The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on May 3, 1903 · Page 6
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 6

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1903
Page 6
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St. ic liiie.- : "'-'·' · · : - . · ril 301, 1903. o San Frani- many -other ne-way, sec- kets. id y»u addi- « AHM. ciu«ti». OMEN! t tlx* Vuxllnc Mid wwer f r*xti*+ "Hen to eho' fickle," Mid Mis» ilia- mi Brown; "«ey goes back on you on de slightest provocation." "What's been happenln'T" asked Miss Alice Jefferson Totnpktns. "Mr. Kattus Pinkley eorae aroun' trying to kiss, an' so as not to seem too wllMn' an' audacious I smashed 'im wif a flat-iron, an* Jet* fob dat be jilted n»!" Bishop Watterson tells a story of how be was once taken for a "drummer" by a traveling salesman woo w»a riding on the same train. "What house do you represent?" be was asked. "Lor^ Church," Ireplied the bishop. "H'm!" mused the drummer; "never .heard of It Any braaob house?" "Branch houses all ever the world," said tbe man of God k easily. "Tbat'a queer!" went on the drummer, who began to think he had run across a boastful representative of some small concern. "Br--boots and shoes?" "No." said the bishop. "Dry goods?" asked the drummer, beginning to display irritation. "Well, no," said the bishop, "some folka call 'em notions." _'In his "Random Recollections," Chas. H." E. Brookfield, a highly esteemed actor oa the Uandon 'stage, says: "I remember a piece whicb we produced at the Comedy Theatre^written by a popular author, and Tery' strongly cast, which amused us all so much that we could hardly rehearse it. Charles Hawtrey used every now and then warn us: 'Now don't speak too aoon on that; there's certain to be a big laugh, and we "don't want them to miss the next line.' We rehearsed for six weeks. On the first night nothing went wrong--but -the piece. There was not one laugh i nor one round of applause .from start to finish. We took off the comedy in ten days, during which we rehearsed as a stop gap a conventional three-act farce with, no literary- pretensions. 1 think it ran for a year." - ,, An Important Discovery.» Grantor, Okla., Feb. 9th.--After tea years E. H. 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For m great many years doetorsTiro · nounced Ita local disease, and prescribed lack': remedies,.- and. by constantly, failltw to cnn with local treatment, pronounced itlhcuroble Science bus proven catarrh, to bo a constitutional disease, and therefore requires const! tutlonal treatment. : Bull's Cotiirrh Cnro:' manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co.;-Toledo, Ohio Is the only constitutional cure on the market tt Is taken Internally In dmes-from 10 drops tc a teaspoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of. the system. -They otfoi one hundred dollars for any case it fulls wcuni Send tor clrcularoand tcstimonlftlB. . " . F. X CHENKY t CO.V Toledo; "SoMby Druggists,75j: - ' - . " · · - . . - Hall'at'amllTPlllaarothe'bctt. : '., 1 , -..''-The more a man.owea/the more;«n- spiclous he is as a financier.' - rigo's Core cannot be too hlpMy upokcn of n« a congh cure.V-J. W. O'Brien, il2 Thirj Arer, : -N.,' Minneapolis; Mlnn.'.'lan. 8.~1060!"'' 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To Cure A Cold In One day. : r*k» Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab!»t». All drngginta refund monevtf itf*il*tocure. 2Sa Misers are pocket edition* of man kind - : ' , - . . ' . . ' ; · : , ; . - · . , ; ' .,,· Kni. TOMtow'* ftoothlnir Syrnp.' Fot children teething, Mftea* lb« (tirnn, rrimr imrtm M. The gift of sileaoe has tared many a reputation. ._ . , . . . , . ; · Magnet PHe Killer Cum Pllta. . When th«7late "fom"1pe»d was irsi talked ot for the Prmldency, ae WM asked If he thought the partr wo«W put htm In nomination. Hi* r«pl} was: "They nigkt. d* wor««-- «nd : think tt«J Will." Washington, senate today jiawwd without objection or discussion tM jtlklns;bill to fur ther regulate r»Uroad transportation. It Is one of a.|iaa$b^r of measures presented In thl» aesoittn conterniBg corporations and ^haa particular reference to raiiroada. the text of the bill with f ake^aiafcndm*** made In committee, have* b«wii 'fublished- heretofore. The Irtny- mrarqprla.tlon bill, which went OJrer yeTO^rftuy' at the request of Mr PetWs **s passed. The provision- estabLsfiJifr a general staff was eliminated. Ijrter; the inuepend- ent measure, id*ntl*l i£ its provision with the general skff section of the general army" MM; f was passed after having been rtcon^Bered 1 to permit the -incorpt. ration eijan amendment by Mr. Bwrjr, pls»)fif JtSie chief of staff eiclusiyelj£uiider"t3 fe direction of the president The-blllr now' goes lo-a sonference. HP iQnirles spoke for twa- bours and a half ·vpthout 'concluding. Mr. Quay inqulmd what had become of his two ameninii tats to the sundry siviL bill and afrit nltural appropriation bills, embodyil* the statehood 5111. which had^bcm reported by his committee Mf. Bi^erldge characterized the action of Mr. Quay-as an extraordinary -iiroce^firie. Mr Quay dryly-replied tbat there was nothing Unusual,about It. CTliere was .no an wer to Mr. Quay's Question -Washington, F«bf = 4.--Senate --To ward the end «(' t*e,session of the senate today L there;'was a lively -passage of words between Mr. Oallinger and Mr. BeTerKtie, Tne former de- :lared in unmi«t»k*le terms that Mr. Bereridge and r hw! jfollowiers on the statehood olll were Prolonging tne debate in pursuance I of a "deliberate and premeditated system of obstruction.", Mr. Qnay Injected some humor Into the.debate' after Mr. Kean, who had held* the flc'or for some time In opposition Jto t*0 bllLyaid that he would postpone bif 'remarks on account of a: sever* «*l|d. by saying that the Infirmities ft tl|i« opponents ot - "- " ' stntehhttiU : all it bill was re-consldq an amendment' _ Etafl under the di dent, "and the sed the direction of I Hale of Maine pra the '-'conferees ;-;c ' consular: ·appropria! agreed · to.-.-: Twentj ting to "such an id 10 "nee ilium |'j«« general staff *vt nassed-witb: - the chief ot [ioii_of the presi- Of, war under /president "j Mr. fcterf the report of Irt'dlplbmatie and T ; en!'private- pen-: .t-;;A'senate, bill; liXdltef.the hearing' «W;-~*uy:s : inJ eijuity -was.-passed- to' 'KG; and . determiriati6h' ; ^ , .. pending, or --l.hereaftj|r-J-vh,rpuglit" Dundee : " . ,^--~',, J -, ,*~~-~-----^;--^ V 9 n , X n .^ pbsto'hlce'!. apprpp'riifeiop-jVbill;v was ;en- jiyoned j;Joaayl.!by. Aji fninteresting ;dis- cu^sion.'.ofitnif tBr.ift),'iili".vItjiwas'.par- "tlcipated 1 : In : b*y .Mr.^|!b'ley.: republican;; bf- : P'.ennsylvania;, 54l^illiams,. de'mo- .--..'. . . , . - . - . ·'·-1«·--··*";Mr/-Griggs. - cratl of ; Mississipp ; .. democrat of; Gebrgi»'-V : Tle ; cqiisidera-L tion ; of the, postofllce^BiSl-in. committee ' " - , . f.ihe 'whole^wM.:c(«HF|et"ed, but it was- ot .'pas'sed;-- 1 '' ~,lf. '..^-^3 '.'.!. ,'^V ; ' '"':-."'. '.; .': · ~ : ~ - ' ' pf. not Washngtoir ' bis resolution, introduced yesterday, calling on the secretary of the navy for correspondence regarding the military occupation of -the bays of Panama and Colon. He had not progressed far. however, when Mr Cul lorn, who had been, following him closely, interrupted .him with a motion for an executive cession, which Mr. Morgan resisted. ~ Tbe chair overruled Mr. Morgan's objections and the doors were closed. -vAfter ; the'dboris closed Mr. Morgan.continued his remarks;;speaking especially of to® irregularities wiictt he said characterized the government of Panama. He did not, however, do this until a'ter he had spoken of the action of the senate in closing the doors while he was discussing bis resolution. He «ald he considered himselt ,as good a Judge as any one of the proprieties connected with executive matters. He had not violated those proprieties and did not Intend to do BO. He expressed the opinion that such a question of such importance as tbe construction of an interoceamc canal, could Jie openly debated, and he an nounced his intention of offering n motion to that effect in the senate Replying to this Mr. Cullom aatd that he "had not intended any affront to Mr Morgan in aking that the doors be closed, and that he had made the re quest only because ot the latter's reference to the treaty,^which, under tbe .rules, could not be debated in open session. House --General debate on the"antitrust bill closed in the house shortly oefore 6 o'clock this evening. The de bate had proceeded since 10 o'clock this jnornlng. More Interest was aroused "as it proceeded and the closing speeches by Mr. DeArmond (dem.) of Missouri and Mr. Littlefleld (rep ) of Maine were delivered to crowded galleries- and a very full floor. ,, Washington, Feb. 7.--Senate.--The statehood bill again today claimed the greater share of the senate's attention. Mr. ivean continued, but did not con elude his speech, on that' subject, and toward the~clOjSe~of tbe day there was a general debate on the allegation ot the opposition to the bill that it does not contain a a -sufficient safeguard against polygamy. A large number of bills to which there was no objection ·were passed during the day. House--By a unanimous vote, 245 to 0, the house today passed the anti trust bill. The closing chapter was devoid of, excitement. For three hours the democrats offered a series of amendments aesigned to place "teeth" in th* bill, but they were either ruled out of order or voted down by a strict paity vote On only one vote were the political ranks broken. It was on an amendment offered -': Mr. Thomas ·(rep:).:of-Jo/wa to make the filing of .re- tums incumbent upon all corporations ; mandatory.'?On ; that amendment'-seven :republicans ..voted with 1 the democrats. The bill as passed requires corporations "hereafter organized" to file re turns covering their articles-of incor- HUMOR Nothing Now. A gentleman telegraphist "called" a'~ foung lady operator in another, office repeatedly without response, .At last the "click, click" came, and he telo- graphed vehemently: "I have been trying to catch you for the last half hour!" The maiden wired back: "That's nothing. There Is a young man here ..who's;been trying to do the same thing for two years and be ha» not caught me yet" Exception to the Rule. "Them two dudes," the girl at the music counter remarked, "is trying to get me to look at 'em." / "Where's your grammar?" said the gfrl at the book counter. " 'Two dudea' Is plural." "I guess not!" contemptuously rejoined the other. "It takes more than-two of them fellows to make a-plurl." What Worried Jones. '"No,, gentle reader, Mr. Jones !· not under: the influence of liquor. , Mn Jones is merely trying to come down a. moving'staircase that is moving np : 5.~rSenate,V:Iis-'' Hussion, ot'.,tlie" stati*q.6d-: bill in '.the' jenate 'tpday.iturned'jin/the- question of ''" polygamy; A, of senators who heretofore rhave tal«-avnq.' c Dart in ti»e debate, :particrpated ;i [jn -'th' e discussion. '·Mr. ' Gallinger ; : pf ^ ".Now, 'Hampshire replying to. some.- stafcetneiits; made by McCbmas of \ Maryland/ ."said that he. was in favor'of.-an-iiiinendment to the statehood billicpveripsithe question ol ^polyg-ainy. as '' strdtrty; and firmly ,as possible. ..The,:, influence 'of "the. Mor mon ciiurch pv«r'pcilitlcs' occupied a large- share (if^the-'.d-ibate;,; ; Mr. Hale - . - , ; . characterized 'the d%ritc \'as 'Interest-', ' ' ' ' ,- because ;it ing,, valuable!: ,_ had. disclosed-.-ii? · ..religious .brgahizatloh'J'exertiit'Mtself as a dominant, ·potcntml torcu'^over./ the mind and- action · ot-^:ita'lj.followers which .shbuld:be 'talqeh. int' future- 'legislation. , Mr.-' Ke,in,;. who had ' intended continuing ;hi* ; "rcinai i ks o,gun yesterday in opposition/-^rs the bill, yielded the floor -so'-Jotteri. during the 'day .that before; he r^«niied the senate went, into executive;'/session and ad- joiirnd a fewvrnlmiteii.afterwards. House.--The ariti-t'iuat r bill, bedato. which i opened in thejhpuKe today, did not develop much" animation, although there was a fairly laig'e attendance in the : 'gallories(.. .T^T'^ule^'uiider which the house was '/.o Operate, however,' precipitated a"lively.;jdis.'cii8slon;' The democrats proV.fisted .yiffbrpugjy against the rule for consideration of the bill because It did .;iot .pn'inlt them to so-: cure a record vote OBJ", substitute, but tho republicans' that:they were willing to accept, tlii: responsibility. Tho bill to expedite ie trust prosecutions; occupied no -di-bate.' It pssscd th-e houno without debate. - Washington, Feb.? S.--Senate.--Foi a time today In the it looked as if the question of oi.rwtruetlon of «n inthmlau canal open te»Ion. : Mr. IfeM MM 4l«ca«fi«d in tion, «tc., with the interstate conr' merce commission on penalty of being restrained from engaging in-interstate commerce, pi escribes renalties for false: returns, etc. The commission is .given authority, -in its discretion to .call forrsimllar-'-returns "from" existing corporations do'ng"-an interstate'.busi- .nes8.i.;-The commission is given,power tp-compel tlie answer to questions arid a. fine "of "not to exceed $5,000 -is ini- posed.^for ,f ailurer to pb'ey. the 'commission in this respect 1 .Rebates by car- -riers.iij made' punishable'witti a fine of not less 'than'.}1;00,0-and 'cbrporaUbna yiqlatihg. the; .provisions of this .'section are'.forbidden_-,tne use ;of the instru- :mentalitics of ,interstate-cbnimerce. Carriers are prohibited frpni knowing- iy. transporting articl-es produced, manufactured" -of '.sold in viplation of the Sherman act. ' In; cases of, prosecu tions no person is! to t be excused from testifying on "the ground/that such testimony would. tend'to'-incriminate nim. but;for a-uch -testimony the witness is not.. to,.' be,'.'-.prosecuted;. ; The ; circuit .courts are"given.Jurisdiction in cases or violation and it is made the duty of .tne clistriet. attorney to. institute prch cecdirigs. to prevent .violations and in- 1 dividual.persons .'.damaged' 1 by violations .are.-given, authority to sue. '.": Washington,'.; Feb.' 9.^--Senate.--^-In the senate today Mr. £armack spoke on the Rawlins resolution calling on the s-ecretary of war ; to send to congress .certain'records of courts niar : tial. He charged that murders'in the Philippines by. American soldiers .ha^ become .so common.that,'they..would not 'bear investigation, and'- that this answer' was tentlrely satisfactory '"to .our noble;/generous [and humane'sec ; retary of war," . He also criticised tho president fo'r "never.having- heard;of ..the Oaptaln Brov.-nelV ca»e after having announced his intention of proli- Ing crimes in tlie Philippines." Mr. JCean spoke, on the statehood, bill .for a short time, when he yielded to various-eenatprs, who indulged in do- hate :ovc'r . the qiietlon, of the' interference of. the Mormon church in politics. Mr. Elkins also spoke at-length In-defense" of tho clainuv of New Mexico.statehood. . House.--The house spent practically the entire day upon two District .of Columbia bills, ono to authorize tlw government to .advance |6,000,000 to the district and the other to tho conference report on the union station bill. The former was defeated "and the latter sent back to conference, after a motion to recede from .the amendment of the house to cut down the appropriation of the-Pennsylvania and Baltimore A Ohio railroad* from. f 1,500.000 to $1,000,000 hart been vofed down, Atlanta Journal: If yoii .don't bci" lleve: advertising pays «i»k the TJneeda biscuit man or Budyard Kipling. There la nothing that costs less than civility.--Cervames. . Beware of the tian^ with n griev- ·pole* on | anco.;. He may m«k« good. At to Sex. -Towne--I : see there's, a -western scientist who declares that 'tbe insect which says "Katie did" is the male, and the one that eays "Katie didn't,'' is the female. Henpeck--That's all nonsense, " you'll notice the one that "Katie did" frequently had the last word. I'll bet they're both females. That Settles It. "I see that somo one is adrbcatlna the project'of a newspaper'.printed la 'a 'compact': tabloid form -like 'a'book," said Mh Torque.,. : - " . , . : ' . -The.very. Idea!" cried Mrs: Torque: "it's simply .-ridiculous." · ' : . ' . . ;"In what way?" ·'.'- . . ' . - ' - . : :/,.: '"Why such a paper.would be simply useless-to put under a carpet" ';-··' Not ^a Question of.Faith.-..:.' .Patient--Although,.-; doctor.; I hav« sent for you at the.earnest solicitation of my friends, and to please them, lei mo tell you that I hare, hot the least faith In modem medical science. ""-. . Physician--^Oh, that doesn't mattei at all, 1 assure :ypii.'The .'mule-has n«. faith in ; the veterinarian; yet, the lattoi "lures him just the'same. ... U«cd to It. Towne--You don't mean to say you lidn't notice that earthquake shock? Browner-^1 guess. I was home in Aiguhurst at the time. Towne--But the shake must hart- been perceptible-there. : .'· v Browne--I guess all of,us Ju«t tooB ! t for our malaria. . · . ' Extremely Rare; · -Pop, what is meant by ,th« sense of humor? .-" : ' .-'.;.. Father--The sense of humor, my son.; consists largely'of knowing whoa not to be funny: These Sales. "Reginald/we're all through shopping, except--my slippers, some dishes, a hat, a gas stove,' a piano--" .Natural Inference. Madge--Whatvin the world ladrivd her to elope? ' ,^,y ' Marjbrlo--As «b*'» every 'day of thirty, I fancy ber parents put her up ""It ' - "'· -·- ' , ; ' ·- SPAPESJ

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