The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on May 3, 1903 · Page 2
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 2

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1903
Page 2
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-"Oh, My Back!? it-Help tlut tacts. I wat for Pills I had rith pain fa fc; get from was called reltef-from e on taking t«s at our ·an of age, troubled a 1 to get up hat trouble in rest the is all gone, eh for the Ine Pills 08.--"Ire- dney PHta. *n now go --the pain .ch distress oped, with 1 Brae, Aching baeki ate eased. Hfp, . _ Join pains overcome. Swelling of UM limbs and dropsy sign* Tauten, They correct urine with brick dul sediment, high colored, pain In passing, drib* Wing, frequency, bed -wetting. JDoaa 1 * Kidney Pifls remove calculi sod gravel. Relieve heart palpitation, ,sleei' headache, nervousness, dizziness. ACCEPTED Will FREE. CREATED FOR SICK KIDNEY*, Be le. real Brit formally «c Venezuela conventions Ion but assur itative quar will be made ial respects to for 8t*t*~ nger than en, but to in The latest trust Js a'pearl dealer*!; which is trying to corner the mark*! and have things its^own way. _^ Send SOc for pmefcue of SncI'i-Thv-OU. IT » aw* not onrs jonr BCJBBjn A irtSn 5tM» Bm ? neT ·"" WE»«SN» co" jB-oinea, lowft.^ The man who sings popular song* knows the lay of thejand. ·- Many School Children Are Sickly.' Mother Gray's Sweet Powders forChildnt* nsed by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children 1 ! Home, New York, break up Colds in 34 hoars, cure Fevenshness, Headache. Stomach Troubles, Teething Disorder* and Destroy Worms.AtaU druggists'. 25c. Sample mailed free. Address Allen S.Olmsted, LeBoy.tty. Beware of the man who owns a soft persuasive voice. tterman and laHw Ready afe* i Washington, Jl**, aln's protocol hat cepted by Mr. The German a»i are still udergolif ancesi are given la ters tharthey er«i to conform in all «L that of the British: *»bassador Owing to the tilaev* ot the British ambassador, Mr, flown called at the embassy yesterday a* personally sig nJfled his approval Olv*t e agreement to the ambassador. iHfrea present ed his formal not* tfHImfttnce and it has been cabled to l !f nier 't'^ n ^ o n for elgn office. ^,\ - r lt appears that the.n 1861 ^ 1 ** in the German protocol of tt e Provision for advance payment of jw .original-$840, 000 demanded of fMi'fent Castro in the German ultiMtwn was * ne resuli of a.miunder8tM4JS3 on the part of the German offie* oT@*rtain steps in the negotiation*-l»«»,i Through the activity of the GerBdpinteter. Baron Speck von SternbuttT** Si J^* 1 " 1 is be lots cleared up. "~ The-Italian " tions are such headway until te tatned In the however, has made make little nat is con He draught dispatch in ord«c might be raised blockad* ^e*pressed his belief that he was r wlvlnit in this effort the sincere atatff* ots.H the ne gotiators here. ' A THOUSAND SOUTH SEA ISLAM! DROWNED. i SWEPT BY BUSS BLEACHHtQ BLUB should be In erery borne, Ask The clock never strikes ^tor ·nonet hours. .a 'Ttt*t. : |»Ujr Ncw«p*p*r for ai.QO De« Molnea Dully aaa 8«nO«r »" nwst eompleM Ually in Iowa,jiubllsL. the »··£.««»» to»ny »ddreMfortl 60 a 1 --*.. *p tort M,O», Me tat* u« ,fecfOTl«o Motogton?*^*- A "* re "' ?* K * WE :, I) " To make a mountain out of a mote nil it is first necessary to put up a bluff. * THE Jtt More Than One Thou!* 1 " 1 Soul » Ar ? Carried ti Thai t Death. San Francisco, FebrS-- Newt, of a fearful loss of lift? In * destructive etorm that swept,«r*r **· South Sea islands last month, re\ lCned h® 1 * ves - terday on the steamer (Wariposa direct from Tahiti. Th;e lo*4p£ life is estimated at one thousand woman regards a secret aa some- h i n g t h t t Isn't worth keeping. ation Makes TONIO OURES OOISTIPATIOII 6 rotting and decaying of undigested food tl. Disease germs arise from tnia_f«steN ing mass; which find their way Into the ·blood/ The blood becomes impure and shortly the entire system gives way to . t h e unhealthy condition;' .:..-'-,-;_-. k: '·" ';·· . You cannot cure a case like this .by' k taking pills or other common cathartics.' 1 A laxative will not do. A blood medt- [ c i n e is ineffective. Mull's Grape Tonic : is a gentle and mild laxative in addition . · to beiu'g'a blood-making "and Btrength- givih(t tonic-which immediately builds up the wasted body and makes rich, red blood that carries its ^""^ "'-·"- ; strength to every tissue ait every b . Mull's Grape Tonic h made of pure - crushed fruit jnices and is sold under a . positive guarantee. : - , : All druggists sell it at 50 cents a bottle. j. Rack, UUiU. IILi to aver jmtift to Iwfi iu»t« Mtlt. uary 13, "last, a haaW Wai wave accompanied by a terrifl ' kurrlca'ne, attacked the Society^ t )aads and the Puamoto group with fearful force, causing death and d« ^station never before equalled in that storms. The storm neigMt reaching Its max(M« tween January^14 meager news' necel It is estima the islanders lout feared that later a4 the list. i"^ fdl The Hrst news of ft,; .._ a ,, * w* - 1 . H* »**i; Completion ol for Signer of hie convention aad a short while attar the Qermon conw Mayor Des Planches t ing touches to hit pro Mr. Bowen haa dove iwerything possible to conclude ttafcn lotiations with ouls. O n Jan ot dreaded several days, slrerigth be- : M. From the ; Tahiti up to V ^«. vi* . ·** ) rived at Papeete, on the schooner Elrn of the schooner' placet Papeete ..the 'following destitute .survivors.. , Excelsior estlmat-, . of -life',at- 800., :The- f ;ures. coinprise only the deaths b'hr-the Hio, Htkuera, anfl '·. ordiriary,,. ; populailonv ir ls' kuera Island, .'-wher* 1 were engaged in .pear oh'e--half, were drowne cent.island 100 more.';·» to;sea. ; ,Makokan: aii 'populated:. Gbnaeryati Tahni- .place .tKe' ! ;»u«i visited -by. tidal- wave eighty.,.,All· af. them control of thef- Frenc Tahiti. ' T h e surviving: .inhab destitute. of. food^sh'elt! all haying ;been; swep ' v ' .-·'· ' - " : - lorses of HE A VES, COUGH CUHED . Huvc 1-owdorc mo |ut «lrh t moiitkl ud In thM IUH ban II».»f«,l4 of Dirtemper and 0 of CUronle Couch. Tb» lSiiil»J MKI * *n»t repuUtlon In till. Mutlon--Krant Bthiuk*, NtllikT ILY. RICCt AT DEALERS, SOci »V MAH.,«Oo :,; : ; "' SUFFER LONGER? EVMC liscovery of. the-age,- is a. guaranteed, .cure, for. rheu- iff joints,-' etc. KHEUMO is a powerful lihiinent affecting the tissues that surround Iho large 'joisits, idons and muscles. · ' - · · . ' : . ' - . ; . Couft Officer. Minneapolis, says:· , - ' '·' sw, I iy«* crippled (or over two yimrs with rKtnmitlnn. I lrl«4 mo that re8torel-mo to good hcnltli. 'Every on* M anfof nhonld know of tho grcnt merit of Khflumo.'*. · , . :tl» Kxprr»rd prcpktd on reeclpi of frlev. 1. ul (nil rccdin frn« k trtltlio on " Al.I. DtHKJVSKB." IKS CHEMICAL CD. WMi.iii.".^' 1 ;-; 1 ' The French:,"goyernn ceipt of - news of , the prompt ·measures ",toS : i tressed district' .'and .£ warships, the Durance/ fresh water and provis Ian war vessel CalabrJ the; two French -vesse rand; of-mercy.' fresh, water and;'.provisi exhausted" by; the. stor: iV-.i _ A ji.i-.ll '11 '~ -- .'-\"---1*9*,. L that, many..;iives; Twill· t 9;?;iDst-b«forrc the relief;,hhips: arrjye. · " · · · known eight white peo] the v drovrned.: r - . - : - CONFERENCC ON" T) ^U8T V BILLS; President and , Leading :. Discuss; Various :l .': Washington,. Feb. Roosevelt had a conl .White house last night- of leading members of; the purpose of discuss; lation. The members, p; Chairrnan Cannon of :, tions committee, ,Messr «11 and : Grosveuor'- of; 'means' cominittoe, and kins. Powers Overstreet of-the Judicii rug i R09CINE OIL .1 MRlMM *r*l« K«nHM OU ·«)· (· til* WWM. IMM - 'Consideration -was- glv« n ; i. to: tho\ de-' partment of comrriercc';, the congressional to the Elkin» railroad I the Littlefleld antl-irusi itassed by the house. Pi volt Is anxious to have li reference to trusts. at rounded; out Into «n effi monlous whole and to went over the a«r*ral measure* with the . representative* o) Reference was made to features of the n»w r commerce bill and t* Blhlna measure contains roada art conceriMd, pr J ** to rebates t(OM. THnusand of lives It is a will add to disaster ar- f, January 26, \ The captain ; jie; fatalities at isloir, arriyed-at ,, .%;with;^400 iej-ca'ptain-:'bt/ fith'e 'total.loss Sree-Islands of .iiltokon, .-whose; ,1,800;V '.On:^ Hi)00 inhabitants i-"diyingr nearly £i/;'!pn,'.aiv ,adja-; ?re:washied out 5fHab aXe de- ;evestiinates :at Ber; of''islands hurricane at irer'lunder'tha ' ,af SISTERS OF CHARITY RELY ON PE-fiU-NA TO FIGHT CATARRH, COUGHS, COLDS AND GRIP. A letter recently received by Dr. Hartmaa from Sister Beatrix, 410 W. 30th street. New York, «* Js as follows: - · Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio: : Dear Sir :--"t cannot say too much to. praise of Pentna. Eight bottles : of It cured me of catarrh of the lungs of four years standing, and I would : not have been without It for any thing. It helped several Sisters of Coorha : mud colds and I have yet to find one case ot catarrh that It does not cure." f ' SISTER BEATRIX. """"""·' ...... f . .....,.,,,,,,,,, i Interesting letters from Catholic Institutions. ·In: every country of the civilized world :be Sisters of Charity are known". Not only do (hey minister to the spiritual and 'intellectual iMeds of the chargw committed totfarli ^re,~bnt th«y also mlotster to their boffly needs. With so many children to take car* if and Ip protect from climate and disease, hese wise and prudent 'sisters /have found Peruna a never-failing safeguard; " Dr. Hartman receives many letters from Catholic Sisters from all over-thefUnited states.;. A recommend : recently received rora a Catholic ins ti tutioo in Detroit,' Micb.. eids as follows: '~:J.''.'··' '..-·.' .".'·.-. · · -:: · .-.-. Or. S.B. Hartman, Columbus, \ Ohio: Dear Sir:--··Theyoungglrlwltomed THE SISTERS GOOD WORK. the Peruaa wat suffering from laryngt- tie, and lots of voice. The result of the treatment was most satisfactory. She found great relief, and after farther uao of the medicine we hope to he aote to Bay she I* entirely cured "--Sister* of Charity. This young girl w as under the care of the S»te|g of Charity and used Perona few caiarrn ot \M throat, with eoou vesuUfB the above letter testifies. :- Amor a Cathofle InstMutlon la tral Ohio comes the follow/of recom mend front the Sister Superior. If jou do not derive prompt and satisfactory .results .from the -bse of Peruria; write at once'to'pr. Hartman,'.giving'* Jnll statement-of your case, and he wUl bo pleased to, ^ive you''his valuable advice gratis. : -· . ... . · : _ . - · ·_·:·- - - · . · .. ' Address Dr.; Hartinan, President 6{ The 1 Hartman Sanitarium..' Columbus. Ohio. There Is; no cure for the-firewater's urn. - ·; " . ' - . ' . . : . , - . - ;'· · ; Watir VV. N. U.,Dea Moines, la., No. Pure Bred Poultry, Due Geese niid Turkeys. SMI] : 8.HITII, Box :!'.M«M Mulncx, *». NEW DISCOVERY: . . Book of tentlmcminlsimil 10 DAYS' tremtmrn* IBEX. Br.H.H.GI£££8'8SONB,BoxK,AUwu,O« tah'tis^afe .ie'Ct. r. and clothing,"' ;a\yay by ; the ent;,;, upon ,re^disaster .took slieve 'the- dis- lispatched- two .rid- Zeloe, w-.n oris.- The J Ilal- accompaniccl lie'" supply-:of ins was totally a", it, la feared Ag far as, is i»; were-among Congressmen /le'asurda. . ;' 10,-- -President erencej .. at the vlthia". number the :iiou£o "for nav, trust' .legls- esent'included he appropria- i.'.Payiit-, JJal- ;he/:ways and .'Messrs; Jcn- ichu»etts'' l and ry',comm.itte'c; bill ;;as, agreed conferees and 11, "aa well as measure just Roosw- Rlslation with this see«lon lent and liar- this ''reason the 'hou#o.. th* publicity epart ment of, fact that th« so far as rail- ^Wbllory pro- THE NORTHWESTERN LIFE and SAVINGS COMPANY of DES KOINES, IOWA. ' - - · ' : ' - ' - , . · , . · . . ' . ' · , ' ' ' ; FEATURES:. ' W . A Umlted Expoaw Fund.«ory dUtrlbndou of th« 81 SECURITIES ON DEPOSIT WITH STATE AUDITOR. DEC. 31, '06. ; · ' . , . · ' - · . · . ' 536.72O.OO $119,612.00 DEC. 31, '98, DEC. 31, '00. S372 t 020.0O oic. at, loot, DEC. 31, I9O3, $695,879.35 I9O3, i $1,122,801.82 TOTAX! ADMITTED ASSETS, $1,380,164.74 . Fourth Moor. Do» Molnei, lowm. OFFICERS. O. W. MAKQUARDT, Trcaanror. ' C. C. CBOWriLL, Secretary, ; K. II. I T T A K E S T H E A C H E S out of muscles and joints. Heals old sores. 1 akes inflammation out of burns and bruises Mops any pain that a perfect liniment can stop. MEXICAN MUSTANG LIMMENT .for. in j uries or aches of MAN * or BEAST. {NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPEJR.1

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