Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 24
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 24

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 24
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fris New PR ftPPro»tm»Uly f 7 rtl «t day« of [ tlm., of Chrtit i preserves f DECATUR HERALD r-KlUAY hVLNIINU OUOBLR' 17, 1930, DECATUR HERALD 2J NO QUESTIONS'*?* Duff iW Quwrions David After He Tells Annassa Story of His Life Atmwfi We»( young unit t j i l d n Hiitim a Connntlciil fiiunhouiio with u .inlstci 1 rcpiiiuUfin Htwuiial pii'v- Ion* tMitmi* h u l 'flul linn- («*- and a l n l J i had rtl-mti- H I" m i | i u l i t i i l ill tin 1 i ihftl tin n i w i t n n n t tisk mi Jclin n i L i t m n d OWNLI \ n r h tiiw*|i(i|icr H ,i rl ,ni,f.|jr init t i n t licit Ann hi v "him t i C\\iif Her Btiibli lm\ Utt . 11 intiidi'itd 'I I K I I a d/purv i*li» t" t'«t en Kutiul In ih tMrti'i* 1 I" * 1101 l) il("'h A itrHitjK'i wl 'u him In pa i Idliu; end o( j\n"'» hnitu nl niKhl re J- eiiM h t r (rum a nmrfis* when l nl tilt' huiwn of l)i v c l t t l n i i M ituit,ritn fi n n i t IIIK Ann lo l«f Ah n Ci opM v lltiii o( li«nmnd n a u| t" l i v to mivo th* w»tcri of tin iluuhlc 111111- (|,c j{ I I I U I H ot u n i j i i l i r i t n w 'ndttirall i *hn ilic» nil ot lib «l alkt'l 1 t l lit' 11 anil [n t It i (I to Otto (In tluMi bid nnin a si-eim t( h iMll Ilrldfi It in-" "ii'l rlnlm It A n n u m 1 him I N I'"' 1 fntrJihn t ' "· l fuiM t . *n(it i i «l|, ti l i m i t ' td'l n will] Ittit 1cm the thil J hn t 1 aition 1 1 in^ ^in in 11 r i l l ( t h ( d t j u i t v w m ' tlio !!au of V Ifi- hlvts ^niUh Ele l« K d alnnit !"iyt ''i' m«* I n t u ted In f i n d thp i l l (""!'( c- A I'jvn 1,11 AUii ( i )|1M- untr-nml i i I f m i ' tho Snl K \ \ thf m m in Ii r · I'll [ n n ' M i I flint hf wi" iifidlil t" mtcp t h - t u n n e l In thi ( f l l n of tli" ml t w i n wjs on" ftf c t i i t i i t i t l Uf i in x' thai of plti Iliit lu FI flmili tin* f l v i r i !l h"! ' H t ii' h' liPHtiod' m.lni Iii 11 nlii nnd n i l "llii r i r n in n v,i i i « I tn it fn'in h t i It nnl i * v f«r m n i l ' l t t t n a l l i d tht tin li«- ildo wtlleh they stood, Unloso you count that" Uio thought n itionu nt At luat ' I m sonicthlnf of an opiuntunlat J bi'lli'vc thai Fato 'orves \\a it WL u l l l onh hold miraolvcs In roarlfni!!itj to be MPivod Thh tunnel la tho last ·Hunt* of n lonjr Journcj At Itt und lien thi 1 nnni*,er to youi |ioblem" 'I hit man did not laueh «t the lUKKoitlnn Instead hf answered with Hb*wilut« seriousness 'My daik Inlwllnndi mint an appioprlfil* pldoo lo l((op lts(iif--a hole In the ftroutul ' Piailmlntlcally "Moy))p when I vo nir-t It face to fuco, Til Vic Hoiiy I didn't let w i l l enough alone" Wt (,n InTininH U t too l«u lo think of that now \oti'cl Itatfi yuuraclf for cvoi and o \ c t if joti turned bark at the c t i v c n t l i hour ' PcmiasKoly 'Conic Int s takd a look before wi j;o buck iifiilalrw Nolhlnj,' llko ft tabbing the tinll !} tho henna you know 'the man f-hook hln head 'If tm llfn depended on it T tould not Kit intu that blttck unknown Tin* rent tlml the walli Mi-re about to nn mo would d i l f o me m«d jmt cxpUno that t u n n i l prpttv lorm" she siiiit, trying to ' j M i i h liuhtly "your d a i k Inherltanci win n t tired of waiting foi you tmd will i imi out and jtobblo you u p " 'I cannot l«.|p I t " I In v llntr Voli ifi T till \ o i i w l m t v-t-'U thi. the, g l t l nld fit l»kt W e l l think about It lonictinti o I h l n k l i i y about thln^a iimkct U n t i l get laaiev Let n put i h n potkltiK caws nnd Imrcls hack, ju^t us w e ft iitul t h t t n and fro over In the hoim it mutt lit* -welt l u n h Umi You could tur-k away n tittwl nf Alibj a Scotch bioth omiitl t you ' It tonk but n moment to restore tho cellar tii Its former all of llttir- I a. n ' in 11 wtl t 1 \ (ti t , lit nhftini il ft I lUltl! mlii- I'm tnv. ml t h l n t M m iln K , l i i nl; K« i "I ! i I In i S mi if I Iww. 1 1 f I i| t td nojfkcl ami they Imd t u r n u l to l o t t n c o l l v l r steps to thp ItuUlei i%ben Ihu Hoiimi of void* Hum the lloor tiliov,! uiu-hctt MI ·)» V.u-,1 iiim Mic piodded her companion in tin built QutcK ttiuv t n u H t n t sin us down h t t i We (tori [ vftttit (triymn to p l o i t t h u t t u n n e l btfore uo do , ^ e i t i Toh and hli men I didn't ml iiint lenll/i lht«, r| hud time ti get luck "»' 'I'' 11 ' Ot out .Surf, In u m u f f ! i l l hoiw von A f t P r do it ti U* i « ( t i i l mi n u ant H i e t o ] i l v v.u t i i l t i i h i mini o.tilil i l d r my ulalllnti itnd fnnmd f 1 1 [Iml idui out of Wil Tin -hi!nllr,K r u l l i i f \tet\i i m f t i i t n KClnK InK' t l m t li"h tniiil ( i MimdliliiK tici|il-t fi nl I'll! whixt it Is" l(n "mi lit ' 1 or iinmt,h to .nt rrnni tin Imil 'Kim ' no (n tiy r vpnrt I u In i n t r v i n c In fij-nrn It n n »«r '.imc t u n i' rrnllve dial [ \ t a i i l l f f i t l i l l l l I |llH (I W i t h ' n i f f r i m t ' Annies i wrlnUlc.1 I n t . i i s t i IK tflut « u " 1-ctt in Im 'i "tip \\ lit 11 « tlh t m m u i « n i jm T md i,rnm In n i n viti'. I it pMinipl' «tt ihi l i l l d i i n 1 liOi « Imd f iHn i * nnl i t i n t l n i s t v. u fi ftiiiiullltl]' li ft n n ill n iti | '.iln 11 1 V:t\ t l i t f u m 1111)11 f.ltl ir M Im In I Ii i n fm Hi i h i N t l n n *.|ili ' of tin imiplP who in«l t'i il i i t i |i I * (iiild tuw n n In l l t i i i l i n H I P I I II i Ii 1 had t nod i h l \H I t i t ) in I e i t h e r they inountud awlftly to (ho h a i i i i w loom lowered the trap door and w ( i o In the barn before tin r h k f of pollau BRW them 'Oh Miss Wont was his greet Injr 'l\e beczi looltiiiR for you t u r y w h u r e And as his eyea Hjt tid on the tall Miancer 'Who's t i l l . " Annnsirt We 1 -! looked f i o m one man to thu o t h t i Her volru, when 'ti, untiwciod wan dut'tut!-/ miitlr ( f fiiet Id If n n II In dn pi ii;i!* I M tin It .inly ht In 11 IH [ [ nil ti'ntin li' i 1 tn in i i liti 1 1 Tin) Imd n .. nt % 11 \ 1 Mil i»Mi ili'ith Vimi nthfi TO! T l l i t A11 . l l v m f ' I t t i l l hCtl to hii 1 viltii foil' I H I M l liiiiKl wluit ·"K I t.oli 111 i jiliid In Hi h hi rut!' fhcy g r i n I., ti . mi* Anting \\ i lulil tn i h u n d ft 'ta khiiXif ! ii nl aln l i unit tin Bum fin u-, i li md ( ( i t u u l i i l v l 01 ft It Wh*n I u, in f, nt u n i i «lil in 1 , 'olirnl tun?i iliut mi In n i l i H i i L i t * P wnl ihn i. at ff i n i a n l t i ) duny I 'i*! n Finiuililiin A f t v t (hit i n c i v «m lutiiw t h i n u , n v umi Ihlni wild in \ d i n k |il«i ( 11 « ill W i n (ilno Vinl ill i m i ti \v i i mil of of It m Smith my nt-w atftbln hoy -i Kimn to (tilto Ottosi plaen T v« men shuwltiK him m o u n d " ( I l l l f \(\H MlNpIU01th Thu ivonied look did not lui/e Toliyt f i u u "Can you voui-h for thl i young mini rnarnt'' ' Abiotutely" It waa said without Ihe (jiilvnf of an oycla,h The chief of police nibbed the l i m i t 'if hit Iwnd apilnst Uic stub- Me if d Iwo ttavi' (,'iowth of heard 'IV. 11 r dunno A nilfthty dewprit ' t u i i t t c r C N t t p ^ d f i o m f h c Jail a t Os-ttlnltiK ( H O or tlnee months afin N n l Lfiujjlit noetliet ncKcrlptlons of him -Ana n l M " out at tho time mr I IIP i Kilo ' With u sliIcUinR Uancc I n the K t i a n y e t w d l i e c t l n n Sly r* 11 some Inchon, blue eyes lilni h i urh Imu Hint u mrrmuld 1 ii ion d in h N l u s t ' Iho H l t i i w nn wliloh hn chewing ' A i n ' t botn tn h u e you"' Ol»l. !»·» kll»i Antitisin West know t u r n i n g around, that at mention of th 1 - fjittmci) mcrmalfl Da*.Id hnrt [ p i t lili Imntl to the collar of tho j k h n k l colored shirt ^ociiift her oje.ii i upon him he loweted it now 'No," wiin lih iiimwer to the (.hlcft n«ea- ll'in ' T V f titHor Ueeti In thl n i v y " T\\f\ all bulked bat k to the house S i t h Toby c o n t l n u l n n to had been Ihp n n v y without turnip tin tluiitiM ** i blj( f n m k d wi c f t i n (rmitli Di, ^ In i t n t an «h ' ~~ ui! . \ n n i l t i i (I UK »i from mm In d t l i - - Un n "*' nutliltijt ti win It on l i u * loud ' I t n y m r i i wen la tin |imt tint! no ^ly tllii w u t i f t f t h n t t"i't Wrti ' t h ( *ty link whldi hound mi lo ins j* 1 l ftilh.'i nnil mot hi l WUH a noti *tnl In Uic ItnliiK of the cdji t hud *'»1i«B t mm jiU kcil up from tin l i u j u t p i i tin wlili li the ".it M r l l l i l l tl I t "111 In | U L , l .... i t l i l n l i , mix! w i t h huniilUiv ""tlht I n f m t n n i i n n |t i n i i t n U x i l i i n , ( t n n "^w he liit l i f i n t h t It li w i l l l p n ' «i mv brtiln l 11 UK « (ti m Lbc linuii in -what he n deep nml ( i n i i i ' i rn w with t i c t f u l manner Foi all the Infoini- iniiii i|in . «» l u r mat | ( » H m u t 1 dnli rind it mtin rc|on«Ml tier hand chest In t INDEPEND- J* 1 "' W» Htm i n i K w ·^'tliw nf r i i l j m i t l i ti ' h«s tirti-n rim t h i d \ i t i u An iJ « " l1 " 1 ' tl " s(1 t i - m l w d thu i n ,'^unlK-d SU,IM p v , r \ doiiiti u,*, li ft me In is :u «i e me stand- 1 *fn thi imly n t n t Ifi the end litm, ' ( K C O U l l t H of itl.n e U c t t e t he mlftlit hn\e *aved l l t i i v f l f lb« tiouhle Da\!d wilt an mm ui ti m i n k Nnl "n Annanna Ttiii-iclencu- nuinll'MhiMon of wenknfsa for which lie jicofi rj{d (tin niodrrn rttatdon s C(itilim|it-hnd hfjj'iin Ito bualnetiM of miltlntt Mio was Increnilnttlv awiire of thi- fuel thnt who hud *,ouch«tt f( r thl-t in in lirid miult ln'isclf re xpnnHllih f i his hi hfH Ini to the potii i ^ 11 \\]\ it illfl Him know Mn ui lit 11 ·· Nnthliif except the li n! laid t n r himstclf Thnt tintM'ill( fnni ot cmshlng walla whldi ho li i ( i deir!bed for nil sho knew to n m t t irv mljrht ho onlv nn \npt nloiw WM of o\ritslri) r a m e n t u t blt« t n v d h l kllllnK Thrio 11*. In tin l u i t t of her mloit i nktitn 1 of thlf same David In Die liimli nnd whlt of itjtht hnhtlnj;' logollici the tmnd nf hN flnnnel stiirt tlfnve to i ovoi a mark of i i t on hi i ehcil rtlldd Tjfttfr She walked In to thft lunch tabtr- ltnvlnr Druid to help hlmtiolf tn the hi't'n 1 ( l t | | l r t i n ^ ncr P lat * '. av a lot ter on »nd \ l v j i t etched moon- coltnr na he some , . H Uin '"kid In New now th,i w l i n t me tide i tu him you ll« *' he ^tlld ( i l l CfiiatlnK io t h w W(IM no stamp Indlciitlnjr that It hud (Cimr. hv linntl "A nice-spoken \otinf,- follow in |)l«m-(olor J llvorv loft K " oxplnln fil Mhti Bnrth ' A b o u t 10 n f l f t MI went out 1 From Mr niotnond T Anniiwti Ml nn ImrncdlRlp Inclination lo f i n d out whnt the lottci oon- Ltilnfd ' Brlnj; on tho food Ahhy ttmt's (i dcat I'm low' Thf nlilc- Mlia Builh. fksnlte nn icnto longlnp to tiflflr whtit Mr Din ninnd wnntpd of \ivr jming mlstiess ipt f « t t h an pxi-ollent luncli White it wni bflnc oonsiimi(l who iti«t In ODD FELLOWS OF FIVE TOWNS HOLD MEET IN VANDAL1A VANDALIA -- Approxiimiloly 80 Odd Follows woie In altinclanoe tit the county in DC ting of ttio oiBftnlza- llon hero Tuesday night In the OUl Follows Temple with five lodges In th» county rrpiesonted Included wore Ramsey, St Elmo. Went Sharon BlntfhaiJi ,, n d Vandal In Visltora wore also ptoaont fiom Pnnu, Fill more and Glen RMjju Diatilct u ftic or a for this ensuing your woio clbttrd aj follows Edgur KtcHoaon, ]icsklcnl, Harold E Matton, Hocietiiry, O K Dclokmunn dhtrlct deputy gtund muster Rcpta- HentntU'os wuie named for the stnto iin'cttut,' In SpUna field opcni Mon day Oct 20 Tiny uro SI Ulmo. I SlmpHon, JRnmicv Roy Harris, Loo- goolcc John JUilion, West Shuron L; P MuUP3 Vandulla H E Rogter The Old Cnpltui cncnmpiviont will be represented lv H A Blown, J J Broivn, Vnntlalln la on tlio Grand Itxljrft cojmnittep nnd O E Dieck- mtinn, alao ot lhlt city la on lite Judiciary committee of the Giund Cncnmpment ARCOLA" MAN" SUFFERS BROKEN COLLAR BONE ARCOLA-- J *O Cimlcr of Arcola received n hioken collai bone Mon titty In Arthur, when ho waa thrown from a curt In o. runawny Mi Car- ilcr had }ust purchuscd the horse .uitl c«it and was starting homo with tho rig when the horse became fntfhtuncd and bolted 'the W. C T U held Its first meeting (is a local organisation at thu home, of thu pnaldent Mis J 13 McCnnn Tui silay attPrnoon There wai n, j,ootl nLtpndanrp «t tho rncm- Ix-ithlt) tifid thom pr si nt c nj'jycil (in InteirHtinft talk given by Mrs MoDurmat Mist IMwaid Fin tifildimil son nir- foiM of Ifiiltifjton, ate visit Ing fit tho homo of hit fathci »nd trforgii Moot o and 11 iss Otiu Ic Moore. A few dnys tago TvIlHi Mooie V,I\H attacked by u ahei,p at th«lr form west of the city, and waa knudtcd down and In tho full mis tnlnrd n bio ken mm. Just above lltr elbow A ftw dtiya lator hei fiither WIIH iitlacl«.l by the same unluiat nnd In his utricle not, scratrneu on tho tnc? a Kush bolni; m wle which roquljcd stun clamps and t h l O L (dltchO 1 ! Mis. W T3 1 lojtl of Chicago is In Aieolu this M i c l t visiting her sls- t ( i , Mrs A i thin U Dimomt Mrs Dltnond who vmt scvoicly burned about two ivotlts nfco wlif-n n i,an of hot Hvmp exploded and over her nrinst and Hiest ha* almost entirely ii'covorod fiorn hei Injuries and in able to be out again MONflCELL? WOMAN TAKEN TO HOSPITAL MONTICEL.L.O Mm Moiy J(iy who htw been very 111 wns lalten to the St Mary H hoHpltal, Wecalur. Wednowdny morn Inn (or trootmcnta Mra R E Alliom tntcrUlned at t « o tables or brldfc- Wcdnesdiiy ntt ernoon In her home on F ist Lafa- ottp s t i c i t M i l I l e t l i p i t Prick won f i i s l prl/t M n Ro\ Killon second nml Jin i n M ^hoiiltiiller eon solution Tho inogntm trlven Wctlnpadiiy noon at the Hot.iiv lunthran was in charge ot J N lilKliton J D Ltlp- ei KJVO a talk Taxation was dls- eusacd by the Tuscola Residence Is Being Improved TUSCOLA--Mm ]JUKI D u t i k k Min la improving the i,ioumta nroitnd lim Dr Mai tin t e i l i k n i e w i t h tho jilantlag of Hhi ubherv hy a lanildcipe nichltcct AIM D m l i k m n h a s t a t e ly painted all Die building and made exttnslvp chanK^s uiid Uic jjUntliiK nf tin ihmtibciy w i l l i n banco the beauty of llu p i u p n i t y which is ono of the best m the city Ur Martin built the houue about *5 jcnra a^o It Is substantially con strudod with stone foundntion nnd stone poidi ruillnga Tbo reildcnco h \ e r / l.age nnd Imin appeal .into hcnlnj; i osl nbouH'SIOOO KNJOV TUSCOLA -- Twenty-two of thn ItebekHl) lod;;e diovt lo the faiin home or Mts Ellicl Pli'g May or fnui mllea cast of Colton 'lues- day evening and held a wlonrr roast In tho open Bonflics weie tiuilt tirul the toastlnft of marsh mallows. sandwl hes and tho roasting of wlcn- s gave pntcit0nuint foi tho crowd quiring KtnncM at Iho IroubloJ foic- hcnil under the thntcli of red litilr At Inat "WhntH happened mio" Art? jo To Ijntt*t' · N n " n n i w o i n d hrr nm lint; llir ' A h l u p fimlt l h a l i a l l ' Miss Bnrth Knew the tempmuin nt with whlcli sht I md to dc ul 'If ye've tuiton on anothpi man to worry about I'm irolntf homo It « bnrt pnotiKh to ittt ouririvoN anlillillntcd because fr doniLone whn belonfr to ui, (is \ c mij,'ht *i\\ hut when It lo n l u m i p - i Kront hulltln' of--' Abhy, plonst I'm woi rlei) enough ns It Is And bfild^s this hllllt ns you call him Is n Kpntlcmnn He spcaki like one and -- ' "Lookw Ilki one I iiij*irfip Phc t-lil tlicllnp'l to lie rutfletl "III admlr he doian't Jnolc like n Poik Avetnif diinclnK man but he's tnld inr- his hltlorj nnd r can t help Tlicy sat foi u moment In silence --Miss CniOi ihmy-fnced na ft bnsl liuk, tht c l i l diij rlriiiiimtnpr with tipr flnceis on (he tnhlc top amldonly Amuiaitt IOTO am! with n Mi-ili of her rnoHt pcr^imslve ^wfctneis flunR hr nrnia nround i h o oldci womtins n*ck "Abby Abby stick by mp I'm iifrnltl I ve Rotten mywlf In n worio thnn ever I To Bt Cuntliiniri) 111 The Bi'll S V «. Today's Cross Word Puzzle tt wri«lLl, 1«W, Tile It (I I M,Hnli«ti!, Inc ) 1- I n «UWl ·I--I Ike t--llnrnr utrnii u-^ I li^y t,n aui I J - L l l L V . l K O l l QMll 16--Hy n.--l ii ft IS--Prillx nituln III-- inTM utill N-- lei jil to .11--1 m l|tli l - l l l l u v i r l hl- lu-- lo Itl full IS--l'«rt U lu In' (n--r« boil t!--"M n» of niiuna »r-Tti (ill (i 111 ml n--I ivn un I IB-- Ollt HUllllctl TV-- St lit ;~liit i nU m--i r idv m 11 65-Hj n o t I t * t U«) i»i 1,11 tt AU it W P n r l n i f ni\ o 1-«1 t l u r [ 1 ^L MHi i Vlvtl iluv i^ ti^-- ] o In H tH wjircl rr~Ulnl« l.n m i l Sil--ripini«JHI t " f n l r'--1 ui m 11 »ITH AI J--[ M| mil 1- I j i l t i fi- S n i p III Jul I.-»J| I ad T~ Ainu » -- n n i l H nt n--iu jiiiiaiun lo wit A (0(1 I I-- l [ iM(|l II- I M n l . I-- \ 11, I : --1 lotion n -I--I 11 mil |tlillili 2» -i ftlf IM HLIirlU 27-111 ckuim ^l~l[plll t 1 - I r l i l i l 17- ItuuMi I an J«--Awwy Irurn All -lu unniKH 4)--Cou Hi) U- A boil ml IB! I I -- I luriil mHllnn ll illlt IS M 0) - A fp l-»t 7-tV, M-- NiiriulvB u it* -I ririlTllllfH [Kilnt ttulhin rlvnr FIREMEN OF THREE TOWNS HAVE JOINT MEETINGJN ARCOLA ARUOLA--Thu A n a l a firemen en- UrLiiliiei) the meuibcii of tho Hinds- boiu mid Tuscolu Ihc dcparunonts ot a dinner Monduy evening Among those In attendance were Chlttf Bur- mclater of TuwLOld (md Chief Thompson W H Bush, Claiencc Carnahan and Mi Welch of Hindsboto Ihe meeting waa held to discuss tho matter of helping one nnother In times of fire, and to get tn* lire cqulnmisnt elandardl/eil a thai whon a dejiartraent li called lo another town they can accomplish eomo- thlng Other meetings of a similat nature will be held In the neat future the lltcmry and art dcjxu-ttncnt of Ihe Artola Woman's club htld a meeting in Iho home of Mrs Byron Williams Wednesday atUinoon Hm Hiibject of the maitinB waa 'Vlr^ll" M i a James A Porti l gave the piln- cljjal dla usslon «ntl Mrs Fiod. Jones pit'sentcd 'Poetry of tho rimes" A socUil hour followed the piogiam A chill supper -was given In the home of M l w Estclle Apperson and Hiss Efjtcllo Adams Wednesday eve- 1 nlng ns a s u i ] n l t e In eolcbtnllon of thn blithday anniveisarlcR of Mhs 1'earl Kcinhtimer and Miss Annas Kd^ni A shower of fjlfta w w Riven Ihc honored fftititu Roy Wlitelpr a biother of CEII! Wheeler oC this city, wbo ha» been In the hoxpltal in Dwljjht for the last two months recovering from an opemtton If acme bclfer lhouj;h (Jill) In a serious condition Harold IJart Iclilow Is attending Masonic Grand lodge in Chicago this week soinfr as u icpiesenUitiva o( Iho Arcola lodge Joseph P Gamble has returned from a week» vi^lt wllh relatives and friends in Indlanapolli Craw- CordsUlip Maysvlllfi and Moitnda- ville Ind John L^d hns returned from n trip through Knnwa and Netiiaskp This t i l p \vna mniiii for the Chlcugo board of tinde to in\eatlKate tho corn cioji He believes tlie corn ciop thiougliont 'lie country is vory nhort. THIEVES RANSACK STORE IN ARCOLA ARCOLA -- Gooige L. Pfelfor'B iced store wn» biolten Into Tuesday cvrnlng and tho office strewn u l l b |ia[j(ta and notes talten from tho »ifi hut fiuHldc or Uml noihlng wiw (iln- lurbcit The rafli rejlster which contained a quantity of )i(nn!cH WBB untouched Fntiance wun mart* tlnonsrh a back window and thtoush a. sldj door both of which were found open the next morning Mm Knlheryn Luncly was Rlvon n m i pleasant surprise Wednesday Dvonlnc tlii occuslon being In cel- bratlon of hci birthday anniversary Mrs Anna McWllllama and Mlm Belle Chandler of Bourbon were In Arcola Tuesday to see Rice J Moore who has been confined to his home tho tfredter pivit ot the Inat two works on account ot Injuries received In u (all Mis McWIIllniiH Is nn aunt of Mr Mooie and li 87 j«ars of nge Mr and Mrs A B Bailey and son Fred of Chlcngo weio visitoti In the homo of their uncles F. B nnd William E Roberts south of Aicolu the flrsl of tho week Mr Ballev and his son had been on a fisblnj,' t i l p and had bccti spending a part of the time In Watei-j Mich dllrfnjf their month H vacation Miss Challys Hunminn entcitnined the membais of hei Sundny uchool "Itias nt a \vlcncr roast at ttii home Tuesday cvenlns The fuuly wos chaperoned hy Miss Pearl Lundy and Mis Hamnmn Lovington Class To Have Halloween Frolic I^JVINGrON--Tho Loyal Hum- mcr'B clntjn of the local Christian c h u t c h is making bin prcnai ntlons for a Halloween frolic WodnoBduj 1 evening, O«t 22, In tho church jmr sonuifc Tickcla at Iiv« ccnta each can ba purchanod at tho dour upon entering and nil shown, fmltponde eats, travels to foreign countries, and tno ghouls can be uocn with tho lick et Mrs A, L Mllburn Is teacher «f thii c]as» Mrs Willio Dawnon Is claas prealdcnt Mies Maiy Cor i nc Walmaloy nnd Cart Gran of Toledo, O, who have been vlsltinjr tho (ormer'n brother, H. M Waltnaky hum returned to their home a, Tuesday About 15 membars of tho O B chapter hero visited the Bust em Star borne In Macon Wudncuday, Th« lo eal chajtter had Juwt finished qufltr for the homo In Macon and these wne |rotfntod Theie waa « potluok dinner at noon CHAIN BROADCASTS S 00 p. m -- Orzle, Nelson t Olen III anders (CBS) WABC WLBW. WJSN, W13C.M WDBJ 0:SU a, m. -Bliteli unit Gold Room oicrusti l ( N I K i WBAF Wl^LC WSM. KSD, WGR WWJ | (i 00 p. m -- riie CiockPll Mountuin-i ccis (CBS) WAIJC.WMAI, WJAt. WLBW WCLO W1UW 'Iho l j i pitofknt iitonrani (NBCi WBZ, VTU, WBC KDKA W1W WJR ll J5 p. m--Hu-jton R t y uni His or- cheutia CK£.) WCAO, WMAL WJAS WUiW WCCO. WIBW 6'St) p m.--Phil Cook (NBC) WJZ Listening In Zultau, O'N«ul, itar of "Follow Thru", will b« tlio gutui krtitit on U)« N«(rtt«'s proKram to b* broadcast by'NBC this evonlnf at 1 o'clock Popular number* iuch u "Con- f«SHln'"olid 'Tm Doing That Thing" wltl be offervd by thn orchCHtra. MUw O'Neal will slnf iKvcral numbers IncludlnK 'Co Hom« and Till Your Mother ' The of the Soiillitand a* expressed in negro npfrltunlit will be preaenleil by aingarB under the dl itctlon ot Rosamund John-Mil, over WABO nnd lh« Columbia network this evon)n« at T 30 oclock The ])roj{rum will opun wllh ' drent Duy" d will Include nu(.h numbers At "Brother Guide Me Home ' The wife ot otiu ot Anlerlca'a most widely read poets, rcrigar Oimst, will I* brought before tha microphone by the Arnwtrong Quakcm during Ihelr btoaflcast over an NBC network this evening at 9 o'clock Mm Gueat will talk on "My HuutwnU at Homi " A program nt popular fuvortten will ulso bo otteud By request, Marie Gerard »nd Earl Palmer will ulnK "The Butterfly and tli« Flower" during the program nf ht opera gen»» to be he- 1 ^l 3 *0 o'clock this afti rnoon over WABC and Iho Columbia Broadcanling network, A piofrmrrt of rurrent popular lunca will bo presents*! by the Clicquot Club Eskimos over an NBC notwoik thh «v«nlni( ttl 8 o'clixk Harry Tt*»er will direct th« orchei- tru In such numbers on 'Just a Ditto Closer" and 'How Come You Do Ma LlU» You Do " Radio Dealers* Daily Directory A dependable gutVfe by vfttch to buy Radio tctt and tervici. F R E E In Your Home For DEMONSTRATION A Wonderful N«w LOWBOY 0:4B p. m. --Sinclair pio^rab (CBS) WABC, WMAL, WC-AO, WMAQ KMOX T'IMI p. in --CM ies Soi \ Ice. orchestra ( N J I C ) WEAF WnC WGH KYW KSD, WOW, WHO 8.UO p. m --Cllquot club ICflklmos (N12C) WEAf, WJAR WRC, WGY WOW, WIBO, KSD WWJ, WHO lt-00 p m--Annstiong Quakera (NBC) WJZ KDKA KYW, WJR WSM WSB, WMC, WLW 0 SI p mv-Wrigloy Football program (CSB) WABC WMAL, WLBW, WOWO WBBM, KNOX. RmJlo- Keith - Orphenm inogram (NBO WEAP WRC, WGY, WGK, WWJ. WJRO. KSD WLW 10-00 p. m Will Osbornc and His Orchcttini (CBS) WABC, WLBW wruw wonc Vincent Lope^ nnd Mh Onbestra (NBC) WEAF, VfRf, WWJ. WGV 10;30 p. m.--Romanni and His Or- chostia CBS) WARC, WCCO, WIBW, WORC II.M p. m.-Wayne King and His Orchestra {NBC) WEAF, WUC WWJ KSD WOC WOW Bert Lovin and Bin orchestra NBC) WEAF WRC WWJ. KSD, WOC WOW Bert Lown and Kin orclicstrn (NBC) WABC, WEAN, WNAC Hal Kemps orchestra (NBC 1 ) WJZ WREN, KFAB 1^,10 p m -Bornic t'ummina and Hl« Orchestia (NBC) VfTZ WLW KOA Palais tl Oi oichealra (NBC) WEAF, WliC WWJ WOC, WSM WJBL PROGRAMS l Bit -- 1TM 1 1 tti. i I ini'i. ', Ct-TwIIUhi muni I i clti I B Ml-- Sol. i, J t i i.nlliiiy 6 II-- limit « M i M l . n l 1 - f . n e i '.mil i 1 OH-- t\[mf M m i l i i i J | n l i \ 4 Mti iriu ·J 10 -11111 M Jl n n l Linn Vul t) (NI--Knrboi I'nlnn I'ltiLmrn rn t nir*. II" u « PI 1-niHli with Radio's Ncw*tt MincU Pliileo TonControl Tnit ti · 7'tobt Scratn Gtid Set m.rvclout tone, ·«·! pow«t *nd dittinw, MW «l««lro-dy«»nilc ipcckcf, mort buutiful wbin«t tv«r»ff*r*d *l (ht prt« of $110, ttlt ttl-Mt. HUtco T**« th* ·«**«( mir*c(* o' "·'*· 'CALL TODAY AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS Philco Electric Headquarters Phone ^758a HI B, DECATUR'S MUSIC CENTER ·Nil MfttfMt KnilK nniinwkH ami OiilumWrt (jHitn.iirmntui, iJnhjatMn rrninl* Band h.-- HI,«.I MH DECATUR MUSIC SHOP II* R. Wltllani Bt Edison Radio -- B» sure to hear and ura the latcDt oruatlon' of the "Wlzunl of Electricity" -- the now ltltion LiKht-O'Mutic rsdlo. It is perfect ed T Marveloui' Sola ABenta-- Haincs Ess ck Co. Established 1902 rf K ill I In,, ,(· N, itiuu.- h r o l l i V* · I \, whin c, ilt ii n n i l V . I 1. off PLUS! Stlvertone RADlQ be* ami Hear tho New IB30 M«idcl» Now On Dlnplrtv SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. Retail Stum: Ml South Main SI. MONTGOMERY COUNTY FARMERS INSTITUTE IN SESSION IN WITT HILLSBORO-AnniwI mi!et)n.T of Uw Mcnlgoiiitry c o u n t y Finn Btircau WOM held tn th« court hoiwe h«rc Widnotttiiy H A Cren», Sr, of HlllMboro, WM roi-lccUJ M prod- dinl o/ tho aKnoclntton, fiMdy B Pocock. of Audubon township, win chomn am vlc*.jreuliK'nl Six iJiiectortt were tlecUid un follows C. A Martin of Irving low*. Hhlp dim C Frkke. of Bountre*- townuhlp, B C Holloway, of Fill- mom town nh Ip, E Kick lump, of South Lllchfleld township, L H White, of Zan«*v1l)(t townnhip, and W E. Hiitrhlnion, of North Lltoh- (lold township Mor* thnn 400 mombcr» w«r« In tittcndnnct! at the nnnunt meet Ing Reports from kit tho vtuiau* a«r*rt ttipntu wore nubinltted nt tho meeting w h l t h ehow in Increase In the members hip during tho lout yo*r LEGAL NOTICE __ Noitt r~vi 7 os riiA Fur work to ·" com l nit toil unour Mnttr I u,! I..K I nn I rime mill lint" i;f OjmilnK lllrtu t^nluil iif,|niniiiii (or lint Ijniii-' nimtnt al Mm l«« iilit'1 IxirUii will Im rttolvcil l.y \ti-i lli. inl nf SJulHnli|i r» «t I h f Off!'* ur Dn Oiunij C1rli D c i B i u r IIHii.ilu, UN- III l u n i l i r l t o in nciulxr t' laid, m* nt (lint il»i, iiuliKfly . |i*ti« J nn4 "»'l J DM, rliiiloti of Wnrd (·) Thu lire- liifiu.t w i r M li 10. nl.n) in Ihn lillfh- imln ui (tie rouiilj- nnd un lTM fttlivn i. nil rnuun in.niloHml lnrHn *ml I* n h u w n on Hi* iDiinly ni|i nhiHliii[ Hit Hint* A I J ruul.ii un Ilia In Dw oCflrg of Ihu (.giKily (ID flin |iio]ioti«l lintruinii-1tl 1* uf- M l i liy knuKii tu Hum Aid Hnutu Kn . , il.ju No In Hncoii county f c ) niMluii ,tt 4- 40 ii nti|»uxtinntly v r»iti liy rund wtii rr.ttn Hi* W«bnh)i It n nnl f 1 11 It rnl)r,»i) pnnoiix. r nl S · l) J'ht pruiui i) ltii|iiuviim,nl li'itint. 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