The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on May 3, 1903 · Page 3
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 3

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1903
Page 3
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-r- v i r' 25 Per Ct, Discount on Everythi ··' ' '"' " _!,, --.'- ! ' : " ' ' · ' ":!"' ' · - · - · - * · .^*^J---^.' THE KELLOGG ENTERPRISE PUBLISHES EVERY WEEK AT KELLO8Q . OOTJTTS, Editor and Proprietor. TERMS OF SUBSCBIPTIOH- . »1.50 76 One Year. isix-Months' Three "Monhts: *" NEWS TOLD IN BRIEF. \ Items' of General Interest Selected *V-- from A Weeh's Happenings. ^NOTES OP CHURCH AND SOCIETY. Events of Kelloaa ana Vicinity--Personal and Social--Births, Deaths, Etc. Hear Dr. Hancher next Friday night. --Get j our job printing for the new year at this office. --"The Real Boy" at the opera house Ft iday night, February 20 --Ikenbetry the photographer, will ba in Kellogg every Thursday-, rain or shine. --Mr S N Bellamy has decided not to'iocate on bis farm in Adair county; but will remain here. --Mr. M. W.-Brown and daughter, Miss Li na visited relatives and friends here the first of the week. --Miss.Libbie Dean, county superin- t«ndent, was, the guest of Mri. H. T "Robinson at the M..E. parsonage, during her recent visit in Kellogg. --Miss Ethel Moody returned homo lust Friday after a pleasant visit with her stater, Mrs C. C. Pbelps, of Grinnell. --Mr Fred Morgan, law student at Drake, mingled with the throng at the dedicatory services of our new temple Zr duration on lastJYiday nigb£ r --3. S Whitley, superintendent the Kellogg schools, last, year,--CUTS down from Storm Lake last Friday, to attend tho dedication service's of our new school building. --Those contemplating taking, a course in; practical book-keeping are requested to meet*with 1 Supt.;Herbert 1 E. .Tones, at THE ENTERPRIE office on next Monday evening at 7:30. ~ . ·_ --There will bo a box supper given at Gar-field school house, Rosk Creek twpi, No. 9, for the · benefit. of the school. : Everybody invited to bring.a well filled box. . Lou Stevens.. . ';--A box t ocial, under the auspices of the Y/P. S. a E., will beheld nt the residence of Mr. arid Mrs! W. J. Vinall, -south of town, next Wednesday evening, to which all are cordially invited. --Messrs Wulf Bros. Craven announce H stock sale at tho C. W. Craven farm, G miles north of Kellgg on Friday, February 20, 1903. For particulars see extended notice elsewhere in the paper. --Mr. Frank Stokgel, a -former resident of Kellogg, died aftsr a brief, illness at his home in Davis county, Iowa. Deceased was a brother-in-law of Mr, N. R: Barnes of Newton and will bo remembered by many of tho older 'cit- izens'of Kellogg. ' --Miss Martha Craven, sister of the Craven Bros, north of town, with Miss Emma Patton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,1. K. Patton of .Laurel, student? in Iowa College; Grinnell, were present at the dedication of our new school building- o"n last Friday evening-. --A series of revival meetings will begin at the Christian church on Sun day evening-, February 2:', 1903. .These meetings will be under .tho leadership of Rev. B. B. Burton, a former · citizen of Kellogg, who is now devoting his whole time to evangelistic work. --Word reaches here" that Calvin Dobbs, a young man who spent the last two or three years in Kellogg and recently returned to his old home in Mt. Pisgah, Kentucky, was shot and killed last Friday in an -altrication with a companion named Smith at Mt. Pisgah. Wo are without further particulars. , Thabest phisic. ''Once tried · and you will .always* u?o Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets," says Wni. A. Girard, Pease, Vt. Those Tablets are the most prompt, most pleasant and most reliable cathartic in uso, .For sale by W/W. Hollingsworth Co. --The ninth annual session of the Southeastern Iowa Teacher's Association will be held at Burlington, April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 1903. Plans have been started to secure the services of leading educators of this country and to make this one of the greatest educational meetings ever held in Iowa, in addresses and discussions. Burling* ton is enthusiastic and ia preparing to entertain 1,000 teachers. In making their plans, teachers should keep these dates in mind. ·* MURPHY. BY PETER VON. Mrs. W. A. Rouze Is visiting friends in Newton. Mr. J. W. Murphy attended the funeral of J. S. Sparks at Sully last week. 1- Clarence Bishop and wife were over night visitors with Bower Murphy and wife Saturday. About one-hundred invited guests attended tho W heeler-McKiney wedding, Wednesday evening, Rev. Martin officiated. An enjoyable time was had by all who came. The worthy couple received many nice presents. Whtn you feel blue and that every thing goes wrong, take a dose of Chamberlains Stomach and .Liver Tableis; Thoy will cleanse and- invigorate .your' stomach regulate your bowels, give you a relish for your food and make you feel that in this old world Is a good. place to live. For sale by W. W. Hol- ling-sworth Co. --Pat ionize tbe lecture and help the public school to furnishings. -Mr J J. Powers has leased hisUt farm and will have a closing-out sale at his farm 2' 1-2 miles north-east of Kellogg, on Wednesday, February, 18, 1903. See extended notice of the: sale in another column. goato ies, and bred. AIL 75 shoats all in 95 ANGORA are nearly in good condtC 55 SHEEP -TlLse are graded Shropshire and Cotswo j 8 heep-- mostly ewes FARM MACHINERY-- One Budlong disc, 1 Fuller Johnson corn planter, 1 Ohio riding cu\t va tor, 1 164n. stirring plow with ruling coulter attached, low wagon, I neaViy new f arm wagon, one spring wagoA 4 86 ts harness, 1 8-4 WANTED--Faithful person to travel for a -well established .house Pin a; few counties, calling on retail merchants and agents. Local territory. Salary $1024 a year and expenses, payable $10.70 a week in cash and expenses ad- ctdr 'Position permanent. ~ Bilsl^j tire ness successful and rushing. Standard House, 334 Dearborn St., Chicago:^30 --The lecture by Dr. Hancher is in the interest of the public schools. The matter of feed; is of tremendous importance to tBe - - - ' ' - - ' . : ' - " · . · · ·arme'r. Wrong feeding - is 'oss. Righi feeding is profit The up-to-date farmer knows what to feed his, cows to get :he most milk, his pigs : to get .he most pork, .his liens to ^ct the most eggs. Science. But how aboutthe children? Are they fed according to science, a bone food if bones are, soft and undeveloped, r a: flesh and muscle food if they arc thin, and weak and a blood food if there is anemia ? Scott's Emulsion is a mixed food; the Cod Liver Oil in it makes flesh, blood and muscle, die Lime and Soda make bone and brain. It is the standard scientific food for delicate children. Send for free sample. f1« sure' tint thii picture ift the form of a. label is an the wrapper of every boult of EmuUion you buy. kottBawne CHFHISTS, 409 Pearl St., N. Y. CLOSING 11T SALE. Having rented W"f*rm I will" offer Public S«l«,*t fc farm 2J mitei on 18, northeast of KoltoJ beginning ataOovLck A. M, the fol- lowiog property, tL wi t. 3« HEjft^ STOCK SIX HORS0BJ westing of 1 brown, mare 7 yrs old, fgj£y~ horse 10 years old, 1 bay maw 6^ oW The above work horses wilt t^-gh about 1400 IDS each; 1 yearling i^ wt 1050 Ibs. 3-4 blood Belgliui; ^spring colts-one Are, 1 1 and one roac ^, re a 31 CATTLi-El-^. n cows-5 giving milk and 3 to b* n -g» n goo,,; 3 yearling heifers, 5 yearth Bgteers, 12 calves- 7 6 teers and ^u heifers; fisoVs---all condition. A'TS-r-T-hese bred: and 1 1-4, one Jo one Kitselman , b i e driving harness, f ence machine, one : FREE LU - TKRMS OF SA 85 00 without in Itj ; if not so pa purchaser glvln security. Sum cash. Two per property to for. C. R. MOBB S. A. heavy saddle ad other articles too numerous to me ition. Westbrook CASH PRY GOODS STORE. NEWTON W i · ·E-- NCHATNOON. -A credit of nine months will be t " ven OD all sums over re8 t if pa id at matnr- g per cent from date no te wl ih approved o f $500 and under, nt O ff f OP cagn . No Amoved until settl-wl j. j. POWERS. Auctioneer. - ·(} *· ' ·TeMerift ·ftAe Time*. The tendei toward prove thought of b" prevent than ly demonstm' of the most medical m»n be preven lams Cough .'ways results oMDJUienza (i served;;'that, any tendency pneumonia. *.en in many t' this remedy greatfpreval* recentyears, implicit confi results from ger is appre discovered t Scully iribre chest, and th| therpstient the safe.side' Cough Re me contracted.:';; by W. W.Hi pf medical science is re measure". The 'best orld is being given to ~ 4 ~ L ' ·* |mtt-« to ificVre. It ha* been ful- }d ftlat pneumonia, one Isng'eVous diseases, that '*· to contend with, can 'iy the use of Chamber-' ly. Pneumonia ala cold or ; an attack rip), and it has been, ob-? is remedy counteracts '(these 'diseases Upward blJ has-been fully- iprov; lussnda of cases in which las 'been used during; the ice of colds and grip in [and can' be . relied-.,upon lonce. Pneumonia of ten .slight cold when no dan- [ended until it is, suddenly iat there is fcvei- and dif .thing and pains in the [eh it is announced that ias pneumonia. . Be on and take. Chamberlain's [dy as. soon as the cold U ·It always cures.. For tnle (liingwworth Co. . .' . _ A Mfost.ilberal Offer. " '~ : ·."·-." ··' K.I-I -'".'.";' · ' ' · · - , All our farmer readers should take advantage ojf the unprecedented clubbing offer it-e this year'make, which includes with : this paper The 'Iowa Homestead Jits Special Farmers?. Institute Kditlojiasnd the Poultry Farmer. These, threw "publications 'are "the. 'best ' -, ' r' ' ' . ' " · " . - / """-" J ' '·*. -1 ' *'* * ' _ -».!.- "'_ ·_ _L -'_" of their cla farm houio county and per, and mi year only $ should be To them we add; for local general news7our;;0wh; pa- Ice the price of the four one' .50.' Never before was: so much superior reading -matter-offered forsosmivljl amount of money.!' 'The three paptr named, which 1 '.we'/fcjuk with our o|vh, are-well known through online weft; and commend themselves to the readers favorable attention upon mere mention. 'The Iowa Homeotead is the.'ifiieat agricultural:' and" j live stock papejr of the West., ::The Spccla Farmers' J Institute Editions, ar* the most praitlcal. publications for the promdtioiJ of good farming over j)u) Vke advantage of thii iireat will hold good for a;jhort /Samples of th««e- papers ·mined by calling at this of- lishcd. offer, as it time only j may be ej( fice. "Whatjs the matter, old man? 'Been losing oh j wheat" "No, not that, forgot to take Itjocky Mountain To* last night Wife said that 1 would be sick todav.' 35cts. a|/W. W. Hollingsworlh Co..' MEL BAZAAR PATTERNS. The March styles of these, the most easily worked patterns made, are now ready. They cost lOe and 15c. Within the past week we have received many new additions to our wash goods stock. This season's showing far eclipses any previous showing. White Mercerized Vestings .n stripes, figures, spots and floral designs at from ,.. 25c to 76c ' Swisses In plain, woven stupe, GeomUencal pattern and dotsat '· 35cto75c~ ~ MercerizedJPersian Mull as handsome and at half the price of -^ "anaUsUkT Dimities ia small stripes and checks at lOc, 12ic and 15c A large assortment of Wash Silk at ...33cand50c Silk ^Finish Sicilian in White, Blues and Pink for Waists and Full Costumes. Loraine, Mercerized Velvet Spot. " In this high art production tlie Loraine Manufacturing Company has won new laurels to increase its reputation for original textile conceptions in loom handicraft. A ground of summery weave, made with the perfection of a fine Silk French Grenadine, further elaborated by pretty diversified spot effects that bear a striking resemblance to expensive needle embroidery. Both cloth and figure of highly mercerized yarn This fabric is controlled exclusively by us Wool Dress Goods. Novelties seem to b~e the order of the day, also the Flake effects are much in evidence. We arc showing them in a range dt prices from ... ..5octo^l60 Plain black wool Peau De Cygne at . . $1 50 and $2.00 Plain black Prunellas at $1 (0,1 50 nnd »2 00 Black Soliel, 46 in.,unmatchable quality at 81.00 Cheviots, steam sponged and shrunk, 54 in -81.00 v Zibolines, black rand navy blue . 81 25 Ottr stock of black Mohair Sicilians and Brilliuntines have __ never b*en equalled in Newton. We have during the past ten days, been out of two numbers, the $1.00 and $1 35 ones, but will have them this week. We are showing a navy blue and a black Sicilian with small white figure at 85c, which is very desirable for waists. Skirts Made to Your Measure for 29c. We have selected 15 ploces of b'ack goods worth from 65c to ·1.00 piled In tbe center aisle which we mil sell at marked price Take your measure for a skit t and make same for 29c, for one WMK commencing Friday, February, 13, to Thursday, February ' ~ ' MlllefWestbrook CasK Dry Goods Store, Newton, Iowa. . Th« Uftdersigned will Offer at Public «ale!*t the C.W. Craven farm 6 miles north : of Kellogg, on -: · ; :' '-F^bjiy.'FElBRUARY 20, 1!K)3 beginning at 10 o'clock A. M. tho fol- lowlng.itock,to-wit. . ' : ;'^'HEAD; Of STOCK--Consisting of 18 fat sUstrs coming 3 yrs old. 12 steers coming 2 yrs-old, 37 cows--all in calf to a thoroughbred Shorthorn bull; 27 last, spring heifer calves, 22 .last spring bull calves tnd 25 two . yre-old heifers and 1 Thoroughbred Shorthorn liull--pedigreed. -'These cattle are al I high grade,and are in prime condition. · ' 1) HQIBSES--6 work horses, 3 ;two- ·yrifrold.'coHs ari.d 2 yearling colts.' ' 70 HOtrS-3p good, brood sows and 40 firstrclass shoats. ·Two stacks of timothy hay, a quantiiy of timothy,seed, etc. . - , - - : ' FREE LUNCH AT NOON. TERMS OP SALE--A credit of 12 months will be given on all sums over $6.00 with intereat-at 6 per cent if paid at maturity; if not so paid 8 per cent from date, purchaser giving note with approved security. Sums of $5.00 and 'tinder, cash. Two percent off for cash. · , '' WULP BROS. CRAVEN. F. A. McMuRRAY, Auctioneer, J.'B. BUKTOM, Clerk. ' = ' - . · ' ' · ' ' " ' ····' ·· ' ' · FlmU Way T« JLIte I,on«. The startling ip-iouncementof a Du- bovery that will surely lengthen life if saade by editor O.H. Downey, of Churubusco, Ind."I wish to state,"he writes .''that Dr. King's New Discovery for .Consumption is the most infallible remedy that I" have ever known for Cough*, Colds and Grip. It's invaluable ;tO people with weak lung*. Having this wonderful medicine no one need drtfad Pneumonia or. Consumption. Tw-relief U instant and cure certain. W, W. Boiliufsworth Co. guarantee ev«ry60c aad $1.00 bottle, and give trial .bottle* free. : - . - - - . - · · ' - .,,,- «« - . . · Fo* RKtfT--Two small tracks of land ·MtwMd M amll*» from Kellogg, partly nnd«r«ultiratlon. For pariculnrs inquire at tbl* office. SLEEPY EYE and COLD MEDAL. \J. S. Alium if agent in Kellogg' for the above brands of famous flour. He keeps a supply ' at his .residence .'and will delivijrjt to.all; parts V.of town on application. . If you wan t " the best .try Sleepy Eve or Gold Medal. ; ; -. ." - - . - ' . - " '"'"''. ···' ' : ~ '·'''··:· ' : ' ' HendM Nliould Never Acne. . Never endure this trouble. Use at once .the remedy .that' stopped : i t - for Mrs. N. A. Webster, of -Winnie, ; Va., she writes "Dr. King's New Life- Pills. wholly cured me of sick headaches" I had suffered from for two years. " : Cure Headache, Constipation, Biliousness. 25c at W. W. Holiingsworth Co's/drug store, · ' . ' , ' - , . :-·. '. '.. ! '·"'-;''.·''.-.-' ',.' · . ' " . · · . · ' " ' " ' ; '""" THE cheapest, thing in the world is the good will of tho little-: ones, and nothing pays better dividend than an investment of this kind.;;'"' ''' : ::-. -.'· -'^" " BUIOHT'N ]ISEAME Tho. largest sum ever paid for a prescription, chuuged'hah'ds In San 'Francisco, Auff.,30,.1901.:\The : transfi!r''.in- volveu in coin and etocfe $il2, : 500.00 and was paid by a party;. Of .business men for" a specific fbr-Bright's .' Disease. and Diabetes, hitherto incurable 'diseases. . : ' · - -...;---;'.^:':..-.:-:-.. ·They commenced the serious-' investigations of the specific ;Noyv 15,;.'. 1900.-. They interviewed scores of the cured nd tried it out on its merits by putting · out over three, dozen cases of tbe'.; 'treat- ' ment and. watching them. They also got physicians to name chronic, incurable cases, and administered it with the physicians for judges, : Up to August 25, eighty-seven per cent of the test cases were either well or progressing favorably. .. ; . ' ' There being but thirteen per cent of failures, the parties were satisfied and closed the transaction. ' The proceedings of the invcstJgatinf committee and the clinical reports .of the tert cases were published and will be mailed free on application. Address JOHW I, FIJI-TON COMPANY, 420 Montjrome.y St., SMH Prancir-co Cal. :.. 22'40 v'J IB District Courts-Jasper Aprtt Terai^A. D; 1903 M. C. 8»6b and H. W: Slot -v/E;Btelmmav' ... ,, lor, Uarmony Ann T*yl6r, 1 A. Taytor, Gilbert Taylor, . gardui, and tbe tTnknowi Husband*, Wives, Widow*, ers. Gran tees;'Legatees, A Executors, and Devisees of i named persons, and of Jobi Nanoy Taylon laaiah Ta; William Taylor, deceased unknown claimants of the a of the south-east quarter 0 twenty-one (21) in township nine (79) North of Range i (17) west o( the fifth P. N County, Iowa, --Defendants ORIGINAL MOTH State of Iowa yg Jasper County V To Ada Helman, and Byroi man, her husband; Ada Tay mony Ann Taylor, Harmony . Gilbert Taylor, Jane Bogardi unknown heirs, husbands, wi dowa, widowers, Grantees, Assignee-), Executors and Di all above named persons" and Taylor, Nandy Taylor, Isaia and William Taylor, decease unknown claimants" of the sot the south-east quarter of sect ty-o ne(21),intownshlp sev (79) north of Range seventee of the fifth P M JaFperCou --Defendants: -- x You and each, of you are h fled that there is now on file flee of ttie Clerk of the Dist of Jasper county, lawa, the fled petition of "M. C. Sfob a: Slob, Plaintiff*, claiming ol stating that they are the abs era in fee simple, in equal shares, of the following land, to-wit:-the south h south-east quarter of secti one (21), in township seven* north of range seventeen (11 fifth P. M. Jasper county, It '' That said plaintiffs and tt ors have hold tbe open, put hostile, continuous and adv ·ion and ownership of all sa! der color of title and claim more than twenty years last prior to this action, and pr the title thereto bo quieted lUhed.ln tbem'and that ea and all claiming by, under i her forever barred -*n "ever having or cli right, title or interest then to these plaintiffs; and ask i equitable relief to which tb entitled.-That said petition furthei plaintiff* are credibly inf .. defendants make some cla : land ad verse to plaintiffs: January lit, .1881,: said *· John Taylor d tied'ownlug sa in his will, duly probated-, mother, said Nancy Taylo - Taylofr: and Harmony. Ai .above'named as his sole loj ·aid Nancy.Taylor died on 1886: and under terms of si legacy to her lapsed at hei . said Ada' Taylor- and :,Ha Taylor became i he. sole;. lj heirs of said John Tayloi and his said will should be i That eaid Nancy Taylor di . and partially intestate a|| -. to any or leg; John Taylor, deceased; ; 1 children of said Niincy ' . John ; Taylpr above who ne '* 'Isaiah Taylor who never:) who died intestate in 1855, Taylor who died intestate ing ae his surviving, wido ·..' Ann Taylor and as his ohl heir at law, Ada Taylor n ... rled^ with said Byron E. fendant; That said Nanc an aUeged adopted son, G defendant herein, but Inter the death of said Join: was a full settlement of al claims and interests in . s: said John Taylor, and clalms.or Interests of said lor and Gilbert Taylor in tate of said John! Taylor bought Dy said Ada Taj mony Ann Taylor, but sa deed was lost or destroy recorded; That said G was not legally adopted fc ' inherit from said . Nancy ceased, and as to nny and described, the said Ad« Harmony Ann Taylor ar atees and hairs at law of Taylor and Nancy Tayloi - That on Apr»7th, 188 - dead /recorded in book 1 mid county deeds recoi Hetman, who is samo p Taylor, and Harmony A i« same person* as Harm lor, and thon a widow ai WSPAPEM

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