Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 12, 1936 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1936
Page 7
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DUST Radi< ***************** STAR I * I I Movie • Radio J I** By VIRGINIA VALE*** V HERE seems to be an epidemic of quarrels around lollywood at the moment, our •ale stars being the ones to Iffer most. James Cagney \rted it, and George Raft has [>me in for his share, with Jramount keeping the upper hand. {According to reports, It all start- wlth a camera man. Mr. Haft tit that the beauteous Carole bmbard was favored by the gen- feman In question, and that her |st angles, rather than his, would all-Important In the shooting of |e picture first called "Concer- ha" and more recently, "A Prln- Oomes Across." ISo Mr. Haft was told that ha luld face the camera with Carole's Ivorlte camera fan In charge, or t e p out. He |epped out. Fred aeMurray, who advanced so ipidly since he bpeared as one of te boys In the find In "Roberta," as given the role, bd now MacMur- •y has added to |e difficulties by LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA BEDTIME STORY By THORNTON W. BURGESS LIGHTFOOT CATCHES A GLIMPSE OF THE STRANGER tin- Mac Murray camera man [fusing to play the part unless he given a new contract with a lise in salary. The only thing t's sure seems to be that Carole fcmbard will make the picture, Ith her favorite looting it. ICarmel Myers (surely some of |u old-timers remember her as a ovie star!) announced recently radio was a perfect field for [ husband and wife. She knows hereof she speaks: her years In ollywood have shown her what a btion picture career Is likely to to a marriage, and she's been oadcasting long enough to see Iw much more happily married |bple can co-operate on the air. jlncidentally, Harriet Billiard Isn't to have much time for broad- sting. She has made a hit in Hol- vood, and Is going to make an- her picture very soon. And just [prove that she's famous, a new pation was named for her the r day; - <• looks as If Donald Duck, the sney character, would ruin the jsech of a lot of Americans. If I've seen the grand new polo ne picture that Mr. Disney re- htly turned out, and heard Don[I's furious and not wholly Inco- squawks, you've also heard out half the audience Imitating as they left the theater. Whole hversations can be carried on by |ans of those squawks, without a pi word being said — and more pn one exasperated mother Is go- to have to tell Junior and Sis- that they'll leave the table fhout any dinner If they can't i imitating that fascinating duck his strange, language. —*— ' lere's a brave man I One radio Bdltner after another has refused [take the broadcasting time op- ~ite Major Bowes' Amateur Hour, Vincent Lopez says he wouldn't |nd it with a first-class orchestra. —*— v Hollywood Is going to have and white ball, and a lot of girls are w o n - derlng what to wear —whether to T 1GHTFOOT the Deer was *-* happy. It was a strange unhappiness, an unhapplness such as he had never known before. You see, he had discovered that therp was a stranger in the Green For est, a stranger of his own kind an other deer. He knew It by dalntv footprints In the mud along th'<> Laughing Brook and on the edge of the pond of Paddy the Beaver He knew It by other signs which he ran across every now and then But search as he would, he was unable to find the newcomer. He had searched everywhere, but always he (vas just too late. The stranger bad gone. Now there was no anger In Lightfoot's desire to find the stranger tnstead, there was a great longing For the first time In his life Light- toot felt lonely. So he hunted and hunted and was unhappy. He lost ippetlte. He slept little. He roamed about uneasily, looking, listening, testing every Merry Little Breeze, but all In vain. Then, one never-to-be-forgotten night, as he drank at the Laughing Brook, a strange feeling swept over him. It was the feeling of being watched. Llghtfoot lifted his beautiful head and a slight movement caught his quick eyes and drew them to a thicket not far away. The silvery light of gentle Mistress Moon fell full on that thicket and thrust out from It was the most beautiful head lh all the Green \Vorld. At least that Is the way It seemed to Llghtfoot, though the truth Is, It was not as beautiful as his own, for It was uncrowned by antlers. For a long minute Light- forest. The beautiful stranger had slipped away as silently as shadow. All "ie rest of that night Lightfoot searched through the Green Forest, but his search was In vain. The longing to flnd that beautiful stranger had become so great that he fnlrly ached with it. It seemed to him that until he found her he could know no happiness. *T W. Burgeaa.—WNU service. "Pop, what Is a narcotic?" "Snow bird." © Bell syndicate.—WNU Service. Vice President Has His Own Flag Improved Uniform International SUNDAY SCHOOL •*• LESSON ••- 1U£ I'KBSIWLNT GAKNBU is here seen with his own special flag the Hrst ever made for a Vice President of the United States. In desfgn U ' ' rp alr , ,. wlt , h , the Pre sldent's flag, the only difference being that" the £ field-"wd the° n pr a eJl ' He ' d "^ "^ ° f the V ' Ce Presldent on « President are blue. W ' e * MOTHER'S * COOK BOOK For a Long Minute Lightfoot Stood Gazing. foot stood gazing. A pair of wonderful, great, soft eyes gazed back at him. Then that beautiful head disappeared. With a mighty bound Llghtfoot cleared the Laughing Brook and rushed over to the thicket In which that beautiful head had dlsap. peared. He plunged in, but there was no one there. Frantically he searched. But that thicket was empty. Then he stood still and listened. Not n sound reached him. It was as still as If there were no other living things In all the Green THINK By DOUGLAS MALLOCH The strong May lead, but not for long, Though strength may conquer for a time, And yet The victors I have met Used heads as well as hands to climb. Watch both the trail and skies. SUNDAY NIGHT MEAL TPHBUE are as many forms of A Sunday night lunches as there are families. Some like one thing and some another. For a winter night there are many who enjoy a bowl of mush and milk. Those who do not like that may like bread and milk or popcorn and milk. Whatever is served for this meal, after the usual Sunday dinner, It must be rather light. In many homes a simple dish of popcorn and an apple or two will satisfy the appetite. For those who have a few friends to serve, a simple salad of stewed prunes, stuffed with cream or cottage cheese, or simply plain with n tablespoon or two of french dressing. A sprinkling of nuts may be added, If one needs more nourishment. Cottage cheese with dates Is another good, well-liked tidbit. On a cold night a bowl of hot soup is always enjoyed. Hot cocoa, tea or milk, malted milk or cof- 'RY THIS TRICK By PONJAY HARRAH Copyright by Public Ledger, Inc. fl Observe the sun, select a star— Yes, they _ _ Who wisely choose the way stick to the "rules The final vlctors always are. or go in what- Make sure ever they want to Tne truth tnat w111 endure It's all a result of Ia y° nr equipment on the quest; that White Ball ^ he trn11 that was held a To ° short may often fal1 The longer road may be the best. Mere strength Will lose the lead at length, while ago, when some of them sent to New 1'ork |rma Shearer for wlllte dresses . and others had frocks made In Hollywood— then Norma Shearer wore blue, Jeanette MacDonald wore red, both stood out against all the pe frocks like sore thumbs! Peo- who don't like Miss Shearer 8 called her calculating, and pr that party the rather unkind Pgnatlon was once again brought use. Robert Montgomerys have a new son, named for his fa- and maybe they're not happy I | n In the artificial world of Hoi| 0 °d, it's babies that are more than anything or anyone Stand baffled ' by some sudden brink Some While on And up some man has gone, who took 1he » rae think. © Dowlas Malloch.—WT>1U Service. £3 THE RING FROM THE STRING TPliRKAD a ring on a double loop •1 of string and place the ends of the loop over a spectator's forefinger. The trick Is to remove the ring without taking the loop from the fingers. To accomplish this, take hold ot the string at the left of the ring and place It over the forefinger on the right This forms a new loop, which you thrust below the one already there. Then slide the original loop off the person's finger. The ring will drop from the string. Yet at no time has the string actually left the person's fingers. Perform this trick rapidly; after a little practice the moves wlH blend. The ring will seem to drop off In most uncanny fashion. WNU Service. fee If one cares for it, are all warming and stimulating. A nice salad which is always appetizing Is head lettuce, sprinkled with onion; add a handful of fresli roasted peanuts, rolled into coarse crumbs; serve with french dress Ing. Any lettuce salad Is much mon? appetizing and crisp If prepared just before serving. Sandwiches of various kinds are always enjoyed. This Is a good night, provided you are not to appear at church, to eat onion sandwiches. If a bit hungry, fry an onion in butter, after chopping fine, add an egg or as many as will be needed, place on buttered bread and serve very hot They are most appetizing. On special occasions, by previous arrangement, cup cakes may be prepared and filled at the last moment with whipped cream sweetene;! and flavored, or a bit of preserved fruit with the whipped cream. They make a nice variation. Cut the ; >p from the cake, scoop out enough to leave a thick wall to hold the filling, put back the top and serve on dainty dolly-covered plates. © Western Newspaper Union. Toque for Spring ANNABELLE'S ANSWERS Bj- RJV THOMPSON DEAK ANNABELLE: IS THEiU' ANYTHING TO THE RUMOR THAT THE CROONER, VING BAILEY LOST HIS VOICE 'CAUSE HE WAS STRUCK ON THE HEAD' DIALER Dear "Dialer": NO—IT WAS PROBABLY STARTED BY SOME BIG HAMMER MANUFACTURERS I Annabelle THROUGH A By JEAN NEWTON SOMETHING ON GRATITUDE Training for the Big Battle Next Fall The high pointed crown of this toque of shiny black basket weave straw Is emphasized by a spray of flowers tucked Into the front. The bow Is of cornflower blue silk taffeta mntching the cornflowers that are combined with pink and yellow bachelor buttons. AND ENDS . , . George has told hit plane— and bought r one ... "Timothy's Quest" of those sweet, old-fashioned tores that we all like . . . Ann nern has a new RKO contract, for years . . . And Ida Lupino has new trailer for her automobile Is a whole cabin . . . While War. William has bought land for a 'ot landing field, adjoining his . . Which reminds me that Major Bowes doesn't join ,1, hu ,S nit$ ** *• feW M &«• "' *w»V'ttfc to fly. «ww»J*r Union. POISE MP GESTUKa £X£GCK£S "We read that the average woman uses three times her weight In cosmetics during her lifetime," says rougematlzed Rosie, "so now we not only know what has kept the woman In the red for lite but the husband too." © Bell Syndicate—WNU Service. Jean *-' one of the lowest qualities of which the human race Is capnblo Is Ingratitude. And yet the people who In other ways are not low are guilty of It. I see so much around me, people falling to appreciate favors and efforts on the part of others which they themselves would be none too ready to render someone else. It seems there are a good many people with two codes, two rules of measurement. One Is for what they should do for others— and frequently It Is a very small rule of measurement. The other Is for what they may expect from others. And there they take a good deal for granted, frequently accepting everything casually and without gratitude. I think the subject Is worth a few words from you." _ Gratitude — It Is an old subject, and wiser minds than mine have spoken on It. When writing the above our reader friend must have been laboring under the reaction from a bitter experience. For It would be a sad world If Ingratitude were indeed so common a quality. For my part, I have not found it so; my small efforts for others have always been appreciated beyond their deserts. Yet we know that here and there In this large community that we call the world there Is the type of person who Is casual In what he accepts from others and thoughtless when it comes to appreciation. I have conie across a recent utterance on the subject by a well- known minister, who said from the pulpit that the emotion of gratitude Is the tenderest of human feelings; it may be ranked with love, sympathy, benevolence." To me that Is sentimentalizing the matter. It makes gratitude an original quality, reflecting credit on the one who feels It. I feel rather with our reader that In all decency gratitude should be involuntarily, a natural reaction to kindness on the part of others— and that not <o fee] It in sucft cases Is Indeed base. However, our reader should remember—and It may help to avoid the canker of bitterness— that people are not all alike In manifest- Ing their emotions, that the lack of Immediate expression does not necessarily denote a lack of appreciation. 9 Bell syndicate.—WNW 8ervi««. By REV. P. B. FITZWATER, D. D.. Member of Faculty. Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. <9 Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for March 15 JESUS TEACHES HIS DISCIPLES TO PRAY LESSON TEXT— Luke 11:1-13. GOLDEN TEXT— If we ask anything according to his will, he hear- eth us. — I John 5:14. PRIMARY TOPIC— When We Pray JUNIOR TOPIC— Teach Us to Pray INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC— What Jesus Says About Prayer. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC— Why Should We Pray? Prayer Is a matter which ought to be of great concern to every believer, for, "The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that cull upon him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him; he also will hear their cry, and will save them" (Ps. 145: 18, 19). There was something about the praying of Jesus that so Impressed the disciples that they requested him to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1). May everyone of us enroll at once in the school of prayer with Christ as our Teacher. In response to the disciples' request, Jesus set forth the following principles of prayer. I. The Right Relationship of the One Praying (v. 2). 1. Filial— "Father." The suppliant in prayer must be a child of God. God's gifts and blessings are for his children. This relationship can only be entered into through regeneration. Not all men have a right to say, "Our Father," when addressing God. Only those who are children of God by faith In Jesus Christ can so address him. 2. Fraternal— "Our Father." God lias iniiny children. His children are bound up together in nature anil Interests. Even In our secret prayer we should address him as "Our Father," which is a recognition of the interest of others alongside of ours. II. The Right Attitude In Prayer (v. 2). 1. Heverent adoration — "Hallowed be thy name." As children we have certain rights and privileges, yet holy reverence becomes us. 2. Loyalty— "Thy kingdom come." When praying to God we should come with a spirit of loyalty which cries out, "Thy kingdom >:ome." 1 We should not only receive him as the Lord of our lives, but should loyally labor with him in inducing others to submit to his rule. 3. Submission — "Thy will be done." We should have no will of our own regarding the rule of God. We should let him direct us in all things. III. The Right Spirit in Prayer (w. 3-S). 1. Dependent faith— "Give us this day our dully bread" (v. 8). We should realize that not only bread, but life Itself Is ours to enjoy because of him and he Is able to do for us "exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think." 2. Penitence and love — "Forgive us our debts" (v. 4). We should come to him realizing that we have sinned, and cry out to him for forgiveness, Our heart should be so filled with love for others that we will forgive those who sin against us, as God has so willingly forgiven us. 8. Holiness and caution — "Lead us not Into temptation" (v. 4). Because we are God's children, and realizing the depravity of our natures and the consequent tendency to practice chat which displeases him, we should shrink from that which, If Indulged in, would dishonor him, and earnestly cry unto him to lend us not Into the place where we would likely fall. 4. Intercessory (vv. 5, 0). The man who asked for bread did not ask for himself, but for a friend. Prayer which pleases God Is unselfish In Its requests. 5. Perseverence (vv. 7, 8). Though the friend refused at first and offered excuses, because of the one making the request would not take "No" for an answer, he arose from his bed and gave him us many as he needed. Prayer pleases God and gets results. IV. Encouragement (vv. 9-112). 1. God's promise (vv. 0, 10). True prayer cannot fall of answer, because God definitely promises that "Everyone that askotn receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth ; and to PARABLE OF THE FISHES Coming home one Sunday afternoon with a string of trout, Robbie was suddenly confronted by the local minister. There was no way of escape, but the boy rose to the occasion. Going up to the minister, ha said: "Minister, d'ye see what thaa troots got for nabbln" worma on Sunday?"—London Bystander. The Man Who Knows Whether the Remedy You are taking for Headaches, Neuralgia or Rheumatism Pains is SAFE is Your Doctor. Ask Him Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well-Being to Unknown Preparations B EFORE you take any preparation you don't know all aoout, for. the relief of headaches; or the pains of rheumatism, neuritis or neuralgia, ask your doctor what he thinks about it — in comparison with Genuine Bayer Aspirin. We say this because, before the discovery of Bayer Aspirin, most so-called "pain" remedies were advised against by physicians as being bad for the stomach; or, often, for the heart. And the discovery of Bayer Aspirin largely changed medical practice. Countless thousands of people who have taken Bayer Aspirin year in and out without ill effect, have proved that the medical findings about its safety were correct. Remember this: Genuine Bayer Aspirin is rated among the fastest methods yet discovered for the relief of headaches and all common pains . .. and safe for the average person to take regularly. You can get real Bayer Aspirin at any drug store — simply by never asking for it by the name "aspirin" alone, but always saying BAYER ASPIRIN when you buy. Bayer Aspirin Cleanse Internally and feel the difference) Why let constipation hold you back? Fed your best, look your best —cleanse internally the easy tea-cup tvay. CAR** FIELD TE A is not a mir- Wrlto tor acle worker, but a week FREE SAMPLE ol **• "^mal beaut} OARFIELD TEA CO. tre atment will uton- oapt. 23t ish you. Begin tonight. Brooklyn, N. Y. (At yam druf arora) GARFIELDTEA Slang'. U>« Slang peps up the conversation It It Isn't the too cheap sort. Still Coughing? bronchial et relief now with CreomuUdon erious trouble may be brewtaTand cannot afford to take a cfianca a vi?H! lnEr less to*" 1 Creomul- which goes right to to Pray him that knocketh It shall be on- ened." 2. Example of an earthly father (vv. 11-38). No father will g| ve a stone to his son who asked for bread, nor a serpent Instead of a fish, nor a scorpion Instead of an egg. God Is infinitely more will- Ing to answer the prayers of his children than earthly parents are to give good gifts to their children. V. The True Goal of All Prayer (v. 13). God's best gift Is himself in the person of his Holy Spirit. All those who practice the principles which Jesus taught In this model prayer shall experience the bless Ing of the Holy Spirit. Sou? druggist is authorized to guarantee O'eomulsion and to refund you? iSe£i e f y *J you F e nofc satisfied with results from the very first botHe. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv.) CLASSIFIED ADS ••••••gSBSBSiagSSSSBggBSli^B^^^^^ia PKJ3VKNT ACCIDENTS— Be safe. Solution keep* fog rain, snow, off windshield CosS W lly .H 1 '? 611 - Formula 50o ENGI- lion 1843, Station JB, Cleveland, O. Nerves Shut? Steeplees Nights? Restful jUeep | 3 needed for health. Ne"" Do«or"i 5r S 8 *. hlch relleVBS "srvousneas sent free M. U. Ferrell. Uutler St.. Metropolis. Ill; BACKACHES Reed Warmth Miserable backaches or muscla pains caused by rheumatism, neuritis, arthritis scStlcl? ' , , arrs sctc lumbago and strain all respond I nstant 'y to Allcock'g Porous Plaster. ESRELIEF Wherever it is-^-however broken the surface-freely apply soothing WNU—N 11—38 Mufti M M»l m W r • W':

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