Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 20, 1941 · Page 6
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 6

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 6
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Page Six Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Thursday Morning, February 20, Ex - Preacher Heads Navy LONDON — (Cable Correspondence)—A former preacher who once publicly denounced Neville Chamberlain and Lord Beaverbrook is Britain's first lord of the admiralty. This "Keif-made" man—Albert Victor Alexander, 56 years old- had won public acclaim as a navy boss in the Churchill manner. He Is blunt and outspoken and looks the part -oi a chief tif senior service of 'the •bulldog breed"—bluff and determined. To Nazi invasion throats, he •naps, 'They may land but they will never get home spun." He considers the navy has "charted the course to victory" Ivith the merchant fleet as the "cornerstone of national defense." Deeds, not words—the centuries- Old tradition of the navy—is now Alexander's motto, but he is fluent on any subject he wants to talk about and is like a naval gun when aroused in debate. Aided By Beaverbrook It IE a tribute to Ms charade: and ability that Lord Beaverbrook minister of aircraft production anc long a foe of Alexander's co-operative marketing movement, supported his induction into the Churchill cabinet. There was no delay in Churchill's choice to succeed himself in the admiralty. Alexander made a name for himself as a successful first lord of the admiralty in the Ramsay MacDonald government of 1929-31. He launched an expanded cruiser pro- Brem to meet the Grrman pocket battleship threat, building smaller cruisers with six-inch instead of eight-inch guns with a double rate of flre and greater maneuver- •bllity. Eight years later, he rejoiced In the victor}- of two cruisers of this type—4he Ajax and Achil- IM—along with the Exeter, over the German pocket battleship Graf Spee. Alexander also authorized the first general equipment of British submarines with the Davis escape apparatus. Enjoys Heavy Duty Bis work is more strenuous now, bur Alexander, trained by a rife- time'of hard work, enjoys heavy addition to his naval re_ r _ _. the ruddy-cheeked, white-Weired first lord serves on the war production executive or- ganteaticvi to speed the output of munition* and on the import executive gr.pup to decide what sup- ========= ^^ Greek Invaders Plow Through Snow- plies the imvy shall convoy through Brine fields' and U-boat lairs. Often Ike pokes his head into a trawler under repair and brusquely asks members of the •hip's crew what occurred, where *hey were in convoy when hit, what casualties re- aulled, how they were rescued and how long the ship will be laid np. His broad, heavy-jowled face flashes white taeth in a smile when a sailor whispers to his mate, "Who's that bloke who wants to know everything?" Then the | stranger shakes hands and says, "I'm the first lord—Alexander. How are you?" Shares Love Of Sea He shares Churchill's love for the tea and ships. He has twice voyaged around the world and he wants to know everything about the navy"I can't go enough," he says regretfully. "I want to talk to captains and commanders as much as possible. It is from them and men on the drifters, minesweepers, and little cor- CHASING ITALIANS: With little more than strong hands, ICRS and hearts, the Greeks have driven back the mechanized nu K ht of Italy's Albanian troops. These old-fashioned pack mules prove more valuable in the mountains than all the modern transpo rts in the world. Troops are shown advancing over stone-strewn terrain in Eastern Albania. vettes that we learn a lot. It Is from these frank talks that we get new experience and learn new tactics." Alexander generally is considered the Labor party's greatest expert on ships and trade. He is an ardent free trader and also is a power in the co-operative movement, which has been his chief work outside politics. Won Opposition This last activity brought him the powerful opposition of Lord Bea- vcrbrook's newspapers in an anti- co-operative campaign in the early '30s. 'The co-operative movement never made a millionaire but it ne\-er made a pauper," Alexander said in a speech in 1934, renewing a challenge to Beaverbrook to a public debate. He added in that speech, "until Beaverbrook is willing to come out nto the open where he can be met and not shout from a coward's castle, the public will be able to judge the sincerity of this campaign against us." On his desk are five telephones. A high table stands behind the desk "so that after 1 get tired of working sitting down I can stand up and work. It helps keep me resh during long hours." He seldom goes to bed before 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and then is liable to call when any 'signal" of importance comes in. Unlike most other cabinet min- sters, he handles all his own personal correspondence. A picture of his daughter and granddaughter s on his desk. His wife now is with the daughter in the country. Likes to Bowl Alexander is fond of bowling but adds, "that was in peacetime." The only time he ever made an airplane flight was "that memorable one to Bordeaux" when he Hew to confer with other Allied eaders on the fate of the French leet after the collapse of France. An expert debater, he has figured n many dramatic moments in the douse o"f commons, to which he was [irst elected as a co-operative member in 1922. The story is told that, when Alexander and Lord Beaver- hrook finally met, the publisher held out a hand, saying, "My finest political Aunty Sally: For years, the controversy about you has increased my newspaper sales." Alexander, it is said, shook hands and retorted, "tly best commercial traveler! Every time you attacked me, ytu brought customers to tfce cs- operative." Admiralty House, the nerve center of naval operations, is also Alexander's home. Here, in an atmosphere of old, respected ship duty, an officer finds him having breakfast, never later than 8 a. in., a quick glance at the morning papers and then to tht "first lord'* room" and the day's work of controlling ail the ships of His Majesty's Navy across the seas of the world beginc- : The first lord's room overlooks the horse guards on parade. Close by stands Lord Nelson's famous monument. Scores of maps and charts are on the walls and a large globe stands in one corner. There is an oil painting of the battle of Trafalgar over the mantel and over the door a portrait of Samuel Pepys, the great admiralty secretary. Alexander is fond of reading a well-thumbed copy of Pepys' Diary. In » bitter debate In April, 1938, against the government's foreign policy, Alexander pointed a finger at the late Neville Chamberlain, then prime minister, and shouted, "You were elected on a lie and you now desire to stay in office by fraud." He has been the target for blunt words, too. Com. R. T. Bower told the house of commons last November that Alexander was trying to become a "little pinchbeck Himmler with a tin-pot Gestapo." Alexander for many years was a lay Baptist preacher. He served as a soldier in the World War, rising from the ranks to captain. His favorite recreation when opportunity offers is singing, accompanying himself on the piano, which he plays by ear. He likes best to accompany a group. He Browder, Wife Are 'Missing' NEW YORK, Feb. 19—(INS)— Earl R. Browder, the Communist party leader whose four-year sentence for a passport fraud violation was upheld Monday by the United States Supreme Court, and his wife, Irene, ordered deported to Russia, were missing from their usual haunts today. They have not been seen since Monday at their apartment in suburban Yonkers and party officials said they have not been at the Communist headquarters in Manhattan. Their three children failed to return to their school classes after noon yesterday. Both Browder and Mrs. Browder are free on heavy bail and federal authorities expressed belief they will appear when required. However, two plainclothesmen have been watching the Browder home at Yonkrs. knows fairly well all the popular songs of the past 40 years and has a good strong voice. Thinks 23 Is Lucky He considers 23 his lucky number. He began work at the age of 13 on January 23. He took his first oath in commons on November 23, was gazetted as parliamentary secretary of the board of trade on July 23, 1924, and appointed first lord of the admiralty on July 23, 1929. He also was assigned seat 23 in commons. "But the most important and luckiest of all," he says, "I was married at 23—when earning . less than two pounds a week." Irritated Eyelids? Bathe them with Lavoptik. Promptly •oothea. Use also for prompt relief of inflamed, sore, burning. Itching eyes — or to scothe tired eyes. No harmful drugs. 25 years success. Get Lavoptik today. (Eye-cup included.) 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Trade it in now, and use the liberal allowance you II receive + 0 reduce the cost of your new automatic heater! See tour PLUMBER or The GAS COMPANY AUTOMATIC HOT WATER SERVICE COSTS LESS Red Cross Aid Appeal Made An appeal for more women to assist in the production of all kinos of garments for the relief of destitute in war-torn England and China was issued yesterday by Mrs. Jua- son Espy, volunteer service chairman of the Maricopa chapter, American Red Cross. The appeal was voiced in order to swell the ranks of workers to a number commensurate with the enlarged quota assigned to this chapter by the national Red Cross. Large Quota Received At present, the Maricopa chapter is being called on to supply 1,000 dresses for women and children, 1,000 sweaters, 223 layettes, 225 pairs of pajamas, 150 boys suits, 150 coveralls for boys, 500 skirts for women and children, as well as a number of other items, including thousands of surgical dressings, Mrs. Espy said. Eighteen boxes containing about 6,000 garments were shipped from local Red Cross headquarters to the Newark, N. J., base, early this week, Mrs. Espy said, in addition to boxes containing 15,000 surgical dressings which were shipped direct to China. The supplies sent to Newark will be transshipped to England for the exclusive use of destitute Britishers. Hundreds Are Working: Hundreds of women in Maricopa county are working, she said, in Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Buckeye and Phoenix, and Red Cross units have been established in almost every church in the she said, "have valtey. 'These women," worked faithfully, and we are extremely grateful for every hours work which they have put in. But we are faced with a gigantic task to fill this new quota, and the number of women who are working now is not enough, no matter how much time they give to the cause, to accomplish the work before us. Work rooms of the Red Cross are open each morning at 1211 North | Third avenue, Mondays, Wednes- Snow Surrounds Italians- , v-'f V ... MAY BE RESCUED? These unfortunates are soldiers from sunny Italy, in the snowy mountains of Albania. If AdoII Hitler strikes toward Greece most observers believe he'll rescue these fellows— and some of Benito Mussolini's battered prestige. days and Fridays for sewing and Tuesdays and Thursdays for surgical dressings. Knitting rooms also have been established at the Christian Church, Central avenue and McKinley street, and are open under the supervision of Mrs. F. C. Jordan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The surgical dressing work Is under the chairmanship . of Mrs. Fred Blair Townsend. Mrs. Edwin ~ PIMPLE $-5 and similar unsightly, externally ', caused irritations usually relieved v by daily care with Cuticura Soap " and Ointment Buy BOTH today I CUTICURASOAPi OINTMENT Hetz is production chairman for the Maricopa chapter. Come Here for the Best FEEDS SEEDS Fertilizers Japanese Is MANAGUA, Nicar (AP)-A. Hayasi, a arrived here February• sibly on a commercial been ordered to leave within eight days because ports are not in order s said to have spent most of time since his arrival in taW.1 tures. *Vi Malaya has stopped work postponable RUN-OVER & HEELS ARE BY WEAK ARCHED Get a pair of Dr. Scholl'm «... Posture Arch Supports. Jf* ' "" * $1, FREE FOOT TtSt Phoenix 110 North 'Central APITAL FUEL FEED&SEEDC? BUCAS TUi tunalQcu FOB MO* SS BEYOND THE iAS LINES FANNIN'5 [FIVE POINTS Store* Art Rexatt Slorttt More values to prove it's true... you can't beat PEPSODERT SPECIAL OFFER • 47e new "3* Tuft" Nylon Tooth Brurt • Ue Pepto- dent Tooth Powder o r Tooth Pa*e IOTH FOR HALIBUT LIVER OIL CAPSULES • Rick in 4 •ox or 10 low prices Six famomn ROGERS TEASPOONS Save 1M ' Imagine! Six lovely En'•• core patterned teaspoons for a coupon and 50cl .We give you the coupon \with each 25c purchase of Birthday.' 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