The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 29, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1859
Page 3
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Tte jnuowtnj UstoMraameii Bon*e» «n« biKrimfnji are unong5**l>««t .c th«lrr««peetlTe lines ofMalneu. J, M, GROSSMAN, \ A.HCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT, OFFCIB—NCR 10 TODNfl'B NEW BLOCK. Plus and fepeolflcationi for all klndi orKoUInff omtahed at short notice and on the mo«t liberal term*. jeM ' ISAAC «AS & KTEA1T1 PIPE FITTEB, HO. 881 IABT WATER BTREET, WBOLC8ALB AID ftKTAIL DKALCtll »F AND STE&M PIPES, _ GAS, 8TKA1I AND WATER COOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VAtVES, GDAQE OOOKB, Ac., Alwayi on hand, a large auortment or MAS FIXTURES Work done in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice nd lowest prices. je>-dly N. L. OKISWOLU & OO., BRAIL DKAUO8 a LADIES', eENTLXHEN>« AND OHILDRKN'B BOOTS, SHOES AMD BAITERS, MASON 8 T E E K T , Opposite the Walker Boose. mySl H. WEINBKKNNEK, •LAicPAOrnan A»P oaALca n BOOTS, SHOES AND OAITERS, NO. U SPRING STREET, D p p o • I I <• American House rorll Boot A Kboe Store, . 48 V EAST WATEH STREET, JOHN PHELAN, wayi on hand pood custom made Booti and Phoo* AL kiode of ^fcdies* aod W»utl«nen'i Boots and Shoe* r ^tif to -order iu tbe latest siylc and warranted topivt JOHN « H O I. E S A I, F. D n t B C I S T , NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has^ust received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, ntannTacmrcd at Cleveland, New York. Transported entirely by ves»el, it romee in perfect order, and enable* me to sell at low rate* I have permanent ar- raneeuenu tc sitll thtb braorl of Glass hereaTter. mr«S __ JOHN RIOE^ Harper Itrothers, (E*U,I.Unhtfi t« 18480 BOOSE -SIGN, BEIT, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL I 1 til [i UT "», Ala-Zierii A», IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARULK, l> l>. 3 » 'o N r I E» A STREET, A FKW hdORS EAKTOr TBg UA.BKE1 BODSX. JONKts * WHl'lKHKAJL) General Land and insurance Agents IVOTAUIKS IMIH 1C, At., OFF10F.. corner rf Reeti i*nd Ort-pon streeu, Heyrose's Block, Fifth Ward Will attend u. Ihr buying and dulliltg of ReaJ Estate, ln«^rin)r Goods au>l IluHdmfrf in responnlble Oompa- nii>&. Attend tc the Collection nf Account*, Making ^ut o: l>t-*-tlf. Mnrtpajres. OnnLracts, Leastt. Jkc. All Collections madr orj accounu placed in out hand >rili l>e prnraptlr j»ald over A C J01BT IJTflt .H>1BEBT BLANK BOOK MANWAOTDEERS, KUL.EBS 4 Binders'Stock, Printing Ink and always on hand In large quantities. AwHQDt Banna .lo the neatest rtyle. ' No. 119 BAST WATKE ST., KNMLAND'B BLOOK, »prt MIL W AUK KB. KIT CARSON!! AND ADVENTURES or KIT CARSON, The Nester of tbe Rocky Moontaln§, From faoti narrated by himself. Jut received by maylO 8TBIOKLAHO t Uu. 3 Rehback'8 Lrad Pencils, FOB SALE BT TKBKY **& CL.KAVEK, BOOKSEUL.EBS AND STATIONERS, 167 Soft Water etreet, Mheaatet. W E bare just received a fall "apply of these Celebrated Pencils from the mannfactcry ofj. J. Rehbach, ID Begenstmrg, Bavaria. They sr e carefully assarted, and each grade Is distinguished I y a popular brand. Particular attention Is called to '.he "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round r«l gflt:) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (uezagon gilt.) All of vblcb will be found superior to any ottier pene'l In the market. Alwajs on hand a complete aaaortmem of b'ack and colored lead pencils of *JL the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. ,. apr29 ALL) BONE'S DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. A Critical Dtettonan uf XtaUth. Literature and .*&-4M«A a-nft Antenean Author*, Uvfny anA Ac ceased; fremfht Earliest A c*mtt to the iftd- alt 0/ Century. Ocmtain- ing Thirty Thousand Biographic* and IMtrary Ifotieet; « UA Party --••-. prU; %!,. HAKTFbHDl INSURANCB COMPAN^ • OfBartford.ConneeUcnt, IHCOBPOKATIDIN 1810. Cash Capital and Sorplos, j (TW,682 00 HOMK INSOItAJTCE COMPANY, Of New Tork fflty,' Oasb T " "~ " HOWARD Or New Tork. -INCORPORATED IU 18M. Cash Capital and Sorplos »8S8,BW 83 PHtfiNlX INSURANeE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, |41>,084 66 LAAIAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New Tork, . C: u Capital and Surplus,. fSM,069 33 RESOJUUrE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New T*k City, Ouh Capital and Surplus, $246^89 68 CITY F1IIE INSURANCK COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, »308,i31 49 I solicit business for Ihe above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all bosses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies issued without delay. W. HENRT HOLLAND, Agent. JOBS HOLLIBTD, Ass't, Northwe»t cor. Main and D. P. tsjuiSBALL, Surveyor. Wisconsin >ts., Milwaukee. lliiitedStaU-i. ik. A.T. IUM. to. r 1. A UKL'NUTrO, C'OMMltSSJ> >* Mh-KCHANTS, Sral Kftalr ami Manry Broken, NOTARIES PrilLIC, MILWACKKK, WISCONSIN. urncs—No 4 Markci Square, i.pposiu Cht Old Post- Offire.— mar27 ATI D IJ . ( I > 1 i R N K V ( ) N , A T I. A \? removed t" Office. N I. 8tfttt Bank Building, corner ol ^1^l-vt.»i>• and Michlf&ci .urt-fL, r.l .waoicee. in«rSO-<ISd! JHO L DORAW DUKAN A- Attorney and Counsellors t Law, (Jffice—Kmjnrr B'ock, 421 Eaa Water m . M i L W A CTKBR. ..... |m«rgj] ....... WISCONSIN 1 NDE8PEN8ABLT necessary to all who Read, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific tnd Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION FURNISHED BT *TKI( KLA\I> A CO., BOOH A STATIONARY JOBBCUH, 136 £a*< Water itreel, MIL WA UKS£, WI30ON&JX. [From Theophlus Parsenfi, L. L. D., Professor of Law in Harvard OnlTersity.l CinBRrDoi. Jan. 6, 1869. DBAS SIB :—I have had the first volume or y»ur Dlc- tlonarj for some days, and have i»t sfied myself that your y> an Is excellent, and that you have carried it out Srith very great industry and wiUi good judgment.— MM fullnesi and accuracy ol its Information concerning modern authors and it,eir work*, are Indeed remarkable. To any ooe who desire Ihe knowledge your b'ok purports lo give—and what educated mail does not?— it must be of great interest a <d value. Respectfully, *c , THJOPHILOS PARKCK. 8. Austin AllibuDr, Esq. (From 8. Irenwui Prime, D D., Editor N. V Observer ] NBW Yoai, Feb. 3, 1859. GKITTLE*CH -—The flrsl volume of ycur gr t -fct Dictionary of Authors, I have permed with astonishment a d delight It ttjost what 1 have long desired u> have, and havt- soujrbt tor in vain. Thousands of clergymen, Etadenta, and all literary * L d inttlli, ent men, must wish to have just work, and the/ will ha'elt, when they that it la in tht world. It deserves the mo* 1 , cordial reception, and I triut that ibe nuihor and the pobHshers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor Tours truly, 8 IREN-ffiDB PRIMg. Childs & Peterson. W ILL &Dd al raj ctbrt- ft ReplStrr. r.pen l» Uteir m- BpcctiOD of Bond* and MnrU* itrr-' aorl other flf- curltie* nBered for it-*!* Heraoof) wisJunj- u> uht^ir. Lf.Kri.- r haviti^ li'-ndfr. MortgAf^!* or "ihtr securing lor saU , iiraj Hod it t« Uiei/ interest IQ filtr wiUi n»r thiir applicant.™ or fithtcmeuw C 8CHLET, y\i Oppoaite Walker Houoe AKU ro-r FOB SALE t HE nnderBtprird will sell his Hotue «ud Lot, DOT I occupied ai- a Tav n by turn, Bttn%ted on Main «t- t Ractoe, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat LandDg and the K. A M, H. H Depot. The hooBt> Is looated on the best business place, nod the Kou»e ae well aa the §tto»- *ioo of UieLot, wou'd answer for &uj brancli of bnsi- uess, especially for W'hoiesale 8tor«, which branch Is already no* projected, ai that very locality. Thooe who like to m*Jcv a pood baifr&in, are reqaested to apply at the undenUm"d JOHN BAKTH Bacloe, JannarT E5, 1S58 )aaS7-dSni Lumber Vessels for Hale. 8ch*oner F«hioa, 224 tana. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tons. hcow Sobooner Roffby, 168 tons. The above vessels will beeojd at very low price* for eatUfactory aeCarHy . &ood title. Enquire of B- B Jo«s, Mil Int. WILD, Jan. 5 ',1858. Mr DtiB SIE . — WIU, brtter knowlrdce of your book from repeated feasit upon It, 1 am asbam d to hare wrltteu >ou BO commox»)>lace an acknowledgment of its first rrc Ipt, Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable matter the •* Dictionary or Aothor»"-see : s to me the motfi captfva-ln^:. Tt,?pKMi taste, indonry, and akili of nrranci m«Dt ther^m m&nllesnd could not b* . .iBd it ml mike .or^ou a repbt«t.on verj 1 shall irv to make amends In print for mi apparently inappreciative nrst acknowledfrmrnt of tbe acooisit'on. H !lh many sincere thanks for the prire 1 htre in U.e book, 1 remain, my dear sir, r..urs, fa tMullT, ». P. WILLIS. E. Austin Allibone, Esq. m»)19 Boffftlo, New Tork. »obee, Wlaconsln. "WOOD A.i\D HrVV VAKI». O. H. LAMBKKTON H AS Jnrt opened, for tbe benefit of all who may become his Customer*, a Market for WOOD and HAT,»t tbe N. E. Corner of West Water and Clfboarn StreeU, (OIB« with Messrs. Uabbett t Breed.) Hl»Stock or Wood Is large, Dry and Hard, (Cut aod Split or aocot) Hl« f took of Hay Is ol the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IR OOODOttDBE. Each wfll oe deJiTered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and tboae who ab'p large quintlttes uf H»v will always find II to their advantage to bay of as. We will cell so that dealers may make a handsome pro&t by selling on tbe atreet. raayl* O. H. LAMBEETON. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'O. PS EXT DOOR' TO A, B. VAN COTT»S. O o I .2 S 5 § Q fas CA -*s & e- H. RUSSELL. Hi H P D KF AULT navlnir been made In the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December 1st A J)' 1857< executed by W. B. Hibbard and John B Hsrrto.and aljo In ttje condition of a certain renel mortgage of the same date executed hyiald Hfbbard and Hirdt .to secure the payment of said note. B otice K herebygireo to all partieg interested that we.ihall expose for sale aod sell on Tuesday, the Bth day of , A. D., 185j|, at 10o'clock In the forenoon of thai day, at the 8prin)? street bridge. In the city of Milwaukee, tbe Schooner William H. Stephens, her masts, bowsprits, sails, boat, .anchor, cables, and all ottier necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to satisfy the amount remaining doe on said note and mortgage together with the costs tad expenses of wale. MOSE8 A. JAME8, and JOSEPH JAM£S, Mortgagee*. By W.W. BBOWH, Agent. Boixxa, BOTTEICI 1 OOTTULL, Attorneys. may»-dtt ; . LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE 11859. spitiN.a' UREAT NORTH-WBAT-BIU- CN1XED STATES MATL «t E3CPBES8 ' AND <CC&r "^CJf SAIL ' ROUTE, JTO;'XAsiCXBOsSJE On lite iPPrjEH niSSISSIX'PI BIVEB. On and after Monday, June aoih, "' • • • , Tw» fatxpagli E^rBM Train* Daily, PUBJLIiSHKD BY CAKTKKS. A UOt:A^D-^DOLPHDb Aunt Jndy's Tales. P&rablrfl from Nature. • . Motes In the Sun tfeajn. Vanny, tbe Flower Girl Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For »a!e by ' TBRBT A CLEAVER, mayl& 16? Ca.1 Water si NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY As. t LKAVtltV is? MAST WATKB STREET B AKTH'B Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Llrlngiton'i TraieU ID 8ouU*-rn Africa, 1 vol Spcerpeoas Beraons, 5tb series Hlphrr ChrUtian Life. roKjli SHIPPERS OF PKODUoK C AN supplT tbemaclTn with Bills of L*dlni at TBKBT *OLK*VEa'S, mavSO JJ7 But Water rtreeu .CAPITAL SOKPLDS Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of Bast Water aod Michigan streets, MIL WA VXSJf WrSCOJiSJJi. oo «».6M oo i. A. Uelfensteln, K. Sanderson, Moses Kneeland, B. B. Daggeti, Baruoel Hale, 0. D. Dousman, B L. Palmet, Edwin Towt-ieud, B.lomon Adler. 1. A. HKLJENSTKIN, President. 0. D. DOUBMAN, Vice President. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B. 0. Wstn, Secretary. aMj S. S. DAOOETT, Treasurer, H. L, Pujua, Attorney. marlO M1LWAHKKK CITI HVSURA.^CE i'O., OFFICE: In Mitchell Building, Mlchlfran. »«• Maw.trlis, Wraoonrji. CHARTERED CAPITAL, - • .2tM,iiOO Taxli Paid in, $100,000. U. L. E. To J. R. J.B. KBKSTD, KKl.1,0 GO. DIBECTOBS O. D. DiTtH, B. B. OCUOTU, J. HBMFH»n, J. B. OOEDSS, 0. COMBTOOI, W. A. U. , 3oexra F. Hu.i, J*8- Mo«mi, Gco. DTIS . __ n . 4MILR.B., and MIL* Hiss. R. R., or by Bos*, cin prooetrf td the 1 .tbow>-?laea. Oonnectfons are m*de at Watertown with stages for Lake Mills, JeffeTson,'W»t«rloo,Haoch_tvlUe,8un Prairie, Oottage Grove Md Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Merlinac, AUego, FsJl River; Leed-s Corners, Hamden, Lowvllle, Dfekora, Tork, Arllagton, Bristol and for all point! to the West and North West. . Passengers arrlvlag al th« Junction from the above places make conneedou n the Uairankee A Mississippi R. R., for Ja usville, Madison anJ Prairie do Cblen and at Mllwaulcee, with roads to the South, West and North. '• aprS {8. S. MERRILL, Buperlnteudent. ^1 899. SUMMER —VIA— MICHIGAN CENTRAL Q. Western!(Canada) Railway. mBJUNB leare the Great Central Depot, root of Lake J. street Chicago, is rollowi : 4:Oa A. m.—DERTOIT ACCOMMODATION,(8un. daji excepted), arriTe at Detroit (.00 7:OO A. M.—OlSCINNATI EXPRESS. (Bnndayi excepted.) Arrlre at lodlanapolis 4:00 P. ui Oincinn&U 8:80 p. H. 8:OO A. M.—MOHTNING KXPUBBJi, (Smidays «• ceplbd,)srrlTei at Detroit TKM r. v.; Bospfctuion Bridge or Buffalo 4:(r) A. n ; Albiny 3.00 r. ».; New York 9:00 r u-G Bjiton 11 p. u. 2:OO P. M.-NlliaN AOcOMMODATlON, except 8:OO P. BI.— N£» TOBK ANDBOSrON IXPEKw, (exceptSatardsj.) Arrive at Detroit 7:16 i. *•; Saspenilon 3ndge or Baffalo 4:30 p.».; Albany 4X0 i. n.; New York lO'Oti A. n • Boston 2:00 r. M. 8;00 P. (n.—OlNOlWNATl AND LOUISVILLE «X- PaESS. (Kxcept Saturday.) ArrtTe al Cincinnati >:l>0 » • ; LonliTillc 4.-00 P. M . OD. tn<n ua 3Uld47 at 6 oo r. k. The8:00 A. •. and 3:00 p. M. trains connect st Pant with tliv BoffHo t Like Huron Railv»r, fur BuB»,., and All pointa e'«t; all Toronto with Gr&Dd Trunk Railway, to Kingsu A, U^aensbi^rK, Montreal, Qoebre aoJ ail poinu in Canada RMt, Nor'bern Vermool, New Hampshire and Maine. HT" Baggage checfr «J throujli. ThrouKh tickets fol iale jil the principal R«ilr(»>l offices in th« Wctl, ian4 al the general office, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremnnt Hoiur, i*hlcago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. R. N. RIO£,Bap't. H. J. Spiuina.Beri Pau. Air'u >pr]2 B. TOWN8END, President. A. U WALRATH, 8e_rot»ry. H. L. PILKU, Attorney. |# Fire and Marine Risks taken ht current rates. Iel4 AND FIRE I1VM RAN< F. iUK under-lfrned Is prepare- lo lake Marine Risks JL and rire Risks on t rodnce In store, In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, lone established ''otnpany entities l ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, oovS at . fflce of II * J. F. Kill. Delroil & iVIil. Railway. THE.Steamer Cleveland »ill take her place in tine of the I>etrott A Mtlvau- n Monday, the Hlh March. Paa»^ngers wlthlog throujfh tlcttets can be tapplled an and after Mondaj next, &t 230 EMI Water Btrect, or at tbe office on the dock of Uir Detroit A Mllvaoke.- Railway Co.— Doe notice of the umt of departure will t>e RiTrn. Tins will make the «horte,fl., cheapest and quickrft rotile L^ all poliiu E«..t. marR I H5O. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee A RAlfL, THi: ROAL). , DEO. Trains »Ut run a« follows, t Is: , , GOING ,WEW. Leare Radne for Pavls—/ttlght 1 Ace ieare Haelnf-for Helolt—P*nenj»er, GOlUe BAST. Le»re Belolt tor Racine—Paasenger, J-M A. n. Leave Datls for Ttnelhe— Freight * Aec., tOO A. x. Passengers bjr taking the ' » u. train on the Like Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect »l Bacine with train to Darts-; arriving at Davis at 8:80 r. *. Stage leaves Davis lor Freeport on arrival of train. 8:30 A. V. train from JUavIs connects at Racine itltb afternoon train* on Ihe Lake Shore Railroad North and South. rJF" Freight forwarded with Jfap»t<-h. dec8 BOBKBf I1ARUS, Superintendent. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAIL KOAIf. f J1UJW ue* *nd direct Rotue now open to New York, i t'o.«.D. Pittsburgh, Phtl«vie,p.Jin., Baltimore and Wswn-tii'titn cftj* CleTef&nd, Dunkirk, Boffalo, Nlagftri FstlU, ftod nil eaatern cities. Cincinnati, Coluroboj, l>»y ton, Sprinjrflelff, Urban A, fcActsvtllo, St.ubeuviU*. New ark and WheeUnu, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Pino •ylraaia, Virgin.*, Maryland,New Jersey, Ac. Making one i.rautl l/nbrokrn R. R. Liuc BtrwBC-i oarajoo JMD TSK UBT. AS LVW Ati AMY OTUSH KUCTS. Those licsirlng to go by thus Route will be p»r and eqqiuie for Tickets ria Fort Wayne, thereby te annoyance of rechecktng their Baggage. ISA VK D&POT OX VAX BCRXlt HI DA1L >, A£*OLLO W3: b.OO r / u.—Night K.jipr M, daily, tialoritay* exempted. 6:00 A. M.—Morning Mail and Kxprrs*, daily, dun day* cxerpted. WiUi bat one change of can to envoi mo BAQOJS>I TBAU< To Pittsburgh, Phil«wJf'I'tui, Bait.more ajad New York, connecting directly with trains on the great Penoaylva- nia Central R*ilc<>Md, to all eastern cities. Ai9> , with GleYelsUiU A Columbui Railroad to Clevcl&ud^ bumurV, Buffalo, N lupin. Ffclli vK New York Central and New V-.rk A Krte R*ll roasts to NVw York au<< K>*tcu. Per*oua totbg e*at will tind Um route b^ i»r the rnuit deitrabht, both from the adv^nt<i?a In poiol of 4i*l*oee, Tsuriety aod beauty of the country through which the roads pa**, M well aa trie IMS frequent uh&nxefl of can and tbe annoyance of rf-checking bag^&fjt rrqaired \iy other routes, f acilitlea for tha -transportation nf Fre.ffbt and Live IHofk tiy lULs rout* n,re unsurp&Bsed. Rat x -« u low na siujr otbtrr rfint*, and trtth t^aaj r11*pk.tch. TicWta Tor sale nt ajlt hf ( Tln<-lpal ticket office* m th* Weal, and at Cotnpjuiy'* oftic*-, No. %Q IVurtoorn ftreet. opposite Trtttont H.'ua. 1 , theatre, and at the 'iffice <•• ilit Lake Hhorr &a.llro&d, Milwaukee, by A. (/ I.^UnJ JNO J HOFHTON, t>eoer*vJ Pr?inhi AptDt, Pitwhurgh, P» D. W BOCJH, ueoe»M W4»t«*m A^em, Chicago Otiicfcj.0, Mar*h 6, l*!*9 ruarA IliI\vaukee A: f hica^o It. K. 1859. 1»59. a i ; M M t; K A K K A N c > K M K N T (treat L'nitcti ri^UK JL aa only reliable au. I ALL ROCTI TO THE Ri-tr, ad NOKIB- Wt,-.T, itiil Uie u CunneeL,on.i. lia(r){»^t- chf-ck r,i nts On and M(IC< n o > D i \ , A H u 1 1 Tratnn leav^ Dr^.t i, c«.rn«r -.f folio** Line making lure priacipaJ •£ :» i ii , i »* > », t.-U »i..t B»r lay us , H- \rnv 3M 6 I*. II.— Ki.rHtA.-4 8 .11 r Chi- Du- Freight Train - kriiviriK.ii kml uj»* titf clo»« coDQrcuona w .Ut trifnm,' T(*ina ILadt a.od South Weit, and with the H.ACIDC an.1 Mi«sti«ippl Kailru»(', at Kactn lunction, fnr H«ioit ind other itaci"ni «D that tine. with dr«p\t lt-«ve h %r..l •»: low rate* Quaker City Insurance Co ., OF PHI1.ADE1 PillA. AUTdORiZLD CAPITAL, .f«5oo,nxj PAID UP CAPTTAL AND ASSETTB,. 277355 <^?ic*, Franklin Bui'ding, A"0. 4«S Walnut st<rf«t, Fhiladeipkta. T HE sub»cnb T bai been apt oiiUe^ aprot forj U,li Company for Milwaukee and rlcinUy. Risk- taken on ai favorable lertns-a> othrr responsible Companlet. JAMfca.s H HITE, Agent. Office, c'-rncr of East Water and Huron ttreeti, np stairs, over the Mario? Par.k ma?29 J BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN OENEKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY CIIAHTEH u A it. tlHE I>S. r- . Hartford, Onnn. CASH ASSETS : $841.666 98 NORTH AMERICAN FIBE INS. CO., fiartforrl, Corji.. ASSETS *834,8«> U« W l;srF.H!V MAS*. FIHK !>«. CO., Of Pitliund, Mali. CA«H A88PTT8 »SOo,69« 41 l,a ndi PRKSCOTT, 8T, PAUL AN Chanci' of lime, MondHy, 1ST TIIAI\ 11.00 A M . Arriving st Janesvll'e t.3i P ti. , Pralrn Ciiontrtjaff with lh^ St. Pkul Parkrts, w Chten oDtbe arrival c tO THAIV I.UAVKS fi:05 P. M., Arriving fct Janvesvul ^F~ Fir I , all r-rtinK "n ll.i low M aor other Knutc WILLIAM >|.16 noi s KOI TH Cross*', jig, Rod Wing, n .«T UNTHONT - - . y, April 4, is.->n. TI i i «.' a KT u i. 1 a.' . lll.*%AKss%sT^*C, e ^ « P M. , Mad HOD e da Ohicn ^-1H) P. M-. Prairie .iu Chitrn aod hlch leare Prune du of the s.-OO P M. Train. m.LWAI KEE t S.iA p M , Ma-litcD f Mi««t>VFi t p, Ri r, r-Qt* ITlV» I C tl V 1 4 tfc« lS"rth \Vr4t •!> iw * » *t,-l *> '.-'• f • AIT Ti«.f f.f-re at 1^ .%O p « »n 1 ,_',',« M Apr -4 J N r T Mi " )() V Mi»-tcrTr.i«i-rf»i ti - ~- — LaC'roMM* \ Mil, Kailroad. Yf fur ihe colji-i l. .1. at*..! .t*i, . . ; , .1 rr e . ( M I..r thu rornpany , >*nf *° "''' ' ir - -c. ^ri^r.u ii* J ;ii. t •> an f-ttlre ( !«(. ** Wisconsin ttr«t-i,i op*-n»-l in ih«» 1st of A \tr\\, m tver« or k-ra can b<* l*-h, au<i will re*-en c prompt atrt-ntioti. Our s»ulh-.riirtl c "i.cct<-n will rrcr* pt (foo is at tin? wart-Lous*-* .r*h'fiprrn lM .rm*u. n rt*»fti-rt.njf Krcl^ht ij«vo«p<n Latiiin .n th^s /itx" ran »- h*<1 by app icatlr.n ai tl.e r:ti>-c ><r »r A FttJiW, Aieni It KNDRJfc A CO. M:iW»Uk*-^, Mar h Hi). 1 1.«,9 »pr. NOTICE. uFFlCi UF IMPiIOP A CO . iloKGKrlLfci. , In P0ivawii..i ..» Vu A • mcAfii. li. K., • tls.waul-sr, Apr.l -, l%*.d i O N tad aflrr S>i)i, 1 -A&. and unt.l fort: oo- li. •-. nf. person i« -. Kin. • i. l :., milk.* j ui • fia»i-«J. ttchrta m a< iue M <?t;s5 Hour* L«js,v- lir»r l^-» Fr- Gran L«ta«> Urac Arnv I- »t > Th^re ;* • Lhe Ra.Ivaji Parties «l<rs ^r on ih* Bt: IiaTt* cw^ry KSF' ?*>" u.«t,i at:' ns •an l'«- t.4«l •er^J.'l! W K. Ml drurra B -,( Jl ( ( ^^ BVBR OVFISKD IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK I* IIR.IVY, .%J% D JltST BK MIL» 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr3-d2mo 'OKMHRLX OrCLKTRLAND, O, rnpcct/ully Inff rm» • h«- (heolUiensofMtlwKuk^t! thai, havini located m iM* piuce. he Intern! 4 pi irtir-na hig profession. All rtU«>as«« to tftf Horse trpai«tl m a ronm »ct- entific *tyle %nd tfr-ni-r^i «»t faction T.irrntit^fl In ••< n neotlm with h.n pr v tin. hr .irUlPruk an-1 Dock T^plri in the most approved i-v •-. A^H to i am t^(! cnnfl'l^ncr- if 'hr public, he refer* t-i ihe follow mff ice&tlemen, who h-ive >>m- |)U»yp.l Mr. H^ih.-.i.i UIA/I > times professionally In 1 be course nf [en y^ari. We feel justlfifl tn •aymjr 'hat h'i pr%n|. <* >•« uijie rtor to the general run of Veterinary l*F».'t.i.n»-!ri. John C Bro<lhcad, Wm. Jumia Morray, Pr>ei & Co., DRY GOODS, &C fi SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! J". IM, Fast U alrr c Wilion, Bishop, Kellj. And ewi. Kcllj N. A Brown, Jame* Poley Ul W J earns, White* Newel, A Ac MIL A »L K«.« Vtrliiht. Jon K.r.Uml C Biadforl The Latest Novelties J K Curtis. Wm. Patu. Silas Merchant, Wm. K . Adams. fST" Office. Klruy'i L.v.ry Stable, Miiu fir-fi ap-|«-d*wtf DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Lin*/ ! INI SUMMER PLEASL HE \ I 1. 1 .N I. O N N and &rt«r '2.1 May next, parti.-, w,.i b- Lhe swift ind dcgant ^ttfMm^r^ t it-y / • Inml. to tiraod Hsvcn, lhfD<v f y (>rao<l Rapi<lsi »ini hack »l che»p t-i.-ur^i-.n l I tni- »U f on!—| '•< v ew tl -t b^ai;t fill »nU •teenery un thf? Lrisiud tt.vtrr" ifiutHi Lhf i-ity Rap di, with t.-t t^u-nav- i-VPSl"M UKl d. intemtln^ feature*. Furct ( rooms "r h^rltii-, f..r p* i i five— to Qramt Hattn »ii<l t>*c)t V'-ir partxfl of fire ' •> Urioti H*V[,i '» kn.i h*i K Me^Jv can ^f hvl »u heard %i fi tr -*-nfi -i I l.Mh.. of saH i 'I' r u i u « U u tin In if of . t Rapi.l ». *pnt* It&V'-n i- »t Miiw»nkrf » D«W and C'-tnfnrta Ba.Jirajr Ptpot it Oran-1 h r to ip*-nd t ft^ which .« qa't** : u(jf r.r.l^, I tn L)«tr'iti oach and 12 Ji j - 4i P li- U. f S :Vl A '.'I 15 r I \ t h CLOTH DEPARTMLNT Tr-ry 1 IJRAH \.M. L' i U ^'ifi- M.I -T%iis O CHANG r: N aod afur Mondftr, \prll 4ih, will arrtTt m MllwaokCc ai 11 'tt r. « «rp3-dU Super tni i.-U-r.t. TIME- truin* "n the M .'• « Valley RsVilroa-1. u , and d*jratl al R. S. MfRRJ' U CopX r s.rl for r»i*!. r us , H»l . ,*U W.tin UI n wr lor i .ttr:, I e«l. r>..i* < ! BOOKS O UR stock Is tbe largest In the West. . We sell erery Book M tbe Publisher's price. We can fnmllb to order any book which easts, either In the English or other languages. We recelre new books as Issued from the Preas. janSO STttlOKALND * 00. School Books. W K have every (School Book ;n demand, and the * jan20 hem *t who! >>Mle or retail. BTRICKLAJJD * OO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES TXTE are prepared tn our Blndnry to Bind Migulnes, TT Periodicals or anything elic In tbe (arm of a Book, In neat and durable stylgs, at low rates. STRICKLAND * OO Stereoscopic Views. W E have rrclved a fine lot of Steroooplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, ORKKOX, \TOBKXY, JRXLAJTD, < AO^ <tO Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable st?les of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, *_"•' 184 Bast Water street. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN HEPORTS STRICKLAND A OO, IMXast Water street For sale febU PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW MAP, snowing the Boate to the Gold Be- gtooi in Kansa*, jn« recdved by STaiOKLAND A OO., (ebl* 124 Ea*t Water street. TUB NOTICE INSPECTOtt OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of tbe Legislature, approred March IT, 1869, hereby gives notice that he Is DO* furnished with the pioper weights and brands for the doe performance of the duties of Us office. By the said "Act" it is made the doty ol all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to hare the same duly Inspected and branded before packing. M-.Smith will be found at the New Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong * Bon, Sooth Water at., Walker's Polut, where all notices are requested to be left. Mllwa<kee,MayT,181S». may HI JOHN SMITH, Inspector. B.O. 8TAB ..........,JA£.O.Jmm. Ryan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKS AT L.AW, iraT«BELI,'8 BANK BUILDING, Corner East Water a*d MicMga* tU^ ItOnanktt, A Swain, OF THE LATE FIBH OF. , MAGI E & 18 WAI N WILL remain at the <AA stand »hers,be wfll bt pleas-,- ied. to welcome th«|patrons of the establishment. < 7 OHARLBS QUBNTIN & OO. (ON WAV CASH ASSETS. FIRE INSrRAJVC'F Til., Of Oonway, Haas. 1H59. M\s ND FAVORITE KOUTK KstrVKBll Till EAXT A: .ifORTII-WK^T DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now to Lake Michigan. j mil.'? bll • a.. i« Th.19. J i TRANSPORTATION Will, darlivt? the prrsent H'-»,ji COMPANY CASH ASSETS riRE IJISCBANCE CO., Springfield, Mav |2i', l¥«j flIRARD FIRE IKS. CO.tsPANT, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS $284,78978 mar2» Js Wi Orain, Agent, NO. ft, MARTIN BLOCK, UP BTAJR8, MDwaokee, Wisconsin. GOODS. IN LIQUID 1TION Bargains in Dry THAI IMMKN8K STOCK Of I-AT-J Wo. 187 Ef «.« Water Street, MUST BE OLOBKD OUT 1 O Ptf O BY THE Great Bargains maj be £xpi cted< aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CART, Assignee. CJVITED STATES BIAUSUAl.'S SALE Tbe Farmers Loan A Trust Com 1 P»ny, | vs. Tbe Milwaukee A Superior Rall- rosxi Company, In the D. B. Dls- Olly of Mlhraokee, .trlet Oonrt for tbe John Stewart, District of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A.AUerdlng, I Iniquity. Onrlsttan Hahm Bad f eotMrted Wootseb. j I N punusice and by vlrtae of a decree made by the District Court of tbe United States, for the District of Wisconsin, oq the nineteenth day of Hareh, 1859, In the above entitled'cause, 1 shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 186S, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from tha steps of the Custom Hoase, la UB City of Milwaukee, all and singular, tbe mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint In said cause, ano| described sat "All tbe following, present and In. future to be acquired, real and. personal property and real estal* ol the said defendant, 'the Milwaukee aod Superior BaHroad Company, t at Is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Milwaukee, to the Otty or Qreeo Bar In laid ttate of trtteOtaHi, a dls- tsiice of one hundred and twenty miles. Including tbe siltl road, (snbject to liu right, tlue.or ctalro, wblch the saM defendants Stewart, Allerdlag, Hahni «nd Woolsch, or either of them, may hare bad at the time otmaklnjtald dacree, to Und upon; irhlch said Ball- roMOompaay nas located tti»«y,-«na for wblch ho compensation has been made to Uwm,)itogether wftb' tbe supentrnctnre and track thereon, and all rails and ottier materials o»e<J thereon, bridges, Tladucts, cul- —', fences), eqnlpmenU, necessary depot grounds and Ihemm, to the sald,B4uroad Obm- —.^,-_ - tUy, and all .&$$$. ja4road,and|UI quired bys«d RaUroada tlonsapptf ______ all tolls, mnUd-aiooome W be ttaa or-Vstled^ibs^- Wo, and all oonwraa = and: other ^fninobuit, VlgbU aodprtrllegesor ihetald Railroad Otoopiirfl* br'to or! " and »U other par- artt dlrtsKm of itc-beso- -dBaperlor .^B;? 1 ?^.^"?"!, Wls^Aprfl gtf Cnlted fitatei JUAbU. District of Wl*eo> 0. W., now .of Chicago, HI., tb^ lUttrul operator on the ''Aim "BA«f- ? -'" At, No. IS Rudbltob, oomer of Dearborn street, la -/^''mefUer ml •mfllaa IB tha waw of rgniarii-tf . 17UHPBXHH,Burning fluid, Bptrlft Tupenttne, al> \i/-*»JiO«l.«Bd*t| „-.- . •=•_•...??« Trains.arrlre«tiMUw*nieeat A. ••VMij. AJND &iSB f. lot* in ererr W^roUrft h eeenUyofH.Ti, HewhaU-H jBomiaen ;«nali *ams of from * to » on *»iy *efe*,near eretml thoMtods t ol rlOHUNDRSD hare been recelTed by. Mies, which JietreM ^nr« olmuda tsjae* ot :Dr."C. wthln tha ast four weeks, sianj of whom have tetotan>a»or j«ioittii and years, har« had their sight re«ond tostanUi fr< - - othtrs, 4h< haT«.been toVeran from disease, hen.mlrjen onslj cmred by mild tnd fenU* trsai- >U.'cMrrie.* ar«appn- daUy reeetriBf IBS* patient* from aaddlimiislnf, M cured, hit ipattentl»recerr«d, of Cleveland.'; & "Cleveland,' (rhoroojrhlj redtu-d for this routt ) N AND AFTER MONDAY, Jane 6th, 1W>9. Pas seDfrer Trains will ran aj follow* (iOINO WEST: 'City / A Mall. >lned. Sup. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart- . •Oswego' acr.Te. . BL Johns, arrive.... Orand Rapids, arr.. •tirand Haren, arr. . afjlwaukee, arrive 10:60 r. v. 12rlu &10 r. «. 1:80 7:40 »:85 4.80 Noon. 12.-00 Night KrpreiS A . H 10:2 r. M 1-2:8(1 8.-OB 4:80 Noon I tOO KAHT Milwaukee, depart *Orand Haren, dep Orand Rapids, arr.. St. Johns, arrlre Owosso, arrlre •Detroit, arrlTe Bus- Bridge, arrive.... .1... •Refreshments—HoteJ In Depot~at Orand Haven. Boat will leare Milwaukee on Saturdays at B r. m, for Saturday Night's Express passengers we>t, but 3 , M. train will BJT leave c,n Sunday*. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays excepted. Mall i xpr 1 ! p. ». 8:00 t. «. 8:00 . 4^0 e-M . 70» 11:40 r. K. MlieJ. dept B:80 S:6i 11.•» «:80 A. H. 4:00 Night Expr's. Noon I'.rtXl r. • 8:30 10:30 A. » 1:1! «:2< TUB TKLB8RAPH LINE Is uow open for POWJO Bo- OOK SECTIONS. AT DETROIT- ^JRKAT WESTERN RAIL WAT for all polnU last- -MICH19AN OINTKAL and MICHIGAN SO0THKBW RAILROADS, and OLETB- LAND Une of Bteameii. AX 00 AND |ilAVEN-Wl-h » HUKON ' Steamer for OHIOAOO, tc., to. AT nnt,WAlJltEK-Wi.h the KI88IS8IPPI LA CROSS*, CHIOAG<rWATlRTOWN and HORI- OOtJ RAILROADS, for til Important pointa West and Northwest, and OB Hits! olppl River, and with Steamers for Ports: on Lake Michigan. . _. .. ontheRafl way Fnar BnAina, at D. * M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at ftOO A • , 19:00 Noon and 7:30 r. M. NIGHT TRAINS ha' 'e BLECPINO OARS attached. Xbe Oompanj'a Time- fable, ban be bad at any of the Stations. ' W. Jt. nUiIBt Gen'ISnp't. Fouu, TI Act Agtels, ISO Eait Water si W». GBIBIK, rrelghtJVgeot at Comouiy's Dock. H. 0. WtL80»JHeneral Western Agent. D. A M. R. OtBces, Ju DC, 1869 ;e9 HOUSES TO BKNT. nTB bareie*Jral Brlik and Frame Homes to rent T T .OB ren roiMnabll terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of real estate, ro slsllngof Booses, l.qt-, Unproved and nnli iproved Farms, School Lands, *i W*h»rs60*cresn.artb_0lty, wltt House, Barn, *i, for Ihe small rent of f V> and taxes. GRMORT * CO., 8M Kast Water Itreet. SUJBUUrsfS SAXK. ,_ 8TATK 01 WI800l(BIN, » i OlirultCoort;MnwaDke( County, { udgmtnl of] Foreclosure and M4y er Bhojrer, ' ] • axalon « f . Barah a WeM tod f Colin M. Fanner, j. p rtrtoeof and pursu«iit lo a Judgment rendered In - -'lotto oov» entitled asttan, dated ~ ot:Uy, 1S4B, l^sball ejtposefor „, ^^-^-^$»^#J&* i >!i&*q&-& ' *j' O! i-.of.tltatday, _*«W|iiiX:*9^ rals* tte.amonn^ 8. , wfthlhewtpeiii 1869, at the hour of a ilAstnrtted. >s may ,b« necessary lo i«nt,lnt,t(St>nd costs, isle, to wit: AM* T1IK I |'.PI:|< fonnlog ft Semi* Weekly ..Or- r>. twr Oiweffo, knd Oriic»gj, UI|W*L. -,l orta, conn^'tlnit »t Usd»-p»rbQ/! ' » I oflr>KN>>BnrtOH A VERMONT i> • ROLTK, I \KI> r i, M».n Chester, Na*hos, Lmwrcncp, L. *rll, W. ( ,:.stT ftot bontoD, and st Otwrp n nth ihi- Nrw Line o Thirty first Class O»c»l Boat! nu Uie Fnlar«ed C.a»l between O«wc?o.Q'l ro> , j . Ibuiiy A 7\ev% 1 ork, Oonoecting aJiwi al hunkirk: .V^Tir YORK A\D KRIK RAILROAD, And formin,.' ft Tri-Weekly RAilroaJ Line b«tw«eo Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. \9f~ Property forwariled by thi. l.ioc win ta §uhj to but On, TranshlpmefM. ff MerebandUi- marked "\. T. CO. EX. PttEKS," wm be forwarded from N.w Tork by au Saprat Freight Train over t\» Jtrtc Tr>rt <t Kr And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.! A-FPL,} TO J. Mrng, Agent N. T. Co., in Broadway, New York i. L. Wuurn, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Cczntle- Slip, New York. CHAB- B. TAFFAI, corner 6th and Chesnut st., Phil a. HOWT k Caawroan, Oswego N, T. 8. D. CALDWKLL, A|[tnt, Dankirk, N. r. CHAJOUUK, CaAWiQBn A Co., Cleveland, O. JOB» IIOCOTO., Agent N. T. Co., DA Slate n.| Boston. A.. CCSBKU, Agent V. C. Line, 10S Bute si., Bosinn. J. W. CBoacB, Agent, Rouue'i Point, N V. Bco. pAaxxa, Agent,Ogdensbnrgh, N. T. L. 1. HiaBT, KUwaakee, WIs., offlre LaCrosse A M R. R. Depot. J. B. CRAWFORD, l ..,, _, "t O. J. 11ALH, f Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Office near M. A U. R. R. Depot. N. B—Shippers are requested to see one of the above Agenu before making contracts, as the* are prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdenibnrgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the New York t Cite Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dfo>-la«twlaw JO PHAJLEN'S BOOT«. QKNUINE AKTIOI.K UANTJIAOTCRED BY HN P H A Xj £ N. , fnBE only one authorized to manufacture the abroe J. nwned Boots, at 78 EAST WATER STREET. The Phalen Boot is one of the most unique asd e e- gsnt norerlngs for the feet that bu ever been Inrented. They are made of the best of stock and most finished workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corn*, itan- lona. Swelled Feet, Swelled Head, Khumatlsm, Gout, Ac. Remember that the Sole Agent for these &i«t InTcn Boots In this Cltj, Is to be found at n East Water it-. where, also, may" be found a general assortment of BOOTS «V KIIOES, RAITEIIS, AC., For Sentlemas and Ladle* that there is In this uxarket' all manufactured; under the supervision of the subscriber, pnajIV) JOHN PBALKM. Pic Nie Eienr§i0B§. BROUKWAY'S -OP- ANX> HACKS. P ARTIS) irlshftag to- engage Hacks or Omnibuses for tbc purpBS»;of visiting tbe Qirdens or far Ho tile Parties, can t>B supplied with first class vehicles on ihi tfbO-test notice and mott reasonable terms^ A Hae of Omlbnnes vOleotntneneerunning on Ihe 1st »f Jane for Forest Home, (earing Van Cott's corner at t A. M. and S r. •. the Omnlbhs fur Wanwatosa leaves Van Oott's 113 «. aid 6 K *. -,T.B ROCK WAY, maySO-dlm • ! Foot of Mason street. SICJHT -r BARNES BUOTHEHS 4 SO A-T .:L l>8. A 1,1! A N • III .< >( l\ . SADDLERY HARDWARE — AND— TiiIMMlN(iS ie l Clot/is ..[-«. Hor< vrs, K.y Iron. Ac , Ki-it > it, •BOO Saddles, *i;iy i invtu- [>*-c.A« west prn •••». BARN El? BRUT UK it.- 1 l. i^h i«58. DVFK .V 136 CAST XV ATE H Mriir. II1LWACKKJC, ........ Via ilanu/acturtrt <nd W\oi*talt and Rtt-iU Dtalrr 40., T, W OULD respcctfaUy annoance tn their ett, that Uiey tull coottoac (o ke«p and best selected Slock of Groods In their line to t>« found In the State, and will conduct 4^eir buain?*-, iu heretofore, wiih tbe tntenllon of giving iati5i)-oui>o.— To as many new customers as may feel inclined to iiv* as a call, we woold say one of our firm reside* in Mew York, and we have facilities Eor th« purchase and man- nfaclare of goods that can not be excelled. We are AL all times ready to take advantage of Kasieru Markets, and have been enabled to 'reduce the price if many kinds ol goods, which we .hall continue ui sell «l the lowest prices In Western V. rkcts. We are constantly receiving add.Unns lo rur stock, and will keep II so complete as to be able at all Mmes lo fill order* for any kind of Saddlers', Camag. Trfm- ~- • . • " Halters' Otoek, and witl do so ;n a man. . . ....cuon In respect to quality snil prices. We also keep an asaorttnent of Bent atulf, Pntes, dbafts, felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Ae., Ac., aod have ronstanuy sn b.od,or will ma«r _^ t rder, any kind of Coach, Car rlagc, W agon or Team barnesa. Oall and see for yourselves. QO IN «n i MOOT >KI •! i ^ OUR JOBBING OEPARTMtNT DRY GOODS AND YANKEE NOTluNi 1. A 1 i a* In M £ KA.MILIK- H. K I • K I 1 I •. r K K •* < >.\1 I '< ) t A .S H 1 1 \» V > HI \ ,. U. SOUTH WELL, Joiner and Contractor, *NI> MtL» II KKK I> KTI:BN.-I DWELLING HOUSES, W AK K HO US KS ( REMOVAL W . F . B A Y L E Y —• Has removed to his old Iliad, N0._ 186 EAST WATER .STREET , L (Of porile J. .V. BonettetTt Dry Good*&tort^> And having made «och addition, lo hls_facilitje_ ?m executing t- I N K IP O K T K A i '1 S! As to enab e him to say to tbe pubtlc wuh confluence that he Is pow prepared to furnish them with every llrable style of Picture known to the community, at such Astounding Low Prices*as to dely compenu for example, Dagucrrotypes tor 12-J H'LL SIZE PHOTOtiHAPHS For only 11,00 the first one, and 60c for the Duplicates MELAINEOTVPES, AJIHKOORAPHX At d In fact evsry other style of Picture, a* corr«»- ponding losr prices. lALPEBIAL PHOTOOBAPHS, Oolored la either OH or Water Colors, and ftnlsbed In the highest style of the Arv| TUU STEELOTVPE, A new aud popular stile of Picture, Colored in Oil which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty o finish,any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— these Pictures have only to oe seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving moaey an respectfully solicited to call ana examine Specimens al the Old Stand, So, 18« fast Water str*s-, J/Ktoantw^' Wlicontt*. marlft-dta W. F. BATliY, Aitnt.fc, 8team to tbe Principal Towns in EHQLAUD AJTD SCOTLAND FOR S30. The powerful Iroa Steamships OITT OF BALfmORS, CTTT OF WASHINGTON, HANQASOO, Will sun from New fork for €&>rk direct ami thence to Liverpool, They Cm OF UAKOIU8X>B «iw VMf> will sail from BKLFAST awt OOalK-ta Hew York «nce a Month. To Cork, U»erpoel and tte principal towns In I8SLAND. KKHJiHB A*» SCOTLAND: ~- -~ -180. ntwerp, Br*> "fto»» UreipoolJ Cabin^SS; Oaiui,..:.*T5 .;...— tbirdClu. t&* vnsm«n Jbnraroad to Bane. Antwci B^F ' .«•••«»»«•»••» •*+ ^i_ lv_Vl_. •M.rn.l^J i their friend* can obtain OOaX or either W.,< to «u,t ihc Uloroaghly i-»» will rn»oi« (inn wishing his lervi i^^J'.bhln^ aihlO ,| or Brick. :n Urn , ; i»»» ityl r , »n.l <i , i iiimo-r <iv. en UANCFACTCRlNli T JE! Hat*, AT fapf* and Straw WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. K A h 1 W MILWAnKKK. A r K K l u b. fc. r. L'AliLK -AND— FALL *TVI.E* ll.tT^ D NCLK BKN up u> tbe times, will iuue tht* ?^\ ^i. r Haw of D'0m*y, L--iiry * Ca., *nd Bm-he k Co for IMS, i HA'l'l.' KDAV Al Ol WL a » *"«! U i>*r o I \V a t «• r B. THROOP i'K i KU'« I'A'l'fciNT E l p lo« iif e IM AM Ij A m p. T UK pablio Is now ffcvore. with Ui«i BitST, *A?F.$T *DU mu*t ECONOMICAL LIGHT ever prn.iuc<^l, eqa&l tf aot tupertar to the beat Go*i <•)*«•. It .» •ujtpted to Churchea, Hotei^ Store*, Hesdrng tioonui. Prtvaie UwtfJJlng», Railroad L'ara, Ac., *o. A tnaJ vul prove ii> Ktpertoruy aver all Pnrtahie Light* nuw Q as«. It IB uoJU(«-*ll other LjuDpsi, bvtog easily niHDaKtM., brtUUoL, eeonumic&t, frre from *nio*ti or *meil, *n.j ivbat .s osor«, ettttrety «Ale rrom »il ilaoger of ejipin- HOD. Apply it JOHN UOOUMAN'8, tt5 Wisconsin itr««t,ta tiect) A^t-Di for th« ^Ukl«* i>| VViacooaln, J o M a t h a n Crouch, UNUKKTAKKK * tiring Ml,, Opposite Amcrtcian lloaae IUXPS CONSTANTLY on band a 'largo assnrtmun a. Uahaganv, Black Walnut and other Wou.i Onffini i«- «ethar with Jink'. Metallo Bnrjal Cases. The offl>i« af the Forest Same Cemetery Company i> «l my plarie, where 1 have tha plat* of tbo grtiiraus. I » always ready to accompany patrons to tha Oem»- r»y to select lots or place, for burial, and nan M (bund tm_3g place or business day ur oiithl. Coffln Trlm- oi all Itmd* for sale. rapiU •lU'Sl'ICE DOCKKTS. M ANOFAOCTJKED ezpressly r«r that; parpose, out oif bit (tualltv pap.!?. * TMBt * 00^ „, •"— '->" , ,«r (SUM Watsr st. FOUR ftlfct-lKO TABLES FOK aAl>»y OHKAP. rfHt undersigned «111 sell fonr BUlard Tables with JJfBaWiMd Ottcs, all IB good order and quite new, at a Ttfrv low. tolee. ' -' O^Swtri V. BUTZ, Ottj Br«j,«y. t f\f\ lOU nata M for sal*. ^^^kfc-^^ l - - _L-II-

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