Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 11
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, October 31. 194T STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Page Eleve'n 8t)?T!tn|t-Rrirtc Fa!!* and Adjacent. Tr»dmE T>nv»ry PAFD CIWCl LATION f Into t* AT 55rns.ll HomV* Rock Falls City and Community News Central Section Industrial, Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteside County DELIVERED EVERT WFF.K f» AT EVENING— tOCK FAM.S NET PATH Enrhiriinst carrier, msl!. and sn'iC in. surrounding vil lages south of Rock River Kvcry Advertiser—Li«rjrr or S —Go*"s Into R.5S«> . F*!*, , Wnlnwt, B*ifiwhl. Twlttswn, N Krts, V>iit«n. C«SHi, E Grar* nnsl District and State Speakers at Club Meeting Thursday Excellent Program For Members of the County Federation r:r.;-.'-.- a>o 'hi' r'Mr K«r<i<"n p«,rty in Ch-.<-aar> D*v. 9 M:.v P;*o*'b* CoUoRftn of Morrison, ri.a:: ;ran of t))<" committf* for Mt Oarrr.r'; hnrrif. reported dn nef cicd fq'.nn.T.Tit. of which n modern Vt'.t-'TT 1 . 5. ink was oon.«;dr:rd impfra- t'.'.r a;:d at thr flftrnioon v.vion i' *n.* announced that ri'iring the nrvni : r.!Prmi5-Mon Mr.v Harry BR.S- f t! of Rook Falls Woman's chib hnri n;sr!r s Rift of n 5ink to the co' federation for Mt. Carmel. Tiir mornine sr.vlon w« adjo'.irn- ed at 12 noon for the luncheon hrvir. Tii? Mite society of the church served luncheon to 80 club women. The Mory of thn afternoon session •»:.! be found In another col- Two gur.<t speaker* were on the umn program for the 34th f:i r • . . •»». *«-!.* IJ church. Rock Far..v Mr.v D. C.j Thompson of Compton. thirteenth ( district president, and Mrs. E. C. of Oalesb-.irg. state chairman of American home department. Both messages held inspirational, Tltal Interest for progress in carrying on the purposes and ideals of Federated Women's clubs. Mr.v Thompson speaking on federation membership and Mrs. Holmquist's subject being "Tlie Look* to Ihe Future." Homemaker | Mrs, Thompson, who talked for the morning session, stressed the de- eirabHlty and advantages to be fained In federation. The first is the county federation, then the district LeRoy Garrett Dies at His Home in Amboy Elmer Garrett, 51. of Amboy. brother of LeRoy Garrett of Rock Falls, passed away Thursday forenoon at 10:30 o'clock at his home, following a stroke. He had participated in the city's fall festival parade as a driver of a sulky Wednesday evening; and he suffered the stroke after returning home. He was born March 4, 1890, at Kenney. Ill. son of John and Lizzie federation, third the state, and j Haden Garrett. In 1918 he married fourth the general federation. In, Gladys Cluts of Amboy. He had re- Tederatlon the speaker pointed out. l sidecl jn Amboy since 1916. training we fain a broader outlook, for we j horses at the Lee county fair- cannot live unto ourselves alone, in grounds. He had resumed racing eur own communities. There I* inspiration in working together, and »n opportunity to learn, from the different groups in a federation. ) The county and district federations have the privilege of receiving information, materials and assistance •lor their programs or work from the aiate and general federations. There to the advantage of the research « work for philanthropic endeavor W for the good of all sponsored by the / state and general .federations, and both federations provide chairmen. covering 30 departments., who plan and work and do much research in their fields of Interest, for the in> dividual clubs. The strength of federated unity is van undisputed non-partisan influ- ' jenee for good government in state and nation. There is also great diversity in unity, and clubs may con- otntrate on departments in which 1 they are most Interested. Mrs. Thompson praised the good works of other great organizations and advised that in common Interests, organizations cooperate with each other. This Is especially practical .In the new department of national ). defense. There are 13 federated r "eluba in" Whiteside county, with a VJotal membership of 700. Mwvlag Seasian The morning session opened at ~~ •'dock, with the invocation by La Hoy fielding, pastor of the •The Collect for Club Wo- a solo by Mrs. H. H. Waite of Utowri, was followed by group of the "White-side County in Song" and "The Star Banner." with Mrs. V. R. of Prophetatown. the Mrs js,_l,_Le'Jhr_was pianist oKed increased membership as ing goal, recommended a, nlle gift for the county prpj- [t. Cartnel home, advised Red, work and increased subscrip- the general federation two seasons ago, after being inactive for a time because of a stroke, but apparently he had recovered. Besides his brother of Rock Falls, he leaves his widow, three daughters. Mrs. Rodney Willis, Mrs. Nell Pltz. and Mrs. Arlyn Vaupel, all of Gary. Ind.. another brother. William L. Garrett of Campbell. Minn., three sisters. Mrs. Jessie Lowe of Decatur, Mrs. Leda Deni&on of Davenport, la., and Mrs. A. M. Anderson of Charlestown, Ind.. and three grandsons. Books Donated to The H. S. Library The Rock Falls Township high school will soon be enjoying the gift of Mrs. Francis J. Gtennan who has given a collection of various books to the school library. The books are now being catalogued and will be put on the shelves next week. The university library books include 25 volumes. Some of the fiction books are "Ben HUT*"* by Wallace. -"Ivanhoe" by Blackmore, and -Show Boat" by Ferber. Shakespearean plays are "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Romeo and Juliet." and "Hamlet." Essays are "Walden" by Thoreau, "More Merry-Oo-Round" by various authors. "Sir Roger De Covenly Papers" by*Addison and Steele. and "Six Selections" fronv Irving* "Sketchbook." The books of poetry are written by authors such as Goldsmith, Scott, •urns. Fmeraon, ~Thackeray- r Whittier, Kipling and Meredith. the music. The pledge of al- lance Jo the flag was led by Mrs. bfrt- Miller of Erie, county presi- Mrs. Peter F. Diets, president Rock Fills Woman's club, 'chairman of the program for convention, gave the address of e-and Mrs. Edith Schaible. t of the Erie Woman's club» e response. The county president praaidad for both the morning and afternoon _, aeaaipns and gave her annual report. ( U> do stunts and go through a rnys- Fun end Merriment At Rok-Hi Initiation Quite- a hilarious time was had at the Rok-Hl Dramatic club .initiation Wednesday evening at the Jehoai. All the new members were initiated into the club by having Woman" and to "The Illinois Woman;" Mrs. Miller ap- Mrs. James P. Hopkins to report of the convention to •Ute ma|A*ne. "The Illinois ~ Woman." Mrs Harry Wood~were~ap- i committee to report on the mlniles of the spring convention an* Mr*. W. H. Sprinkle and Mra. Dalt Caoper and Mrs. Hopkins for reeoiutlons. Reports were given by club program chairmen of the theme and atandards of interest in club projnun*. XBtereperslng music was-glven by a .band group from the Rock Falls h achool. Owing to the absence the director, Fred Casner. the was under the direction of Jean Russell. The numbers jfcre "Andante" from "The Surprise •ymphony" by Haydn, "Petite •oure'e," and "Or Man River" by Kern. The young musicians exhibit _ wen trained cooperation for hark mony and manifest good musical cxpraiaion. Garden* Revert Resuming departmental business, Mr*. Ralph Lane of Mormon. 13lh ~ diWriet gardens chairman, gave an | interacting account of the organizing )af the Lou}* L, Emmer&on memori- -•• - - floral annual contest, and pictures of the home oi Mrs, Carl McKown of Sul which won state award for 1M1 conteit; Mrs. Lane explain- tlils annual contest has ht a knowledge of (lie national ot the svate and how the of the roadside plantings Is by travelers. Tlus floral ii limitad to thoae living «n y» and to those jhat make from and on their farms. U judged as a whole, the <nt, the buildings, highway garden plantings, value of plantings, fencing and entrance to form. Thar* are county, district atata prlxes. Mrs. Lane stated the theme for lUmocs state 0ardero department U -Make iill- Ma« the garden spot of the nation," tery house. Later, everyone enjoyed dancing to music on records with the serving of refreshments as the <rf ..(he affair Frances Anderson was chairman of the event, wjth Clemens Snyder assisting. Other committees were: •efraahraeata, Harriet Undgren, flora Simester an* Betty Gray; and mystery houae, Leslie Lanaford and Bond Will Not Play At RocKelle Gome The Rock Palls schools band will not go to the game at Rochelle this evening, the trip having been called off as Fred Casner, director, has been called to Chicago, where Mrs. Casner underwent an operation earlier in the week. Plans first were for the band to attend, in uniform, and to play-god perform between halves of the vanity contest. Home on Furlough Pvt. Idward Drayis of Rock Falls retnmtd Wednesday night to spend a 10-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hanry Dravii of Rock Palls. Ha was'transferred Oct. IS from Camp Lee, Virginia, to Camp Forrest, Tenn. He is stationed with the 211th General Hospital at Camp Forrest. announced the garden show •Ml evbtbil in Chicago for early ioakc Rock Foils Briefs Mrs, Arthur IfcDonald, R. N.. of Springfield has returned home after spending two weeks caring for her father. If Ho MeMamara of Rock Falls, who has beea IB with pneu< mania but is greatly improved. CABBAGE COLLECTIONS After .Oct. 31, garbage collections will be wad* only an Friday of each week in all the wards. Have your garbage out not later than 7 o'clock in the morning:. If garbage is not out. it will not be eolle«Ud until the next Friday. The first coUeetjoo under the naw rule will be Friday. Nov. J. A*h«« and cans will be picked up every day. except Fridays, when put in container* that one man can handle. Bert Hart. Street Superintendent, —•4V. Club Women Urged To Take Interest In Homemsking Music Furnished by Groups from Rock Foils High School Tlie afternoon session of the *eml- annual convention of Federated Women's clubs of Wh'.'.eslde county. which convened in the Rock Fall* Congregational church Thursday, opened at 1 : 15. with special music by the girls' double sextet of the Rock Falls high school, with MUa Jean Hussell directing. First sopranos in the chorus are Jeanette Reed. Margie Charloes. Dorothy Nanof. Frances Anderson; second sopranos. Verne 11 Jenkins, Marion Griffith. Beatrice Conley. Christina Albert; altos. Marian Echelbarger, Norma Ter- llrri, Alice Yarde, Frances Andrews. Tlie girls sang beautifully, with perfect accord, and their elections were appreciatively received. They were "Bless This House." by Brake, and "In a Japanese Garden." by Gibb. The main address was given by Mrs. E. C. Holmqulst of Galesburg. state American home chairman. H«r message under the topic. "The Home Maker Looks to the Future." was presented with an enthusiasm Inspired by her recent attendance at the homemakers Institute In Chicago and an Institute tour of the state. She noted the educational advantages In federation work and the aatisfaction derived from holding hands with the women around the world in making thte world a little better. Through the general federation we are recognised and consulted by the government in ovir departments of work, she said, and urged active Interest in the new department of national defense, and appoint a chairman of national defense in each cliw. Under her theme Mrs. Holmqulst stressed the thought that the home is the spirit of the nation, that it is the nation and that democracy depends upon the spirituality of our homes. Through our homes we serve the nation, so our American home must have a three-fold nutrition: Spiritual, mental and physical. The home must teach appreciation and respect for our religloua institutions and create a desire ambng our young people to have an interest in the church. Give religloiu instruction in the home arid revive the family altar. Bidotie the teaching of the fundamentals of religion in the public schools, for we all believe in God and the Ten Commandments regardless of religious creed. Character and" personality should be developed hi the home. Replace Hat* with I*ve What can dub women do in religion, she questions. They can replace hate with love. We do not hate people, or persons, but what _ is going to live— but Hitler and Italy's ruler will be the comic art of history-. Where is our faith, she admonished. when war comes. This time will pass; look beyond this, to the future. Our problem is living in a world of war. Homemakers. concentrate on improving your minds, study, learn new methods of cooking, enter adult classes in education, take advantage of the classes in home nursing being organized and the nurses' aid classes which offer employment. Learn how to care for and to keep in repair your home electrical equipment. Study federated club work. Even,- department helps to make you a better homemaker and a more interesting woman. Study nutrition for your family; spread the gospel of correct nutrition. The United States is said to be the test fed nation of the world. Yet took at our malnutrition. was advised, and again this malnutrition ~~ti "Tar from being limited to the underprivileged. lira. Hoimquist gave emphasis to the ideas she wished to especially stress with appropriate verse, and concluded with a short talk on Park Ridge school for girls, one of Illinois' projects lor federation work. Park Ridge, which provides a home for homeless children, maintains a grade and standard accredited high school, including a home economics department. She urged the clubs to include Illinois cottage at Park Ridge in their benevolences. Chairmaa Speaks Mrs. P. M. Keck of Freeport. thirteenth district first vice president and district chairman of national defense, said, "We have to stand by our country in need and work together at this time." She listed the 14 departments under national defense and each club msy choose the departments in which they wish to serve. She told of a new organization being started for knitters, named "Knitting for soldiers at camp." Mrs Keck recently visited Camp Grant and Savanna camp to investigate the needs for the iobifers. Personal interest an* recreation were phases of assistance discussed. There is a new auditorium. almost completed, in which picture* are to be shown for the convalescents and the building will have room* in which parents may stay who have sons in camp who are ill. Subscriptions to good magazines for the reading room were •uggesUd tea satisfactory gifts, as are letters and stamps and al*o planned entertainment. Thirteenth district chairmen reports w«re made by Mr*. W. H. Sprinkle of Morrison, civil service; Mrs. L A. Jayne of Ptweport, motion picture*; Mrs. James Hopkins of Sterling, literature and drama; Mrs. V. R. OUn&lead of prophcu- teva, »u**e; Mrs, irvta Youth Class Party At Fred Goers Farm For 45 Young People r.p vo'.mg folks gathered nt the Frrri COTS farm south of H<"i,-fe Fails Thursday e\ening to partiri- pa'e in the jo:H- Halloween partv of the vwith r! of the Rock Fall-: Methodist rh'.irch. Mrs. James Kels»v. counselor, and Miss Kthei Whs- ley, class president, were in charge of the affair. The garage on the farm was appropriately decorated in Halloween style and there was plenty of entertainment. Lunch was the con- chiding feature. A group of young people from farms who attended the party rxpect to become members of the class. King's Daughters to Send Christmas Box To Indian Mission A meeting of the Golden Deeds circle of the King's Daughters was held Werine.sday in the home of Mrs. Harold Coers. The meeting was conducted by the president. Mrs. Orville Johnson, and opened with the singing of "I Must Tell Jesus." For the Scripture le.vwn Mrs. Maurice Olson read the first chapter of the book of Psalms and an article. "With the F.ditor," was given by Mrs. Jack Bond. The circle decided to pack a box to send to an Indian mission for Christmas. Nnmes were exchanged for gifts to be given at the Christmas party.- The meeting closed with the hymn, "To Bind Earth's Broken Heart and Sore" and the prayer of the order. The hosteM served refreshments during the Aoctal period. CHURCH SERVICES CHRISTIAN Bible schol at 9:45 a. m.. followed by Lord's Supper and preaching. Evening sen-ice at 7:30. A cordial welcome for alL Harry E. Sniffer, pastor. TWIT* CTTY GOSPEL CENTER Rev. Edith Guitner. pastor. Manuel Guitner. aong leader. Sunday achool at 9:30 a. m.; Leroy Gow&n. super- Intendeot teommg worship, 10:45. Young people'* mwUng, •:!&. Eve ning aervice, 7:Ja LUTHERAN Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity. Divine worship at 10:30, Sunday school at 9:30. German aervice at 8:40. In the afternoon the Sunday school teacher* will attend a teacher* conference at Dlxon, beginning at 2:30. Announcements for the week: Adult confirmation group meets Monday evening at I. Luther League, Tuesday evening at I o'clock. Church council meeting Wednesday evening at 8. Ladle*' Aid Thurs- cultuttj-day afternoon at 3. Senior choir rehearsal Thursday evening at 8. Junior choir and junior confirmation class Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Wilhelm Streng, pastor. METHODIST Rev, James R. Uhlinger, minister. Church school clauses and youth church at 10 o'clock. We plan to start the city bus this Sunday for the convenience of those who have no other way to get to church. Children of the church school, aged people and those who live at a distance and have no car are especially welcome to ride. The bus will follow the same route as last year between 9:30 and 10 and will return over the same route between 11:30 and 12. Church service at 10:30. The youth choir will sing the anthem, "The Church By the Side of the Road," and rasponses All members and friends of the church are planning to be present to present their pledges and participate in the service for consecration of offerings during the worship service, Thc sermon is: -The Hero in Your Soul." Wednesday: Woman's society Meets for November luncheon at l p. m. and Hewing Circle maets all daj^Jn_thj_chureh l ___ _; Rev. LeRoy Nwria Maldifag; minister, Church acheoJ at 9:4*. Ciaa*- es for ail age*. Morning worship at 10:46. Itormao theme, "The Teat of the Spirit." Anthem, "Give Thank*." Children 1 * atory, "The Child and the Star." Hlfrtan fel- lowahip at 5:30. Devotional leader, Chart** Burger; Oua»t apaaker, Mr*, J. K. mobbin*. Cornei aole. Carl Carter. Mouat eatutitUe, Dona Von Bergen. Glenn Oratory. Edgar Knaw; hoapitality committae. Barbara Cruae. Dorotha Davi*. JNadlne Defur. and Barbara Compton. Choir rthaaraai at 7:11 Thuraday evening. Mn, Praoci* Jeo&lnaa, direcuv. Cara'/aa ooofaranfle Tueaday. Vtav, 4. vlth ConcmaUMial churcha* in thia aecUon attending. Thi* coo- fere&ce i* piannad tot Uutteea, dea con*, daaoonueaaw, Bunday errn*" teacher*, and all officer* in a", or- grnliathmi of the church. Woaaao'c seaaio^, ,2:30 to 4:30; study of exhibit*. 5 :>0 to «:SO; *upper. |:M to 7:30; church leader* confertnet, 7:10 to 9:30, Dr. Dean Schroader. Mr*, Henry Colby. Mrs. B. B. McLaufh- lln. and Dr. and Mr*. Brneat L. Aiken will guide the conference. Sunday. Nov. 9. we will have the privilege of welcoming to our worship tervice member* of the American Legion and Veteran* of Foreign War*. of Brie, public welfare. Fulton's Woman's club won the c**h award for the highest ptnkentafa of attend* nor. Following the re&oluilous the coii- »djouru*d. Many Local Fans Will Follow Team To Rochelle Game Toughest Battle of Season Tonight for The Rockets Marjorie Conley and Dorothy Nance Are Hostesses at Party Rock Fail.-: high school football fans are hoping that the weather will clear for the ganie tonight at . Rochrllr as many are planning to, make the trip to see the contest. The preliminary is scheduled to start at 6:30. followed by the varsity contest at about 8 o'clock. Fortunately. Rochelle has a flnel ty-ass field, located j<ist west of the, high school, and if it stops ruining.! it should be in fair condition, although It is bound to be slippery. On a slippery field anything can happen, so the outcome may depend ; much on the breaks A wet field is I to thc disadvantage of the Rock i Falls team, which depends on per- feet execution of the plavs. With! a wet ball, this is not always so easy. Rochelle has some fine bleachers, so faai should not fear that they will have to stand in the mud, H the crowd is not too large. There are two routes to Rochelle, but mast fnns state they plan to follow Route 30 to 51, it being the best road. It is about. two miles farther, but there is no city traffic and one should be able to make the trip this, way much quicker, being a total of approximately 44 miles. The game Is not only of 'interest to communities in the Rock River conference, but has attracted nome <; MurjoriP Cor.!'", and Dorothy Nance were ho*;e«.«e.< to a group of voting ;>eo;>>, n' a Hallow- e'en party M the harr.' 1 nf the latter Thursday evening a! 7 30 oriole The house was dec-routed ;n Hallow- e'en style, with orBnc" and b!i»rfc streamers In the meeting room. 'Hie liHht.^ were ctnfien wi*h orange crepe paper, find their "re pumpkins around the room *;th mysterl- ius lookiiiK fares. Glndvs Owens won the prlw for brinK the best dre.ved Bunco was enjoyed by the group with high prlre being to Don Dorer.v. and con- sonlatlon to Kathryn Bogott. One the main events of the e\emng w«s a scavenger hunt, which was won by Kathryn- BoRott. Robert McMurry. Gladys Owens and Kenneth Wlke. Refreshments were nerved by the hostesses and Miss Nance's mother. Mrs. Walter R. Nance. The. group enjoyed danclrfg to end the party. Those present were Kathryn Bogott, Don Dorer.v Earl Carter. Betty Lou Eshleman. Bettv Jo Ferrari, Lyle France. John Hunsberger. Orvllle Hunsberger. Margaret Marple. Robert McMurry. Jean Mjner, Neil and Kenneth Wlke Boy Injured When Ra * mond " owe Writes ,, i • T i About His Studies and Struck by Truck Thursday Night Pep Meeting for The Rochelle Game The new gym of the Rock Falls Township high school echoed and re-echoed with the cheers of the students at their pep meeting this morning, especially with the cheer "Beat Rochelle." Carl Thokey. principal, surprised by calling on various Indi- that has neither been defeated nor tied this year, and this is expected to be about the toughest competition outside of Pekin. Surpiise Miss Rita Sharp on Birthday Miss Rita Sharp was given a surprise party Wednesday evening In honor of her birthday, at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Sharp, West Sixth street, Rock Falls. Games were played, and tlie group sang for entertainment. Re freshmen la were served later In the evening. The honoree received many fine gifts. Those present were: Femlta Badley. Eddie Flsnej. Edith Moodle. Clarence and LaVonne Wolf. Loretta Crosby, Grace Nutt. Maurice Mohrman, Lillian Russell, Ethel Waters, Vera Smith. Martha. Marie, Glen, and Warren Sharp, Mrs. Edna Walser, and Mr*. Ivan Cobb, of this community;- Wlllard Strauch of Dixon; Loretta Yonk of Prophetstown; Marian Wilder of Morrison; Mr. and Mrs. Rlppy and daughter Glenda and Verna Mae Rahn of Lanark; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shaffer of Bropkyille; and. Ahe honoreei brotheK'Robert, who had returned home from Baltimore. Maryland. Ing their opinions on the outcome of the game this evening, and lending their encouragement to the team. These persons were not warned in advance as to their assignments, but each gave their little speech In a very competent manner. Those called on were: BiU Marr. Lourde Pfulb. Betty Hand. "Bud" Barnhart. Byron Geringer. Harriet Lindgren. Margie Laursen, Barbara Compton. Beatrice Conley. Billy Damken. Doris Grim, school secretary. Bernard Mitchell, assistant coach, George Quire, coach. Irvln Roster and Miss Winifred Goudy, an instructor. The pep meeting was closed with everyone joining In on the Loyalty song. Music was furnished by the band, directed by Shirley Smith, in the absence of Fred Casner. F. A. Londwoir Store Entered Lost Night The F. A. Landwsir store on First avenue was broken Into Thursday night, and robbed of candy, tobaccos, matches, and a few other Items, according to the report to Rock police. trance was gained by smashing out some glass just south of the doorway. Mr. Landwair closed the store about 11 o'clock last evening, and the loss was discovered this morning about 5:30 o'clock by a bread truck driver. The loss is covered by insurance. Pranksters Will Be Picked up by Police Hallowe'en pranksters have already done considerable damage in Rock Palls, in pre-Hallowe'en celebrations. Many of the stop signs (have been pulled ,4own. Residents (are warned to keep everything pos! sible out of reach of the pranksters. J An extra force of off leers will be on duty tonight, most of whom will be in plain clothes. Young folk* caught doing-damage are to be picked up, and an example will be made of them. Rags Catch on Fire lii Citftift Station The Rock Fans fire department was called to the lift station at Fourth street and Avenue C about 11 o'clock this morning, when some rags caught fire. Howard OuUhall was working in the station, jrhjch lirlJtlow~lrouna, at the time, cleaning machinery preparatory to painting it. It is presumed that a spark from the switch or motor, or spontaneous combustion set fire to the rags. The blaze was extinguished with little damage. . Birthday Dinner Mi&s LeVerne Dietz was honored with a birthday dinner at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Dieti. south of Rock Falls, on Wednesday evening. A delicious chicken menu was served to Miss Diet* and her aunt. Mrs: Llsaia Harms of Apokane. Wash.. Mr. and Mr*. Frits ReenU and daughter Judy and William Montgomery. Home on Furlough Pvt. Ralph Somervllle of Rock Falls returned home Wednesday evening from Fort Sheridan, ill., for a li-day furlough. He is a member of the «Ltt coast artillery and has been in the regular army service for about a year and a half. BAKE gALC by Youth class. Rock Falls Methodist church. Saturday. Nov. 1, 10 a. m. on. Weckeaser's Plumbing Ohop.-* adv. Chi to Co W$ mu V VA»OP!u» Residence Changes Edward Petrashek, who returned home recently after receiving his discharge from the army, Is moving into the Clarence Miles home at 615 Avenue A. Rock Falls. Rush Wolf has moved from Avenue B to Beloit. Wis.: Charles Sharp from the Cantlin road; and Charles Wolfe to Garfield street. Rock Rails. Lawrence Benron Receives Painful Bruises to Back Lawrence Brnton. 12-year-old *on of Mr and Mrs. John Benton of 511 East Fifth streft. Rock Falls, re- rpi\rd a very pnlnful bruUe across the lower pnrt of hi* back in an sc- rident on First avenue, about 5:15 Thursday evening. Lawrfnce. who was delivering some Chicago papers at the time, had Just come out of a driveway on tin east side of the highway, between Eighth and Ninth streets, when a truck loaded with large Ran pipe passed by. Joe Kerekes of Tulsa. Okla, driver of the truck, honked at the boy as he passed him. According to the story- given police. Mr. Kerekes had to pull off the paving onto the shoulder, being crowded off by a car In the rain. The youth, apparently, pulled alongside the long pipe, and. he states, the first thing he knew something struck him and knocked him off the bike. Thi. pipe is quite long, being held up by a trailer at the end. He was removed to his home, and felt better today, except that hi* back was very painful. It is possible that an X-ray may be taken to determine if he possibly has some broken bones. The bicycle was badly damaged. Both the driver and his wife have called at the Benton home, and it Is understood that the company is doing everything possible to help the boy. Athletics at De Pauw MLss l/irene Campbell, mathems« tlrs instructor a! Rock Falls high srhooi. recently received ft letter from one of her Conner students, Raymond Howe, w^i graduated last vear. Raymond i> now attending DePauw university Oreenrs-«Ue, Ind , where he has a $1.000 scholar* ship. Raymond writes. "I am taking three hours of trigonometry and two of algebra, bot.h under Profen*or Arnold. The algebra Is the second- semester course, and the trigonometry is also a little more advanced than the regular trigonometry because of my high school course. 1 made an A on my six weeks triglnometry test, but 1 don't know what 1 made on the algebra test. Right after I handed in my algebra test I remembered a mistake that will "make one problem wrong. Now why couldn't 1 have remembered it a little sooner? My other courses are five hours of Oer-/ man. three of English, and two of speech. "I hear Rock Falls is doing flno in football. There is a Pekin boy out for freshman football, and we had a big talk about, thc game last year. He sa.vs he is the one who quick-kicked after they stopped Rock Falls' first drive. Quire and Mitchell would probably remember it. Our varsity has beaten Franklin. Carle- j ton. Hanover and Oberlln and lost to I Butler. I never heard of any of Ithose colleges before I came here; |w> maybe you never did either. Our freshmen beat the Butler freth- me.n for the first time In about 20 year*—maybe longer; I don't know. I "I hope there is a play or basketball game or something in the new building while I am home." Methodist Ladies At District Meeting Eleven ladle* from the Woman's Society of Christian Service In the Rock Falls Methodist church, attended the district meeting held in Princeton Thursday. The meeting was addressed by Mrs. Dan Brummitt, one of the national - directors of the society, and Mrs. Olin Clark Jones of Aurora, a conference director. The program for the year was developed for the group and a retreat for kay leaders for conference was planned soon at Oarrett Biblical Is. stitute in Chicago. Attending from Rock Falls were Mrs. Jacob Cantlin. Mrs. J. M. Prussing. Mrs. James Kelsey, Mrs. Robert Bralnerd. Mrs. John Rhyne, Mrs. Lula Bralnerd. Mrs. Jamea R. Uhlinger. Mrs. David Little. Mrs. Joseph. Walton. Mrs. N. Sullivan and Mrs. Fanny Brown. Fined for Theft Frank Kemp. Dlxen, was fined 125 and costs by Judge G. W. Gehant of that city, following his plea of guilty to the theft of a beagle hound ^elued at $100 from a Rock Falls resident. No report of the theft was made to Rock Falls police, so the name of the local citiien was not learned. The hearing was held In county court; LAWTBR9J Practice to ail Ooart*. CHATHAM BLANKETS ARE OUR STANDARD FOR BEDTIME COMFORT Momrr-SAvm VALUI AT $UI Y«rt MV * »a**r **€«•• •«Hy at* y««r< IV* jV» wh, I •aU winter uig/Ut. **m4 M* r«y«a Mti*. •I* BKAUTiTUL FAf TIL COL OMB catwt fcy »**«, MM*, •«•*«. MM) C*«««M*. SOWLES : ' BOCK KALLJj . Friendship Class Parry Held in Church Twenty-five members of the Friendship class and their husbands gathered In the social rooms- of the Rock Falls Christian church Thursday evening for a Hallowe'en frolic. Everyone came in masquerade costume which created much merriment. The rooms were galy decorated with the usual black cats, witches and orange and black crepe paper by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spran- kJe. . , - : Games, contests and an indoor track meet were directed by a committee composed of Mrs. Forrest Bowman, chairman, Mrs. Austin Cortett, Mrs. O. E. Newburn and Mrs. Lena Stern. The dining room and refreshments were in charge of Mrs. H. E. Shiffer, chairman. Mrs. Fred Reinhart and Mrs. Paul Ramsay. Will Supply Pulpit T. Ross Young, secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will fill the pulpit of the Rock Fall* Christian church Sunday morning, owing tq the illness of Rev, Harry E. Shiffer. 8er- vtces will be held as usual with the exception that there will be no eve- nlng service this Sunday." SQWLES ROCK FALLS SATURDAY SPECIAL- FUR FABRIC COATS Black or Gr«y. Fitted •nd Box StyUt. Sic*s up to 44. $10-95 FLINTY OF COATS AT $1f.t5/$27.50, $45.00 .!,:

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