The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, HEAVY TRAFFIC I.PAC. Line Experienced Big- Movement \ in All Commodities.—Prepared for Wheat Shipments. Missouri Pacific traffic movements tor June uhow fipQondld lu crease, mv cordlwy to the m/Kiilnly ntit-lerncnt re- colvefl fcy Frosiaent I*. W. HMiIwln toy H. EL Hi«'n loeft 1 nK t »nt. Thn feta.toxn.ont points out "lu-mi rn^nj; prospects tor Increasing buslnosg throughout Jiily, The rlilff tnjcr»«:»j<e recorded In Juno wore in tonal loadings at Ui minor, livopiock, oiTinni'rri;il coal and oil, Tlie loading on ;h«: Mlwjouri IMrlfli" lines wn« 7S,^1M mi -M In Juno, tilip Ht:iU'im'.Tit shmvn, TMH dfl *in inor^nse of it.l prr r.rnt, or fi.T-M nara men* limn \\c_r" Inmlp-d during the oorn 'H |Hinr|lnfi immth year. Oil ruovo;nruT friua tho KIDormlr, Ark,, territory hy th>' Misfwnni Pacific was tho lnrRfst r**-;C'rdi^d Mnrr. th* diKcovcry of oil In thnt Hf'cti<i:i. nnd Vro.vnl inilh a: ions p.'iru to ;ss or perlmna n UiYjier movement In July. A totnl of fit7,396 cava intxvi"! on tho ay stem during tho month fovrrcd "by tho report. This 1 H an inort'Oi't' of 91,Fi20 over Uio month h'i-M y.\ar. Tho nvnniKo inllfs per car v^v il:*y was 2S.Sti as compared whh (in avt>r- eiiin of 2 4 .3r» In Juno, I'J'JS. Th«vo was MI flnnUc supply O* rqulnirn.nt to h:iiifllt? thi^ liu rcu^d volunit 1 ;. Tho unusually hi-uvy frot^ht truffle Ifi bring moved without. (iolay at nil jMilnts on tho system and paa- son per train * art 1 roi«>rtPd as ponor- nlly on ttim\ Whoat harvest is on in full Wrist thrmitrhvMii tho whoat belt, and tho Missouri I'aoifie" now has an- VroximaU'ly 3.000 ear* uviillalita tor iinnu'dintf loud his. Tho movnnuMit ban boon slow, duo to pn?vallin .K low priors and some dolays in threshing. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1923 "TANK FARM8" DISPLACE FRUIT FARMS TRAVELING MEN GET I OUT OWN PUBLICATION ' The Hutchinson Travclor is tho lat«>?t publication to inafco it- u - apponr- nv.r--. It iti H four pagt-» hull-tin p>t- ton out hy T*. M. Kmmertt. mu-rotary- troasiiror of tho Hutchinson l T . ('. T. iViuncll in tho intorosts or tho travcl- Ui£ mon. it in ado It* first appearance In the mail* yesterday. T!)*' TravoJIor of 'yvxtrrtl.-iy'n dato ifi a ni'W.'iy shoot t»-lllng of t]i<' reason of Us appt-riranoi'. A inon^ tho in-ws itcmii is a ?'::-'iino lf r th* 1 Mate mo«_'t.- JiJST at Ji)di'pvi"idon-i'0. Mr. Kinnu-rU a^lis ton portiiu*ut quostions of the inonihoi^ wl:jfh If o;ioh wcuhl uiitiwi-r and thou 11 vo up to would make a bettor loeitl or^mi- zuliuii. Typical "tank firm" a*ar Los Angles, MM U Appears trom Cic air. "Tank farms" aro disrlacing fruit farms beU-oon Los Augoles and tho soa. These "tank farms" arc springing up like mn hroums with eooroH ot tanks, largo and small, In "Whkh oil Is stored until tankers arrive to ship it to rofmcroM. Afore than fiT.OOO.CXK) tono ot oil have been fa-Hipped from this "farm" In a day, nine Bhipa being required to truuspurt it to reiincrles. SAN FRANCISCO WILL DEDICATE MEMORIAL WHEN LEGION MEETS & PREMIER SPURNS NECKTIE. \V:irsaw—l'nmior Witou of Pi)hmd ! no\cr wears a n"e!;tie. This, it is; f..\id. !^ in order to neeontuni-o his: peasant origin, although his pnit.s are | cut by th ft bo-sf. tallm- in l'uland. A Warns w n^-Mvap.-i {n*r rr.H-^ntly, op« nod a su')Perlpt.1on to buy a tie; for Mr. Witos. In a few days th" • fniifi* eoUoctfid ttinounted to 1,700.00'.-* . inarJiM. M. Witcv- would n-ot ac-epl ' tho money, however, and at bis !•*>- quont It was handed over to lb' 1 Hod Croi-s Society as a donation to bo' kno-wn UB "Tho Necktlo of M. \Vltos." 1 San' Kraneisc.o, July 13. -The Cali- forniit Palaeo of the Legion of Honor, now lit-int; confiructod at a cost or $1.00n/iOO on the crest of Lincoln Park overlooking the Go'den Gate, will be formally dedicatt-d In memory of the California boys who made 'the suprwii" sacrifice on the battlefields of Franco In the World War during ilia nation-il convention of the. American Lf?fiion hero, October Vo-10. ac- oo ^rdluL' to nr. amuuiiKvmonl by .fVt'oIvvb ^j'TueUb 't*. donors of the mernoria!. Kihibitioti of the works of art donated by the French, Roumanian, Serb-Ian, and Polish fiovernmentrt. and various individuals, which will form a pun (if the permanent collection to be •housed in the moiuorlal building here, are beiTiir oxhibiied in tho historic I.-e- yion o: H'.;mr bniidlnj on the bunks o" Soine. Paris, *\\uw ij-July 5. before tlH'tr removnl to S-an. I'Va'-ieis^o. Tiie i'.Oifoniia Palace of tOie J^e^io:] of Ifon-.i;- is a duplieato of the Paris building, and offk-iai -perniissiosi for Its duplication was given by the Preach govi*rnmon i. J{enri Criiilla-im", I'rencb govcrntrn-nt architect at 'he Panama Pacific Ijvternat^onal K.. position !n San 'Fraru'isi'o in 101 ."i, is i^:e architect. The niriiiorial, dnnatod under the patrunaiio of Prv^ident Hardinp. President Mill-'rand of Prance, and other leaditip I-'r-rncli and American r.iUK'-ns, ia be-iug given to the eitizt-ns of Cali­ fornia, together with all its art treasure?, by Mr. and Mrs. Spreckios. Legion of Honor. Among oilier works of art.'the Call- font la Palace of the -Legion of Honor will house: Seventy-five sculptures of HodJn. gift of Mrs. Alma do Bretteville Spreckels; four tiobciln tapestries depicting the life of Jean d'Arc by Jea?i Paul Laurens, girt of the French pov- eniment; Mnrsnall .loffre'.-; aword and uniform worn during tho crucial days at the first Battle of the Marr.e. Klft of - Madame Putnam, gift of Mrs. Sprecktds; eo-llection of medals from Mcmnaie, *:ift of French, govemnipnt; colleetlon of Sevres, srlft of th« Preach povornment; f»0 aculpiure.s of liivire, gift of Mrs. Spreekles; eighty -war medals depicting the World War, by Pierre RoeJio, gift of Mrs. Spveckels; collection of the decoration** of General Plerr.-: Atexunder' de Brettevllle. grand ofiTcor of the I^ejfion of Honor, donated by the Marquise Pierro de iUrottovIlto, and dominions from Marie, Queen or Koumania; Marie, Qneen of Serbia, Blizabeth, Quc-en of Greece, and CJTII , formerly grand duchess of Russia. In addition to being a mcmoial to the spirit of international friendslnp and good will, it IK bis aim, Mr. Kpreekels said, to create a center of art, music, literature, politics, and an international forum for the dissemination of knowledge and the spreading of information of exact conditions among the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean. HAVE UNTIL JULY 31 TO ASK FOR TRAINING! The lists for the free Citizens.Mili­ tary Training Camps to bo hold in-the Seventh Corps Area. August 1st to August JkKh aro being filled at ^ a rapid rate. , Young men between the ages of 17 and 21 are urged to get In their applications* as early in .Inly as possible. The lists will remain open until July 31st but it will be well to filo applications at an early date. The government pays nil expenses including railroad fare, foo^l, lodging:, uniform?, and medical and dental attendance. ) AU yc-uTi^;* men who apply are a/?- hurt'd of poiiif .T to one of the camps, if they are quailfied t as all restriction. 1 * on tho number who intiy attend are called off. The camp will be held for young mon from North Dakota, South Dakota j and Minnesota at Fort Sntsllinp:, Minn.: I from Nebraska and Iowa at Fort Des : .Moines. Iowa; and from Kansas,, Mis- j pouri and Arkansas at Fort I^avcn- worth, Kansas. For full information and apllie.atio:: blanks apply to your local MUhury Training Camp's* As^xlatlon Ropreson- tative, Your Railroad Station Master, or your Po.-t Office. Major General George B. l^uncun, commendimj the Seventh Army Corps will bo glad to answer all inquiries. WE MUST FIGHT. Follies of This Dny nnd Age Cannot Be Overlooked. "A meriea rn ust conibat a new power, greator than anything except Chriafitin n-ligion,'' payiJ Irving Uacli- oiler, fanious author. "Tniff pov/or of vast wealth, which has followed the ujro of invention," ho* s-ald recentiy, "ha 1 ; led to a lack of authority on thi? \)n rt of parents and has resulted in a revolt on the pari of the children, ivhowo only d '-.dro in lit'*' it to travel and enjoy all the corn'oris of life. "A:i a result of this change in af- faii 'H. the old life of th" American liomof! has ehungov] to a Kt ;it*"» of confusion with divorci-s ruining the best of familb'n, which is forcing tho power Ci ftlie pareutrt to be lessened. Cites "Patented Rellalono." "Wu have patented religion;;, In voat'-'d mornbi iiileuess, high blood pressure, nhock abi-orljers and tlnte'l ladles. The women of today have torn away Trom their homes and ai'4 taking over tho work of their brothers —work that they are not fitted to do. "The follies ot tubs day and age c&nnot bo overlooked, for tolly breeds rapidly and doen not escape itnelf. "Wo must net ourselves against all the»o diKint .'VtrrtLtirig menaces of Ain'-'i'iean life and build strongly. Tho prtwlmds of tho home aro God fafiring" and home loving boya and girl. 1 ;, whoso object in life should he service to the community an a whole, ,-uid not to be uelfissh and self-centered, and not to trnvo miiterial wealth, which «o many of our pcoide place us their goal In life. "There 1 H no such thing as new moralily and the sooner we realize that if wo have not the old morality, we havo none at all, the sooner we will bo able, to fill our place in this world." Cradle of Liberty. Historic Faneuil Hall, the "Oradle of Liberty,' In Uoston, will not be defiled by tho Installation of u modern elevator. Tho ball Is to bo renovated In tho near fut ire and the city council has appropriated $200,000 to that end. All floors, walls and ceillngH are to bo covered with fireproof metal, and •wooden awning supports will bo replaced with fireproof construction. But patriots threaten to seek a grand jury hidlctment against anyone who •would attempt to Install an elevator. The Ancient and 'Honorable Artillery Company will continuo to -walk up- eUiru to tholr meetings. sp'Tie* <>:" the-* world. The Arnold Arboretum contains the largest collection iif trees and shrubs In the world. The nie-dal 1 H named in honor of Prank X. Moy-r, noted leader in the work of plant introduction, who lo.ft his life while, hunting for now trees in China. — insuring Peace of Mind. One advantage of radio oratory is that fete speaker cannot hoar the heckling that, must he directed at him from all parts of the country.—James J. Montague. Given a Medal. Prof. Charles Sprague Sargent, director of tho Arnold Arboretum, luifl received the Mayer Medal for his serviced in preserving the vanishing tree M. BILLOTEY PRIZE HUMORIST. Author Awarded 10,000 Francs for Satire on Nouveaux Riches, j The. F:'« ueh humnrlats have their; yearly literary prize, 10.000 franco, j j.Uveu by tho "Merle MUino." Th* { eighteen jurors who make the award ' are most ly w-II known writers, in-' • •hiding it.-mini'nie Ikumand. Cuniow- i sk(|, Jiu cue:.; Ijeh.rme, Roland Dor-j Kele.--,, ,J. i;ultier -HoiKi ;iero. GroFclatide, i Ttobert tie .louven^l, Max Maurey, | Kuj, r ene Merle, Pierre Millo, Pir -iTft 1 Mortler, I'aul Kelw.u. Clement Vau-; !<;], Xanrof, Courtellno, Franc-Kohan, lienri Heruad and Maurice Donnay. j The pri/.n went this year to Pierre' Ih'ilotey for a humorous volume entitled "La Fortune de Fortune." He won on the fourth ballot with eleven votes to six for Audre Mycho, author Of "Lo Matt Quadrupedo." M. Hillotey 1 B 37 years old. lie wars wounded .-/-veroly In the war, but retains his fco LKI humor|Mi evert 1 udess. He hns j»iiblishod scfveral rftorirs. The novel vn:i crowned deals satirically with tb*i noiiYcaox riches and does not aparo them.—Paris Co:Te«-| pendente In the New York Tribune, j Final passage of the bill to abolish the county convict lease system In Florida was affected when both houses agreed to the report of a conference committee. The practice wiil be outlawed after January first, next. I Mrs, Lloyd-Ceorgo pays: "Bringing up a family is a lull-time job—an overtime one if the family is largo—and no working class mother can comhlna it properly with -wage-earning." From 300.000 to S00.0OO transient laborers pass through Chicago in n 1 normal 'year. Get In Line for the "JAZZ-a WEEK" STARTING MONDAY OLDFIELD TIRE SALE See Page 4 WantB Pocahontas' Bones. j EdwuH Page Gaston, an arcliralo- i gist ;.nd l.rollier ot Lucy Pugo Giiaton. of juili-iM ^iirot 1 H searcliinB at j Gravesend, Kn^lHiid, for t >ic boiuw of j tho Incllnn Princess Pocahontas whom ' hn claims ns an ancestor. Indignant lirltnns whoso forbeara Me burled with the legendary onvlor of Captain J oh si Hiiilih, havo threatened tiaston for vlolaiiiig their dead In hln soaroh. Although armed with a permit from the fiomo. office and accompanlod by British amhropologlBta, ho io muetius wllli iinuli ruaintanco. Mnrqulm ('»r- zon, fortM '^n KCcretary. haa added his voice to tho "protest against tJUe wearch at GraveEcnd. Tho <ln.y« of tho Klondike wore recalled at tho "WaldorNAatorla recently •when tho hotel treasurer sold $5,000 worth of geld dual and nuggotB to l .hn Xovernuieiit, A Westerner arrived at the hotel wltlj no liagengo and with very little casili. He h&o ac-vcra! poltcs of gold wlilch he askod the hotel treftBiu-er to gaaiiS. When he was ready to leave he requested that tho gold be told and the hotel bill deducted. The govarainent ni » ready purchaser, \. THE UNIVERSAL CAB , Specials on Used Ford Coupes We have NINE used Ford Coupes on which we are making attractive prices to move. All in good mechanical condition, refinished, and priced worth the money. Will Trade Liberal Terms Davis-Child Co. Phones 377—3920 Second Wett CHEVROLET LEADS 'EM ALL IN SALES In San Francisco In March First in Quality First in Sales First in Organization Service Stations Everywhere Fr.ntn Uic lowest priced make to the highest, the Chevrolet is FIRST in popularity. Here are the state registration figures as printed in the Motor Registration -News: w _ : .. , ; Chevrolet ; : 442 f Ford ....409 . Buick 248 Studebaker 226 E. i p. E. - We are trying hard to furnish every one who walks with a motor. Investigate our easy payment plan. .y^ppv u WHY WALK? Touring Car . $525 Roadster $510 Coupe $680 Coach $850 Sedan ..$860 Freloht and War Tax Extra. SUPERIOR MOTORS Phone 3582 108-110 First We«t Meat Market The benefits resulting from our policy of c onsi&tent low prices, increasing volume and high standard of quality belong to you. These prices let yoA live and save. Quality Meats and Groceries at lowest prices. A complete stock of Groceries and Fresh Fruits. We deliver $2.00 orders or more. 10 pounds of C. & H. Sugar. 99c Golden Wedding Coffee. . .45c Folger's Golden Gate Coffee 45c Red Wolf Coffee 37c Navy Beans 10c Lima Beans lZVic No. 2»/ 2 Sweet Potatoes. .12y 2 c No. 2'/ 2 Hominy 10c No. 2Vi- Peaches 20c No. 2% Apricots L ... ,20c No] rCorn 10c No. 2 Early June Peas 15c Pink Salmon 15c 22 P. & G. Soap 99c 22 C. W. Soap! 99c 3 cans Dutch Cleanser 25c No. 2 Tomatoes^ .12V«c No. 10 Prunes 45c No. 10 Loganberries ..50c Pound Box ARMOUR'S Sliced Bacon 99c Small Qip Lean Pork Pork Shoulders U2« Loin Roast 102^ Choice Cuts Beef Sirloin Steak 15c Choice Cuts Veal Sirloin 17c Choice Cuts Round Steak. 19c Tender Veal Steak.. Ticf Lean Pork Steak. 16c Lean Pork Chops... 19c Puritan Box Bacon 37c Armour's Star Box Bacon.. 38c Cudahy's Rival Box Bacon.33c Fancy Sliced Bacon 30c MUTTON Legr 19c Chops 18c Roast 12V z c Stew 10c ROASTS Prime Rib of Veal (boned) .17c Choice Oven Roasts .v.. .. 12'/ z c Any Pot Roast 9c Selected Beef Ribs to bake. 8c Fresh Spareribs 10c Pork Sausage 10c 2 lbs. Hamburger, 15c 2 lbs. Fresh Brains 25c Pork or Beef Heart* 10c Fresh Ox Tongues 19c Wolff's California Hams, 6 to 8 lb. ave., lb 13£c Swift's Vigilant Margarine 19c| Swift's Jersey'', Grove Margarine 29c SALT CITY CREAMERY BUTTER 2 Pounds Pure Lard Until 12:00 noon .20c A Complete Line of Lunch Goods and Cheeae. 319 North Main Phone 1784' In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News

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