Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 27, 1959 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1959
Page 11
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. Business Views United Press Tntftfnattonft! Crude oil price culs are spreading in Texas. Humble Oil & Re- firiin.g' Co. which .cut prices 7 cents & barrel in West Taxas several wsfiM fl £°' pos^fi a 1 cent reduction in the Texas Panhandle. T-:x- 94 PO.- qjiniftlflped a T-nerd nut In I north Texas. 13 iMiineii •H 8 The Pennsylvania and New York {tenirsi railroads both operated in the red last month- They attribt|led their deficits tp traffic losses and exlaordinavy expenses I'ISA resulting fram storms and floods In their territories. They both in the black in December. for Qualified Man or Woman To net-vice and collect from clg»n;lie ilifpansers In tills arpa. lip I" * :! 27 •'" per mfi'nth pu&pible. Full or part lime, ip"*t have serviceable car, 12 hours a week ami »6V».r,5 tq »l!)7v>.00 cash reiiulrtd. Must b« nliln to b^gin immediately. Wrllf, giving partlcu- lnr.u, to .N'litlonnl A-liR. it Dislrlimtlng C<>iiip:in>, iiS4ii Milton, Dalla." 6, OFpfjUTI.'.SITV Avfrilablfi for iiuali- lierJ man or woman. To 8:-i-victi mid collect Iron) cigarnitf" machines In this iircn. fart or lull time. IC:;- reUem op r p.nmiriity tor HHalUled V C1 '" son. $5311.5(1 to $l,!)M.wt earn rf- (liiired lo pliable you to begin Ini- mpd|alcly. 1'om.p.any finances vxpftn- Hiim. K jmi liavB sirvlceahle oar and 8 *pai'fi hours weekly wrllr. slvjnif part icnl.'u K to .National AlfM- ^ liislrilniUiif? Company, S>fi46 Milton, bill las (i. Texas. % Discount on Ru« ?3. All cafflais oleaitad, wwk Complete yard. fsiablUHmint. Roto- ftod cutting, Sqe«. Top soil. Business Services ISA The FOU' Kxpert flopr waxing and window clciuiiijg in your home of InVsincas. Alo 4-i:205. A_-l Wiuriow_Ole.Tners. _ i.\f:OMI'j TAX ReUirns. ~Acctirftte ami , . ill fasl sorvlci'.. ,1. <». Watson, 1032 government i.« ready lo: prairie Drive. MO r,.:joii:t. its proposed decree to cut! •*-•—*-•--*——"—*-*-•—— »-*.•--•——.* - - • and, 15 Instruction 15 the link between Eh) Pont General Motors, according to government lawyers in the antitrust cage. One tfwge wPUld extend the period Curing which the government wants Du Pont to get rid of its GM slflc|f beyond 10 years. The other waujd provide, a more flexible means of marketing the stock. SCHOOL. at home li. apart time. New texts furnished. Dip loma awardec' LPT? mpiuhly pay rnent*. American School, Liept, I'. N. Box .17'' A __ jjonit'N . chll'l itr-eds to improve hie scbo'il work. Contact Elmer Stlmaori, Education Cputiuelor. AtO ^-\\Z1. fARD "and warden Rotary Tljrig; leveling, seeding snd 8° a , a ,'nS- ff 1 -? eylmays. L jred 1 _jX\vlj(,_ Mfi_±lli:!Ai faM a'mf'srarden piowin«,~post holes levelling, ' roto --tniihf. 3. AWln Reeves. MO G-.")023._ Ford lritH«r work. Call 4-7240. Paul T. lid wards. -•**•• --..*--. —T^ "-S- ^~*"^f.^~- f ~^-*~48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 69 MiieeHanceuJ For Sllf if Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We cenf mosf r>-tythlrig'' J N. 6«m«rvill« MO 4-2331 AIR fit any Co. 317 ts fe. T *>-6wn.' i Spraver for s>..le, , - " Store. 5tt B Almost . Ouyj new. er. AUCTION SMI Sunday Evening 2iOO miles | Road i 9) Attend the drawing. Jjlr.e Up* Df -furniture and appliances. i-Kmte navy ' Largest nnd 'most complete n—•-—•' W * Bliy ' W * '" e " stock In the Goklan ajiretid. IS southeast of mtnpa on Farto 231. Ph. 6F2._ Ala'nreed, Tcjaa. THKBS Trimmed. "Complete shrub I"' 'care,. Vgrds, rcto-.tilln'.JS}' 6 !^ 8l °-1~ *••* 3 t* *»*»•£. **:f#..+.a?*"£*f JiQOif, private imp, T.V. washer (tnd dryer, hllfe .v. WtfttV MfJ 6-8878. . pai na, 418 ground 1 cclleht with g . JifO 4-2 EXTRA partment, arage, tv antenna. [3x* n. (!ouple or .UoJple l plHld. *in, bllla paid. Call fter 4:00 _aftef_4':ft'd p._m. Large rooms, well furnished. Private bath, bills paid. Ifi- rmlre at 518 X. Bt«rkwe.ath«r. f,'all 103 Real E»W* for Safo 1031103 Rial fctata *»f $il» .10* i^rj-l+f'j.** ±j._fj.ijf.f..£'*-f.r-r--*-f- »-»-*~*~»-*-» J> a-ju**.**-*..*-*-**-^.*^*-* 2 HOOAf KOi-nlshcd Apartment, paid. TV antenna furnished. u. _._._ Bver (Treftnii, Shrubs, Ttogp Bushes BUTLER NURSERY ' Vacuum Clepfteri 69A Kirby Vacuum cfeaners and all other make*. Call us 4-JS30. 70 Musical InitrumentJ 70 ____ NOW, New shiprnent of root roses, flowering shrubs, fruit | trees. Stull's lawn aitd garden supplies. 851 W Foster. ' ', — - ~ - ~ 49 Cess Pppls Tanks 49 HI-FASHION BEAUTY T3|ectric Utilities consumerl 155,- jOpei-ator Imo Uene Owens 18 Beauty Shops 18 708,000 tons of coal in IflfiS, a drop of 3.1 per cent from the record 160,769,232 (qna burned in 1957, the Facjeral Power Comrnlssion reported. Natural gaa consumption, iffeanwhile, climbed to a record 1,372,881,176,000 cubic feet, 2.7 per cent higher than ip 1957. TO SOALB MOUNTAIN VIENNA fyPI)—An eigbt-man Austrian expeditioii was en roule to Nepal today to attempt to scale one of the last unccmqiiered Himalaya mountain peaHs. T]ie group, haaded by Fritz Mor^vec, is scheduled to start climbing 2-1-800-foot >tt. Ghaulagiri toward the end of March. TO ri-AV MOSCOW NEW YORK (U-PII-TJie New York Philharmonic w>>!-.appear in Moscow for two-.weeks, this sum- mJr, it wa* ^nnounped Tluiraday. 9 q.m. U the Dally Deartlln* f<w Classified Ad«. Saturday for aun- diy «diUou, U noon. Tills Is alia the U A.m. dally and i p m. Saturday for About Ptoplt Ads will b< t*k«n up lo Sunday's. «dlllon, CUASSIFIEP RATH 1 I>»jr — llu per lln« Days — 2?o o*r iln* per d*r Day* — UP per line p*r d»r Days — Slo per line per day Day* — lie v»r line pff dtjr Days — I7o per line pel div Monthly ratei l?.7(> per line per taonth. (no copy chan»». JWInlmum ad: three f-polnt line*. 1'he New* n.ccept» re»pon«lblilty (or ; errors on the first Insertion only. deadline for ad cancellations. Ualnlr Memorial 4-4171. 818 ,,, B Bt-auty bhop. Cold waves JB.50 and up. Nell fivcrctt, jtiarmgef^lUl^ g.jBiimner. MO 5—1-103. yi"ofrjfl'i r S~lIjiAU'iiT Shop where hal? styllnjr is nn arf. Far thoie who (:are.__l()17 ^•..S'oSvir.^^iK.^jl-'lOI^ 8A.VI3~U'IM K' \rUli a iovely soft c:t.«y to <lo Permanent. Special. to.uO. City I3f>auty Shop. AI(M^210. KVA'S iJISAVlTY Bo"r7"?!oid w'ave's $6.511 nnd up. .Shampoo, set and cut Included. Uperalors Kva dill. Kblan llcrnantlcx anil Auilry Dixun. 5»i» Vpnpi»r. AlO .i-2C.11. " <:"()L(J \VA VKS $5.0'll VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Tail K. I'uniplKill Aid 4-6151 r/'Fe^qle HeTp J^anl^J 22 b'KMAl/K IIKl.,1' Wanted': Opening for ladv 35't» 4fl. inslili; work, eveu- IIIK shin. Apply 1» person. ('alUwiii iJrive'-lnn. !f'.'ll N. l! (| l' iir j-_ ' \\MiMKN. Woi 1 ^ lio or uiorc liouis \it:r wt'ek. Choose vuiir own hours, b'or Interview wins Bo* VNX, u/a i'ain- and fieptic Tanks clean' cti. C. h. Caateel. 1403 8. Barnes. AlO 4-4039. JJ ^ J ^^_.. i 49A feifContfol 49 A j A i. S. PEST CONTKOp Clot 'em— Hoaches—Oet 'em Phone MO 4-1248 for free estlmales 50 Building Supplies 420 PANHANDLE LUMBER CO. Al LIED PAINT W. Fnsfer .Vt New' nnd Used Pianos Wilson PMHO S.ilon 1221 Wilt, (ton MG4 65 : 7| 3 Blkt Fmf Of Highland Hatpirol MUSICAl INSTRUMENTS 3 llpojf Furnished Cioge In. BIHs 'pafd' 1 »6_e K. SotnervlUe. ' f U'OOM' Furnlahed "apartment. Prf- vat« bath. Bill* paid. Antenna furn- Ished. SOT K. Kilgsmill. 9i Unfurnished Aparrmants H HBDBCOHATKD 4 room d"uplex apartment. 2 lillls paid. Adilts only. No _ pets. Coffee igt. MO 4-7460. _ BXfjlA CLKAN'5 room (2 bedrooms) modern house, lots ot caliUl el! » i" 1 ^ closets space. Kloor ftiraticc, aletina gas anri water paid. ?io anl|T>iMs. Will accept 'one or two babies. $65 _month._fili; Miilone. JI.O_4;209K. 3 IIQO.M i;ri?i4rnishVd" apartment, " ahteniia. wired 22d, extra large room?. >50 month, hills palfl, iM __ ex. Pri- 116 'K. PIANOS ORGANS PAMPA T^ltAS FOXWORTH GAI4JRAITH 71 I . IM'aiH High School or gradti «chool wf'Hti'nie, sp 1 *'*-' I'll?- Bf'"^" '"'- liished, dlnldtiift swarded. VVrile Co' 30 _ __ .S ~\V»nted. Apply ellow <:nh Stand. 31 1 P Sewing ____ In 30 Ufcil.TS 11UTTTONS. Uutton holes, Altt-ratlnnij. - Sr«U Sew Shop, 1420 Murkri. .Vin 4j33H. wTulf ilir'ATieralions, drees niakilii a siie.'lnliv. I'all MO_J-J.:l»0. sin'NtHillASYiNOl)^ all types. r»m- mtirli'al mltss- work guaranteed Mrs. Clay Crusaland, aiO.f X. Hanks MO a-9IU3. fjr ^j~ 31 Appliance Repair 31 cT<AltK'S WASHKIt SKRVICK, will repair, rent or gull Automatic washers. 1131 Nee! Head. MO 4-•(176. Service 32A CAM. HKM-76&J lor dllc-lii»s muchine t>ei vict). Radio Lab 34 MOMiMKNTS. delivered anywhere. $35 and up. Fort (.iranite A: ihnbie Co, MQ t-Wi- FOR HAWLEIOH prpdMcis: Call H. C. Wllkie. ilO 4-45(06, l32S'-j Weel and Uttll 0|ln:c 'rlng.^L^'AlS^.^MO F^. . Pampa Lqdgtf No. 966 4.'0 Went l>ii!(Miiit! M:ii 2nd lo 7ib. Public School •>'• ' No ineeting- ViMI U lil'llOu W^lcoiti^. Mttiiibci'v urgt'd * Alcohelici Anonymoui _ S!h_*iOjl_-71QO STAUFFKH Home Reducing Plan. For free demonstration, call Vicki Wil- Reducing; i'lan. For free nionBtratlon call &lrt>. R. O. Clem* int*. MO 5-5310 or MO 9-9187. Loit STHAVKD 4 Month oiil Herman Police dos. No collar. Uouwi> uml bbu l> d Mo HANIO * TRI.UVISION repiiir jervi'e. on any itiakB or in<"Iel. in lu 35% suvliiKS nil lubes and parts. Antenna« installed, fc'asi and reliabln. Time pdjnietits. ilonlisoinery Ward *._i.i.'in|i:inv._f j lion« M<> -'- ; i2 r ,l_._ C&M TELEVISION" U5 X. Bomi'TvilU _rhoii« .MO4-3MJ ..... " UNITED 1'tLEVISION 101 N, ll«ibart_ ___ __ -MO 5-5.W2 " For" JtgifabTa TV Service "Call GKNE ft PUN'S TV SBRVlClfl (44 SV. Foster _ l' 1 '.^ 10 ...ll?. 4 * 1 . Antenna Service. NKW and Used An- teiiims f«r sale. 111? VurnQn Driv*. *l"_4-4070_,_ii_a(-irg9 Wllig: __ ___ "Hawkins Radio & TV Lab 117 B. flarnt* UO «-»») •*~ *"*• ~~"~r^-- ~—fr-f^-r-^-^-rr- 36 36 Appliances "TVAPPL IAN C I'i S RV I c 30S H. Cuyler MO 4-4749 SHOP Condi lion Ing—Payne Heat Phone MO 4-27JI "work guaraht>e4."Vi on « M ^ F. U. l)y««r. COO K. Pwight. 04. palnliiiK, taping. MO 4-i)347 or Ml tfxtnn- O 4-2S9S. SsTRAVBO f'um VV. c Kppci»on firm it ro,il<"» nori|iwest uf cily I 2*i IHP"II| " kl Vki'lle-fai-eU 4-H Club Bull calf. J'dKi »«oi" wnariin rope Jittllei. No bruiiii. V* oulil *\>\)t e..-utr. any Inf'irui^iiiMi It-^dluK lo wrmie ^IIONIX. MO li lyiintfi Opparrwnitiii 40 Transfer & Storage 40 1 Pampa Warehouse & Transfer ' Muvipr with Car* Eevrywber* ! |I7 II. T)TriB Ph. MO 4-4J21 "BCCK'S 'I'lfA.NfiFfcHt * aTOUAUB 214 DOCTOR FIXIT CAN DO YO1JR JOB Call Today FOXWORTH GALBRAITH Ejlt Tynp MO 4-7433 Bkyfles 71 pt parts SHOP one day PH MO 4-3420 & Saads 75 HtocK repair service 32t» S. Cuyler 75 FKKE 50 lh.«. All-in-one Krumldes \villi each hooking of 100 Spring Chicks. Jqmes Feed Store 532 S. flqyler _?LfL?-TA^H \VA~NTBlTTTiT 4 "thousand III!-, of Alum seed, (all MQt-^'S. KKKSK 'Dressed 1'he'aianls located at Welding Shop White Deer. TU 363 Laundry 1DKAL, STEAM 1/AUXDUV IXC. Family bundles Individually washed. Wet wash. Rough dry. bamlly fln- _ ac 10.' Jronins |1.25 dozen pl«c*a. Ourtalnn a «pectalty. ixed __ ^. ______ ...... _ flYONIXO U'HnTifd ;'j"l. 35 a dozen hriiiK any I (m.Lor_i:all__5-4_403._32iJ_ X._WarcL WA'NTFJn: r lr(7iiln(T t"r7 do in my home $1.25 per inlxeil do/en, or 11.50 picked up and delivered. I'hone 4-27Sti. H. Foster. 63A Rug Cleoning 63 A Rent our I!UK Shampoo machine arid do your own, it's so easy and you do it quickly and safely. Low rental ROD Mac'pONAI-D i'URNlTURK CO. M S. Oiivlar __ _ MO 4-65^1 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Brummett's Upholstery 1818 Alco.-K JPiaL 11 !:'.. 4 : 7 !?. 1 VUKNiTliurf Repaired — (Jpholstcitjd. Jonesy'K New and Used Furniture. |M 8. Cuyler. 11O 4-6898. 68 Household Goods 68 FOR (MI.E Several used refrigerators. Rlah PUin. JjIS'-i Wj_.*!5f*?.r- I'AHJ'Kfts wild" life loo can ln» b|)»l'li- ful if vo\i ust nUis I.natre (or clean- lug. Pampa Hardw»re._ _ "TEXAS FURNITURE' CO." JIQ Nprjh ''uyler MO 4-_<623 tjiiup" I'He.t Kreener*. KiiaranU-ed. (|ttWklii«-Shafer Appliances. **» \V. Kosl'n -._.\l(i4_-tiKI. Newton Furniture Store Mv9 \V. Foster MO 4-3(3l_ WANTEIJ to b»iy: gentlfi Raddlei horse. Phone MO -I-Still or MO I/-'J5(M. - - 3U ilOOM KntuTnlfehed vate hath, dull VI S 97 furnished Houtet f7 FOti LEASE: 3-bedraom furnished house. Close to school and church. Big fenced-ln Wd. 52_ D N. Hobart. C. H. MUNDY, Reqltof f-Jt76i 105 N. \Vynn« L.OVBOV 3 bedroom and den, (;arpets pn llvlflK room ^nd hall, (fenced back yard and garage. }2,000 will handle 6n (iarlaiid. NlCB 3-IJKp|ioOi.- with basement good location, ttl.800. Terms. ^VIU take small house trailer on deal. t MKDUOOM H. Nelson $700 down, garage, fenced yard. $2,OU(! dqwtj. tjdrg'e" .1-beiJroom with garage. $5000. H. Schneider. 'I'errna. Large i-bedrppm, tpb-foot front, with hdsernftnt. »750 down. t Room with 4, rentals close in <12,»00. 1/AJiGli 2 Bedroom liome. K. Browning tltlUO down, owner carry loan. It-Bedroom, dining room, large kitchen and garage. N. Starkweather. J1500 wIllP Handle. 7-Upom with 2 rentals K. Francis. Dandy 6-bedroom home with servants quarters, irtosej In Priced i-i«l|t. Good terms. Shown fay Hpriolntment Dandy 3 bedroom brick, N. Faulkner 1% bath, ftttacned garage, good buy. Dandy Motel worth 'he money. Nice, newly decorated Interior. 2-, "lieiiropni and rjcn," S« Gray. $l,ou»! claw", owner carry loan. ! Ntc« corner l)uaines.i lot 1007140 feet. ' Close In, on HI-way CO. $95UO. i TV'IWEI'L. Improved cattle rancb, r'olo-I 1 rado. (i.Vl.'O acres of deeded land. ! SDO acres of leased land. Well Watered. $16 per acre. ',4 cash. \VKuIj lifJ'l'iOVKn 320 acre wheat farm. Less than 1ft mllos from PainPa. '.i mineral rights. Good ternis. . LISTINGS APPRECIATED W. M. LANfe .,_, . 715 \V. Foster 1'h. 4-3641 or »-B50t lj. Patrick, Associate. AtO 6-4080 O. FERRELL A^fNCY 109 N. Frost MO 4^-41il or MO .4-7663, FOIl mjN'T: 2-ropm modern furnished hqijsB._Ji21 J.. Somervnie. "rtBNT "Modern clean 41 room furnished house, fenced yjrd, small IJil B. 6'raitrick. B'OH nfcJNT. Mptlern 3 lioil3B 3l!l N. Christy. roor call i ftirili'hed AK) 5-3100 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 2-BKDHOOM brick, G24 V^oweU. $125 month. L. P. Stanford. 711 B5. Fred._-._ _ ___ POH ni'^Tf t-room unfurnished house. 110 N. tvest. Double saruse, Ideal for auto repair shqp or sign paintinR shop. 522 W. Foster. Will rent house and shop together or separately. See .1. \V. ilarkfle, 1308 _ ____ __ trnfurnished ^-bedroom — "" _-_..3-R()OM~ unfurnished jiouse, ^nd service parch. Plum automatic washer. Inquire ' 3 Bedroom hornfi With attached garage, Elec. kitchen. l',i Icvths, carpets, corner lot, Ne^r high school fiu.oup. 2 Betlroom on li. Ajaloue St. »li,:loO. ;j Uedroorii & den, birch, large garage. J 1,4 baths, carpets & draptis. A r«al nice home on \. Kauikncr. 3 Bedroorii home. 3 baths, attached garage, fenced yard. $|2,Blin. 2 UcUroom brick with Attached ga- A dandy at "" ' K " SO' North Crest,- 3-BEDROOM Gl HOMIS $273,58 Total Move- «n Cost $61.97 Monthly Xot only rlpht for your hudKet— but located right for your family. Pampa's mopt desirable living area! HOMES OPEN DAILY In 104 Forms for Rent 104 I WAVE buyers for farm land Ip Carson, Armstrong, Wonlay, alnd Gray Counties. List rlth m« for quick gale. S. K. ROACH. Kealtors, Groom. Texas. P.O. Box 148, Phone J721 106 Business Property 106 .1 Bedroom In Bone Jaryjs Add. Jill,5(10. 3 Hopm on ti. titininor fat Has-: garage. '(•'h'rVstii'ie' 'at.''. .ja.'Siii N'ciil Afl'litlon. Priced »l, 100 ran be bought Corner iotK In from $600 lo on terms. Dedroom home, with garage, rar- pets & drapes. Worth the money at I Jll,Klfl. Star Snip H° u »ton school.; Shown by flppolhlmeht. w. N. LANE REALTY Pho. 4-;i(ill or 9-'j:i04 A. J.. Patrick. Jr. AlO 5-4080 I. E. Rice Real Estate 712N- Sornerville Phone MO 4-2301 3 UOOAf House. 413 X. Xinimer, Call _Arnarillo. ftu fi-9136 aftfr r.^an. 'LOOKING KO)l a lmr K ln? Tbts la U! 3 ROCrM~UnfMrnlshed modern house I >f k 'B ! . pe^roon} brlgji, »•?« baths fenced yard, 318 S. Somerville. MO FOR SALE Sheet. Iron building at 840 S. Cuyler. Suitable for small wars- house or shop. Cecil Lunzford. HO 4-S231. 112 Farms, Ranches 112 FOR SALF, or Trade for Pampa property: inn-acre farm, Wneeter County. See Oliver Jinns or cnll MO 9-9751. After __ 4 SliCTirlS'Tjanch In Donley county. 2 miles from hlwny 287. F.xcellent improvment?. Farm S.'iO acres. S2Vi acre cotton alntment- SO ac. alfalfa. 20 ac. f'errlveill sedan, 25 ar. blue panic grass, large barn, residence 5 room masonary, modern, water with 5 wells and windmills, gravel jilts, steady pay, price $55 per acre. immediate posselion. For sale hy S. 1C. Roach. Groom, Texas I'hone 3721. 4_-_3C6fifi. _ __ __ _ ____ _____ 3" BKi)Hf)tlW Vnfurhlshed hoiwel Newly (1ecQ|-a(ed, wired for Jail, plumped for wa»h«r. «(!• MO 4-2:173. 103 Real Estate For Sale 103 close in on Lincoln down. i 80 Peti 80 IIOSTON Sctew Tail. I'hlhuahua, Cocker puppies. Viait The Ai.|itarium, X'314 Alcock. 83 Farm Equipment 83 v knrm Equipment 'Store, for International pfirts and equlp- ________ ___ POIT ~SALIO li!* fl Aeroinotor windmill, good condition. 5-50.'i7. 84 Offict, Stpr« (Equipment 84 RKNT late-model typewriter, adding machine or calculator by day, week or month. Tri-City (Jfrice Machines __.._..__— KHH I Smith' rorona, used six months: 1 Underwood poii- able; K0ln« overseas. Must (tell. Ph. MO 4-K7H. 86A Baby Chicks 86A J'KCIAL) Price op fe«-'l »nrt chicks. See n.« before you huy savH. flrar t'ounty Feod. SB4 F'ostor. and AV. 89 Wanted WANTKJ3: Legal proof ca_hj n e C.J_~ \vlTi:i'.f) I.1KK Hi i>uy model rtuval Standard ..-. (Hiriy typewriter. of all i "Like kinds. -- ________ . . to liny "uxtif furniture Call MO 9-94IS. 92 Sleeping Roms 92 Koom* I" P 303 X. West. Inrtulre 6(|8 W. _ __ __ _ ________ . _________ Fi)P. HF.NT: - fiirnisTi«d bcdroonm In private home, men preferred 1602 Mary Klleii. fall MO t-t*'U alter 6 _. — __ _____ ___________ FOM lilCNT is fitrnUhed bedronms iirlvatc home, men preferred, I M»ry Klltn. C'ail *-Sf24 after * P in Gl'l.F S«rvi«e jn'whit -on *t»llQ|i li P*inpa. •*•< & Moving K. Tuk» 4-816r r-rri Painting, P«p«r PON'S U5EP FURNITURE \Ve liuv & Sell VHP<\ Furniture Whitfingron's Furn. Mart '•I/ow PrU-es .lust Don't Happtu— They Art Wade" Ci7HARA : NC"K"~SALK~~ini "go(j4 ui'e'd TV" »i't». Som« i«i!ts have nsw plc- luru tube. All sfts are sold OP a. Kiitirantefd basis. Convenient bud- jet terms. B. F. Goodrich Store 108 9. ruyl«r_ _ M'") J-1131 KLECTIUC Clothea dryer. J49.95. Paul Crossman. 108 •"^JjusseM^JKM.-'.SSSl. ~M"cLAUGHU"N"FURNITURE " 40D S. Cuyler ___f' lone M() _t <8 " 1 SHELPY /.RUFF FUPMTUUE POUOHT 4.SOLD 612 S i uyler _ MO 5-5.H! a"ili-"wa»|i*n(7 one j _ s I'Uil 95 Fwrnish«d Apartments 95 .NICK wall furnl.sht>d biith. .Sea 3-rooin at 4-'»> »p»rlnienl N. Wjnne. _ ______ _____ Fiti)n.VJ fiiinished apnrtineiil, private % ' i- 1 <l<i>riinent| U »n Btlle paid. Sea M!». U W»*k!y, . «t 104 P. Tyng. l-n'OOM rtOdern _no pelf Ml.l.4-j(ji26._ 't 'iJKOJiOOM modern, paid. Apply l-Ve<k-nj\ i'.'ftcxi" .. Sea Mr MO (-660^ R uslcb a rage apai in>«nt. "fuT-Tiislied. bills Toms Place. 842 E. apjU'iment. ( -'*" HAVE MICK- .iTpedrpom brick home. AVill trade for lato model glean Chevrolet or Ford that Is clear for do\*-n |)^^•mellt. Call ifo 4-32 r jl, ^Vhlte_M(>n_s_f__l4U_tj] Co. _ _____ N r BAKLi"y : "-New r "3-bct)rpom hrlcH, ga- rasp, carpeted, fanccd VincK yard. $14,000. J.'iOO will handle. FHA loan. 6l>i t'owell 81. MO.A.IJ.'IL*'- ________ POK 8ALB: 8-bedroom house wiTh :i- room rental. 11,000 down. Will handle balance. M3 .\. Sumner. MO 5-52-12. flKDXU.'TlD eflulvV In S-hed"ro.jaro. \U tiaths. corner lot. central heatlnR. _\ 1 01 Cinderella . AlO 4-SS27. __ EQUITV in 3-hedioom home. Cat- port, plumbed fcr washer and dryer. _ [_>2i)_Neel ltd. MO 5-2651. ____ __ a-plCURUCiM hrlck double" garage, central heat, nlr conditioning. J1750 doxvn. New FHA commitment. 601 _ _ h'Oli a"AL,Ef: »8Dn equity in mv 3 hedroqin. 1029 .N'eel ltd. P ?or wa.<iner i l nd ' home. ?7B:; KQU1TY in large 2 beiiroom home garage, llviiis room anil hall carpeted. New FHA loan commitment. 736 N. Pwlgbt. ilO 9-8*21 or 3-S6iS after_6_P,.rn. V'KTE'iiATvsT'Cio eai't" on Browninjr or Fraicls to l^efors St., then south to Monlarrey addition. Tom Dunham I" building 3-bedroom homes with garHgs at only <945n, about izso do>vn qnd J61 mo. Salesmen jit location Sat. and Sun. aftfrnqoin. LAf'.GK 10 room house In Fraser aild. •uituUlo for large family or ** » 'wp family residence, uicolltat condition. 3 WKDKOOM with garago on 100 foot lot on Clarnmlon Highway. |»SOfl. 12500 down and assume GI loan. 4<iQ » month. l.AHijfc] 3 UedruQiu near high tchopl. will re-paint ouislde and reflnish bedrooms to suit bpyer. 111.3DQ. $10- K',0 loan cntnmlllnisnt. LAUGK 3 bedroom In suod condition close In. Big living room. (Unlng room, <-arpeted, llllljly room, garage. Top condition, J11),500. 2 BKUROUM hpm» naar Lanmr School garage, fenced yanl. immediate possession. Assume 4% loan, paymenu only $47 month. $7200. 'I liWPUOOM prU-k U> Cold Addition on Clarendon Highway. Living room Central heat. Air conditioned, at (ached garage. £1. Fraser Addition ?14,aOO. qOOD 2 bedroom. Street. »1750 N. Nelson: S'KW 3 bedroom, central h«at. Attached garage. (1,4SO down. N. Bonks: 2 BEDHnUU brick, attached garage, central h^ai 112.200. NIC-Id 3 BKDHOOM rock, all carpeted, attached garage. Js. Uussell »14,400. N. St4mns r: 3 HKDUOOM. large Jvtached garage, t-entral heat, carpeted living rooip $13,200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom. Hi baths, nlc« carpeting, central heat, fenced yard, 130,500. ! FOR SALfi or Trade: Will take 3 or 4-room house on new 3 or 3-bed- j room horne Henry tit. j N. Starkweather j Largo 2-bedroom and garage, fenc- : ed yard. SU.'ift down j C,<>OD DKfLKX. N. Vrttfl. J1750 down }750 DOWN .V. wells: 3 bedroom and double garage. 3 LU-;nilO< ill attached garage, close In. N. Stunner Jll.'iHO W'fLL TAKK lat« model rar as down payment on largs - htMlroom North Starkweather. 3 HKDHOO.M. utility room N Sorner- ville BRICK 3 bedroopi tt:.J dei| attached garage, all rarpetn and drap«y_N Faulkner Jlv.jOn _ WILL THAUR un larger house, north! ^ part of town, nice 3 bedroom, '-ar- petn nnd drapes fenced y»r4 Tcr- rare Street. 3 |(1>OM modern K Bt^nou .. }i!50 NICK 3 bedroom on WHIUlon. l'.-j tiajhs "*"_£5IC£i5- Rnf ?_jl ra ' les _L'''lllL' 4 ROO>f Modern house, to be moved. On I v iljOO. Call 4 -J 8 S1. 114 Trailer Houses 114 110 Automobile fat $«li FOR SALE, day coupe, 4-6361. in.M Old5=mob|le 98 ifolfj Jeanne WIlMghilm MO FOU SALE 1950 mod*! \k ,|°n pick-up. 450 N. Somervllld J:30 p.m. __' KISSEE FORD COMPANY Tour authorized Ford Dealer. Also Servicing all CVirysler products. 701 W._Brown UQ i^8^9i 1!149 CHKVROLKT H ton" pteK-UD. Deluxe cab, radio And heater, Ti Inch wheels. See at 1192 Prairie Dr. MO 4-6fi3,-,. 195f, STUDEPAKBR, V-S Provident, Overdrive, S9 slicker, exlri clean, low mllaRe I»9B 1»58 FORD Cust.ohl(n«, 8 cylinder, one owner, clean •• H»P CADILLAC fi2 series eedap, extra PANHANDLB MTR. CO. 85!) AV. Fo.«tor, JSfO 9-8961—MQ ^(-78»J slick 124 Tires, Accessories 124 Guaranteed XJ.«ed Tires. All Sizes anrt prlcps over 2000 Ift stock, gdoa *el« election of truck tires. Hall Tlr<» Co 700 W. Foster. MO 4-3521. REBUILT MOTORS Let AVard's, Pampa'j Ijpadquarter* for guaranteed motors, replace your* tcday. Completely rebuilt to exacting specifications. New parts used In all vital spots. Pre-tested and 100% right when you get It. Models t« fit all cars. 10% down and balance in 18 months Expert Installation Montgomery Ward 217 North Cuyler MO 4-325t 125 Boats & Accessories 125 BOAT REPAIRING, Marine Supplies. Cnsey Boat Shop. 8. B. of 0|ty MQ FOR SALFJ: "Boat and trailer, controls. J24S. ITfl B. Faulkner. FOU KENT or Sale: mobile scout trailers. Post Office Trailer Sales, 12.1 P Ballard. yo 4-3101 , NE\V TNU USKD TRAILBH3 ft ales BFST TRAILER SALES W. V{lgh,way 60 Ph. >tO 4-8850 \VHjL TRADE 37 foot Spartan trailer for 2 bedroom home In north east or north part rf city. MO 4-34S8 or ____ _______ 2-B"KI)UiT()M~traller house for sale. _lr°_ 1 _' t t5-_?iP!a M^ 1 4-4ao9. _ KOri SA'T.K. 2~fiedroom ItamlTler tral- _ _.___ _ PIllVA'TK Space for" 3 trailer houses. rieiuy or rooni, all blllB oRid. J30 a month. Outside of city limits. MO 4-3715. 116 Auto Repair Garages 116 Roar Front _W Kosier .u & sox End and Serv|c« _ . It You Can't Stop, Don't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 L lr 5 1 i5_4 n ? l _^i? c i-5S£V i y "\V. A. vr fllU/' JONK8 Auto Engine Rebuilder PAMPA "Radiator Shop. Radiators gas tanks nml hot water tanks re- pairsd. ail li. Brown. MO 5?4,»5l. 17 Body Shops 117 11 FORD'S BODY SHOP C»r Pair-'Ing—Body Worlc N. Pros" MO 4-4619 120 Automobile* For Solo 120 'SALE or trade fcr )ld«r car: 65 Qlds j Supf.r 4-duor, loaded. 11345. ti«« at ! _«U N. Spmeryllla after f > p.m. j CLVr>E"jONAS "StOTOn CO. r iivicc/-M.i n i c ». i —Authorized Rambler Dealer— S. JAMESON, Real Estate |U»N ward MQ a-siQj X. F4Ulk"«r MO S-.-)3!U | •~REX~ROS"E lot, ,..-ft. front, ^fl" n. ; sirvle«, Body, P»rU, Trim Shop 1Z1 N. B»H»rd MO 4-6877 FOR SALK: 3-bertrolm brick, r»rp«t- ed. illOn pqulty. New FHA cominli- menl. Mo 3-S6IH. 300 For SitU: long—just and dining room carpeted, utility room, double garage, 100 ft. retired lui 320 ACUKS N\V of Shapirpch. |I6,000 Would sell to veteran* 160 ACRES s. (if shamr 01 -'^- All ««U- Ovev loo Acres in (oil 11411^ at MO acre. 20 acre cpltpn allotment. Will pay for itself In IMS Ilian Jfl >e»n. We Sell, Trade Or Buy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor 316 Hughe* Bldg. MO 4-2523 Helen Kelley MO 4-71«6 CilorU lllanton—MO 9-9173 Velma Lswter—MO 9-9SS5 Bob Smith Res. Phone MO 4-4460 Jim Pall-v—Res, MO '-3294 Quentiii Williain»_— ltes_. ,_i;.5tj3J iirUKPHObir house, fully f'urnl»})»d. wool rug on livliifr room, fenced hark yarfl and garaj,. fSOOfl. I'hone outside city ijinlu. Price 310 acrf» Improved farm, ; acres In cultivation. lOfl acres • Uo acres In 85 acres | to b« put in row crop, gas well J -j i royally goes, ',j crop goes. 1150 peri acre. J2ii.imft down, good t«rm» ! ._ COMMERCIAL lots on Price Hoad ii'HJL"'" 1 . i;ood bi)y! 100 ft. Curlier lot. Good terms, ou S. Haliarl (it SiO In gr, n* & and service al Traiiefs' and tiw bars for _!5: Jf 0 -*! 1 - M5_i**T* l .'_ CASH "PAID FOR CARS 5-j743 Hob Ejtvlng _^°J) jo"K"^rATLrTrr"M6fo"K" CO. We Buy, Sell and Trada — <5PNSTRUG T ION STARTED— «itct Vogr Ham* "iLlliJiHil'^. Ji^L?:??! 1 ^modern efficiency apartmenl, I BOOTH-PATRICK Real Estate S lli ;..!lL2' 1 -i.yi'X l . a !!yi.-_ ifO 4-3503 3- _ijlls palii 1 ubOM isioilern furnisheo upariment. Jtills paid. <45 a month, tmiuiri* We- I " --• Teja ' each. gui>rmile(d. 117 S. I'uylei. Fireaitonw Store, C.iff. WhllH liter Tej 2-flOOM "jiiceu furnished, antenna, (.oft water, bils paid, adulls. 413 .N. Soiiiers ill^ iilil.Sfci < RtKIM furnislitit aii.utiutHi ....... ! " 1,.. 11. l.i J -,iiit- 1 i*1lV \ MO 5- TO BUY SILL RENT OR HIRf TRY A CU55IFIID Ad MO 44S1I FOR SALE lIS S UouMuit <U!M«<U>IIK 3 lUlllHK r>:nn«hed: 3 roonii and 6uS f,' I'ijiupl'e inifuriil»>ird 6)ii fc,'. fiiriii*ii*d b«iiti eai.ti 4 mom? 1 u^e ^ I anit iU.O". ID 1 ' . ia««. f»nc><l ba.:V yard. il.OftU.OO. Tq|j(l i tin! at Incoiun of abuy( VJup«it> f 254 GU |i)uiil)>l>. 1 Sic? vacant ".(I'll 4V loi in Addition. I3.M) 00. Contact George Oliver Hamlin ln(i<p«na«'>t (ntcutar of Uuth«r fftift'i 112 N. H«u»t«n-M0 4 X64J Cpl. HOMES BY PURQHPMEI DiJk Uivless, MO 4-SS4S 4«itct Vogr Ham* Today $8250— FHA $250 DOWN— 160 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with auach»d ^arige, {osUl-ft. l^qts. ill il>« new l>elster Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out £. Bjirnei to to Site fc-3331 D;iv, MO 9-9*93 Kite* YPUR HSTINQ5 . „ W| Nttd » 4 3-Bi4ropm CRIE & CQ. 0ffic» MO 4.-J3S7 Cgmb»-Worl»> Night Phones i i;«o \#t(. Jr -wo s-r»aon Hale Thut- MO 4-6604 MUTORS Home of the ErUel Automobile T_1_«_W T?oster ^l.*: 3 JPOR~SXLK "or "ifade'V "i'siT'THu'lck 4-door teiUn. Dependable, runs »ood. 1041 __Ne,eJJtd. _ ___ ___ __ _ " CUUBERSON CHEVROUEt 11'.' w :_. E°? lp -r _ - Phone^ 4-468» TEX EVAN'S BUiCK CQ. Bulok - UMC - OVKL - Slrnc* U3 North Pray ___ MO 4-«87T "GIBSON " MOTOIJ CO. Studerb»lfer — Sal»«i — Service JOO B^ Browj[i_ St^ ___ MO <-8 POH KALK:"i957 Ford Country Sediin. 116 S. -8418 6-paS»enger F»ulkner. Very Bids __ __ __ ff>il SALR or tri*de: 1953 4 dr. »ed«i|, nlgndard shift. clean, pr^cllcajly nrw I Iras. Will trarts for Chevrolet or Ford Vj-ton pick-up. 4oO .N. domervllle after 4.30 p.m. TO SELL! TO RENT! TO BUY! TO HIRE! PUCE YOUR AD BY PHONE MO 4-2525 YOUR NEW FORD DEALER KISSEE FORD CO. We Also Service Chrysler Products 701 West Brown REMEMBER OUR PHONE NUMBER! MOhowk 4-8404 GOT IT? MOhawk 4-8404 WHY? WHY? WHY? HAVE PEOPLE INVESTED OVER $ 3,500 r OOO IN HIGHLAND HOMES Jarvis-Sone Addition HERE'S WHY! » 3 Bedroom Brick Trimmed Homes I You can Pick Your Own Color, Interior and Exterior t Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets with Formic* Cabinet Top* | Hard \vocd Floor* | Central Heating Large Closet* Trimmed out Qarag* Washer Dryer Sp»et MAXIMUM FHA LOANS '400 DOWN * Plus Closing SALES OFFICE Open Daily At Our MODEL HOME 2100 N, Dwiflht •MMM Comb* Wof l*y Bidg. HO

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