of the HIGHEST QUALITY work. Deliveries made to any part of the city. Call phone 107 or 108 NOW and get the BEST LESS. American Steam Laundry

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