The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 16, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 5
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THE CONSTITUTION tlio old men will bo killed Off tun c8liJ'«tiH to liking llio-republlcan Including Ih ( I t l i l t u l h t t t u n x t l i u t l n n TUB Stall and hl,ir anil Hllli ( H e Dem it-ii c » n 4 unil nil It,,!,,,I I y .« «1 K * (. iv t i K i K n t i i K Du 1 mcf]|c ivl liHH r i MUxourt. Hi. ···riiiiii.cimis (nnicr DAII.V liy i:«jrl C l i l l l l r d t l i DAILY liy Msi.ll, I'uMiiK In I.lvliw!i"t .Oouniy. i DAtl.Y by ltli.ll. riintl!" WKI'SKI.V, |Hi*iii.|r Ad*ilttllt''l H W M r n K l u U n i i ^ n t of w i l l t« furnt*Uii''.l (it t i n y wlieu rmiupnincl lir n n mlvenitii-f. NHWMIMPIE TIIM t!IT»* Ol' law, 1,060 loan than two years. gutex. They *ri earnestly requested; to give the u i a i K r Immediate alien tlon and to ,fu{ilab-this secretary; SvttH Ihe s iinox aud Jiilii^LSKcs of the il.,)e gatoit appointed by 5 them, (t.o'80 ln-.JLee county bud i iiu lonvtmtion will bo addio^tid j ^ n VVIso county,. \ t l j e j b j distinguished ·xnd abl«i npullcen i rankllu ( o u n u N Y a u t h o r , lias boon defeated, according to return*. The defpal tit tho amend. WIIH largely due, no d o u b t , lo Iho fact Hint tlio recent ciniRrflnn t h e ritr'ui credit mfrtiMiro which l.'i vory similar to t h e Mlaaou. rl proposal and the people bfllovnd that U would provide tho mime beno ami a n w w o r tbo H,imrt purpose. i f l o i i bus taken it un H t u n d In favor of Iho Y. 'il. C. A, Wo iii'i'il ilu- Y, M. C. A. In t M i l l l U cotbc. U IB thi) best way lo provide for a n l n c d ' C o r this y o u n g men (if t l t o w n id muni, whcro t h n y w i l l ^flnd prop,;,- umiinoiiionl In u t h l i i l l c s , i n n n . t a l and swiiil lixorclsu in thr well room. A place Mid d i g n i f i e d , w h e r o Iho y o u n g nu-n nro nutated anij- encouraged by tilu Jnllueuce«.*j IHV HTATKH I'lMS UP, The prolilbltloa wavo"oontliiiuoB lt roll en with troJucndoiiB velocity. In a brief fow years, slate after BUtlu Iia» coino orcr to Uie dry c o l u m n Tuesday f o u r more ututos--Michigan, option 'Nebraska, Montana and South Ualio- countlas havo voted dry u n d - j tfi wero added lo tho list, ftl. .Louis In sllll able to control M l H H O u r l for tbo browortt, hncatiHi Holld vote against BO to 10.0 Iu. Manatee count} I la l]| OIV rt Uie t s t l n i n U H of Iiu IOT.HO « i r bis rt, \\asl from our own iind. ; ' other COUIH'MISS, fcojuo of, tho adttroBiiflh 1» int, Illus Iriitod with lantern alldoa and. inovlii, pk'tuvfis. Ju addition id'propar- ml luldrenmjn, Important. ju«ellBust. w i l l bo PHSLII toil tui i,-umit.\ di m 1 w i t h i n a dlsttu co of 1 mile hi each iilon b llio d(!loiUL,-u, .. ! aide of, l h « loads Improved., Tho war against waloi'wuyn, fay I ih Spoifiylvanla c o u n t y , a B a n e f u l ' f i u i u buliiK (it »n Biul, la bulnff wagiirt 1 record was ma'do In'1910 nf !1D f u r t n « w i t h vloloueo'; Tho." " w o r k ' j located on tho roail ueloctod, for, Im-, stances wMcti ww e dcor4ed ranged'dttlon that- sectional from 63 per cant to S.O jer ecuit In priiaumfld power to «ontrol"«»lrt«*or bpotojlvunla tounlv Va from OS to mat y n te, or th ls or that group. Of 104 Iu .Dtnvrtiidfo f o u n t ) Va "0 Status, J» an, esscmllal congiapratlofi Va 2$ to Hit) to th«» cholta 01 a l'ro=ild«ftl»l eun- J (o 111 In Klldnto Mr \\ llbon could. a»U«*r*y 50 to Il»0 t i i j h U own state He could not, carry 2f to 5D In New lork Jle could not carrj Qon 0,allaa fiounty; .Alii, i d Hi. count* MMS and from neuicut But ho could dominate the , Nov. market steady Btw»n $5 75 9 HI 50 cows and heifers $4,50 $10 lo to and tho Imagination qt the anil ho could ahalcc if he could I ·Irod but luifii-to tjpl--for lri»l«»u«, koo lh« ii|i|H»»» of puaHttntfl In Irenclii-n 6t Kujopo. the THIS newHpiipifrn havo boon wniMl- Ins out I bo cabluot »liicu tbo lor the prouldHMt, but Monday tho Proidrtciil iniyx ho v/lll tnako no dmn- Keo In lilH cubiiiot. H» there you havo II, Who'Mi right? THE Wall Btrciit boUInK rull" W U B ·wfiilly'nilBloadtntr. Thon JIIHI t l i l n l t ot tho Ntruw veto. What cau ho mild In favor of Iho old »H»-'.o7 He l» »»' titled to mombomlilp In Toddy'a an- club. 8UCII la tho nlMllon. 8om) will Knd r.oino nuitit lo»«. Tho lucky nnon rocnlvo thu liiH|ilratlon of HIIOCUIUI* the lOHor Iu diiiappolnlnd but takon tilft IOHII phlloHophloully and ciit« otil tb» worry." wan onu of llio dUrprlKou of Iho u l n n l t u n , Wilson carried the utiito by 80,000, A H |«ilHlcnl propb- ttlH with HUKHIJH loiinliiu tliu ustiul linuvy Tlio (luiiioofaU oloutod IIvu ot ·eight niniiibwi'B of conKrucw. tho of I m p r o v e m e n t hn'n buon, HOrloiisiy delayed, and Urn e v i d e n t nbjiiH of (.liy oppoallioii In 10-procure the onlli'u abandonment of ' our waterways, w h i c h would nacntuiarlly glvo" t h u r n l l r o u d n a monopoly of I n l a n d trana. | p o r t i i t l o n . Thin pi'OKmm, cilHUfltrouri nil H w o u l d be, in strongly s u p p o r t e d . ' Il intuit hu vigorously-QppOiiod If provotnont. Of the 7 faraio gold 'in U m t siuto'oje'hlgh thlnkln - into thn . HIS. tho prices actually paid;; »hqw j doil]0( .,. ati( . qohniVn : Or ^*^ 1{ , , u(0 IncrertHOB of from-3.7 to m ^^^4^j otlW ^ e[aiU , Avh( , U4 Caim n n i a ujid'-'Nonth:'-JDakota wori- u n t i l yostei-i iitoi,lter» aud feeders 5 15 to »*. $6 to 110 50 Hogs 17,000 market lOc to 16o lower Bulk of Haleti $9 30 to $9 75*. a oflJibJdtrablg petition of N e w fug jhoa) $9 GO to 19180, medium *9 40 laud. Jt la no.ldle coiijuctUKj wh'lch to $175, light $8.25 to |9.«5, now iiiaiBts'UmtjV.lie had caniPd hli Sheep 6,000, raark«t strong to I»4 pursu.aidvo.parscinal appeal Into Mtuw-piBbor Lambi ?il ^5 to |12; ?7 (10 to $*? 75; atockcrg anil $3 73 to $10 35. over Uio 11)10 vitluatlon. . Tho average valilft I'ifLor Uio roads' were .Ira- 'proyod wau ^28.K por-aCTOi a«,coui- parosl wl.lh: ¥17^31 ' pravloiig of .tho I m p r o v f t t n o n t . in J-018- four tranu- fors of llfiriii land wore o n ' t h o - b a s i s la to bo dofimtcd. To D i a m o n d e v o r y j o f 130.11 per ncro, wbpro(i8 ; lho proj/- c o m m o i n v o a l t l i ' a n d uverv c o r n n i i i n l i v prlles wero. listed In 1010 at only $13.89 per acre. J 1 . appears tluil,, the cominonwoallh and every coiiuiinnl.iy In thu United Stnf,o« t h a t IH Ijitorostort In a rlvor or a harbur should be ro- riroiiontdd at thin convention. Jon. 13. ItaiiHdoll, 1'rflMlilbnt. - · ,S. A. TliompHon, Huorotary, HIIAMK. You saw tho big untl-WllBoii adveV- In llio Domocrutlo papert, d i d n ' t y o u ? Ves. Well, did yoiriiotlco ll". ahnoHl but noxt l l n i o Iho proposition In Hiibmltt. of It, ud It w i l l bo ({"' corn In Allsaoiirl. Jt'iha JDnrlny Why do men limlHt on violatliiK Iho local option law in the face of. Ihu w i l l of tho people? Why do they defy brcnnlxod Kovnrniiionl nnd the I H W B of the iitatn, well IcnowliiR thn rcniill..! of tholr conlemptlblo dlnroBlird of the law, Tho city and ceiinty now have local option and everybody kiuiwH It. Tim bootloidfcr putH u p the defy to the olllcorn of the law. H koconiOH an enoiny to the aa all Inlontlonnl law vlolaloru JHIIBI bu, and In order Hint Iho people m a y have roKiird and ronpo«t' for HIQ law, tlio law niinii. bo r'gldly enforced. The' local option law munt be enforced and the reepoct I h u law, made in Ihni'l, Iliirn Your |XNIV Autumn letivau are n in/ml I'erlllUer and uiAny who. »!«k to ol). lain liliili utable n i a u u r u at top prides, would do well to proaorvu (.ha ICIIVUH which full from inxw iind Hlirubn Iu their yanlu, M. V, Major, l n i i i n t profOHHor Iu landHiiapu onlng of, HHI (Imiaru of h o r t i - cliituro of the Unlvoi'Blty of ' M l n n o n r l t "* ! £ TUB election IB ovor. lcc(iiH of t h e four yearn he Imiyn, Mllllann of .IniHlutlK of_ fiytll- W h a t w n i l l z e r which could ' b o produciid Fro in Evory dooaying IcaveH. nro- a n n u a l l y wtt»to.l out In nil h l H J I n Mlimo'url boouuiio of th«UBhil»» 3 - iiiu'l for a period of four niunllmiiuii!), ^ h o Haven tho c o u n t r y , folowod by an. o'lhor (our yearn of h l b o r n a l l o n , Croat Iu tho HpoMhlndor. Mny bin U'lbii decrun»«, for ilfUttkeliiiBilli In Toron to d u r h i K two wciiltB of Iho *p monthti nf SoiileniliHr, I U H B , wore "son. d57 «nd the ciune period (lui'flife the prohibition month of (Sflptiinihar, llllfl, the number wa» H H . The nr- .reatH for all uffi-iiHoa wan 7-lli ilur. InK tho p r o h i b i t i o n pni-lod and 1.600 t h e llceuat! period. Exporliucutd havo provuii l l i u l . U n ) furllllKoi' produced Ifi not only fur farm I'ortllher but for lawila and turdona. At tho UniVHivilly till Iwivoii aro t h r o w n I n t o pltn, tioakud down and i d l K h t l y mixed with rluy VILLA IH llni 'hl« d r n w I i i K card In Mexico, Whim lio IIIOVOB wvar ill" Alu|ili0n lend i i i n u n d i l H r t of Moiiluo, Curriinxn n n d all M e x i c o t i i k u H no. Urot, V i l l a in Him of this moist imiilnr. «irunly lilili'.d man In Mexico, M n m u duy ho th oximi'loil l'» KO on thn Cluni- ttiuiinii i i l n l f i i r i n a n d l o l l un J U K I h e w mail)' tliiuia hu Imn hi'on f h o l nurnn iluad. or rouijli noil, At the end of tt nun-, They have bqeomo dviiayon, f l r j n l M f T a coinpoaeil huap of excojMj- UnnnHy v a l u n h t e mold. Thin for a n y aiULMiiglKiB udvoi'hiionio.iii.K in the Rupublliinn papers? You i ) l d : n o t ? Wan It biiciiuHo no pro-WHuon advo. 1 - Wiioro 'SIli! ro romnln. Whatever may havo boon Mr WH- C'usl, Konans City, Mo,. Nov. 15 - nd Ni-w.j market unchanged. No. 2 hard |1.86 to $1 UO! No 3 bard $180 to $1.88. 10 majority ot lean people liave not loai slglu of the extraordinary standing lo his crbdlt They havo obeyed-JUneoln.'g'.a'dnionl- r^rii" a'cro»" V «oia h')"i»H""lncre : a8m"l l u °" " ol io swap l.oraos ivh.ljle ,cros 8 Ing a stream. They have unnqunaixl jthiU'. the dlfllotiH and dellcajo task of.dlritotlng' our :rolallons with other In value $28.flOO, or 80 per coilt; or from $2-1.46 Vo $jV_10 per ncrf In Dlnwlddlo" county;, ,,Va., the actual price of 48 farm slid or offered for salo from I f t O D t (1 .101* ranged In prl»,o from' $».3S to $-18,7/1 por acre bftforo the roiula wore bu.1lt,".and from $24,70 lo $73,00 per acre after thft roadB wero Improved. In .Leo county, Va-i a sliidy of elglvt tracl» along Iho roadft before nn'd-i tlaomenU wero offoi'od to tlepubllean ; ter Improvement Indicated that 'these papern? No, bacalmo Hiich advortlBO'! pt'bporllo» Ino.roJidod about $2? per acre, 01' Wont 70 por cent. , In Wise county, V'tt, n. BUidy. of ol|i1it .reprpBoijtatlvp : farms '.locate* oh; rnadii Bhowed that they IncroaRod 'In value from an 'average, of $4».0« m u n U ' w e r o offoi'od and rofUHod, I k n o w n ' l l i o Oloba-Deniocrnt.would not accept one tiuoli adveftlaomonl', be- cauoo It w o u l d be Inimical to UK pttr- ty'B Inlurojt, B u t the Domoorallc-pa- por» );ulp»d tho Republican inonoyj per ncro before Improvement to for advert iHi-menlB that dlncrwlited. $79, .)4 iiftoi; the roadH wero Improv- and oyun Ijlackcnarded Prenldont S V I I r j e d . There wero Inereasies ln ; ·. valuation. It In' all woll enough to nay that (Ion In oilier uectloiiH , o ( ~ ; f r o m $60 t o $1)0 or ovan $.1.00 per acre, ; in Fninlclm oi?mity, N, Y,, · the llgurcs Heeni to Indicate: that ' ih» onanuu frptn earth, ..oandy, arid loam rpiidii to bltuminbiiB ;«mcadiun wait "followed by Increimos averaging $12.80 per aoro, or about '30,7 : per tho llopuijllcan advortlMincntti wore taken for what they wore, partlsfiin appoalu d u l y labeled aH comlnK trow Republican oritiiiil'/.ntlonu, but Uione iiilvoi'liiioniunlH wuro » UBO of 1Hno. flrttllc.jn.'iclllnor}' to noduoo Dom^crnt- lo votorn from Rllllince to principles advocated by tho pnpern that toolt the money. Democratic pnpet'B biivo ndvortliiod tbelr own «onls for siilj, They loolt money front the make a breach In their party's wiilh, And Ihoy did It well knowing that no a m o u n t of Democratic money couUl buy spaue to. booi paper, 5Vol! IcnowliiK i.uo that lh(i Oemocra(n had no money-to ux« p e n ( l ' I n - d u c b iidvertluInK, oven'=-It ,'t had boon iiicoptablo. 8!i«mt on Uio of the Democratic prowl--Si. nilii Mlri'or, , The Mfrror IB right that tho Oloba- Onmoci'iit did not' tnlco political ad. verliaumflnt In this ciiiiipalBn We, l«)wev«r, cull to m i n d tho faclj that It look a iwjjo 'advertlBoma.nt for, H. It, Prnncls wlion he wn« a doWopi'iitfo candldnto for Kovernor, It ii»»t ibut' paper ninny »ub«crlboh) and it Rood from every republican'in tbi Btate. Tho Globe KOI Itii b u r n i n g , then. The Ooinocrallo i»iuflrn will Ihoir'B now. It will bo nollcod that nono of the Bt'-onllod country pn- pers took any ot tliouo republican i .cent, , . . . . oauhty. Ara,,.oiiroful-lH- ' roa^lrnprovortiont bad ail'lod tt if 6 J,"o' oaeh · acre of' land ;wlt»ln ···£ B mlie/o^ Improved f 10 per acre road Im.provement iit frpiu,,$2()''to'$26 per: acre; io'fiii r a«!(e89ed- yftluallohr'otreal 'prop- j oriy oiUsldo of tho city wii» $2,7lit,.j Ijlfl.' Thl(i luornaBOd; In 1014 after road Improvement, to $3483,809, or. lif;4 per cbnt. 'Ijocal'rettlieuWte men pl'aob, the tnorgii»e lu,:ltind .values, on uwoiint of Improved;ro«dN a t . f r o m 25 to 50 por cent,, In M»nat«o county No, 2 red $1.82 to M 8C; No. S SI 78 to $1 SB Corn nmrki't «tc»dy No 3 mixed ,97 to 98; No. 3 nUxod .»fi to »« 1-J; No 2 wbile 99 1-2; No, 3 raised ,t». countries shall bo confldtyl to him for another four years, not to an, ; tioii that could only denounce hlg conduct ot those relations wltljovt maklnt? It clear how far, If at all. It would go In the opposite) direction ( Aqd/tnoro than tliat, the Amerlca-i lefhlernhlp of the party and the na- Wilson ombodlos moro completely and moro HiieeeftBfully than wny other President' ijver did, not even excepting,^Ilooae. Mr, HugboB betrayed, a dlaposltlon lo iibninlo'h this prlncilplo, ot party leadership adopted by Roosevelt and Wilson, Some of hlg public utter.I un cos had boon Intel lirotui) u« a con detonation of Mr. Wilson far employ- Ing '.,the pr'cHtlKu and pow,«r of the 1'roBldoncy lo compel,. ,l)RlBlatlon frem Coni,'re»fl. Tho lmpr»»alon was crisated that Mr. HiiKhcH Intended, ( f olectcd, to conTIno himself .1,^ the ro. fiominendatlon of liifflHlatloii, Jtnd Ihut he would thereiiftor loaye ruBpon»l- JJ1fc billly for Its fiito entirely upon tha Hhouldei'B of CoiiKSrHH. If the popular »C M dy of «a andvrcal 1 ((state recordn lnilcat(iI tiin*, the lmn'rovem«ut; ; of. K i i d ' U t h f u l l y t h a t :i«nt I w l l l i o u t imitation (.hone paperu nupd- illsoredlted. 'Pro»l. soll«lto! to d.T er In not only a rich b u u i u i i and n l l - , u l | ( |,| )0 [u ,,, my ,nuoh worBu thnn~ did aiiliHtaiico but In tree from | Uiulilij cl^y papers, b u i ' l h n y are no'i H A V E I h l n U h i H thn l» n «ln HUB folkit IjKuii m u c h iiluiui i h n propovod tioiiViinll'iii b a l l lately, Tlio pnoplu'n /inmtiy In a oonvouilmi h n l l w o u l d b" Ihu one Mao co-opm'allvu l n v « » l m i ' i i l | of Iho (Kiinmiinlty. It would f i t r n U h the caunlry w i t h a iinhoul of educu- tloii In nil t l i t n w n imrliiuHui'iil hnrtloiiltural and good rindB. and WOOIJIlOW WILHON may ohaono «Un«r Balurrtny, March 3, or Monday, March B, to be uworn Into office ·gain In Iho opinion of the o{ tba library In lh« clerk Of the ho\(tio «f.rtprenenlialvfi«. ttutnarfurd U, Ilaynsi W»N BWOMI 8»t- unlay. Mrtrcii a, 1877, «ud reiiwiotl th» oaUi two 'layc l»i*r, Kmrlmry Taylor walled u n t i l Marsh. S, .48*. to tulte tho oiith,-- Nnw».l'ro«ii, IF Iho European countrlPa een- einuo t h e i r war : of u l a u R U W i r l n K - l i u . manlty for two yuam more t)i« only wend BnuiU f u l n n d In stable manures, Whon run I l i r m i i f l i n ncreeii il furnlithos a inont rich n i n t u r l a l . Al Iho end of mich navond yetir iiuver- nl (OIIH of this H'af mold lire ready for UM», Mixed with giii'dun noil It Id (plendld for pot ling hoima p l a n t s , f e r n s u n d p a l u i N n n d . uiui't|tittll'»l an it di'iiwhin' f° r 'awns, rtmo gardimn a n i l ulinihliory boi'dujs. , Leuvi's may be piled lit shrnli ,boi" dfirit; wrtlKHlnd down w i t h t-llcR-* or will iiiHlniul ot luthuj iilncrd In pita, 111 Itilu way limy w i l l f o r m it w i n t e r prnloi'llon as 11 inulah and a f t e r ill'- cuytni;, a n a t u r a l fertiliser. Cni'« should bo lultiui In pliu'lni; llmm iiround yyiinis Ireon, dlaoanod leaves uliniuUl b« sprayed. Spraying Uio p l u n l n at Uiu r l K H t timri will pru- vent dlHnaBo, Savn y o u r a u t u m n leaven nnd rc v Him t h e m lo the laud In tho form of ferllllrer, NATIONAL IIIVIJIW AND H.MUlOltS (X)V(JIUCHH. Mombers of the o r g a n i s a t i o n , d u l y fippolnt»d dft!«KateB! aria' all otliarK Intsreulud, iir«- renpwlfully notlfted (tint Ibe ThlrleoTWir'Xiini'iHl^Corivmi- tion of the N»ilanMI«WIVfir»'-iint1' v Flar- liorn Congress will ·be s l!fitd^«n Wod-- «th, 7th aud 8th of Pocembor,"lU'1 8. In tho Assembly Ilooin of. the N»'«,' Wlllard Hotel, VVan^liigton.^t). 0. (lovenuors of fiuites and Turrltor, les, m«yor» of town* f o r HRlo~~MoborIy Democrat. The CnndlltulJon. stands back,''of tho deinocratle l.hoorlea or pi'fnclpio.3 of government. Wo believe thorn lo bn for tbo best Intercut of all of .Uiu pooplo, ' The doino(ii'n.ey Vjppo«{!« oln't^ loiflslatlon, It ha» a contluuoiiB rni!? prd of nnpoiiltton In logUlation fiivoi" Ini? the few an HKiilual tho«'i. tloiiao, wo rufu«o advertIsemnnl, Hup' porting any other pat'ty, or principle., W« worn aurprlKod to sen the U h p n b Ha nnd /(tllor papers clulrnlng lo be l o a d i n g 'Journal* of Iho domoeralle [iitrly opsiilng tlinlr columns lo jw/?,i nftir pngu of .TIiiKlms adverllslni,'. Tlnry nro h e a r i n g from tliolr'domo- t-ntlla imtrons. We admire|th(i repub-' l l c i t n ' p a p e r s for r e f u s i n g democratic. advertlfilnu. Brooklyn ICaglo. W6odrow Wilson I^IB not only i plurality in the: Klflclornl Colloee, but also a plurality,of the pppnlw ,vot». Under some ^'conditions, that would not, idgnlfy much. . . W h a t BlgninW in .thl8.;oloctlqn.-i» not iho-baro fact that Mr, Wllttoii him a plurality. o t ' L h d popular, vote, but tlmt the BfinUniont exproiinod by -this plurality .1ft- not connmsd to-anv * · ' . ' · ? ! . · . . _ . - · » t - I , , *I«I WI''l''lfiC!T Olf OOOII i; a LoUer Aijr, rjiipt, To iltiUirmimi as far us poMlble tlio oxnct dllliii'ii.. ftttd Cents effect oil i county of .tlio Inlfcrovement ot bad roadii, spop)al(»(»"Af' the OHlco of lU»«l«l»inl It'dral Enginoerlnif o; the dftp*rlipftrtt !n ni'ad6' edonptnlc .!!! ,Al|{'it i 'doimt;te In otioh of !; ' 'l 'in Thlit u i(t!idy of the f, itarm land» In t)» 'in. .. In t1i« tnui»lnlnif pooplft will bt» women a n d ' l i i K B s and primldent* of eornmefVldi, ' and oountlen rwv»«lH the rallinr tnltr«8t« ln« facU that following the Imprlvfl. iiHiiit of tho main inaret reads tba Increase IB .the uelllnV price of tlllabla children and If theru »b»ll h» »«y o f , liiijji»trlil, ,,,. thl wale population l«fi they *t(|'l*jiii*yifi(ssoolinio»» are b«r«l)y Klven an- h«plM» cripple* and «lck one*, ^iren Ihority to appoint and nceredU «I«!t» , baa added from: I B to bent, or at leaBt,$,lD por aero, to, W sollluK.prleo of ttli:;randH : withln onfli, half mile o,f Improved roadB ; This would «ive Ji'total of 1611,000,, " more than twice tho value of verdict In this election )ia» one peculiar moaning It ig that.iho^eoplo IR the priiiijlplo,^ party and national lendoi'Bbip as oxoinpllned In tlio rroaldentlal'.jBaroqr ^^,Mr, WII- FlKiiros complli»d iy I| phe iiiidi the best,; available iouru... .,... bate that ho has receivi'd a larger popular" voto than was over before give-;«ft«'."a'i (jandldato f6# the Preiil- T h e : B l z b ' p f tb'tlt'voto n u i'd eiiiphutic intlorUemont thtf 'Prosfdent, urcon Indl- Market. Kiirolnbed by Uendemon * Produce Co., 801 ixicuvt itre«t, lloolho, Mo.: * SPRINGS ................. HENS ROOSTERS DUCKS GBE8B . » ................. }« TBRKET9 ................ 10 EGOS ..... , ....... ....... SO BUTTERPAT .............. IS nor.LEg * RomsRa. Hldm,- Tallow, Wool; MM. and FMdMn, J. N PETERS * SON, MOB. Wanted all Fur» I can buy. Market In lino with thn but Salt Cured Hldoi. flat No. 1, . . ,J4« No, 2 ........... , ......... Me Partly Cured Hide* .......... II H ' Green tilde*. ..,. ........... . .He Bull* and QIuos ............. 17e Deacon* .......... $1 BO !, ft.ol Skunk, ................ Ztetolta Home lildw Not. 1 and ». full mane and tall ............ 11.09 Pony Hide* ......... . . . . . . .1|4.0tr, No. 1 ' b TIIH P10NER11 PROUUOB UUVKMI ' , OK OHIUJMXU'IIK. 8WIFT * OOMI'ASY ALWAYS PAY Hiuiitsr PRIOM FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today'* Market. HENS' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U H SPRINQS cox , .................. , TURKEYS . . . . .......... , tfc" 10 WILSON'S AS» I'ffiOPMt. one Bodllon-.or thO'conn try.' exc\uisively Mm '«Ml\m.ent .aoulbbrn States which cannot bo it l» not. of . tbn tt viiHid ugtUnal, ' t h o · Doniooraqy. ·not exclusively the iionilin-erft.ot the Wfl«l declaring again- IU repudiation ·. of lh« old HopuDllcaa .a.ll«glance.,» which it held before Weaver and Ury- an mndo tliolr radical appeal*, As thci Now York T r i b u n e says. J n an edltor- swlthout Intrenohlng upon tbo Constl- tutlphar |irerogatlv«B of) CongrooS, bliiiuld ill all Union; nmkotlilmwnlf tho tho | oxocutiv* and tho .lioralatonU advucatc of public opinion Kfe- :; -,...,,,.:·.''·,".;'.,.,.. -- ! ; JlHKverlji(j .-From Injury. '/.'A' Cttllaway, s N6b., p*p«r glv«« tho following account oMhe which, came near proving fatal to HowaVd Mann, won oC.Jlr. And Mr« 10. A. Mann,' former resldaulB of tblu 'city: '.. . ' Howard Miinn, young, son of Mr and Mrs. 0. A Mann, iaperlenced n, very narrow oncapo from dentil last Saturday evening w|i«n 'He oollided with a Podge tourlng,par, driven by B, K. FrcdcrioU,' ,Th» accident took place on Main Htre«t, dlraetly In front ; q ; fi;tho Slur Theatre, , According to eye wltn«»Bo» the ear wmr proceeding Blowly when the boy started to run acro'sa the street.; Hfii bad playfully lilt another:,boy and ,, was ruanlna away 'with his lioatf turned back toward Use one who'»(ivp pursuing tlnil thin* ho failed tb see ill* car apprnacli ing, Tho lad struck tho front fen. dor which Inflicted a bad wound Just above the lett ear. No, blame liowvor was attach od t 0 iho.drlvor of the to,, for It enema tlmt . lai w h i c h wo fepuDllBh In f u H l n «"- other 'Column on thin paBfi! There In a tendency to oyereHtl- malo Ui« influence ot the Wort In tliw detilBloB and to Ignore the '.verdict of tho Want, of New England- In par- r. ..Yet tho votftn of MawMWhun- eU« and a l » f l , t h O from unbfllley- Injured bov moro nwr- being run in- hit tho car from to himself, He was taken to,.the Wright drug treatment ^ad- Htoro and; onjergeuoy rolnlKtcrei by Dr. jjnyson, and removed to bis homo lit »n. unconnelou* condition. He bled pD»lu»ely, a great quantity of bloodicoiajng from the P. 8. BUTTBH .......... UOO3 . .» ...... , ........... 30 CREAM . ..... . .......... 81 O»- to H. 8. tm»"nUo». Herbert Hockhold, Un, J, V. Baw-, t«oy, Mm, M, K A Wagner ot thl» elty and Mm. W, o Oallatln of CnuU departed today for Mexico where thtjr go to attend thu State Hunaay School convention which convoncn IB that cltv today for a throe day*' Mttloa. A program of groat Interent to f tia- day Hchool woricam has been pritpar. ' ed iind the dplexaten attending will bn glvon a ,r»ro treat an th«r« ar» noine noted Sunday notaoot workirk In tlio Ktato on thejirogram for talk*. Took MK Mem to Hnwlln ll took gfx m«n to land one man,»n the calabooRo Monday night flhortly after nine o'^oqk, a atyaafw, who nad bt-en drlnJUne b8avni rofiitwd to go borne after being placed in hi* wagon, attracted tbo attention of tb* offlecru by Ilia loud talk In (ront of hopon wore entertained for b ery, but he reg8ln#rtijon«elouiinoM Stor a few mlnute» Hwifollowlng morn g and later. In t^»,day becanw *n- felt and " ' and in f -,NBw,Eng»ind. n nourcB, . ,a. extfcfly »»tim!it»» tn« trend, of pop?.-, Jar thought In StW«a wbcto tho, ^ KHO was not mat«rlally ( ..,»(fftct«d.,ly i tbo a-ltllude of, largo .nnantilttl and. commercial groups naturally., Concerned with iwcurfnfj tho r»turo» of Iho Republican party to powiir. farm laud* »«rved by the roiida IIIIR w;»y»riKa ( (| 0 Hul«d to from'one to three tlmns tntnl cost of tho ImprlvementH ! S { rOB ^r Incretthn IB values In those in. jt | g The. outcome :is * personal yictpry, for Mr. WJUon, establishing him as the lia» Improved r«»«lwly and xhould well in a "hcrt Umo the saloon «n East Jwkaon street. Tlireo omcore went to the *!·»» of tbo trouble nnrt It took i»l! tbre« ol ihoiu with tno asdijttanw ot bjmtawK urn to tako the man to police h«*d- (liiarter.',, After reaching be«dauart«r* lh» man refuged to go to the calaboow and H ronalred the combined rtwnirtli ol, six men to pln«o thfr disturber In- »"cell Tho xtranger wan about n« fe«t In height, and wolglml ibouf ZOO pound*. TnciMlay morning b» repented for bl^trouble and «ft«r p»r Ing bin nno In police court h* w«« n I leaned with a warning that it Meow fine, later Irithe day It WM Item the nun worked on »f*rm north w»« of the city. He w»§ fined »100 ansi co»t«, pa; ' ,In*$66 of lit* amount. T*i» Jury to tno »«»,««« defendant. About fifteen wJm«« w«r« esamlned, and the I»wy«r« ( 2 ; 2 0 o'clock, Hevi»,,:JMxoy and Map*! acting tba.wsnriKe*. ^Interment made la Bdgewood cumeterey. i l»n«d s a large crowd of Iri«nd« Jury at the church to P»r lH»(r Mnflng In » W«ct at EWSPAPER iNEWSPA'FERr

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