The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on May 3, 1903 · Page 5
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 5

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1903
Page 5
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Kellogg Enterprise* . W.. F. COCTTS, 'Fob. .IOWA, NOTES FROM THE CAPITAL " '.-'.- Des Moines.-Feb. 11, 1903. ..-'· A Polk county grand 'jury '· has returned Indictments 'against M.' E: Payton and James^ Payton; charging 'them, with keeping gambling, houses. These men are supposed to b'ethe-pro-' - prietors .of the - gambling " house at 319% Wfest.Fiftn street, raided by dl- irection.of Justice. Duncan a week ago. .Both.were arrested and gave bonds This ', the .first: of a batch of gambling house expected -.ti.e jury, will return. Witnesses .were examined as to a' number of places other than : the one it-is charged'tne Paytons kept/ but no testimony was adduced -sufficient to:,warrant:an in. dictment. Thrnames of a large-num^ ber,of witnesses:were jroduced,;how- ,« v . er . and subpoenas; issued for them/ What Has Been .'.·; During the^Pasff; on ''-.'.:C;"^*Vip,rpba,bilitie,; are^the joint con- J^rence;J)if ;cogl'ypperatbrsCand:ccw»V ";' .miners',;to--fix', the sckJe' for, miniiig'Via 7 : : .the state, for 'the^yrear.; commencing April 1, 1903, will: be .called : fiext week : to meet in Des Moines March 6 : Tho r United Mine. Workers will in all likell- .. :hood hold -a delegate meeting In J Des' '.:.Moines a week determlh« i p. on the ;demands.;to:be" made for ine- :: ensuing year.. ; Th«: expectation is that an increase 01 10.cents;.in the,price of mining and of.-'- a; cbrrespbnding: in; crease :f or air mine .workers other than miners will-be-made.!: ; . , ' . / . . ';The . rprobabniti6s': L are. that John WalKef,; charged ."with;' : Harris : Levich .' in an - indie triient returned, last .-fall ;. with^th e ; murder of Isaac; ; FJnkelst«in ; on the night of. August 5, will be dis- . charged from .custody, this week: Walk- T er bas been ; ln\jail since the murder and;,the ; ,state ( , despite;, the ..fact ic fftiled-to. convirtVLeyichrhas Insisted on holding.him,' ; :more.'.with'.the expec- .tatlon .it would disclose new evidence .against.him than in the hopes-thai it .would convict'oh the testimony used in the Ley!cli case and which was admittedly stronger against.Levich than against : Walker.- .J. B. Rush, attorney -:for Walker, has brought the case to theattentlon of Judge Given and asked , that it be-asslgnea. Judge Given stat- «a,that he would call the case.for as- · , . signment and that: .unless .a showing" !B madie, .would refuse a further con- tlnuance and set it down for the fbl- -lowing w e e k . ' . ' . . : . , : ···'- . r '^Complaints are';cciming- in to the, ; office of . State,- Dairy. ; Comm-i»Blbner m.head* ;of families In:dif-^ SMOOTH FORGER IS ;CAUGHT Man Who Represented Himself as B f Z '·: Gr«en, bf Danville, ill,. AfrestedJ-Buyi Stock at ImlUnola and Ila* Checks .Cashed for Himself. .-'." . - . ,; ; ;C.';.,'-: . Kiut; maderslck'by milk: DC , ei j- · : samples of : mlllt;have been brought to · : ;the,: offlcei of -:the ..commissioner -^.fcr .analysis;.; but tbiijTritar Vribne of the - samples examined have '.disclosed-' tb« .presence, of any poisonous substance ;,used as a preservative; Further anal- 7 ysis- of- samples will be made however. President.'* 1 . W. Cherry.; of the Des Moihes -Southern Railroad company, ; brought in a, sample of milk that he believes contains poisonous » substance. His child, who had par. taken of it, suffered from a sore mouth and was otherwise- -indisposed. ··· This sample analyzed. The Interurban corn-pan y has com- .Pleted its first survey into Newton. ' The line crosses the Rock. Island at .Colfax and. runs two miles south in ;the direction of; Severs, about thr.'e miles eouth o f ' . M e t x 1 arid ''continues ·due east.until it strikes an bid'railroad grade five 'miles southwest of Newton . This grade is followed.:into Newtoc: The probabilities are that within the year a plant will .be put in in Des .Koines- for the manufacture'of cement for" building, concreting, etei Tests ..of chalk stone and liine rock deposits found in the vicinity: of the city aro now in progress to determine tho quality of cement that can be made from . them.-, So'far the experiments have been satisfactory, but, it is desired to prosecute them still' further before ' making any considerable investment. . The- deposits from which:it is proposed to .make the cement are found along the river north of the city -in large quantities. The strata outcrops along the 'river bluffs and ca,h : he mined by drifting, and at small: expense. S. C. Lee, of the S. C. Lee'Lumber company and the Iowa Brick company, is credited with having discovered the qualities of the material. The movement has been started because 'of the formation of a combine by cement manufacturers at other shove np and govern the price of cement. Local builders, paving contractors and brick manufacturers are Interested in the project, and have taken the matter.up as a measure, of self protection to the industries thoy have established Dos Moines; Feb. : li.-iCharleg Johnson, alias 'U. Z. Green/ charged wM an i-extremely, : ;ciever .Jforgery i-~aV''Ia-' dianqlaV'bMl^wante'd'-'at^iDaiiTi'nei'-.-IlLV and said,to · bo .a noted ;crppk, iracajp tured-on;» : Bock- Island Strath'': at-:At- lahtic-'lastreyenlng on^hformadon fur- nishedvby ^Deputy; Sheriff: Jpne8 ; bfithis city. w-. ,- Johnson ~ :had ; .been : In - Des Molnes through the:day"and'"was'*;ead- ingifor:iOmahafw£ie^n\intercepted^by a message :sentito;iSherIff^MarBhalI^t Atlantic-fronx^ thJisVcity;-, .:··.-'r-i'''. 1 :.; ^'---.rft.;': ·. .Johhsqii ^succeeded-, at Indianola in achieving,, on* oFtrie; smoothest pieces of .forgery; thathasbeen^attempted. In' .this part 6f;thel6untry: ; ,He went:to: Indianola Monday' and ^represented, himself as^tt: Z.:.Green, aibted-cattl* man ··' and,; a;". prominent'- Shorthorn^ breeder,, of: pkiayilie,; pi.' He ivisitedi the-stock, farm of Brown:;Randdlph; and meeting !.- B.;W; Bro-Waj^repre-f seiited himself ^as "Green;;:;Mr.-Brown- haf ; met f Green; at ;: tho Internatldnal: Live^Stoct expoitipn'in ptiicago-and recalled: the-name-clearly,'though he did.not.remember ftGreeh'sffeatures and naturaily supposed the rmanwW appeared:-before him 7 : was/the-noted breeder himself. ""Johnson .'prbc.eedied to: go through the : herdXvqf about 150 cattle and ;with the skill-Of an exper :plcked : ;6ut six : head ? -of blooded icat tie, the; finVst'. in;' the-, herd. ~ He displayed a wonderfully clear-knowledge of stock and. talked about.;cattle'ln : :a /way; that was .little"; short'; £ astonish ing to Mr.. Brown:" .The latter.'was more than ever convinced it was Green he was "talking to and, though; nothing of --It when 7 , the sale hadL'ibeen made and Johnson; presented ra' ; checl for.$4,900, the cost of the stock,, drawi on a Danville bank? }The-,0Seck;was a special: form · bearing the." printing o U. 2. Green of Danville^ Mr.Brown went with : Johnson ;| tb ; ;the First -National _· .bank at Indianola. i.'iThere Brown did not attempt^to , have: the check" oashed, : ;ljutreceipted for,: It-am! deposited it to his; account-, j ~A : -. "',-'· ·,: :· As soon as Brown had deposited his check, 1 .- Johnson drew ^another? check TRAGEDY; Attempt «t Muriiir Follow* p;,.;mmt- i ef...«i^lx^city.';ceuple.\ -; Slo^'Citjr.iITievi'^~-A: disagreement byer * Nil of fara caused a tragedy in MarUhVTliBmiernyn''Saturday^ Martia;;wanted eegs; and' Mr». Martin wanted,dystiertvyJNow.^Martin/has two biillet: wbuntfi fe' His feck, his father-" in-law Paddy P*»«H Is in Jall.-bharged" with assault wl¥i;lktent, to do : inurder and TlmmonMaJLiiKwifeHs In jail for disturbing; ttepfeVc*. When Mrs/Timmerman arid BrMtiise, colild not agree qnjthe-- suppetr.bfiT;'iTrsi Timmerman retreatedi tpcher^father'4; home, carrying , theIr:;AcSfl(j(;'*with her! She' ;r was determlnedgto i*iv liothing. but oysters. Timmerman ;frtlc;j?eii and seizing the boy: fetlred.r'.;Mrp Timmerman. fol- lowed.;Timnwman shoved her back and;'she ; calljw'i;!.feher ^father. He re- sppnded-iwl^ijitv'iig Bull-dog-revolver- and opined :t^i/g^A freight. : traln was iK^ln ^^ irhonse;and it. inipeded. Tlmfcieiinan's flight/, -*«; Deceived twqlbulleti";before therammuni- :i6n;i^as;'\ eihaa8ted..'-Farrell is-^ln- lail; under-Sll.OjDii bond. 1 .-.- Timmermari J.ND.ICTEDV Kbt Into Flired|pjiirTii of . _.,,. ^._...._ ._.. l|r3f^TCe^gr«ind;Jnqr' iaa returned fcirue bill against Rex "jrtftMr^d^iraridson of as^liibbs^fOr assault with: 1 "-^'''^mnrdef, 'On the . young fiieii *' ijieir ladles:were out '--'--- wasr-fdund by The: United; States government contemplates holding a public road improvement convention " in Des Moines "soon and has written to President D. B. Lyons of the Commercial Exchange about Jt. President Lyons in reply to the letter to wbich he received at onoe wrote, inviting a rqp- resentatlve of the national department interested-in .this subject-,to visit Des Moines and look; over, .the ground before fixing a date lor-the convention, ' with a view to securing the active co- operation'of the effective influences necessary to the success of the meet tng. Mr. Lyons, expects a representative to come tothe "city sometime during the month In pursuance of his ·ncges'tlon. Probably the conveation Will bo held in March. said; he wanted some spending, money /He presented the-check : :tqJ. F./Bimp- :son of the .Indianola^ bank, : and-tho cashier at 1 '. once;turhed -oyer the; -.SOO Before Brown and ;iJohnson left/the cashier : got in a word with Brown and asked if the in an representing himself : as. Green; was all' right-·'- Brown said ha was, that' Green -\ was a. "big breeder of fine stock and was good'for any'sum he might draw-for. . " :',· ;It was arranged between Brown "iiiid Johnson that the cattle - should; ;,be shippcd'to Green at Danville, February 14..; : . . - - - . . .-'·:'. '· .- . - , ' -,;f · Yesterday morning, becoming' suspicious Cashier Simpson wired to.,the bank at Danville,'-on which, the check was drawn. A reply -was received that tho man was not Green and the check was a; forgery. , , ·,-' - , In the meantime Johnson had come to Des-Moines, leaving, .th'^at noon for Omaha. A telegram to Sheriff Marshall at Atlantic resulted in: the arrest' of' Johnson when - the train.^af-" rived in -that .city. .' · ..;'. UNKNOWN MAN BURNED^" ! Prisoner at Hornick Sets Fire to'Jail i . A n d . Perishes in Flames. ^ ''··"" Sioux City, Feb. 9.--While helplesa witnesses heard his cries ot.agouypan' unknown prisoner was "'burned'' to! death at Hornick, by a fire ^hich'-h« : had himself kindled.-. The m air was a Swede and absolutely "unknown. "He became intoxicated on the streets an.-l' was ariiested by M-arshal ,A1 D., Somer. Late in the afternoon smoke'was seen- to ·· issue from the'JJaih Efforts were made to break open the :doori but they were unavailing.; Tbb 'unknown man cried pitepusly · for. .; help. -' Marshal Somer arrived but.could-not'approach the door to : .urilock',it. Finally- axes were secured and a hole was "chopped in the side of the building.. When the man was reached; ho,was .found'.with his nails burled in the crack which admitted a little air. He died from-hls burns a'few minutes later. The man was--about 43 y«ars of age. '' ' ; he roadside ·^!ri.:a:"spirit,of fan, hese.twtf^oittiftiQehHook ths Jahtern a]Ong.,wlUi tbttafJntending to return t a8-t.hey ; :MWMi;b;ack later.'In the :even- ng, ;but;^«re;;|(r«»ented;;frpni,;so; dp- itubbsiaid «iotii.ier lad^who bad fol.. owed ; th^fir:;»Kl(3Sl and; met them· J as Sey-.:"yer6';" n»6i'iSiilnK: ; '. -hqme, : young ; tubbs demawieS the lantern,, and yheii tWs'.wMt»p|Bsed Mm; he opened flreiwlthiytfdoirtte, barreled, shot gun; the;cphtent«;«te«ang:the youngjadies in the necit and shoulders. The case baa ;been?;^tJ«iiJ^d; iintir- the-Apri! GOOD ROADS MOVEMENT. Special Aaent and *Road Expert Visit* ' ; '- : -':.::':-. .''":: "--;" Iowa,_..::.f'"?;"'--; ''~?. :::i Dee Mob«s, Feb. 10--Ch»rleV^.i T 3arrison,';special^agent and}road..·'«*: ?ert; of;.the'i-offlcib^qftpubHc roadi Ihr luirles.df the;TIrilted, States';depa)rt- M«nt of .agrlctiiture at Washington, la. a;the,city on:official.\business.- Mr. Harrison may properly be called a 5pod;v roals missionary. and :b« : ' has ,'jeen.preaching : the.^gospel as he : seea :t;at farmers'. (Institutes; la Kansas. He also yisitea thie ; agricultural college'-at' Manhattan and conferred with legislative r committee (on the subject ofe road: Imprpvenieht. Attef,:a=few days here .h.e- wiir,«q;;t» .Wisconsin, whfere: ne will_ oe occupied for a.mdnth la-ad-, dressing; ranners' ; Institutes-on-the- need-of rpad;Improvement - -"-'A...- ,: , In discusalrig the siibject ofigood roads; yesterday.Mr. Harrison told of; sucoessful-efforts at imprqvlng.Jroads In^Tama county of tfils state. "In-some' of rttoe river-bottoms the roads; were: y«ry/;bad;Sand Jn desperation some oi" the; citizens Appealed /to ; ^Secretary, Wilson; to ;haye;tb*;roads-Investigated 1 to-determine-bow they.tconia' bei 'improved 'without-entail-ing:to6 J niuch Expense;, Mr.'/Harrisqn was seat-out to InyesOgate,- and ihie^adylsed" d«.iaage and; eleyatlon ::of: thej-roads ' "and "the deposit of: an abiindaiit amount of,sand qn:^heclay;Thia;was x todvyear8 again ;*ccordance\}wlUir Jiilsi Suggestions" -^^* ei ^fed;and;.th-erjian^^cafrled : out. Mr. Hai^spn/liasjrewntly" ~ tfie:wprk was done as^fl" * ; OO YOU COUCH 00',' T B A L S A M ttCttMiCoMi-U, :J5aBfegS2SSSB; TOO BUT ttutttoa tntiaa BOM Bla JU. ttutttoa tntiaa «aka aob**p taut "K is never/ too lite ·th» aaa who was too 'NAM FADWUB8 TSe under doe pay aatby, but we doat I Small things talk~l rflam'g eye. - · at hand, though it :., would hive much; ; better; had ^e-roMerVb1ei{ Daniel 8log«t«d|V Killed While Adu«- ' ' '.}· ^ Stanhbp^: ;raiX; 11.-- Daniel ·/: Slbg- stadt, a fanner giving five miles nortli of i Jewell ^Juhct'Jh,. and about ten miles frbni'.'thls.f.'plac^," went home ? to abuse .his family; tried to protect hie h.t;;WhIch;follbwed s father ':'· over 'the ;poUer, inflicting in- Slpgstadt died 7 a " . drunk and be His,s6ri,-ased l mother. '-In^th the , boy struc lead with ;* v st juries; ; frbnii ;stadtvwentS^ : .gave im[ returned is r 'y«i - :tb public- policy, {to : P eriit ° f c P un ty^«P*rvI 8 or8 tb eiri' man; to uncover;, and report for · ? e ? 1 P^rty *Ilch h'ad ; -omitted . from -taxation .and to . .--.---,r~r^» cqllected;.-c'.-in e rh« ^^".J^v-tte.supervisors have the enter Into such: a: ;coa- tract and that this :power; is derive^ from sectlon : ,422 /of the cod*;; which authonTM. ^,rds of: supervisors^ "to respectlye; counties 'and ;..,. t * ! * I !6,'i'.and. management property : and business .thereof JlO -'Oth.61* wiw*i-«.4*.JtC-l. "-^*_^«. - - » - - made." -. , -CMrs I No verdict has b*en tlid community-IF with eiogstadt iTfce; fmmlly, However Is not regardel| .-M brlgtit mentally. One son. was »'insane asyhim " " ' " ' tAQAINST BAIRD. Marion County Grand Jury i« at Work ·;· Knoxville, FeK.:; ll~-The, Marlon county grand jur'y.Bas returned three indictments agalairt Frank Baird, whc was iimplicated 'in-the Sulliyaii robbery at;: Hamilton .early r ;1n January The indictments!-:charge .Baird with robbcry,7;burglar/;"-and' assault-with intent;.to ; . commi}: niurder. No Indictment has: yet been ffeturried against William; A. Kiciardsl'! former deputy. TTnited States marshal;'who: is believed to have beenllmplicated in the Sul- .Ivan affair.:., Baird ; "is''still here in the 2ounty.jall.y- He te recovering from his wounds; nicely. - jThe jtime of his trial has.not-'yet been fix? itttorney'is uhdwiidcd'whetheYY6~ask for^anyimmediaie. trial the matter ; go-oyer-»n'tii.'the next term ol court.-". ··;;·.;-. :.«-,-'·; ,.-;·;···: ...- - · . - · Is a taxpayer wKo; appealed "w°S :of tt!B ""Pei-visors Wellraan'g bill.: -,-....- ·']; ,. CHINESE WOMAN WANTaDIVORCE Story of yHowT Fon B ^riri:i Sold Hi.' The Slot Machine Did It. '! Sioux City, Feb. 10.--Ttie;slot,'ma- chine is supposed to have causer the downfall of Charlos ; "F. Tenny, tbe'iios- tal clerk, arrested here by Inspector E. P. Craig of Council Bluffs. Tenny had contracted the habit and was a plunger. He would play the ;machines by the hour and would theiCtreat his friends liberally with his winnings: He seemed to have a mania for the sport. Station Agent Held Uploy Bandit Cedar Rapids, Feb. - 10.--An unknown bandit held up' the station agent at Stanwood yesterday morning secured $24 and made.,.his escape. Sta.nwond Is a small plac*- east of this ^ ^' - , - ' . : - , . ( ' Much Fine Silk Stolen, i Ft. Dodge, Feb. 11.--Silk thieve* took gowls valued: from ~f50 to 475 from the Furlong Melby store-in this city. Entrance," was made by pry. Ing open the rear window. Only black Kllks were taken. MUST jAY TAXES. Supreme Court \Siyi Highland Park College is Not Exempt Des Moines, Feb.--: 11.--The supreme -ourt has "diecidea^that the city of Des foines did right in assessing "and tax' ng the Highland-Park ^college proper y,- land and: bul.'illhgs: · It was assess d .to .its-jsqle ojvner, J; B.- Dille,: foi 899-90, the'rgatestate at100,000 and he personalty" ai 120,000, ^The .district :oiirt cut this ;d»wri to 165,000 for the land .and ?6,OOQ.'for.: the college equip ment..: When It i,w*s'owned by a col lege company' tiie.-'district" court had declared it exempt on the ground ol being property.jjused- for educationa; ·purposes.. .TheJ.'supreme court says th'at it is noteximpt.under this clause for while it is jus«d for educational purposes it is uifcd'for.profit only and is not-, dedicate* to educational purposes; · r.v; ; |.y .... : , ' OFFICERS HfLD BLAMELESS. The Dead Horie',Thief at Bloomfield » '. ili^A"; peculiar divorce 1 up^at the spring session t court Mr. and Mrs. - --= --· - Chinese coupla,. we're* married, about ten years ago In iVlntoh Iowa...-, They came here five years .ago' and since have ; been running a laun- flry. ;: About two .years ! ago' Fong Tin a visit to 'China.arid while there married another wife';-''He: came back here about o.-year, ago;and' lived : with his wife till last:: October, . when he made up his mind tliat:he would;spend the. remainder of his days, in China, but,b.efore going he sold the laundry and also his wife ; tp another China-man; - Mrs; Fong Tin objected to the sale, but the new Chinaman had paid for her and : Fong Tin was gone with .tnermoney, so he tried to compel her with him;- Sh© made'complaint' and was going to; have him arrested; Dut ;he left town and lias not "been heard from since. Mrs. Fong Tin now proposes to get a divorce so Fong Tin can't come back and take the laundry away .from her. ,. ;' - , ' . · .-'--.. IntoEtHiy ·Stomach GUat Sw«c W 10s.; totMBOc. pnc«12c. ^ · · - , - Ulnttrtud C«UJotn« CEDABHAPID8. IOWA. i p r o a c . ttop of mircbalranewh. , m antarto . ry rn we m o* t ol lowing nnpno«Iciit«l o .JJSii'uSSlTSi' ; «ilrtoHl]rkMiUrs!^ ,,_,, s^ro^assss^ssa^ aadlouof cholc* - ' . erwlth onr great o*Oita«me WIlng ·bout M«ournl WtMtrBllllo. fi «·!·. H*4 fit b. . . JOHN *. SALZER SEED CO., L* CroMt, WH. How an atecess plan Tubes of Mi ·was removed withe operation. I " "I had an abscess - 4bj8 fallopian tube tube is a connection o I suffered' untold mi ·eo weak. I could scarct The sharp burning TO in iny side were terrib «cian eaid there was a ·unless. I would go fa «nd be -"operated oi before that I would JPinkbani's Vegetabl xrhich, fortunately, I anade me a stout, he; Jl^r advice to all -worn -with, any kind of fern -to commence takin Ptakbam'8 Vegetabl «t once." -- MBS. IRA. f It would Beem bj xnent that.; women *tmo and much slcl would gret Xydta E "Veffetabto Co«p*ui *nd also write to M ·»t Liyttn. MaaOn for vice. Tt b f ree and t -Ko otlier person o )tielpf nliadrlce ·«; M to women who arc si at he hould of the ·omt LWPYMW 4»r«utr*M« four or mor (!«·,»! OU Cure, No p. Oil. CO.. : ».,3anh»ll Bloomfleld. F*ti.. 10.--The coroner'? jury'acquitted teputy Sheriff Ed. Cox and Marshal Fiank Romlnger ot the murder of the : lpr*e thief who wap shot on Friday »hlte reslsitlng arrest The man .died lite F.rlday night without giving bin n»nve. In one of thf memoranduin biioks , : on his person, however, was f«und: the address, "W^ H. Reece,"Lorahi, Adams county. 111.' The body; n»*y ;»ent to one of the medical colic*** Id, Iowa if not claim ed. Sheriff Clvk-of Scotland county. Mo., arrived ant id«*tined the horses and. took them Wk to, Missouri with him. They belcn([*d to Mr. P«ttet ol Oreennbur-g. T|o dead man Is un doubtedly a Moiean He was of toed Inm height and wntcular build. W. W. AMES MAY REVEAL M|JCh». Claims That H« Knows,fhlrigi That ^Have Been Thus Far Concealed. Dubuque, Feb. 11-.--It is authoritlve Instated that if W. W. Ames is compelled to : go to the penitentiary he will reveal many things which he has thus far withheld from grand juries: This will cause deep interest in Dubuque, where Ames became" involved In his present trouble. Ames's. ca«t was presented- to the supreme court Thursday. Ames formerly lived' in Des Moines,. where he was connected with,his father-in-law,-Dr. Spinney; in some of his peculiar investment company propositions. Ames came to Dubuque-to represent the Iowa Mutual building and Loan association - company, and. received .money.which was not applied aa it was intended. .Peculiar significance attaches to · the . case In that he'threatens if he is finally .".ompelled to go to the penitentiary to reveal many other things of which 'ae had. some cognizance. · -' : CHANGE OF V E N U E FOR HUNTER. Second Trial of Case Will Likely B« Held In Clarke County. Mt. Ayr, Fcb. ; 10.--Upon the show- Ing of the · defense, , not. resisted by' the state, Judge'Parrish granted this evening a change of v*nue to Clarke county In the Matt : Hunter case. Iudg*.Towner,convened court yesterday Jn Clarke county and the state will try vigorously to fcav« the trial eet for Tuesday of next week. THE WORLD'S 6REATC5T KOLA-E1 WESTERN GANADi GRAIN GROWIRfi. MIXED FARMING. , Thcreaaonwliyniorewliear : Is grown-in Western Canad*'^ - T~~--T-^-! In a few short-months tfiw ^ because rei?etat!on grown In propo*' the sunlight. The more northerly latitude In which grain will come to perfection; the ·'.'· better It Is;.Therefore eaibs, per bushel Is »s f»Ii- ' ·standard as 00 pounds In the East. Area andct ·rop lu'Westcrn C»nultt, l»o«, 1,087,330 Acre* Cleld, 19O*. 117,024,754 Bash*!*. HOMESTEAD LANDS Of 1(0 ACRES fftCL theonlyehargerorwblclilstlOformaklngeatrj.. Abundance of water'and fuel,' bulldlnr m*» terlalcheap, rood grass for pasture ana haj.a f «r tile soil, »sufncicntr»lnriill,and» climate glrlnf an assured and adequate season of growth. -,' Send to the following for an Atlas and other : literature,' and also for certificate^ giving yo» reduced frtlght and passenger rates, etc., ct*.:. KuperlntondcntofImmigration,Ottawa.Canada.. : or to K. T. Holme*. 316 Jackson" St., Si PauL. Minn., or W. V. Bennett, 801 New York Lit* Bid*., Omaha, Neb., the authorized " Oo»crnmtnl A«cnls for Iowa, AVE IMOMEY Bay your gowl/t at "'-'· Wholesale Print*. Onr l.OOO-piura e%t»locu« wilt Ni arnt npon receipt of. K cent*.' This amount doe« not even p«T tho pontage, but It ta sufficient to show us that roti are actlna* ..In.toot; faith. Better semi for It DOW. Your nela-hben triMlcwith u»--whjnot CHICAGO ' ' that trJls OM star encd «fbOHtr.' TI»r 'P«x)o« a I cbMkianilnMontlw TlMOtty ton* and tavtcomt* «VBTJT a ·oottwaixlitnnictlMa tto M (ana broken doira «i«n a ' . Ure. MW tnftxy aad new aa tmtttta system. II *«· d yon-gvt jrow momrnack. dprant ten* tlwm, stud to I dollMpn box. MX ton* for | Tht Anerlcn KoU Co, Di t^m eoT SETJCNTH Uw Ratft to C Via; Chicago, Milw Pautand Union Paci February 15, to Ap Only $33 Chicago t -jcisc.Q..Los:Ane!el«9 AH California points. 0 ondi-dass, colonist tic Will be glad to 8ei tional information. *. A. WILLEK. Amenl fustng FREE TOW t ara Lit IMS don · imnttof f ·II tnAaMoatlon MIA dlncban ·MuMlIC VtafMHI low*«. for «M4rrh, H a mouth wanh aM ·M wMMi MM Matt, SoadK lEWSPAPERr lEWSFAFERl

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