Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 27, 1959 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1959
Page 12
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1KB PAMPA BAIL* A FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1959 Mil Year TELEVISION PROGRAMS ! FRIDAY T.06 8:60 $:8d 10:06 10 :S6 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:30 3:00 3:30 4 :00 4:30 5:30 5:45 6:00 6 :15 6:20 6:30 t:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:45 10 :00 10:20 10:30 12:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 <:45 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1:00 1 :30 2 :00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 5 :00 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:25 6:30 7:00 8:«0 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10 :10 10:20 7:58 8 :00 8:00 10:30 11:30 12:30 t :00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4;C? 5:30 6:00 8:30 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:30 10:00 10 :30 12:00 Continental Today bough>Re-M! Treasure Hunt fha Price Is Concentration Tic Tac Dough It Could VVeathef New Ideas Curtain Time Truth or Consequencei Haggis Baggis Young Dr. Milone From These Roots Queen For A DAy County Fair Susie Saint's Girl Friday Western Cavaliers NBC News Local News Sports Weather Northwest Passage Ellery Queen M-Squad Tliln Man Cavalcade of Sports Passing Parade News Weather Jack Parr Show Sign Off KFDA-TV Channel 10 Sunrise Classroom It Happened Last Night Captain Kangaroo CBS News Morning Playhouse Arthur Godfrey I Love Lucy Top Dollar Love of Life Search for Tomorrow The Guiding Light Theatre Ten As The World Turna Jimmy Dean Show House Party Big Payoff The Verdict is Tours Brighter Day Secret Storm Edg6 of Night My Little Margit Popeye Doug Edwards News, Ralph Wayne World of Sports Weather Today Hit Parade Rawhide Phil Silvers Schlitz Playhous* The Lineup Person To Person News, Ralph Wayne Weather The Citadel Sign off Channel 7 KVH-TV Good Morning Funr-A-Poppln' Shappers Show Coffee Break Peter Lind Hayet Play Tour Hunch Liberace The Shield Your Day in Coart Music Bingo Beat The Clock Who Do You Trust? American Bandstand Mickey Mouse All Aboard For B'un Rin Tin Tin Walt Disney Presenti Man With A Camera 77 Sunset Strip Bold Venture Night Court Shock Nightcap Newt 4:80 ftig 10 Mop 5:30 threft Stooges 8:00 Man Without ft GUB 6:30 Pdrry MASon ?:30 WAntSo: — D^Ad Of Alivt 8:60 State Troopfcf 8:30 Hav« Gun — Will ffAv«l 9:00 Gunsmoke 9:30 tJS Marsha) 10:00 Playhouse 90 Nile Owl NfrW* Sign Off MANY NEW FACES SEEN IN ACADEMY AWARD ENTRIES IfcHOtft f AMP*, By VfcftNtW SCOff Hotl.twww! Shirley Mflct<sln«, fttHWHWf, !•{ th« only new arrival on the fern- *c«ie. Her eomp«tlH<lift Cofl- Cuttl* iwuJ Poitfw mm Kegroi Susan I* the front runner *v «««,IK,.IA^ »„». t^A ivm trt »ha "v.*«f fti^inra'> /.4 MX Ifc&tfUtLAiriie CAttLB I MOtffftJSAL (UPt)-Fttil Btr*, ifie ofi the Transatlantic eabl« th* #<8 which. bKJftfl last Saturday w«4 expected by Sunday, it was announced today. The newly •! cable, wWrh runs between Scotland and Newfoundland, broke, at a sfye-l som* ioo miles e««t of « * classes Tjtaraday, tftfrart 11:30 rv 7;55 Good Morning 8 :00 Funz-A-Poppin' j 9:00 Laurel And Hardy 10:00 Saturday Playhous* ; 10:30 WTS College j 11:00 Uncle AI ! 12:00 Surprise Packag* | 2:00 College Basketball j 4:00 Bar 7 Playhouse j 5:00 All Star Golf i 6:00 All Aboard For Fun I 6:30 Dick Clark £how 7:00 Jubilee USA 8:00 Lawrence Welk Show 9:00 Sammy Kaye Show 9:30 Wheels of Fortune 1 1 :OOThis Is New York ON THE RECORD HOLLYWOOD (l#l) — They're off And running in the Oscar} siats of * pair of four-Urn* lasers, derby with the preponderance. ofjSusan Wayward and Deborah entries charging out of the start- Kerr, a three-tim« Io9«f, Rosalind ing gats for the first time. j Russell, and one-tim» lo««f Elisa.- Never before hare .«o manyjbeth Taylor. j new faces appeared W the nom- friven And Ma?w*fif Favor**! iinations. Morning lins favorites in the ever nominated for a\vafd) are Apt to knock on« Another out of contention In that, they co-starred in the «am< picture «nd will draw * .<plit vote. Th* race, then, dwindles to Newman* Niven. ttewmdn, despite hi* fine acting, is not A particular favorite the "best plc.lure" category Movietowrt is poised to reverse its long-time trend against, musical.*. Two were nominated— "Auntis Mams" and "Qigi."j Threo Uramas, "Cat On A Hot! Tin Roof," "Separate tables," and "The Defiant Ones" are. pitted against, them. ica. to Europe, dais fumigai «d tftt Wednesday night and the building would be cteaftftd up during the weekend *ntf for acettpancy art Monday, ftftad fhft flaws Ctoislffetf Ad*. Eleven of th« acting nominee* topTandTrap "racesi7or"b«rtfactor ,w«hifllm folk. Niven, on the otherl Rut Hollywoodlans, charmed by find this their maiden race. There j and best actress awards are Da. j hand, I* enormously popular and j brilliant_ music bright coMum** . . .!..*.. .j - .» j | win win many votes based on J and stellar performances, have outstanding perform-1 lost thier hearts to "Glgi 1 ' —which ,.,^ -,.v, ,.,v. ...,. u v.. „, , — — r | Art ^«« tj, 4 ,, ,,,* Kn»f Ki Tracy, a two-time winner, is the 'only major OScar holder in the' ro eight veterans going again, vid Niven and Susan Wayward. and one old war horse. Spencer! So how do the rail birds pick ;Previm* ( A hvo-Um. winner, is the! these two? jances. Me is the best bet Is the best bet of all. Inasmuch a* Tracy has colled- ™« Hl( ™ * SATURDAY IS FAMILY NITE i field. I Running ed two Oscars and because it „.,, „-,„**, no Taylor is the first to admit; TOTAL LOSS against him for the generally is agreed he ha« turned! her chances been hurt byj CHICAGO <UPt) ~- The New ! golden rttuell. are three young in better performances than in s ~ J * '• - ........ Tonv Curtis, Paul New-!"T1ie Old Man And The Sea," hej di *,, rish / f ' | comers - i man. and Sidney Poitier — and : is unlikely to garner much senti: veteran David Niven. : mental balloting. *** off-screen romance with Kd-, Bedford ( MAM.) Toc.h^ basketball iteam today was reconsidering the French Discuss Russian Rejection M-is.1 Russell is bucking a. tough precedent in that few musical stars have ever breezed home xvilh the Oscar. Shirley MacLatne still is K youngster, the experts figure, and has plenty of time value of road trips. Since Monday, they have lost to j Illinois Tech, lost to the University of Chicago, and lost thoir uniforms, gym shoes and warmup togs to a thief. AT ahead of her for winning awards. Thus, the best actress diadem iTUHNABOUT IS. PARIS (UPIi President i'Charles He Gaulle called his rabi- nel into session Tuesday to discuss GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES Admission* Mr.". Ruth Thompson, Banks Johnnie Christner, 1105 Lane Soviet chev's Premier N'ikita Khrush- narrows to Susan Hayward and Deborah Kerr, both of whom have failed in four previous tries. Red-haired Susan \von the New York critics award last month for voiced depp concern over the un-. ner ro lft in "I Want To Live." a compromising stand taken by| Wg p | US fac ( or . Niven also ha,s Khrushchev. Earlier. French offi- this advantage. rial source* gave the Khrushchev abrupt, rejection of the,outburst a cool reception and this Additionally, Susnn carried the picture on her- back. She was in Western offpr to hold Bast-West too was discussed at the recep- almost every scene and turned in ?r»rnio-fi TrHntcf o 1*0 InlUe nil T^Pl'Hn Hrm - »_t_ ii__i i i *»-n i .._..i^_ Soreign ministers talks on Berlin, tion. The .-session originally planned j i to discuss French political and A Foreign Ministry spokesman I said, "We are surprised that this | economic problems but turned In- ' «„ was deUvered while (BH t- -i stead to the blistering "nyet , . Minister Harold. Mac- 701 N Khrushchev delivered Tuesday Seneca j a. political rally in Moscow. lish prime Minister , n MORCOW _ but 'are not surprised at Us content." Khnjshchev's speech was Ihe,'^ parig diplomat' described Charles Kamphau a ,613A Plains dominant topic of conversation atj «... ^.u.. u ^ ,„„, * N. SATURDAY KGNC-TV Channel i • :W Texas Curriculum 8:30 Christian Science «:45 Industry on Parade 9:00 Kit Carson 9:30 Ruff & Reddy 10:00 Fury 10:30 Circus Boy 11:00 True Story 11:30 Detective Diary 12:00 Mr. Wizard 12:30 Cotton John 1:00 Champ Bowling 2:00 Basketball Gamt 3:30 Flamingo Stakes 4:00 Women'* Bowling 4:30 Walsh Talent Varitie» 5:30 Wonders of the World 6:00 Weekend 8:20 Weather 6:30 People Are funny 7;00 Perry Cbmo 8:00 New Look of Love 8:30 Cimarron City 10:00 News 10:20 Weather 10:30 Top of Th« World U'.SO Sign Off KFP4-TV Channel 18 8:00 Cartoon* 8:30 Capt. Kangaroo 9:30 Mighty Mouse Playhouf* 10:00 Heckle 4 Jeckle 11:30 Stubby'* Mo via 12:45 Pro Hockey 1 :i6 Pro Hockey 1 :30 Ice Hockey i :QO Cartoon* Mrs. Dorothy Hood, 1004 E Kingsmill W". H. Staus, 400 Perry Tom Tyler. Panhandle Mrs. Jo Andra Newman, S09 Malone C. L. Broadus. Miami Mrs. Willie Mae Hays, 708 Gray Mrs. Grade Rogers, Lefors Mrs. Edna. Maaon, Phillips Mrs. Evelyn Files. Borger Mrs. Shirley Austin, 1010 can j Mrs. Wilma. Comette. W h I t « i Deer | Mrs. Lessie Roush, 1026 3. Chris- , S. W. Beck. 108 N. Nelson | Dismissals i Mrs. Artie Blackwell, 712 E. Ma- Ion* Miss Marilyn Soward, 101S S. Dwight Dorothy McNutt, 1217 S. Farley Mrs. Beulah Nowlin, Amarillo 1 Rickey Hoyler, 223R Christine 1 G. N. Massey, 1900 Wiillston Mrs. Hazel Robertson, 1524 Williston Mrs. Nanette Pratt, Panhandle Mrs. Gladys Blackledge, 132 S. Nelson Mrs. Peggy Turner, 505 N. Dwight Mrs. Willis Avers, Canadian Mrs. Georgia Hayes, 40i Hughes T. D. Phillips, 325 N. Sumner Mrs. Beatrice Hill. Lefors Mfg. Mildred Castleberry, Alanreed W. W. Chamber. Borger C. E. Harrington. Pampa Willene Washington, 428 Oklahoma T. D. Phillips, .125 X. Sumner Mrs. Hazel Maddox, Miami Mrs. Wajjda Shough, Shamrock Mrs. Phyllis Smith, 1812 Christine Mrs. Geneva chroeder, 715 Locust A. L. Leonard. 212 Tignor Mrs. Dolly Fowler, 215 N. Warren CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Thompson, 701 N. Banks, on th« birth of a daughter a,t 2:3fl a.m. weighing 8 Ibs. i«'i oz. To Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Radcliff, 108 McCullough. on tht birth of a daughter at 1:56 p.m. weighing 6 lb«. 12 oz. To Mr. and Mr*. J. F. Hood, 1004 E. Kingsmill, on th« birth of a daughter at 12:40 p.m. weighing 6 Ibs. 9'j oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Newman, SOfl Malone, on the birth of a son at 8:15 p.m. weighing « Ibs. 3 oz. a huge diplomatic reception given^ t ^. , , he , ^ Tuesday night by de Gaulle at hl«| diplomacy . ITltreaa Pi^lanA rocinftni-*n IT \l'flS Elysee Palace residence. It was j attended by more than 250 high- ranking diplomats and French leaders, including Premier Michel Debre. Many guests *t the reception! face of the Soviet stands. Most French newspapers greeted the Khrushchev speech grimly and called anew for strenghten- jing of the Western alliance in the fur t. Job that had Hollywood raving. Sumn A Front Runner Mi.«s Kerr'* part in "Separate Tables" alao was outstanding. Butj it was a relatively small role! which reflected top-flight perform-1 ancea by other members of the! all-star cast. I CLINTON. Tenn. (UP!)- Troop- j er Fred Brown arrested motorist i Oliver H. Anderson for speeding and drove him to to lodge the complaint. Anderson charged the trooper \ with exceeding the speed limit on the trip to jail. j So far, the charge, against An-i derson has been dropped. Brown's case stiH Is pending. For Your Insurance- Need* CONTACT Buzzard Agency 1812 N. Nelion AiitomoTrtJe • Flee • Casualty >iARK BUZZARD — MO 5-4391 Check Your TV Tubes FREE! We Have Complete Stock of TV Tube* If Replacement Needed Miller - Hood Pharmacy 112« Alcock MO 4-8489 SHOP Till 8pm WITH THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR GREATER SAVINGS Divor« proves thot united we %tor»d. but divided some con stond it better. «>«• ROY'S WATCH SHOP W E. Kjpgamilt • MO S-S4U WATCH CLEANING 3 !*»-., 5«rvict . - - t*0y Part* N»od«d 0 AU work guaranteed § 19 year*' experience in Pumps Roy Horrell, Jr, Watch Maker SIMS ELECTRIC COMPANY Viiilttf PflWIIWl WHITTINGTON'S END-0-MONTH ENDS SATURDAY! BETTER FURNITURE! BETTER VALUES! LOWER PRICES! ALL WOOL CARPETS By BipeUnv Regular $13.95 S<j. Vard ALL WOOL CARPETS By Alexander Smith Regular $13.95 Sq. Yard Installed •9 100% DUPONT NYLON CARPET 3 Yr. Written (imirnlitre Regular $1295 Sq. Yard Installed ALL CARPET PRICES INCLUDE INSTALLATION OVER 40 OZ. PAD 4-PC. CURVED SECTIONAL Modern 4 piece curved sectional, foam rubber cushions, heavy nylon cover with metallic threa.d trim in a cholca of decorator colors. Regular $349.50 238 3-PC. CURVED SECTIONAL Modern X piece sectional, ( 2only^, foam rubber scats, heavy nylon cover. Choice of brown or beige. 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