The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 7
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Monday Evemngr, July IS, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Seven They Do Not Want Home Terminals Abolished. "W« ara not looking: for any immediate trouble in this proposed strike ·f railroaders," said a well known Wabash engineman recently, "but unless the roads show some degree of concession there will eventually be a general walk-out. "On* of the things that the managers of the railroads want to do Is to abolish home terminals and make all ·nglnemen worlc a ten or ele\~en-hour day. That would mean that engineers and firemen would no longer have homes. When they reached their home terminal and had two or three hours yet to go, they would have to continue on the road until the time was up. "If that were carried through, we .would practically be homeless. All of cur time off duty would be spent In dead-heading around the country and sleeping In eaoookes. FAY BT HOUR. "Another thing the railroads want to do is to pay the englnemen by the day Instead of by the mile. Thus, after a» engineer came In from a run from Chicago of five hours, he might be put Into a switch engine and made bump cars about the yards for another five hours. "The firemen are also objecting to the long drags which they are forced to carry. Sometimes trains of from seventy-five to 100 cars are sent out and the fireman is forced to shovel tons and tons of coal. It is really more work than any human being should be asked to do. The firemen are asking for an extra man to help them out on their trips, thus making two firemen to one engine when the drag le heavy." WANT TO KNOW WHERE MONEY WENT If the family skeletons, whose distant rattllngs and clackings have IssueJ from the vicinity of the Wabash-Pittsburgh terminal closet, really Inhabit that dark and dismal region as expected, they must come out and face the light of day. This decision has been made by the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee of the house, which body has summoned Former President of the Wabash and the Wheeling Lake Erie to appear before it next Wednesday in company with R e p r e s e n t a t i v e Townsend, of New Jersey. Mr. Ramsey will he asked to explain his side of the claim made by Representative Townsend that the Wabash-Pittsburgh Teiminal company has been wrecked ana looted and its bonds hammered d o w n to merely a nominal price. Permission for this hearing has been obtained by the representative who says that Mr. Ramsey wishes to answer some of the emphatic questions concerning the wreck of the company going around at present. Bankers and brokers, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker all want to know where their money went. It is understood that Mr. Ramsey, the f o r m e r president of the Banner Route, was not active In the financial management of the Terminal, but gave his a t t e n t i o n to operating matters and the c o n s t i u c t i o n of the extension. British Earl D!e«, London. July 13--The Ear! of Elles- mere died today at the age of 67. He succeeded his father to the title In 1S62 and his heir is his eldest son, Viscount Brackley, who was born Nov 14. )872. WESTINGHOUSE STRIKE IS ENDED Pittsburgh, July 13.--The strike in the Westinghouse factories practically ended today when 8.000 men and women returned to work All strikers were taken back except 200 or 300 whose places had been filled during the strike. T. WILLIAMSON REACHES IRELAND Sends Cards to Chief of Police and O»- cnr CroM . Chief of Police Allen received a card from Adjutant Williamson Monday. "Arrived in Belfast, Ireland, Tuesday. Weather cold and rainy. Am well. I like Decatur best so far y e t , ' writes Mr. Williamson. O. B. Cross also got a card from the adjutant in which he says he la enjoying every minute. To Fight for Home Rule in Ireland. Chicago, July 13.--Ireland was given official recognition yesterday by the State of Illinois. For the first time in history of the Irish flag was accorded the national salute of twenty-one guns. Ten t h o u s a n d Irishmen assembled at Gaelic Park threw their hats in the air and shouted their joy. And all this took place despite the fact that it was Orangemen's day, the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. The Rev. J. K. Fielding, a rector o! Corpus Christ! Church, ana a sixteen- year-old girl, Catherine Morgan, puller] the green fJag to the top of the staff, whe r e it waved beside the Star-Soang- led Banner. "IRELAND--A NATION." The banner was emblazoned with a gold embroidered harp, beneath which were (he words, "Ireland--A Nation." Lieutenant J, B. Weinstraub, designated by (he adjutant general, Frank S. Dlckson, gave the orders which resulted in a national saluo by a gun company of Battery B, I. N. G. The demonstration had b*en arranged an celebration of the granting of Irlih home rule It closed with the sending of the following cablegram to John Redmond, home rule leader ID parliament: "Fifty thousand Chicago Irishmen pledge money, men and arms to the Irish Volunteers." Tha message was signed by Father Fielding. MAN DISAPPEARS FROM BOAT DECK St. Louis. July 13.--Steamboat officials have unable to solve the disappearance of Tred Tenney of Cleveland, who was missed from the steamer stacker Lee on its voyage from St. Louis to Memphis, Saturday. Tenney l e f t his stateroom at midnight Friday, complaining of a headache. A deck hand thinks he saw him on the lower deck early Saturday morning. He has not been seen since, and it is thought he fell overboard ana was drowned. Scalding Feat Try TON80! Go to Tour Nearest Druggist-- quick He Has It. or will o«t it. What It the u s e of going nearly crazy w l t b y o u r feet? 'Sposing you have tried lots ol things --you haven't tried TONGO or your feet wouldn't hurt. Foot p a i n s and foot torture don't ei- ist w h e r e T O N G O IB. Thousands can tell you that they never knew what foot comfort was. until they used TONGO, and they haven't known what foot torture was. since they used TONGO. Nothing else lust like it--nothing else just as good-it is the only real foot remedy--It Is the king of foot torture--it banishes foot pain instantly, and never mnro need you suffer. There's nothing liko it for ill-smelling feet, because it makes the feet healthy--it gives, them life and strength and clean, soft skin with proper circulation of thf blood. It's the wonder of wonders. when it comes to conquering fool pains and tortures, or foot troubles of any kind--TONGO Is. Try it. All druggists. 25c, or Dennlson Pharma- cal Co., Chicago, ¥ou \vin always Qnd Toaro at Th« Decatur Drue Co., Peeatur. III. HSGEBHARTCP JULY CLEARANCE SALE JULY CLEARANCE SALE JULY CLEARANCE SALE RSGEBHARTCP Annual July Clearance In Full Blast Pattern Cloths 150 Pattern Cloths in the fine Irish Linens, satin damask, with borders all around. All beautiful designs. Values up to J3.60. All sizes up to 8x12. divided Into two £4 ff lots at $1.95 and * · «"»·* Lunch Cloths Pure Linen Lunch Cloths and Table Tops warranted all pure linen goods, some are hemstitched. All 75c values to close out at once at each 39c $1.25 Lunch Clotns, 69c 36*3« Pure Linen Lunch Cloths with hemstitched edire Also «i45 Pure Linen Table Tops, excellent for breakfast cloths, etc., best $1.25 values reduced for July Clcarane* Sale tor 69c 50c Dresser Scarfs t 19c 50 doten of Drawn Work and Embroidered Dresser Scarf with hemstitched eige Also pure linen Tray Cloths. Round Centers and Mexican Drawn work Scarfs and Centers vaJ ues up to 50c, 4 A _ choice I SIC lOc Linens 2S dozen of Round Centers with scalloped edge. Also fringed Napkins in lOc values for Japanese Nainsook Just received another case of that popular Japanese Nain- sook, the ideal fabric for dainty underwear and children's dresses. It comes 42 inches wide, a S5c value for July Clearance, a 10 c« MQ yard piece for 9Ci09 Pequot Sheets 75 dozen of Pequot, Pioneer, Dwight Anchor, Mohawk, a heavy linen finished scalloped sheets, sized 81x90, values up to 31.00. Sale 1 7C« price each f WC Linen Sheeting We carry the best all linen sheeting In Decatur at $1.50. It come* 90 Inches wide and Is of a very fine texture. July Clearance Sale, ff* 4 A per yard W I · 19 25c Shirting Madras 15c 32 Inch striped madras Shirting, fine for boys' waists and men's shirts, a S5c value, for yard .. 15c 20c Pillow Cases 14c 42xi6 hemstitched Pillow Cases, line cambric finish In best 20c value reduced to . . . . . . 14C 25c Pillow Cases 19c 42x16 and 45x3i Pequot, Pioneer, Dwight Anchor and Fruit of the Loom Pillow Cases, 25c valuai. reduced to 19c 15c Pillow Cases lOc Ch«te ot all 15e Pillow Cases site* MxSS and 45x36, fine linen Ihish, 4 AM at each 1MB "Why a July Clearance?" someone may ask. TO CLEAR THE DECKS AND GET THINGS SHIP-SHAPE FOR FALL BUSINESS. But this is only mid-Summer. YES, with YOU. With US--with our extensive buying operations, reaching all over the country--IT IS ALREADY FALL--yes, winter! Do you know that we have already bought for next FALL? In fact, our blankets, outings, flannels are already here and other lines are being shipped. Thus, you see, it is absolutely necessary to move out all remaining Summer goods. Any Trimmed Hat Now comes the final clearance of Spring and Summer hats. We offer a good assortment of the latest models, beautifully trimmed for the late trade, at a price that should be very interesting. Choice of any trimmed hat, regardless of values or former selling price, to close out at Women's Outfitting Sale Unparalleled Hundreds of fashionable garments for women and young women at clearance prices so far below regular that comparison figures would seem exaggerations. A Great Lot of Garments At Sweeping Price Reductions $22.50 CLOTH COATS, CHCICE $5.00 S15.QC TO $35.0C CLOTH SUITS, CHOICE $5.00 $35.00 NEW SILK SUITS, CHOICE $10.00 ALL CHILDREN'S SPRING- COATS V. PRICE Choice of Al? Spring- Woo] Skirts Sold Up $4.95 Black and White Check Skirts $1.95 to $10 at $2.95 To close out quickly all remaining Spring wash Here is a chance to own one of those popular skirts, we have decided to place them ali ir, one black and white cheek skirts. group regardless of selling price or cost and sell ] them at one price. Values up tt»O AC basket weave cloth and sold to $10.00. Special at $4.95. Special Made of cotton $1.95 $10.00 STREET WASH DRESSES AT $3.95 3.95 Included in this lot are some of the best values of the season. A fine lot of new Summer dresses, all excellent new models, including plenty of tunic effects. One of the best values we have ever offered, and coming right at this time, when you have weeks of wear ahead, should make them doubly attractive. Every dress worth double the price and a number worth $10.00. Special STORE CLOSES THURSDAY AFTERNOONS DURING JULY AND AUGUST 50c Gingham and Percale Petticoats for 39c These petticoats are made of a good quality of gingham and percale and are well worth 50c. Special Clearance QQ/» Sale price O J7 C 50c Corset Covers, Special 25c A special purchase places us in possession of a lot of fine corset covers at a price far below their real value. Lace and embroidery trimmed in very pretty designs; a regular 50c value-- " Clearance Sale $1 Gowns 75c These gowns are regular $1.00 values and are made of fine cambric and crepe in all the different styles; Clearance Sale price · Fifty $5.00 To $7.00 Hats Selected from our Spring and Summer stocks are about good models which sold up to $7-00, to be closed out at once. These are excellent models and sold early in the season at $5.00 to $7.00. Special Clearance price 50 75c A WASH GOODS SLASH 27 floral Organdies, white | ground with pink, blue, iavender j and yellow figures. July 1 5fi Clear! ng sale at a yard * *»** SO inch printed Pongee in navy, Copenhagen and green, worth regular 25c per yard, Special July 1 Cf Clearing Sale at a yard · **"· 36 inch silk and cotton pongees in : navy blue only, worth regular 50c | per yard, July Clearing 1 9fi sale at a yard I wl» .'5 silk brocaded jacquards, worth regular 50c per yard, Special Sale price per yarc . :0 inch solid color voile in pink, tan, navy, coper, and brown, worth reg- iilar 25o per yard, Special Sale at a y a r d . . . , CHOICE OF OUR ENTIRE COAT STOCK % PRICE We are going to close out at once every Spring Coat in stock, which consists of the very best selling Spring models, at just half of the regular selling price, Big Sale On Suit Cases and Traveling Bags $6.00 Leather Traveling Bag $4.95 Full leather traveling bag-, leather lined. 16 Inch to 18 inch in black or tan, excellent locks and trimmings fold at $6.00, fM QC this sale wtswi* '31.50 Matting Suit Case $1 S3.00 Matting Suit Caset, leatherette bound with fine brass locks and I never slip handle, $1.50 is C4 Qfl regular price, this sale · I »Vlf $5.00 Leather Traveling Bag $3.50 55.00 Walrus grained leather traveling bag, 16 Inch to 18 Inch, leather lined, will be sold this «* Eil -Me at W.6U $1.50 Leather Hand Bag $1.00 Ladies' fine leather hand bag, leather lined with inside coin purse. sells at S1.50, *1 f|(| this sale » I . U U $2.50 Lace Curtains, 95c SEE OUR WATER STREET WINDOW Assorted Into one big lot are about 550 pairs of Nottingham curtain^ for this sale. They are 50 i n c h r wide and three yards long and comr in white and Arabian. Every pan perfect goods and desirable. Values up to $2.50. special Clearance Sale price, a pair 95c A MIGHTY SALE OF RICH SILKS 2,000 YARDS OF FINE SILKS 49c 2,000 yards of fine, lustrous silks, including Silk Poplins, Crepe de Chines, Brocaded Silks, Foulards, Tub Silks, Figured Silk Crepes that sold up to $1.00; this sale 49c 1,000 YARDS OF LUSTROUS SILKS 75c 1,000 yards of lustrous silks including 42-in. Silk Poplins, 36-in. Tub Silks, 40-in. Silk Crepes, Hair Line Stripes and PoiiL'c-es that sold up to $1.50; this sale 75c 15c India Linon lOc 150 pieces of extra fine and sheer India linon, in a 15c value, reduced to 1 A/» per yard -LUC STORE. M A K E S H.S£EBHARTJP GREATER DECATUR' 12Vic Hack Towels 8 l-3c 18x36 Huck towels with fancy Broche borders, fine linen finish, a 12^c value, reduced to 8tc 7/zc Brown Muslin 5c Best 7%c unbleached muslin, full yard wide, excellent quality. July 5c Clearance Sale ... 5c Muslin Excellent 6c unbleach- ed Muslin for July Clearance Sale O 3.« per yard O4*' NEWSPAPER! iWSPAPERI

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