The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1973 · Page 18
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 18

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1973
Page 18
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E BRAZOSPORT FACTS Fn-fport.Trs«s.Sunday. June 17. li>73 Brezhnev shows quarters to dispel any 'mysteries' By OAVID MASON MOSCOW (AP> - Like a proud homoowtwr, Leonid I, Bmhnev Joe* n American nc*-smwi on a tour of his quarters Thursday in an effort to dispel "the mysterious unknown wafting above the Kremlin," He said this, was bow the Western press often referred to the seal of supreme power in the Soviet Union. Holding his ItrM news conference as general secretary of the Soviet Otwnmunist party. Rnuhiwv summoned the reporters because of his June 18-26 summit meeting with Nixon Brwhnev tm* the t firs! into a lar^e wkm the l'o)ub«n> meets weekly, on into his private csffk-e atxl back lhmi£h a false bookcase wall to a hideaway where (k« HOTLINE VOLUNTEERS 297-3266 take* catnaps He gave somu "insider information" on how he runs I'tvlUburv) n)r*tii^. chevketl uul his Kremlin intercommunications system while reporters watched aixi sbo«*U oti pictures and other memento* New >incn got a gUmp*? of a small white spittoon war BrvtKne^-'* desk, a t>e<! to hw private hideaway, a refrtgerator and a well Mocked medicine cabinet. The three- hour meeting with new»men was an obviou* attempt by the buihy-bruwttl. ofien forbidding Kremlin kuik-r to cast hume!? in a n*»« image ai tw pri-pares for his fir*I trip to the t'w'.fU State* Mrrzhnev fwn got into h» family .iltair* atw-tit whifh Mile t* ever disclosed- -lay^n; his «\{e "t* not ISM «eU, »h*'» in b*d '' He said ih* *ofl't be accomp&aysBi); hmi to the Vtutvd States ar4 W!(>«T will Kin son HU »on's boy, Hre^hnev said, is coming up to exam time He laughed and sanl, "You know what th* feeling;) of a father art- at a lime like ihat, a.* il h* could Mp by staging her« with him " Ureahnev, wearing a Bummer weight bliw-gray tuit aivd a hhie am) red lie. iuggled pencil* and a malchbo-t ai he chatted first eniely, then more eauly with newvmen He puffed about one filter tipped cigarvtt* every half- hottr, a cutback from (us chain smoking day* He appeared (1! ilespae pa,»t tui".u>r-* al»H!t t<j*l tifalth, bit! hw eves iNxrvl itruln When ttid t* latt use hi* "hot Ime" wish Ni.\\»». ont rvpotter atknl "Long t'.rw ago 1 can't fetneftiNr t'ut we have *rf> good relatiun.i with Mr licgetl it-it »» thffc tt little rwvtt foe it " \Vilh obvlou> pleasure. Hrejhnrv 5hov»icd fw*«n«\ ptctur<m (aim with NI.IWJ tturtng (h«-ir fin? summit m May W2 *o4 atwther 'ih«*t;(sg Writ ilctRsaa Chancellor Wiliv Urandi at»J Hr«h»r% motisf txMitrg at 'ft* Crtnwa in Scvterabet HTM A» he kd th* reporter 1 * tmS oi Iht- rcwni. !»• ta»J, '"Vo« i«r« lh<e»e art; ra> bo<nt«, (» FOLDING ALUMINUM wmo CHAIRS 5 * 4 * 4 iMO-lttttt EACH Unxl 2 pMCUtUW** »( lt»> pliC* TMMTWn ll«73 t T rcstone 410 IARPON INN VIUAGl ?» 2608 FREFPOR! ONLY l'» \ \l I h \ ^ - \ Brazos River navigation gets show of Merest K'oniintml (rurit f'ajju |) »imlUr pru(x<4i>l ratlhrf <(M yvai \a nuitc (fw? i*l At KwrtiUt head el If* ttyatt {' Hut IY », Architect* ««! Klt^tunat '««> in .1 U.UK! ivsiw i-lritwit, tutkeri ut |ft# ltiuun Itlvt-r <K«"v»r<l IKtil Iht* ItnUtrttllif Itulij! h<fr it KuM "i»; will br tnsuUvU " riwalnt (vtAMt4t»Mi »t l)<4Ci.«t bring liiftvif tunica!**. tjvri «t* M! i!*y«»J*».t a« l (if v » I* JiW thai at Hr i tfw klrj nralt) *l«rl«l LCI U««u, it b«Xh 'ttti» gf Ji-'i agW.r (> *ll rV4lt<* wilt }if% Vff S*»J « wjw* Wr Mt *iU» o* viiftuu! fall a* Kiuck .if.iM.rf. ui ifci-r if* r rawed jntiUii vi t** 4 ""' •» tl-rft ..I 1 ',(l* til 1 .*/.:.:•'« Un J.'f ttilj bs 5,«r VA FACTS Arts and crafts fair this week JUSTIN menu VMCfflON DRIVING A7/75T TMff SAVEirto'26" $ WMrrtWALLS ADD *2 SO Ptfl Tl«t Famous "500' 4-ply polyester cord passenger car tires { it art>on (fvjt'Jcd to ()fjS flat Ofi !/>* 104.;) lot long mrrnuuj MM sui n» TIM. Drin in TODAY! Buy HOW! V*l*»«s-» or en- Uiif- )<)<i waisiic^ A — Vri fufctw l^ •«X-t it, J1TJ' t«'.*ttt NetJirfilt lo *i»*n ifit oi \T*»rf i/Sl #t:cM(^ fic &Sdfcil!!»M «f «*«.!»•*'« — J iS>H t«f> fflj T«o»U4 It V ' (tfviUni Nj»(i«tv»! ItH IJ .... T? 1 .* V*!cf»tt.« ,\j}sT»!Bi;t{fjiitin jpwraKt*«iJ fj..y>. v a< mi hiarjc !«us, t!i>.sr«i «n my WftfW WA? t! tefist-ic ?>«».•« VA ft«>^i ^iMfsinSiwH ttwwx- <4» t »u»'<« ss«r* y -» t **• !» yttttt siwrrnl U I JW t tow t*tw<il* jltc *pprin«ter «hip farm sen the infthth a!wii'<«f»jr) tvrrtr.: O t Hill AH tcnefiu Tim* ki ownp«t<f<J frwn iNr date o< dxtcrurittt or the <t»tt the UmHit (wnt rmc*dfft# ^lA^iAbw^ wtttcritf^Tr C* Uf/fT 4 — Wtut u VA (k»r4 to help thr Wirrttj d-.tjbkd Wtrum «e(cf«n» gs-i jotai^ A — In a<iJt!ww to pfv^MJuig medical carr anil comprtMJiKm. VA a turtttg including KKD* who muti «ork in *r*«l crum <* ttt blind In iX&Jilion. VA u working c!ft**ly with univcriifici «(h#r government agencies, and bu*4nrM and imlmlry to help HUNT HARDWARE (,,\U<>\ GLASS UM:I> WATER HEATER 1 59 m^K UKI.IV'KKY CH'K frHKK WAHHA.NTV HKKVUK M A K K S T II K IHtVf.HKM*' IU t-l^NTATION DHIVK UKE JACKSON •»<•*» I M p(wit*-*/s», t'ltf t-»ij *iI3 t* tuekl Thiii'wi* y ',3 '»« : > t ft» to i p, m »i Ifw iifj.-iiJ .^U:!^ Hdttixs. at tJSK Hf4!«Kf«lft 4jli;-i^;s 4'Sl4 t.««n w t^ii* j'lt'it.Min patfstsftK • I .S»l PHJX-P late If. trxtti&r fttji.inij I!- jsij s r.'(! Uji-t*f ' 'r '.'?•. j'^ljf. i*;lir-.rfi:s oi 1 £'!:<: ^hf.fs! 1 . '"IrV 'ft-l'(l"» ^-i "'•*• £h» 4 U?M f.v*-'-^,3 '••*:|i £f*;-irer,r. £i.:if* tf ?);».i£*i - .T-..'£f?'' ^^t-3.> >:«l^ /or t.^f^rr £-r>l!tr :i;:i'i,i'C : J .a-v JJ'T? *<•-, t',:f J-i! iVi-» 5 I'M Ar.t^.ctott r;"it.V <tst;l!S(iotf .'<ipn Whether You're.... Summering in p Paris *«>...*%, n or... Camping Out Will; the **4 '• > W1>*ii you ukr »«wr Um!I> * I nttrd MJU». «f *br«*d. >B« thai Ihr) wiM to da lh»m da *U »l ihr TbU »rar r«*k* Uirif v^calww « dr<«m <e«nt !»»». whctrtrr ibt » ,» ot ta »». *od II >uu o..d hflp. TW Uk* JxkMa Bank to lh*n THE LAKE JACKSON BANK take Jackson 2174171

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