Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 1
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 1

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
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Minnesota- iiiiiit'i'iiinmiiiiiiiiiiHiiimiu* [olumn One! Written Chiefly For Our Own Amusement Itllllllll V L. S IIIIIIIIIIMIIIR etimes I am forced to won[ Ellis Nulph, who presides lie destinies of the Block- bws, has consecutive ideas. 1 don't spend much ying awake over his news idiosyncrasies but when something like the fol- I am forced to pay at- n IF IF bntrolling the Surplus Verlee Gordon, of Lents accepted a position as listant in the Farm Burlice at Bedford. Now, if [ Worthington, an ento- st up at Ames college, his bugs" Taylor county be able to reduce its lurplus (?). This Ames i tells us that he bases his bug opinion on counts Jin the late fall and early The gentleman claims Cerent counts were made 1 county during the period ernation, the count run- Irom as low as 54 to as 12,144 bugs per ssuare iThose Ames fellows cer- [delight in taking the joy life. Both figures given fare even numbers so we lie the chinch bugs were ITS. II IF II VOLUME SIXTY-TWO Published in the Interest of Lenox and Surrounding Communities Cumberland Won District Tournam'i Farragiit, By Winning I DISTRBICT TOURNAMENT, Two Games, Enters State Meet Cumberland won the girls district tournament held here last week by defeating each of the other three teams entered. Farragut, winner of two games, also earned the right to enter the state tournament, Lenox won one game and Martensdale was defeated all around. Thursday Night In the games Thursday night Cumberland won from Farragut 23 to 17, while Lenox defeated Martensdale 23 to 16. Doped as a possible winner of the tournament Farragut played a flashing game but was not able to overcome the teamwork of the Cumberland squad. Lenox had little trouble in winning from Martensdale and at that time Martensdale looked very CRESTON, THIS WEEK The Creston district basketball tournament for boys will be played this week beginning Thursday night. The tournament, which will be played in three sessions, will be played entirely at night. On Thursday evening at 7:30 Diagonal will play Minburn while Creston will meet Mount Ayr. On Friday -evening at •JiiiiiiiimiiiiiiimHimimmiiiimiiii: | Along thfe Street | 7:30 and Humeston will play Wiota Earlham will play Perry. On Saturday evening final games in both the Class B and Class A divisions will be played. At a party held at the hotel one night last week Miss Anna Turner, Miss Maxine Dunbar, Miss Fanny Wilson and Miss Carrie Laughlin played bridge together at one table. Each played a hand and each made game. When the score was added at the end of the fourth hand, it was found that each player had a score of 398. Honors had been the same in each hand. And now comes Postmaster R. A. Walter and tells 'one that is NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE miimmimimmmimmiiHiiiiimmi Lenox School By Margaret Carruthers uimiimiimiiiimiiiiiiimiimiiimiiii Typing Pupils making new records in typing are: Charley Reed 35 words Nina Nelson 30 words Reldon Beadel 30 words Reva Neuhardt 38 words Robert Bennison 32 words Rex Kirkman 22 words Two Tickets Filed for Town Election Some Music of the Notes grade singers almost too good When he figured to up be the keep the record straight I preby and hereon most affirm that the above from the capital C headline to the final per- |er the word "pairs" Is , verbatim from tfie Block- bws, issue of March 12, ((Among his other pecul- Ellis likes to be quoted ) . - . f ff f: -\ I the question that arises much like the weak sister of the tournament. Friday Night In Friday night's game Cumberland decisively defeated Lenox by a score of 19 to 11 while Farragut won dale 21 to 14. from Both Martens- Martens- Was the young lady led above hire^ by /the Sureau^tc do sten^fepiiic" to count chinch bugs? to be closer to the i than the rest of us should investigate and [fully. My gosh, for all fw County Agent Davie arming her with a ham- board and sending her > the country to kill them,, er event, whether she was enumerate them or jte them, when this story ound local girls will be- ppping out of the corn- course in the Lenox fehool. if if tr Ion'the other hand, may- J Da vie is going to do all (ying and the office as;will put in 'her time a mortality record. You ivestigate this, Ellis, and lore fully next week. I If .If r er tell such stories and In't repeat this one if I seen it reprinted from jona Advance hi several exchanges. Here it is: >tate highway patrolman rather vexed and per- at the lady motorist he chased down the 7 at a fast clip to a fill- tion, where she dodged arters forbidden to him. ted a long time, and dale and Lenox had trouble finding the basket. Lenox miss- eel. 15 free throws in this game, enough to have won the game every- night basket easily. Saturday Night Final games in the tournament were played Saturday night. Cumberland had to fight to win from Martensdale 15 to 7 while the Lenox Farragut game was anybody's battle until the. last minute or two. Mie-'flnal score—was Farragut 31, Lenox 26. Both games showed up the same thing. Martensdale was weak on basket shooting but was apparently as full of fight as on the first night. Cumberland appeared to be tired, or was sluggish. The girls showed little pep and • there isn't a doubt that Martensdale would have won the game if its for- was not a flashy looking team and at times during the first two sessions the crowd wondered, audibly,'how such a team ever got by the sectional tournament. Martensdale deserved more than it got out of the tournament here for the Martensdale girls put out thing they had each They were weak on shooting but by sheer fighting they managed to keep the ball down under their own basket a big share of the time. If the Martensdale forwards had been able to make even a third of the baskets attempted Martensdale would have won the tournament. This was shown in the last game especially when Martensdale outplayed Cumberland but could not make enough r\n4vi4-o 4-r\ wri** 4-i*.«. ~ ™ points to win Flnanically the game. the tournament was successful. About 140 adult season tickets were sold and Bingle*-aclmts5!lons brought the gate up to around $250. Fans were here from all towns represented but we told that Farragut sent the are the wards basket had had practice. a little more The ball was largest delegation. Some of the Farragut fans came Thursday and remained here until after the game Saturday night. ness in the postoffice for Friday, the 13th day of the third month of this year, he found that the third money order issued that day bore the number 131831. it was for $13 and the money order fee was 13 cents It was made payable to O'Dea Finance Co., which name contains 13 letters and is located at Des Moines, Iowa, which address contains 13 letters. Furthermore, the money order was bought by Albert J. O'Riley, which name contains 13 letters! At the R. J. Harden farm sale held four miles west of Lenox last Friday four head of farm horses brought prices that can be called nothing else but fancy. A 1450 Ib. black mare, 6 years old and in foal, sold for $180. Three geldings weighing from 1400 to 1450 and ranging in age from 4 to 7 years, sold for $159 $160 and $131. Average price on the four horses was $157.50. We broke a small piece of metal on our linotype Tuesday afternoon and for a while things looked pretty serious. The piece of metal was hardly as large as your littlejlnger ijail but it hac a very important duty to per form and without it we wer helpless. We .taied mfakiing new one but it wouldn't do th have been visiting some of the grades. A quartet from the seventh grade sang a number for the third graders, while true, thirteen boys from the fourth busi- grade sang for the fifth grade. This is not only a lucky thirteen, but show possibility of being the future glee club. This is the week of sub-district music contest. The following vocal groups will represent the school: girls glee club will sing Dreaming, by Shelby, and Pale Moon, by Logan. The boys glee club will sing Gypsy Life, by Scott, and When Song is Sweet, by Gertrude Sans- Souci. The girls sextette will sing I Passed By Your Window, and Annie Laurie, by Thurston. Thelma Hunt will sing the solo, A Brown Bird Singing, by Wood. Instrumental numbers will be violin solo, Fifth Air Varie, Dancla, played by Richard Kimball; piano solo, Caprice Espagnol, IVfoszkowsKi, played by Phyllis Copeland. The instrumental music takes place on Friday and all the vocal is on Saturday. It is going to take several cars to get these forty-eight students to Bedford. Anyone who would be willing to take a few of the contestants, it would be very much appreciated. If there is anyone who can CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ADDED NEW MEMBER The Lenox Chamber of Com merce gave a dinner Monda evening at the Coffee Shop i which the guests were busine; men who--had not yet becom members of the chamber. Shor talks were made by L. B. Ander son, H. Roy Long and Ralpl Jones. /;, After tti#''.dinner the busines, meeting was held at the Legio: hall and several new nama. were added to the membership roll> Among -propositions discussed at the business meeting was the matter of starting some action to handle .traffic at the intersections near the school house It was also decided to give a banquet for the baisketbalJ! players similar to the football banquet given during the winter. The banquet date will be made known soon. job and at last we called the Creston News Advertiser am ie was once again behind said, "You certainly >ing some place in a she said, as she left in . "but I made it!" f I I ds another week's work. in play under the Martensdale basket more than half the game while the Martensdale girls tried repeatedly to locate the center of the hoop. The Lenox - Farragut game was a real battle with the tall, long-armed Farragut guards as the deciding factor. Lenox girls showed their lack of age and experience in this game perhaps more than in of the other two. Lenox missed nine free throws in this game. Verle Davis of Corning officiated as referee in all three sessions and attracted the attention of the crowd by the excellent way in which he handled the games. Cumberland Veterans The Cumberland team is a team of veterans who showed that playing basketball was old stuff to them. Their floor work and passing was smooth but they were weak on baskets. They were outstanding in this tournament only because the other teams were even poorer LENOX LOST IN BEDFORD SECTIONAL The Lenox boys played a valiant game at Bedford last week but were defeated in their first start of the boys sectional tournament. Lenox met Clarinda in the first" game and held a lead in the game until almost the final minute but lost by a score of 22 to 24. At the end of the first quarter Lenox led 9 to 2; at the half Lenox was ahead 12 to 8 and at the third quarter Lenox was still leading 15 to 12, Franklin, Clarinda's high scoring negro forward, scored only two points inside the Lenox free throw line but dropped in several baskets from the center of the floor for a total of 17 points. Gordon, high point man for the News Advertiser has a ma chine the same model as our and they were not using it They very obligingly took off the piece we needed and loaned it to us until we could get new one. The little piece of metal costs about 20 cents but the closest Linotype Co. office is in Chicago and it would have made us at least one day late if we had ordered one and waited for it to come. We extend our thanks to the New; Advertiser and hope we may be able to return the favor some time. STORE WAS OPENED THIS WEEK Store was opened week and is advertis- '1s issue of the Time iew line of ladies' and I s clothing. Most of the F the store has arrived P n place but more stock each day. on making baskets. The Farragut girls are tall 5 Table contains noine news this through and look and very active. Although not extra good at shooting baskets the two guards were able to smother any attempts made by their opponents. This was the flashiest team on the flood and was popular with the crowd. Lenox fans have a right to be proud of the work done by our girls. There is only one senior on the team and the rest are freshmen and sophomores. For some of them this is the first yeafr of competition. Another year should see wonderful improvement in this team as the girls get a little more age and and experience. Martensdale Fought The Martensdale team was composed of a bunch of fighters who kept Iqoking better as the tournament progressed. They djd net seem' to become <Jownr hearte^ after two defeats and cajne jjjacJt Saturday night to play their beat game. The team Lenox, made seven points. Those who saw the game said Lenox played its best game of the year. At the end of the game, with only 28 seconds left to play, and the score tied 22 to 22, Hayes missed a free throw. A Clarinda mart took the ball off the back board and tossed it to Franklin who was chased to the sideline by Ethington. Franklin made a wild throw at the basket and the ball did the impossible by dropping through the hoop. Clarinda won the tournament by defeating Clearfield in the final game 40 to 11. The Dixon Motor Co. has installed the first and only pneumatic car hoist in town and installation was completed last week. With this piece of equipment a car is hoisted into the air until it is possible for a man to stand erect under it when greasing it. The new hoist has been installed in the large front window where it can be seen from the street and it should prove a good advertisement for this department of the business. MUSIC CONTEST AT BEDFORD MAR. 20-21 Twelve Southwest Iowa high schools will compete in iastrur mental and vocal events in the sub-district contests of the Iowa High School Music Association, to be held at Bedford next Friday and Saturday, March 20-21. All instrumental events will take place on Saturday. Friday contest sessions begin at 10:00 a. m., 1:30 and 7:30, while Saturday sessions begin at 9:00 a. m., 1:30 and 7:00 p. m. Lenox", Clarinda, Mount Ayr, It is said the peacock likes to spread his fine feathers and strut about but that when he glances down at his ugly feet his feathers fall. Whether this is true or not we don't know but a young Lenox business man was placed in a somewhat similar position one day recently and was he mortified? He had decided to go to Des Moines to spend the day and went up take a car, will you please, notify Miss Maxwell by Thursday evening. First Grade This grade lost two pupils, Jeanette Jones and Vonnie Lee Harrison, when they moved to the country. These little folks have been making kites and windmills in art. There were sixteen A's in spelling Friday. Second Grade There were ten A's in spelling last Friday. i They have made Easter posters in art class, and are now making tulips. A new pupil, Glen Brokavv, has enrolled in this grade. Virgil Day is back in school after a long absence. Norma Brown has moved to the country. Third Grade "Life in a Large City," is the new topic being studied in geography class. They are learning the multiplication tables of 6 in arithmetic class. For their general lessons these pupils have been learning the parts of a tree and parts of a )lant. The thirteen A's in spelling ast week makes the windmills eading the kites, 14 to 13. New officers are: health in- pector, Ruth Kennedy; librar- an, Dorothy Jean Johnson; desk inspector, Phil Reimer; loor inspector, Patty Gey; pen- il sharpener, Gene Roe. Fourth Grade Juanita Calvin, Walter Bro<aw, Gordon Elder and Edward teresting program was given. Esther Morley called on Edna Haas, Sunday, Mr. andiivirs.. Lloyd Chandler and son Pa'u'l,-Robert returned Monday from Colorado, and will work for WftH. Leach the coming year. ' - v ; Mrs. Hugh Clipson is spending a few.days with her mother and father in Nebraska. Charlie Hewitt, who has been seriously ill, the past four'weeks, is much improved. Those enjoying dinner at the W. H. Leach home Sunday, were: Mr. arid Mrs. Bert Shawler and Vina Lee; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Leach, Donald and Dorothy; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach, Glenn Leach and daughter Joan. Mr. and Mrs|- Strange are, helping with the work at the Charlie Hev^tt home. Mr. and 'Mrs. Harold Leach left Friday fpr Kansas City, Mo., after spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach, He will take up accounting work for the Jewell Tea Company. Miss Grace Tripp was shopping in Creston, Monday. W. H. Madden and C. B. Cassill Are Candidates For Mayor Political minded citizens got busy last week and by Saturday night two tickets had been filed for town election which will be held Monday, March 30. W. H. Madden heads the first ticket filed while C. B. Cassill, present mayor, heads the second. Here are the two tickets: For Mayor: w. H. Madden. For Councilmen: O. P. Arnold, L. F. Davis, C. E. Dixon, E. J. Klarner, B. F. Wurster. For Treasurer: W. C. Lewis. For Mayor: C. B. Cassill. For Councilmen: Dr. W. H. Cash, Chas. Preston, J. o. ckliter, L. B. Anderson, O. I* Davis. "For Treasurer: Clark Barteau. For Assessor: D. L. Carter. VERN ROLL BOUGHT HEGWOOD STATION A deal was completed last week by which Vern Roll became owner of the Skelly service station which has .been op- iated under the name of the Hegwood station for the past fear. He took over the station Tuesday). Allie Hegwood, who has been operating the station, vill remain there for a while to elp with the work. Salem Affairs Mr. and'Mrs. ling and Chas. Christie Ster- Moser visited with a friend early in the who left morning. very The Kejlertpn, Clearfleli New Market,. " ,. are/the schoo^ Nodaway, Diagonal, M a 1 o y, Gravity, «m4 VU 7 young business man dolled himself up in his finest raiment and on arriving in Des Moines, stalked about the streets in perfect enjoyment. The enjoyment lasted until about midaf- ternoon when he happened to look down and discovered that the trousers he had put on that morning were his second best and did not come anywhere near matching the coat and vest he was wearing. It is reported that he spent the rest of the day hiding behind lamp posts. This is a good story but he will not get as much publicity from it as he did when he -'-'-' ihe elevator. Leedom wrote perfect geogra- hy test papers. The- pupils are low starting the study of Central America and the West Indies in geography. Last, Friday there were seventeen A's in spelling. Spring birdhouses are being made in art class. Fifth Grade The fourteen A's in spelling last week makes the Bunny Racers leading the Bunny Eggs. Tulips are being made in art class. Ted Knotter has been absent. Sixth Grade In this grade eighteen pupils received an A in spelling. Prairie Star News There was a community program last Friday evening at the Chas. Schaffer at Creston hospital Sunday afternoon. Leatha Riley and Velda Wray drove to Miller ton Saturday morning, to visit Miss Leatha's parents over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs| Henry Walter and Mr. and Mrs. Wray Walter attended a shower last Wednesday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Andy Walters' home, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Glenndon Walter, newly weds. Chas. Wray and Mrs. Leo Wray were numbered among the sick last week. Win. Miller and family of ORMER LENOX PUBLISHER DIED MARCH 12 A card from Emma C. Moulon, sister of Mrs. Frank Gray, ays: "Frank L. Gray, formerly dltor of'the Lenox Time Table, '""' at his home, 244 So. Oeur t, Los Angeles, California, i 12, 1936." The card con- .i no other information. let west Lenox visited with Mr. and Mrs. June Brokaw, Sunday. Miss Lpla, Riley of Creston vicinity (Sailed on Mrs. Leo Wray and Mrs. Chas. Colyn Friday afternoon. Chas. Schaffer has been very ill the pasj.week, and was taken to the" hospital last Friday; resting a very today, Monday, he is easier, althogh he is sick Prairie Star church, very j^.. . Mr. an$' -Mrs. Fred Klinsman and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Klinzman were Sunday dinner guests at Rev. Cplyjn's. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dolson and Maynp$,jind Roy visited Mr. and Mrs .^Wester West of Prescott vicinity, Sunday afternoon. The P. T, A. at Grant District 4 put on a,, fine program last Friday even^g. What is s$iij[} to have been the first merchant's advertisement ever printed' in an American newspaper appeared in the Bos-ton NewarLfliter on August 81, 1704, as tyljowa; "At Mr, John Mice, merchant, his warehouse Upon the £$$ at Boston, is to be SQJ4 good cordage pf sizes, tromVit'epin yarn to les of J3 inta, &y wholesale retail." Read the Ads PRE-EASTER MEETINGS AT U. P. CHURCH HERE There will be a week of preaching services at the United Presbyterian church beginning Monday, April 6 at 8 o'clock. Outstanding preachers from seven different denominations owlll be in charge of these services. All the people of Lenox and community are cordially invited to share the benefits of these services. Monday, April 6—Rev. Walter Cerka, Evangelican Church, Afton, Iowa. Tuesday, April 7—Rev. Stanley Decker, Methodist Church, Bedford, Iowa. Wednesday, April 8—Rev. Neuschwanger, Presbyterian Church of Creston, Iowa. Thursday, April 9—Rev. Lister, Christian Church, Osceola, Iowa* Saturday, April ll—Rev.JIom- er Caskey, Church of The Breth- ern, Council Bluffs, lo'wa. Sabbath, April 12—Dr. E. F. Kimmelshue, Synodical Supt. of Iowa Synod, United Presbyterian Church, Des Moines/Iowa, SCHOOL BOARD MET AND ORGANIZED The Lenox school board held its organization meeting Monday evening and Chas. Eckler Corn- was reelected president, mittee appointments of last year were carried over for another year. N. C. DAVIDSON DIED TUESDAY N. C. Davidson died at the Greater Community hospital in Creston Tuesday morning, Mar. 17. He was born February 18, 1857, and was 79 years old . Mr. Davidson recovered from a serious illness several months ago and had apparently been feeling in good health until he was taken ill some two weeks ago. He was taken to the al last week when it was that his condition was serious. Funeral setvipes will be held this afternoon, Thursday, %t the Arnold Funeral Home o'clock. The Rev. JU the esfryterJan; at

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