The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 13,, 192J THE HUT CHIN SON NEWS. PAGE SEVEN. OH BOY! SO COOL- That'* what you'll aay if you place one of our electrical fan* over your desk or jutt put one in your home. No need to suffer the extreme heat these days when you can secure one of'these fans at a moderate cost. 4 North Main Phone fZl FATHER OF 33 SAYS WED YOUNG THE LARGEST BANK IN THE VALLEY Total Resources $2,800,000 First National Bank HUTCHINSON, KANSAS 47 Years of Continuous Growth and Service EVERETT'S Meats 3 STORES Groceries Corner Bth and P|l <m Phono 816 Corner 4th and Main Phone 410 Corner 840 East Fourth Phone 521 , J Compare these prices with what you have been {laying elsewhere, and notice the savings to be made buying at one of Everett's three stores. Besides free delivery ( order» of $2.00 or more. The brands handled are all well known, hot some you don't know anything about. Head Lattuce, lb. - - 15c _ Fancy Idaho Mountain Lettuce Sweet Potatoes, 2 large cans 25c Large Sunkist Lemons, doz. - 50c 5c Sunmaid Raisins, 8 pks. for 25c Evaporated Apricots, Peaches or Prunes 15c lb., 25 lb. box $3.25 SATURDAY ONLY 21 Bars C. W. Soap, 1 Bar Castile Soap, 1 Box Sea Foam 1. Box Borax W. Powder $1.00 10 large 10c, rolls Toilet Paper 65c Diamond ShelledTEnglish Walnuts, \ lb. can 49c Navy Beans, 10 lbs 97c No. 10 Peaches 49c Parawax, lb 15c Borax Washing Powder, 6 Certo, bottle 33c pkgs v 2Sc Jar Rubbers, 4 doz 23c Rub-No-More, 6 pkgs 25c Standard Corn, doz... .$1-10 Red Pitted Cherries 25c Jello, all flavors 09c FOLGER'S TEA Vacuum Packed 25c—49c—95c Japan or Gunpowder Quart Grape Juice 48c Heinz Mustard, 2 jars 25c French Mustard, 2 jars. .. .25c Dunbar's Okra, can 25c Fresh Ginger Snaps, lb. .. ,10c Large Post^Toastie3....... 12c Ivory Soap, 3 bars 25c Bulk Dates, 2 lbs 25c Whole Rice, 15 lbs. ...... .$1.00 Lewis Lye, 2 cans 25e Pure Honey, quart 48c Apple Butter, 2 cans 35c Dutch Cleanser, 3 cans 25c Fresh Currants, 2 25c Lighthouse Cleanser 05c ANNOUNCEMENT Drs. Thomas & Thomas CHIROPRACTORS Have opened offices at 39 McCurdy Building, Corner Sherman and Main. Your, patronage is respectfully solicited. Michigan Man, At Age of 91, is Walking Floor With 14- month* Old Son. Bay City, Mich.—"Chubby" Lucius la ninety-one— But he still paces the .floor nlghtB with a restless, healthy-lunged youngster In his arms. And it isn't his grandchild, either. It's his own baby son — fourteen monthB old now. That boy is Just ono of "Ohubby's" brood or thirty-three kiddies. The rest of 'em range all the way up the ladder to tho 67-yenr mark. Lucius, you eeo, has been married four times. He's tho father of threo sets of twins by his second wife and a pair by I1I3 fourth. Tho present Mrs. 'Lucius has borne him six Bons and (laughters. Most all his children have children, too. To compute tho exact number of his grandchildren, probably would require a statistician's expert services. "Chubby's" paternal experiences recall those of tho lato "Unolo John" Shell, of Greasy Crock. Ky., who at tlio age of 132 hail a boy of five, years. Gets Mad If Called Old. The musty baptismal records, down In Vermillion, Erie county, Ohio, reveal "Chubby" was christened Charles L. And Christmas day, 1832, Is set forth as the dato of his 'birth. But none dares pay "Chubby" Is old. And It makes him mad as a hornet -when his sons' nnd daughters' children call him "Grandpa." Despite his nlnoty-ono years, ho's spry. He throws out his chest and goes through tho "daily dozen" with tho ease of a trained college athleto. He touches his finger tips to tho.floor, then his knuckles, without bending his knees. * And his memory! Ho even can describe a buckskin euit—U10 one with four buttons Inlaid with glass and covered with brass straps—an Indian woman made, him way .back in 1837. He may not be able to pas3 Thomas Edison's Intelligence tests, for too can neither read nor write, but that's about all he can't do. Fresh Air and Hard Work. Plenty of fresh air and plenty of hard work is Lucius' first recipe tor a long life. Early marriage is his second. "Stay out-of-doors all you can," he advises, "Don 't, be afraid of real labor. It doesn't kill anybody. And when it comes to your eats, lay off the Mils. The old commvm grub we knew back In the' '40s and '50a had it all over this high-toned stuff thoy're feeding yon now-a-days. I "Marry young. You'll bo a lot happier if you do. Big families «ue life's greatest Joy. The kids will keep you from growing old, "Why.these young folks sit tip now and tell you they can't afford to marry. Say, when I got married this last time I only-had $-1 to my name. "Now I've got my home all paid for. Aiwl my children haven't been denied a thing." From Dutch Stock. In lion of any written record, the history of "Chubb/'s prolific -family has come down through the year;) by word of mouth Ju3t as the sagas o£ the early Anglo-Saxon bads. Piecing together those fragments of genealogical information one dts- covoro Lucius is or aristocratic Dutch stock. 'His Father and grandfather, it seems, were (foncrals la Holland's little army. His great-grandfather was a British general. His surname Charles has run right on down the lino from the old English commander to Chnrle3, Jr., thirty-third member of "Chubby's" flock. 'Ivong about January, 1831, things were not going well In Holland— esi peelally with General Charles Luciu * Tho general 's life had 'been threatened. So bad his wife's. Mrs. Lucius camo to America. Her son was born soon after. She died a few months later. An aunt took the boy to Texas. Then she was killed In an Indian fight. Relatives Pass 100 Mark. Charles stayed In tho west. Tho Civil war broke and he enlisted with the Confederates. He left St. Louis with a company of rangers recruited by Fruuk James, brother of Jesse of desperado fame. Hardtack was scarce with the Confederates— -so "Chubby" Joined the Union side. Followed two years in a prison camp. Thdn enlistment in a .Michigan Infantry. After tho war, while a federal guard on the Mexican border, ho wooed and won a Spanish aenorlta. They came to Michigan on horseback. Two years after her death 11 Scotch lassie from Canada stolo his affections. His third wife also a Canadian. She was killed in a gasoline stove explosion in the '!10s. In 1900, "Chubby" went in for his fourth matrimonial vonturc. Whiuh, from all appearances, was mighty successful. "Woli, l'vo got a long time ahead of me," mused Bay City's boy of ninety-one summers as his Interviewer rose to go. "My grandmother was 12C when she died. One of my uncles was 115 and an aunt was 106. - "So I guess 'Chuhhy' Lucius will foe banging around a good while yet." noose your M inthe-WAN: PHONE THREE Will let Your Skin Breathe Jap Rose Soap rids the pores of their clogging impurities and lets them breathe again. The result is a skin of velvety softness and radiant color. "That gentle after-tingle denotes the gUyw ofjteallh" t RECTAL DISEASE" RUINS HEALTH You Cannot Have a Sound Body So Long as You Are Afflicted With Piles. No Need For an Operation to Get Rid of Them Since the Discovery of the Atrophic Method Used by Dr. Hunter & Associates. SUFFERS TWO DOUBLE FRACTURES IN A FALL Nlckorson, July 1.8— 'Esther Mundell, ten year old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. S\ A. Mundell, fell from a tree at tho •Mundell homo and broke hoth bones In each foTO nrm. She was taken to tho hospital at Hutchinson whom X- ftay pictures were taken and the broken Irenes were set. Tho Uttlo girl had climbed .the tree to drive some Bluo Jays away from a Wren House she had there and aftor Jailing tho fourteen or fifteen feet to the ground -wont into the house -where she told hor mother ane thought sho hid broken her arms. Fast Bicycle Ride. ' Riding from the first platform of the Elffel_tower to the ground on a You cannot claim to be even in fair health so long as you nave piles or other rectal trouble. Nor can you bo cured of uny other chronic trouble so long as they oxtst. Piles are a deadly menace to the general health as well as a distressing complaint in themselves. And there 1 B always hanging over the pilo sufferer the doadiy nightshade of possible cancer, for the rectum is a favorite site for incurable cancer, and the irritation of piles is tho usual cause for it. If you would like to learn how easy it is to get rid of piles—no knife, no operation, no laying off from-work, no anesthetic, no visit to tho hospital— Just read tho letter following from Mr. Harbour, a patient of Dr. Hunter & Associates, who, like hundreds of others, baa been quickly cured by the Atrophic Method: La Fontaine, Kansas. "I had been a constant sufferer with a severe case of piles for two straight years. Tlioy bled very badly at times, and were always protruded and painful malting it very difficult tor me to get about or do my work. In fact I took no pleasuro in/life whatever. I used all sorts of remedies advised, all without the slightest relief, and finally heard of Dr. Hunter & Associates whom I consulted. Well in Just 0110 month I am sound and well. I was completely relieved from the first treatment. Tiro treatments were absolutely painless and. I was not laid up a single minute, In fact I was able to start In doing a real day's work as soon as I commenced treatment. I am recommending Dr. Hunter & Associates and their wonderful Atrophic •Method for the quick euro of piles to all my friends who are similarly afflicted, and I also wish to make this public endorsement merely as a matter of gratitude for my cure, and also tl/at it may roach the eye of other sufferers from rectal trouble who are in search of a rcaTcure. To such I can say, "Look no further, right near at hand la the cure you seek." E. D. HARBOUR. The reason many people put oft having their piles treated la that they dread laying off and going to a hosi»i- tal for a severe and bloody operation, and they have always understood that was the only way they could be cured. If theso sufferers could just know- how easy 1t is to bo cured of piles by tho Atrophic Method —just a few visits to the offico for not unpleasant treatments Which do not lay you up for a minuto, and the thing is done and over,, with. Tho only regret ever expressed by one who lias been cured of idles by tho Atrophic Method is that thoy did not find the trealmeut long ^before. Many state they had not known what it was to bo really well and healthy until they had their piles cured. And they are right, for no-one can he healthy with piles. Dr. Hunter & Associates have on tile the testimonials of hundreds of people from all over the state who have been cured by the Atrophic Method. Some of these may be your neighbors or triends. They will glad ly.refer you to scores of nearby folks who will gladly corroborate any state nient made about the Atrophic Method for tho euro of piles. It is a proven cure, and Is also guaranteed. Tho expense of it Is very moderate and It costs nothing 5t all to be examined and advised at the office of Dr. Hunter & Associates, specialists In chronic and rectal diseases, 14 South Main street, Hutchinson Kansas, bicycle was the daring achievement of a young Frenchman. Iri the first leap tho bicycle, covered forty steps. Tho remaining 316 steps wore covered at the ralo of from fifteen to twenty In each jump. In less than one and one-half minutes he had covered the entire distance of ninety yards and was only slightly scratched on one leg as lie rounded a post at the bot- tonvNot a burr on the bicycle, was loosened, JULY CLEARANCE SALE About the Mid-Summer Selling Events Sometimes one buys at a sale with an eye to t he..rlistant future, knowing that the saving "-ill be an advantage in the end. Hut-the best thing r>bout the "Miil-summcr Clearance Sale" is the opportunity to buv at greatly lowered prices, clothing; for immediate use—sports wear, cotton (rocks, shoes, hose and lingerie as well as domestics and articles for household use. Our necessity for clearing- our shelves to. make way for Fall goods comes just in lime to provide you with apparel for July and August to come. In that way the saving- seems doubly satisfactory. By attending the sale as early as possible you are assured of wider and more pleasure in your selections. Cleanup of Summer Footwear This final cleanup sale, includes our entire stock of spring and summer footwear. There are styles in plain white and whites with colored trimmings—as well as black and brown slippers and oxfords. Some arc patents, some kid and others are of satin. $13.50, now $9.95 $1J.B0, now ?!M5 f 11.00, now $875 $10.00, now $7.75 $ S.nn," now $(',.80 $ S.00, now $6.40 $ 7.50, now $5.05 $ 7.00, now $!i.6«. $ 0.50, now $fi.20 $ COO, now '... .$-1.30 $ 500, now $3.95 Women's Hose That Really Wear Gordon "H300" Silk Hose, $2.50 Gordon "H 300" pure thread silk hose are known for their superior quality and durability. We aro pleased to announce that we have just received a new shipment in tho latest shoe Bliades, including black, white, cordovan, navy, castor, chnmpalgne, otter, pearl, silver, gold, chestnut, faun, gun metal and medium grey. Price $2.50 the pair Gordon "S275" Silk and Fibre, $1 Hose which are fine but good weight have a fashioned log, seamless foot with reinforced heel and toe of lisle. This good-wearing, popular price hose com .^8 in black, while, pongee, otter, cordovan, chestnut, Kgyptlau blue, oteel, gun metal, navy and castor. ' „ ' Price. $1.00 tint pair And nothing is more fashionable than light colored hose and dress to match with natty lattice slippers. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON REVIEW. The review of this week's Sunday seemed weak-at times; strong oilier school lesson ie furnished by CI. H.\ times. The one great lessen that wo Payne, missionary superintendent of tho Christian Bible school In South Hutchinson. Lesson subject: Peter's Weakness and Strength. Lesson Text: Matthew 18: 13-15, 21-23; John 21: 15-17. Golden Text: "Lord, Thou knowost all tilings; Thou knowest that I love Thee."—John 21: Yl. Peter was a fisherman 1>y trado at. the time, when Jesus called him to should remember is—no matter how low we aro, Jesus Is al ^ays wiliinj; to help us if wo only will ask Him. That is how 1'etcr ijjeamo the h -.ul- er and preacher lie vva.s- because of tho help and .si.n-ngt.ii he received from Jesus. Wo cii.n never start out In the Christian life and expect that everything is going along smoothly for old Satan is ever on tho watch night nnd day to bo able- to present himself to us in our weak spots. So, we mu.;t al- como and follow llhn. Andrew heard i ways romomber that wo should ask John tho BajH.lst exclaim, "Heboid,! J'.:sus to ever bo with us as our guldo and strength. If wo do this we will always ho in tho right path—going to PUNCTUALITY NOW MARKS TRAIN SERVICE IN ITALY the I/amb of Clod." Andrew turned and followed Jesus. Jesus asked An- . . . , . drew the question, "What Seek Ye?" j that plaeo wo call eternal life. Andrew and tho other ono that was I with him ans-wered and said, "llabbl, where abidost Thou?" Then Jesus Invited them to go with Him so they went and spent t3ie day in His com- ^Andrew went and told his brother I ./[TV" 1 " Bplr " , oI dh5cit ' !h "; Simon that they had found the "Mes- J*"*, , * lu *"T 1 Dl < 50ver """ mt siah." This was tho first time that i ^ * }» "» 'nor,, c.m- thls saying was uttered. Andrew '' r,,| ," ly 1 " 9l ™ U ' d , ha " ?" brought Simon to Jesus and when I [! la , " ll ? e , tl,l0 Sraph service of Jesus saw him He read the character j aly - Ualiau lra,ns aro ,luw nl " of Simon. While Simon was a rough I $5.50 Electric Iron FREE! With either of these Watches This offer closes Saturday , July 14 one can even set onus watch sort, being a fasherman, Christ know j »i"in--and the time' of transmis- tbat he could bo changed so that lie R ' on 0 " I<>t'>™al ll , lm foreign "uo- would bo a- great leader. Jesus said, »«» been rw.uc.ed to ou.-fourth "Your name- is Simon, but you shall 1 ? f , w , n,lt 11 was , ,K ' fl "'° tno *<'"am of be called Peter, vyhicJi means a rock.""i 1Ut! >' » J""'"* dictator to power. Jesus told His disciples that ho w<nild have to go to Jesusalem and suffer many things of tho elders and chief priests and scribes and bo killed and the third day bo raised up.—Mat. 1022. Peter took Ilim and began to rebuke Him, saying, "Ho It Tar from Thee Lord; this shall never be unto Tltee." Peter could not understand that the time was near or that Jesus would ever be put td tjueh misery, But Jesus turned and in Matthew we read this: "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art a stumbling block un-; ~ to me; for thou not the things ! '''he Mark Twain State Memorial of Clod, but the things of man." Peter • 1'arfc Association plans to establish bad been thinking surely of Christ be-; a Mark Twain Memorial Parkin ing an earthly king Instead of spirit- 1 Florida, Missouri, whero tho humor- ual king. Peter was either way up ; 1st was born. The owner of tho home on a mountain top oi he was in tho I in which Mark Twain was 1 *>rn has valley. One of the weaknesses of' promised to donato the house and H» Peter was when ho denied Christ. lie i old-tune curios, to the association. Right on Schedule, The Italian crack iruln on the main Inmk lines cover tin Ir (ilstancs with minute precision and accordin-' to schedule. Tho Rome-Milan uxj>rt»'<ca lease and arrivo on tho second. The lioine-N'npU's trains are equally on F .'hednle, while the service between Cenoa sud Trieste, through Milan and Venice, also records tUu name punctuality. Special policemen do service tho Jlnes, and aro present on to prevent theft or disorder. on all trains 12 size, 17 Jewel Illinois, 26 year white o °ld fluararrteed case, silver dial $37.50 Rectangulnr shape wrist watch with a guaranteed 16 Jewel movement In a 14 K solid white case $34 5 50 A« little as $1.00 down and SI 03 a week and you a et yj„r article on the ilrat payment down. Wear while you pay is the Meyerdtng way. Credit Jeweler MIDLAND THEATRE BLOOL Get In Line for the "JAZZ-a WEEK" STARTING MONDAY

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