Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1966
Page 6
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1 I £ > , / JO * 20 By Molly Mae Don* Id < ; 'A' weekly feature of "b.V»grtne days f<MM>»»»»««'«»«»»«« Infe us grew from 36 thtntowa: national in '1965 Iowa 'lost r . \f,-tf< jS-s { j ' July 19, 1956 i- The first .annual "Ridiculous Daze" was -proclaimed a huge success. Highlights included An impromptu German band led by Captain Richard Post which paraded up and down, • the street. Beecher Lane had an outhouse sitting in front of'his ap- tpliahce store, and barHer Char- *" * * ' ' * i * l * f i v * * * t t i J -S x* ft t " % -iv / J * yeStftJFhe actUW .fifllflSlj.!^^UMWI. ^r 1 ^' ' 'Jwuv'r > i, M 76fl,^ «»mt>«f^ with ^ lew JQM popUlatiWl 6f Iv^l^fy.^vvcfL^fW' f ra^ tttfttil* breadwinner* Iff &?*> W; la*t in the nation in '.'iWU^a. Vste.*^ Ay,! percentage o* land deVoted to pirks and recreation, tot In the nation in the number of people employed to server the toUriSt . 1 woft\^:$^ft|;^ibe> ing second feesfli Will the p^o- pie of lowi," WeHidfe" TV i> ****••••••••<•*§••••••** EXWSftT PRlrtT.NO ATTHI ADVANCI •OLO.lt 4ft, A eftiiMed «fife ( ^d«ft| Jf fa **»••-» t^*,.^" r T*-^— »~* in til . , An early ^ morning attic blaze brought firemen 1 to the Dr. M. G. ,-t Bourne residence on Oak street . where the fire had gained, con- s siderable headway When discov- , ered. Total damage Was estimated at more than $5,000, ' * \ >: , / Winner of the Algona library ; summer reading contest, was Judy Mittag, a sixth grader who read 42 books during the con• test period. Other winners were Trudy Huskamp, Fenton, Diane Malueg, Michael Graham, Jim Zimmerman, John Laage, Fenu " ton, Michele Cassel, Elaine , Bruch and Diane Strobbe. , * The men's golf club. championship at the Algona Country Club had begun with three 'matches completed in the j championship' flight. Gene Hoenk defeated Wade Sullivan, defending champion Pete Langmack trimmed Ken Strahorn and Julian Chrischilles defeated Frank Mpulton. On, the distaff [side, Kathy Griffin won, the ^women's handicap golf meet by defeating , Helen Ferris. '' Main Stem observed, "Ideas , are very much like children; 'your own are wonderful." July 25, 1946 The old tubular fire escapes at the Bryant school werq being replaced with stairs. The old escapes 'had been put in some 30 years before. ,> Algona volunteer firemen had —,——— — - k "*~« —~» -f "•• a busy time 'with three calls in Sfafo street,, and refreshments k 4one day. The thir v d call involved would include ice cold water, a team of, mules hitched to" a melon. hayrack loaded with rubbish at the city dump. The rubbish , caught fire but the mules were unhitched, presumably before ;they felt the heat. A Presbyterian^ youth group from Algona was to- spend a week at a junior high camp on the Walther League camp grounds at Okdtooji, The youngsters were Frederick Langmack, < Mary McKim, Sheila 1 Hansen, Harriett Brown,' Stanley Soren- Ex-Bancfoft girl .,.__._._ bankbar, Phoenix, Ariz., and daughter of former Bancroft residents Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Dankbar. was married tq, ( Geqrge ;O. Thbhipson of Phoenix there on July 2. The bride Was &ven in marriage by her grandfaith(Br. v J. F. Helinsky pf Bancroft, a former employee of the Bancroft Register., The couple .spent their honeymoon at Las Vegas and are now at^home, at Phoenix. .She,,is a ,1961 graduate of S,t. John's high •school at Bancroft and from St. Anthony's hospital school of nursing at Rock Island, 111. in 1964. He graduated from high school at Blairsyille, Ga., served in the.U. S. Army for two years, and is now employed as a printer in Phoenix. clothing store and the Graham mpnd Lovstads and John Loy- ano/k^ mrav'4-,11^ e4vMvi0 V*<%A nnjUtrAul flfn/| Mrs. Mary, Gebken, Leo Lein- ingers and three sons, Bancroft, returned Thursday after a week fishing at Pemault Falls, Ontar- space 'over ,th% stores as the Masonic hall years. " Lyle Reynolds,' W. A. and ,G. W. Stillmah were in for many Barry ( . charge of arrangements for fes tivities celebrating the hew State street paving. , Plans had. been made for dancing to 'a popular orchestra on a t floor set up on sen, Richard Amunson and Paul Landholm, Jr. A rhubarb developed during the Lotts Creek—Algona ball- game at the fairgrounds when a ball landed fair and rolled un- J der a parked car at the third base line. Algona won the game 6-3, but according to the Advance, "The Creekers made the best arguments." Hodgepodge reflected,* "Notlu w-."t«--*''liot 'day to convince "he's working'too hard." ,, j-iuT^ucyiuiu its first band 'concert with about 25 local people playing under the direction of Fritz Granzow of Algona. The Livermore band wagon had been brought in and placed in the middle of the main intersection.' Directors of the Algona base,ball team were named. They were R. T. Miller, Dr. P. V, Jknse, Dr. ^F. C. Scanlan, M. H. Falkenhainer and P. J. Kohlhaas, RUssell Brothers three^ring circus was coming to Algona. Main, attraction Was a trapeze act featuring the Five Fearless Flyers', billed as "the most daring and sensational of all aerialists." io, Canada. Mrs. Donald Tietz and Lisa, and her mother, Mrs. John Pullara, left by plane Tuesday for Tampa, Fla. 4-H Club Achievement Day is ;afc^ 1:30,' ^.mi't'Juiy ^26^;, atr Burt school house. Public is invited. Refreshments will be served. Library Reading club will end July 30 and Story Hour will end July 28 at the Burt library. Robert Beck is a greater Iowa Robert Beck, . candidate the, republican nomination for for , governor, spoke at a family picnic at the shelter house at, the Call state park last Tuesday Algona delegates to the Ep- night. There were f50 present worth convention at Okoboji to hear Mr. Beck and , Wiley won first in the swimming con- Mayne, candidate for 6th dis- test. Swimmers were Betty Edge, trict congressman. Bob McCullough, Dick and Bob "Governor Hushes" said SftSS "ffclfttt*. *** 54* 1 SttWS . ... ..... _ 0 __ .._ M . ^, , , - ec,s ong, o e eeae or , Office rental space in Algona 'fy. Junior Long, Owen Mathes, a number of very good reasons " was at a ruwmiiiivi Cai«uw>1 ^.ffi Ron RrnntArft RinharH TTalnin »_j j.u- juTi 0 . .17- *~ Bob Grooters, Richard and Joseph Edge, Jr. Burt Mri, Georgt Hiwcett Stephanie Louise, 9 H>, 9 os?. was born July 3 to the Dennis Johnsons, Lincoln, Neb. Grandparents are the Chas. and /Warren Johnsons. are Mrs. was at a premium. Several offices were occupied by government agencies. Mr .and Mrs. W. E. McDonald celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a reception attended by nearly 200 friends. Among those present who had attended the wedding 50 years before at Burt were Mr- McDonald's brother Everett, Los Angeles; Mrs, McDonald's brother Clark Coffin, Burt; her sister, Mrs. H. E. McMurray, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Phelps, Portland township; Mrs. W. J, Bourne, Algona • and Mrs. J. R. Stow, Burt. The army published a new pay scale which listed the base pay for a private at $75 per month. A master sergeant or first sergeant's monthly pay had been increased to $165. Jy|y 16, 1936 The average temperature for |RutjT Hasse ^rio'wMJity. July had beep 101 degrees with was able to spend the <Jay it a top of 108 aS Kossuth swelter-.her apartment where She Was tere<J in a record heat wave. The joined by three other classmat- „— — u»^i.. ,—!„,, __ J *._ i__ |^ m nurses trai n j n g f 0r a *" ' . Thosje guests were the Ljwizes. Manson, Mrs. Great . Julia Warne and Mrs. Matilda McFarland. Mrs. Dennis Johnson is the former Audrey Curtis. TWe Dale Lockwoods visited his mother Mrs, Elsie Wi{iter : M her trailer home at Arnold's Park. Alvina Hasse, Mrs, Leonard Bredhoeft and Lu Anil, Debbie Clausen, Osseo, Minn., and Debbie Chrjstensen, Wesley, Halpui And the candidate for the Republican nomination listed them: 1. His great and, warm alliance with President Johnson is back-firing. Yet the Johnson- Hughes Democratic Administration has led us into the greatest inflation in over 15 years. 2. Hughes and his legislature imposed • jn unfair double income tax collection on the already overburdened taxpayer of Iowa, And he refused to act on income or property tax, except to raise them ever higher. 3. Hughes doesn't speak up for Iowa's biggest business, agriculture, "Qov, Hughes called off one of his team members, the Iowa Secretary of corn was ba<Jly curled an<| f»r- es mers were alarmed oveip "prospects of a, ruined crop. In jr~~>"^ ~T w - »r—TT"--?. •«•» -^i^.; ^** >p*5[M5ffj f\|/gtir ^.^w««^yn/. *«»U4*WVr*«} AVA^k?. residents could be seen on near-1 Vernon Wild, Marion, and Lor- Jy every front lawn at night ! eflja Costello. Portland, Ore. trying to set some sleep. J. D. Dianne Miller returned after Lowe, William Steele, Jr., and four weeks at Ricjiard John- Gordon De>vel too^c apny cofe fe)! ?a>n's, in. Fo«|anelle. ttje golf gmuijds an4 slept tliere. I Layi R^, daughter .Qf the Ray The Advance reported practical-! pehters, was F^Ptised J«lv JO ly every home boasted at least, 9 t St. Cecelia's Catholic church, , maWress on the living room Jerald and Ann G»rm,=».n pooms over the Into two apartpieats msns, TJie ' Boles, I were sponsors. Guests pt th.e b^ «|feral<J Gar- Texas. Ronald Mmneapolis, the Ray- ture, just eight hours before, a sche<Juled trip to Washington;. t6 see $b^ut a better bre«k for the fariixer." . ' • • 4. The people ef Iowa will understand the different between what Harold Hughes claims to have .done and what he really had 49ne. "I wai under the impression . . . that Iowa was in great shape," he said. "The glowing reports would h^ve you believe everything was jusjt hunky- djojy. Eyarythini! wajs peaches and cream. facts 'But when I looked, at I found the shocking, really shocking." And he listed them: lowsi is 4^th among the 50 in bip'Wlation growtli. Iowa was one of two states in 'the nation that lost population in 1965. Jgwa wp pi a jperio4 o| m the entire state history last (AHTNC) ^- Edward A. Elberl; son of theMik'eT.-Elberts, Butt, WAS promoted June 13 to specialist four In Germany. It i* in •A ^_..4j txe* tl0BF ««* i«*v» »}• ««••«* w :V3T" TT £~^.~m~ A«tty in Jtinfc I9d8* Eite^ 21, Attended Garrtgaii Wgn ^- M Algona. DAY AND • , ' ' ^—- July 29- (« ^ • i • K '' • CRAZY COSTUMES • WILD BARGAINS •SIDEWALK TABLES GOOFY BAND • OLD TIME CALLIOPE Watch this Thursday's Advance for Special i - • • • •"'•'/-•'••' • / ; t Bargains and i Ridiculous Prices Shcrp't Jtw«try Wilton JtwtUr. n not muMMMn «utu MANUFACTURERS UniverVal BUitDING " : Algont Plumbinn A He«tin« Ctrfon'« fpr Color N , ( CoWan Cprp. ^ uf»V Plumbing A H P. % Iron. Heatjnp « laino Hfifinq 4 Plom|if«f . ,**i!l«r Lumber Cp t - $«!t,'r' f n»yl| P.int 5tir, Shtrwin-WiMi.m, e*l|»r CfMff Unil,d Building Ctnt.r.; |n«. - OFFICE SUPPLIES North PRY CljANERS J| Bjustrorn Furnitur* Co, R««d'» Fwmitur* A C«rp«ti, Ine •r ; , Foifrr'i , SPECIAL SERVICES Mo4trn Dry illf Clfantrt FINANCIAL , Iowa Statt Bank Th. Security $t«t« B«nk H*mt Ffdtral Saying* A L»«n Ann, ENTERTAINMENT Alflpna A Starlitf Thf«»r M . Till Orttoh«M|tf '€e«»ii, Crttmtriti Ntrth Ct ntrtl PyWii Strvi$f C»a f off Triiiff r €9. Thf Smoltf Shop ' Th. ChrUeWliw tt.r. StyU FAB* EQUIPMENT . 'f L«vndry SEWING MACHINES WUIi.m, (Hyk fhft if«|f HARPWARf Coait-t9 Cw*t stern Frtderiek Hardwart St«rt North J f -fir S* t Ct, • • Muifklivl Shilt, BrownWK Sh^ ft 9 r, |mplnm«nt go, fruit VARIETY STORES 0. K. Tir« Strv|«« Ct,

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