Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 10
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Page STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Friday. October 31, 1!Ht N Sterling High in Good Condition for Title Game Tonight Victor in Tonight's Game at De Kalb Will Be N. C. 1. Champion SEASON RECORDS Sterling 7. Rock n»;:< 25. Sterling 0. Communltv 7. eter'lnit 7. Mendota 8. Sterling 13, B*!v1den» o eterlin* 19. Princeton 7. eterUnir 6. Dixon 0 De Kalb 19, Rochelle 0 J> Kalb 19, Downers Grove 9. De Kalb 21, Dixon 0. D* ICalb 12, Prlnrfton 7. D* Kalb 26. Mendota 7 De Kalb 4fl. Belvidere 7. De Kalb fun* and perhaps the team Is all keyed up to a high pitch over the Sterling (tames at De Kalb tonight The North Central Illinois conference champton- ahip to at stake and De.Kalb la noi leaving a thins: undone that might return their team an winner. Thn have been eating and sleeping football. On the other hand. Coarh Ted Beheld ha* been doing his best not to emphasise thla frame over •ny of the past. He wants hi* boys to pJay their usual style of ball that hu produced victories over Men- dot*. Belvidere, Princeton and Dlx- on. The frosh-ROph teams meet at •, which is a half hour earlier than usual, and this will also move the Yaraity game up a half hour anc atartifif time will probably be at 7:48. Results of the games ma> be had by culling Main 42 at 10 o'clock tonight. Coach Ted Beheld stated this nomine that the locals are fre* of •ny major injuries- and are read> to meet De Kalb in defense of their .title. It must be said of the Golden .Warriors that they have come through in a marvelous manner for • group of inexperienced boys. The team has but tiro veterans from the 1»40 state championship team. They are Co-Captains Nelson and Woodyatt. They haw taken every conference hurdle with a fine performance. If De Kalb's untied and undefeated team is too much for them tonight there is nothing that can be done about it. Sterling will •be in there pitching all the way. You can't ask any more of a group of boyt. . De Kalb has an imposing record this season and reflects the hard work devoted to the squad last season by Coach Jim Trees while the team was taking it on the chin. Coach Trees has been replaced by Coach Robert Reihsen and he has been able to pilot the team in capable manner. It's hard to win them all and if there is to be a break in the Da Kalb winning streak there would be no better time than tonight. Sterling can turn the trick and all of the local fans are pulling for them to do it. SPORT NOTES The iun risea Saturday at 6:38 •. m. and seta at 4:58 p. m. 'Vilh Sterling battling for the North Central Illinois conference till- at De Kalb. and Rock rails battling at JRochelle for The Rock River Valley conference title there will be lots of interest in the two elas- atcs. For the benefit of those who cannot attend these games The Dally Gazette will have the results about 10 p. m. tonight. The first tame at De Kalb starts at 6 and the varsity game at 7:45. The hours at Rothelle are practically the same. . Poulds rolled 345-567 in the Frantz Mfg. company league at the Sterling Recreation lanes Thursday nfcht, Tan-to rolled. 331-562, Gebhardt led for the PrantB ladies with 161-443. Conett rolled 144-3W, and OUnger had 141-3*0. In the Wire Mill league Bressler rolled 216-551, and Bulmer rolled !'%s». Community high is all set after an open date last weekend to go at Bt Thomas of Rock/ord at full atrength Sunday afternoon. Coach Fete Latter has been working hard with his squad and expects the boys to deliver against the strong Rockford team. Games of interest tonight in addition to those mentioned above include Morrison at Oregon, Mount Herri* at Polo, Belvidere at Men- .dota. Princeton at Dixon and War wn at Mount Carroll. Mount Carroll meets Warren tonight in a U. S. Grant conference game at Mount Carroll. If Mount Carroll can defeat Warren and then take Stockton into camp in tiie ft nal game next Wednesday night it Od give 'Mount Carroll a tie with lie" litleT^iahdings to Cal! Gazette After 10 p. m. for Scores Of Football Games Final "-or'"' o' th* R'ej-'.mfr- I> Kftlb nrvri Hock F«:i.« high school football Rame* will \y? received by The Osrette tonight As two Knnie* will he played at both De Ka!h and Rochel>. I no; likelv that the result* of th* (tame Trill he available b*fnr» p m. Arrangements have martr to furnish the mrores to tho*e Trho telephone The office. 42. Please do not call before 10 p m. Iowa Grid Mentor Finds Going Tough After First Season uowling FRANTZ LADIES HUA tiers- McGinn 117 117 Shughart 139 121 Miner 126 109 Harms 146 10B Walters 111 J>9 Handicap 1 1 117— 3S1 114— 374 141— 376 122— 376 124— 334 1— 3 Totals Speedsters— Gebhardt Corwtt Ollnger Gerdes Wolf «40 555 819—1814 161 135 140 98 97 154 113 141 HI 118 128— 443 144— 392 99— 380 124— 333 92— 307 Totals «31 637 587-1855 WIRE MILL Bales Dept.— Bulmer Kay Andrews Hill Droste Total* Cost Dept.— T. Bowman J. Bowman Dewey Scott Brandon Handicap Total* 173 133 171 137 179 173 138 148 109 132 183— 529 123— 394 141— 460 170- 416 194— 505 793 700 111—2304 164 129 124 149 118 21 167 129 185 167 165 21 176— 507 129— 317 98— 387 123— 439 130— 413 21— 63 Hardware. Cloth— 70S 114 677—2199 Arthurs Smith P*ttlt O'Brien Breaitler Handicap Totals Steel Plant— • Corrigan Nordman Foreman Shearburn 113 62 116 107 178 53 117 78 161 no 216 53 107— 337 10«— 246 130— 407 126— 343 157— 551 53— 159 829 735 679—2043 140 138 159 183 Schwendlnger 158 141 114 132 175 155 127— 408 113— 365 168— 459 137— 4»5 113— 426 Totals 778 717 858—2153 FBANTZ MFG. CO. rhlllies— 245 155 167— 567 148 110 144— 402 138 157 \T.— 467 Foulds Wolber Miner Adams Harms Handicap 144 177 14 174 165 14 138— 456 105— 447 14— 42 Totals Speed King— Tyne Klocke Shank Bruggeman Tarvin Total* Spotters Hatter Black Prestln McNlnch Dieckmann Totals Champs— Consett Wolf Paschal Wenk Stevens Handicap Totals 864 775 742—2381 180 200 128 185 198 179 150 129 127 221 537 189— 539 122— 371 155— 467 143— 562 891 808 787—2484 181 131 116 135 186 121 141 137 155 106 121— 423 162— 424 131— 384 95— 385 156— 448 749 660 655—2064 151 305 140 105 178 6 133 184 135 148 139 6 117— 401 133— 522 151— 426 169— 422 174— 491 6— 18 785 745 750—2280 ****• Stockton Galena tit. Carroll Warren Aquin W. *» , 2 1 1 0 L- 0 0 1 2 3 Pet. 1.000 1.000 .500 .333 .000 Dixon defeated Sterling by a score of 2AJ2 to 3.515 in a match game •t the new Lincoln lanes east of Dix- oo. It was the opening match on the at- lanes. A capacity crowd tended ihe opener. D*rrell Hainan ol Mount Carroll accepted a position as head w t or .Arite Frost, prominent r«- flwtl Wucontin race horie trainer, tad J. Ray Trailer o Madkaa. Wi*. will train 13 neacj of horses for abote named mint tod alto his twe-5 t*f-«W Market Wise Triumphs In the Pimlico Special BALTIMORE — (API — Market Wise— the horse with a name that a lot of people wish they had been— may try to parlay his $1,000 price tag into a 1100,000 pot. Lou Tufano. the Jamaica. N,. Y., contractor who picked up Market Wise for only $1,000, said today he was considering bending the colt to Santa Anlt* to try for the pot of gold in the California track's celebrated "hundred grand" handicap. After Market Wise had defeated Royce Martin's Haltal by a head in the Pimlico special yesterday, Tufano said hi* horse deserved a rest but probably would go in the $10.000- added Bowie handicap November 13. In that race. Market Wise may meet H. C. Hatch's Flllsteo. which set a new world's record of 3:30 4-5 for two miles and '70 yards yesterday in winning the second running of the Exterminator handicap by a length and a half over Mrs. Marie 1 ^ Shot PuL 1 Eddie Anderson Not Having Success He Enjoyed Bock in 1939 Bv Torn Slier IOWA CITY. IA. — 'APi - Dr. Anderson is having s bit of trouble living up to His reputation as n rnlrarle football conch. Arider- son's spertarulat debut se«.«on at Iowa in 1939 now seems far away— something that couldn't happen but did. Especially 1* this so In light of Iowa's fair success last season and mediocre start this season. Iowa seems much further away from football's promised land now than when Anderson took the job three years ago. Fresh from a successful regime at Holy Cross, the affable doctor was expected to cure the Hawkeye's grid ills—not in a season but In three or four. But somehow a handful of Iron men got the spark from Anderson and became a sensation. All-America Nile Ktnnlck. expert passer and poured leader, led Anderson's first Iowa eleven to amazing heights, almost winning the Big Ten title. Sine* then, sad to relate, the Hawks have slowed down; the bonfires and shirt -tall parades are few and far between. Anderson's 1940 eleven broke even In four game*, but managed to smack Notre Dame over again and two Big Ten teams. Come., 1941 and the story is sadder than ever. The Hawks rode comfortably to a 25-8 victory over Drake and then lost three straight to Michigan, Wisconsin ther. Iowa hts touchdown in and Purdue. Fur- scored three only one conference FUNNY BUSINESS Bruce Smith, Spafk Of Gophers' Offense, Will Play Tomorrow •.'ill perform in the DrsrMitir ^."r>- r in (Ion's prori'irhon of An.'.|nphB!-r5' "rroR«." . . . Th*- Rnmev - Pr- . high >'fion; .tix-mmi grid trnrn Irv^; ?. 40|30 firri^ioT'i s'ffr M-orins 2* prM::!.* 'in thr f,rM qunrtrr di-ri thr r.r\l !pn"irf!a\ h>-v a 25-6 }pnr\ in thr I.i-r 'A message from your wife. General—you're to .report home and bring an umpire along!" games and Tackle Jim Walker contributed that six-pointer. And the last half of the race looks no more promising. The Hawks will play Indiana Saturday, followed by Illinois. Minnesota and Nebraska. Illinois and Michigan, playing Saturday for the 27th time, have never ended their argument in a tie . . . Eleven men went the distance for Michigan in 1925 when Benny Friedman's field goal won the game . , The Minnesota game will be homecoming of a sort for four Northwestern bovs this week Sophomore Halfbacks Dud Kean and Don Buflmire live in Grand Rapids. Minn.; another ^newcomer. Duane Frost, halfback, comes from Wadena, and Junior Warren Karlstad, tackle. In from International Palls. Angelp Bertelli. Notre Dame's star passer who will perform against Army Saturday, is a receiver in baseball. His strongest rival for a catch- Ing Job on the _Irish nine will be Bernie Crrmrhihs, right guard on the varsity eleven. Fulton Piles Up Seven Touchdowns to Defeat Erie High School, 45-0 Fulton high flnisned the season's six-man football schedule with a 45 to 0'victory'over Erie high Thursday night at Fulton. Julst was the .eadinir scorer for the home team with five touchdowns to his credit and a couple extra points on a safety. Only three quarters were played. Erie high will now start basketbal practice and Coach Morton Kose expects to have a fairly good team again this .season. Fulton will alsc start basketball within the next fen days. The lineups: Hilton LE C RE QB HB FB periods: U. is well-rested but it looks like it will Uke more than reat to check the Longhorns. Texas. Fordham-Purdue: Stringing along! with Fordham* Rams. Pitt-Ohio State:.U will be a happy day when this season ends for the Panthers. Ohio State. Wisconsin-Syracuse: You figure this one. The coin spins and says . . WLvonMn. Georgia Tech-Duke: Tech usually Is troublesome for the Blue Devils but there's no possible selection but Duke. Princeton -Harvard: First of the Big-Three games, and the choice Is Harvard — but the Crimson better find some way to manufacture some points to go along with a stalwart defense. IllinoLs-Mlchigan: The Illlnl have shown nothing comparable to Michigan's power. Michigan. Iowa-Indiana: Maybe the Hoosiers can figure some way to "blow"- this one. Still, Indiana. Michigan State-Missouri: Certainly no upset either way. Gambling with Missouri's attack. U. C. L A.-California: This get* worse and worse. Ready to duck, California. OreKon-Washington SUte: Another of the same, only more so. Oregon. Abbott Slkkema Gartens yforrow Miller Juist Score by Fulton : Erie Touchdowns: Erie Mtsfeki Ballard WiLvm Osborn Ellis Thomas 12 21 12-45 0 0^0— 0 Julst, 5. Miller, 3 olnts after touchdowns, Juist, 2 Martens 1. Substitutions: Erie, Snowden. Naftiger, Klendworth. Pulton, Schlpper DiVall, Bonneur Barker's Selections By H»rb Barker NEW YORK i AP)—Another •hlrl at the football guessing game, hich is ju£i about as scientific as oulette: Minnesota-North western: This Haltal gave Market Wi&e an unexpected tough battle but the latter. under a strong ride by Wendell Eaiis. came from behind to overhaul his rival and record his tenth victory this year to earnings to 1*7 »65. increase his The ABOUT STABS stars appear to rise and set only to a person at the equator. More and more stars are seen to about the polar star without touching the horizon, as we move toward either pole. trotting filly owned by Fred 8iu»d- of this city and the pacing mare h* raced during the past aeason for Han brothers of Clinton. He will make his headquarters at Monroe. Wi».. where the fair association is meeting a new 20-Mall double tram- a yearling to* tero to hou»t ttot »U.bk. hould settle whether the Gophers once more are to rule the Western conference roost. Injuries to key figures, notably Bnice Smith and Helge Pukema. may cost Minnesota plenty both on defense and offense. Northwestern, with a great crop of backs, may turn out to be more than a handful, but in the meantime this old conservative picks Minnesota. Army-Notre Dame: Earl Blaik has developed a flqe Army team whether or not it has been done with mirrors. Both teams are unbeaten and untied and this is an objective game for both. A hesitant ballot for Notre Dame. Tul.ane-Vanderbilt: The Green Wave of Tulane defies analysis this season, but it &eenu> to have the stuff to whip unbeaten Vanderbilt if it can click. Strictly out of the hat. Tulane. Stanford-Banta Clara: Fairly even, but Stanford seems to have much the greater scoring power ana gets the nod. Penii-Navy: Both unbeaten although Navy w&* held to a score- draw by Harvard This looks dew but we'll take J»enn Southern M*UwdiW-T*i**: 8. M. 312 Harness Horses Sold on Auction Block At Indianapolis, Ind. INDIANAPOLIS — (AP) — Three hundred twelve harness horses sold up to a top price of t2.750 in the three-day 13th annual speed sale at state fairgrounds. Richard Case, of the United States Trotting Horse association, estimated 125 buyers were on hand for the sale, which ended yesterday. Ninety owners consigned horses. Billy D. Grattan, world champion two-year-old pacing gelding over a half-mile track, brought the top price when sold Wednesday for the V. B. Rinehart estate of Fort Wayne, Ind., to W. O. Wright of Federalsburg, Md. Yesterday's best price in the auction Was (1,600. which W. H. Cowham of Jackson, Mich., paid for Gallant Heart, from .Harry Short's Columbus <O.i stable. This four- year-old gelding, which raced the last two seasons as. a trotter, was sold as a pacer. John Ashire of Goshen, Ind., paid $1.550 for Coney Azoff, an aged trotter consigned by Stacey Van Valkenburgh of Danville, 111. Fritzie Zivic to Battle Ray Robinson Tonight In New York Garden By Sid Feder NEW YORK—(AP>—For a guy who did his stuff for coffee and cakes for nine years—and who may pe on the way back to that league right this minute— FriUie Zlvic is certainly doing great with the fistic caviar during his stay on Bash boulevard's big corner. Until he came along to chase Hen* ry Armstrong out of the picture a year ago. the gag man of the five flying Zlvics of Pittsburgh never had collected more than $2.500 for a fight. Then he and the great Hennery played a return engagement Bv F-Arl HilliBan MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. 'AP> — Th* ifartrr of Minnesota's offense. Cap' Br'ire Smith, won't .'-tart tomorrow • .•- hig gridiron battle •with Nort in e: tern's title-e>eing Wildcats.--.but hr 11 .--re plenty of action in an encasement expected to draw the bizge.M crowd In Gopher history | into Memorial .stfldhim. This Information, the moM rheer- ! ful hit of iifAs to come from Minne- :sola's h'.K ca.siialty ward all week. WAS ja development which came after I Minnesota's workout today. Smith, who has dour nothing all week but JOR around after taking heat treatment* for a knee twisted against Michigan, .'•nid the member had "looAenfd" up and felt much better. The 65.000 fans scheduled to be on hand will see Bill Daley, the Bl ! Ten's leading ground gainer. 1 (Smith's left halfback position a the kirkofT Bui Smith, sparkplug o Minnesota's this year. \t> ex pected to be sent Into action nt th first scoring opportunity. News on other Gopher cripple wasn't so cheering to Minnesota supporters. Helge Ptikerna. s t a guard, definitely Is out of the pic lure, while Herman Frlckey. sta sophomore back who scored th touchdown that beat Michigan las week. Is not expected to enler thi battle. Doubt whether Smith will be able to stand much rough going—and the absence of Pukema—ha.s dropped the Western conference champions from their favorite's role into an even money choice with the invaders Northwestern's backfleld strength- centered around Bill De Correvon and Otto Graham—has made thi Wildcat* the choice of many observ ers to knock the Gophers out of thi undefeated and untied class and wreck their hopes for a claim to the national title. Northwestern, playing a six game conference schedule U Minnesota's five game card, will be a heavy favorite for the Big Ten crown if it takes Minnesota tomorrow. Bradley Eleven Goes To No, Dakota Univ. For Game Tomorrow before a Madison Square garden record crowd of 23.000 fans, who chipped in to a pot of $78.000. And at 9 p. m. <C. S. T.) tonight, fearless Fritzie comes back to the Garden against Ray Robinson, Harlem's hammering beanpole, in a 10- rounder that Promoter Mike Jacobs says flatly has all the earmarks of a sellout for the big Eighth avenue punch parlor. This means some 20,000 'customers will turn out and the boys will cut up a touch of more than $55.000. So even if Pritzie loses, he can't say he's going back to the bushes with peanuts. Until late yesterday, the gambling gentlemen were telling you that Zivic was 8 to 5 to get a good country going-over by the skinny soccer who has flattened 20 of the 25 straight candidates willing to stand up and let him bang at them. However, overnight the 49th street commissioners have smartened, up, as we say in the Jacobs beach set, and this morning Robinson was a mere 10 to 11 in the betting. Roundup of Sports Crone Moves info Lead In Billiard Tournament PHILADELPHIA — fAP) — Irving Crane, youthful Livonia. N. Y cue expert, who participated in hi* first world's pocket billiard cham-* pionshlp tournament three years ago while on his honeymoon, topped the lMl<4ourney today with six victories against one defeat Crane, regarded as the "dark horse" of the meet, gained undisputed possession of first place b> upsetting Defending Champion WU lie Moeooni of Philadelphia, 135 to 75 in eight innings, last night, while Jimmy Cams of Wilmington spilled famed Ralph Greenleaf of Chicago in decisive fashion. 125 to 24 in 13 innings. Crane now holds half a game edge over second place Erwin Udolph of Cleveland, while Mo»coni. Greenleaf and Caras are in a four-way tie for third place with Andrew Ponri of New York. Crane held a big 10* to 16 on Moaconi before the champion had a 51 run to make the score more respectable. Caras likewise got away to a big lead on Greenleaf. helped by -a count former champion, failed to score in eight straight innings. run of 90 that made the 97-27, Greenleaf. 17 times Fights Lost Night i By The Associated Pre&s) WILUAM8PORT. PA. — Bob Montgomery. 13» 1-2. Philadelphia stopped Frankie Wallace, 143 1-2' Cleveland. '5». PALL RIVER, MASS. ~ Eddie Al- *ek, 141. New York, stopped Carl Red) Quggine, tag. Hartford. Coun •». PHILADELPHIA — Tony Cuco 71 1-3, NorrUtomn. pa., outpointed Georgie Milter, Ii7. PhUao>lphia. i|>. Automobik manufacturers ate far ahead of «eh«dute in productJoo of AJttt JO miter §un». Football Cardinals Get Fred Vanzo on Waivers CHICAGO — (AP> — The Detroit Lions of the National football league have found no takers for Charles Hanneman, veteran end and field goal kicker. The Lions asked waivers on Hanneman several days ago. but no one has claimed him at the fixed price of. $100. The Chicago Cardinals obtained Fred Vanso, Detroit blocking back, yesterday on waivers. Vanco. a former Northwestern Star, is scheduled fojLAnny_induction about Dec. l. Detroit claimed Philadelphia's Lou Tomaaetti, halfback, on waivers and Del Lynn. Green Bay tackle, went to Cleveland through the same channel. One-Armed Youth Wins Place on Grid Team HtfTCHINSON. KAS — (AP) — Gordon Sibley was determined to play football. He turned out for the junior college team and has seen action in every game played this year. Said Coach Charles Sesher: "He's handled his duties every time." Sibley lost hl.s left arm in an auto- moriiie arriflfnt last August, By Hugh Fullerton. Jr. NEW YORK — (Special)—Warning to fans: If you're going to the Fbrdham-Purdue game tomorrow stick around until the end . . . In four games each, the Rams have scored 30 last-quarter points and the Boilermakers 21 ... Baseball rumor No. 54321 Is that Dick Bartell is a cinch to be the Giants' manager next season . . . For the season's futility record we offer the gal bowler at Billings. Mont., who .rolled 20 frame* without getting a single pin . . . Whitlnsvtlle. the hoss that won the Marlene Dietrich trophy at Pas- coa« cR. I.I park for having the most perfect legs, has been offered a screen Uwt. Guest Gueeaera Tapping the football toughles by proxy we present: Paul Zimmerman. LOJI Angele.i Times: "Stanford over Santa Clara Shaughnessy has the T lolling again." Bob Hooey. Ohio State Journal: "Minnesota over Northwestern. Ill string along with the champion They can only let you down once and so often they repeat." Scoop Latimer. Greenville. 8. C. News: "Duke over Georgia Tech. With Steve Lach. Duke has a latch or lock on this game." Don Pierce. Topeka (Kans.) State Journal: "Missouri over Michigan State. The Bengals entertain bowl aspirations and have gained momentum in bouncing Nebraska." Bonura Likea Hia Sleep Zeke Bonura. a civilian again, says he misses the army but it sure feels good when he wakes up at daybreak wondering how he failed to hear the bugle and then realize* he can- to bacr to sleep . . r Membere of Yale's crack swimming relay team HALDEMAN MOTOR CO WORLD'S LABGCST RANCH The Victoria River Downs Ranch, on the Wejkham river of Australia, u said to be the world's biggest ranch. It covers an area of K.OOO square miles, or one-third the area of New York state. MW'S Y8UI BADIATOB? Before ya« ami. aatU-freeaa in yew radiate* have tt «to*.a*d, •mind and cfeecaed far effi- rkawy. We are eiperieatfed t» that w«rk. Ate aiiUariaed agency f«r Hani*** and McCwd r*di- alwi. COMPLETE SERVICE BOGOTTS AVIL rwowi 17 De Sato 4-d~r, ra- dto, heater. Very g««d. •37 Mjmomt* 2-de«r, Mack finish, jradto a*d •37 riyaaouth 2-**»r radic aad heater. Gray •37 Chevrolet couye, ra- dto and heater. '37 F«rd 2-dow, radto and heater. •JS Pttntiac • 4-door -new tires. Priced right. •35 Pontiac t t~d*«r. '34 Pontiac • X-d««r. ']< Chevrolet coupe. 'W Chevrolet t-d««r. Many •iber cart* cheay- MaM A iwrda. ( Iraninjt the CnfT Pan! Brown's nlne-\ear-oirt .^nn. j Rohm. 15 ft ?!nr of his f. fn'irth- 'crsrir irani ntirl .s«', s hr'll p'a' for jhi-; riRo at. Oh:o Rtnir 'if lie 15 Miil It here -nlirn I'm bi« enoiish ' . . . :Trniner Snree Si'.' «.B\-.= Al.^flbs j best, race va.s in the ChampuRne 'Mnkr.k at Brlinont wliei'i fir ian a [mile in 1 35 l-.=i wuhnut hrrak:iiE I any truck lerorti.^ . . Harry Poloway. Detroit bow lor. roll Ml Ifi ron- .«erntixe strike.-; the other <!R\ He hit I four to flnlMi one ganir. t.hen t'ltn- l er) in a (XTfri t 300 . On\. Mnrthew • M. Neely of VirRinln if. more I than a little irked by thr way the Mountaineer?, have been losing football Raines, and proposes to have something done about. It ... Says Neely: I'm dansed if I'm going to be governor of n state that get.s kicked around every Saturday afternoon." Te*~h N. U. Poper Invites Chicago U. to 'Adopt' Its Football Warriors CHICAGO — <APi - Football orphans at the University of Chicago, where the intercollegiate sport was dropped two years ago. were Invited today to become "adopted rooters" of their crosstown rival, Northwestern university. The offer was made by the student publication. Daily Northwestern, in response to an article in Puke, student magazine at Chicago, which suggested that midway students were anxious to back a football team to keep their grid spirit alive. Said the Daily Northwestern: "After all these years of struggle, thv. University of Chicago wants us to adopt them. They ousted football and now they have regrets. They want to come up and see a good team play ball. We have the team, some spirit and we welcome new adherents." While Pulse was plugging Northwestern as a football alma mater, some Chicago students were circulating petitions suggesting "adoption" of the Chicago Bears, National professional champions. Illinois Grange to Meet- In Springfield Dec. 9-11 SPRINGFIELD. ILL. — (AP) — The Illinois state Grange, farm fraternal organization, announced to- j tad its annual meeting would be held! here Dec. 9 to 11 with between 400 and 500 delegates attending. 1 riUCAOO- .-• AP' - Brarilrv and North (>!VM!. t-vo of n\ r T 'a' tlnrr ur.drfr.vrri and unfirr! inf rn'.'rur foot Kill 'rflmv will farr % serious rhnl!f:uT tomorrow to th'-ir , winning streaks Bradlf. . which whipped *h» New Mexico Aerie-. Saturday and poli'ii- . Ft] off thr Arkansas Acaifs Monriav, will invnde thr north country to leiiKBce the t'nner«itv of North D?- ikota Bradley ha* won five KRtne*, j scoring 172 points to 13 for the op- I position. I North Central prolmbly will fac« I an even tougher assignment, plav. ; li I,nke Forest on thr latter's home i field. Lake Forest has won four Knmes mid tird Wabn.Mi in a fifth with the T-formation as interpreted by Ralph Jones, once conch of the Chicago Bears North Central has won four straight, allowing only one touchdown. Milllkin. the other undefeated and untied eleven. In a heavy favorite to notch its sixth straight against Eastern Illinois Tencherr, who have won no games in four starts. Milllkin. leader of the Illinois College conference with four tri- ' umphs. has yielded seven points while scoring 139. Only two other college teams in the state are undefeated, but hare been tied. Western Teachers, tied by Southern Teachers, will play at( State Normal, defending champion* in the Illinois Intercollegiate conference. Northern Teachers, tied by Ball State, will play at Southern Teachers. Northern k the leader erf the conference. Other games this weekend inverting small college teams include To* Icdo at Wesleyan. Michigan Tecij at Shurtleff. Carthage at Eureka. Wheaton at Elmhurst, McKendree at Princlpia, Cornell at Knox, Culver- Stockton at Illinois college, and gustana at^Monmouth. Notre Dome Publicist 1 Joins Chicago Paper SOUTH BEND. IND. — (AP) — | The Rev. Hugh O'Donnell. president of the University 'of Notre Dame, has announced the resignation of Thomas J. Barry as publicity director. Barry is* to become regional editor of a nrw morning newspaper in f Chicago. Father O'Donnell said James X. f: would supervise publicity in addition to his duties as alumrj recretary and will be assisted by William Dooley and Joseph Petrtti, th= latter retaining his position a*( of sports publicity. •• I n»^F ^OUR OWN y< TERMS ;£ -4 v . ooil rifh Sil\i-rlo\\n LEO A RIDGE Official CHICAGO MOTOB CLUB iKBVICV 505 Locust St. Mtwtc 502

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