The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 8
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Page Elghl Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Be p«r line for first Insertion, per line for each subsequent T H E D E C A T O K R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 13, 1914." consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 cents, 2 llnee 8 times S lines 3 timee 4 lines 3 tlm«l. 2 lines T tlmei 3 lines 7 tlmel 4 lines 30c 40o 40c eoc SOc 2 lines 30 tlme« JJ.20 3 lines 30 times 1.80 4 lines 30 times ·· 2-40 No advertisement accepted for less than two lines. Count six ordinary words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising must be in writing. It will not be accepted by phon«. This protects your Interests as well as ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto 11 Courteous operators, thoroughly fa- Killiar with rates, rules and classifications, will give you complete information. And, If you wish, they will pssiet you in w o r d i n g yout want «d. to innke it most effective. Ads accepted by telephone to accommodate you it your name is In the telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for I?eview Want Ads FOR RENT, HOUSES--(Co«.) FOR RENT--Seven room modern house, 845 S. Union. Apply L. W. Cook, SOS W. Macon. FOR RENT--Eight room modern house 1237 W Decatur St. C. W. Sleeter. 810 S. Union street-Bell 3418. "°- FOR RENT--Six room modern cottage, with cistern water In kitchen. Will be vacant July 20. Call 965 E. Cantrell St. 7743 FOR RENT- land. -Fart of house, 48" East 3af- 7742 FOR RENT--Furnished house, 7 rooms; mod- efn; piano, J4 weekly. Until Sept. 1. Inquire 1156 N Union. Bell phone 6158. 7749 FOR RENT--South half of house at 505 Wood Inquire at Carter's Pump Shop, 2S1 S. College. ' FOR RENT--Five room house on Clay ai M a f f l t ; city water. Bell 8111. 7732 FOR RENT--Five room partly modern cottage- almost new; on car line; concrete basement. Also furniture for sale. Call at 2141 E. William. " 39 FOR RENT--STRICTLY MODERN 7 room house, 828 E. Cantrell. Auto phone 59.8. 7i26 FOR RENT--6-room modern house, 123 ner Oakland and Forest. FOR RENT--One 6-room house. East end, $1000; one 11-room modern house, 252 w W i l l i a m St. Inquire Johnson Dimock SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED--Place to do general work by ·woman w i t h 2 year out child. Best of reference" call at once, 2224 Gractlar.d Ave. i,46 WANTED--By honest boy 17 years old. who u«eg no tobacco or Intoxicants, steady work of any kind. Address G-751. Review. - WANTED--Young widow desires position ae housekeeper for widower or care for Invalid G-735, Review. WANTED--Position on farm, by young mar- ri^d man: experienced; only j-ear-'round work consl,1-rM: references exchanged. A d . i r f M G fir.'!, Rf-vlew. 7toi HE1P WANTED. eral coed solicitors, experience good pay to right parties, and 4. 706 W Decatur. ibll 1500A G O V E R N M E N T JOBS open to men and women. JW to }l:" month. Write for list. F r a r . K l l n I n s t i t u t e . Dep't. 690. Rochester^ N FOR RENT--a-room modern house; part. Apply Crystal Theatre. north T630 HOUSEHOLD GOODS (CON.) FOR SALE--A-B Gas stove; 4 £ u F, ne , r A.2fl ovens; broiler. 812 N. College. Bell me. Bargains. Folding beds, IS up; center tables. 25c up; gasoline ranges, 12.50 and up; bedsteads. 50c and up; bed springs, SOc and up; 12 Inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains top numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel: 742 E. Eldorado St. Auto 1501. o 365 The Exchange. FABUIAKDS. FOR BALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre farm with good house, nearly new: two barns; 75 acres under plow; price $50 per acre: will consider small stock of hardware in trade. For further particulars write A. J. Oleson, Montfort, Wis. 6S69 Furniture Will pay most for slightly used Pianos, Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Stoves and Refrigerators; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: 406-413. Auto: 18IS. Cerro Gordo SL 820-350 1758 CITY PROPERTY, FOE RENT-FLATS. FOR RENT--Five room flat, upstairs, modern except heat; no children, Church Auto 1905: Bel! S02. COMBINATION RESIDENCE FOR SALE. No 1529--This residence located close in, on one of the best streets, lot 80x150, paved street on car line; 2^t story, 35 rooms, strictly modern house; $1.000 worth of furniture goes with house. Rents for $133 per month. Steam heat. 5 baths, lavatories and water closets; 3 porches. Owner could rent half of house. Price $12,500. Owner will carry half. This property should Interest any person--man or woman--wanting an income property' to occupy or rent. 7769 C. A. BURKS. 323-324-325 Citizens Bank Building. |15 to $25 RICH, BLACK LAND. No. 1525--I have several sections and some half sections of land In what was originally the famous "Big Grass Marsh." northwest of Winnipeg, near GladBtone, Manitoba, Canada. There IB no deeper or richer soil to be found any where In North America, This land has been thoroughly dredged with main ditch and laterals, and la all ready for the plow. It Is close to railroads and mar- ·cets, and but a short distance from the metropolis of Canada, The character of the soil and location ought to appeal to any one who wants good land cheap. These lands range in price from $15 to $25 per acre depending on the lay of land and location, and can be bought one-fourth down and balance In four equal payments at 6%. This soil IB black loam with clay subsoil and works easily, and is the greatest grain producer In Canada, No man can leave a better legacy to his family or make a better investment for himself than to buy some of these good lands which are offered so cheap and on such liberal terms. Some of the best farmers of Macon and Sangamon counties and business men of Decatur and over Wlin you. i K n o w ui "" u^...--. - · - m e n l In land today at the price than some of these sections or half sections. 7«l C. A. BURKS, 823-32i-325 Citizens Bank Building. 77S1 FOR KENT--Modem well ventilated flats. Sin to $20; elevator service: steam heat. Frank Suffern. Suffern Bids;.. 351 N. "Water. FOR SALE OR RENT--R room house about Aug. 35, 1S56 E. Wood St. 7S12 FOR RENT--Flats on North Main St.. on 2nd and 3rd floors. Bullard Bldg. Inquire L, W. Bullard, Citizens National Bank. .415 FOR SALE--Nine room house at 320 W. North street, all modern, city steam heat, 63 f e e t frontage; quiet residence neighborhood; lose (o business section. Call R, S. Bohon, 181 E Prairie. "786 FOR SALE--85 acres. 4 miles North Rose, 5 miles Wolcott. 9 room house, basement barn, 30x40 feet, barn 20x30 feet; all necessary outbuildings; 4 acres apples, bearing. 14 acres set 2 years; lots small fruit; grave, and sand loam soil; well fenced and watered price $8,000. Sl.OOO cash. Frank C. Kjch Wolcott, N. T. 774: OR PALE OR "EXCHANGE--Property at ·126 Wabaph Ave. A. T. Summers, 110 X. Water St. 7728 FOR RENT--ROOMS. OR RENT--Room w i t h board; family; modern, 216 W. William. private 7S2S FOR RENT--Nice furnished room In modern home. Price reasonable, 1365 w. Pe- catur. Bel! SC6. "^ FOR RENT--Two furnished rooms on ground floor, 527 N. Jackson. '07 FOR RENT--Sleeping room, modern, nicely furnished: gentleman or lady. 83i N. Ma_ln. FOR RENT--Two nicely furnished modern. 70S "W. "William, FOR RENT--Four nice rooms, upstairs, at 257 E M a i n Inquire 505 E. Prairie. Bell phone 2310. |7M FOR RENT--Furnishefl or unfunMshed room, 132 W Prairie, upper flat. «-i FOR RENT--Furnished room; _ modern; private family. HELP WANTED--MALE. W A N T E D -- T h r c . Tnpflday morni on Sprlr.'sf.'^ld r I.-K*. F. ur harvest hsnfls 11^ west oC Decatur. Fancher T 519 ·WANTED--Men to learn barber trade Be fn-lcDendom. r---w weeks completes. Posit i r r . »-a!-Irir 'Irid'jnte! q u a l i f i e d for best ioi. V-»sf« -svhll« learning. Tools given riit'nli-rvic Irf Mo!»r I;arbt-r College. Chl- C.KO," iV TC?! HELP WANTED--FEMALE W - \ N T K I » -- C o m p e t e n t girl for srenera! house work no -.r^phins or ironfna;. T-- \V wood ·rr.vt T V f p h n n o s 1"9. "^ MISCELIANEOUS WANTS. " Si NTTCP--Pwi i n -- DeU 2 =s fo ma omb-- 7524 W A N T E D -- Y n t i f ' r y o r c o u n ' 17-T. "N. C o i v a - p a l n t i n e a n d f i n i s h i n g . In y. Bell 4S35. I. L. Burrls. IV-ardinp: Horses Wanted. -- "l". TT "U'^oi-1 Delivered and called for. " ' E r c m ' c y . ' B e l l SOT: Auto 1607. 7756 C"-\T \vT\NTEri--\ p'ace to do general work, V'\NTKr--Your paper hanging. Prices iii'ft urr*s Call Bell 2-557 or Georga Brcck- T A N T vo'ir well digging- and well boring *rn work; s«e me at once. 953 N. 4." M " 3 * W AXTED--Dressmaking: switches rnade f r , m c o m b i n g s 123 E. Main. Bell 4603. 7441 A l l farmers to know they can ha»e a-art stock removed free of charge Noti'y William Price. 864 N. Monroe, phone 2474: Auto. 3'24. Bell .7425 WANTED--All kinds o! sewing. Call Griason after 6 p. m. B?ll 4041. Miss 7311 BOARDEKS WANTED. and board. Church. young men to room and modern. »f*3 N. 7744 FOR RENT--Furnished room; modern, close In; 442" N Church. Bell 1250. '^00 B*OR RENT--Nice room in modern home arifl small family; phone 2473. gentleman preferred. Old FOR RENT--Furnished rooms. Modern, private entrance. 640 W. Main. Bell 2417 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. OR RENT--Three furnished rooms for tight housekeeping. G44 E, Leailand. =30 FOR REXT--Two furnished light housekee. In* rooms; front and back entrance; ground f l o o r - no children. 1411 X. Morgan. FOR RENT--One large furnished room for light housekeeping. 237 W. Eldorado. 781 FOR RENT--Large cool housekeeping rooms; ground floor; cheap. Ref. 149 E. Green. 7S06 OR RENT--Two furnished rooms, housekeeping. 1730 E. -Wood. Old phone 2432, SOO FOR RENT--Light housekeepin K or »!« ing rooms; 3 unfurnished, rooms, S2S Church. " FOR RENT--Sleeping and light houiekeeplng rooms, 511 E. Prairie. $ FOR RENT--Three Ught housekeeping: room \"lso household goods for sale at a bargain, 414 N. Morgan. FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms for housekeeping. 239 W. Prairie. Ugh 762: FOR REVT--2 furnished rooms for housekeeping. « E. Orchard. light 7612 FOR SALE--Six room cottage, large lot; Close in; partly modern; part cash. Ben Hoffman, £53 N. Church. 7757 FOR BALE--New five room bungalow; modern; grate, mantel, cement basement; a 'ine l o t ; west end. A bargain for quick sale. Evans Boggess. 514 M l l l l k i n Bias. Bell 144. 7736 FOR SALE--Nice little home. E-2 to eet: only $y down, $1- per month; 3 large porches shade well, cistern, smnll barn, west and, on car lino; price $1200 if sold by Julr 16th See Walt Carver, 255 N. Main. 7781 rO*\ PALE--At public auction. July 23rd. at 2'30 p m., 6 room house on 57x17". foot l o t - sood well, cistern and cellar. 91P N. College Ft. 7G72 FOR SALE--6-room modern house, Leafland and Illinois. Auto 1594. FOR SALE~$2.500 for 6 room, house, north part. Bell 2903. m o d e r n 6S23 POULTRY. BIRDS AND PETS. FOR SALE--ICO baby chicks, 6 days old, Barred Rocks. lOo each. Mrs. C. "W. Marshall. Auto phone 6 or 9. 7w2 FOE SALE-MISCELLAOT10US. BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing. 12T South Water street. Decatur. IlL Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped fn yolA on books, pocketbooki and memorandum books, toilet case*, etc. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--Good second hand bicycle, 9S5 East North. "»3 SIECIAI NOTICES. WILL not be responsible for the debts o rny wife. Julius Olshefskl. TM' MRS BOWMAN. Importer and manufacture of 'hupian hair goods. Scalp treatment J ·spoclaW, 137 X. Water, 2nd "oor. Sealed Bids. Will be received for refreshment and lunch privilege at the Grocers' Picnic on Augus r, 1914 The committee reserves the right t ' Bioj may he made on on REAL ESTATE. For Sale. Improved SO acres, Shelby county; got* teims- 20 acres near Decatur; ICO cre Crawford county, Mo., will trade for De catur p r o p e r t y ; « acres (rood Macon count land to trade for Decatur residence. Frank Godwin. 116 Merchant St T79 $10,000 or any part to loan on real estate Call or write W. Nay Boggess. Atty. 513-514 Millikin Bid?. 776 Ben Cocfiran Gets Civil Service Position. Sullivan July 13.--One. of the eight alloons which left St. Louis, Mo., Sat- rday afternoon, passed this city Sun- ay morning about 9:30, going towards he northeast. The balloon attracted ·nuch attention as It passed to the outh and east and was headed towards Chicago. At no time was It close nough to tell whether there was one ir more passengers. BEN COCHRAN GETS JOB. Ben Cochran, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Cochran. of this city, Is in Chi- ·ago t having been appointed an exam- ner of automobile drivers and sent to .he Chicago office. Mr. Cochran passed .he examination several months ago. and just received his appointment a ew days ago and went from here to Springfield Friday morning- to commence his duties. JAMES WOOD SELLS OUT. James Wood, of the firm of Wood Alubaugh, has sold Ms Interest in the Cash Grocery store to his partner, Mr. Alumbaugh, and will retire from business. Messrs. Wood Alumbaugh came here from Dunn Station about two years ago and started a cash grocery on the southwest corner of the square, and have continued in business together until the present change. Harrison Moore left Sunday afternoon for Kansas and Oklahoma, where he will look after some business. Mrs. Jane Dunscomb and two daughters. Misses Myrtle and Lute, went to Windsor Saturday evening, where they spent Sunday with the former's son, George Dunscomb, and fam- Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Dunscomb. Jr., two children drove down Sunday ily. and and spent the day. Mrs. Willis S. Harris arrived home For Sale. FOR SALE--Five passenger Buick In first class condition: J200 If sold at once. Address G-S10, Review. FOR SALE--7 H. P. Indian motorcycle; 1914 model; 2 speed. 501 S. Main. 7627 FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton car; quiet, smooth running; fine condition; a bargain of the season. F-140, Review ·^ive rooms, new and modern, full lot, no-thwest S2SOO; S rooms, northpart, moo- S2600; 5 rooms, new c °« a se. North ....i. a snap for 52200 with- t«60 cash, bs.1- nce $15 per month. "°* O. L. Millburn, hones 14!S. *» Walt Bids- TYPEWHITEES FOR SALE--Underwood No. 4 typewriter; new; reasonable. Call 347 Stewart Ave. 7737 TO EXCHANGE. FOR SALE OR TRADE--A 5 passenger Detroit auto. Wil! take truck, lot, or horse nd wagon. Bell 4067. 7772 FOB, SALE. FOR SALE--Small jolt wagon; good dltion; cheap. 116* W. Green. BOR S^LE--Gravel wagon and 2 section harrow. 1260 W. Green street. 7S6O FOR SVL-E--Steam radiators and pipe: a first class vault door and frame;, three tory fire escape complete. A. W. Old phone 916. WANTED--Roomers and boarder* by or day. Call at 2fil E. Main. FOR SALE--30,000 clean second hand brick. Bargain. Call Bartello. 12« E. Main. n9t Wanted to Buy. WUI p»r the highest cash prices for used mUnt*. ragm and refrigerateTM, or will take In old furniture as first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Auto phone 1841. ffTOl rOR SVLB--One oak roll top desk; 1 oak typewriter desk, bath, sanitary stylej 1 No 5 Oliver typewriter. Cooper, 649 wait mildlng. "OR RENT--Barn for two horses and bug 1248 N. Monroe. Bell 1890. i WANTED 10 RENT. WANTED--To rent a 5 room modern house, tsorth p«rt. Ball 2832. 782T FOR RENT--Stores oppo^te roof garden on Eiaorado street. SIB n - 1 $19 per m°!TM£- nqulre 45S N. Franklin. "*" adults. door. modern house, close In.two Address 242 Went William, west 7774 FOR RENT-HOUSES. FOB BENT--7 room modern house, 1471 W. leeatur, W. A. Dearth, 1560 N. Union. TS2G FOB R-BtCT--Cottage of 6 rooms and bath; electric and gas. water and heat; half block from. N Water car line; no children. 3IJ E. Conicr. TS22 FOR BENT--Seven room house. 428 E. O1- IT«. $12.50 per month. Call 460 E, Olive. 770S FOR RENT. 4 Roomi 1239 * Clinton St., modern.,? 8.00 5 Rooms TV. Main close In 20.00 5 Rooms 448 Powers t,ane 23.00 2 Other nought* on Powers Lane 27.50 S Rooms 305-S Maffltt St.. part mod.. 16.0n 5 Rooms 1OS2 "W King St., good house. 12.00 S Rooms W. Dscatur St., mod furnished 18.00 5 Rooms 224 TV. Prairie St., city heat.. 40.00 5 Rooms very fine, N. E.. m o d e r n . . . . 25.00 5 Rooms Pouthenst. modern 20.00 5 Rooms West Side, furnished flO.OO 5 Rooms W. Prairie av*j 30.00 6 Rooms 457- S. Oakland, modern 23.00 6 Rooms modern, east end 20.00 4 Six room modern housee, N. side, J1S $19 and 20/0 p Rooms on West Main, steam hea-t.... MO.OO 6 Rooms 746 E. Center St., modern.... 30.00 R Rooms on W Sjde. furnished 30.00 6 Rooms 7R1 N Morgan, near depot..., 15.00 B Roome modern. Northwest end...., 1S.OO 1 Rooms mrd?rii, very desirable, west. 23.00 R Rooms on S. Crea, furnished 25.0^ fl Room* In Riverside, modern 21.50 7 Rooms 1057 W. Green St., barn. lots. 15.00 7 Rooms modern, W. Macon. barn .... 25.0C 7 Room? modern, close In 25.00 7 Rooms close In, North Side 25.00 7 Roomp modern. Northpast side 24.0O 7 Rooms 1177 Cottage Hill ave 20.00 7 Rooms Eawt Side, mod., close In. 25.00 7 Rooms W Macon St.. f u r n i s h e d . . . . . 40.00 7 Rooms Northeast Side, ga«. toilet, and water 14.00 8 Rcoma 406 W. Macon St 35. 8 Rooms 115ft Cottage Hill, modern.... 20.00 8 Rooms 1259 W. Decatur St 22.50 8 Rooms 1157 N*. Clinton St., modern.. 22,5 8 rooms very close In, modern 25.0C R Rooms 7 blocks w^st. modern 33.0C 9 Rooms 1335 N. Main St., mod. garage. 35.Of 9 Room* modern. W. Macon St 32.50 9 Rooms modern, on N. College St 20.00 Several Furnisher! houses. "We have over 100 houses for rent. $9.00 to $50.00. 7R24 Meridith Rent Co. FOR RENT--Five room house. 456 "W. "Woofl $72: close in. Apply 80" W. -SVood. Bel 3851. 7813 FOR RENT--Seven room house, IfiOS N. Morgan- water, rai, toilet, electric lights, cemen basement Allen Jones, 118 Old phone. 7802 FOR RENT--Five room house, electric lights gae water, f u l l basement, 1524 N. Church Call Bell 274S; Auto 10SS. 773S FOR RENT--SI* room cottage, Leafland. Bell phone 1010, Ens 7793 ISO* Could use good house and lot in exchange or one of the best restaurants In Decatur, r u n n i n g full blast and doing fine business. Tan show you books for past six months. t*s a money maker; owner going away. What have you to trade. Could use vacant ots. See me for further Information. Brueck, 1ZT B. Prairie. T3BS 7760 FOE BENT. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. he city of Decatur and is one of the oldest and best established businesses In central llinoifl. It will make any man or woman wishing a safe investment a good interest. t can be sold either In one block or in lots of $5.000. The men at the head of this company are recognized to be leading business men of central Illinois. For further injr- mation «ee me personally. C. A. BURKS. 32S-S34-325 Citizens Bank Building. FOR SALE--A two chair barber shop; everything new. Will sell at a sac: ifloe If taken at once. Address Barber Shop. East Main St. Fana, 111. '747 FOR SA1.E--One of the best Springfield, half block from Fifth »trect. G-714. care Review. saloon* square FOR SALE--Old established bakery and lunch room, doing good business. Address A B.. Box 32, Sullivan, 111. 76S2 LIVE STOCK. FOR. SALE--O«04 brood mare colt. Bell 7S3; Anto 4918. mule 7808 FOB SALE--Wee Waok driving horse, coming 5 years old, «75 It taken at onoe 828 S. Colfar. 7803 FOR SAJ^B CHEAP--Good team of »«1««. harness and spring wegon. 263 E. O FOR SALB--Nle» gentle driving horse, 1« E. Cerro Gordo. 7 ( * 6 FOR SATjE--One bar mare, « years old; sound and gentle. 1100 Ibs., 723 ft. Monroe ell 2503 W. H. Hill. i 3 » FOR SALE--Horse, Johns ave. wagon anfl harness. 1721 760£ HOUSEHOLD GOODS. STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE. Ii: Bissell's carpet sweeper* 50c each 500 glass fruit Jari 2R iron beds 25 befl springs settees ; gas range* d reasers sideboards Meridith Storage Co., S2O-asn E. Cerro Gordo St. 2c each ...$1.00 each 50c each ...11.00 .each ...$4,00 each ...$3.00 each , ..J5.00 each 7209 Furniture I buy. ««U or exchange new or ·lightly i furniture, stoves, rug*. «to, M. A. Peabody 121-* B, North St. -4- FOR EXCHANGE--TVel! improved farm. Al- Co.. Kansas. Want Decatur properly. \ddress J. E. Osborn, Bell C34. 775S For Trade. "WANTED--To trade for a small stors or business. Address F-7T6, Review. MONEY TO LOAN. FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any amount. 5% and 6% Interest. D. D. Hill, Attorney. 31S. 314 Millikin Bldg;., Becatur. 76M WHEN--TJWANTA--LOAN- BORROW FROM WALT GARVER. joana made on Furniture, Pianos, Diamonds, Live Stock, etc. No payments required. 25S MAIN ST. AUTO PHONE 1573. MONET TO LOAN on- good security and to salaried people. B. M. Smith. 127 B. Main. Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made without delay. Call or writ*. 6795 J. E. Patterson, 401 Mllllkin Bldg., Docatur, 111 --YOU CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-None too large. None too email, We lend money on Furniture, Pianos. Horses Carriages, Goods In Storage, Cattle. Grain Growing Crops, etc. Easier termi than other broteera. Also we buy NOTES Telephone No 134 OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY, established 18811. A. T. SUMMERS Sfc SON, 110 -Torth Water St Next to Mllllkin National Bint l $ t | | S s i M $ M t $ S f l | S t t I 1 1 1 1 i f * « i l t ii * it s s 1 1 : t ( $ i! Monev to Loan On b«rt possible plan. First the S lowest cost, second tb« payments t are arranged to suit the borrower I 1 I and can be made either weekly or t t $ monthly. And last, but not least, S $ S everything confidential. When you $ S $ come *" UB for a loan, you can f S $ have the money within an hour or $ S $ two. Any amount from $10.00 up. 8 $ ? 1'ou pay only for the actual time S f $ - you keep the money. Call and J $ see us when needing- a loan. Rooms $ . $ 7 and 8, Conklin Bldg. Half block $ S $ north of Transfer Home. 144 North * | t Mala street. Bell phone 2011; Auto, $ $ f 1606. 65 $ Illinois Mortgage Loan Co S t t t | t £ S I 1 I « I t 1 * I t * M H MONEY TO LOAN on the easy payment plan $10 and up. AH business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens Bank Bldg. 61 Phoa«: Auto. 1118; B t Bldg. Bell. 3CTO. IF YOU have a lot J. A. Adams will f- nlsh money to build you a house. 911 Water. Bell 4960. '·-- MONEY TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CIT property, lowest rate of Interest; no com mission. 16 Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank. For Sale. S-room house, well, cistern: on ear line; lot 0x150. 1700. 7-room modern, close, S2.6OO. 9-room modern, W. Decatur :|S,100 5 acres, 81,600; 30 «res, $4.200; 2 lot«._ B, iide, 1400: 3 lots N. W. side, $1,800. A. C. Allen. 119 S. Water. T450 A 12 TO Investment. ;300 to $400 down buyi a nlc« 5 room new cottage on car line; newly painted; full basement; corner .lot; electricity; good well. Price $1250. Come aj»d se» this. Rente for (12,50 per month. o* 86 E. F. Drohisch Son., Bell 4612, Auto 10T7. 159 S. Main. North Water St. Seven room house and store building: h o u s e all modern, hut b a t h ; located at 941 and 943 North Water street. If you are tooling for a house and to go Into business see me. Will rent for *SO per month. Price $6.500. J. M. Pickle from Wayland, Mo., Monday evening, after a. visit In that cits- with her daughter, Mrs. Miller, formerly Miss Fern Harris. Sheldon Lindsay arrived home from northwest of Windsor Sunday morning-, where he has been for a two weeks' visit with his uncle, Bruce Ferrel!, and family. He made the trip to and from there on his wheel. Sunday night was about the hottest night that has visited this city so far this summer. More people complained Monday morning of not being able to sleep Sunday night on account of the extreme heat. Mr. and Mre. A. L. Lindsay and children were Decatur visitors Monday. Frank W. Emmeraon, of Californ representing the flying squadron, will speak at the Christian church in this city Friday evening at 8:30, and wil: place before the people the plans and purposes of the greatest move In anti "iquor war. Judge W. O. Cochran went to Clinton Monday morning, where he will hold court in the DeWitt County Circuit court. George Brosam and James Wilej were Decatur visitors Monday. WILLIAM A. WAER DIES AT WAPELLA Wapella, July 13.--William A. Waer died Sunday morning at 6 o'clock at Jis home hera of heart trouble. He had been in failing health for the paBt year. He was taken very 111 about a onth ago- He was born March 16, 1857, in Indiana, and came with his parents to this county when a small boy. Since the death of his father and mother he, with his brother and Bister, have resided at the old home, rented and and farmed. He leaves two sisters Mrs. James R. Stewart, of Bloomlngton and Miss Anna and one brother, John at home. Funeral service will be from the Christian church Tuesday morning In charge of Rev. J. A. Clssna. Interment at Sugar Grove cemetery. BRIEF NEWS ITEMS FROM MACON Maeon. July 13.--Mrs. Gertrude Waggoner lelt Macon last week for Casey. 111., where she Joined her cousin, J. B. Phillips on a tour through Indiana, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. They reached Erie, Pa., on Monday, where they will visit for a while, then will drive to Lake, N. Y., where they will remain the rest of the summer. They make the trip in an Abbot Detroit car. Mrs. Bradshaw and children returned to their home in Decatur Wednesday, after saveral days' visit with relatives In this city. Mr. and Mrs. George Hight, of Lltch- field, were the guests o£ relatives In Macon a few days this week. Miss Velma Whitaker was the guest of relatives in Moweaqua a few days last week. Mrs. George Jacobs and daughter, Miss Marie, were shopping in Decatur Wednesday. Miss Betie Hughes, who is attending school in N'ormal, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, east of Main. Misses Marie McGuire. Florence Joses and Edith Burt have returned to her! home in Elwin. after spending a ew days with Miss Ethel Patterson. Mrs. Charlie French returned to her home in Decatur, after a week's visit with relatives In thia city. Mr. and Mrs. F. - C. Orton were De catur visitors Thursday. Miss Ruth Beschle spent Wednesday _nd Thursday in Decatur at Faries ark, the guest of Robert Sshudel and 'amily. Miss Millie Carr left Thursday fo Assumption, where she will be the guest of relatives for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. William Black and son Jacob, of Dalton City, were the guests of Henry Dphaus and family Friday evening. Mrs. Wiliam Towson left Thursday for Colorado, where she will be the guest of relatives for several weeks. Mrs. Oscar Pope and son, John, were Decatur visitors Wednesday. O. E. Daggett and Miss Daisy Daggett left in Mr. Daggett's car for Rockford, where they will be the guests of relatives, after which Miss Daggett will go to Michigan for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Andrews and daughter. Marguerite, of Walker, were the guests of relatives in Decatur Saturday and Sunday. HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The Home Missionarp society of the Methodist church will hold their regular meeting at the home of Misg Ida 78S9 PROFESSIONAL No Drurs No Osteopathr. .No Knife- Office hours 9 to 12. 1 to 8, t to 1 Sundays. 10 a. m. to 11 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Auto phon«, 1250: Bell phon«, BSD. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett building. Cor. N. Water nad E. North, Dectur, 111. »* m 0801 THE EXCHANGE BANK, 50S N. Water street. Invites you to open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT with ONE DOLLAE or more. We allow 3%, 31/2%. and 4% Interest. dependlng"upon th« time t» run. 4409 To Net 7% First Mortgage Farm Loans Nettlnr 7% in amounts from 1250 to J2.000. Security tour times the amount ot Io»n Principal and Interest payable ner«. HENRY D. SPENCER. 220 E Main, _,, Decatur. Illinois *W7 LEGAL NOTICES. EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE--Estate of Samuel AllEOp. deceaned. . . , The undersigned having been appointed Executrix of the Last Will and Testament oC Samuel AIlsop, deceased, late of . theh ^°", n .^ of .Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the Count} Court of Macon County, at the Court House In Decatur. at the September term, on the flr-t Monday In September next, at wh ch time all persons having els'TM against said f estate are notified and requcBted to .attendi for the purpose of having the same a f l j u ^ "· All persons Indebted to said estate are r quested to make imimdla" payment to t! undersigned. , - T,,-» mi Dated this twenty-sixth day of - Timc - 1J1 Albert G. Webber. Attorney. . Executrli EXECUTOR'S NOTICE-Estate ot Henry Ka ter, deceased. The undersigned LITTLE BY LITTLE you can repay a loan--or all at once. Carefully explained befwe you take the money Pay only for the time you use 1L We lent HO anQ up on the squares! terms Imaginable -^-private, too. 752 I Fidelity Loan Company AIben G . ^ ebber 815 Citizens Bank Bide. Bell 370; Auto 5863. ' Attorney 6EOKGE ' Elza Hardesty Had Just Eaten Hearty Supper. Arcola, July 13.--Ella Hardesty died suddenly at his home here at 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening:. He had fin- shed eating a hearty supper and went out on the porch and sat down on a, chair. A short time afterwards he fell- over, his body rolling off the porch. He was dead when his Bister reached his side. Mrs. Hardesty Is in a hospital at Paris where she was ten days ago to undergo an operation for a complicated case of appendicitis. A sister, Mrs. Lule Grimes of Vtncennes, Ind., earner here this week to care for her brother and the two small children while th« mother was In the hospital. Mr. Hardesty has been a sufferer from Brlghts disease and dropsy for the past two or three years but recent. ly he had seemed to be in better health than usual. He was about thirty-five) years of age arid came to this city front Indiana a dozen years a?o. No ar« rang"ementa for the funeral have been made yet. OLID VETERAN ILL. W. H. Sipes, an oW resident and a. veteran of the civil war is dangerously III at his home on East Washington street and it Is believed that he will rot live more than a few hours. Members of his family have been summoned to his bedside. ORCHESTRA RECITALS. The orchestra of the Methodist church, under the direction of Homer rlall, gave two very successful resitala during the past week. The first was n this city on Thursday evening when I crowd that filled the Methodist church, listened to their music and gave liberal applause. Friday evening:he same program was given at th« Methodist church in Tuscola to another appreciative audience. Hlggins Wednesday afternoon, July 15. Mrs. J. Thompson and d a u g h t e r , of Indiana, -are the guefite of Mr. and Mrs. Hug-h Thompson, of this city, for several days. Mrs. Ed Wllloughby and Mrs. AUie Walker were Decatur visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dietye r e t u r n ed home Wednesday, after several days' visit with relatives in Carmine. 111. SILVER MEDAL CONTEST. A boys silver medal contest will be given at the Presbyterian church Tues day evening, July 14. conducted by Mrs. Lucille Loring Evans. There will also be a temperance demonstration, given by Mrs. Howard Highly, and the remaining program will be given by Macon talent. Miss Lucile Lyons, who has been the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Lyons, for the past two weeks, returned to her home in Chicago Tuesday. -Mrs. Saudain left Thursday for Atchison, Kan., where she will be the guesfc of her daughter, Mrs. Cash, for several weeks. Miss Addie Griffith was the guest of Charles Colby and family in Decatur a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doolen returned home Thursday, ater Spending several days in Decatur the guests of relatives. M. Turner and wife were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman in Moweaqua Thursday evening. Max Wise, Henry Phillips, Loyd Highly and Jeff Kramer attended the concert in Blue Mound Thursday evening. Miss Flo Keighley. -of Moweaqua, was the guest of Mrs. Charles Dunkle, of this city. Thursday. Joel Cotner was a Decatur visitor Thursday. Mrs. Karl Hoover and daughter, Janet, were the guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilking, In Decatur Thursday, LUCKENBILL BUYS A NEW THRESHER Get* Same Mak« of Separator That WM Destroyed by Train. M*roa, July 13.--N. C. LuokenbllJ. the f*r- her rta.dlng south, of town, wnose threshing separator was completely demolished Tuesday evening by an I. -C. freight train. has purchased a new one of the same make, It beinfir a Minneapolis. H. E. Hewitt, an architect from Peoria, as In town Thursday to meet with the ·ohool board to show sketches of school building's. Mr, Reese, proprietor of the Maroa theater, ·will show th* free moving pictures on the street Tuesday sveninga henceforth. Jnstemd, of Thursday, evening. Or3 Fort has returned home from Iowa, where h« leased a farm of 320. acres for the coming year. He and his family expect to move there next March, the place being near SAC City. Mr. Fort has farmed the 400 acre tract belonging to J. P. Stoutenborough that adjoins Maroa on the west, for the past flv* years. Born to Monroe Eram «nd wife Wednesday, a. daughter, Mrs Lou Jump has returned home from a. visit of several days in Decatur with her brother, M. Llaton and family. Mrs David Weilepp left Friday for Brighton, where she will · · · · - - - - visit h«r son Harry, veterinarian u n t i l Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Pulllam have returned to their home In Chicago. Mr. and Mrs C. M. Currier have gone to New Hsmpshire to spend the summer. Harry Buck of Pittsburgh, Pa,, farmerly of Maroa, is here visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Lou Eberhart. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Preston of Buckingham, arrived Thursday for a visit with relatives. Tkfiss Anita Severs of Kenney, haa been the guest of Mrs. E. F. Wright. Mr. and Mrs, George Rau and children, Violet and Leamen, from Latham, spent Thursday with 6. R Nowlln and family. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Lea:n Thursday, a son, their first child. AUTO RUNS OVER 2-YEAR-OLD BOY Sadorui. July 13 -- Paul, two yeer old BOB f Mr and Mr« Jmes Pougle. received Injuries In an automobile Pougle. accide . nt about 9:15 Saturday morning which may prove fatal. One of the little fellow's arms wa« fractured. one shoulder dislocated and several ribs torn loose from his spine. The accident happened at the home or his grandfather. A. E. Pousle, about ono mil« east of Sadorus. The little fellow was In the car when the old gentleman started to back th« machine out of the shed. He was standing In the rear scat and becoming overbalanced toppled out. falllnr' under the wheels of the slowly moving machine. One wheel passed over one arm and side. SPECIAL NOTICES. N. Monro* St. Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remow dead «tock anywhere In CITY OS COtWTT, TOEE OF CHAROB. Bell Pbon* 2868. Auto MM. Call 83U MONTICELLO REBEKAHS INSTALL B. B, Trimble Shows Signs of Rabble* Infection. Montlcello. July 13.--The following officers /ere installed last Thursday night at Bethel Rebekah iodge. After the installation and ork Ice cream cones were served: N. G.--Dora Gross. R, S. N. G.--Amy Johnson. L. S. N". G,--Lydia Bender. V. G.--Minnie Mitchell R. S. V. G.--I^nnie Enyier. L. S. V. G.--Maude Cole. Chaplain--Bertha Foster. Conductor--Ethel McColIlster. Ward--Esta Klrkland Past N. G.--Ada Duvall. I. G.--Docla Wolf. O. G.--Jane Mulvane BRIEFS. Henry Heektnan left Saturday to spend his vacation with hime folks at Cheyfaogan, Gup Carnahan went to Champaign Saturday to remain over Sunday. Mrs. George Thorpe and father. Frank Welch, are visiting in Dlxon with Mrs. Thorpe's sister. Mrs. Aaron Evle. Mies Lecina Coonrad went to Bloomlngton Saturday to spend the week end with her sister, Mrs. Ross Cool. Mrs. George Brady has returned from a visit with friends In Danville. Miss Nina Horan of Lovington. Is spending a few weeks with Miss Eloise Woollngton and other f r i e n d s here. Mrs M M. Plunk returned Sunday from a few days' stay with Mrs. Ab. Glrard at Tolono. LOST TO ARGENTA. The Argerita team defated the Monticello Indians Sunday afternoon at Rhoades' park by the score of 12-J3. Tuesday afternoon at the city park at 2 o'clock Dr J. D. Knott will entertain about 300 little folks who have taken nil remedy. A picture w i l l - b e taken of the group. M'KINUEY LECTURES. The Btereoptlcon views of Honorable William McKinley will be given at the city park nest Monday evening IS INFECTED. Dr T. J. Foster returned from Chicago Saturday night and reported that R R. Trimble, who was bitten last Monday by a dog had passed the blood test and showed signs of infection and has entered the In- WEDDING SATURDAY AT TAYLORVILLE Reptrbllcann Are Being; Groomed for Conmty Candidate*. Taylorvilie, July 13.--Saturday even. ing In the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCurdy was held the wedding of their oldest daughter. Miss Berna to Aubrey .Spurling. a. Wabash employe here. The couple will begin housekeeping in this city In a few days. TO ENLARGE. CREAMERY. The Taylorvilie creamery owned and operated by Collier Brothers will branch out and do a larger business. They have leased the old Presbyterian church building, owned by W. M. Provlne and will remove their plant into the new headquarters. STREET CAR HITS AUTO. At 7 o'clock Friday evening the auto, mobile of B. E. Bulpltt struck a street car at the crossing- of Park and Walnut streets and injured Mr. Thomas, l clerk at Morrison's Dry Goods store. Thomas was throun out and sustained slight bruises. Mr. Pulpltt was etotnsr east on Park street and did not know the car was coming. REPUBLICAN' CANDIDATES. John Jeisy of Harvel, formerly of this city and who held the office of assessor in Taylorvilie, Is «. candidate for the Rep-ublican nomination of county treasurer. W. D. Hardy, city collector. It Is said, is also to be a candidate for the Republican nomination of county treasurer.- John Spaulding, proprietor of tha billiard room on the east side of tha square. Is being groomed by his friends for the Republican nomination of sheriff. .} BIG NIGHT FOR MOOSE. TVabash train No. 3, -westbound, due here at 7:33 p. m. will stop at MorrU sonvllle Tuesday night to discharge passengers from Taylorville. This is the night of the big Moose ball in Morrisonville and Dictator J. -O. Tom-, linson arranged for the train to stop. · MAROA POSTMASTER GETS COMMISSION Maroa. July 13.--R. D. Bolen rec«ive*l his commlssiort for the postmastership Sunday morning, and will take up his duties Thursday. The commission dates back to June 27. Either the former postmaster or his assistant will remain with Mr. Eolen until he has been taught the bearings of the new office. Mr, Bolen's son, Ross, will take, over the duties of the barber shop. TO PLAT DECATUR GRAYS. The Maroa Commercial club has scheduled a game with the Decatur Grays at the local grounds for Thurs. day afternoon. The Maroa team is ready, to accept a date for games away from home on Tuesdays and at homo on Thursdays. Also no Sunday games will be played. . The Methodist Sunday school picnic will be held at the city park next Thursday. Everyone will gather at 11 o'clock and dinner will be served at noon. In the afternoon all sorts of amusements have been arranged. At »:SO refreshments will be serwd the children and at an automohtie ride has been arranged for. MOTORISTS HURT AT R. R. CROSSING Mr. rad Slrn. John Blerly of Jacksonville, Struck by Train. Springfield, July 13.--Mr. and Mrs, John Blerly, of Jacksonville, were seriously Injured early Sunday morning when the automobile In which they were driving was struck by a Chicago, Peoria, St. Louis motor car west of this city. Both were brought to St. John's hospital. They will recover. Mr. and Mrs. Blerly were on their way to northern Michigan. SENATOR SHERMAN'S DATES UNTIL AUG. 28 Springfield, July 18. -- Senator Sherman'* itinerary, as arranged .until late In August. embraces the following engagements, part of them for chautauqua speeches: July 21 -- RobinEon July 24-- Shelby vl lie, July 26 -- Galeaburg (chantauqua i,ddr«*)i July 30 -- Champaign. July 31-- Franklin. Auff. 3 -- Murphysboro. Aug. 4 -- Carmi. Augr. 5 -- Jersoyville. Aug. 13 -- Paris (cheutauqua.). Aug. 14 -- Arcola Auff. 15--Mason City. Aug. 16 -- Eureka (chautauqua address). Aug. 20 -- Mat toon f class reunion). Aug. 21 -- Piasa, Macoupin county. Aug. 25-- Jacksonville (cbautauqua). Aug. 2G-- Taytorville (chautauqua). Aug. 27 -- Sandoval. Aug. 28 -- BIggBrllle. Senator Sherman plans after hl« flovn-* state tour to spend a week In northern Illinois, WABASH VALLEY MELONS RIPENING pro«t]i H "« Dour I/lttle D«nl««e and Bin Crop !· f» Sight. Carmi, 111., July 13. -- Watermelons in the Wabash valley will be ripe in two weeks. State Treasurer W. H. Vollmer of Indianapolis Saturday completed an automobile tour of the melon belt In southern Illinois and Indiana ar,4 while in Carmi declared that th» drouth, so far, has not very material. ly damaged the melon crop. The out* look, h« said, wag fine for a bumper crop. iNEWSPA'FERr lEWSFAFERl

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