Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 23
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 23

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 23
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II DECATLR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. DECATUR HERALD FUEL TAX SPLIT WINS APPROVAL OF MUNI LEAGUE R e v e n u e A m e n d m e n t Adopted By Committee Explained To Delegates NO OPPOSITION . As Texas Flood . Ufit. 17,-li'act the leKlDhitlvc'M com proKrnm culllni; for an dl»trlbutl(n of the stftte's Ih (fftbOllnc lax, and th« ]i uixKM'd rev tmue nmcndmonl in the ^tnte con- jililutlon wore hroiigliL bofore dole «at«s lo the t?th nitciuul convunUon of thv IlllnniH Mnnlcl|):il league toi net Ion at itsi uluslnK «Mi!l«ns huru Friday, Mayor (.'htn-ltin H. Or*«n«. Aurora, chairman of the Bub c u m n i l t t r which HpunmucU tin; K'L"llm- I'lX dU trlbntton plun as udo|tt'il by llxw leuguti's leftbliitlvti toutuiliteii T day, (llsmaaoil the jioinlMlllks that would be tiffonloil cltU',1 for develop jitent of Ihiiir own hlfthwiiyij l( tlu-j wrrn allowed to shnre In the money. S(jik« SUlt tti Nluiro Tux IJo ilucliu-ud thut 1 1 in »!ollc'i-tkins b j i Uiu *uiiu thus ftir luivu ti«un ulmost twke tin lurfo as tuid toun antli:lial- t d utul polttted out ttuit 1C It wu., tilt tiled with cltks. tho wtutu would jitlll ivui'lVB (iiiuioxinmtcly Siii.OUO.UOtJ iiHtiually f i o i n thv tax. No lJ}jiMlUon tu Uif |j]i)Kuitii hut) voiced tluia fin- HI tin 1 ruuvi-ii ami the entire dulcfiiiLlaii wue to voto \ia tuicjiHIwi j i t UK this afternoon. CHICAGO PLANS 1" MILLION FUND FOR UNEMPLOYED Business Leaders Will Seek Immediate Action On Building Work IS NOT A GESTURE i It a Uatlrit Prtm ) CHICAGO. Oct. H.-- Firty leading Chicago buslnssttmen set for thum- tmlves Friday the task of raising by subscription tlS.OOO.OOO to be used specifically In taking care ot the city's unemployed, In u further attempt Ui bring re ef dmlnjt a winter which thuy HUJ promises to be one of tho hardest In ycni'D, the mon will send a committee vvkhiit tho next few days to call «]on President Hoover find a;tk him to take emergency slops to xpced up conatriiction of Government projects. Mull Mtmit II in cimii A ml' n d i iu nd fiof, «. !·;. UlnlHl, Unlvi-i-all} ol ChlfUKn, tliscvisat'it the IJIOIHIEUII rev- «nin ann'tuliimnt io tliu niv.iv rcmntl- LUlk.ri and It* iclnuoa lo lllliiola mil nlM|ml finance. Other ,Hjifal(i;i'H un 1'MIUny'K jnu^i'ad) luchnkil C'lini'k', W. lladlcy, cnniiiiisiii ot the Illinois nmuslfni who Ht'ke on utility u-jfiilutluii in JUiuula f u r v n c n t» ci-u|f(uiloi) iiuinicliMiUllus and the Jill- no Is (,'uiti(iifico Uauii(il'i!fliii '' This ufturiHX'n u-jioit-j ol' coitt- u)ltui'ii and scuUomU Ki'JUiis wutt to be inactii and ii Kunural biHnc:H ao.v slon wu» tidiuduicd. Wjuikvuuri If .al»l to be thw choitu lor tin; lOSi and It Is cotitikUnJ ptoli- thitt Mayor Chailc* II. Utirtlell. , will be ro-ctacttut prenktbnt lit lhl I f H K U P , riov. 1«, It. I'uiiii«r:ion addicwncd th« i;«nvintlin on tho proiidsi'd revenue Atnnmlment at Thtinutny ntk'ht'M ito-)- si on. Ho di'i-liiK'd tlint Ml! nob wuu one of IT status that did nol ve»t th« power to levy taxusi with Its Ion- l.ilftliiro, Hn Hiild thnt nil of the la 1*0 stfitns, purllculnrly tho Indiiitilal on nit Imd irl'-'i'n the li^-lalnture full power to tow Desperadoes Begin Federal Prison Term illy I'nIM t'r, Oft 17 Rotlom nnd Henry Samuel I,, Wat;)on «'eru on their wiy Frltlny to Leavenworth prison to stnrt strvln^ Ions nenton- m» for robhlnfr the Tmy r.rovo. II!,. t« the The aliovi: photo showtt the pinna (if Hiacly, T t x , covered wlih twirling waters several (eot dfiep after storm which resultod in prolporty duma(ro of millloiifl after Urady crwk overflowed. Broadway Drama "Last Mile" Re-Enacted In Texas Prison l U j . ' I UI'NTSVJU.E, Tln lust curtain of 0«. H the last mile", u hroadway drama of death row tn n iH-nlti'iiUnry with men condemned to dlu M the ctmmctoi », WHS down In but! llfi) here Friday, B shcpurd. nuuklcncd mitr- , whose (roiwlwl tries of Oh. Jones" wero fehoed In t t i r play that thrilled New York ruutlt'ticiiH, WHS exec tit cu at tho Ti'xns stato penltctitlnry at 12:11 a, tn. for tho murder of u pence officer two years uso. H« was pronounced dencl stx mlmtte.i Inter. Shi'pard, cell mnt: of Robert iilake, who, while awaiting exoeut- linn for murder, penned a cell piece that was enlarged into "The I,tist Mile" went to his di-nlh Winded. Two weeks ago, In « fit of rak-o, he Rouk'ei! out bis nwn eyes xvlth n steak bone, whetted to razor- liko shnrpnoBrt, Joycn once had galnetl respite from death in the nleetrlc chair by tclgtilng Insanity. He wa* taken Iram deftth row and declared Insane after ho had shrieked tho senaeless "Jonest, Oh Jones" continually and Hlrlpped his clothe* from his botly In tho dead of winter. Confined to a .smnltailum, he ap pawntly becsime normal again. He bank of W.nno, which SlflH tn ii'ittat tuoiify »rdfi Thd men [ilctulM KiifTn- chari(p In Kcdcml JinUc Whum'si cnurl Ifito Thursday, nnd were sen-! tenci'it (tnnii'dlntely, Wnfson to wtvp' 10 years nnd l i n t t m n to lifn-c -lj(htl yrnii In the fi'ikml v,n re turned to his Aenln he (elKned Tho lows of Texas death cell forbid R sec' ond iiEinlty ttltil. but maintained his mud man and It was In idle u r n v u l n hi|'e "f a n-pilvc- that out hH ryes. dug Thlirndiiy nlffht they ititrtil Ihe trip to T^nvonworlh In nmtody of Deputy Marshal Joseph flpliixlrl. A(i«l»t(int TI. H, Attorney Owen A. Went, whti prosecuted tho mon, said this would h* Wntson'fl xovcnth priit- on term. Earthquakes Shakes Town; None Injured ffty Vititnt IVrti *t SANTTAfJO. Chile, Ocl, 17-An rarthqitflkn of tiniitnuil d u r n t l o n and violent Intcntilty wu^ felt h o t e at 4-.SO Friday morntnu. No reportii of damtipe wi'i-p laniw- dlntoly rcerlved tiltlmnj;1» tunny ronl- rtfint* o( thn oily wnro roitned by the tremor, Cable ami totnsraph line* i nntttlHlurheU. ftriti rcpoUji uald . t (nyt at,-" be hccnme calm i,,. ut . p i,.,i his fate, Hurlnj? hlc ( ,f l i f e Thutminy Dairy Association Elects President 1I V I n(l«l I'M'-. ) ST. I.OVIS. Oct. H -1'titil C. Bur- «hard, Poit Atkinson, Win,, was rhown president of the Mnnary Oultd of fin p u t In, nmt iittiiorttitlon of talrynwn at ihclr mwtlnit heio Frl- rtay nl«ht. Other offloe-rs electnd wew: A. O. Bttwhow. lllue Hill, NP!)., vlce-presi- idftnt: a. II. Anderson, St. LouUi, aoc- TOtaryi It. C. Wood, Tracer, la, H Krank Cooper, Mo. lift Khy, Wrtkftnifa. 1ml, noun SLraub, O»ll»n. Mich,, itwl F!. J. Hieucr. Pekin, wnro delected directors Chieatto Banker Dies When Car Hits Train iity rnttnl I'n" CHICAGO, Oct. IT--Louls J, R«. Mn. 43. pr*»ldont of the Tempi* Bond «n) Mortnpn compnny. vice preal- d«nt of th« Howard Trust and Sav- ln|C* *»nk, and owner flf a lar«* ChlcMO apartment hotel, was killed tTwinntly Tliutwtay nlfiht, when hin ftutomoblla oollldi-d vflth n f!Hcn(c(. Mllwnuke*. St. Paul nnd Pacific pas- train ticor Genoa, 111. ln:tt . . he jdltM with prison suarils, ato i dluhes of leo cream and in Rong- swnked HP explained hln netlon Ing out Mn by quoting nerlpture: "If thine eye ottonJeth thoe, nek It out." "A teltovr In my fix hns to try nl most everything he can to help htmsolf," he said. Seated tn the electric chair with the ati'dfi* adjusted, Shepard MM to the iloiM'ii RiitirdH nnd nows mm who witnessed fitn "iJtsl Mile"- 't wnnt lo thnnlt all of you f n r tho wnv ymi have (rented r.od ho with you," He klised i r u e l f l x held to hl» lips tiy Ptvthcr Flunefraii, prison rhuplaln, Tlie puvi-fiil WIIH appllod. CHRISTIAN COUNTY COUPLE CELEBRATES 40TH ANNIVERSARY TAYLOR VIMjK -- Mr and Mra Uyura. well known farmers residing wont of this city, celebrated their 40th tt'cdillnff saty, WcdncHduy, at Ihclr homo. A family dinner wan served at tho noon hour Thn tahlu wa^ ndorned v.llh I cake, the Iclnj; on whteh fotmi'd the wcu JM "Iforly Veins, 1 The cuke vrivi thi- ^Ifl nf tlieli two Mrs Ellii rl Smnv of nciir thla city, and MJ-K. I f c n i y MIcTiH o: Pmvneo, Mr, and Mrs Tlyers wiin united In marrla^o Oct. tr, JSiH), at the Chris- tlan church In tills city. Mr, Byera Is C2 yearn old, and his wife la 65 Both are enjoying fine health. Thcl entire life has been apent in Taylor vm; «ml vicinity, Mrs. ftyers WB Miss Ella Fisher before her mnr rlafjo. ARMY PICTimED AS fcANG SUPPLY DEPOT fill! finlnl Cu 1 " 1 WAVKEOAN, Oct. 17- Tlie United States army ti'i n s u p p l y depot for ChlcnKo Kanjjsteis, wns the picture drawn Friday by Lcstrr J. McAdrlnn Fort Sherldnn army rtoscrtpr. who was turned over td T^ake county nu Ihortllwi by Chlcatro police nfter hts arrest, In a tcnsthy confpswlon. Me Adrian ln^t ntffhl nald ho wna u member o a hl-jncklnjf sanji which hud had n shuru In thi mucdtr uf Alfred J Chicago Tribune reporter, McAdrtnn told police that tho gang had stolen n machine (tun and more than JflOO worth of pistol ammunition from tho supply house at Fort Sher- Idnn on Sept. 33, Ihf day after ho was arrested at Wheeling. Ho Implicated an unknown service man In th thdft, Haylnfi that ho had noticed om of the iranjisters hand mnney to after n prevlousi tlieft las Julv In which a j;tm wns stolen, The former soldier (wild that hh £ang wiis hcuded by "Ilnllft Joe' Con r era and a man named Conroy Knowledge of tlie group's connection j w l i h the Lln;;le rnurdvr wa.i linscd on hu had overheard. An old check bMirlnp tho x\ sm . ture* of Lawrwiu* Wawlthiftton, \vho in b*llov«d to huve b«on the last maje membsv cf th* Washington family bor« »t Mt, Vcrnon. on the Potomae . hu hew pre»ente* to lh» Vlrginin Ktnto library, NEWSPAPERflflCHIVE*^. THE world'* most popular ready-lo-eat cereal is made of native American corn. 12,000,000 people daily enjoy corn in its most delicious form--in crisp K e l - logg'e Corn Flakes. CORN * Thf fiak«t with · "utwtdtr" flavor. Whisky Barrels Develop "tab,' Ordered Dumped VALPARAISO FEELS 8HOCK lUtt UaUnit ftam.t VALPABAIUO, Chile, Ocl. 17--A vtrc oarthti"'k* ·yvnvrfrt hern nl dnwtt, Many powtiiHjvon. 1 HtlnMtf Meotlns In aocrtt nt a li^'.l the business men mupjwd out In delal tho plans they rxpcct to curry through, ISdword Crai); or tliu Build iti'9 tlonntructlon Iflmploycrs' uHNdCld' tion unnouncud. "This is not a fla.ih In ttifl pan; we actually mean to do It," said;. whtiic association called the secret i nee tint to devise ttmne muth od of relief for thousuml.H of Jobless men whoim famllien lire s«ld lo be facing uctlldl want as winter ntaia. Tho pluti, Cralu nxpluinid, Is to gel 10,000 men to ootitHbulo WOO u month for six m'mlhs, nol for ri«- ular charity work, but sjiuclflcEilly for relief of those jii'rBon* who ordinarily aro employpd, hut who hnve nit wor)c In thla unstiiul year. Ask Hoovrr'S Aid Tho money, ho HH)C!, -will im dls- ttlbuted tiii-ouBh some reno^ni/ed charity not yet selected, The committee which nil! uil) upon President Hoover will, Cral); said, uricc that Hit President adopt (in ewerftency iticlhud employed by President Wilson durins; llm wur, usurping the 'ontract letting power and opening bids ImmPdlnlel.v when It cornea to his attention thnt new gcvurnmnnt building a t e ntfdfi). This, Craig explained, would do ow«y with much "icd tupe ' nncl (,'rpally speed up gavcrnrnonL projects. He pointed to delays tn starting work on the now *H,t)00,nuO Chicago pontof rice as an example of how Nnio could b« saved. Thiti bulkllng Is to be started within the next few SPRINGFIELD. Oct. 17--A plan to preserve 14,000 gallon* ot aged whls liy, stored In a wine collar m Co! llnsvllle, had been abandoned by the United States district court, Friday a* a result ot flevcrol "leaks" which resulted In thn disappearance of approximately 600 gallons of th» stock Tho supply was ordered pr«servo by the court In order thut It might be distributed to Hospitals. At the time it wits confiscated In March or 1029, tho whisky wan believed to be of unusual high quality. Matthew Bolt, Col I Ins v III c, alleged owner of tho aupply, lit now facing A contempt ot court chargfl «»t Lou In Fllxhenry has ordered the malmlor of the supply destroyed. Bott told thn court Thurwlay that ho had not removed thn whisky from the cellar. He reported that the hoops camo off on* of thn barrels and that several others developed leaks. monlhit and several thousand men will foil employed In Us construction Another movement, H tut e wide I) its (tcope, for relief of unemployed will jfet under way next Monday, ac cording lo un atmouncemnnl by Ben Jainln M. Squire*, temporary chair tnivn of a slate employment comtnls slon appointed by Gov. Louis L. Em meMon to Kerve during the tmer gency. May for (!lutrlty The octiimlsuion will hold IW firs muetlnt; Monday, Dr. tStiulrcu MIL Id and numerous proposals Tor Tellc will lie mndc, One plun ha will nut; Kest will ho thnt nil fnctorlcn instl tuts shorter wotklnj,' hour« and HliorLcr wijrk Ing weeks, cm ploy In additional men to make up tho dll fcrence, thun (jiving part time work to many men Inn tend of full tlmo em ployincnl to IL comparative few, A fund of approximately n quarto million dollars practically wns assur ed lor aid of unemployed Thurnday when the athletic committee o Northwestern university voted it consent for transfer of Iho North wcst«rn-Notre Duma football gam Nov. 23 from Dychc Stadium, whlcl BBUts 50,000, tn Soldier Field, whlcl scats 110,000, All money derived Iron ealo nf the extra C0,000 tickets will b given lo threo charity organization for aid of jobless men, Sanction « Big Ten officials Is necessary belort the transfer Is assured. A puck saddle and saddle pouch used by the famous Apochn chle CJeronimo has been presented to th National museum. ThU emblem on your batter carton Guarantees Highett Quality BUTTER On Lincoln Skjune G R E E N L A N T E R N Sugar si ' LWriSc Rub No More Wfwlilnit r.nt.1,.! ft- l»i_t. SnL i _ * _ i n t i i v Salmon II,,- UN. Sa_t iiity. rim ,. Bro'kfietdlBufteV HUE only, ]»mma h , iQc 39c Oxydol P. 4k G. Soap, B for Spring Chickens Apple Butter |[ h n Tmo. I'lr Mt^ji^i and minor d«nmg(i throughout ihft r.lly. uu»*d United Htuie* «el«nllnt* h«v* round Diiee burf«d dues on ibc num«i in th« y««Ti Irom th* «arlle*t to th« time of found. Sorghum t'uni Oiiimnr, Mnann Jiir, SM mil/ ...... Rice « illy, i J. Hit. lie Shredded Wheat 25c Country Full Dre*»*d Pound Alive, Young and Fal Pound l.'allC) 1 ]{nl Hlvnni, , «nt. Hilly .... Raisins Sun Moid Sendtesn or Seeded ~-B. ISc Pk(t., Sat. stile, IK. only lOc Sweet Potitow (ioniilnn ,|»nuyj., iiuunil Olives llic liolllo. But Town Crier Ready Mixed l FLOUR Gold Medal F L O U R American Beauty Macaroni M t a k O I M T f M The vacuum tin ' * perfect ftavon. For two days only-Friday and Saturday-your independent grocer offers a spec in 1 snle of America** Cup Coffee-3 one pound vncuum packed cans for only *)) cenit. America's Cup is nlwoys an economically priced high quality coffee. But for these two days, la introduce the new vacuum tin package, you may enjoy it At this as toundtngly low price. Take advantage of this great coffee snte. Avoid ihr possibility of disappointment get yours early. one vaauiM Chief Qi Ann«*sa 1 beautiful, le«» · Connecticut tinlstcr repuu jous unantn r Mrtoualy, and par«d. It l« toue that tho . Jit Of In Shu re boy, Otr«. s 4npoty who i ·transfer, wbr pn« of Ann's ) cues her (roi Ahft tttks aid Crannon, a v who ha* b«- |«WK th« pla managing fid) paper. com*s the my»t«ry der. He tear ·catching at i who had rl'M' and IB hired t Oll«, the ntat his n»mfi 0.1 tmsmt to be pride's House -ln.lm It. Ann? him. He Bfid entrance lo a fuses lo *xpl' ·Ip intfmnliM that John P.r vat tern ncai Bight the d»pt CIIAJ the man fit h"i ht was afrsld In the cellar n on^ of contfmr pity. But In n f flfpiro h" hrj't · t»(tfng Drnrula to make way fi "I don't thlnl yow're saying" isn't fcasni'ah! He cv*il Mhainid "\*iu for whnv I hai vol«». "I'm a H- li ··Kcr i*ply vra m*n could tl'l» eownrd Get th h*«d The uhrl you from try lo flgi "The Riant rat SS year« I'w be out--iver since reallw that t »· boys I played v ·Different?" wrinkled inti-r what way?" Lrtt on Door 1II answer ..roan. "In «vei alt the cliUdrrr and mother* I on a dooratep _ _ i n old. If ^Chrtdllnn splrf 11 owned the doo »fnt to 11 ct [laxtfie ircotnienl all r They hud ipoci ·on Not throti y. There wn KOtriK. but K«. I took hl» They drew to I Annaxan W th« man's . over It, "When I wa colored nurse i * punishment had a convuls knew tli AH with in. i -J In place. »lnL And the t terror of t -' growth. Tl f»n. Doctors fron *«* nothing- t ** ny ear« we . knew wh «Uy link wh) 1 tatber an »d in the 1 * »hen i wt wrlt | th.'tato« be lost ,^- braln: '"This child "·» Vrvm M, ,, "nn«««a H' I "^e's Mo U3 * "^ did you f fctan r -- his an * Wature of t ^ ha« take J»«.tlm. ta th AT BLUE RIBBON STORES A N D OTHER INDEPENDENT GROCERIES first c *"* «' now

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