The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 30
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 30

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 30
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Nosing around for the right scent TH8 B»AIO»PO»T F*Cf» . WOV«MM» w. >»'» Written tor Newspaper Enter, prise Association LOS ANGELES. Calif. - Why w-ould a woman want to change franranees after wearing th* same one for years? Perhaps she's tired of it. or found one she likes better. More likely she's become so used to It she's hardly awairof it herself and possibly thinks, therefore, it's fading too quickly or not doing the job it once did This answer comes, oddly enough, from a man — who is a "nose" for women, so to speak. Tom Cannariato pokes his nose into perfumes for a major cosmetics company and his highly developed sense of smell tells him what to do about improving upon a fragrance or how to create a new one. He offers two schools of thought for finicky females. One is to stay with one fragrance until it becomes an identifying part of you like your signature The other is to have a fragrance "wardrobe." so you can choose one to fit your mood of the moment, your planned activity, or even compliment your outfit Whichever route you choose, advises the resident "nose" at Merle Norman laboratories here, remember that after having worn any fragrance (or a while, more often than not people around you will be much more aware of it than you are. since the sense of smell becomes less sensitive to stimuli it is exposed to for any length of time On being a cosmetic industry "nose." r.]nn.iri,)t..i says that 'basically we d« with our equipment what chemists do with thfirs We know precisely the blfnd we want ami the 'nose' is the expert who divides if there is too much or ton little of whatever " Just .is j wine t .1 s t e r sometimes goes "sour." a perfumer can eel odor fatigue or anosmia 11 may take nn hour, or sometimes a day fur the sens? of imel! to rebalance itself Can- iwriatt) explains, but sooner or later he's back nosing around. How did he deride upon a career as j scent sniffer" "Well. I gt.-w up in Clifton. N J, and went to PS !5 there," laughs Cannariatu On one side of Uic school there was a plant that made aromatic chemicals On the other side was a factory that produced alter shave lotion 1 , gucj* ti was just sort of in the air — for me to follow mv nose." Cannariatu. who can tell at one whiff whether u fragrance is "mature" or "youthful," whelhi'i it's ' provincial" or "sophisticated." naturally is a fount <»t information for women Seeking pointers on perfume Here art* his common-scents answi-rs" !.i some of tht* questions nu-st ask(.-d What it the most polrnl fragrance I can buy'* Slimming Pantsuit Printed Pattern "A perfume. Itiseompounded of oils and is mixed in the usual ratio of 24 ounces of oil to one gallon of alcohol. Next would be the eau dc toilette fragrances which are mixed in a ratio of 10 to IS ounces of oil to one gallon of alcohol, and lust, the splashes which run about one lo five ounces of oil per one gallon of alcohol" Some women «eem to be able la wear a fragrance nil day without "lotichlng up." Mine wears off In an hour, t« that dap to the fragrance or to my own ikln chemistry? "It Is a combination of both There is no wrong fragrance for anyone as long its it pleases the wearer. Some women have more oils in Uit'ir skin artd will carry a Iragrarice longer Sortie do not apply fragrance correct" ly. There are several reason* why a scent might not last One thing, however, the stronger fragrances do Ust longer " What is the way ta apply a fragrance correctly? "Kvery fragrance u act-en- tu.iled by body heat Apply fragrance where the blood vessels are closer to the skin them- are the 'heal' areas. l''or example the wrnt.t, Inside the elbow s, the back of the knee*, on the sidtM of the throat, the cleavage 'Ttw temples are a go**! arc J especially when you're dancing cheek to cheek One caution -- any mutrmii area can be inast under the ami*, iinniml the note, eyes Avoid fragrance* in these sensitive area*.' 1 Why do I have \a hide my (wr fHmn away to that they Hill keep l«m(*rT "If ymi u««-a jK'ifumr regularly, you m<Ml likrly wili use It all befwe it it slated by light, (HMt. or it* own natural life S|»»*n II vuu areow of tlmw wh»» n*>ly u«MI alpwioui interval*, cvrfi if it i» to ,1 it imHild be kept in a dark pUfc ,iii<l it H rn>Mi r.iMc I ffvl that if lly the way, keeping <i<wloj[fw in yi»u (uvc j f<tv.>illi« went and splaih in tfn» r*»f tiger,utof i« an JIP tiding 1*1 rrt-at* 4ft aura to old, but itill t-fli-i tivr find in sp^.ik ji.*i wight to i-nt>r fragrant trick for k?<>f»ui|; <-v*>l dilute >»«f powilert and in the minmft or simply a* n r-<d<)gft?>> HI that <«vc iff ht rrbxantilflff ilpitrtli uUtlvur OthrtwHr why )(i#nd thi- ing day m«»;w> »i» it' Ymi can *-ve« fijtn l« It liar lh*l frajjraiKf from jtxit fcfi,ir(ij*»»M olhrr uraamlnn aitrnli »«• N a> .1 (<••» lUirt •>( •> hair »pra)t, ilfotluraali anil nj,".|-i-Ji i int-jp'. if • "Itjlit" *(lh each irflWf ' |B# t.i i ITm- j If jg», type* do figh! with «MI h t Printed Fatten S23S. Ktoa en's SIMS are M 134-inch bust »itli 40-incr, hip); 36 (40 bust. 42 dip); 38 (42 bint, 44 Up).40 (44 bust, 46 Up); 42 (4$ Cyst, 48 hip); 44 (48 bust, U hip); 46 (50 bust, 52 dip). 44 (52 tuil. 54 hip); 50 154 bust S6 hip) Sand J1.00 far e«h piiurn. Add 25^ (or etcii patteia far fint-class nwil wid Marian M*rtm p* Item Tilt af«u»parl F*rtj m W«l l»th Si. Meiv Vurt, N.Y. l«ll .Print NAMfi, AOMESS, ZIP, SUE AND STYLE ffM? M* OPEN DAILY 9 to 9; CLOSED SUNDAY MOH.-TUES. (/« piltwa gf mi cktte*. S«a4 7J« HW! $«# 4- faMt8s«i $1.2$ Uttut Html CufU "vi/w ris savngs a t KirD i <•' 8 PIECE TUMBLER SET Oor Refl. J.»; I 4? •' Tuirrus- 4S* »9 F- ! '' W' • ^ >tofj^ \'!$£#} 4 $* «-au^;S l i*t:lV/i ' " >SkSi*' in.:' U' -A color fu! M O*, Syntjic*'. m "»1 ff'<? pffftrv.l ijiM' *-.' MISSES' LONG ROBES Our ffeg. s? 4 Days Only Quilted acetate or Heecv JCttaie / :•.,. Icn robe-! in rip, Dut'on QI ^r,a,7-lror,! styles. Some are itimmt-ti «ii-i on-,. bro*d«fy or !ace. So.'id 01 t-«o-to«« coi- ors Miss*>s' iizes 'Snop at Kmart. \\ SWEAT SHIRTS Our Reg- ^D 77 J-" ^L Bo r t' ^^ S/ "* <mu . ., Long- sUi'rvf pof^'<j5l«w• I **M cotton With iron o.-> ^-4r?'«« Vi"T~ j f'. DRESS SHIRTS I our RW ^^f Onr \ */ V 6.9$ fitf **»n'j V S/IBJ No-iron (xjl/cMor •' co'tori prints i o*K') <itt'ovi!."i Sayp' »•»» c \ FaihiO" ii "SHARON" WIG Our Reg. 19.88 Young! Teviron* modacrylic fiber, skin fop. Natural shades. ALL-ELECTRIC TTPEWRITER 138°* Oor Rog. isa aa Kmart* 2-WAY AM RADIO Our ft^g. 13.97 J Days On/y [TRASH »«* Oftiuxi) elttctnc protoi-i"iio'i;i) ti.i'j 13" c,irr,.Kj«, lull office koyboarrj. Pla >' s rjn house current or baltones ' fiutomauc carnago return All slcel case. Shop and save at Krnart. >•-<*.•->«,! TRASH-CAN ll«RS °r."*« 156 I Ti*,™' JO.'J, 1 of COLOR PRINT FILM 126/20 COLOR PRIKT FILM Our Reg. $1.43-2 DaysOn// ^ff Yeilds 20, 3'/j x 3VV' color prints f for all instant loading cameras • - •» • »». -WL -Sf'f PAINTING/ KIT SCHROEDER'S PIANO Reg. 5.»4 9 roller, cover. handle, tray 2 brush, extension f ndi SEAUOBfAMS Our ^§ &M fl. e T64 J It § ttcri PADDED VINYL HASSOCKS «*«. «.66 • Your CholG9 jjj op ^^ f acft Round or square hassocks; polyurelhane foam-padded. PEANUTS PfAY SET ^K Sale End* "^PSfi .— . ^^^^^r ^W!P^ ^^B^ Tuesday/ ^v^ I It'j the whole Peanuts" gang! With th»ir own ploy houfc f 'vt dual and hiich-log«lh«r wogon». Fun for ag«t 3-7. Rtmovoblt Pounvlj" chcwcKltri pop up and down o> child ploy» full- octove pioivo 8ott«ry included. 3-)0. 1 X/ •»« tlf light! |wk JIM Hwy.332 at Dixie

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