The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 13, 1974 · Page 28
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 28

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1974
Page 28
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EDITORIAL Boulevard of Broken Dream HH Issues remain for superport Superport legislation has approved In both HOUK and Senate, and U wouW tptMW- from this thai «Nm far along the road toward getting to offshore port butit near a* Bratoria County coastline. I Howerer, UM Home and Senate I bins differ on the same key points of {controversy that have blocked {consideration of any bin for two tyeatft. Congress has yet to resolve ; these potato. And In view of election f campaign and bo&day^ the rest of ithtoteMionofOortgresshas very few t work-weeks raft. t The baste issue is still whether the i permit-granting authority will favor ! private or public ownership and i operation. White this issue has been bitter and the adversaries determined, U doesn't appear to tevohre a significant number of coup The House bill, considered favorable to private ownership, was approved Jtt to 9, The Senate bill stated clearly that a publk agency would get flrsi priority. Second PrtoritT wouW be private Interests ; not connected w»Uj the oO industry '.TWs would preclude Seadock ownership, Yet with this difference, , the b!Q still had * vote of TM, nearly identical in proportion to the House vote. dearly, not many members of Congress care one way or another in ,« controversy that has held up legislation for two years. Through last year and the first few months of J*74, two House committees, each with a different bin, resisted alt efforts toward compromise. Both were reported ouL The House didn't want a floor fight over a public-prime issue, so the biBs .were sent back to their Rep. Bob Eckhan* of Houstoo. a member , of one of the two committees with opposing bills, is credited with breaking the stalemate Seadock representatives who sought his help view the parliamentary feat with admiration. The bill favoring pubHc ownership was scheduled for floor consideration. Eckbardt engineered support for an amendment thai substituted the entirety of the provision* of the opposing bin for the wording of the bit! under consideration. This version left the matter of ownership up to the permit-granting authority, with no form of ownership favored. With this amendment approved, the bill Itself passed overwhelmingly. The Texas Offshore Terminal Commission has favored public ownership But Joe Altbritton, its chairman, told The Fact* it wouldn't make much difference. Seadoek, he sakt was the only orgatusaticR prepared to build and operate the dock. The consortium would undoubtedly get the permit under a bill tea vingownershtpopeft U Texas got the permit, the stale or any subdivision wtmki almost certainly contract with Seadoek to build and operate Use facility. Another troublesome provision remains in the Senate bill. Probably instigated by Rep. Jack Brooks (whose constituency includes Galvrsttm). the federal government would be prohibited from boutag a permit for an offshore luperport if there were at that tiro* a permit application tor an inshore dredged port. If this provision remains in the biU, GatvesiINIcoukJ and would haw an application that would indefinitely block a permit tor an offshore port, it's to be hoped that this is the first point to be eUminattd in the conference committee compromise TH* WlA*»rO*T fACTl Comment and Opinion «.l*H :—U MERRY-GO-XOUND Proposed Bicentennia slogans pouring in *« „.._.. — Wf tew teen ^..i^_..•• • •-- •- • - r - •• team* ateM ABMrira tn» Wt pMott rtrtik*". ***. <Mi Mary . .t|KM«aaifomi. wa» of ttomaadi of r%«B» ClUimitif of fpnam, CaM. ant Kwl 4fc*s< ttew wtttft* «M A WORD EDGEWISE Soviet armaments discredit detente . *»*«*<*» &*«* mat *ft*»»M» aw , w* ***** . «w* te <*»y » UW4JI *f tUrfe t» W«t pt*pr»» like HprmHter o< * in ro? rttort* to (•< "XAtteoat tMcttODu aaar«tT<iar> o< Ifc* Yarn Ktppw attwHili but ri«o wtuwui iMtrkAA p«««>*r timuM iaa« out u> MM** Die norm* <* dwtcnte «*» «* (Mat ft* fetfi« WfttMltt usft» (fat iwi siNt IVwwiimJ! «««f fkflt 4*««H«i» IP i;w*» * b* «* «* * ttftwr* ft*** J *j(m« to** w »** " our leaker. Aft*t Y«n ,V« &»•* 4. •JliWS! «S>M«ttt-, it «n» |Ni titet tad tfe* lleary Ktauacw under tte behjvtd wtth (nat "m«drxau«i •8 tkat Wonsow ted dao» «»» Im4 U» Arab «Ute* oft *«J» fancy bafdHvtc »n>or«t4i*jiUW»i»w*«)iwtJby tlwNAtt* en ill* la tovad* RoHMa » t*tt attrf «d aatMasjb < t^vntfan hod t««ni «* •* ««*«•«•,*; tfc, rtom »*<."» n«* t» 9» btwtt «ml (6* 67 fttt(flP«> *n* i*l *«*»«* *». * f fe V • • ti, THE \yo«i?y O/N/C VVhat's the truth * about the profits? ditnc* «n» ta*y wwttd *fra* MtMnsoUvt eucfeitr «W*nf «* at *S*S* VIMk'f »drt Swm * . It* prf Us* «««HiMMn«* *«** am* *-«**» • Nt By GEORGE W. CRANK P1I.D.. M.O. **»>• yew CASE fM«: Or, JWw Ptocter wwr praid»t of the Akron Dental Socktj when 1 raentiyaddrtwcd it» mnvnckn -Or. Or*n*. M he said duru* our ha cheaa. ~*wt are haviat troubte «iU> c«rtato iannnce firotf Uut UT u» leU tt* what fees we may cterfte, "For exaa^ie. they demand that we and rate *» the aetual prWit retwrat* A/wl thaw turrauctau. both in w»- Senator Pattvi^K'* nfoootu on 4n««<» At m« MOW Om* jw (mt|M Mk Q* SraMt F«r*t«» K*i»tMm CaRMiinnr tor a «w wT AFU30 Prttttfaot «k«|» M«ttfty'»(kt. t cmlritMttM to Ow MM&* «wrt»*. 7b» cootrwl T *J ; wfesrft cwft 1* »atl .« wrll M w Ift* Hm «Mf Mtwr fcdnaJ muttf *t«r «j» to Ibff flMtacitll ot !iC<>, v«fjis«x- U««te Sam Uir» M ptr <rtnt al A «.r)rporj(»o»n earning* iitw^i til* uorthnidcr* *ho (nroi*h tl» rapiUl U> furaa mjy grt IcM Uun two flying *bov« »jX» let* «• Irrti; Mnuy *1 froaad wr» * « iccrtt vtaaa of Uvutq** Ito nmiay (uw wtth Mrwn; 3«cr«t*ry wooid wd « fewetorf.. ten* M Uw to D Flow (Nf MM U* «tuMl« ma (Air 44 "Yetlte-r tte cost of a aorfeon's half tour at the operative ckair, pto tte ularfes of our dotfal a«ritlant». nod otter overhead. yeur. (or rumple, Mr*, Craw jnrf I dnr« diYtdcwta o< IH ptr oral on our KUktiity Mutual Kwrf hoWwt»' V«f< (h»l B«Mt<M mutual firm n «*» of the toDmxeiwr* «> «« fteht, with i* to tnU* ia4eaylog euutdr tar«»acr«is flw rfcta M net wr fee* or lea i» ho* u» orr mi: r»x*» Etat my «NKX*B iodtty t* not »uh ihr <n«r«0 pktart. a te *Wi lA* c«m- pontais. If dtttatt w*» ta tot* aay wbUaara. Uw tent turn oa tfc* *«md« bad la bt ft XovM '•Ottnaoa* to c*B off Owir doo>, botik ta VMU»« *ad M Qm MJddlt Cant I t»t» Mvtr Mm»d UMI •*» CMI a ttram. U»t Br«hor» wbJKb (Ha #iwtfj I *«*t h* IHtt find M T*l A«v» -tj Itw Yt* • *» '. ewttto 4*'' a in tkwr* a» «u» OICTATOIUC al*a scream u> b»g»i hcavta ataat Ite proWs of the oD to- daitry. AM UM? purpaceiy deJwk OK American nUn by nakioft it teak a» tf * jwnfi'bi thuperceniace wt« «f proftu it OU G»-« cttad aa aaaual profli of tew ikaa abpnrccat SMppMa (a tftto y*ar of taflaud price*, 4ae to «hartajr» and tte emfaarga at oil PoliQciaai would tkea ejic thai IOP per oeatjunipoiKB six per ccol to 12 percent ««t try to «aka UMT votm Ibtnk SMI» -' MTO t* par ceat. dwrtu o( (be teadutg cwp«r»Uam of U*t USA f, if* mutia) (uod nua>(m but 3 »cu8 Ifictton c4 aw ptr ier their mafu|rtn*iti itiB. >«t AmcricaM who fail far Ito b«t! "hufr proflU" *ad t*ie on (tie ma!jrti> ol t who aik you to "Kmi Bqj U»uld *»ft* up (o rr4Ul> tirfor* Uactt Sam rum a)] e< «w Mw»pa{wn »od rociurm mine* and railroad*, term* and rrtaij Mart*' The fioMKttu» < inriudiftj ttadt San't wUrwd vorkm^ IMA* ntnet Stt aer rent tram tuu«rts >rt hat* ite acrv* to acrut* Bt^j Bu*»wv ol excca*)** aroTltl! In iht» t-J^clwo yent, yw brttw lorgM »urfi l*l*tt ** fittTMcralic . . aad KctMfabC8a at yeo vote (or espffiawfd nu-n Mho ra»c run farms «r prtratt could dteuc* Sort* VMnammtf pn*tcy the SOVMU an ettarty in * U» ttrnw ta • v*ry practical *» j -makJag capKOy-Uwf CM tern off lit* arms (low 7Wyc*«dimy Lb« NdrtJ* Ite togBtWal M»*wUal» Jw i» vadfai« Uv Sonik. * mut bat*,fl)oy b*«n dotaf^ Tfcr oUwr *» Th» tortw* M*t« a* Sjt VM tray NwMwviwt' 11 Aa »»*»*« «< Or dut i e BUSINESS Words, like money, come, go on Wall St. PAUL HARVEY N£W$ This theory links murder and suicide VOHK - W«»*. MU (wtaaaa, 4*«l hoi «n Wall Sirwt »*r mw *rv a* ««r* of Ite htwdy |«w» ol Ite oasl, wtea *»•» (Mda 67 or *WM« w ute a tteft ojCrtMtl Tte aiatM «M «•*«*,, te *d(k. buy or «al «« of ted> H <*» wwteai a riUrt « u*w« a tett Mgft ttnrka ia Ite *Mo«d I** «f tte (texft Mtina i» mdtej How* te» <r«*tod ntekMMM tar MM* of UM teal per ctat from the *»* per iir! you fMwmfe frato th bi«b acteoj "««" **. Avoid chronic i«««ai«r bivr bcm on ibe u«pay«r»* backs «v« wnce <hr> r«tdwd lh* ««e of fl! ,s« ttud for i«> booklet "tfcw M Savt Our litpuJirfic." enckwng « loot Mam|*d. rrtum omckiee. ptu» 2$ Sutdd* snonf young Anwrfcsm is iacrtatini- almost by tpMttnic frufu^om Tba awtdar rat* M U» Ua»l«i 8*«it» to record M«k and uftnadiag, ta try ta Dad out why Co ftr to |*H flttroit « miA«rt»- cMy of | i mtBiw) katf4>lack MM) bail «Mt«. la Hut Watt Urn*'* ocwteM tar mauaf MW ««rd» t pat»*M and >*«• M<HM to tew dwcfewid «SOi tte Itaw AHtaa la dutftl«t<mrttg*lM*y*tt Aadateallte oary ww oantMi to ««• ert of IM llr«rt to f««m isaatte t* glmay Uttat laf* tyfktet •MaM, IkteihaMri Afttr &« « Twi DMM t*Mf Md BWUM otl 4 Uka W<MW». iter* arc pteaaoa aad day. arcrriotad. I haw kere Uvw not* U» of CtWorota Fram l»» la tiw «a wtry MMW young p»opl* l MtaMoa «< Tb» Wayo* State ttudy Mfcctarf kr rdtrM* Tfcr**feurti» li»*d Matf tb» ktBmkMW Uwtt i.a out M tfcair awa owto More Uua half o< Ite ktU«r« aad victim* vw* fetork mOaa. TWO- p»o r««tr law Ow per MM» bttw«m t«W aad WW tbf rait wttli « ntsttf t ar la wuoopocl, ol ifaoaa "Wtea UMg» an *a*y ia a baj b»fl market, you fjH m«r* tatnor." lays ehkn Grtaim, a wMraa «f ite Strat *lw » bum areoHf taaf tajwigk M kaaw. "Hum W * tefd la f*0M by ' "I **H Uaek poopte tevt tte um la iMak atein tteaa tMaf*," lays fMar Wytkoff , suiter of "Tte Unpuji of WaHWrto* " Ttey'ft J«M Un Each BCTfaMtan a*» Ma wd from t*Akb*(o*ten6rd*r caakary. ««4 Wait suatt fttui IMM at hwai Ma »te« Ww» dV|t and wtdowaad-erptea Mock* IUH teiwjlMiMMMi 4ad war "H» *te Mfti *tet taut , te<k or fow to prtoaa," fa» Ite ate Moct aa Ite Utoor> ixork Mar at * yw <*a AajMter lawn*. tew«tey«. la, . tet of tetaty. INI BRAZOJPO«T FACTS Berrys World B Mf fftrt' fftrnrtf djggmad ta l*o y««n. Or. f manly *• a*|al «w rf yalp Uiaha^ riiaaan*! kf uriada nl§ kas daiibjail k) racwat yaan fctltes ww* «a drafa aa4 Tha Wayaa Cauaty IMI aa* tear aft ite luwat't tejt kawws tymtott tiny rator |» Ik* Britafi. AiAraHa faaufi laraai ^™^^**^F ^T&^^^^^&f ^^W^^!^^ ^^£11^.^ TW« «t fojaf l* touad caMovi. h*. a* at all »x«4atas Mf Mwbr «v» ilia tear tyajjfct aad wrratiaa ita aod oar »aojbar, w 4rvc» ta UBM, (te«t «<tcopt| «f SI^P' p(W^W-Ww i< t MM*. «fr fa tnv » back at • ^ who Itearatkatfv asamla UDKRH 'HM^ff T^*^"™!* >T^^!^p^

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