The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 29, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1859
Page 2
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Celebrated Female PUis. 'Sia'^pirilunfUJon'af Sir J. fjtake, M. D., Phyrieum Extraordinary to tin Queen This: Invaluable medicine U unfailing in Uie core of all tfa'ne painful udTdsngeroiu dlieaiea to which tbe fi TI1EMEA reach Fall ritaoOer ha* Jn«t TreS-jIved anjalT umple of TT it« What direct »oro France, and will reed?* or* f<r woie. Ai the aanrrtifr .atrlrlni Jijmall. 2^*>&*&^tiiSi3.'5ite ~' ' -^-~~' -a^r^'p 1 . .J"P~T*^ •t •>•> *Vi-••'.'i ii.T-V •'(•* vT ' - >^^' TT™ -J~.~ r- w "^""»J£*^l"»»fli with them, Tondg claimed protecUon 4s *tf ^tii\4^^ ---''--'-"-'-' .' .l: fonierwpnUUon.— of Murray, Prior t Co., .hartac aoH afl hU . arid! latereft In wu flrm to W) Dam H. ffimball. General de K oUeronge WAS »%ripu i v ,tteI4thfl»j of input next* «l »*•«»«* »-.' OT tin jpnrpow f nomto»tlng ntclpal laws. He Went by derrUudr jaiiaaicii himself t» , might, taye expeoted " htt-Hns8»rg.^HU« ^tf tw*«s»"*« : taty come before it— inea luiid'ijita' several Hmei fc"**?^ - i*«i^^*«aaKS*5??f general orde B. J any, could DO tope: onaly preserved; delegate* *° •»li5,8*^« 1 OonTenUon, prortded that 'When note tt«B one Ooan^r!«on«tltntM «n AncmHy District eieb flonn^r »li*ll be entitled to one Delimit in Hen of Anenbly Dlrtrict ddegiteti ' * "1" THMDOEK CONKKF, A. P. BLAKXBUE, i O W. PITCH, •-'• ' Democratic Slate Central Ctmmittet. Tbe PoUUon orementl Gaftsj. We regret Terjr^nmoh to^rtttttat^e clamor which some Of the more" reoKless of the oppress are malting against the Secretary of State and the administration, in relation to naturalized citizens, is misleading and deceiving those who hare not seen or carefully read the clear and comprehensive letter of Gen," Cass, on that subject. It is gratifying to observe, however, that such prevarication and cant, is meeting with rebuke from the candid in the ranks even of the opposition. The Rational Intelligencer shows that the doctrine of Oass is the old and only doctrine, agreeable to the public law of nations, and compatible with peace between ourselves and other nations. The Philadelphia Ledger politely informs one of its correspondents, who adduced the K-Ozta case as contradictory to the doctrine of General Case, that he knows nothing at all about the Kozta case, and totally misapprehends the grounds assumed by Mr. Marcy. Finally, the New Fork Time* says, that Gen. Case states the doctrine "with a quiet precision which ought to re-assure oar foreign fellow citizens, quite as much as Mr. Bolts' stars and spangles of universal smash." It is important that the position taken by oar government should be clearly understood and those who misrepresent it, not only do the administration injustice, but seriously injure the naturalized citizens of this conntry, who are deeply and vitally interested in the question. They desire to know what the rule is, and how far they may safely rely on the pro' tection of their adopted country, in the event of visiting Europe. All this talk nl.uut "our glorious mountain bird" and -'A' pluriina union/' is well enough at any time—it is al. ways in order—but no intellfgent foreign born ' resident of the Untied States will embark for Europe under the delusion that in the event j i .penalties.^ Having been once'*nbjf- m «"*«"• *—--•-'-•» *--"'••-• Angtiia,4nd,wl .., „.....„ ,,. lated.these laws, his Withdrawal from that ju, rlsdi^on, and moqnbfaga different national .character, \ronld not fereinpt him from their optration whenertrer. he "again chose to place himself under them.*' If onr government claims IBSS than natnral- IzpA citizens would have it, they mnstfemam ber that it ola'imB more than European gov- ernmenti have been willing heretofore to concede, and the result of the pending negotiation with the Prussian government will, probably, settle the question permanently so far as we are concerned, at least. - It -would be the height of folly to attempt to secure anything more than IB justly oar dae, under tue law of nations. What we are entitled to under that law, has, doubtless, been fully ascertained by such statesmen as Marcy, Buchanan, Cass and Cashing. If they are mistaken, let some gentleman show wherein, instead of denouncing and misrepresenting them and their position. Democratic State Conwntlon. By the call issued at Madison on Monday, it will be seen that the State convention ia to be held on the 24th of August. If the democracy discharge their dnty in the premises, they will then and there initiate measures for relieving the State of blaok republican misrule and oppression. We hope that the democrats in every part of the State will send up delegates who will be solely influenced by a desire to promote the interests of the people, and the success of the democratic party. "Everything for the cause and nothing for men." should be our watchword at this time. We think the people are sick and tired of tbe miserable corrupt ptzsilanimonB administration of the State Government under Bash lord and Randall, and will make an effort to rid themselves of il this fall. It is the duty of the democratic party lo afford them all the encouragement it can. -. ***o'*"y*»>.'••?•»«'*• W»M»»J UTC-OCS » t 5i*,' he was taken intothe ImperiU «taff,and served , thei ,of PoUtfoal Intelligence. The organ of the democracy in Virginia, the Richmond Inquirer, states that "from the Pan Handle to Cape Charles, from the Cumberland Gap to tb<> Northern Neck" the party is " not >r.iy united but determined to cast their vote of his being pressed into either the French or ' *' Charleston dther for E. M. T. Hnnter or for A^rf.n.rmv ,.v,. Amw-ir^n p«rl« will liter»l- !! " nr y A. Wise." The beaten party at the Austrian army, the American eagle will literally utter a fearful and terrific cry from trip summit of the Alps, and swoop down and -rescue him, without so nraoh as saying, by your l«av*> kind sir, to Napoleon or Alexander. It is a question of law, and our government does not concede &U that IB cl&inwd by European governments. As the matter now stands, we ar{ at isstif trill- i-m npon a very important ques- i. • i~ to demand nothing but uft«r taking a position, convention has agreed to support the successful candidate, whether it be Mr. Wise or Mr Douglas. Quit- a large per oenl.ijp" of the democracy of New England, says tbe Boston Courier, are Douglas men, and are as "determined" as tlie Hnnter-Wise men of Virginia, that th- Little Giant shall be the next standard-bearer of th«? party. Vermont has already el-BCtcd a Douglas delegation, and Maine will follow her example in a few days. There is a very strong Douglas fp-cling in Massachn setts. It has not arisen from any hostility to fi . nU >'.- d 'i'" brtf1 " aDt T^,' ' tr i tluiD'fer*. of martial strife Mr. Bnchnnan, or his Administration; for ih.- dpTnorrats of that State (except a few reprjlators ......ville Journal, ' " nd disjippoiuted offine seeker^) ar.' w, 11 suti.- tion. Oui i pii what is rlcLi, never to recede froui it Tbe government after dae.deliberation, has taken & position which it ie both ablf and willing to maintain and defend. Who says that it ought to liavc taken another ?' Botts, the K. N lea ier of Virpnia, Geo. D Prentice, editor which insuisriited and defended the slaughter i "^ Wlt '' lnei fuocess which. thti.« (ar, ha* at- of adopted citizens in tbe street* of Louisville, 'ended the Administration, and Gen. King, e-iitor of the Milwankee St't- firtc/, grandson oCsfttial £Lufii3 King who would not consent tu tli- emieration of tbe Em- | P' ranl for the Vie*. Presidency—Mr. Ii-nry metu,- wb«u Uie British government proposed to release them, if li<- would consent to their emigration to ibis country, and eon of that CharlP-s King who disgraced Lie conntry in the case of the Dartmoor prisoners. Is it to such men thai the adopted citizens of this Ishlng himself iundir the eyes of , who made itltn ft captain beneath Khelms. He was soon after ere- ated'ordnanoe officer j and lafter the •return from Elba he followed th^ fortunes of the Bar perof to th« memorable field cf Waterloo, where bis daring bravery won for him the rank of chefd'esc^dron on tbe field of battle. This brave offioermay then be well termed a veteran of the first Empire. He made the campaigns of 1812 in Russia, of 1818 in Saiony, of 18ft and 1815 in France and the North. He was also a member of the Constituent .Assembly, to which be was elected second on the list by 75,245 votes. He was a member of the War Commission and of tbe former Parliamentary Club of the fine dn .Pol- ten. He commanded on the 24th of February the cavalry of the Place de Concorde under General Bedcaa, and l>nt for counter orders would have defended thd Chamber ol Deputies from invasion on that eventful day. He is better known since the expedition to Rome in 1649, where he commanded a brigade of the Army of the Alps, and nerved in Italy under General OudlnoL He became Secretary of War in the beginning of 1851. This gallant officer took no service under Uu) Bourbons, bat in 1825 went to Greece, and with Colonel Fabvler organUed a corps of cavl airy in the service of the Hellenic people, then fighting for their freedom, as the people of Italy are to-day. At the revolution of July, Regnault was signalled oat by the recognition of the rack conferred on him by the Emperor N ppoleoo I. In 1832 be became Colonel of tbe First Lancers, and In 1840 Martchal de Camp and military commander of La Menrthe. In this office the Revelation of 1848 found him. Hii services were at ono« asked lor, and he became general of division in the Army of the Alps in April, 1848. . Although Marshal Renault de Saint Jean d'Angely has had the honor of obtaining his first two grades from the hands of Napoleon 1, in the midst of'two great battles, and that which is no less an honor, of being made a marshal of the empire at Magenta by Napoleon III, yet in 1848 he was only a general of brigade, because he had been deprived of the control of the army after Waterloo ; but. Influenced by that chlvalric spirit which distin- gnignexl the officers of that epoch, be accompanied Colonel Fabvler, as we have said above, to aid tbe efforts of Greece to free herself from servitude. In 1830 be was reinstated in his grade of che/ fetcadron, and in 1849 was made Field Marshal. On the occasion of bis commanding a cavalry brigade at Paris, during the revolution of 1848, Marshal Bageand said of hicV— "General Regnault de Saint Jean d'Angely was always distinguished^ for the firmness of his conduct and the order which he maintained in bis brigade. He keeps his cavalry in his hand, and., f.lthful to the last moment, a tnilit.iry manner,the chief of the Slate, in such a way that his departure was not a flight." Marshal Regnanlt has been commander of the linp»riil Guard since 1854, and in tliis capacity w.ii present at the battles of the Crimea and al tbf victory of Mappnta, where the Kmprror ;, paired on the (Md at the head of this m >r;niticunt Ixidy of m«n. Tbo Marshal's baton < bH rTOomp»n-e for hi« distingnish>-d serrirr-, n hile at tin- ».ime time it is an honorabl- il xliiictlon for tin- .-ntire Guard. port, left the, entered the A tillery. In the year, held the tm he was deput fifth military' wu appointe* . sometime' before the breaking xmt jf the war : he commanded the 15th mlUury division. General Anger, who is also menUcpea in General MoMahon's re- In 1831, and j though only a captain, he t office of director of artUle- .' of War, and lie afterwards served with d stinction in Algeria. In 1862 'commander of artillery In tbe Kvlsion at Vett. In 1863 be provisionally to the command of the setond regiment of foot artillery, and in 1854 was n ade Colonel and sent to the- Crimea. • He ras appointed general of brigade in 1856, and e nee then has' commanded the military sohoCl at Besanooa, and tbe artillery of the army a' Paris. • OKItSEAE AVOIR. General Aa [er, commander of the reserve artillery of th i second carpi fanne, who has been so favpri bly mentioned by General Mo- timely and jndloions bravery at Mahon for ME Magenta, is one of the most distinguished men of the French artillery corps. Leaving the Polytechnic school in 1831, although being no higher than captain, be was in 1848 charged with the servle* of the artillery hy Ibe Minister of War. Hp served in Algeria with great distinction. In 1852, he was ordered'to tbe artillery commaJn.J in the Fifth military division al Metz. jtn 184S he occupied the post of provisional commander of tbe second regiment of foot artillery. He was made Colonel on the 10th of March! 1854, and made the Crimean campaign In that capacity. In 1855, during the siege of Sebastopol, he took the place of General Lebaeuf in the functions of chief of the staff of the siege artillery. He was created General of Brliade on the 14th of July, 1856, and has commanded in that grade the school of Besancon. and the artillery of tbe army of Paris. ' ' CAPTAIN VA.NBSCBOTJT. This officer,fwhoie name is favorably mentioned in the derpatoh of Gen. McMahon, and who was killed on the 2d of Jane, left the military school In which be was educated on tbe 1st of October, 1846, and joined the army in Africa with the English regiment of the line, where he became Lieutenant in 1848, and Captain in 1852. He then entered the Foot Chasseurs (seventh batallion) in tbe game y ear and his imUitary ardor led him to ask o accompany the tirailleurs to Algeria in 1857. Tbe last thing be asked was the honor of accompanying the army on its march to Italy. SPECIAL NOTICES 011. IH'CA.'VE'S CELEBRATED VFRMIFDOK AND LIVTR PfLLS t^tT~ A alDgn'ar combination, but rer? effectoal, et lh« following win Bho v : Niv Yoic, Norember 20, 1SS9. K&DVln;, from .experience, the ralutole qoalltles of Dr. iC'lant't rirmi/vgt and Llctr Pill*, prrpu-ed by llemlDR Bros. PlttsbarKh. I hire for scroethne bark considered it my duty, and mmde It my bni)ne;s, to make those article*, known wbereTfC 1 vtnl snionjc mr friends A short the ra*e of a joa i?o 1 be-ame arqaftlnted plH, vho si to be troubled OSNERA I. ETlXiSSK. Tl.-re are now twentT-fonr known nandi country snoald look for succor and protection, when their rights are in jeopardy ? Every naturalized oitiz«n will regard snch friends ag the rat did the heap of ine&t which concealed a very large cat, and prudently resolve that there Is safety in remaining nt a Wilson, of Natiuk. The olijccl of his opposition to the "two years amendment," was to secure the German delegates in the National Convention. Ex-Governor James C Jones, of Tennessee, has declared for Doagt&a, in a letter pnhlisbed in the Memphis Appeal, addressed to Hon. D. '«, distinguished inldier, whn I,.is J Q »I H liis brilliant career in tin- rnipiat ol and Ih 1 ' o^^iapp , • the eoh.Hi.l-. fi..|,l of MagenU, wa, -"rare!. ! ri " J ' LEMDi ° BRO8 "' -"•"•*•"••• p ' ir |..i'r HIP- rear* K| :^e, and was one ol th-» j t»aiig.-.-i c-uitral* (• diripjion in the army. II- had IPPOII a pupil «t thn rniJiUrv srhool nnd acquired all his p-a.l-a by favor; fir.-, in , •""•*"' «•«*««• '•»' *?*•'«" ••/ Algeria, where be serr^i for many years, at 1 _ i a| j«Ut-d*wlm FLKWixo BROS Rome, into wbirh bn l.ivi tbe honor of Ipeint? ' Ni-Kvoi^ Df:llll.llY. tbe first to «T,U>r, and in the Crimea, Where h» I -n,,. ,. , complsjtal rerj common, « ( .-r,»llj .mon, was mad- p«ner»l of d.nsion, and was preoe-nt ! frmilr> . aoon ^ d : trfrman #,„„. M ,,, r.u, i. srlth warms snd Itver coroplalot at the ssm* time, anrl had b*en sctTennjJ for s'me two months. Through my persatsion stie purchssrd one botUe of D r . Ltjnt'f Yerjn\f\tgf, and one b PI of Liffr f\liA, which she tip<p|t tfi directions. The result sras, .tie pattej a> Isirge qoAotlty of worms, s.E*pf~ti Inks that one hoi more of. the Pills will rcstorr her to p-rfert health. Her name and rrsltleac r can I c learned h; calling on E L Theall. Pni|Tp\p 1 t, curorr c f Uu-jrer aii'l Wonro* streets T£ff~ F^ir. baA.rl « II !•-- <-»rp-f'i' M a«k for lilt SI-LANE'S OKLEDRATrll VBRM1PCT, K. mannfartur All other TertnUn es Ir rompaj-lson aie worthless. Dr. M'Laoe'i genuine Vrr' ' p|T>salso hi« eel- I'ra'e^l Livrr P.IIr.. c*n .a«s)Wnn» wfll heteatttn- b«CQndaet«d under the) ItJJe ol ^tlorJHtrtlck * Oo., who w«l ip-mle til Kcoanti A. S. PRIOR, f. P. ttlRBICK, RUWAUD—SLUT LOST. » BlstalU, Sack »cd ffhlte Mat. wearing * . g «» — ^ anew* leather Mrsp around her neck. liKnOssj.. andhu her ears cat to ar point In tb» f 6»pe of loxea Wi, at d answer* to tbe name of "Jennie," was loit on Batarda fi afternoon, Jane 4th. Whoever will return laid Slat to SIT Main street, will receive the tbove re- j e T s. sTiiz c6o». .anno* B. HOLUSTEB. imimt^f o. OOTTOS. COOH, HOLLISTEE. &COIT05. and Cowusellor*, K09. 4,0, AND 6, PHffiNIX BOTLDINa, (19T But Water gtreet,) Je« WU. or Stolen. PHOMIi'OBY NOTE for ^50,. payable to Barbira Held, eight months after date. -Fscented by Froemfand Mtrta Ch. rroegel, dited Mil- October 18, IgS). I warn ererjbody not to note u It will not be paid to any one except [Jell} BARBARA HIED. NOTIOK. H AV1NQ parcbued of Mablcv * Co , the r tlocM lo tr»de, constating of Clothi, Clothing;and (Jents Fur- nlshlnv Goods, with Interest In the business al the store. No. 1»9II«« Waic.- s r et, f ere I Intenpl cirrjlng on tb« Clothing basli ess In all Its btanpT^iei Milwaukee, Mat 80, 1SS9 t' B. MABLKY. EhiveioUlo 0 R. UabU; ear stock In trade, with In r>n baHn.M, No IM Lut Water recnmmend him ; . our cu»toc.eri and the pnb- maj&l-d2w c, Uaj W. IS.-.9 MABLET -*• suicncrouft jro OITIH. DULK ^ra 3«ntlttmt>n'8, Miues' & Children' Boots, SHUES, SI,IPPr,US dr. BUOU£lt.S. FINE BOOTS HA OB TO ORDER. No. 223 ta»l tVaior street Walker BOOK,) WHCOti.-IN. MIL.YAUKEE, [ma>81J R. A. « MFFOItW'X .crxTKAi. U4nri:iiHE.4.'« AND FINK. AUT CJA1 LIIRY, ITi 'Eatt Water Street. AtlSQ secureU the asstalancc of the oldeat and most i-ipCTUDcef oprratcr In the We«u SI. Uaw. (vho*e iftlll ID his department !• well tnovo to manj of the rltlxeua of Milvaakee,) I am DO.T prepared tojulTev to the public erery deairable style f-t Picture* the commonlty at lower rates aod executed n a better manner than ran be done In any other ea- tahltafacneot In the Weti. OLUf-URD-Jl DAOtTERBEAN OAI.LEHY, 171 Kajt Water strc- 1, fonnerry knowo u geeley'l koorna. m»rM H "FEED THE HUNGRY," T H1*5 ipjonction, dirin« in it, 011,7:0 and c u • doty upon a* •Jl, if cow Wing al-^en CKOSRV, allot extent by III >\ 24=3 KAS'l' WA1KK STHritT, iTSAND CAPS. STRAW GOODS, male MtnsUtaUaa rrabjeet. U madtnuu an eiceai and remove* aft obMrnctloni, and a speedy rare 0*7 b« ratted on. TO iqUBBIEI> 1«U>1£$ K to pecaHwry ratted. It irill, In a short ome, bring aa the monthly period with regularity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, hears the Oovernment Stamp of Qreat Britsla, tn prefent ronntrrfi-iU. n**» PiUt Amid not be taken by female* during the riBSTTBRSB ifOJfl OS ij rregn<i».~y, at Oury an lure to tiring on lfi*e!ar~iag*, but .1! .««iy aOur Ueu Bity are tqfi- the Back and Limbs, faunae on Blight exertion, I'alpl- taaan of the Heart, Hj»tericj, and VThitri, ih. si- Pills WiU effect a core when all other meana h«ve fctleU, anil allhocujh a poverful remedy, do not contain Iron, <.*B,io- oieJ, aaUmonjf or uiy thing hartfal u> the ^nnmitutlnD full directions la the pamphlet aroon | each , »-.lai wtrieh should be enetotiy preserved. fole A jent for tba United States and Oan* u, JOB MOSES, (late I. C. HMd» n k C,.. ! Rf Chester, S. t. ' N. B. — 91.00 and 6 postage stacnpit enekisfl tn \ny «q- thorlzett Agent, srtll Insure » b^.lUf, c«nt« ' * pUle, by retam m*>il. For »»Je hy 8KE>.N * llL'Tri'N 0. PEH Than can b*? Pnrrha<«« i -AT— ANY OTHER rfOl'SE IN I'HK WK-JT ' \« KROHANT." .h,, j» I(r , „, .,,.. m ...,, „ ... .„ 1*^ o' Ma of goo.l,, » r , rL.. p ,.otfully nv,i,,| >,. .»» m ,-' "m* . "''T bn ' ln 8- *f •'JJ^s. 1 "; ;° u ""* ni r I SJfT Inorer thad any .th«> cUy. My gnn.l, » Pr , p urr , 1M . Jet value, and I am willing t nenrflt ,>f ,l My !«»,,rtii,r Mtlsflerf /lv ni.. .f -I,, < mu ,. h „,.,,„ . my „„.,, ,: n , T u . ,l ,,* ,:«, * f> n«ni „„,(,.. M< >NN H'.K l.r- I .(H-'K KONN KK I.K1 )' M C lit )NNH.K I.f-.I >' H- K B< >N N h.K I.KIHiKI: 15( )N N KK I.t-.i X r r- K n\i i I \ I H X t , I 1 \ i >( \ | M V. I H< N KK I K! K i Kl: J. u. ALCOTT PAL" i i;il A.NT-* HATHAWAY & BELDEN, HA.NK1NO. Laud t oll«'«-lioii Olfirc .-S ICI.IXK. n WACKSX. mhlV HOTELS, &.C. i. o u i K H o i; •- i.. Ilk UOUUIS 1,01 l>, ' H DJiON, near I-.A-I W«.>r »trr t t. The Ixiuis UOOHV , woJ eslA-hlisI'i-tl »i IMS, » h.i« liern ron'tnue*! r,y Uie gam*: j^juprir-t.,r, «fin takft u'iu 01 r&.->..>£> n, rrri.., r-, his *i'k niiwleitjinitint to htm fUemls ami thi- pn WK- '.>r their pairnnaxe f»r in many yara ptut, in'l iolTctts % i ItiDOAric*; of t' r ,r R,n«l rtv^ri; MI. I,, uta rtouif : itAln* m<svn7 rooins, well §Uit*il for furoilie^, n. : wly i ^V H . . | . | -, x , . '. KKV ::-.-'••• * RETAIL GOODb ••'• •'. - M , , < , ... .,. i M L; < • • . t t-v< i-'UHNi'i UK>. Vv AKf. V \' '.-iv- ; ,.s .I.,,-. 4TJS \> KkH NKl v liAl ALBANY RESTAURANT -4ND— HIIA.IAHD 11< >OM. l.*ppOerifa ^fftffltl/2 Utn***. J/i/'V '.tilC** j&T LA<,ie* fLDU4orc ier->r-l •!•-.,r n iUin «r--t H Y A r l ' T H < > ( s { . ~ V1LLK .»!.-. \.-fi-; ^ri.k.Miil. HliTKl. I..K •-rev. i n ura FLUYl) »uci er.linK mm n ILI n: ,;^ j The Messrs, f, are both well ko >wn a.r-.u^ •est«rn country u (renUemen of fipenfn. < >keeping, and no other usar»n<''! << nf-rgiaji/y Hyatt Ho tut w li herenftpr D* '•QD.I erring the p»tronaj?* 4f the pabMr V if I te-1 n * » MILWAUKKE, WISCONSIN Wh<."are joit m receipt of th« ckearxtt, heat asj and m$tt complete itnck if Family ' itr, ih-* l»me A'lng Wen t 'Tii an. I Boi. >n mirkrli at the Tehernaya and the capture of the Mala- | koff. In 1843 be commanded s battalion oft African Zouaves, and at the oomh»t of Aure, r«s)eived four serious wounds on the gam* <iar At the «)<•(;« of Home be was lieutenant colonel of the twenty-8«oond light infantry. Marshal d<« §t. Amand, who bad known him in Africa, sent for him to Paris in 1851, and jrav« him the command of the forty-second regiment of the linp. cure thi» fllfcease. Thr It r< M. Currin, independent democratic candid&U j After the 24 1'ecember the Emporor made for Congress in the U-nth district of Tennessee i him O»n<-T&\ of Brigade, and appoint.*! him vp;r exhibited ID ihi e- i-QLlj in tht >e» F O H C 1 A S H , t ru-lS prtcel *• *"i»thi. u< t- nnij-Ta* !l ^'1 comp-at tori i the U.ivdtf, 4.1.J etltl *lf >r<l ux * rvCo<l.inme Jiving prifiu or pmir-aronn' emi.r\r<-ii f-v,ry srtKJi 1 in tJi- . ra >oCh FAX \ A\U srA|»|.K, U.-h t< PUsT*'" >«i k r, • tr. 1 4t tW r.rj !..»•-*( icea.) TM.V", )« T f-r fJt,- w*.rr* T.-.J h^frr th»n CUT • bough eljt-T'irr 1..[ 'i f.,. i r, i * ..- u 1,1 h -] f e jf..j » >and for n • r~ tnir '• Toff* •? • \ Mf >•'.», ' *f i G vt rnment. *T»» L*gu>r\ M -; RJO, , v\ % i ui »n«i Mu* ro. n C it- i, ski' kind) i' 1 .* .1.^.' e-. «i. »*' 1 . \\ r jr •tT'riirt, p 1-tinirij.r nliaml»j,'. i., it- v »|.pr ii<, .• c.p tt-d pr furl pally i.f Turt.-h --"n'l IT»-T;I« - Tnliin-tl w tN TUT*, ua rel. th nth F ^ . V r- t *. I' > .'try » I '• a--i-, an t i rm.« a r-Uuitlc •>.,. 1 i • n t > .^o<jp4, >Iin> • '. IU<.hri, ** t-w^ m.. M.--1 P «-. -*-l %• .-»>«.)> tt .t.M .n.(.. rU a hiitblj dertciotn <<TT tn ."t^altu and Oioj «.) Birtor •Dd («tuttrri (JI \ r- u i, i '.* , K. nit* 'jl all i.;r>Ua Cr •»«• M M*ckwe l'« I' s><Dcter*. frtth fa moo, {<4r <),..<*•>. Little Ne«k Cli ma Core i)j-»l«:r», C^m Si»ich, 1 4;-««r>.: 4, S»ffn. B'fp (V-ur Coopers l»hrrd l*\ng (>!»•». MIOC^ODI, V f rm»-- - I. •?!»», HM«;ni, Cll'OT , if , A \V r ire il»O *oit KsfrnLn fn Wltcontin for Haoombcrs Salad Cream A Terr popuUr arUcie wh-ch ••r.oa.ti \»> ,n rarr-i family W'r h»rr »I»o ...000 M <-AH < I li J- l» LOOK HERE, \ F. WEARV TKAVKI.EI:- « IMMX.H.i «!•> D I N 1 NO S A I.( > ( • N L OCATED near ihe Mil waul re * >l.u.««:•(•• u- t la jaat the place to prncnre war™ *n.l fu'ist^.i , meals, for the small sum of 25 . t>nu . «ri . '.:..• :a: < • will be supplied with the rhou-est .f :: s »^A* n\ STF.RN \vn (i v M K Serred ap tn erery style, on ihorl n-nrr,. rt,^ Bi*. always supplied witli the cho.Cp-st S* ( lit .)]> W .ii;b r.-(O V 1^1 i .1 IU : l\ i .' « r i ( * .1 «t 3 j " i^ under i'i becomn (rood, the uptrltg beroro* eh»*i"ffaJ. and tn body ' 7-],, j^jjt CTt . r r (j- r .jj ln thij C ,TJ ii, 0 • id mind jT<a fe*l t l e fnll rrttor»iion of hratih. FM i ^5 BHL..H. Tff'Sft PORK •lie bj drofrglii* 4nd dernier i in rocdtCiD-f-s «rfT7«her*>, j (> ut ap express!/ for our trtui.* A i > A A - ' It at T.'i rent* per boltlr. A ; T d ** 1 m« O K I T Y Of IheCoDdttj&n qf the XiUunl .'nnrant* (>mpamv, I The b«»t itorlc o/ (irr-cenn fr,.in *h ch to select from i hut;sH OKOI;ND i-uoi K j Al«..)l n h.ui.1 T-.ID it.f Km pi re irul Nf» Tort Mills, ' »n<i ! /-..- r IT A LU.\I, .^ruJtr *. Hon. R. Barnwell Rbett, of Sooth Carolina, has promised to address the people of Oarieti, Georgia, on public affairs, next Fourth of July. proper distance from them. It was to i.. . x- j The Bangor Timei says that more than four peeled that such self-constituted champions of the rights of naturalized citizens abroad, would be wholly influenced by selfish and base motives, and instead of desiring to achieve any good tor those whose rights and feelings they wholly ignore and disregard here at home_, would simply endeavor to strengthen the party which continually wars against foreigners, by deceiving those whom they intend to victimize. And, therefore, despite tht plain and clear terms in which Gen. Cass has expressed the views of this government, we find that his language is misunderstood and misrepresented by many intelligent and caniid citizens of foreign birth. They have read what these reckless Know Nothings said of the letter, instead of reading the letter itself. Our first inquiry then should he, what position has the government token on this question ? The gist of its doctrine (that of the letter of Secretary Casj to Hr. Hofer) is simply this : That the quality of American, acquired by naturalization under oar laws, does not exempt a foreign born citizen from " duties or penalties existing at the time of his emigration'' from the land of his birth. , Bat this government is opposed to lhe_doc- trine of perpetual allegiance, and has BO informed ibe Prussian government, where a case has actually arisen in which Prussia gets up thai claim. The position of the United States, as com- manicated to the Minister at Berlin for the in. formation of the Prnasian government, is that native bom Prnsjtians, naturalised in the Uni- tad States, and returning to the conntry of their birth, are not liable to any dotiea or penalties, except anoh as were existing at the period of their emigration. If at that time they were in the army, or actually called into it, snch emigration and naturalization do not ex empt them from the legal penalty which they incurred by their desertion, but. this penalty may be enforced against them whenever they shall volantartly place themselves within the local jurisdiction of -their native conntry, snd shall be proceeded against according to law. Bat when no present ilabflitiea exist against them at the period of their emigration, the law of nations, In the opinion of this got eminent, gives no right toaBy:xN«mtrj to inter/ere,with Mturalieed AnJerjcancitimens, *nd the attempt to do so would be oonsider*d an act unjn«tlff- able In itself, and ? nnf«ienaj/ towards the PnV ' "' " IB that .position, right'? . It Wonld. 7 be j>|»- BnmptootiB in us to tiMwerlh^aa^^n^i N» m«n, not venfAiu&toinea^ "''""' '~ ? '* : tlooB, ia qn hundred delegates to the Maine Democratic ono of his aido-do-oamp. He made tho campaign in the east, •where he distinguished himself on several occasions by the grossest fnm pacity notably in thfe Dobmdschn. Hit van made General of Division in 1855. After the attempt upon the Emperor's life, before the Opera, on the 14th January, the Emperor ap- State Convention have now been chosen, and i Panted birr, Minister of the Interior, which , , | office he filled in a manner that brought «terna.l in tbe proportion of at least two to one, they j diagTMe npon his name. Hi. ministerial c»- are in favor of electing delegates lo the Charles- i reer was not generally relished, and when, he ton convention who will vote for Stephen A i was succeeded by De 1'Angle, there was a general feelinp of relief in France. His talent* , . Uonglas as th« democratic candidate for the j were of the parp i r ^^^ lrke order and hie Presidency in 1860, and of a platform which ' d«ath n M the field will cancel whatever un' clearly defines a^d endorses popular sov.reipn. '• P°P nlar T , b " had ( * ra , e ^.. 9" ner f 1 . ,_ i commanded the second dirUion of the second forjn <P rrmit under the orders of Qp,3jp?Tal MoMahon. His body (which wag ..nearly cnt THI KANSAS ELECTION.— It ie not yet settled whether tbe democrats or republican* have a majority in the Constitutional Convention, which is to assemble next month. The republican journals there do not exult ove the returns, which they would do if thoy af.* forded anj ground of boasting. One thing is certain, the Kansas shriekers among the republican agitators have been "ruled out" by the people, and will not appear in the Convention, they having b»en defeated by Democrats or more moderate men of their own party.— The democrats have carried every township in Leavenworth country, the most populous in the Territory. \ -President Pierce was at the Springs of Schwaibaoh on the 2d inst., and intended soon to leave (or Paris. His route from Rome was through Eastern Italy to Anoona, in season to take passage in the last steamer which made the trip between that place and Trieste. From that place he ran over to Venice by Steamer, reaching Trieste again just before the approach of the French blockading squadron. At Vienna be received marked attention from the authorities of Austria, and by invitation attended reviews'by the Emperor of the immense bodies of troops then being concentrated at that point. . This officer, who fell «o gloriously by the side of his brave companions, was a near relation of M. Miseray, In whom the Prefect of Lons-Ie-Saolnier was sent by tbe Empress to announce to him the loss which tba Emperor and tbe army had sustained in the death of. tbe General. The deceased soldier bad scarcely reached forty-two years of age. He was originally a pupil at the military school of 81. Cyr and led by the ardent nature of hia disposition and character, be request, d that he shonld be attached to one of the permanent corps in the army'pf Africa. In 1841 he wan captain in a battalion of African, light infantry, and he returned to France in 1846, with the rank of Major In the Sixth regiment. On the re-organization of the Zouaves in 1862, be waaajh Si&ci TH» FIBS.—We very much doubt whether there is another town in Wisconsin that could iHWiigcotferea *0 rapidly wid se complete!*; 'fy^n a. Disaster like ttiat which ruitedOshkoeh on the night of th& 10th of Mar last. I'iThe contrast ^between the^'^onr^ neMstree'.for the dkuojee of m ajpr^arahoe, WQolil exdte of any,per«ni.wl»o had not wltneued, . in twain l>y cannon shot, while bis norso'a head wan rlaan whipped off,) is to be conveyed for sepnltnre in the cbnroh of Leg Invalid™. where rest n. .ny marahals of the first Empire, an well as Tnrenne and~Vauban. OeneralEn- pinasFe was married to Hdlle. Festnglerre, of a highly respectable family at Bordeaux. His widow was in tbe department of the.Olronde, and the prefect, M. de Mentque, was charged to convey to her the fatal news. The Etnprwis at the same time sent a letter to Fasto- Rierre, who wag in Paris, by one of bier chamberlains, condoling with her on ber loss. Tbe general leaves three children, the oldest only six years of agn. The body of tbe general it to he embalmed, in order that U may be taken to France. OKKKRAI, CtXBC. pointed Lfeateoant-Colonel in the8ec6nd meat,' anddlstifaguish>-d binueliT at Ibe saigeef El Aghonat. He was rnade Colonel of the same regiment In 1853, and took It to the Crimea.— At the battle of the Alma it wag be who',' with hit regiment, effected )h« fajaotu aseent of a precipice by which the BanianB were,gup- prised on a side where they consfdered themselves secure ffom any att^io^,, and then he PJ»nted the Stgofhls regiment; on the tele- tteI«M a short time after promoted to of brigades At the battle Idisite- mentioned In oj $^^^£&D^~f^£^fart of Buffalo, r o trss Sd of Frbmarj. 13:9 Uadr 10 the 8«retarT of BWte, Wljconslr, punasnl to the Bt»l- Qtes of u at Place. • JUS, iSD LOCATm L. The name or the Company ls "H*« ifvtual fn*ur- anc4 i'ontfHJ9,f ftf Haffaln. Located la Buffalo, Stale of New lorl. I. rirrrit.- 2. The arnnut cf aothor i-<t spltal AS WE t^'r l'<«rst rfttra s E M. FOR CV3H P . €: A JOBBER IN C3.-OOI5S A'.D V a ii k e r .>' o t i o n ••. .V K O x STOCK ALWAYS FULL. 3 The amount paid up 4. II AK-n lot. Cash on hand. id. lo the bands if and due frntn afrnta A otbers 3d. No real ettau, 4th. bonds heltl by tbe Oo. is. 1. M H. B. H tiooJi, 12/.00 2. Toledo, Nor«alk t CteTr. Ixiniis 4/Ofl 5. N. 1. R. R. bonds. 8.000 WS.-290 4. f»lockl • 0. B. 5s 111,000 worth 10,4*7 50 D. 8. 6s -sOOO worth ,,.. »,1S5 96 E. N. Tork tn &000 worth p.... M.903 It »,m s; 19,003 A nd malt i* n: b*H lirbf •, wtran iff^rd iri un i r»- . «r ucvgt tn-.r* who do » time traie, and of court? ose ru r? or lest of their proflu In that <r«y. Call and Examine O^r Bt(i k, whether y u wail t.» bur ^r n^». snd Wb w>ll frees/ show > aa ear (roods snd pnees wtiKa we kr.ow itann it fall to plrase THU. Jrt ' HCNN 1 CKOS>BT Tl.f Fraukliii fhriuical Vto.ks HO. 231 NORTH FB-A>H|J> STREET, CHICAGO, - - IL LI. 6. Debts due to the Oo. secured by mortgage on unencumbered real estate, worth double she amount of mortgage *!*per ache- date** bearing t per cent, loterert , 114687 1» 6. Debt* otherwlie secured by stocks-, mortgages and Insurance scrip of this and other comjianle-a, end Interest on sanje T. IMbu for premiums, consisting of bills-recelTable, 8. All other •rcUrltlea and claims dne the Co., salra- ft", renehi, *t t. Personal property owned by the Co , p*eam Tu'r, Pumpa, tc—i . TotalAaseU..f 494^6 6» til. Uiuurrcp. E. The amount of liabilities dne ti banks knd other credltoti. None, excepting what la cohUlned in Ro, 10. T 6. Lone* adjusted and dne. None. T. do do and not due. None S. Loun Dnidjo&ed. Supposed to be at the extent about.. t. Lours In ttupt ue. Same M No. S. ^^ 10. All other elaltpi tgalnit the company, jlndlrlduaj balances, uncll Imed dlrl- denrti, u4 red iraptlon of Scrip uncalled or Total UabUUle i 11. The grcattat ai KWnt tonred In one riik. of fire rttki li he ninal limit; bat tn iosu «*•» of short risks |10 XiO. On reueli and e»rgo« 116.000 u the anal Unjlt, Inclndlng both. 19. Qnu amount ,f prtmlntni reoelred In State of Wumutatm ihe ourrent y«ar,endingTebr|tary 18. The market ralbe of 'mtock. The . . . . no rtockboldeS, th« acrlp lined on the Mdtail plan by Itacha ter eonitltotei IU capital and th* valw of scrip tan*. 4,000 n •arlct aecordtne to IU priority of 14. Drridend, T per cent on Iti outjundlng scrip. IB. Tb» eiarttr or «t oflnDorporUoa of said Oompa- n». Seat hertt rtth. * .. . ; JAKES 0. EVAS8, President. A. A. KoMA>at(n i; Secritary. STATIJ OF WISCONSIW, pigp»% i ,186>' I r-AMil.V [ iW Vork Mills l-'i..ur,. ;Bata»lactory«Tl<lkoc« having been Tum,«h*d _io nie oor line (Idejn left will be attended to without delay. MXAOLC A lay. SON. 1 of the Ooinmon QontaSI. adopted Jane . ie recommajdatlon of the J 8tiett Cotn- - to fTato North aiu> to the extahllshedgnd* Lhrooghbloek IB/lilJie -Second Wsiri), it U afler be'rrtded to" ttre srtabUsifd grade, Bthet«hn^Uoft}M01l7l»gtoe«r«BfS»liI Mi> .-i i *i, i»t.l - ! 'i * ^ii-riJr!•» siiii"'.' : •! W »ropertj In uM aUnr .ace.hmbr notlfltd the b«rt fleet ter buy |ft otf OOOD3 ; Tba bat,place to bay GOODS COJtAP; Tne bat place to DUJ all kind* 8 n(. OXBIE8 , W* aak tM eUfeuni al Hibraukae to try 01—rich anil c: A v .\ t, poor. J«S4 JOBBW. UOYABD. of thcGrefladleraof Ihe Onard. Of OfdWf H>- tj»e Mth of ti fJtejWtod, B the headflf two of-hli tbatthainnum Jni BranrtObmptaiy • • >:^' and tb«f"Ma«elonTart^| Snrrtrandat aolntutnoelneai w»t*d byeBU.**)/ Hver fctte wqntrjment of .eetloa mn- nfO*t*Jai nraaw Oottpa- " ^ proTedllarclilT.llto.-andhaT.ngaUo paid toto- &$#*•*«»****$ **<***• P«r««»-.onft.p»« .BeTetworgtateQftheBUUo breRw »« V- •J»* Hnrf, of BOIwaa . ri«bt iothsswltnowl , ,. data, or a«8<^M«Cotii,nIraromi>f pTemtann and ttanprtet thsJ«»me*lJiedoae.»Dd diarnd! tattwre- anu a>4tnti*r «td eioloajTB baidncss, lam able to gtTBmi enato- Under the BaptBfuhnnh; r/oppodte thstUiutom ^^ T T. M ^i_*«m a i HI of UM moat laflMiiUataad larnx dnm. ' .,"*,, r,a-\ W B bes leare to annoance to oar customers, and to tsie trole to ffroers-l, th«t <lur1ng ih|p reason Oo irarel jig sirent will be dispatched from "ur works?— We :ntiie our o|p| cnatomers and others t n favor cs hy it tier *nth tneir orders for Essence* of* Liquor., which, ss always, *U1 be executed to their enure satis- farlina. Thousaods appreciate the plan upon vhicn our k>scores are madp *h f rh presrcnta the following ad Tantaoe* and iactllt>rs oeTer cffered by others 1. Toe E-sence from the»e works are sctually gsuQpfd by otsvt.atlon, therefore Healthy and i^ic tome nine; that others cannot or dare not cia-'in Tor Ihelrs. t. The Costs are mart less than others; because tirte aiacoces -re put up In pSKkaire*, each eontalnlnj enough for forty gallons, and comprtstnt; not only all the t*q4tred txts^edlenta, but alto tht coloring. Addlesa letters to UARL BELKR, Maoafrer, iranklm Works. Chicago, 111 , P. 0. Boi, 3*t-3 —d6m Are re^aeated to p*aU aeated to p*aU anpl eiatonne Cr< X)1)S ANli P KICKS R. P. < I lt> . lp^ck. M K U'i:,.r \K\V r|1HE JpEW AND THB OLD , Or C» A .n romantic aspect*, by ti * Pmrnp Moaalca, by the aathor ^t S»IAd for th- .-..I t \rv A Bachelor's i*tory, hy «i ,»er Hunr* life of ften»r«J Havp-l .r«. by J f K«a.l. The CoDT,le».-prr.t. ny N P » il'is. Thr Spurmr^riSB Pap^r< r. I v- n^ n ••*:. br P T LVtip-u.. J asrRect'fft Kir i ic by TKBkT * CLK » '• -R. jel^ U7 IT^.i w.t.-r ( V • • .' . . J, H, CQKUfc$& CO,, W L o i o H d ) < • Gr r o c o i 1 .s i M 11 Ornca or rat Un. e> MrsmwoTi R. R. Co., I ttllwaukee, Jur.e6, 1S69. ( I OTIC K Is hereby , that th; deed of orgaalia- _ tl*B of this Company, Is tn the office of th« Sptcre- t»ry or this Compiny, In the Cl«r of Milwaukee, ready to be scented by holders of bonds secured by tbe mortflfrn of the LaCrnsje ts Mflwankee R.llmad Co., ooder rpreclosore of which this Company Is organized; and persons holding snch bonds who hare not already executed i he same are notified to do so In person or by Attorntiy duly anthorlxed. NoUcu U also flren, that the Secretary of this Company will laine certlflcates of the stock of this Company to the holders of sach bonds upon surrrender there- •f, In pursuance of the proTlsions of the deed of or- ganlxatton. Note: Is also glren.that the Board of Director! of this Coaipany has made tin aasexment on the slock at the rate of one per cent, for the I nrpose of pjjmg the expensw of forccloilnj the ss|d mortgage-: aniLo' or- ftitnlilng thhi Oompany, payable on or before the first day of July next, to the Treasurer of this (Jompanr, at his ornee in the City of Milwaukee. jeT-d«t DW1GHT W. KEYES, Becrerary. ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. II . ' ffl E A C L E «V SON! SIGN OK THE BIO RED KETTLE ! DBALKB8 IN Stove?, Sheet Iron, Tin, Hardware. —AND— IMPLEMENTS, Infonn their friend! and the they hare opened: a Store at 808 v .w......W7fOT WAlIBSTSIflCT.. .., —2O8 •|ib t'etle at (he aboT* named arOolei, togithe CtUOVTOS, HAKZ8, HOB, - tnd if loaltnral Im&arunti icnenow, u *«D su all • - r i iortiof • pSBrOEET IRON AND TXNNERV WOBK, ^ ( , eie. cto« Pitt** Btotea dot ap to order. WTpooeng. 'Al BINO of aa Undi, and ererr sort of work la tptoetnjJlT attimded to. •y . * i n n o ,\ D *, PSOPR1KTOB * MANrFACTCRKB OF PUKX OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, t~|UlI8 Br-uidj hu been roanafactur**! for «.*verH.. X jvan from the pare jaioc «f \}\e Cauwt-"* tir*^". Uias utrordlnii rnddttion*! eTid^nc* of thf pr<iirp*'W • AST-', i ran enterprise and inJustry, j-oM "f our »oflity - pro'ti.^* article* at home equal to thos.? ma-.p bv »nv other oaUon. . Thr Obi" CatawhA rni njy ec^aaN bnt -xr-'-M tb< ^ *l In c -ru i t.r-ia.l.^'K <n purity aoil l\\v r 1' -* In f~ ' .' I-*i sia-jwii. This itateineni >a f\i< y con . Crated by U.v certificates TI .ar m >*t l.<n.n.n»,- ed »^ '".'licnj chemjart*. Tht * mt .f Pur u Rr^ h>s Ions h-eea •'ell o it j country, »a.l th.- iniri-lni-n.-n of an articii- of soch juaii- ty as to mpersceiU Uie saJe and oar »r thnse -nm- poandi hitherto sold ander the name r>f Or%n<ly,ran H-, . y be regarded a grt«t public good. TJie Catawh* nran.iy po*>e>*es alt the ffr>o(J qoaJit.ed claimeil for thr- n« -.c Imported Hqaor», *ujd Is of perfect parity ami •nipvri. r Qafor, and aiOTerlgn and mrc remedy for Dyspepm,*. Flfttalency, Cramp, Coltc, Languor, Low Spinu, Ovntr al Debility. Ac. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOPT i; Retail Price r ti,25 Per Botdp. |^* Recommended by th* phyilciani 4ml Inum-'> or the United States. e.SImmondihma appointed J. P. A P 8. ILflLET. N lil Eut Wateritreet, sole amenta for the Stau> of W.,. consln. where dealers and coatomen will piea^tf f I Ad i V : 1 ;lM. II I I I I t *! I \~\ \k ,\ I ward U. Wl their orde By calling on the agenu, the public will r pie irratulonsly. THIS WAY WITH YOUR MONEY ( ) JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocer and Wine Deakr, S° NO. 181 EAST ** ATER ST. T HE B«3T TrT-ACK TO BOY ?INE QRKKN ANU BLACK TtAa ; i The beat place to buy OLD JAVA and MOCHA C . f FEES; Tne best place to buy nice SYRUPS , Tho beat place to buy all klnda of MOL ASSES Tbe bat place to buy aa klndj of 80(J.vKS. Tke best place, to buy all klnda if 8ALT FUH , , The °e«> place to bay Cron A BlMkwell's PICKl E < I The bat place to boy all kind* FOREIGN .s.iLCK? . , The bat place to buy all kinds PI E VBOIT3 . The but place to boy 8CGAR OUEED UAU-i i The bat place to buy 8MOKCD Bf EV . I The belt plan to boy CHOICE BLTTBB ; I The beat place to boy PA Lit ALK , , The belt place to bay FOHEIBN ALE and POSTER The best pace to boy TOILKT SOAPS . The hej*t place to boy all kinds WASHING 9OAP9 . Tbe best plM* to bay best STABOH ; Tbe \nA place to boy FIGS, RAISINS, PRONsS , Tbe bat place to boy an kinds Ntjf* ; The bat place to boy pore UQOOKS for family iue . The belt plate to buy NatlTe and foreign WINE i. The beet place to buy * (nod box inGAHS; The beat place to buy Ueershsum SMOrUMG TOBACCO: Tbe bat place to buy high sjiJ low cost onKW TOBACCO,. Tb« bat place to buy Weldham Fine Apple CHEESE . The bat place to buy tngt ih and American . •• Kl > >. \ I VI c >N C Ui PICK .-HUPK.-.I .-Ifll.pp u iu*r-i7 M.\ri.K |*| I (iALLON. 1 * Ma^ip' .-PVM Ov/ wiles., CukvS, .V M I V» I • K. K SL'KIVSD by'lr ; , • ,; it ,,,rl • >. <.. J A \ | O P IJjerl.p. |U»Ulv » :ittt apri 11III k %".» R. 1-tfsTiiBar Domestic 1 Exchange and Specie, nnHI Ufhsjn rttet jald for ill Wads of 6oU «od 811. :h, Kn«li»n su.l inifriptiin JEWELRY I t)f L..U-8I ,-«l/lt t, K i . II . 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