The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 13, 192J THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIVE. ORDINARY WHEAT DRUG ON MARKET RANGE OF OPTIONS (Br aotr* * cark«a«r> Bids Out of Line With Idea* of Holders—Fair Demand for High Protein Stuff".— Sales of hard wheat, nuoted, generally unchanged with Just fair demand and quits a little carried over unsold', •nt tho close. The l)ost demand again today was for wheat running 12 pea- coat or .better protein. Bids tor ordinary wheat wore out of lino with holders Ideas. No. 1 hard wheat—Three cars at Ode and five cars at 95c. No. 2 hard wheat—One car 53.3 11). at 97c, 12.30 protein; throe cars at 96c; one car at ilBVic and six car?* at »5c. No. 3 hard wheat—One car 56.5 lb. at 97c, old, 12.20 protein; five cars 57.3 lb. at 97c, 12.36 to 12.G0 protein; two at 9f>c; two 56.6 lb^ at 95c; ono car'61.5 lb. at 94c, 2.3% rye and one car at 93c, old July. Sept. Deo. July.. Sopt.. Dec.. Jrtly.. Sept.. July.. Sopt.. Dec.. Open , .99% . .!U>% 1.02 'i AT CHICAOO. Whtlt. —ClOHPfl Hlch low Tn-tay T'<Uy .1.00% .o?% l.oor* AT KANSAS CITY. .03% .08* .93% .99% 1.02U .83% .75* .62% .m> .34% .62% .64" .67 July.. Sent., July., Sept.. Dec. Open .92 M .S2Vi . .72 .08 Wheat. HlKh Low .92 .93% .92*4 .SS% .93-. Corn. .S3 .HSVii .73 .72 .50% .58 —Clonefl Tiriay TTtUy .95 .91'i .92 ^ .ttavi WHEAT SOMEWHAT FIRMER IN CHICAGO It Moved Up a Little Because of Plan to Reduce the Acreage. Xhirty Yeara Ago Today 55. Whlnery wai clerk of tho district court. .82% .72>i .68% .63 Soflj-s-Iloebnuk T. K. .Steel -.. Tft.xim (*o. I'nlmi Pueiflf Uy | Vitimilium Steel | Amu. Woolen No 3 hard wheat-One car 59.-1 lb | X:^^^! 0 . at 94c, 3.7% rye, 12.08 protein and, Kinml.-o-.l of N'. J one ear 54.4 lb. at 92c. pRtnnilard <if dilf. Minneapolis and St. Louis mills re-! >K; , | m -" h 'V 1 '- "' v ' , ,1 Walmsh Ky. -Common port that there la a little better do- 1 He U .,i„ n Oil niand for Hour and that considerable has booh booked Past tow days. Receipts of wheat at Hutchinson today 76 cars; two ears nillo and one klfflr. Ono year ago receipts of wheat 28 cars. „ Receipts ot wheat at other markets today Sallna 22 oars; Wichita 166 cars; Kansas City* 231 oars; St. Louts 70 cars'; Omaha 34 ears; Chicago 2-1 cars; Minneapolis 130 cars; Dululh 103 cars and Winnipeg 1")5 cars. NEW YORK STOCKS. SOU 39?-a lr.lH, 39 17 u (Reported this afternoon by James E. Bennett & Co., f,06 Rorabaugh- Wlley building, oy who from Now York.) A. T. ,4 3. F r... Allied Chemical Dil Amn. Smelting M Atiactmtla Coppi-r M 7 /a Anin. Car &,Foundry .......K-e Alll-i-Clialmprs W.i Sumatra IC-A Amn. 'PVN-phunc &. 'lYIi-triftph lt'dt-i Amn. Int'l Gm-p. 19 Jii.-lhlf.hcm Steel 45 lluhlwln l.oi-nm-jt ive Anin. I.oeom.nlve im-.v) Atlantic. flulf-W e»l initios liiiltimore tiz Ohio fly. ... Chile. Cupper Central Leather Anin. Corn rnxluots Cubn-Amn. .Stlyar (Tuba Cane Huttar ........ Cuba Cane Huyrar I'fd. ... Coea-Cola Caiwullnn I'aeifle Ity •\mn. A(:tl.-ut'u:at Wlllyn-Uvcrlnnil Lima I.oi omotivo Krle n.v Kile Firsts Maxwell Motors "A Maxwell Motors "H" ••• Great Ncn-thein Ore V. Imliislrial Alcohol T"s:is CnU Sulphur tiilnols Central N'ortll American Oil .... t.Ym!s. Textile t';tro l.>e 1'ie-ee ........ Austin Nlchnla Cluli S.-iin-ii i'-s I 'rrcwl Steel Car WoolMortli ,tnra. h-e .Men.-v ait tiny,- &':c. Bales 1 p. m., ISC, 700. . 71 . 9M4 *m .129 . 30 . S37 -a . 15 WL . r.3>4 . 31 -U - r,o ?V . 27'4 . 8% . so • 13«i : ,f? . ll'i . is-ij . 33"4 . 12 . 2S • 45% . 6liVS . 57 71% 91>4 42%, 12S7/.I 32 83% 63% 32<i f.0-% 2774 S% CO Mi t -1 V, m« 39 12 2SH 47 •>»'.4 r.7 ios 20H 7 Ml 39 7k 17?J 16% 63 2i !t 8l»,4 GRAIN GOSSIP .117% . GS-'-i - I its . -ir.Vi . 26 . 20 . SS .HUH • 2»% . 10". • -I'lla Criiettvle Hlfjel N V. i.leiltial Hy. tX.».1er. Oil Chandler Motor* Anin. .Steel I'umidry Famoti .1 I'layers Cult Stale* Steel Geneva! Electric White EaKte OH Great Northern Hy General Motors lnl'l Nickel Kelly-Spvlngfiel.t Chlno Cotiper Tm-i Maniuetto Uy Missouri Pacific Ivy. ••• Missouri I'a.-lfU- Ry. PM. Mnrland Oil Calif. I'elroleum Mlnitie-States Oil Northern Pacific Hy. ... Prooucei-s Hefmci-3 .. Phltlipa relroleurn Pullman Co. Pure Oil Pait-Aout. Petroleum .. Pan-Amn. Petroleum "II Pacific OU Penn. Uy Botitliern Uy C. M. SL -St. P. Hy. C. M. & St. P. Ry. Pta. Reaillnir Ry. Rook Islawl Republle. Iron & Steel . U. H. Uulilx-r Anin. SuKar Koiilhem I'aeUio Ry.',.. Bludahaker Blnelalr Oil ,.1<7 . . 61 .. 39 1: .. 49% . . 33 .. 71'j .. 711% . .172 .. 24% .. «0% .. i;ti,j • • 12% 11 ii 3I)«, Many of the farmers neat' Moutid- .. ridge say they would have been much l JjJ» i bKtter or/ had they set fire to their 45% i wheat and burned it ofr Instead of 119% ! -harvesting It. Some will not got Jjjj- J enough out of their wheat to pay for 46^* i Hie twine. lav i A. O, Voaburgh of Dodco City will ii9% • ^ the manafier of the Davidson elo- 121 j vator at Nlckeri;ou which was recctit- " r ' 1 "'' ly purchased by tho Davidson Grain company ot Hutchinson from C. N. Woodell. Chicago, July 13.—Wheat moved upward a llttlo In prlco today during the early dealings, Influenced chiefly by tome falling oft lu tho volumo of hedging sales and optimism ,lu various quarters as to a settlement of the problem. The market'had a sold out appearance and even ardent -boars seemed disposed to show caution In view of recent sharp declines. Recommendations that whiter wheat acreage be reduced tended further to strengthen tho market, according to tho opinion of somo traders. Opening prices, which varied from unchanged figures to %c higher, with September 99%# 99%c, and December $ 1.02%® 1.02 wore-followed hy a moderate general advance with July and September Ijath rising above $1. > Subsequently black rust talk had moro or less bullish effect, but In tho final dealings prices receded a 'bit owlng'to estimates that the 1923 Canadian crop would -be the largest on record more than 1.00,000,000 bushels In excess of last year. The close was unsettled, % to 1 ,^c net higher. Sopt. 90% to 99% c and December $1.02% to $1.02%. Complaints of hot dry weather In Oklahoma and Texas gave strength to the corn market. After opening at %c decllno to a like advance, September 76c, cunt scored a materia 1 advance all mound. July delivery nearly equalled the season's high price record. The close was stonily at %e. to %c net advance, Sept. Vf.Vi to 76%c. Oats wero upheld by the action ot other cereals but kept within narrow limits, storting unchanged lo ] 4c off. September 34H (IT "4%c, and later making slight general gains. Lower hog quotations weakened tho provision market. L PRODUCE MARKETS 41114 us 65 98 39% 33% 71% 71% IT; 24% or.% 11 The wheat on the Warren Detter place south of Nlckerson is making 30 hurthols to the acre. Ode Hill southwest of Nickerson threshed 19 acres and averaged 28H bushels. Tho -Formers Klevator at Nickerson Is now receiving tho wheat of .the Wheat (1 rowers Association. Their west elevator is being used for this purpose, with Elmer Jvlouts in charge of the same. The first Wheat Qrow ers wheat wa.^ received Saturday. r,».'! 34% .. 51; 1$ . . 32% •• 43 % :: .. 41 .. ei -. sr.7i . , 23% 114% 19% (11 67% 33U. 44 32% 1S% 31% 71% 23% 44 41% Thousands of women and girls wero thrown out of employment in factories hy the 'French occupation of the Hum* district, but ignore domestic service offered them because they Strike funds from Berlin and local iiiunleipalltJect amounting to mere than wages in homes. It la as difficult to obtain housemaids In Gennanv as in this country. Kansas City. Kansas CUy, July 13.—-WHEAT— Receipts 231 cars; unchanged to le higher; No. 2 dark hard 97(fjf>l.lV7; No. 3 dark hard 97*tl.06; No. 2'hard 93!if> 1.0-r; No. 3 hard 927M.03; No. 2 red !inffiUI9c; No. 3 red 93®95c; Julr 91'ic asked; Sept. l'2»ic bid; Dec. 95Vic asked. , CORN—Unchanged lo 1c higher; No. 2 white S7c; No. 3 white 56c; No. 2 yellow 93c; No. 3 yellow 92f!TiU2V '2c; No. 2 mixed 86(f»87c; No. 3 mixed 86 CaSCe; July S2»ic asked; Sept. 72V4C split asked; Dec. 5S : H)C split asked. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white •i3V&<5 4-ic; No. 3 white 42V4«<'43Vio; No. 2 mixed 43c. -IIYE—65® 66c. BARLBY—56@58c. KAFIR—tl.52tB-l.54. I1RAN—9Sff96c. SHORTS—?1.32Jiil. 37. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo„ July 13.—Produce all unchanged. BUTTER—Dreamery 40® 41c; packing 26c. -BUTTERFAT—Unchanged, 31c; extra quality 34c. POULTRY—Hens 2c; heavy broilers 32e; light broilers 25c; roosters 10c. Chicago. Chicago, July 13.—BUTTER— Steady to higher; creamery extras 37V£c; ntattdards 36%c; extra firsts 36fjj)37c: flrata 34V4@3GV~jC; seconds 33-'(f34c. BOGS-Steady; firsts 23(S-23%c; ordinary firsts 21©21Vsc; storage pack extras 25c; storage jmck firsts 24 We. POULTRY—Steady; fowls 19©23c; brollors 2<cfi"37c; roosters 12c. POTATOES—Receipts 111; total U. .1. shipments 008; sharply weaker; Oklahoma sacked Cobblers $2.75® 3.00; fancy $3.«5w3.10; field run $2.50; choice kinds ?2.25®>2.35; heated Jl.75S2 .fiO; Kansas sacked - Early Ohlos $2.50<ff2.60; ungraded $2.25; Virginia barreled Cobblers, best, $6.75. Hutchinson Bultarfat. ((jimled by Switt & Co.) BUTTKIl--Creamery, 396)40o. BUTTKREAT—No. 1, 34c; No. 2, 31 eta. SMALL RECEIPTS OF CATTLE AT K. C. Prices Were Steady on all Grades. Hogs Mostly 10 to IS Cents Higher. SUITS BROUGHT AGAINST GRUNDY 17 Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Carl NolBOn.) POX'LTRY—Heus over 4 lbs. cts.; under 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers lVi to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; under lVa 20 cts.; sprlngB, 2Vs lbs. and over, IS cts.; roosters, 7 cts. - DUCKS—Young, 10c; Geese young 10c; turkeys, hens SVi, lb. and over 20c, young tcnis 12 lb. and over 20c; old toms IScMi guiuas, 30c each; pis- eons, Cc each or 75c a uoz.i Belgian Hart's So. EGOS—Fresh, candled loss off, 15 cts. dozen. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, July 13.— iWHHAT— July $1,001,4; Sept. ' 99%c; December ?1.02Vj. CORN'--July S3"ac; Sept. 70%; De- receive I comber C2->ic. OATS—July a .'i^ic; Sept. 3l%c; December 36%c. PORK-Blank. l^A'KD—Sept. $11.00; October $11.12. RIBS—$8.15; October $0.05. Hutchinson Produco. (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; hens 1« cts.; light hens, Hcts.; broilers 25 C_U. Leghorns and blacks under lMi lbs.. 20 cts. EGGS; 15e dozen. The Opiunt Committee of tho League of Nations voted, six to one for strict limitation of production and si% wile^f tho drug under absolute) gov- '„.,;? eminent control; Portugal failed to 21 , vole, and France voted against it WALL STREET MARKET, Now York, July 13.—Stdck prices reacted sharply in the latter port of today's market after an early period ot irregularity. Speculative belief that Premier Baldwin's speech has brought the reparations problem a step nearer •olutlon was an Important factor in the day's buying. Sales approximated. 460,000 shares. New . Y'ork, July 13.—Speculative sontlmont was somewhat unsettled at the opening of today's stock market but most ot the standard Industrial »nd railroad stocks tended toward higher ground. Initial galas of 1 to 1% -points wore recorded by American Car, American. Can and Com Products, while United States Steel, Studehak- er and American Locomotive opened fractionally higher."Some of tho minor eHs -were heavy. •Karly trading was rather listless •with -price changes generally unimportant There was a moderate do- inan -d for the steel, equ-ipinont and automotive shares, American Oar extond- ;(ng Its gain to 2Va points and Great • Northern Ore and American Locomp- 1 tlve to a point, d^amous Players drop- 1 p «d ltt. Demand sterling opened I slightly higher but the other -principal ] foreign exchanges were heavy. • Improvement in the technical post- tlon and the better outlook for an ad! lustmont of foreign troubles brought : wrnie buying orders Into the market ! during the first hour. Execution of j these orders carried various stocks tip a point or two, but as soon as the de- ! mand was satisfied, prices fell back. ' Armorloan Oar reacted 3V& points and American Can, Baldwin, Studehaker, Ften-Amerteau "B" and Union Ptclfla one each. Toward mid-day prices again stiffened. Tho dullness was BO intense during the forenoon that many oi'dinari y active slocks were not dealt 111 at all. Cull money opened at tvle per cent. lu New York Monoy. New Y'ork, July 13.—Foreign changes irregular. Quotations cents; Great Britain demand 4.59 D-1G; cables 4.59VS; sixty day bills on banks 4.59 9-16.' France demand 5 .SS; cables G .88V4- Italy demand 4.28; cafbles 4.28V4. Belgium demand 4 .88; cables 4 .8SVJ. Qermau demand .0004 V4; cables .0004%. Switzerland demand 17.28. Clrtwe demand 2.75. Poland demand .00OSV4. Czecho-Slovakta, demand 3.00. Call money firm; high 5; low 5; ruling rate 0; closing bid 6; offered at 5V4; last loan 5; call loans agaliiBt acceptances 4Ms- Time loans firm, mixed collateral 60-90 days 5©-5Vi; f-our- slx months Cfo 'BVi'; prlino commercial paper 6. Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Win. Kelly Milling Co.) WHEAT—No. 2. new or old, ROc. FLOUR—Per 93 lb. sacks $3.15; 18 lb. sacks, $3.20; 24 lb. sacks, $3.30. CRAHAM—Per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.50. CORN'MEAIx—Per cwt., 10-lb sacks, $3.30. SHORTS—Per cwt., $1.45. BRAN—Per cwt., $1.10. SCREENINGS—$1.30. ONE MAN KILLED AND 30 INJURED IN WRECK Memphis Special on Southern Railway Derailed Down in Alabama. Liberty Bonds. Final prices quotou by tha Mc- Naghlen Loan company today wero: 3%% First 4%% 98.12 Second 4%% 98.16 Third 414» 98.00 Fourth 4%% 98.14 U. S. Government 4>4% 98.28 Cotton Market. New York, July IS.—Spot cotton quiet; middling 28.00o. Cotton futures closed strong. July 27.16 (3127 .2601 October 24.£0@34.60c; Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, July 13.—TTAY—-Re­ ceipts 02 cars- steady to $1 lower. ALFALFA — Choice ?20.B0@21.0O; No. 1 $1S.OO@19.00; Btandard $15.50® 1.7.50; No. 2, $11.54)015.00: No. 3, $9.00@11.00. PRAIRIE—-New, No. I $12.00g> 13.00; (No. 2 $ 10.0O@ 11.50; No. 3 $8.04) @9.50. TIMOTHY -No. 1 $15.50(7? 16.0O; standard $14.r>«»15.O0; No. 2 $13.50® 14.00; No. 3 $11.50013.00.-' •CLOVER- Mixed, light, $10.00; No. 1 $14.5077 15.."0; No. 2 $12.00^14.00. Kansas City, July 13.—CATTLE— Receipts 2,000; calves 500; fairly active; fully steady on all classes and grades; top beef Moors $10.70; best yearlings $10.30; . mixed yearlings $9 .10©ri0.00; hulk-beef cows $4.50© 6.25; canners and cutters $2.25©;;).25; bologna bulls $4.25<d>4.75; packer top few $9.50; few to shippers $9.75; fleshy feeders $3.00. HOGS—Receipts 5,000; mostly lO-'rf 15c lower; shipper top $7.40; packer top $7.35; trader tup,; hulk of sal03 $7.10@)7.40; bulk desirable 170 to 290 pound averages $7.25#7.40; packing sowa $6.15516.25; stock pigs steady; hulk $6.3 ()«t '6.0il. SHEEP—Receipts 5.000; killing classes steady; Texas wethers $7.50 @8.00; Oklahoma tirade Arizona evvus $6T25; lew lambs $11.00. Chicago. Chicago, July 13.—I IOCS Reeoipp; 42,000; better grades 10S.t-20c lower: others 15©25c lower; bulk 160 to 250 pound averages $7.-l5(i;t-7,'ii); top $7.6,7; bulk 260 to 325 pmiiiii butchers $7.1(0 (ii7.4(1; bulk desirable packing sows $6.10(5)6.35; desirable pigs mostly $6.50iji7.00; heavy wciftbt IIORH $6.60 #7.55; medium $6.85^7.65; light $6.65(7(.'7.65; light lights J6.55iff-7.55; packing sows smooth $,-ir6.r,0; rough $5.7557-6.00; killing pigs $a.2»$» 7.00. CATTLE— Receipts 4,000: killing classes uneven; less than Thursday, about steady; no strictly choice steers here; top matured kinds $11.15; best yearlings $10.55; bulk beef steers and ye.aiiin^s $9.00(u' 10.25; choice heifer yearlings $10.25; numerous loads mixed steers and bettors $S."5(fi0.51); vealers steady to 25c lower; bnlk to i>iickers around $11.00; upward to $12.00 and above to outfiiilers; bulk desirable bologna bulls $5.60®S.S5. SHEEP—Receipts 8,000; active, mostly steady; no western lambs offered; bulk choice natives $14.00(3' 11.50; top to butchers $14.75; culls generally $8.0i )fji ;3 ..MI; medium "and handy weight ewes $1.5006.50; extreme heavies downward to $3.50. Former Business Asociates Ask Judgments. OWES ATTORNEYS $5,000 Malloy, Davis & White and J. F. Springfield Bring Actions in Court Here. BOYS'BAND IS STARTING FINE Expected That 75 Young Men. Will be in Line in a Short Timo. IS- ENATOR DILLINGHAM OF VERMONT IS DEAD He Was First Elected United States Senator in That State in 1900. Wichita. Wichita, Kan., July 13. -lit Receipts 500; 15c lower; top $7 ,25; bulk $7 .15}i7.25. CA'TTLE -Receipts 200. steady; receipts light; beef steers $1.51)577.00; beef cows and heifers .$ -1.1.1(1 Yt 7.00 ; bulls $2.f,0®4.25; veal calves *3 .W «j> 8.00; stocbers and fueders $3 .u i rKfr -(».5rj. CAR OCCUPANT THROWN THROUGH GLASS IN CRASH Threo nuits worn iilvA in district court this afternoon acuinst Walter Orumly asking Jndt;nionL for nn air- grugato of nearly $20,000. Two of iho stiiia woro brought by Ma Hoy, Davis & Whito, rcl'TOflcntluK J. F. KprlnR- fiohl and one was brouglit by the firm itself, asking $3,01)0 for Wvaxl si^rvici-a. Mr. SpfinKt'li'id's two Hctiuiis u^mo- gatr» $H,i; j ,f). Ono IH a fifr ?f..'>00 allug-c.-d to havo lnvti r.ivoa tlruiuly. tlui missint; prcsitleiiL (if tho Fourth Slate bank for the purchase of oil and y/tia ioaacs. This mnnoy, it la allei;c:il %va» appro]>riaieii by Grundy for his own \im-. Appropriated Moneys. Tho yi.'nomi mi it of Mr, Springfield ask.s judgint'Mit un ono count for $.".,f)i;i) and in tho oihor for $4.i :ii5. Theso two HUIIIH roprcHent tho face of nolns signed hy tho defendant, tlio plaintifl' and by tiny <" Tho potitiou ROtii forth that money for payment, of those uotoM was a)»propriatod by Hie ilefoiiduiit for bis own use-. Tho actioiiH against Grundy aro brought with the knowledge- ami eou- eiirrenco of the state bunking department whieh l.H int. rested in any po.s- siblo ju'o]»orty. llnindy migiit Jiave. TIH'TO in an utuVi-r ^tHudhu; tTiiit O 'jult- ub)o adjustment will bo made if Judg-menus again Mt. tlio ab.^onding linker are worth anything. May Have An Equity. 1 Tho object of t.!o-se siiiU is a possible equity held by Grundy in I ho i Ilonn; Oil eompany which was former-1 ly the o. K. Hefining company. Thw 1 affairs oi Ihb* firm are now In litigu-. tiou and it is problematical whether' Grundy will liuvu anything from it. Tlie suit i>f Mr. Spi'lngi'ield in a duijlicate of one i'llod yesterday at KaiiMUrt City, whore the trustee of tho Home Oil t 'o, atock reside. Thorn wero about 35 bnys at th« boys' bund meeting hold in tho band hall last night, under tho direction of EU Wrney, conductor of the Municipal badn. Of that uumhor about 27 agreed to join, others wanted to talk first with their, parents. ''I liavo had about Ua phono calls ihirt morning," Mr. Karncy .-aid today, "and I am sure we will get a gr-'.it many moro IIOVH out for n''\t w>'ek." The luiya are taking much Interest In the work i.-; probable that before ninny months a good .sized hand will bo rohear.-*ing. The hoyn who havn signed up their lunijcs for the liantl are as fellows'. Keith isloorn. Jack Uuher. Karl PhiUipf. Walter I'.unte, VA\W ar.l Wiley, liilly Thonij'aon, Owen (.'oniiein: htou, Karl Key. Harry Schneider. Gen. palnt-v. Ibiel COUIIIM, I )oriH liritf. Warren Mo: rah, llli'.'nard rrotu-h, Frank Hoiluti- t'haa. Courtney, Harry Phipphi. Tom I'hippln. K. K. Voung, Harold Tliomp- .'.on, Joe Hailey, Raymond Hrooks, Tilnuui IMJJIK- worth. Chas. Morgan, Henry Moi>;un, J. M. itiobardson. I.eo. Mere^-r. Unexplained, He— "Why do you girls c ing at tho matineo? She—1 don't know. Why , enjoy raving ul. the niiip the I.WsLnn Tranaeript. njoy weep- lo you men ire'.' From Eatabio Valentines. •May—M'-ords are hmdefjuato to express my |<>v< : for mj May-You sahl it, Hav, old dear! b!l >' it with Kiowora.- -Topics of Gio Day Films. A WOMAN HELD FOR SHOOTING AT BOYS What About the Munt.iche? West Virciula has made It a cr'n to bob a Klrl's b»lr. Tl.wi vUM<> sliotild ti„ „t bant a ml*l,.ro.-t>nor I'rum the Minn.-apulls Journal The Remedy at Hand. Doctor.-! say p .>i >ple eat too lURar. The sucar speculutois arc. their lina-t to euro thia evil. -J.u MopUgut'. much dol'i^ ic.-i J. Tliey Were Swimming in the Verdigris River Without Bathing Suits. Memphis, Tenn., July 13,—One man was killed and about thirty others injured, some seriously early today when tlio Memphis special oa the Southern Hail-way was derailed two miles east of Larlclnsvllle, .Ala., according to ro- •ports received here. Ten of the more seriously injured are in a hospital at -Huntsville. Four Pullmans and two coaches of the train, which was en rotuo from New York to Memphis, were torn looso from the engine, mail, express and combination cars, and hurled down Iho embankment overturning. Taken to Hospital. HuntsviUo, Ala., July 13.—Fifteen persons Injured In .g> wreck of the Memphis special near Scottshoro, Ala., early today were brousht to a hospital -here this morning. U Carr, 13 of Durham, N. 0., was killed, It was stated that at least 12 (persons were seriously hurt. Life has become just one roach after another to Chicago's mail-woman, "Fred" Thompson. al1»B Mrs. Frances Carrlck, alleged slayer. Thompson, who has been identified as the smiling gun girl who shot Richard C. Tesmer, is DOSB ot the 1 gang that la waging war on tha vermin In Cook county jail, Chicago. Thompson denies the murder charge. When arrested ha waa posing as tbe wife ot ono man and tha huaband of a woman. Montpelier, Vt., July 13.—United Stales Senator William P. Dillingham of Vermont died hero late last night. Senator Dillingham underwent an operation three weeks ago for gall trouble. He rallied well and' appeared to he on the way to recovery until last Sunday, when his condition took a turn for the worse. Funornl services will be conducted at the Methodist Episcopal cliurch in Waterbury, the senator's native town, next Sunday. Senator Dillingham was born In December, 1843, and was a son of Paul Dillingham, who was governor of Vermont from 1S65 to 1887. Ho served as state's attornoy of Washington county, secretary of civil and military affairs, in both branches of tho legislature and as commissioner of state taxes. He was governor of Vermont from 18S8 to 1890 and was first elected United Stales senator In 1900. In 1907 he was chairman ot the "United States immigration commission. Andrew JUisttnKS, a youu man from j t Oklahoma City, was thrown tbroucb ; ^ the windshield of his Ford touring car ^ aljput 12:30 -this noon, v.'.ien a young | lady who was driving the car let the steering gear buckle and ran itito a car parked in front of the Fred Weesner Drug Store. lie was badly cut on tho nose and cheek but his injuries were not serious. Ills companion \va3 uninjured. It is thought that the accident was caused by the young lady becoming cx- cHed when one of the tires blew out on the car- causing II lo lurch. She was driving south and wiien the accident happened the car turned toward the curbing an-.! bumped into another car which was parked there. Mr. Hastings -was unable tu grab the steering wheel because ho was reaching down to pick up her handkerchief which had dropped to the floor. Noodosha, Kan., Juy 13.— Ile-euuso she objected to boys swimming In a river near her home, sans bathing suits, and took a .-diet at tbeni, Mrs. Fr;ink Certain of Neodesba was being I bv police tod."!.'.' ehargewittl as- Huult Willi Intent tu kill. Seven boys, minus -bathing .suit-', were swimming In the Verdiitrls river yesterilay when .Mrs. Certain, em-aged at the sigh!., stopped from her back door anil fired on the hoys with a rifle. The bullet struck and grazed Warren lOrbe. one ei the :-\v burners. Only tho quick work of his companions saved htm from drowning. INVESTMENTS ? We Suggest First Mortgages on Real Estate. -ask McNAGHTEN! A FEW MORE ORDERS. Senator Dillingham made a number of trips to Hutchinson it was said today by H. 13. Glascock, on trips looking after the loans macio by tho National Life Insurance company. Of recent years these visits have been made by his son, Paul Dillingham, treasurer of tho company who comes hero occasionally. Ed Haas Will Have More Pictures of the Fish He Talks About. Ed Haas, manager ot Midland theatre, who Is to leave for the fighting grounds in Colorado tomorrow, can take on a -few moro orders for pictures of tho fish ho talks oibotil catching when ho gets to the I look r mountain streams. He has quite an order for the fish, that Is tho photographs of the flab, but. he will be able to supply a tew moro. thill at tho theatre for particulars. Ed will be glad to see anyone. Ask for "Bd." _ Heartless. Josephine (reading- aloud conclusion of long letter)—"Thou I will come home and marry tho sweetest little girl on earth." Juliet—"What a dirty trick! After being engaged to you."—Jumdon Mall. Entertained at Dinner. Mr. ami Mrs. Sly liarlon had ns their dinner guests at their home on Fast : Third Mr. and Mr-.. Frank lllnes and -lean Marie ami llt.hhy titties. Mr. and Mrs. lllnes will leave Sunday for Denver, where they will visit the'motii. or of Mrs. Illnea and Mrs. Harton, Mrs. s. A. Driver. Chronic Diseases and Piles ^1"* Illustrated Litsra- I wi tore telling of liiLj t h o u s a n d s of Eatlnficd patients treated by Dr. Hover. Don't con-suit another doctor until yoO have read every word of this wonderful Non-Surgical, Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and malt to— 111!, HOOVER HF.ALTH KSHTUTP. Officea DVi Went First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. M xmimBsx&ss? Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere • CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 713 S. Main CANADIAN ACREAGE SMALLER. Winnipeg, July 13.—Canada'* wheat acreage for this year decreased 253,393 acres from tho figures of 1922, It was announced last night by the Dominion bureau of statistics. The area sown to spring wheat was 21,283,800 acres and to fall wheat, 885,500 acres. Airy About It. "Your bill has been running now for nearly a year." "I.ookg like one of tboae non-stop affairs, ehT" — From tae Boston Transcript The largest town* ot Alaska hay* on*-haU aa many woman aa m«o. - Real Terrors In Mexico. Determination of Chihuahua to seize American-owned lands would indicate that Meitco Is having tho farm bloc In Its most violent form.—From tha Washington Star. A Dally Deficit. Berlin—Cermany has mot a dally deficit of three million dollars during the last ten days of Juno hy Issuing treasury bills, a finance ministry statement revealed. The longest war is tho battio between tho average man and his stomach. A man usually is abusing his stomach, and his stomach usually is retaliating.—AtchlBon Globe. The Danger. A good many people are afraid that tha upkeep of a Ford administration would be far more expensive than tha that coat of K.—James f. Montague. |l!!!l!!illllll!l!iillllllllillllillliilllllilii!lilll!lllllil|j|||||||!!il|jy^ I Hose Hos< §§ Best Moulded Hose, ll£c Per Foot. §§ Keep Your Lawn and Garden Green—Buy S Hose of Quality and Sprays of Any Sty le. H Menders and Hose Sundries. 1 J. C. O'DONNELL =H Corner 4th and Main We Deliver ~ HlilllllllllillllllllllDlllllllllll]

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