Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 22
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 22

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 22
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OECATU? HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930 DECATUR H F R A I D o o a 9 » « ide Has 70 Memb ers I" Gayly Decor- wild Flowers Foliage Is Never Lazy, Says Mr. Patri Jul tailing Him La/y or In- attcnUve Doe* Nothing To Remedy It BEAUTY in the HOME j n ,j Golf club |nm$, (H decorations foi Uhlch W lll HI nut a i Hie wallv tmd w , ( , b i i l l l a n t In uimuim [ilnt-id In vaim for j^. [on w h i c h t,ovprn u c i » Toth thi din !!,,*( w^-tf in th( Hug, I A l l h i t i KilOi (vii» i I'hui'uliiv pint i H i f * · I t 1 , 1 (*i£f,| \ \\ I t\Ht\ 1' i tot' Mi un.l Mr, 'in t %f( m(t M l « I i i i ['li^-t In III., n , MM II W Pybtun U Rluitl iccond iiiliu-.bmiKh thlifl 1h» w e n t to O R»v Eshcl M Hi limit I n n l Ad Ikwood Entertains |x!itan Co. Wives I I ic k\void H b'lvfiiL; t in hn hnim In Un W m \si.i 1,0 1'vnii .([ ,\ i i ^n i in, · i» hinir 'i (in - «f thi HIM tii eli I Ht Hhin I, In v * "' Mi CV. mt-n ThiP |l lit J i t ]iliiv I Jvr o tilth in i llow blur Jim! KUCH |(lllllllllll ....... llllllltlllllllHIIHHIIIIUi 3 ia' Price -- 1 CK1NGS? i i s J o f l f t - ,i ililffcm lifHi | |M fi«ii ind fli fit tof, a ri pin i feunwde S U liti i ITllll lilt 1 1 1 III 1 1 1 IHI limi Illl 11)111 Illl II hi I HlHl ,,,,, «· 1 I U U M I ·, o 11 h n i ' ti 11 foiirrl tl f t w ,,[ t l r ( t m i h l i (|I(J *O 1011 !)(!',' (iffdtctl no cm; \ n d u tt f n i r t i l l l !·* iir*! a l l iv I i u »tu } nil nil on li I' 1 " 1 * TOiuel' li i till i him knf« thiit b'lOif '·m 'nld It "tnvin.(! It fhwjtKl nothing U i l Y lt t e Innl ltn(K** f* 'I'* Ifwti j'ltidod for hli jimci" 1* It I H I eiiu d ro t h u t tin ( in t;*t tin lil' i I'o" 1 It «K*'t hl'» nlu « t n m l PH id t o« MII 11 f ict Inn ' I 'ni« c h i l l W ' l Hn« do Kil know \ m *ill In ' " 'in*«ii nil DII r|i]ijl))(i* mil n u t ' It s u n «mi( i help ihi l i i i i t t ( n l l \ e fhiUI Yi u i ' ttMf tn i » f u t h e t t h n n tli' !nbM Die H|,m. IMIll t MM Se« Hftrt tlicfi M t hn.M Mie (In vhMe M I i v rmmiiKtit l i li t n cien thought «t *ini to IK !(! d^« o yfo^t to he it *^lov^ Irt ronij iflv nil o f i i r ]\i* htn haid flu w jiiit I n i o r t i c i i t l u n A dll" M^ rlilld Ulmt n o M " I'ul him li K cl»i" of Illie nilndel ililldrcn ai)( id! the t i M t i c i if h i l n K ihniii ti 1 iijt in Kitul I ntitl Ilifm hull aiu nnpe ffir Uic hMt Thf be-.t «tiii I hfit'l'ti lliovt t h i ] firm h n i c n i rlinnt * In tti' flnn u l t h Uie U ' u n l i ur Th^rf lJ A rniisp ^f«r thiili ^f»l II f l u l b i f u i e (on f n f l d e t in i t Ifi4 d U l(i Imid fno\ij»li ti lir ! i i f t e n t From ono'i i n a t i r bn( i' In baidi t «tlll to bf InliHlctf an !ti«licd »o mm It men hmidl'e fun I nn It Children omnot be lumdlwl th« »n Fuch child h an Individual of (trtnln (U fin Its qimlltlen To onftlvie feltn h of no good to him, nor to jou utc*ii tti* (vnnlvdls IK to be it4ed »a a Kill) for future Instruction, future juljwmnrit o( school And child It \» rleht to know what kind of child you have bul ha\lng found thun' Bettor do dome thing (» fietp him It you can Ono thins; we do W* flftti give tho children If rife To Miss Young, Care Herald, For Any Recipe or Househoid Help You Want--Please Don't Telephone OUVB M. VOVMO ,lmm«ii Mllllktn W lLtlt you pleaiKi ptint the recipe Cor Ic« Uox Cookks A T, One and one-half enpv fat pnil hut tei nnJ putt ultco One cup brown Hiigin Ono cup unite tuigar One tennpoon aoda Thiev tHbltipoonn hot Two OKJ;I Oni! cup nut meats chop pod flue One teaspoon van 11 la Font and one halt to five cupj Hour Cientn thu fat and migai and well beaten EKKS UlMiolvo thu soda in the tiol tvntnr and ttdd to thin mlx- Uiiii 1 hen add pint o( the Hour and hunt v,*ll Add nuts and vmnllla nnd th* lumulndet of the flout to make tt \oiy atlfl dough Foini Into a toll and wiap In oiled pupci or pack Into a biiad jmn nidi oiled pttt'bi umt pui In the te Irl^t ralor foi at l"fwt 01 si ntj^nt ^.Uce very thin and bake In a ralhci lioi oven until a delknle hi own Pnko only what you are wishing to uic at a Hmc Will liccp (01 mote thrtn a r,?ck If kept cold Biitlcrsoutch 1*1 A Will joit plen'e sl\e me a good il|ie tdt- Buttetscolth Pic T MAR^ Coloitui Lointurl In 'ihc Buth Uuom if itudy V*t can try « Ith might and mtln to (lfl\flop wheUovpi quail tv their hM* ^n thM tliev rnnv ttik« ihnin In the ticrmal tlfn nf the Tli* [own hontd ft tevltm ?At\ nirtw ((iwifirjoo toit't ho ralird b) tnx thli yenr (i meet ftm- r the Country America's ry Values f HERALD PATTERN ilk AFE m i'i \rc subjected cnlize* them prior consumpton ually p«clcd the prorectinfT Delivered inal food product" it furnishes one of communicable ection for safe milk «)Hns dlattnguUh« thin »ld will tndeur tt to the girl »«M look h«r b»«t ot ton tamer ; onsumod therefor*, LEAN, SAFE MILK i.T,\n (160 in itk From Your u iMni.j.f (to!TM P'ltlun Will, oliilnli \rnii n u i n b t t I.L DlSi^AL^K, collon and linen toib- *i ariO nwp'o hftvo bnon (tolHR tu I hi» iMiittlrj for th«ac m«jiy yiir^ (hcrf uanid to bu built up In our in In (In th* irt^.i that notblns lh«t riLi not «ht nine wlilt* w»* rcaliv itfin Ollstcnln* nltklo or ·hilfl tlitl wen; till mftrka of Ibc up-tO'ilnlc tidlh room. The cuttntni JiiM h\i' ta b* while Afld Ui?o Id* 1 inm«ti nt hPBun tn imtst on mot* color ID their borne* mort; rolorfui wnlls, more vhfl«rful looklojt uTiholrttry, morf fh*rm «nd Mw cold mtHiol- onr *ll tlirosig'h the liousft. rbat *ivt w**n tb* rolorfui bath room ftrtrt blcu(fi*t] hi to Its picmnt 4e llrhtful *i»U It ) now ao lonjor nhronsnry to rsiualiio the hath roam a» « purf-1? utllltartun pan of (,h« horn* Tb« nttr^cClT* n»* of oolor DM made tbe modern room » dcltfbt i* tb« «r*. SOME MOTHCRS FEAR TO PRAISE THEIR CHILDREN Hi I t l L I I I'AMKROX T HK too fond and aJount; motlicr w h o thlni.' h«r chilrttcn me «onlorttil In ovciv «iv, and Ictt them see II tlt*-ithv nulling tli*in t o n t f l t t 1 ! U u f t p n tilil- thft ditiirvv a i e nuw bcltif done Iti tune* to ftjjrue with t h e color srhcnn of the room and the icwels tbc soap the curlalui and cscn tho 1-ible attd iinol ars colored to metil lh! fcLnerdl scheme On« of the most i«cur,iilv« u^en df color la the bath rojm t» in connection with the *how*r cur(dim Th« above picture nhons t mod fro room OeMKhifuliy «tirked out tn color and hii"in(t a *how«r MirUilu In rayoo and rotion *al*r^ rcpsllunt ciotb wovun »lih it gruco and ullver eomblo illou with horti- onia) dtiippd. ThUi color cambtnatloD glv«e a charming not* to the room whlctt l omrrled out by tii« rtitor* IIUB and tho tlltng Thew »ho»et eur- mlns am not only tdauutul but practie*) u well as they dry Qntclt- ty and rttaln their plfislns t *· iMro · UHI§ Jtf tlief ir* IA UA ana ['our tablespoons butter 1 uui tfible'ipoons tlour One und one-elBhth cup [ Otic-fourth teaspoon vanilla f i eEitn th* bultei anil I uriU ttx« flour tienld the milk Mnd ' pour o\ct lh)4 mlxtute and add the wclt'buitin t$s volki and cook In tliu double bullui until thick and i Miiootb itlr (teo,u«titly Take Trohi tho hlo\o (ind add ^.inllla and wh»n | slliihtlj cool ptiui into a well baked VO'trj wlieli t'oscr with a nwlntcue tnidi frimi thu twu cgB whites bent, en stiff and with two loundlng tablo- apoons of nugai beaten In v,ell Brown in a modetale oven and a*v%o [ think Yve «)'iii \lrn n f u i p l (tint (lie r»((nMlt( l\ pf 'if inutlint inav tfo Juit nu niuuh hnn i l bfr diilrtKO Peih«ps ]#a« U said bcinime tli*. tpc la 40 much I*FJI common, but 0)10 ret tnlnly dona txlsl [ nn-nri tho niothtr who whfithtr nlic thinks h«r chlMicn n t n wondirdil 01 nut ti detoimlnccl thov dhtin t lnow fihc atipiavit of them nnU (en.-* to (he u|)|joiltf ex tiling bv A l - n v i qtiylns thln^i t* bi.- llttlo thdni and ln.l(w t h i m Jtmti Thoujtht -lumfthltie Wrtmp Th* dftiiglitt E o( sooti h tnothor mid to m* once ' I jmiipoap mother thotisht H« wor*i n)l jlfc'lil We »i«ri to win * lot of prl/PK In aohuol nnd In nthlctlci nnd I think she had MI much r*«*on to h* pi and of ui ni other mothers but vh* T«B\er 1ct its know for u minute Uint xhc tliouplit we wer* Bmurt or anvthlnp " -sliatilo Shf found fault hut she novor prnlied I know now It «n« h*r way, but T used to thlnH petltopt there wan somdthlnr «rinir with UF, ft«- ca«i« othtr mathett wire in rtlffci- ont " A day or two ago T letter came to mo flom the ]rocliift of nn extiemr eTBmplc of thli t\pp shf 11 ai the unwanted child ot n mother «Ho wn« vary jounif and poor tier rhUdhriort Wft 1 ) ovcr^hadnwed hi hei moth't's oomplalntjr about hei !^lnp 10 (tell eftte and being odd Well the Mv dnyi came T was nlvrn dfinctnK lep- sona but was not allowti* in go to dnnc«4 T nai )tl\en piano Iciioni but If anvone enW T pliii^t n f r d i ih* would « ' j 'IVtll look what T h a \ e spent on hti If a ho\ cdnie to the hrtu^e he IVM shown «nv dii't or eobwebi there u*rp In tho phc* and' told how Hse-tew t u»i" Then 'One night hen 1 wfti nl the bfind roncert 1*1 n\ niothfi and A (tirl chtitn. ft )os n 'tt' '1 to we'll home ullh me He nncl I walked In fionl and my niothei wnlttcd In hack t r6nt«mb«tr T i^lfl 'T am (roinp »o can rosphertks tomottow' Mothar Mtd to th filewt 'She li ttylnft to toll vou how wondei fill sh« li Tcu should know tier like I do ' ''I Am Afrtiltf (o Mert People' But oven lifter verit of twurlctt lift -with the klnikfit of hiitbnnfl« (but unfortHfidtoK still »p*nt tmdci her mother's roofl ihn »ay( of her- «elf '1 have no eonfl lenco In my«lf tii afraid to tnret people '' This h an extreme case of couiso It in difficult to lmafrln« a mother quit* Ilk* that But ft dots show thnt pnr«i)t«i must be cflreful not to Irv to t*ke chlldre-n down too twitch, Jmt ait w«tl at not to make th*m conceited JA1I,1 MAM 1I1N 1 t-M HfcON Coin chowikr PrenUi lotisi i- 1 * unit Appl* sixutc Cook · U I N N K U Sliced 1 -\nill t l O C Kiapl Bnkid v u i i t ptiifvtuo 1'eai will! onloni Slinuticl pud ill tig C u a n i p iniiter Ten Will ^ou plinw fitve mo a recipe tui canot and pineapple aalad" L ft M One pa knge of lemon jello Onr-half cup well dialned grated pineapple One-half cup inw cm-rots grated or put lhiouf(l) the food chopper Dlsiolv* ihe jollo In tliRhtly leu lhan ono pint «f boiling hot water LOVINTON GIRL W1DS CALIFORNIA MAN IN DECATUR LOVINI.ION - Mi ntid Mn Gwrgt ijiu 1\ of Lo-v Ingi-Dn ha»o announced i lip nmi rlnftc of their d itiKhtfi tn Uto tiiaclj age SO to W H t«K LO »i U B° * a Of Los An- BBIM Cii viticti tnok pines in He t'ntttr Oc.t i) ifrs In^iam wat Ittadvifltctt ftom the LmlnRlni school in tho class of 1920 antl wai one of Xlvft honor students Mr tngmm h tinplojttl as stxlcK- man thioiiKh tho UnlLul Statos for the bupor Igntlinn Coll eompany They left foi Los AnKfks, Cal, Saturday to HI'P duilnit The wlntoi FORMER S A L w O M A N MARRIES ON SUNDAY SALEM-- Mi H Hnrcl Companlon- olt anil Homci RevnokH of Wiattur upro marrictl at nnon burn))]} In the OlulHtlati r h u i r h nt ijnndovul bv Il*v 1 \ ltoibmoiif!h of Eutoki Mi -i Ri\ nol'ls fii mci I- n\ cil In Saltm and wa* ti Bindiwti of Knli in Hitch Brhool M,ini of lici fia.ii mntei and ether Salem filemH al tfndert tho ivcddlnjf Mr Rejnolds K u pimpootii fntnui am! they will ieildf on hln f n i m neitr Boulder WIFE PRESERVERS A dry duh mop wilt clean bed ipnngs beautifully Colds KaB w * u ***** tkntt and I CHILDREN'S (HOSIERY 1 Lone wool hosiery for kiddles In g nn nrrnj of colorf rind UlLLIOtt JAM USEO YtAHtV if, lIR N Hater ·iHMIIHIHIIIHIUIIIIHIIHINIIIIIIIIHIIIINIIIHItllNIIIIIIIIII 1 F RANKE! PHARMACY Cor, North Water and Eldorado 5t». SAVE ON YOUR RUBBER GOODS AND DRUBS! $1.50 Seamiest Hot Water Bottles 79« fM Seamless Combination Hot Water Bot- tl* ft Fountain Syringe $1.39 $1.50 Vaginal Douche . 89c 75c Pint Rubbing ALCOHOL , . . 37 $1.00 NUJOL 67 C Turto Electrlo VAPORIZER Mid 75o SlM TUBPO 89c and illr until entirely dissolved Rot In a pan of fee water until It b*glns to net aiound tho edgcx, And thon add lti« plncupple und can at, mixed Turn Into a mould tlnsccl with totd water and allow to icl IJ mot) J Jed in a ring mould It may tw luined out on a plate entered with lettueo haves and the c«ntf r f Iliad with ilth- or whipped creatn di owing or a l»m- onal«« Vout dgK yolks One-halt ctip One-fourtl) teaspoon sail Juke and ilnd of ono Imgr lemon or one und a half medium tilled OUCH One-halt cup whipping ciemn Put *Kg yolki, ttviftti, and nail In top of the doubk bollci and boat until well blended Add lemon juice nnd rind and nllr well Cook over hol ! water until i m y Ihltk and fltitfioth Pool and add crrnm whipped ntlff Just b^forn tiling Sugar Is Really Wonderful Foorf, Says Dr. Barton But You Must Remember Thai It Can Be Dangerous Food As Well llj Mb .W. BARTON, At D W HAT Hboitld 1« your opinion of a food that In ' cheap, cknn white, LSI! be CM tied about on yotii person, neviti perished 01 K I O W H Impute H unndulteinleil \f) plcujjunt to| taste, fiee from KCIIMM hlshly nu.|? u K M w do It* completely soluhlo In wa- l(not w*«*«h phy.lcianN will caua« dlolwiw, kidney and heart at Invent it, and put on a fftml daij a t ' extra weight, it should ho worth rout while to slop *nt con*lt«r all the \ abovo point* Whetlwr you want la piny h»rd tn worli hard atijtftr IK your twit itftnd by It gela Into tho blood f«it*r ii tn a, RhorUr tiro* than other tx4ir , and In thu* being u«n) by th* inun ' cSfB that much ttxtMr And r*rn«m b«r thM 11 In tho mutcki th»l do the work In tha body, whether It h movtrig yottr armi or )«g«, bcndlnx you f01 word, backward or ·ldewty« or fht muHcIc* of th* Intettln*. fh» blood veMvlft, lunKt or eluowhirt where mu*do fibre* «r« located Far FalltNK HMft» And )nat tn not town, don'l ttrtt that yiur heart muicl« Itnelf f«e*l f on thin suaar, artuilly ne«d* thli toi, t«a or other liquid it completely by the bodi, tf(|tilr^ nooookfnff and Iheie Is not one pailicle of wastf fttl- ct It Is eaten " This deirtlptlon of s wonderful food vins iipplled hv ilie late Dr V JS, RloBBfln lo nufidi hecai]«i sugar (ulfllln all tho abo' e I Krud Tbtt( Agnlll JiiHt nod It owi iffuln bi(oie loo go /urthct [ And HO tn t)u«o duvt, when ou ad of the dangtrt of sugar thiit i t supsr tn It In such «i« nr~* of f»Jllne he»n con and given results AO quickly i Don't Oi«f Eat U However, my advice I* not that yoij eat all the sugar J'OU powlbly can r\pry d«v Thpt would not tw wl«« because «uc»r in »»ten to five entrgy lo the bodv, th* body I* meant toi woilt and thus \in* up th* »U(»r eiten (Cup^nehi, 1»38, hy the IWI Sjntll. r*U, Inc.* tVhi/ tolerate yourOIJ Mattress? I liave it made into a beautiful When You See.... half Cost.' V ^TORw.^.'; fcK 1 ?" $1,25 BottU KONJOLA . 89c 65cJar VICKS 25° rtnkhMn Cninpound* , 1 - 89c TWELVE JUICES 98c $1.00 M*rneti» OXOID3 . . 79e Sfrfli' This Unusual Service Is Drawing To An End--Only ft Days Left There'* a lot of thrifty, *eniibl« folk* in thU community. They are having their old mattreuei made into new ono, It't a fine way to uve money--but better than that, Utete people are going to enjoy · new il**p luxury that they wouldn't exchange for many time* what it cost them. You, too, should find out about thu remarkable terv- ice. Come into the store and let u tell you bow your faded and toiled mattreu U tent to th« large modern factory of a Matter Bedding Maker, how it it Ultra transformed into a thing of beauty. Let ut thow you the latett development in inner-spring contraction that it built into your mattrei*, making tl supremely comfortable. All at hacott. Your Old MaHross Domes Back lo You Beautiful and Supremely Comfortable The Matter Bedding Maker* of America (maken of the world'i finett mattrettet) extend thi» unutual terv- ice to you through our (tore becamte they want you to experience the vast difference between a modem inner* spring mattrest ai they make it and the mattrew you are now using. The purpoit of thi* offer U to malt* over your old mattrett into a new one, beautiful and supremely comfortable, to that you will realize the great strides that have lately been made in mattress construction, The cost of this service varies from $15 to $24.50, depending upon the quality of the new ticking you select from samples displayed at the More. Your old mattress, magically changed into « new one of the most improved inner-spring type, it returned to your bed within three days. We assure you that it will be ( the equal of a new mattress costing twice as much. The rerponse to thi* offer makes nt want to continue it indefinitely, but the factory .hat set a time limit Only five days move. Come into (he store before it it too late and tee with your own eyes how wonderful* ly pretty and comfortable your o'd mattrets will be returned to you. PEOPLE'S FURNITUBE CO. turns new You cant help but be pleated with them. One Glance Will tell you they an marvel* of Style and val u* at just $59 i'hi* it a special group for Friday and Saturday, AH are richly fur-trimmed. _. Burn's Fashion? Are Distinctive But not \ . Expensive! urns^

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