The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1971
Page 5
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•CARE assists Sinai's Bedouins THE BK AX08PORT FACTS, Freeport, Texan, Friday, December 3,1971 , Page S TKI, AVIV (AIM Wlwldo you do with 70,000 nomadic Italouliu whoM chid *our«* of Income U *muKKling anything front drug* to IratmUttir radio* acrou the rugged watte* of UH* Sinai director In lurael, "We didn't want lo put (hem wt lh« dole, CAKK, and the Israeli*, had lo find a unique ami flexible way of (wilding up 8 viable benefit the Heduuini them- Ttwt wa* lite qurtlitxi lacing the Israeli occupation Ox* »i«okfr o< War hwcJ elwnl Tlw Israi-Un iimswl u> CAHK American ', tlw «Wf»profit, »t>n political relief agency, lwU« knovtii tor tu The M'heme (hey drvliwil It called "Pood For Work" It entitle* tfvery Sinai Hwlooln to n ni'Mithly CAItK food ralimi in Mfliattgc fur talariwl work un a wide raniting number of project! geared to TIM* tabor force t» paid the equivalent of r/j cctiU a day by Ihe luraeli Government, for work (ift rcMdx. l>ulldlnK and re|Miiriii|{ tchoolo, clinic*, and water »y»U>mi, and aKrieulture "Some o( the project* have failed," told IJnMlyn-twn (Jwjrge M««r|tay. awUUnt CAKK iniiwjon diret-t'>r "For example, UK- llcdoulnx Jtut weren't Interested In certain ly[x.ii of planting, or In TJi* projefU u*ually are iuiu(e«ted by the Kovernmcnt, Then they are reviewed and «|>proved by CAKK, "Our latent work project," wild Jack, "is to plan to change the entire ecological balance of the d'-wrt Ijy plunllnn eucalyptu* Irixii to hold back the conslant encroachment of the dune* on road* and field*. White CAKE dbUrlbules IU food rntlorw, and »eU up ftchooln, ihc Uraelli have »et up a medical program, A mobile clinic Irmurwi that a doctor gelji to each of the more than 75 village* every week, "The litraell* have even brought in helicopter* to fly sick or injured villagers to hoftplfalx In lurael," *ald Mencftay, CAHB'i food bill-paid for by donation* by Americana and Canadians—wan tl.63 million for operations in Sinai from November 1967 IhrouKh 1971, An average of (52.300 ration* were dUtrlhutcd in Sinai alone. CAHK abw operates programx In the occupied GUM Strip and the West Hank. 'Hiese were initialed under the former Egyptian and .Jordanian mitftorltlc*. The Bedouin's "CAKE Package" Includes 29 pounds of wheat flour, vegetable oil and two types of high protein Mend: corn-soya-milk blend, and wheat-soya blend, to offset protein deficiencies. The ration Is supplemented by rice, sugar and tea from Ihc luraelis, and occasional CAKE extras such a* soap and coffee. Distribution is handled by 30 local CARE employes. "Only about one per cent of our rations arc resold to local markets," says Jack, adding: "The Israelis are fast to confiscate any CARE good* found on local grocers shelves." A* for smuggling, (he CARE official* admit it can't be stopped completely. "But the Israelis keep a pretty tight rein," explained Menegay, "because they know that any man who crimes Into Egypt can very easily bring back a mine or a gun." UK; rmuuutu War II Kuf»| VtotlUtg •* |t»< Wurltl CAHK tl*">iM-<) a H*r inlu i)w »»J> A.S luki-ti <Jmrt\ in niuib Ibr> ilVP, Mr lt*~fl.tyuins (or iVSiUlil*r'& t:^*- el**'.'. 1 "! UlyJk? (fibal U* ignoring Uir ^r*Al A& «*• 'BLIC INVITED! BUY DIRECT AND SAVE DURING Furniture Outlet's "TV wily )wli ')«• |l«Jw.iiir, curt Six Piece French ffi.S^^f£!\ Provincial Bossett <&y'U ^LiJ^ i spe fc* -™i: t^y i Dining Room 1,-V ;•-." ij/i;; j Junior college I credit transfer meeting topic 1 J !\\Vi\ 7n r!«Aicri'.,i oi <«i!-.;i>f at.f «sf,-ii"*'.tt ^^m !» gnS5~! WHAT MAKES FURNITURE OUTLET DIFFERENT? TKe ' *. t •*%•*•)*• -J t"<^ d.»-4 M * « • I « | r t >' -J 'f, *,y • »,•.!«« ' t «* > * t »>*' * »^» * I ' kH> ' i| !.'•• W'* <t# Outlet 11 on authorized factory • V/e ore aui of The high rent districts. • V/e bwy direct ond KJVC you e/.fxrnjrvc middleman tout • Furniture Outlet buys direct in wholesale quantities for oi! itv locations ond povses the volume disco*.^! on to you. • We do our o«n «afehousmg next to our showrooms one the coil o! transportation and c/.tra storage are pawed on to you m the form of '.o* '>gs • You don t fxjy ettro for typical retail fnlli. Our low overhead means lower prices to 1 You con select from over 250 quality man- Five Piece Mediterranean Bedroom by Empire iipwMiP?! s ^ B wwvvrtf bia^M^ MfiyMiJL VT^-IT-—-~ '"<•'-. '• r'2r---:'-±--;~r~^''Z^-*~-^ ^:\-^r^:"'mm ^V^^Vx ; ^, ; -..fev • 4 - 4 -v- ?. '..' -:''^^^ 598 34 • Grand Opening prices ore good at all Fur- future Outlet scxctiorM. • Credit can be established on the spot Fill Oul the form and tcVc your ne« furniture Special SCQO04 Th-i *>n 698 Aii odvertned pncei F OB our docVi for Ji-. -i.r i »i'if£t jn-Jil.'*!"«{•-""• > k..« j- ! ..v -•»-!'.;»* ^ V sN- r t r ;' •' •" ? f " '• •* ~ ; i '• -'•*" r-| A:-.-.. -,i'. -•:i" f 't- ^' ••••v i >' *-''! ",ilf JV ;•».'.. r , • .':r^<-. Humbleasks 1 permit to dump waste P .- !(...-..' •' '• . -.", " !;.,•• ,-, ./^; ' . -/" H ».5 ! :- ^,,V1 :: ., k Bedding Bonanza Three Piece Spanish Bedroom A J!^9 Vtjiu* Full Sire Hereulon Sleeper Slnrjv {U ?•'<•> ^T if'.C jir,i::» tl-'-rr !.: .5 .' * •* Mediterranean Tables With Velvet Inserts TV i i::'= t« dar tcy«r-'i .->»o o co^'t-" Ob « trrf a' r.gfi' C O . 1" r 0 -n I'G" •« t (tty* K«.'< v .i^.i -:r f f>^' r'-C-Jf O* CO-ic^l 5 137" A 5 ! 79 voiu* I W I Dk-.n- Our Specialty Is Instant Crwlit and Bank Financing «t mcutui n IJTIHIS«IK MW ciiwi Kill Mil and mall lo trnlil Manigrr. Ttir r urnlturr llullrl. Inc . I 1 II Isov IMl. Tfiat "ill NAMt fMftOttK $CX>utt III Nom» PosiliO" Op.- ,!»,« cv.- .«i»j Ttw in fluiUiinj. t;.il U-l»i-«-tt 7 ti ,1 m .iwi < 45 \ \ King Size Recliner -tfi^.^ i-^fe (C!,. ,'->\ '•" a0 '""' " !! " ; Ot Two Piece Contemporary Living Room This handsome group features heavily carved fronts and includes triple dresser. landscape mirror, regular or Queen size bed | Chest $69 eiiro A $249 vo/ue Seven Piece Corner Group Tn,l ^ » o • t ctffitfd ,.«.,; > * c f •<•••' to^-«» • ** i av 1 t Kp..( • s* t c-'c*i >i o * a i A *99 .o:,. 64 08 Direct* Deep luHrd t'c»^>»<3 >rl»«l odds elegonce lo this mouite »oio !• motcKir.g lo»e stol CHoo»* from a .onet> of SOQC17 A $399 vo/ue OQC fcUU Perfecl lor une«peded company thu fi- nelj mode corner group include! Iwo mattresses, t»o bo« springs, 2 bolsters and formica top comer table A i 1 79 vo/ue WHY RENT? YOU CAN BUY A WHOLE HOUSEFUL FOR LESS MONEY! 3 ROOM GROUP MEDITERRANEAN o $1 599 Valve $ 894 05 APARTMENT DWELLER'S SPECIAL! Oe<oroior deigned Mediterranean si/le room consuls of solo, choir ond oitomon. or solo ond lo.e veal m leather like, -ipe, clean »myl, 2 end tobies, coffee table ond 2 decorator lamps foi 'he dinmg room, >our choice ol octagon shape table with 4 s«n>el chairs or ook pedeital table with matching choirs Bedroom includes triple dresser «iih l«nn mirrors, ches' and full sue bed with name brand bo» springs and mnerspnng mattress Atl. S.M.K t'HU'KS IV THIS AD AUK li<HH) KOK ONE WEEK OM-V OK I'NTIL MEKCIIAN'DISK IS EXHAVSTEU. SHOP THE FURNITURE OUTLET NEAREST YOUI • Owl* C»o»l fwrnllvrf OvHtl-Alvln-Th, oiotit ittouni (vm^ lyrt company ttrvmg Alvm. Anglelon, fr»«porl and South HouMon ortat Selling dirtcl lo thi public with low overhead ond low pricti Hwy 35. Alvm Call 331-4461 • FurnJturf QvHfl—Cull f'tt-O(-'h« lotcjttl nkciion of nt*. nont orond lurnilwr*. at dirtd iicwthoufci showroom pficti Com par* pn<t» — f&v ho>f to drift o I*ttl9 fvrthfr—bvt pvr low o>tr- hfod tovei you montjr 13 milfi sowth of Almtdo Moll on Cull f'.«»a, Coil <8« 1334 • FvrnllvM^ Ovriel largaln C*nl«r—Ovlf frtvway—Onc< m o lilftim* b<x90-11 on slighil) damaged, disconiinutd. ond ><p«tt«>>id Iv'nitvrt Locoltd dirtctljr ocrots from Fvroilur* Oullfl OA Ovll f..twa r Call 4(4-1716 • fwrnllvr* Qvtlft—North Fr«fway Hwy 7) g( llrtlt Yfrk. O-«r 8J.000 iquorii l««l ol qwalily tvmiiurt IK| lorgtil itliCbon »mng Iht North Hovsloo o>to with dn»ci dncount prictl OfEN III 9PM NIGHHt-Coll 697-79H 'I'M fum*urt Ovilti ui on o»N«x'J«d oVtci from Hx faclofr All LocaliorK Of»«n 9 a.m. 'til 9 p.m. *v«ryday. Vltli our N«w Fovrrti local ion Grand Opening Now, North fr«»way 79 at Uttl» York School Hood. Gulf Coast Furniture Outlet Hwy35AMn H«rth juo«cl»d anj fao AJrvin

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