The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 29, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1859
Page 4
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ssss32>M«i3Sii3K*Mjis^^ • •' StounlK>at inniei. ,.,",= -'- : ^»* '• BiVlrpurt, tane 28. The steamer Q. W. Lambert, bonndvp the Mwonji Blw with aj^Sble oargo,^to*«iw four mDesabovethiMjlty, last n%ht, w>d was , »»rnedtoll>ewi»ter 1 8«a g «. total IOBS Boat «nd cargo • ! in- TJto MblfimoinhejrB express three first class passenger oars, from Chicago to Toledo, went down an embankment at 12 o'clock last night, near Sooth Bend, Indiana. The accident was caused by the washing away of a culvert. Thirty persons were killed, and as many more wounded. The names of the killed and wonnded not received here up to noon. * .. Tie taonejr belonging to the United States -sqiwMHpwSpMiy *«» neatly-.mll been ^recovered, ..jsm^vsiV, *i.* : ..f|"*,;-.J7»i jjiawengen to vere. , ,^**-> ^ .>', ri . f , t ' s No halfis attributed by the of thejraln. er of the pas Quite a nnmber pasaengers are still IJetroltonBftnnUr: twK Ma- B. PhllenaSfilH, Meri- J. SkWrnore, WhitUe 8ca,Qen- thsxttte »ppo at committees to ooih- •to.take the load for nUlion w»»e«Ung Jrew- for foitf »nd t T o mtlUong jrears,, wltt missing, and are supposed to be drowned. MAtten. V. s. Attornejr.g« nen i O n Pauporto. WASHiNOros, June 28. Attorney-aeneral Black has decided that thereis no form of eertifioate in the nature of a passport which a State officer may lawfully issna He says the impositions practed upon the unwary by the fabrication of worthiest paasportvled to the passage of. a law con- nning their issue to certain legally authorized •gents. A despatch from the Anwrican Consul at Hamburg, shows how frightfully innocent men have been robbed by the sale of these spurious passports, and the Attorney General adfjbes that the notary «rho signed the paper which accompanied the despatch be prosecuted, he being clearly within the penal provisions of the New York Matter*. NEW YOKK, June 28. The Board of Brokers have voted to adjourn Cros *> meeting Mil- from Friday to Tuesday wankee R. B. are to have a mean* to carry on j ejta j nrr^™,, Mr. ChamberS,,, the <&££?£ _, board, elected at the time of the annual meet, ing. Mr. Cleveland proposes fifty cents per share contribution for this pnri.n^ fllis upon the 180,000 shares report^',.. ,,, v ,*_ issaed, wonld yield $90,000. The bank gtatement is not calculated to make money easier. The loans are shipments tfhe steamer of Saturday will take quite large sum in bars. The Express Belly, tte famous Ftenohman, was dead of a ferer, but the rumor needs confirmation It i, hardly Ifcely that so importauT Notorious Jo Edwards, who has lately b«en indiscreetly paraded before the public as a hopeful con vert through the instrumentality of the Onion Prayer Meeting, yesterday, in oomrany with another notorious rowdv George, alia Yacht Gardner, perpetrated a r^TiT*^' " P ° n ' oolored «««Ik«r, at Oooper & Abraham shipyard, and knocked down and. beat rla^. A. Cooper fisq the TK ^T "-"'' J' uilrter ' and ^ me »^ of nulw^f JQ ^' , Thun P rooeeded ^ tt* ship David Stuart and nearly murdered the ste*. artt, named Hammon. aftw which they sailed away in a small lK>at, but were sobsequenUv overtaken and arrested, but released on straw ,t>aii. i he assailants are caulkers and takinc KKPOKT. KaQroad Aeetdcnt. SOTTH BIND, Ind , June 28. A little beWWnigbt the night express train from Chicago to Toledo, when between South Bend and Mishawaka, passing ov«r an embankment spanning a ravine, at the base of which is a oolrtut, the embankment suddenly gave way, and the whole train was precipitated into the ravine which was followed with a perfect torrent of w«te r . 7- he engj De was , ju , r _ ally buried in the off side ravine in qojck- sand and mud, and the tender, haggagr ex . press and two second class oars were shattered almost into kindling wood, and piled on the top of the engin e . The t wo first class pasgen . gar cars followed and were torn to pieces and carried down the stream, while the sleepinB- ear, although making the leap with the r," t was lest injured. f Th« stream is naturallr but a rivulet, bn was swollen by the extraordinary rains o'f the previous afternoon and evening Floodwood probably choked the culvert, converting the embankment into a dam, and the great weight of water with the concussion of the cros~sinir tram, caused the sad calamity. About 160 persons were on the train Of these, 30 have been taken from the ruins dead and 60 or 60 more are wonnded, or escaped FABTHSE POIHI, JUDB 20. The steunsnip Nora Sootian pmss*! this point, bound for Qoebeo, at half p»*t 4 tblt •p. m. She left LIverpool-on the|15th, and /urolsnes one day?sjater advices.than the steamer Bremen. QBBAT BKIIAIH,—Lord Palmereton was making good progress in the formation of his Cabinet. An authoritative list of Its members was expected to be made pnblic on tbe day of jibe sailing of the Nova Seotlan. The seat of war—A despatch from Turin says that after tbe retreat of the Anstriane from Bologna, tbe cardinal legate departed, and the municipality proclaimed King Victor Emanael dictator. The King of Sardinia had issued an order of the day, extolling Giarabaldi's deeds of valor, and awarding him a gold medal of a military order. On tbe 12th inst Napoleon moved his head, qrurtera to Gorgosoll. Tbe Austrian! have evacuated Modena, and were ID fall reUeat towards the river Oglio. An official announcement appears in the We'nnr Zeitung, that the Emperor of Austria will forthwith assume the immediate command in chief of bis army, and bad ordered a new position tor the army, which will be taken up in the best manner. An order had been issued for the mobilization of the Prussian army. Large reinforcements had been despatched. Tb« steamer North America arrived at Liverpool on the-Uth,, and the City of Baltimore at Queenstown on the same day. LONDON, Jane 15—The Daily News says that no authorized statement of the composition of the new government can possibly appear before Friday. The Herald of this morning published a telegram from Berlin, stating that six Prussian corps d' armie have been mobalized, and saya, this of course means war. The advent of Lord Palmerston'a ministay had^vidently induced her to take this decisive step and join Austria. Tu* English people will now perceive the truth of what we before asserted, that the cost of Derby'a GOT- ernment alone preservt-d Europe from U>lng enveloped in a general war. The Advertiser sava that after Lord John RiM-.>ll acpt-pted the Foreign office any office tin luiyht prefer was offered to Sir James Qra- Uim wlm declines, on account of infirm health, Init at the same time assured Lord Palmereton that he cordially supported the ministry. PABIS, June 14. On tbe 13th tbe Emp«ror removed his headquarters to Qorgosall. In the afternoon he superintended the throwing of tuidgcs across the Adda. As soon as this was completed, the army began th« movement, which was completed yesterday. After some rains, the weather is again fine, and tbe troops are in high spirits. LOSDON, Jane 10 —The Daily.Kews city article says that the funds received a fresh" impulse, owing to the progress made in the construction of tbe ministry, and the increased hope that the war in Italy will not U< of long duration The Times' city article says that the progress towards the formation of a new ministry bad an effect on consols, which opened huor- anl. Tnis led to realizations by fp»-, u leior>, and il»p public, and a re-action took pUr..., but the closing pric*3 w«r« those of yesterday. ARRHAI OF THE STEAMSHIP ARABIA. Tlire* Days L»ttrr. *ft^yt«s^^ir«i'B»IIMoiiB«ve h^dr»dtb.on«wddolbiri per kntnun. ; OOMMERC1AI,. 0X0. OOB»EK», BDITOK. OFHOI or. THE DAILY NIWB, i Mflw. T . ee, June 28,18W. f MosrramT.—There U no raHaUon In the money market. It maintain! Hi uraal it6lid featurea. R O change for the better, no chance for the worse. Exchange itlll Orrn *t S per ceat. Gold the note, while etrrraney U moderately eaiy. BxjDhaace In Chicago U itlll atcadr at t% and likely to rcJDaln 10 during the week. Tb» money market In New Vork on Saturday waa rery dull, ai many of the operators were preparing to betake thronielvei to rammer letreau during the bot and eichew buslneu for a short (line. Th« U. B. Hall Steaoihlp FuHon took oat for Havre ,1,004,118 Impede. The 01'y of Mancheiter for Cork ook oat about 176,000. QOUJ-—The telBKrso>>> trim New Orleans. his afternoon, reports the O.uforola maU mamcrpof one oth, at bavins patted Ihe Bar of Tohnantepee, on be Pacific, bound for Panama, with twenty ^Ix ban- red and forty-three thousand dollars in gold and a thousand passengers. U there be no mistake In the tclegrkphlo ngura, this will give orer 12,000,000 to New ' the Moses Taylor, to arrive early next weeXi od about $500,000 or 1(00,000 to England, direct from tbe Isthmus Tbe tarn total I *, we believe, the heaviest ecn>-(DonUily shipment yst made (rom Baa Francisco y a single ateamsr.— If. Y.'Ttmu, Thunday, P. M. th j 'Shipping outness It Tcry light, no sail craft bav- K bfibn chartered for Flour or Qraln for tome days.— i"bat lltfle Is shipped goes off by steam, To-day, the rouetler lava cleared lor Buffalo with S,UOObbl« Dour nd 8(K> buili wheat. The rsu-i are steady al the old Kuril. Ureadatufla and Produce. The toarket, In general, has be^o rery dall; on Floor \nlcalarlj in, wtth a markrd decline ol 28c pel bbl — frw barrels uf various brtods ur country Bprlng eltra ITlifltl opened Meady, with ss'et of No. 1 al yeater- ay's Dlgurrs but be<0rr Ui« closr, buyers refuted to rm«Q|Ktothr 'Cfaich, aod t-be market closed vrry Tne Goursv grain* are but vrry little lought for a reseat, but price* remain pretty Iteadr, wltli a rather ownwtrd trndeory ob Ci rn and Oata, but •• tbc aap- Ij aod rrcelpu are l.ght. aod the time for (be otw rop to come In, la comparatlTe'y distant, we appre- ead prlree will rrmaln pmty itemdy. Potatoes are lower, with light receipt) and trsnsae- ont. Butter kod tggt are ID tnoden. te demand, • Ith fab* rlcea. Sales of Wool were made to Hul-; greater extfol than n yesterday, bat prtcei were about the same. We hare eard of afe high at • 0 ceui* belu { paid, but no s^les ere reported to that effect. 3Sc being the blithest tha*. e can give poaltlrely. Tli« market li quite brisk ID Ichlgan, at prices ratgln t from S3 to 41. The (ollow- g from the New York Jm< ^ntil of Oommerct, Jr , of itorday, shows the state ol 'he market there . WOOL — Tnere If a mode -ate mqolry for domestic eeces, bat there U very ' ttie (reneral sctivitr, anil rl -e> are nomiBaJly unchai ; <«d; we notice sale* of 46 OO II.. it 37 S®W) for comiuoD to extra, also Ml bales na- 15®to. Palled li qu.K, nod selling In a «m»ll ay hi ools rrvlou HALIFAX. Jon« The R M steamship Arabs arrircd at with Liverpool dates of Saturday tbe Palled l or No. 1. BL.p4ifiae and ex'ra doll, and the transactions are Dmitrd. at r^nlei ; the sales kre 30 bales fntlrc Rlos at C. 87 balm .ow Meltlil at 1«S, SO bales Oapc at 88; u I i.OOu hall. U Peruvian at about 85. ll«-ankcr \VlioleuUo market. TI KM>AT KTBHIIO, June 2 C . FKRlGUTS-ilrid/ with I. j| little doing. Wheat U> lloffMlo 4c. to Osweiro 6c, to Kingston oQ7n. Flour to New York >>y rail 60.', by sK» n oo lakt 62),. Wool lo New Vork and Bowloo by steam 80c per cwt. Ft OCR— 24c lower and rery doll. Recelpti 112 bbti, «htpm-nu 2,020 bbls Pales 81 bbl! extra spring f. o. 18l hurt. The rest not beard from, as many' of the dead were drorned in the ravine, it is feared that many others , not heard from have lost their lives in the same manner Mr Bliss the President of the Road, and Mr. 'Hiram Sibley. one of the Directors, were in the sleeping oar and escaped uninjured. The engineer and fireman, brothers, named Chehp, of L» -Porto, were killed, "flartwell of Toledo, expressman, and Babbington bag' gage master, were also killed in the b ""n °V,! ? SmHh . road master, killed. E. P. Gillett and child, 8ton« Mills N r dead. E P. Gillett but little hart. W. H Gillett, Cortland, N Y., missing. The names of the dead it is impossible to obtain the wonnded are Fred Miller, Holmesville, la i E M. Knapp, Hudson, Wis ; Mini Hattie Knapp, Auburn, N ow York ' J R Gardiner, Jonesville, Mich. Charles Sherman Boston ; Augustus White, Holmesvillf la W M. Flannery, P. Nager, P. Quinn, C. Anderson, W. K. Anderson, all of Ainswortli, 111 A, B. Dizer, Chicago ; D. C. Bhodes, Cleveland ; Bliss A Moore, Freeport ; Mrs. and Mr. Alexander Jurry, Brooklyn ; C. Jackson and Mrs. C. M. Elder, Waukesha, Wis ; Oscar War- heton, Rockford, 111 , Wai worth father and son, and G. Bennett, Adrian, Mich ; Thomas Mishan, Michigan City , train boy dead M H. Began lady and daughter, Bockford Illinois, lady badly hurt, daughter not yet found • S C. Rose, Coldwat«r, slightly injured ; J«se Dylinft, Louisville, Warren county, Pa. , slightly i M.. J. Hawk, Charleston, Va., slightly ; C, Yard and wife, Otaego county, New York, slightly ; A. Van Syoke, wife and four children, Warren county, Ohio, father and one •bild badly hurt ; Stephen H. Arnold, Deoa- tnr county, Iowa, badly hurt ; W. H. Weller Milwaukee, slightly , B. O'Brien, Chicago slightly.; Mary, Ooates, Youngstown, Ohio, •lightly ; Samuel Atken, Belleville, slightly • Olmstead, brakeman, leg broken : Miss D A, Porter, Hudson, Mich., slightly. The following are not hart: Lewis Heller, Strausburg, Pa. ; John Hiok, Rome, Jones county, la., E. W. Tail, Snsqnehana depot, Pa.; E. A. Gurley, Addison, Vt. ; J. R. Gardner, Chicago: Henry Crease, Philadelphia; M. White, De Ealb, HI.; 8. Arnold, brother of the wounded Arnold; Calvin Hagar, Milwaukee. The citizens of South Bend and Mishawaka turned ont en nuuse to assist the wounded and search tor the dead. One lady was carried down the stream towards the rirea, but lodged in a tree top. and heard several float by crying for help. en B toe - r k" a*® running over the , from Laporte each way ouwTully. The was not running faster than 10 or 20 tr8ln ° 1n west train the po most jjf their safe, Usdon, bnt tbe agent bete his' tt in the rains. One of tbe through mail bag* near the river, 200 yards from I whether others »re lost can not be _ wrUufia »ttout J& feet deep, and Ijt&jL. ra . wide. Tus night was very dark, aad 11^ ^___ ^. . _ .» -~j« _ . • .." „ __.«> 1_. ^T*W. "•i • ourre instant—thrp- day§ Uter than received b» tb Nova Scotia Therf are no battles to report, ind acoort ing to the latest advices from the s»at ol war the Anstrians were retreating from the A/rli towards the Mtmcio The allies were advancing rapidly, and con rentrating their forces for K decisive attack. A battle was expected to occur within a week A naval demonstration in the Adriatic was also impending. Lord Palmerston has succeeded in forming a etron? Cabinet, embracing Lord John Ens Bell, Mr. Qladston, Lord Elgin, RecKard Cobden, Mr. Gibson and Earl Granville. Later from Havana. CHAALUTOH, June 28 By the arrival of the rtwamer Isabel from Havana* Information bag been received that a large amount of bills of the loternationa Bank of Havana have b«si returned from Lon don, under protest. The parties interested have not been adviaed of the reason for tbU Sterling exchange wa» selling at 15 to 20 par cent, premium The Spanish government has purchased the propeller steamers, Alps and Andes, from the Canard Company. A few oases of yellow fever had occurred, hat the disease was not considered epidemic. A private letter has been reotrived from General Vidaarri, dated June 2d. He says that on the 25th of May General Znazaa was at Heor, in the vicinity of Onarapcate, with more than •i* thousand men. A skirmish bad taken place at Silva, resulting in the defeat of the re- actionists, under General Measia Zaazna was watting for a brigade which had started from Moelid and for the artillery batteries from Z»- cateoos in order to attack General Wool, who was ten miles distant. The liberals were confident that they would route him, in which event they would continue their march to the City of Mexico. The report that President Jnarnz had con Rented to receive three thousand American troops to aid the Liberal ratine, IB untrue. It is probable, however, that the services of thirty or mork American officers will be secured. NEW YORK, June 28 The steamer Granada has arrived from Ae- pinwall via Key West. She left Aspinwall in company with the steamer Moses Taylor, which arrived here on Sunday. WASHINGTON, Jane 28 Distinguished gentlemen both of the United States and Mexico, are anxious for a treaty arrangement by which the inhabitants of the frontier of the two countries shall be protected. Such a proposition will doubtless soon be submitted for tb* Executive consideration. It is known thatlbe treaties to be made by Minister MoLane will grant the rigBt of way to the United States over 'he Isthmus to Tehuantepec, and from otheripoints of the Mexican territory to the Pacific Ocean or Golf of California. The route to be under the protection of the two governments, bat it is not believed that any cession of Mexican territory will be made, or ever asked. A postal treaty is now fn course of arrangement tn Washington. The Liberal government hag already contracted with CoL Butterfield for carrying the mail between New-Orleans or Mobile, and all the Gulf ports, Including that of Sizzas. Should oar Government acquiesce, which is highly probable, a regular weekly steam communication' between the two countries will be established. Wot Guilty. H«w YOBK, Jane 38. It i* now ascertained beyond doubt that Edward Griffith, who a year ago was sentenced o prison for ten yean for shooting and wounding a policeman. Is entirely Innocent. -Toe two fcnrglark, Kelly and Gordon, arrwtedlast oonfaBB to having committed that crime, ETT FLOUR— unchanged and steady at &,(M WHEAT — market dull and closed very heary. Pa'es id bos triple extra at 1.25, 800 do extra at 1.12X; IK do anlospectrd at 1,05, 303 do extra at 1,08, 800 do extra No 1 at 1,00, 78 do n- Inspected at 1,00; 1^50 do No 1 at K; 'OH do poor No. 1 atgTX- Total sales ! 870 bui. BTB— •ie»dy-, demand light. Bales 200 bus at 1,02 *. OATE — dull; t o sales by wholesale. Buyers offer 35; holders ask 40. gales by ret*]] at 48<t45. Receipts 656 bn-. BARLET — no sales . CORN — small demand; prloet drooping. Receipts 290 bos. Pain 185 bos shelled at TO; 80 ons ear at 65. POTATOES— lower. Receipts 148 bos. Bales 100 bos common 85. BIDES— firm and demand good. Green 7X&8 p»lt«19a>. ilrj l*ail, dryfllnt 14^17. niGUWIN"E8— steady at 26. BUTTER -limits] d«nan;l. Plrkln 10^12; fresh roll 12Q18. EOO8— demind light. Pales at llftlS. f ALT— In good supply; prices steady at 1 30Q1,3S. WOOL — morf actire, bnt prices onlmpr.vtd. gales 100 Ibi y i .id at 27; 50 do «i blood at 89; 227 do common at 88. SCO do X lo K at 83; 203 do unwashed at 22, 66 do i,' h| 0 , d at SO; 600 do X to )i blood at 82; 108 do ii to S hi,,M at 81; 406 do common to K blood do 29; 187 do X t j \ blood at 89. Total salei !,<H .. Oaleaa; tcbo>>ntri Orer or towlAkt, O. J. Boeder. BUCK laia BjuBom.—Tbe Hollf^d Beyttter, of the 18th, tayt U It at work with a itrong ""*• A ^K^tef"T«'?^Lft« t ^>If n «'l»tJ|!P WngDt ' .i Tnlttom"bdnUnaatlon btthetouthbler. Thr« hundred feet li to be added to eachpler alt^eaton. Bte mtterlaU are nearly U not quite r« dy, and a few «Rb of rloe weather wffl ., .. .. e^p,^ of | na work ^ •ThePetroUJVM/V***, 2«tbiatt: «The tteamen Oil twa and Qem came In coWtloa about t o'clock lait irenlng. Jh» latter had her upper- T0 rk» carried awaj and hef cabin stove In; the former nu- talned UtU*; r any Injury, holier pastengert-of whom she bad aeo^tMeraUe Bomber, the being on a pleasure it the lime—*ere thrown for a few momen t totoa-tateofgreaitonsirnaUon. The Oein reached Ber dock wlUiout sMfflculty, her m«hlnery being unln. Jured." Aaamn s.' Chicago. CttAHD f ion BtrrFALo 2STH.—Propeller Wenona, Hnff, Obtoagi; Piopeller Chicago, Herrlck, Ohlcagi STSUSIBI 6 ill LIB.—Thb steamer met with a slight accident the ither day, which rendered It necessary b r her to be ovi fhahled somewhat. Bbe In tt present tt Sheboygan, sjhere the ta undergoing repiln. She wil 1 , crot>*hl7, be 0.1 lu a few oaj. and resume hoi rago!*, trips. It It t mlstaHe about her being- taken off the route. i BOITILO, 2BiB.—Prop, Oriental, Brigjs, Bfr TELEGRAPH. ; New York Afarliri. _ Hsrw Td»«, June 28. CLOU B— market Terr heary, unsettled and lower; ealai 6,600 bUb at 6,40QS,90 for superfine state; ft 90® (80 for ted state; «,B9 (or snpernn • westenr 6,60 for comfcon to good extra weslfrn; 6,80Q$,60 for do round hoop Ohio— closlnf heavy BTK fLOOB— qnlel »t «34 To. WHKAi — jnarkel doll »nd nominally lower, 'tales at 1 ,70 for red mad new mired red Krathern; !,2l>aW> for old red southern; 1,77 for old wblie By; 1,78 for Dew amber Tenn. RTK— dull $1 68. B»RLtY— doll and nominal. CORH— steady; sales 8£00 bui at bO to .lore fur o'd mixed westerp; 80Q6S lor new do; S» for western yel- tow; 38®S8Vror round yellow; 66 lor southern yellow. : OAK— lowtr and dull at 410*4 for state, 47Q47 S for Canadian. WH1SKET- -heavy; tales 200 bbls at So* . STOCK*— ill board steady, bot doll, Krle tit mort SS, Bar! 88, II S linking fund bonds 60; Oaoton l»Si. Hart prfd 86 J^; M 8 «; do grad 27 K ; HI O «l; Qaleaa A Chicago <Sv ' .BUPRALO Ml BEET. Bornuj, June 88. FLOUH-duil and lower, I. In fOO bbli at «,M for hr- ira WbconiloiO.T&ttl.OO f.>r extra Michigan, lodlana' • od Ohio-: 7,2C<aS,00 lor doable extra. WHEAT — lower, sales \HJOHo tms l,t8Ql,3& for wblte Indiana and Qblo CORN— flrrorr; sa'es u 0-0 bush IIHnoli alloal and from i tort at f 4X^11. OATS — no sales, Other grains, Do sal. ». WBIBKKT-xales GO bbli at ». CANAL *• amours — B^C on Oom, »; on tries', we on Flour to NJT. USWKOO MARKET. Oswtoo. June 2i. »U)U&— very dull .lib a Joccl,nln< Icu.leO j; DO ule> 6T Importance. WHBAT — quiet and- lower OOSN — without material change. UANAL mUOtm — dull at prtvlou. rain LIVERPOOL UARK£r. Richardson , jgpeace t Cv.'i Circular rrporU Ouur very dull and 4rclmed 3^4d. American qaolrd losod &18aod, bat nodi no buyers. MUKAT-dull Mid IJAI also de- lined » i t4d. while western qaotril «l lu«QU>>Ad, do red S&l)<; white loothern 10s«tlUsoJ; Jo rrd Ss®»« while southern life DB. HOOFLANB-8 GERMAN BITTERS, •'i AM).;'»R. HOOFLAliV'S BAIsSAMIC i . '- CORDIAL, rA« great itandard medicine* of the pretext dtjc, have acquired their great popularity only through year* of trial. Unbounded latufae- liott it gendered by. them in att caia; and the people haoe pronounced-lhtat worthy. j- liter Cdmplalnt, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, ' Debility of tbe Nervous System, : Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and all dueatei arising from a dixordtrrd liter or weaknei* of thfttomach and diyatice organ*, are tpeedily aadfrrinanently cured by lie GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial hot anp'irtJ a reputation turpattiao that of any i\m.!ar preparation extant It will cirrr, WITHOCT r*iL, Me" mott tevere and lona~standtnrf Cough, Cold, or Hosncncu. Bronchitis, In- flninza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and hat performed the most aitom-^iny rvj ever known of Confirmed Consuroption. A few dotrt will aUo at o/.<v c!,-rl. „,,,; cure the molt Revert Diarrhoea prrw.— J,,., f from COLD IN TBI Bowri.s Thete medicine* are prepared In/ /v I' M JiCtSOS & Co., .Vo. 418 Arch S(r'rl, I' 1 1/.1- delp&ia. Pa., ana are suld try druiiyui* •/•••/ dealers in medicines er-eryTohcrt, at 7'» -*•.'< per bottle. The tignaturr of C. M J v, K i,.x will be on the outtide. wrapper of 'uM '. .1 J . ' fn the Almanac publtxhi-d uii->'.j' -j '. l . proprietOTi, called EVEBYBOU-Y '1 ALMINV yov will find trglttnony and t- •mm-K'i.i . notice* from all pant ui ihr cvux'ry ff'- Almanacs art ajcert away by 'ill unr c I--T • 0. HARRINGTON, snd B, BO8WORTH A SONS, Agentt for HaoOand's German Bitten, Milwaukee. COB 1 * — closed very dull and qualities, mixed quo SL'OAK-nrrii market declined on III STREET, WISCONSIN. fflsttar*. Raocirra BT M 'join A Muujuuurri Rimom — 7S4bns wheat, 290 dn corn; 140 do oats, B b It tfft. It Ibi wool, 4 005 c)n sundries. Racsirrr! «r Li Oaomz * Mrtw-irAlM RirLnnin.— 22 bun wheat , 416 do 0411. 142 do p itatoes; 112 bbls Bonr; 414 lb> hidei, 2,7«8 do wool; 1 ox; (1,256 n lumber; 11,800 Ibi soodrlrs. Trade and Arrtco.ltnra.1. SUABBT. — That cargo of milling wheat from Chicago turns out to be a Mil. On the top was a layer of win. er wheat, but below It was poir musty sprl Dg. Cblca- pn It a great place to go lo for wheat. HAIL groan.— The Albany Journal, o the 23d, says that a dlstructlre hall storm passed over the portion of State of New fork In the rlclnlty of Waterford , Schenectady and Ol'on. The damap* to the crop* was very severe. I IS Wisoonsm.— It li estimated that 1100,000 wi II be paid to the Inhabitant! of Bad Ax and Rlchland conntlei this season, for the root that will be gathered. TaAOi mater WITH Fr/tort. — Since the Dean Richmond made the expertou a in 1866 of sslllng direct torn ports on the Lak^t to Europe, this commerce has pone on incrcaalne, and bids I tlr to arrive to no mean degree of Importance. Tbe Dean Richmond was the Brat to prove practically that money conld be made by our teke craft traversing i lie ocean, and that they. were actually fit for tne-seirloe. In 1861 the 0. J tershaw took ont a cargo "I lumber and staves for and made a profitable, voyage. The same rear the Madeira Pet, came from Liverpool to Chicago with a load of crockery and r-Mota, and returning took on a cargo of staves at D. These three vessels baring successfully opened the way, each' racoeedlng year has added to the commerce, and 1859 witnessed ome thirteen departures for Europe principally from Detroit; the cargoes consisting, for the most part of amber and staves, and thru far this year over twenty vessels nave gone ont; lumber and I ^aves from th stap'e commodity of the trade Involving thai far Ibis year ao aggregate cash valuation, at tbe ports from which these vessels tailed, of about $250,000, while the value of the several vesiels Is la the aggrega e about 850,000. Thus giving aa an Investment thai far for 859, a capital of about toOO.wW. It would not be ex • ravlgantto^nrpeetthls-to U- doubUd before the year spast. Jadjlrjgirrom the present degree :»f develope- lent of thl» tfajScjinatte Uexhaoitable quantities 'of the staple articles exported, ire most be aauredThat the trade will ultimately be. one of paramount Impor. tance. - ' hafte & Bradley, AN1> HACi a >8 wf:sT ' MlLWACKtt,, t WIUJASH .' w. B aopwir. Williams & Rod way, Auction atod Commission Merchants, LAND AUKNT8 AND MONBY BROKERS. NO. 19, \VIStiO.\XIN STlltET, W ILL girt particular attention lo the sale nf ?arnl- lure. Dry Goods and every description of Merchandise, al thalr gale room or in any part of tbe Olty or County. • ^ . av Liberal advances oo coT-Slgnments, and prompt returns made. N. B.—Bond«, Notea and Mortgages negotiated. Janl» PAPER WAREHOUSE llniif'orc), Blackmarrtk Co., (LATH HKHBISON, BABFOBD & oo.) Connected with HAKKIHON. HANFOKL) JL- CO.. UAND7AOTUREB8, CCr A HOG A FALLS, .................... OB.10. H A?K opened alSAlbanjr Itlock, Mldiijran itreet, »p; polite Newball BOOM, a lanre itock of Soot, A'CTM, Oriwr, Oolartd a*d Bmtlapt raptr*. Ledger fapm, rial Cap*, , , rotlj Utttr nnd .V^lt Paper*, Which will be mid very low. Oooitant addition! wli r>e made to the itock to meet the wacti of the trade. fSf~ Prtnlen «od othen art Inrlted to call and «*mine r*ur ito<>k ftnd prtc«l. apr!6 NOTICE. Oeo. g. Pur.n|rt«n and ) Abner E. Scranum, I ID the Dlrtrlct Court of the "*• ' \ Dnlted Btatea, for the Dlttrlct Schr. Oharlej Blbbird. ( of WltconilD. her boatft, tacklejappar- | In Admiralty el and furnltore. I Bmlth A Salomon', Proctori. B T rtrtue of a lilonlUon uiued out of the laid Court at the Initance »f the laid Llbellaatf for the ium of three hundred) and twenty-three dollar, and forty- thrte cent«, claimed by the n lor §uppllt«, I have attached the laid iChooner, her boat*, Ac., at Milwaukee. Notice la therefore hereby glrea to all penoni claiming the laid fcrri Charier Hibbard, her boati, tackle, apparel and furniture, or knowing or hiring any thlpg to lay, why the iam« ahobld not be condemned and Kid pannant to the prayer of laid Libel, that they be and appear before th* laid Court to be held In and for the •aid DUttrlct of Wteconiln, at Mllwiukef on the twenty-eight day, of June, 1831,- at Eleven o'clock In the forenoon of the laid day, If the lame shall he a day of Jorladlctlsn, otherrlie on the neit day of lurii- diction thereafter) then and there to Interpese a claim, and to make thei« allegation! In that behalf. Manhal't Olfic*, Milwaukee, JnneJa, 1898 je»£d4t I M J. THOMAS. Manhal. I NOTlOfc,. T HE AneiimtOt LI it for the ierer.1 Wardi, of the the City of Milwaukee, trill be open for the examination of the taifbie Inhabitant! thereof, at the Common Oouooll Room, at 9 o'clock A. •., on the following day for the aerenil Wardi, retpectlrely to wit : For the Pint W«rd, on the Bfth day of July next For the Second Ward, on the itxtt day of July next. For the Third Ward , on the leven th day of July next. For the Foqrth Ward, on the eighth day of July next. For the Fifth W»rd, on the ninth day of July next. For the Sixth Ward, on the elerenihday of July next. For 1b« Bereatb Ward, on the twelfth day of Job next. f ~ For the Eighth Ward, on the thirteenth day of July next. ' For the Ninth !Ward, on the fourteenth day of Job next. j ^* And the City anf Ward Auesson will make inch ne- ceuarjr addition t« taoh Uiti and correct the lanw, by changa tn raloatlbn or deacrtpUon. eiO. COGBWtXL, je22-d!0t < City Auenor, Oily uf Milwaukee. TI1F, I IVEIi INVIGOR ATOK! PRKPARED BY DR. SANFORD, (Jompnund Kntirely from (JIMS, I B OUR of th* beit Purira.ttv« »nj before t Q»mt rrmove all t&crtalb or Um<l mauer from tfie flTiUm.ioppijr. ing tb their plac* • flow of bile, ia- well, food lo direst pvrlfyitm t \ i glvlnK toi.e ajid CO the whole machinery, removing the eaoje of tbe disease— \ effecting a radical rurr BUUtrt, .sOadrt ar. cured, and, what u r.*l- ter, prevented by lb>- i.c easional use of the Liver < One dose ofteo e<! is a aare cure for preventive of £*&<*«>,. Only one notlie is tn* etl to throw oat ui u« system the effects u. Jft ,» rxtt' tlice i? takru r-move* •..lor fr >ro the iklo. One >lt»4r iak<o a *^ Irue beforv nlld^' ^l Oo« <los« after eatinir is soJBdenl to relieve tor stomaxSi and prevent tht rood frBm rlsloff and roarlnf. Only ooe dose takeo bofore retiring, prrvents MEDICAL. D H Privalt inierf.cnl AW. '!"« 8 f> oonrtli paytlciam f ROM th« StiL, aaa opece-. u< floe at SB Market iquare, nn •• • near- Ooelda it^MUwitikee^ fi, the treatment a&d eare of >T«I\ tpeClea, of Prlttte Oueaae wltk oat the me of mercury. The u-, fbrtnnat« ihould be partii-iAir 5 eeUng U* physician, u it In lamentable, yet ineootroTer- i ,het, that many lyphilltln p«tu<_ __are mad* mlieraUe with rnin~t by Dai-treatment from tnexperien^ii . . ______ In f aural praeOct; for It li a pom generally conceded by the belt ijphllographeri, u>« tbestndy andnanaffement o< theae bomphtlntj jhonld engronthe whole time of tho>e who wonld be competent and meeeofnl In their treatment ami cure. Th, Inexperienced general practitioner harlnx neither opportunity nor time to make himself raffiUently acquaint ed with their pathology, commonly puriori one .751 era of treatment, in moit cues malting in indi<"-nin(ntte ale of the antiquated and daagerooa weapon. Mercury More eaatlon, however, ihonld be nied by the lyphll Uc patient In comml ting nominal physicians if the ,,| tertliln^clau, a» nino-tentJii of them ire .m^oBicn who aunme French and other name* and are without any elaiou to medical knowledge. These knavlih ra»- eautafen all large cltlea, and hy meant of thelrlytnn adTertliemtntc and noaten,th«y Imluce the unwary to enter their Peter Funk ahopi, and unmercifnlly aeeee and polaon them with mercury. Penona UVIng atadbtanee In tfcja country are mon apt to be duped by the lytag notices nf qnnrki than eftUetu. Dr. J. THOKSOI ha* received medical muru'-tion from U« father, Dr. Wm. Thonuon, of Chicago, (Ilinoln, wh« hae practiced e»er 80 yean, and maile .-uj-,-» aricr th.- failnrea of the b«t Phyilcl.vii in Kuropn its T .would retpeetfnlly advise the pni-llc not to !><• lup-.t h v it,* ••Periodical PUP humbug,* ul appljMt once to » pl, r ,i- dan who can treat nieh eases <clentin<-«llr »n.l ncceis- fully, gpennatorrhcea or Seminal Kmintoni, the eonae- qnenee of lelf ahnse, .treated with complete iur-'-,, without the use of nutrderou! initmmenti AUdtaeuea'acldental to ivmalritreauvl.wv.h >ucceu The new French Shlcl.f rerently Inirnt.--! m P*r<. conitanlly on hand. Thn Unfortunate Mm. '» c,m ;, can be had bjr addresalng Dr. Wm. Thoouon, Ohicairi,, Ullnoii.Bnx U, ant' Inploslng four stamtmor H nrntm. ansU HGREATEST MEDICAL wscomy OF THE AGE. k D V , of Ho i bury, b*u Jtccorered 10 ,..,iui: L peUtnre weeds 4 r^tneJ y CELF.BRATF.D VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. \\^E beg leavt.- rn t;ill the arten tion or" the 1 r.idr, ,inJ more especially the Physicians of" rhr country, to two or the m<,sr p<>ru lar remedies now K-t'on- the pnhlii We refer to Dr. Chas. fl'fiaur'i I'rlriirniPil Vermifuge ami Livu !'i!U. We do nor nx< 'irimri^i r 1 rn • universal C urt-;ilK, Uir -,i, pi-, ir ; what their name pui ports, •. / THE V KM M IK l-..I-'. F*or expelling \\'i .1: r, r- human system. |r •'. i. n>.,. ! . • administered uirli ''., t::, .• • r factory results n> ^ n \:\-r:(. subject to Worms. THK U\KK For thectirc or I , . . .< ill Bit.roi s I ) .• I'l ^ uINU Oh M VROM The worst Scrofula down iu * rom BB UA. ,/..- 1 ,i ,0 ,.t r r et«Yra ri j.ijre.1 •V r fa* 1 .- i - t - . ^,1 ,o t™ , i-m*.-*, l> >t>> rh-tn le aj a >« >a ttkj t/><.»*>ftslOD over OQC »ui<lr f I Li . ^.t.^. vJi * ,fiiu lay^Qty Qi-tfd ( K.. mouth, * '• : ' • •• i -.UK i *iU jure : * -' imp> H prrpari nine, t; ,,L,,,.! A, •mil! A i I- i / has KIUU .>. One t Two bottle* &r« wf.rri.ntcj to rare r aaa.o kj bloicL«s •vmoQ|; Uie hsir four to ili bottle* ar» w.vr)4iatr 1 to jar a ru iciag aicen. bottle v\li cure »c«vJjr erafUitut of u, Twu kJ id of are of e* lo Toar bottles tr« . lo «4fM b will cure th« *«wr»ou:ii when U.= \i»>t~ * perfpci SUIT 7 Li t*ken. Dtii* MADAM,— The reputAUoo of the Uedi ry, la curing til luod <-f huinirt, li to well tf5L »> the aaaaimaQfl Tjlrc of all wtio r.&7t> ervr urf- need not «aj Koythiog oo th-- fubjtrct, M thv ai »l Ltbjrijc(*iu mod ihe must t ireful Jru^gis jttoiry .vre antalrooos (Q iu praise, ID pre*«nUiig Lhe Medical Di9OOVt*ry t w your It With * lull iu.jtlc Uc of ltd cur \life pow -rin^ tlljicJ cu, ... i .: ••-! uf LftrSf JiacMea in >r lu wnrtt form. u-mm4r 1 1 n J Only one dear t*ken at night, loosens the bowels ind cores Oat-, the flr«i fev bottles will rqrt «r. nod all f ereri erstes with ce Ing lo teinry 10 • t>' - wm f iu dose leken «rier 1 oamr^^n i.i.jj Lhu en each meal wilt .,'ure l>v»- r -r1 cine w % prevwollve pfptia. , One Jose of two tes spooofola will alwaji re lleve .*Ji4il BetxdacMf. Only one iloae Immediately relieves iW<<s. wolle AU taA u« U art firtna t*,ir unaaimom ttttir, nj, in O4 favor. if to looter in tW movt\ wWk t\f /nvi</,7r-ij/r>«-, <r «t0O^OV t'OtJl IngttfLtT. DB. 8ANPOSD, Proprietor, Ho. 8*5 Bn»J»s«, H Tor.. Rettlled by all Druggists. Bold also, IT JOHN aiCJ, M KM \<- SOU K HOI TH. > ..Alar&l s wr ^tj. «•*> *^ I y ar b»h,. from i'. u! fiapa In caltfi .j i ^n . -t t.nmbrrt »Q,,' L r. nsci-very t,c< jij..-- * T t Iblesslofs lo the ! • hl^T :. u creati:, B i to f, (•«• Tt,-.- . your t« ihe Don rn. i I < VNKI :< a ilnlm^. gone feel, n x , »i..i »a lojiffrnsoo* 3 i-es of j .ur • >CDACtl i» HAW A>D I JUtreMe* yon, inJ n.1 «Ten of that 1 71 tern ,lo«a For D d gr«en-*h, »n-l jyl Whole«aleaale and Ret»'l, Milwaukee , Wu. become re.;.* .- • i • . .,: ; a ;r»ln '< the M«JicaJ discover; ta p«caUa.i-ly fc,1» M UK; P&lptlAt«oa of lhe heart, pun tn the -i th.e ipme and un&il ot the bach, pmo wban yo« retira, irregularity O f t.. c r. tha4 (no*I *xcTucnliiLg of -li«ea*en, the **i *sa ii[>-;. N ! W T K K A T M'E N Confidential AID Medical A<iti,-e A T tb« BsOfclo Pnrat« Ho«pit»l — ntabliahcd for tb eor« of SyphllU. Seminal WmkneM an.l tr.e !>'<-r« Inflnnlttei ol Vouih and Maturltj, hv D SO.N. TlvlTal*, N. V Office, comer of M.m »n.l Ona itrcctl, (up italn ) A HOST sciKNriFrc An Instrument for the enre o< Oroital Debility, i Noctaroal £mla»loos, more properly koowrj as demio: *"e»Jiness, Ac.—can be permanently rured. In froi dfleen dayt to two mnnihs by the OM of thli Instrtimen when und conjointly with medlctc**. TOtWO MEN TAffK PABTIOCLAB NOnCF Dr. AMOS a 80S take pleasure In snnooncmg ;ha they hare invented a most important muniment ro the core of the above diseases. It has been «abj,-rtr lo s test by the most eminent physicians In'Londoi P»ri«, Philadelphia and New York , Unas been declared the only awful Instrument rv»r Invrnte*! for the ca of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the jrumt»J n gaos, caused by the secret habit of y oath. Price le dollars by mall ur express. A C0R£ WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS 1 SON have devoted their attention ei closlvely to this peculiar class r>f maladies, and th relief they have con<e^nentlj been enabled to rend, their lellow creatures. Is rally testified sod rrsteful acknowledged by convalescent patients so<l others dally arriving in town from all parts of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, while the exertions have beerrcrowneJ with the most signal atl vantages; vet from what lh*>y have experienced In en qairlnf buo the causes of those infections complaints (from their most simple condition to that of the mos dangerovs and Inveterate,) they have always enter talned the possibility of their prevention and lemooaj and likewise Invariably found that the tno«t horrlbli and malfenant forms of disease c.^old a'mixt mvstubty be traced to one of the following causes ifriiorance neglect, or the III effects of unskillful and Improper treatment; therefore, Da. AMOS A Sox have succeede* In discovering, In the selection of their remr.lle<, safe, effectual and cautious coarse; omitting sil com binatton of remedies which bear an eqnlvoeaj charac ter, as w^U at those whose premature or Injudlelonj application might be productive of bad consequences In the haudt of private Individuals, la short, the Uada ble enJ of their remedies Is the lessening of s great mass of hnman misery by the alleviation, relief ao< prevention of those grievous afflictions that are In reality the secret foes of life, and which, while the; 9 extensively surround us, call aloud for our skill and Interference in their extermination. , OOONTHY INVALIDS. Pert nt, in any (.art of the world may be successfully treated by forwarding a correct detail of their case, a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AMQS A SON, corner Mala and Uu< street, Buffalo, N. V }»uT-lAw1f ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Connn.ssi.ui / MERCHANTS. Proprietors of the LAICUE ELFVATOH WAR E IIOI'ME, At the terminus of the Milwaukee A Mississippi and the Milwaukee, Watertown A Baraboo Valley Railroads. t£T* Liberal advances made on property In store, or fonhlproentto Kiutern Markets. oct28-dt/ days from date, or Uie Street Oammlttlonen of tht 9th Ward, will oaote UJe same to be done and charged to L'H. OASDINrR, Comptroller. GREAT EXCITEMENT Tbe best assortment of the Boot Stiver Ware, Jowelry and iFANOY QOOD8 «rer brooght to Hnwaakee. Jmt (he thing for Hall daypr*««nt>. Jut recejTed Terr cheap TuTcaao. . „ . [ MATr'OW t LOOMK. deelS SOI hit Water finer, Milwaukee, Wit. B JAHUINO. and Bedro.m adJ wife, and k » a ' *°f«ther with, J««erlili>n it. A<ew day be t ceomraodated. jel» and that Griffith -Iff « stranger to them. Jnilwanlcee— Jane 88. TOEK, Jnne58. «mr Traveler, AWMIMT, Chicago, 8 pk'gssnadrlet, IB pan.. , • S PATEN [ PABOHlttST agooi tnpply at low Bdir Kitty eranUJohnjon, jgfe^Mifc:^& g&m P2U Jl*S^*^QivaiS*$i£- «r^ *4«fi MttavOdoaco. ii.*:jj_... jai- i . Ji -U'i,:..; •JfJ.J," ST^?^''**^*****^*^:^•" :: • '• • -•-'• - •'" 'A ,- Prop -towtv foaw), Chleaic NOTICE. , n Oat OoitrnoLLia'a Orrioi, I Oontn ct Department, June M, 18o». | T HK Common 0 Innall by raolutlon adopted June 20, 1S6B, having approved of the recomraendatlon of the Street OomniUsloners ol the 9tb Ward, It Is ordered : That Tealanit sti eet from south Itoe of sec. 18. town l'™t* 2* east, toUbc north line of laid lection 18th, ith W«rt, be graveled and the sidewalks curbed and planked. \ Owner* of pro>ertj on said itreet are hereby notified fnBX -• plaee to boy Groceries Is at I. i. .'O«*TH.. .................... ..... m. rito. WALL PAPEIt • J. J, JflceRATIl & CO., 81 WLSCOftSlfi 8TU.EET uroartas, WBOLBIU un> man. iruxiu n Paper Hangingi, Window Sliadea. Ac. Oonpetettt workmen tent to all parts of the Ou» ana Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging In all its hranohet.aU work warranted. to make tha abort! Improranenta within twenty-two torn* w.^n PAKY & PKATT, Attorney* and Connaellor* at l.»w, Office la Young's Block, Corner Main and Wisconsin street, feb20-d3m ....... .WISCONSIN UAZAAH. OELORME&OUENTIN W But Water S*r»tt, OB TO HsSSRS. BSAJ)tOBJ) BRO-8, naomuavvtunsor jTaya,wmowirarDandTaake« IToUoni ~ 7t yaoodsaidreplij^Womtd. t +\*L , 'An How many thoooand* of |n>.,r from Uu« Jiseue and pmlnfc »w»y 4 au««r«r>i« their oexv Jour nei§ r hbor Joea Dot know the :A» to impress on jour ni*ad Uiit good old jiroT on ace of pr«TenUoa n Wtter ih*n 4 poaud if In tbe IflEDICAK DISCO V Ell V you h»Te both the prerentatiTa and ih« core, with thj jreat and (food qnjOlty, that it will Q«-rcr, onder uy eii( mm*t&nce, do yoo an Injury. Tour* truly, OONALD KKNNKP7 Price 11.00 per boill*. for <aie hy ft'h,.irjrt;. \*tn\ t ta Minraofcee, Gre«i A Batten, aod fr .nr-i ,-ifc A ' .r*j, ao.1 at retail b> druiotiit* everywher*. , 4 i\ I i- \l ill 'A 'I, hill. Y-urs, lor i:\vx: - ,se >nr\i : ll.i.'H^T. !<'i:ir7;i. t'i AVER b CHERRY SECTORAL, fOR THK -.mi) CCKg .IV Colds, Cough*, mi<l Dm. J. C. Area I t ocmoornttjin t rrmptomi CH«E*t PtiT H..U It» mf practtrw %Q.( Tif fkmilr for ttfr rui can 7««n baA «hn«n rtor »1rtu»«« for th#» oncnpasUDCA. KBKN A B MORTT.KT. R tuad four /Vroroi fnn mreotwl it, .vn.1 .>r pat .>OL k* .vny athnr Croup, Wttoopinc Coach, t f»n ,HOKE TO II t AOJIIRKI) THAN THK HIGHEST DIADEM Ever worn by Kiugs or A BEACT1FUL Uf.AU Of U\1R A BKATTireb HEAli OF HAIH A BEU llfUI. UtlO OP HAIK. V U- tlTim. Hi <l) of ilAlR NATL'KK'S 'iW^I uR.\.l.V(- r "< tr!'Ra"!> uw* •iRNHlr'ST NlJCKK'H OWN OKNlMfNT. N VlWUh'S O» N "HNVMV4T CAN BK PRc^KRVK.i IN»>LLIBLV L)AN BK TIlKsKllVKt) INfALUBLV CAN BK FRESICRVKD 1NFAU.HILY CAN UK PRKSKKVtD l.l C ALUBi.Y . BOTH THE (iK<rWTH »Nli tnLoH. 11OTII TUC t>HUWTH «NL> OOI.IK BOTH TUB O:,OWTII ANU L'OUIR BOTH THI. SRi'WTH >ND ••uliiu TO Til. ..RtATEST AOK. TO Tut UKKATK8T AOE. TO THk l)«KATKMT AOK. TO THk ttREATKMT AttK. I.Y I ,<IM, H.K.D- ,|ilK KMiutA IM f i. V 1..- ..M, Hi . - aUll BK^T^KA P V u., i in, • I . UK l rtO«>D'S 11 IT AUoi. -vK-TOR^S SR t V H\\A IT ALSO u -I' .Kr" .,(. l v il.viU. IT AU^P RaslnlttJ i, U.UK IT AlSO RESTORES URAV HAIR. TO ITS NATL H kL TO ITS NAIl HAL Til irs NATURAL Tu I TM NA n K «i PRJVK.VTS IT.-* FAU.1MO. PRIVKNT8 ITM fAULIKV. PBKVtNTS ITS FALUNtt. PRtVKNTS IT^ (AL1.1NO. COVtRj) Tdli UAL.. COVCRM THK I, u.D COYKfiS THK HAL'i COVEH8 THK B41 n FKKs» TUK SCALP FROM ALL FREES TBE SOALP KRoM ALL t ftEK THS SOALP FROM ALL „.„„.-„- PRKE8 THK SCALP FROM ALL DISKA.-ITS SOLD BT ALL DUUHGISTJ SOLD BT ALL DBCCMJISTM SOLD BT ALL DRUOSI9TS SOLD BT ALL DRCOOIST3. AND BY 0. J. WOOD t Ci AND BT O. } AND BT O. J AND BY U J 14 UARKKT 8T., ST. LOCIS. 14 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS 14 MARKKT 8T ST LOCI." 14 MARKET FT., !«T. LOUIS. AND 312 UROADrt IV AND 3tt BROADWAY AND 31-J BHOADW \V N y AND 31-J BROAOTVAV. \ v The Restorative Is put up ID bottler ,,f n nit, . . , irfre, nieJIum, aod small; the small hoMa it » p. .1 ,u.i •etalls for one dollar per bottle; the medium I,,,L|I »i eajt twenty per cent, more In proportion th»u m r ..i,*'! etalls for two dollars per bottle; th« Ur^v l,..lj, , 1|uar , _ cent, more in- prcportlou, and retails tot |S,iK» , O. J. WOOD A OO., Proprietors, J] • llru.d.4, N.» r ort, (In the great N. V Wire Hailmv H--.M /,„,.„, ,nd 114 Market it., at. Loula, Uo. Bold by 0. llARaiNQTON an,( sil mod Dravir stf nd Fancy Goods Dealers. olari •nnmon 1 ir.-tir m**-1l.-tr>« •.. . Att«if* LKK, K9Q.. Mnrtra -* t h-i-' • • - ' . *"-n«a, Hz w—». . --» ,11*117 rjiw».ll. triad jour f+rfrr-il ftr- th« «d flnrt ioM r*tll«wi 't»» 4a bay. in •• th* pc»ir 4.ttbai »mr*w la tht» •nrtlrn. log fTTnptom.1 nf ->p>nimf>cl"n. *n«l '• who a*f tfcborMiI in l*>r »n »iT*«tifn . iMt (brty »«r»Tm H UN *t T I. '» A. A. RAM3BT \l D. 4Larns. vrittw, Hapt n. 1*W Dnrint rny r" I h«T» fnnrni nuthlnti' «ioj>.l to r^nr ..* tnd i«llr»r ui . iisinniptlT* , un i frl»n<l * or Phthmir, aod WWT VI * Tf llrnnrMti. </• might •,}«] r^ianiM >t .ntlo nctDK pr.« t f >f th* nrtnwsi *( mti upon trl«l r«rn*.]T rt.u «»-v to tnihrrn It R-4 a*. >at tit* UM..H « frond XJ.rvft V HA* .-"h- **• 4t-*.lt:' '.u. * ., trtd of /0 Qr tn^Ur ktndno.M, M w- Jo 7 yar •kill, for «h« wo WOOD WOiil) \ 00 00. wltb 2r«tltail« »nH , ORLANDO HHRUBY. not J#«p«Jr till sV U V* tn-wl. by ab«nt«t. tn tb« world, .nd ita ^r** (ha high mttrlu jf tta rlrtaw Ayer's Cathartic Pills. W S hare stTeral Brick exceedingly cheap. TO HKN1. and Frame HOUM t» rent . We have for s«Je t >«»t oantlry of Uual Ifatale, cons'sttng of tlouvs an<l Lou, mproved ami Onlmprote I Fsrm.i of every size to salt urcnasera. School 'Lands carefully selected at an rly day. Time will ba given for part of the pu, ch» * money, clear title* apd warrantes deeda. SttlOORY A CO. «S4 EMI w»i,» ,t CIRCUIT OOC7RT, I Milwaukee County, Via. | MagdaJena Bltgl. I against V acob Baff. ) tate of Vlsoonaln, to Jacob Baa: I the complaint In Ihla action which r,«.°iKiV , mrf K th.4*.. of the O^rkofZ aircult"^^:.' )• County of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee PUlnU« > tAUoraeyi,M > IL. of Ch«mlstry u»l U«dlelu> Hav« rn.0 lawsd th«lr utmost to pn-1uc» this tiut. m<«t i~«r'- pnrgatlva which Is known to num. Innomsrahl. [,r- .., ar« ihown ths4 Uun Ptusi h.r. Ttrtni« whteh TOTI»— n •li^Uua. th. ordinary m«llelrM», snO that th.y -In ,,n pr<K»d.ntsdly upon th. srte«n rf aU own. Th. T „.«„. and pluuant to laka, bnt pow.rfnl to <mr» Th,), pe n .. (rating propertlnstlmalat. th* vttal «UvltJ« o f th. h«lT «mo». th. obstrnotlou of Its »nt»n«. purify tfao N,.>i. snd «ip«l tlsMM. Th.ypnrn,ontth.ftmlhuinon -hk-h bn>«d and (row dlstonpar, ttlmnlata ilnztrlao cw II.,., d.nd orjmns Into their natural tetlnn. >D U Impart bmib , ton. with strength ts> th. wholn rystom. Hot unly J.. th^ onr. th. ivory-day oompUlnU of "'.rj ujy »„, sl» Ibrnldahk/ and dangeroo. duwm that h.v. b.fll~l th. bMt of tinman skDl. While Ih.y prodno. pow.rrhl •Oeetm, th.y sn u tb. sam. Um«, In Jlmlnlshnl ,lr»«., n la ssArt and b«rt physio that can b. «nplny«l Ibr -ill, In.,, Balng sngar-«^ttnd, they an plsasant to t»k.. u d tain, Bumly v^^ahK ar. Irs. tnm apy risk of aarm Oar™ hav. Imn mad. which snrpata) b^lsf wvw thwy not « U K itantlated by men of such sxalt*! position and ch»r«ct,, as to t>rt>ld th. snaptcton of untruth. Many „„!„„„, dvgymen and physicians hav. lent their naau. to ™rtir, lo the pnbllo th. raUabOlty .f my nanvllaa, wht. oth.r« bav. srat m. th. atnrasic. of roartctlaa thai nv Praaantlona oontrflnit. bnmmualy to in. rallof of m» afflleted, snflbrlng f»now-nwx. «, Th* Agent babrw oanud k) plsta»d to ruratth (rmtl. ^ American »Jman*t, containing dlMctknt <bv us. ud onHfloatae of Uulr mrm, of th. (bllowtng complaint. - Oosttnousm. illkms OompUlnta, Bhnmatlam. Drorm Hmrthom, Hssdach. arblng from a tool stonsrii, 3la sea. Indigestion, Morbid Inaction at th» BowiOa ud Pun armn( Iheraftom, rtatnlsncy, Loea of Appetite, ail Dlrm ou« and Cataneona Dlnums whteh raqaln, an svactuoi mxllclnts Sorofnla « Klni-s B»U. Ttwj also, by ounf> Ing th. blood and .tlmJaon, tt« systMnT.uJ.^lX comnlainta which It wnnld not b* mrpossd an™ coald raacb, snch aa Deaxheta, Partial BUudn.s*7>i.arsJita «,,i SSrvou. Irrlrahnity, OmngBn.,,,. of SJ a^^^ n.ys, Qont,and other Undnd omoplalot. arising Atm . low stau of th* tney or obstrattaiftt, fonetfc» Do not b« pnl off by nnarlaelplad dttdsn wttk son. other pill they mat. mo™ pvont m. Aak nr ATBV» rwa, and. take nothias als*. No other Uwi> aa grn yo* aomparaa with this ta It. Intrinsic rates) sr coratlr. powertu Th. tick want th. be.t .Id tnaJr* !• t» thitt. and they should ban It Prepared by Dr. J. O. AY1SB, Frttttal and AnaljtUa) OsWoiin, towell, Ban. •• Ore. rn Box. It»w. Bone m ft.

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