Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 28, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1898
Page 2
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MELV1N, STEELE JOHNSON EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 28, 1898 PATRIOTISM VERSOS FAVORITISM. Premising that every citizen o the United States wishes the speedy accomplishment of complete v i c t o r j for our army and navy in t h e con f i i i - t w i t h Spain, a n d t o t h a t end « i l It-nd t h e government their mora ami pecuniary or personal support as is most notsdeil, it is i u c u m b e n upon the administration at Wash ington to select the most covnpeteu tnou tor every post of duty and to adopt the most effective and leas expensive means to accomplish tlia result. President 3fcKiulcy in «b si't rlio people a hig-h example of: pa trioti.sin, if ho would have them patriotic. He must eschew personal and political considerations when making his appointments, and they should not outweigh the most excellent record or thorough training ot an}' man from any section. There have been only a few instances, so far, in which personal or political pull has cut a figure. The appointment of young Foraker, McLean anc other civilians to such i m p o r t a n t positions as assistant a d j u t a n t general, quartermasters and commissaries of subsistence--positions for which they have had no training whatever--savors more of favoritism than patriotism, and calls into question the motive for such appointments, especially as tbere are hundreds and h u n - dreds of, men already in the service fitted for the duties of those positions, which they had a right to expect would be given them. President McKinley should hew to the line o£ patriotism now and leave favoritism to some f u t u r e and more .proper occasion. The, Congress, charged with raising money to carry on the war, should bo entirely exempt from favoritism in laying the increase of taxes. The burden should be borne by all alike and should not be needlessly heavy or so placed that it cannot be eased np when the necessity for war taxes no longer exists. Which of the two plans proposed-the issue of $500,000,000 in bonds, as proposed by the Republican majority, or the issue of greenbacks and the coinage of the seigniorage, as proposed by. the Democrats--comes nearer to. meeting the present need and works the least hardship on the peoplo? Five hundred millions of dollars in bonds would call for an annual payment of $15,000,000 in interest for an indefinite time, and a little moro than incidentally favors the banking interests aurt the capitalists. The Republican plan imposes a burden and provides no manner of help to bear it. The condition of higher prices is already upon ns with the war only a few week old. The Democratic plan recognizes the present higher prices of all sorts of breadstnffs aud endeavor to offset it in a raosteffective manner, by putting the silver now lying idle in the government vaults into coin dollars, and by the issue of $150,000,000 in government notes. "With the issue of greenbacks and the coining of the seigniorage the supply of money would be increased nearly two hundred millions of dollars at once, and the government would not be hampered by a lack of f u n d s to carry on the war vigorously. In the details of the war revenue bill the propositions of the Democrats are broader and equal to all tlio people. There is no favoritism of omissision to tax any favored class, nor commission to collect unnecessary interest. Placed side by side ·and compared critically, the Democratic plan seems the more patriotic of the two, in that it is more just to all, less burdensome, and freer from tincture of favoritism. A MILLION MILLIONAIRES. In an interview in Chicago recently Col. Patrick Donan said: The first little flat-bottomed, stern- wheel boat that comes, down the Yukon this year will bring more gold than all the vessels that came out last year put together. She will probably get out about July 1, and she will bring from ten to twenty tons of gold. Yes, that i s ' w h a t I said .from ten to twenty tons of solid gold. They have long since quit talking of ounces and pounds up there. It is estimated by tons. There will be from forty to sixty tons--repeat that in figures, from 40 to 60 tons--of gold dust and nuggets brought out this season. All the result of a few months' work by a few hundred men, who had hardly money enough this time last year to pay for a drink or a poker chip. You thought there was a boom, »· craze, last year. Wait till all these tons, these freight-ear loads ot" gold begin to roll out. Then you will see a rush, such a stampede as has never been witnessed on this continent since the old California days' of ISiD. There are 200,000 square miles of gold-bearing territory to be prospected. New discoveries -are being almost daily 'miide. And there seems no limit to the riches and the possibilities. Boom over, indeed!- Just wait a few weeks--and theu get out of the way, or be run over. War or no war, the world will go for gold. And thei;e-is gold enough in that far -Northwestern land,of icebergs and polar "bears to make 1,000,000 millionaires. .. The Trans-Mississippi Exposition will be opened on June 1st; EDITORIAL NOTES. r; ro ·; -j ^nniTT;I ';-! 53 A T T AibS. 1 !.: J - J J l i L' KJ,:V!.!i. Tho I'losideut has issued a call for seventy-five thousand volunteers, in addition to those who responded to the first call, and Maryland's quota is eleven hundred and sixty- six. It is understood that volunteer organizations will be accepted with officers of their own choosing in filling up-this call. This will give the Fourth Regiment an opportunity to get in upon their terms, and ivil also give tho counties a clianco lo organi/.e companies. Caroline can f u r n i s h a company of captains anc a few privates. THESE IMPORTED REDUCED -- FABRICS ARE re- It was announced at the Now York State Department of Public Instruction Monday that the com inittee h a v i n g charge of the erec tion of a m o n u m e n t in memory o! the sailors killed by the blowing up of the battleship Maine is preparing an enrollment of all school children of the United States, the names to be placed in a vault under the n i o u u m e n t . ' There are about 20,000,000 school children in the United States aud upward of 1,000,000 in the State of New York. Edward Bellamy, author of "Looking Backward," and other noted books, died on Sunday last in Springfield, Massachusetts. "Looking Backward" is a novel but many of the things appearing in it are looked upon as important economic truths by many people and the book is widely quoted throughout the country. It was published about ten years ago. Judge Bradford in the Wilmington Federal Court ou Monday afternoon sentenced Col. E. T. Cooper, who was convicted of conspiring with Wm. N. Boggs to misapply $3,000 of the funds of Dover National Bauk, to serve eighteen months in the New Jersey State Penitentiary at Trenton, and pay a fine of five thousand dollars. A board of trade is of decided advantage to a town in t h a t it c»u accomplish, by united effort, so much more than the same amount of ener- ·y or capital by individuals without organization. The business men and property owners should be especially interested in this movement, and should push it along to the very best of their ability. ' To persons who wish to join the navy we will give three s w i m m i n g lessons for a quarter. To others who wish to enlist in the land service, running lessons will be taught at reasonable rates by a sprinter who went through the civil w a r l i k e reased lightning. Address Editor of Billville News.--Atlanta Constitti- The town of Cambridge, Dor- ihester county, voted again Tuesday to continue "dry." The question of whether or not licenses may be issued for the sale of spirituous and 'ermented liquors within the corporate limits was submitted to the legal voters and license was defeated by 90 majority. For more than a week, all over the world, tributes to the noble charac- er of the late William E. Gladstone lavtTbeen given. He was England's greatest and best statesman. Years vgo he was termed the "Grand Old Man" by his admirers throughout the English-speaking nations. Over 112,000 volunteers have been mustered into, the service of the country, and, if necessary, that many more maybe quickly mustered n. Uncle Sam will soon be ready i'or business on land as well as ou ca. With the sons of General Grant and General Harrison serving the country on the field under General Leo, no one should refuse to believe that the American people are reunited. Hon. W. J. Bryan has enlisted in a Nebraska regiment. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, May 23,1893. We Are Selling Finest Dress Goods at Lessened Prices Leadership demands the world of newness here each day. It excuses nothing; shows no pity--but is a resistless impulse that keeps this store at the head. The finest textile must have a wearer in a few weeks. Part or all of a coloring or weave tliat tarries must be ousted by the dynamics of lessened price. Our highest novelties are not exempt from this rule; nor is any other class of dress goods. Hence, decisive bargains for those who are in time to avail of them. All-wool Colored Jacquard Crepon, duced to SI.25 Silk-and-wool undulating Chevron--S1.33 from SI.75. Silk-and-wool Bayadere Barege--$2.75 from S3.50. All-woo! twilled Tailor Chevron--S1.25 from S1.75. Silk-and-wool Fancy Suitings, reduced to S1.25. Silk-and-wool clotted Epinglc, reduced to SI. 25. Open-work designs of silk-aml-wool Bro- cades--S3.50 fiomSl.50. Self colored corded Crepe de Chine--S2.75 from $3.50. AND SOME DAINTY COTTONS AS WELL-High class French Organdies--light and dark grounds, 23c from 35c and Tinted ground figured Swisses--65c from 85c. Batiste d' Orleans--a sheer figured mus- lin--75c from SI. Fancy Figured Mousselinc de Soie--33c from 50c. AND SOME POPULAR BLACK FABRICS-- All-wool Figured Grenadines--25c instead of 37 Ac. All-wool canvas--37j£c from G3c. Figured Mohair Frisse--SI, 31.23 and S1.50 reduced from SI.23, S1.50 and S2. Silk-and-wool fancy corded Poplin--S2 from S3. BUT a step to the time when-"Standing with reluctant feet, Where the brook and river meet, Womanhood and childhood f l e e t ! " The fair graduates will he bidding adieu to school and stepping i n t o i\ new and broader woikl. TJiegown is an important feature of the occasion. These fabrics to choose from: Cream Albatross, 40c anil oOc All-wool Cream Cluiliis, tL;, 3CK: and Cj;. All-wool Cream Sersc^Go:. Cream Mohair, 75; to SI. JO. Henriettas, STJ^c to 31.23. All-wool Cream Crepe. SI. Cream Barege, SI 50. Silk-aml-wool Crepe Imperial, $2.75. Silk-and-wool Figured Brilliants, 73c, SI. Printed Crepe Ben ;a!ine, SI.23. Fancy shades in Moire Diagonal, Soc. Fancy shades in ChhionGrerudine.Sl.SO. For Graduates' Gowns Clotllir 0 " SOME pielty suils for f ° boys tempt a special lor tsoys word t(5ci;iy They are made of navy blue serge ol unusual goodness, made in n a t t y style; each suit has extra collar and shield of duck. Collais are edged with white and inlaid with bkie-auJ- white or red-and-while checks--· the change of c o l l a r and .shield making such a decidedly different effect that it is practically two suits in one. The price- five dollars a suit Sizes for ages 3 to 10 years. Two interesting lots at u n u s u a l prices-At 86.50-Handsome Worsted Sailor Suits, in pretty checks; light in weight, but serviceable; neatly braided with silk soutache. Four-in-hand scarf with each suit. For ages 3 to 10 years. At $3.75-Pretty checked Suits, with double-breasted jackets--all-wool, of course--serviceable and good-looking, at an unusual price. Sizes for 7 to 16 years. DRESS-UP SUITS-Handsome Suits in serges, cheviots and unfinished worsteds; silk lined and silk faced. Sizes for 7 to 10 years S7.50 and $8.5'J. Military Sailor Suits, in manly, patriotic styles, S7.50. Serge Sailor Suits, at Si. CORDUROY TROUSERS-in brown or gray; excellently made, SI .1 pair. Brownie Overalls, for the wear-and-tear of boy-day playtime, 50c a. pair. fulness today; and stay in service until late in the fall. Comfortable sorts at these prices-Single-bed size, S3 to SJ.50 a pair. Double-bed size, S3.50 to SB 50 a pair. SILKOLINE COMFORTABLES-- Soft, dainty coverings, filled with light fluffy cotton; plain, S1.25; with ruffled edges, Sl-50 each. WHITE BED SPREADS-A multitude of carefully selected sorts; priced this way-At Sac each--Hemmed crochet spreads. At SI each--Crochet spreads, Marseilles patterns. At SI.25each--Handsome crochetspreads. At $1.85 each--Satin-finish Marseilles spreads. John Wanamaker. If nil men were built alike tailors might concede n point to the clothier. But as no two men are exactly similar Clothing inside to order is the only way to obtain n perfect lit. It is our aim to make Clothing that is satisfactory, in quality, lit, and uorkuinu- sbip. By giving strict attention to tlio measuring mid cutting we obtain results that nre pleasing to our patrons IMI, EASTON, - -. MAHYLAND, Order Nisi; George ~\V. Davis and Samuel X. Hornev vs. Kichard J. Saulsbury Snrah E. Suulsbury, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Jiqnity. Ordered, this IStlrduy of, Jfay, 1SOS, that iho sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by Oscav Clark and Harvey L. Cooper, Tnibtoes, ba ratified and 'confirmed, nnloss cause to ho contrary thereof be shown on or before the 22nd day of July next,--Provided :i copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks, before tlio 14th day of J u n o next. Tho report states tho a m o u n t of sales o be 8345. CHAKLES \V. J10UBS, Clerk. True Copy--Test: CHARLES W. IIOBCS, Clerk. a r\ \\ f3" s f~-*ii « rj 7" 1 n «·'"}% f!--, Oz'V. t'3) M ,. AT R1BGBI.Y, M i,iul/i'i !'i.'ii L\ \ iWrijlu) i P v \ i i \ u c oi' tin 1 ;u!t inn 1 ! 1 y b\ \\\f la-l \\ '11 ' i n d I t i n n nl S m i i ' i . dcciM-.'d. i!i,l by v l i : i n' [iic' I ' l . i , , t [ . . i ( i 1 \ . i l l -oil al p u b l i c a i : i ; i " . the btit.'l .!' W i n . I ) , v -. ,' THURSDAY, JOKE i t .1 i I' tru-l Iroii! "··'. It. Li'V.'i- ai.d !.·_· 'I.lie, the 17th i n i ' i i i i M ' o u l amoncc ' · i i o l l h C "nil Ill V. ill . I ' l i u ~J I '. i l l l - U I I i n ·nit of thu i.i' Dentoii, I oVlot-k. p. 1:11 ilusci \ - ; i i 11 r. i. l; ·. mi t h e . : 'oa In i u d u e i v :nu i.he n to K i$ i\ . i. !·'. .1. t u i i t i i " l i M i l i i i , 1 . ,1 n .! i - I .1 I ·i the HI t i n t '.\ n of Deli! .1, i in · p e i U lit' .Jo- .· , i ' i i i . a i i i l i n n T'.,'- l.u.u i- l i i h .. 1 !' ,L. ; · :' ".huh -l.ue u( ,i l . \ a l i o n , v e' 1 ( i i.' e t. ,,nci i(be watershed i n \ \ e i n ;'ne I ' M p l ' n k ii'.il Tuck.ihoe river.. The l i c a i i n ' i · tin in t i l e ( n i i i M \ . t b c in rl'.e: i: '· . r " i · it', beim; v H i m , ;!.e ' | i . ' L e : n i t - ' tlu- lov. n of U i M L . " l \ :'ii ! i l i i u: , V- tt-mile from r a i ' i .1 i - . . : . · · ' · u e t u u l h e n i bouiuhti \ - 1 -- i i i L . i - -:n''.e from Pi'Viic.-"il. in .ilcil m i tli ;ii-v, Queen Anno'-- Iluil.'o nl. The I, \ .it Chop- l:!iik river is abmil '2 mile 1 . -t a m i t h e Tiickahoe i i \ e r abm:i ·' niijc- . o i . MI 1 I'cnlon I u cm n t \ "-oat, i.- \ . i t h ,! j n u l e - d.'ive, or abuul JO m i n u t e - ; a v . n \ by t r a i n . This larin 13 b u i u l i I 1 le Ljlh. .oadini, i l i i e e t K !nu i J'. I K . y ' i H Si.uio:,. 'I'!,''- '.:· i v n ' u e , \ . i I'rin' ' r i i M i. .. e.uh, :U . . I I I ,' ' . i i i . b 1 ' , . r ii i \ \ i l l |.e ' u l i . ' l e l un ^;l_i ,i. - be, sold i i V'.i\ '\ ' l i c h 1 ^Teller a i i i e i i i i t . c v c p t ,, m a l l - i p " I tiul in i'roiit o l ' l b e I'.ir'.i. u.i 'V .-I - -'.e i ' l aluie-.'ud u.'iiniy a:id a - ' j o i n i i , ^ i in ^ oi'.I. K. Saiil-l'mry a i i ' i t l . ·' i^m-, tar.M. \ v b i r l i \\\][ l e M»ld EI- ; ^ej i. ,i.e b .. l ' u l l . \ .11 . i l l ' ' . i i · · : . '· i. · ' i i port, \v' tbc u.liv'i iii.- 1 1 . '. i ..l v which » i U e . i L e d . i l l t b " '.ii,h,,i:_, u. t , e n t i l e f a i m . The _i-up- on l ' i j e-i'.i o bind- bein:,' cither un le,- iuHu;'.lu»i ". piovidoti !'. r, v. i l l be l e - . ' r , e 1 t , i',,' t :,.:'.· and ]n - - I -- i o n I" Oil- I ' . i . ' , ·. , i \ ' . I : 1 be g i v e n J a n u a r y 1-t. I 1 - 1 ''', -· ·· : ul liic ]ur|i. s-e of p i i ' i i . i r i i i L ; an 1 -·· M i i ^ i/..- ]icr grfuiiuls to v.'hcat, t h l - [i.-ui 1 .,; i, b c i c b y niiarantecil l» tile, purcu i - . 1 u/ purcliRfcr-. for t b u proper time, and l e cu-toni i n e i d e n t t o s u e l i \ \ o r k . K K C O X D -- T b c other biiui'- con-ist of about 60 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS, J Costly -30 1'cct front by ISO t'ei L p. ple:i»-mt!\ located in the t h r i v i i ^ t - i i v n i! Kiilijely, caeb f u r n i s l i i n : ^ u l i n o bii'.ld.i^ ^llo t'vonliiii; on an FO foot in otine. w i l ' i back p n t s a n c c of -0 loot "alley. ."\lu:iv u'' these luta arc corner lot-, tli'. 1 :r. ^ in " beinn' crossed at ri'^hl iniiilo-i at i\_;ill;'i' tiiv i u i i i M-, i i i ' - i o - M .'t tl.e -ic'iuii-we-t c . n i n r nl' the Mi'd .!oC'jiii JO Jjuller'* lot : . . : u i ; - e i i i ' , - i n a - o u l h c r l y direction _ i i ' l - e ul -,;id h i N t i i Direct (JO I ,, e .11 ·· e.:- e i l _ dneetioil 110 i i ' :. ' e. : i .. i i r , ' ;·, d i r e c t i o n and ; . . r . ' ! - v ' ' ,· ' - - t ' ' n '.il'n" -·' d liO feet l-j L I H - j l . ) " t | , ' ' . ! : . I J i l l c r - lot, i h e i H U i n .' ^..- .·! i \ ' ' i i ' - i - i ! n u i l h l i i e ' ' i n t h l i n o .)! t h e si ,, n i ' . U i ' Lit 1101'eetto t b e phiec o600 Square Keet of Land, 'ore i r l i ··. ·! bi'ini; tin- 1 tin; sanio land . I ' s i i i o . e I 1,1 ; t'u'i d f i o i i i \V. ^^^ J^yv.'c · ! i the -a d TV!-n t i l l J. Oobee, bear- Li, e 2 -; d'iy ol' .Spptombcr, 18!7, i. 'i i i r i b n \ e j i n ' p e r i i e s improved interval.- by 1'eul u i d e , :i .-h»-s - i 'I t, i i STORli-ROOM. !', , · ' " , . 1- \ e i s i 1 ;j,i _, bvatcd , i , - v'., 've j i - i i ! 1 u - i ' i .-- - l a n d , i i :·" 1 i - i n i t :i!in I ' e . i r l : ie ib pot ' ' ·, j /, i ne - ":i 1 1 ii.ld. ; i | , - i l j ·,, i i ' ..... ! -.ibji'd to a ' ',' ) i 1 .',, of ;'ie -jTi'i i!ay nl' i . ', ,11. . ".i i i;. i! !·· t , . n \ l i n i e i i l . i 1'iti', in i':n.- not 'n'-- than · ' , . · i s I ni 01' Pie i i i o r i ; i^or or bi.- '}' t-.\1.}' - ( :i-i] on d a y ol Sale. T'tie [ :\] i : ' e . ol t l . e putt'lias-l'i 1 . :, i ,::', :; i,F.v, is. \ V ! I , 1 . A U 1 ) K . v V J ' b l ' , J ' j i f - \'" 'I'lio'.'A'-. Trustees. -\ vietioneor. EXECUTOR'S S A L E on the plat of tbe town of i i i d i t c h . : m \ v . record in tbc_ oliieo of tbe Cli"' 1 , ,-i' ' e C i i L ' i i i t Court fur Oaruline co i.i;., u; ; of which will be c ' x i i i b i t c l « i . i i 1 ' ; i.^ n. sale, or car. bo located on t i i e re · .I'd ; .- i51ockt T is. l!j. 14, IS. J f l , and t i e J M I ' - oiMSlocks 15 and :H) l \ i n ; ; bon\e^n . \ u i i u i road. e\eept tbi'tc lut-. ISo- ·" .in.l ', · t H l o c k X o . lo, w h i c h wove i i ' i t i . t i \ - u U i u "The; lirctbren,'' \vh i li'ive ei"etod '\ - n - : cln ch lliei'eou. Lot- Xo-. I. '2 and j oi' Hlock IS'o. :J are. also to be, nld. I.D'. ^" !! ha- a f r o n t of UU feet, with an alle\ iVmi aye of 70 feet, and upon \ \ b i L b is erixi '1 ii iii.-t-uhic' 2 combination b a r n , itiana 1 ;. and stable^, w i t h cominodioii.- .-.bed- :tt[,icln_il. att'oriling la rye *toi aye f a c i l i t i e s J.jl "i" unlnoke.ii soclions \ \ i l l be -old -eiv.rati-!\. \ \ ' t h t l ' . e j i r i v i b ' o t ' t a k n i ' ei l i r e -"i'ii... . or ,is m a n y a - u mi t h i r c u i ' b_\ p u r . ha -r at sal.ic price. - Po.-se.-^'Hi t i - U : u n In.* M i l l be irivon lie. lati". 1 tli'in N o v e m b e r l-i, and as iiiiich -miner a- ciup-. ^ .in !n- pm- ! k i n d purly hanc-i-loil anil r e u n n e d tbeiMiMi i. All parties de-ii-in^ to-co L ' I C -baiic in I loi'.ilion of p a r c e l - o i i e i ed c.n i K .-n .; i n v l i n i o by e x a m i n i n g p l a t t in my oll'uv. I will be g l - d to go upon, the t i . i t- v . i t l i p.n lies so' desiring, upon -in.b re'iue-t ijuinic made to n:e. Plat- w i l l U!M by i ' l 1 aiuU of Auctioneer on dny^ol's.ilc. TF.R1K OF SALE: " v \ i r ; , i M i i ' i . u t l i ( r i ' i . v f r m tin: Orphan's C d i . i t i t C . i i n i i i u ' ri'inity. t i n - iimlii-Mi;iie(!, I ' M ' l . i ' i l T I'l ^;, 1 \ . ' ! - ' T S l l l H l l , dl'CCMM'll. ii' - ii.* at iho latu icsi- divi-a^i-d, in the town of iEDS^AY, MS IS, 1898, i;.;iii:nr:ic:,iL, :.! i t' oVm.'ic a. ill., the ibl- l i i \ , i n _ ; pr-| 'i 1 :; : o ;·::-·: m a ^ f ^^:i I jor./r, yra,-M'] : 1 r.l.icl, lJ...-o; i LV-ach Culli-'; 1 ! ' : i i u b'.i'i:! S ' l n d L'aiiip; \Vouil At; . c . h n i « " i i l u r l)i'.pi)iiii; U.irvoster: 1 j ' . i ' m i i i 1 1'niiip aii'l "\" ni-'ili-; I Cora Sbot- !o ·: J CiM--:-('i!t Saw: I (!ra--Sucil .Sowoi, 1 '[\-.;i-Bi .; ;; y: 1 tv, -ivhi-i-1 Huggy; 1 Cur- :-i:iVi.' Poll' and YoKo- 1 Di-arborn: 1 P.'.ir T i i n l i c i - \ V l i f l - , 1 V\ag.):i ll:ii-\; 1 IJolloi, One-third o f p u r e b a ^ e money cj'i-di. a n d tlic balance in 1- and ^1 m u n t t ·-, not"^ lev the deferred p a y m e n t ^ to bu j;ii.cii !\ tbe purchaser, Ijeai i n ^ in'.fri'si I'roii: u.i\ i l 1 , .\ ilh security lo bt; ajipi ovod b\ t iu JXecu- tor, TH051AH A. S M L ' L i l , Executor of Sylvc.-tor Smith, dueea'-ed. Joux ~\\~. (Jr.AiiK, J i t , Auctionour. P'JBLIC SALE --OF-- TALI)JLK ML BTATI By v i r t u e of the pmver of =:ili: in t h r f c moitga^c- given liy "\Villi:im ./. Chirk :,"il v/it'c. one daled Dweml-nr 4. lSIS. t' Ur\:u-.l 1 5 r \ a i n . TUN; r. am! r." ' Engines and thresher- lUlurc-; 1 |'',UMI Ho!I; 1 A n v i l ; 1 uinous other llan-ov, ^, C u l t i v a t o r s v . S l i u v e N , Hue-, Uako-, Lot u! I'eaeh [i -ke:-; Ph. a:id C o t t o n Ia^.~; Unr- 111.-- '·: i!i!i','i'ent l;i:iil-; C.uit-Hook-. "-i \ t h c - . L.uiilei-, i G r i n d s t o n e ; I Horse C . n l j J r.av.n itoller; 1 O r i K i n ^ ^ f i i e b i n o .uui lSit-5 I.m if Carpeater's To.ils; Lot of ·'!·!.!·· :"i'l 1 'i p Folder; Timothy IIa\. :.b .it'.'-'i'i H u - l i i - K of Cora; Lot of L n m b o i . ^ . ' . u - i i . i . o . ( I i i . . ....1 i'.xl.ii'''-; 1 ·j!.i'-- -Mo^e" ,.'id !Cni\c-; 1 J J u v o l v i n i ; : i \ : V . n - l i i ' i ; D i a m - : ' i i d AVci^htt; Vv"iieei-; .ism V ' v i e - ' l rc- - 1 !i 'ur Kobe, and i.uuiy "ilioi' :n:e'ie- tt.; iiiu.icn.uii to m e n - On nil .·- ,' .- i : ' L O UIHI I'.mlcr, the cash u i i l K u i x ' M i i i . i ' 1 on t!;iy ,ii' «alej on sums D\ i r . i i i i n ' . i i i l a i u 1 I n oi' J'.! iiiontlib v, i i ! l i e ;;ivi v i', iiuu'h.i-i'i 1 - g i v i n g notes. 1: .uiivjc nr.L'n-: ;,-,,.n n-iy n{ :ale, secured i :;' i t , - i · , u i ' f t'ic undiM's-igiiL'd, anil ;M\ .' i · u . ' i i . i n n V. u i \ . l 15 i n k . ;s°i _ i n ; r , in in- i i - m i u i ' d i i i i t i l tlio ii 1 1 i - :,i'i ' '1'iplu- '. v i i n. ' I ' K i i V , \ A . , S M I 1'ii, ; \ i - . - . . t ! '·!'; ··!·-· -i S l . l i i h , ' : l ' i ,.'0:U-0-' 1,11V ( i i . i , / V, ' ,Vl"l-l '.. .jo,j:; \\'. i'l, M:K, .!'; . '. ',' meer. -Alli r u, i,id,,o,,u ,...,,,,,-1^ y/ay/yji^ i»AR ti'iint^; i .e d-ited .Jan'.ir.-y 2!, 1S'T. i ,Jnmi:r. L. Cour-L'j nnd r i c o r d o i l in i^i! i . 0. I' 1 ., No. ( i i , fi'li.i-'_|ij!., (J;c., u.ic of tb,: land records id'oiesiiid. and o;ie dated I e- eember :i, I S i l ) . ;;ul i'i'eoi\bjd in l j \ j - \ - K. C. J'\, j"-.. G'J, I'.dim '_07, .-., - i n - ni in land leeouk- afoic.-:iid, tke nin'ei'-.^'ie i us a-ii£iiee of the lir-L nnd -oefin! : n r . t - ·^a^c's a b o i o ;ceiled and morti; i^ei- ·? Ii: · ibird, w i l l *ell nl public a u c t i o n t I b · tiij.'lic«t bi Ider. in tVontol' the Ci ·,' . I iuii-s; door, in tbc t o w n 1'Donton, 1 Ui , "i: TUESDAY, JUKE 14th, 1898, between the hour.-of'2 and-1 o'eluek ]. in., all t b a t i . i l u a b l e tinet and p j u e l ot lai.d situulc in tbc Cjevcnth d i s t r i c t ul' C . n o i i n · c o u n t y , on tbc public ro.ul l«:.i !iiu- r.-in Uidgcly to jMasun's liianeb, mid I . M . I ·; .1.' of thu land convoyd to the .-ai i \\ ia..i .1 ·). Clark by T. C! i r k i ·, ' e ; .' . . Uecuinlu'r '2, l l -(.c-, and lee. ided ii, i iber L. U. G , Xo. JO, folios JiJl, ^\ c., ^ . i v i n ,' and uxeeotintr that eonveved b v :· lUi \ViI- IS CAROLINE COUHTY, Mam J Clark and \\ile t" J a n i e - K. D u k -- bv deed MTonled in L i i e r i ; . '·'. p., ,'o. lil, folios 1 ID i-.., iino ot t'no J ,t. I ic \rd- i'or Caiolinu coimiy aluiv-.i.d,) liie ji.ut reni'iinini; being d i s i i e c l i n i ' l . ' . u u . v t - , and w i l l bo -old !·= l'o!K»\-' TK ACT:; o.i This is one of the most viiiiMbb- Iracl- of bind in Caroline c o u n t y , :rid i.iljoin-, th(3 bind of James K. Dukus, ''Tht' ['kiiiio" and the farm belon^inj; I'o the c h i l d r e n of the saiil A V i l l i a m .1. Clark and e i n ' a i n - , abuiit more or les-*. ' t ' i * without build,nys. Tl CT XO. '2 is principally U ' . o c l l a n d and adjoins tin- u n d s of said Janie^ K. iJukes ,md oilier-, said James I 1 !. UuKi'b' I.i il lie- bo- MaeU N os. 1 and ~2) a n d cu.H.iiiis S3 J^eres of norc or It'-.-. Thuro is a sm.ill luni-u on iii.s lot. TERMS f)V SAI. K-- CASH. 'L'ille paper i at ilio ]n;i-elia-L'r'^ ".pe!iso. T1IOMAH !i. W P A i l K I A N , Atf ignee and ifoitgagco. ME wspAPER IV A purchaser ciui obtain a loan of ,"; r2'JO on both of thu above tracts, if doiiei.1, by applying to T. PLINY FISHKV, Atty. U n d c ' 1 :uul by M'rf.iu of power and au- i l i o n t x coiilin:! \1 i n a moi-£i;.|i;c from Kh'i la .'v. 1! :e- ' i n - l ONM-II ('. iih-des, hoi l ' i i - i ' . ' , ' l !o t'i .lie.. Yi' f-'l.iL,le. bearing .,! ti e H i | ! d i \ "f i J e e i ' l ' i b e r , A. 1 1 - · . " . . i. i u . i i x ul ii i .iril in Libi r L. J[. G-., A"u ")-', n d m K'.". DIIe of tbe bind record i i u i ' k s nf (,'arolinj eounty. w h i c h s-aid mort- '.r'H',"! - l e e n d i i l y a - s i ^ n c d l t h e i u i d u i - -!:;!!·'!, i \ v i i i oli'er ;tt l u i b i . , 1 .-ile in fi n t i '' the C o n i L lln.icL 1 ib-or, 111 the t u « u j f U l I l l L O l ] , O . I TUESDAY, U i s t D A Y O F J U H E , i ? · i t \M i 1 i t 1 .! 1 h o u r - o 1 ' '2 and ·! o'oiool; ]i i . u! ti il .1 \ , t h e l'ollo\\ i'l..'real est.ito: A i l .. HI .-iiiL.iiav l i i . i t ta-.-in or traet of l a n d -.n.aic. l \ i n i ; ' and being in the fourth ["Ji'i'i'riii Di-ti'iei of Carolina county, on t b o ri'ad Itadinij; fmiii 1'ic-ioii co Chop- rf.-l.i' -, a d ; i ] i t i i n ^ !bo p r o p e r t y of Jehu 151 .de-. a'lu I ' t l u ' i t , and c u n t . l i n i n g - 190 ACRES .if 1.1,1(1, TiH'iv or Ii --. T h i - farm is ccn- t i , i ! l _ v loca'o'l, ' o n \ c n i e n i to railroai! stat i o n ai'il -'i ii'dioal hindin;',', a n d is in a hiiji -(.lie i i i ' o n l t i v . i t i u n . Said !anu more p . i i j i i l - . i l v f l i t e i i b e d in u deed from said U-.u'ii C. J i h i ' l e t to Miid liboda A. lUndes, d u l y ot' record i n Liber L. I I . G , Xo. 51, f o l i o .;!, oi'e ol tbc b i n d ricurd books of e o i i n t \ . TKRlIri Ol' 1 SA LE. The t e r m s of talc a r e : O n o - t h i r d cash on d.'V ul' ^nlr-. and tbe balance in l\vo e [ uM.iime:;!- ol'-i\ and t w e l v e m o n t l i t i i - p i ' i i i v i - l j . !he di'ferrcd p a y m e n t to be H-eiiioil 'iy PI te or notes endor-ed to the ,=ali.-iai t i o n o[ tbe a.i-i:;nou, nnd to b c a r m - icre- ; or all e;;-b on t i i e day of tale, at the o p t i o n ol Liie p u r e h I-IM-. Must be mentioned with the first. We have Ladies' Oxfords, Misses Oxfords, and Men's Patent Leather,Russet and Black. You can secure just what you want, to s u i t . y o u r fool, and the price will suit you. Some Miscellaneous Articles · well worthy of mention, because of their quality and price, are: BEDSTEADS, ROCKING CHAIRS, DINING CHAIRS, CANE-SEAT CHAIRS, STRA W MA TTING, OIL CLOTHS, LINOLEUM. J.H. NICHOLS SON. It Hardly that y° u can get such value in clothing as this season's new s t o c k . Style, makeup and appearance of today's ready-made garments would not have been possible years ago at any price. See especially our $6.50 all-wool brown nobby plaid suit, our $7.50 blue serge suit, our $10 satin finished serge suit, our $10 gray worsteds and nobby chev- iots, our $12 pin check and plaid worsted suits, and our $15 fine serges, cheviots and worsteds Stylish in cut, careful in make, matched in trimmings, and every suit guaranteed to give you satisfaction in fit, wear and shape. Full stocks summer goods all through the store. Open evenings. JAS, T, MULLIN SONS, Clothing, anc Hats, Shoes, Market, Wilmington Examiners' Notice, Wo, the undersigi cd, 1; ving been ap- pointsd by Ihe 0.111 y coi iinissio icrs ol Caroline county tt? r iter upon examine and, -Y found nccc- ry, lay down ft public ronii, hagiiimng on lie roud from Fedcr iilsbiii-g to Demon, on a lino between the lands'of William Trice and S. Collins anc r u n n i n g eastward between the lands o William Trice iincl C. Lewis in a straight line, crossing the lands of C. Lewis and J. IJoiser: tin ice southeast to .a line between tr-e lands of II. tf. Trice and P. Trice t'rcnce eastward to T. P. Covey's line (lieiico to county road leading from Smith- v i l l p t o FedoraIsbm's, hereby give notice that on WEDNESDAY, J U N E 15, 1898 at!) o'clock n. in., wo will meet fit saic place of beginning to execute our commission. The County Surveyor will please attend without further notice. L. .f. I3LOXSOAI, L. N. TODD. EL1AS W. WILLIAMSON, Jliiy 1!, 1808. Examiners. Order Nisi. Vfm. F. Leonard, ifortgagce, vs. Adam M. "Washington, and wife, Gi.o. \\~. \Vn. t -i)N, Attorney, K . i t t o n , i!d. Assignee. U A J I I 3 K K SHOP, (,S/i ui.ft J'ttilift'iy, ii'ict duor Liricl; Hotel) rii.-t-i-l ?.· lin iiiiiiiv niul appliance!!, and iupeiL'iil woi-kiiioii iiioiircs tatisfactciry service to all customers. Popular prices. In tbe Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 2Itli day of HI ay, 1898, that tho sflle ofllie property mentioned in the-e }r(iciudiiig! : , in.\de and reported bv \\"ni. F. Loonaiil. Mortgagee, bo rati- lled and conlirinrd. unless cause to the ci.iitraiy thereof boshown on or before the UOth day of J u l y next,--Provided a copy of this order be intoited in somo newspaper printed and published in Caroline comity, once in eacb of three successive weeks, before the 20lh day of Juno next, The Report states the amount of sales lo be £130.00. CUAKLES \f. IIOBI3S. Clerk. True Copy--Test: CHARLES "\V. 1IOBBS, Clerk. REED'S TH E 'P S L TO GET B A R G A I N ? 1« HARNESS! P L A C E If in need of iinytliing in iny l i n e it will be to your advantage to examine w h a t I have to show before purchasing elsewhere. AIv stock inehidi-s Dusters, Sheets, Fly Nets, Ear Tips, Whips, Harness as low as S7, Uand-'inido Harness to order, Collars, Jirictlcb, Axlo and Harness Oil, "Whip Sockets, Puds of all kinds. juness repaired and cleaned nt short notice. W. B. REED, . Aid. Roller Mills for Sale, I want to sell my l?ollpr Mills nt Lin- csti;!-. It ib thirty-barrel capacity, with three sets or stands of rollers. Improved innehinery throughout, including gyralor rcinodclud less than n year ago. There arc buhrs for corn, bnckwlicnt, and feed, and hominy m i l l . This mill does good work, hat, good custom, and is convenient to railroad. There is also commodious dwelling, with stables, carri»ge-house and other out-houses, in good order. Terms made easy to For further particulars address, S. L. AYE-IISTEH, East New .Market, Md. ® GREATER OAK HALL, I GREATER OAK HALL. Big 5tocKs to Sell--Se^sop Late It's good news for buyers--it means prices made very popular to help quick selling. Hundreds have held back for weeks from buying Spring Suits--war, stormy season, some reason--now, we've got sunshine, and must make the best of shortened selling time. Oak Hall is f u l l of good clothes--men's, women's, boys', girls' : thousands sold aud other thousands ready for immediate sales. headquarters for ftften's Clothes-Where they're made--where men pay less. There's always a leak or a bung out when clothing goes through two or three hands. We're making everything tell for lowest price for worthy and good wearing quality, special prices just now : The 7.50 Suits for HO.OO Suits for 112.00 Suits for 13.50 Suits for ,15.00 Suits for 55.00 57.50 .00 ^9.50 10.00 $18.00 Suits for $13.50 20.00 Suits for $15.00 The Lateness has affected prices of Women's wear Many lots of suits and dresses are seeking a market through this store just now. Makers are fidgeting--anxious--giving us the chance in many case? to sell for less than cloth and work cost. Some of our highest class suits just now at half price; some lots the saving $3.50 to $6.00 on suit. Suits worth $16.00 for $10.00; tailor-made gowns for $7.50; jackets for $6.00; girls' reefers, $3. Railroad fare paid on purchases of reasonable amount. Wanamaker Brown, Sixth and Market, Phila. DEWE wi= ii® Have the best Carj-iagcs, Spindle Bug2;ios, Daytonp, anJ a ijull lino ot" jUachincry and Farm Inipleinents. Lowest I'rices an Everything I G«od Sccond-Hnnd Cnrfiagcs and Buggies from §10.00 up. SIUCE WAR, BEGAXT OSBOllNE COLUMBIA BINDERS AND MOWEKS nro nt the front, and have outbatlled all competitors, having proved to be the lightest draft, the best work, simplest iu construction, the strongest and best-braced binder ever made. Hence the victory 1 Columbia All-Steel Hay Rakes nnd Tedders are constructed in a way that S HI have two now rakes for the price of one. Osborno Columbia Spring-Tooth and isc Harrows are the only ones made w i t h double levers. Don't forget tbnt I am headquarters for nil lines of Machinery, Carriages, etc., at lowest prices. TONS OF B I N D E R TWINE. Also have three second-hand Deering Bijiders for sale cheap. Will guarantee them in every way to do first-class work or no sale. Give me a call. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year "by Year they have teen Improved. They are better now than ever b.efore, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DENTOU, R. B.J3OND. GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, QUEENSWARE, HATS,SHOES, BICYCLES, GRA P HOP HONES. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN, T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-Strain. Jinny persons whose eyes and head arc con- stnutly aching have no idea what relief scien- tilically-littcd glasses will give. Clumsily adjusted glasses will almost invariably increase ·the trouble for which they aro worn, and in somo cases may lead to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability to ndjutt glasses safely and correctly is beyond question. Eyes Examined Free of Charge. T. W. SMITH, Ridgely, Md. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline County, have obtained from the Orphans' Court of Caroliiio couuty, in Maryland, let- tors of administration on the personal estate of WILLIAM H. SMITH, late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased :ire waruod to exhibit tho same, with the vouchers thereof letrally authenticated, to the subscriber ou or before the 30th day of December, 1898, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given u n d e r our bauds jthis 2Cth day of April 189S. SALLIE E. SMITH, WESLEY ROE, Adm'rof William H. Smith, dec'd. JAMES SWANN. Teachers' Annual Examination. The Best Life Fi re I nsurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. TjTLBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNUY-AT-I.AW Denton, Maryland. JToticc is hereby given - that the Teachers Examination for Caroline County will be held on Thursday mid Friday. Juno 2d and 3d, 1898, at the Denton Iligh School Building. The morning sessions will begin at 9.30 o'clock and ciosc at 12 o'clock noon. The afternoon sessions will begin .at 1.30 o'clock and close nt 5 o'clock. Candidates for second grade certificates will be examined in the following studies and must make n general average of seventy per cent , and the percentage in Arithmetic and English Grai.imarmust not fall below the required general average: Orthography, Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, History of Maryland and tho United States, the Constitution of Maryland nnd the Constitution of the United States, English Grnnunor, Physiology, Algebra to Quadratics, Geometry, one book, Theory and Practice of teaching the laws and by-laws of the public school system of Maryland. Candidates for a iirst grade certificate must make n general avcrnge of eighty per cent., and in addition to the above named studies will bo examined in Natural Philosophy, IJook- kecping, Guouiet.y, four books, nnd Algo bra through Quadratics. All teachers whose certificates have expirod by limitation must take this examination. JI. 11. STEPHENS, Scc'y and Examiner. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Cltuua md btutlfiei lh* hifef iPromote* · InxuritDt growth. I . Merer Fill* to Sectors Or»| H»lr to itm Youthful ColorT I Cum Kilp difMMi k ha Oc.i£a«l.W

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