The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 3
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FRTDAY, JULY 13, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. Fall Styles in ladies' oxfords, made on newest patterns and lasts and in most pleasing colors are offered to you at the very popular price of - $ 5 . O O - A choice assortment now on display in ourjurin- dows. An opportunity to buy Fall footwear at a saving. _ J3F~' • AT Phoenix hose to mutch. Have you noticed our windqwi? We close at 5 o'clock except Saturday. NEWS SERENADED BY THE CALUOPE TRY THIS ON YOUR FAVORITK mt'ltSB BUSINESS MEN SEEK TO KEEP UP INTEREST £ach Member of Methodist Sunday School Class Gets Per, aonal Invitation. The officers of the lluslnosa Men's Ulaaa of the First -Methodist Sunday School held a conference this -week at tho V. M. C. A. and decided to put forth special effort during the next two months to maintain the fullest attendance of the membership at the Sunday sessions of the class. Every"~ttiat possibly can bo done to make the discussions profitable and interesting will bo done, and arrangements uro already being made to secure special speakers of prominence. iSomo open air meetings may be held during the summer, though the large room At the Y. M. C. A. la considered to bo one or the coolest places In the elty. As part of the plan to maintain the euntnier attendance, a personal letter was sent out today to each one of-tho three hundred members of the class. .Asking their co-operation and urging their attendance next Sunday morning. The officers of the class are: President, nurt KTMItchnur; Vical'real- Hcnt, Wni. IUuUIIck; Secretary, Jack Chllds; Treasurer. A. M. Thoma; Chairman of Membership, It. U. Strooter; Chairman of Hoys Committee, 0. H. Humphreys; Chairman of Publicity, \V. H. Suhrader; chairman of -Round -Bp Committee, 0. McCrnck- en, Editor of Class paper, Carl Lovell,; chairman of religious work committee, Harry F. King; toucher of the Class, Gordon Bailey: chairman of reception committee, Harry L. Dosso- nieyer. Womon in Greece enjoy tho name educational facilities as the men. DEATHS AND FUNERALS 1 [] DEATH OF AGED WOMAN. End Comes Suddenly to Mrs. S. J. Thomas at Daughter's Home. Mrs. Sylvia J. Thomas died suddenly last evonlng at tho home of her daughter, Mrs. It. II. Williams, 220 Thirteenth avenue west at the ago of eighty years. The death-was caused by heart trouble. No funeral arrangements have been made as yet. Mis. Thomas wus born in Virginia and came to Kansas soon after the Civil War. Sha settled with her fum- lly In Brown county and lived there until 1905 when Ihoy came, to .Hutch-, iuaon. Mr. Thomas preceded her in death eight years ago. Sho la survived by three children, one daughter, Mrs, Williams, and two sons, W. O. Thomas and Harry Thomas, all of this city. First Concert by Roy Laroborn Played This Afternoon Here. The News office had the honor to be given the first concert by the Grotto calliope this afternoon, when Cyrus Qrotto'e new musical Instrument, with Roy Lamborn at the keyboard and with little Nancy Marls Snyder, sitting with him. - , Mr. Lamborn's first piece was "Yes, We Have .No Bananas." It Is not a solemn thing and l^amborn doesn't make a solemn business of fingering the keyboard of this well- toned and well-tuned musical inurn­ ment. He finds It easy to play and the crowd is with his performance, Tonight at about 7 o'clock tho calliope Is to play In front of Grotto hall, 60&M: North. Main, calling attention to the regular meeting and the later "pop sesslou'' of the prophets of Cyrus Grotto. . Regular Business Session. Tho mealing lonlght Is to be a regular business session, at first, followed by the pop meeting whore the circus plans will he-explained by tho men who know and committees will I sport on the progress being made. Mr. iKodgers and Mr, Gonzales of tile circus company will be on hand to toll what tho prophets want to know and plans will be laid lor pushing tho work rapidly along. Prophets have received their tickets and are selling them,and turning in tho money. 'Every committee is functioning, the officers declare. The lot has been cleared and is ready for the big tent when It comes on July 28, All Over Town. The calliope was taken all oyer town this afternoon, playing horo and there. It 13 mounted on a truck, with a gasoline motor to supply the air needed for the pipes and It la equipped to go anywhere at any time to make music. AU ol-ilie Grotto members are talking circus and they are busy at It, too. All are working. The circus will bo held the week of July 28 to August 4. ' Death of Mrs. Burbridge. Mrs. Helen Burbridge, 07. died last evening about 10 o'clock at her homo, 82 Avenue O west, following an M- uuss of about ono year. No funeral arrangements have ben made as yd. Mrs. Ilurbridge was the wliu of George M. Uurhridgu who Survives her, She was an active, worker in tho Second Baptist church until ill health prevented! She has no children, other than a slop-son and Is survived by two slstera. HEALTH CONDITIONS HERE SUIT NYBERG f.'. O. Nyberg, secretary of the stato board of health, was in the city this morning investigating health conditions. He was favorably impressed with the eneral state of health here and was particularly pleased because of the abseuce of any contagion. HARVEST HANDS ARE POURING INTO TOWN Harvest hands continue to pour Into Hutchinson at the rate of throe or Tour hundred a clay, according- to Harry W. Chabln, director of the Kansas Free Employment Bureau, who states that most of the men who are "coming In have the wages from their work, which they aro spending in large quantities. Forty men were directed to work in this city today by the employment bureau. Many of them s have been employed at Carrey lake where a great deal of improvement work is being done. Threshing crews are being picked up here every day ami some men are being sent out to other town*- lo fi' crews. One of the latest calls for harvest help was received today from A. C. Halley, a farmer at Syracuse- He only I wanted two men. WOMAN TO HANG WITH "STAR BOARDER," WED AFTER KILLING Mrs. Sabclle and Peter Crudelle, the man she married after killing her first husband, sentenced to nana. Chicago—"A ]ury of twelve men has sentenced you to duath tor tho | Inurder ot your husband." Tho speaker was Mike Disant, Italian interpreter, and lie was speaking In low, oven tones to a short, stocky woman aa she stood holding to the liars of her coll In the county Jail. For a moment tho woman swayed as if to full, but she Immediately braced herself and held tighter to the bars. Did sho untlei-nUiid? She did not answer, Mike repeated tho words and this time the little Italian woman, Mrs. _e»bolla Nitl, 'groaned; ami her head fell heavily against the bars. "Peter Is also to hang," continued the Interpreter. Warden Wcstbrook and two matrons stood near Mrs. Nltti, who the day before had been sentenced to Jiang tor the murder of her husband. AJTtlie woman heard of the fate that •was meted out to Peter Crudelle, her youthful husband, 1 sho ultared a scream that could bo heard throughout the jail and sent cold chills through the warden and the matrons. Beads ot perspiration stood on tho forehead of Attorney Eugene Moran i.U* he poured out the words that the Aerial golfer about to drop his ball on tht putting green ct the l.e Toquct links In Paris. Below, judge* and scorers, M. I!enn»t, M. Barry and A!. Stoneham. Note th« balls around the hal« Aerial golf is getting to be unite tho rage In Paris oven though the players dent score their own cards. "Holing out in ono" is simple compared to "holing out la flight." CAREY CAR THIEVES CAUGHT RED HANDED Charles Johnson and Fred Newton Found With Stolen Car at Minneapolis. Charles Johnson, sou of Charles Johnson, of HOI Kirst avenue east and his chum, Kieil Newton were caught at noon today by Ottawa county officers with the Dodge Business Man's Coupe be'.uttglng tp.--Kmevsbu Carey Jr., lust night. The car way parked in front of the Brunswick smoke bouse last night and young Carey glancing up saw his cur being driven away hut was unable to stop the drivers. At noon today the officers at Minneapolis became suspicious of the actions of the driver of tho Dodge ear and they took after the car. The boys put up a hard fight, the officers told Sheriff Landlord in talking with him after the arrest. Tin; boys confessed to taking the car and told just where it had been taken from. A deputy will go up tonight after the car and the two boys. 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Tl ID-It 1'Ull RKNT, liiiincilialiily • New, dvi - r""in. iiii.ili.-ni, tm htsh.'it lainiialnv. in r. M'.imiil.ti- 3.',54W. T 13.51 roll SALE - Ilf'.u I,-,..iris .-irul Minn- iB -n.-lws. f»ll :.fl. 1 6 ),.m., ail Hunt It. is i;:-u K'Ui SAl.v:-l'»il« ..t S-S Overland i-ar clil'.n ( .lui;,o. C»ll at Viol l>ry !"'"':UIOM , litioii-.- ',104, "IMH-lt 1 (CsMSrvasseirs i Wo want wi>nicn in i-niivans Itulrbln- nt'ii .'(ml Htn i.iiiiidliit,- Eenituiy r >.»r ft i;imniiilfi-il iin.ikict. Vim noetl nut inatii- tL tlilt.', just a,'m,Mlrt\!;u.i tt \6 t'li-'tlui-t. Tin 1 WHICH runic iii't'-neurits. W* , WIUU WUlllrll Mllll JlUVC 11 ll'KM.SIlIK l»l-l! rtonnlilv mill b..- iiliii? t.> mix Willi tlui lunisv wives of llni illy. MuM \)o lien'. Hint clean ml have i; vthnallnii. I.;-.ivti ^oilr ii,. tilii and a (1 il r,-.-.-*i nt Tin, .N^w.i ol'l'h t' In In". It-lia anil vvi- Will call ami have a ini.-i.aial liiU'ivtiav with y -iu. Tl 10- n SliBuimway IBsitoy SSiraimtfl l'-ur aab'-Sti-inwav bal.y i^raii'l iiialie, I;I>MI1 a^ new; liai* rciiivnl r \ .•• II. .111 inin; niilsl Ii" Mi'va 10 a lipii'i'i.-i t ,* vaila-. -Ilia. H. U. W.'lali. CI Nm-th Wuhiut. Tl 1 I -*1 rjUAUANTKKt' rebuilt lyy.-wiUoti, „t Ml I111 .I--L-.S. iS'i. (I.) lii-aainy ati'l ' I 'lia I: '. an. Tl I-:M 'I'Vl'KWUiTla'. IH,1MIUS K,i ah m.ila s i,t l> l>..w; . t ITH ICi'liU-i T-. :i"\vt I'I-I -< liant,"-, -'I Wen. I 'lt-sl. ali.:iia ^2. Tl 'J-rat Papair Elairrn^Jiiog and ptimtit.f,.." ].' r,i t;. or 101 Wist Si Mil. I'liuiin .i?0\V Tl 25 -ast E. R. Yaggy of tho Yaggy matita- tlon will return tomorrow evening from Chicago, 111., where he has been on business. Mrs. Will Thompson who 1B spending the summer at her summer cottage In Manltou, Colo.,.passed through here yesterday enruuto to St, Louis, Mo-, where sho was called by the illness of her father. / Harry Campbell of the Cain and Campbell llootery returned last evo­ nlng from St. Louis, Mo., where ho has been buying'fall merchandise MAY REORGANIZE BANK. Rube Walbcrg. "Rube" Walberg is the latest seniin- tlon to bob up in the Athletics' camp. This left-hander from Portland is going good tor Mack after [ailing to stick with the Giants. Italian Interpreter repeated to the convicted woman. "The people have fooled me and hav« me dead," screamed tho convicted woman tn Italian. A moment later the woman, still attired in the pink and white Klhgham apron which aha wore When first arreatod, fell to tho floor In a dead faint. . Sho soon recovered and -again screamed something lu Italian. Sho fought desporatoly when the matrons tried to take her back to her cell. Thinking sho was being led to her death, she clawed and scratched at the matrons and again fainted. There \vevo teats in tho eyes, of the hardened matrons as thoy carried tlie limp form to the Jail hospital. On Monday Mra. Nittl had been convicted of elaylng; her husband and her punishment was to be hanging. Immediately her name was flashed all over the country as the first wlilttrwo- man niftier to bo ordered to a Cook county galtows. She, however, could understand no English and was unaware of her fate There Are Some Chances of it Being Done In Wichita Case. Wichita. Kan., ,\uly 13,— I'mspocts of reorganizing and re-openlng the defunct American Htnte Hank of Wichita looked brighter today than ut any time since tho institution closed its doors three weeks ago, according to officials of the state banking department. Capitalists, of this city a nil of Oklahoma Oily are said to IIKVI- unproacli­ ed Carl J. Peterson, state bank commissioner, with a view of entering negotiations for reorganisation of the bank as aeon as examiner.-; complete their Investigations, now in progress. Commissioner Peterson declares he Is now more hopeful than ever ot effecting ii reorganization. HEARD HERE AND THERE Dodge Roadster Stolen —A Dodge -.oupe belonging to Emerson Carey, Jr., wna stolen from In front of the Brunswick Smoker uhout 10:30 last night by two men who ure reported to have driven east tm Second Avenue. No trace has been found of tho men. MENTALLY DERANGED WOMAN STABS HUSBAND oil HA1 .K . Whit, •narnol lialiy 1-...1. IS -:it .ItlTHT .iiliclc -11 anuria. , inana .-^ i ; , p '""^". : ri.';,rTi. :v , l ;.v,,. v ; ,v V" W ""' rt '" "'h'T malt,'. '''- 1 a ri "i" I'.n tm il:i y. j « 1'V 1 - -S.\r.K ut iriii!- Tn , •„,„ .,„;! ..,'," '' 'Itl i i-oad.-it.-r f< .;:nv. 'ol'l iiiiii]. H „|,,. fan ;mi.r. a- .'l.vl,., I'aitinla In p I'll.m.. is t;',..| t U'AXTKI I- . iavwn anil y;i;d v.fnl.- (--..i _ Immu „|,.iii„ n04:t. ' 01::-sll'ii " hl^ui'lf ''"'r-™.™ Tnu'rln, .„',' Jll. f.utiilila^nlraiio. Phonn Jliso am& (CB-BantSis^ Wctrisa Wi: cUtin *slz<; mi.l ni.ui- J -uKn. (la n\\ W1IH 1» ini; repairing, t'tlonu t.Oi NV.'St i'lia.. Tl 2u-26t EOTiS KARN KXVUA HI'KXIUNO MONK! BY HlvI.l.l.Ml Till.; NKWH AITfJH < T. M. MAflt l-.'VKN'liS'U. 10c NTAllTS YOU . Afi'i.v 'to Mil. i-.i'.Aiin, sews ol'l- Ifi;. 1'J J :>-M fflIa>ni !£iE & ©lc*-fic« Cii <e«iia5r-.'i Co. I>7,11 AMI Ni;iV WIVIHlW'li CM-uUiSa), UUli.S OUIt SPI-X'I At.TV. Nti inoi.ry IT vcoil; l.l ni.t sa.tls(i\t:tuvy t'ttoNi.; at.i. 815 N'JUTII MAi'l.i;, IIUTi;illNS().N. Kit ! Ti 6-:st i ]tt.;i' ; ['T;it;.iii.K riir hai'... 'n',i- SI-K-K f.i"'i. 1 In l »M' [;.iibai of 1 i-n "i iiiorf. Tli'- Mo ii ]i *n fi.-ani'ivy Cn., Ai^-'l l Kimlh .".lain. 'I". -'-'-It't "ifyjpiewrK-isir ^liMsmisa Caul,.ui i;iiai, s iMiiil uli...-(:*. .i.<' ilolil.-iv Uulu Pi i-.'ia, 7 lilu-i niaa |.:a:it. Tiia\yr_'".-"^t Equaled the Record. New York: Frank Hussey, 18-year- old, u student of tho Slttyvustant High School, New York City, N, Y.. has equalled the world's record for the lull-yard dash In 9 S-5 seconds and IB therefore qualified to represent tho United States at the next Olympic meet In Parla, Taught 51 Years. New York: Miss Dernetl Cooper, a teacher In the public schools ot ."Uid- j . , ,. - — , dletown, N. Y., for 61 years, has lust celt ari'ho^uuty i^ 8d °' Sht * hor fe. n ? !!?. thU ., 8 :^»« ll > ">™« "y ton- Wichita, Kan., July 13.—In a fit or mental derangement Mis. K, A. (fumble seized a butcher knife from a I table In their home today and j stubbed her husband, titata agent, lor j tho. Milwaukee; Mechanics Insurance j Company. The knife entered the back, 1 Inflicting probable fetal wounds. j Mr. ami Mrs.-tlaiiiblc had been all- 1 ting in the front room ot their home ! on the second floor ut an apartment house, talkine;, when Mrs, Camirt j suddenly seized a butcher knilc und ' thrust It Into her husband's hack. I Oamblo w-as rushed to a hnsplial. svhere he wati operated on imniciliati'. ly. Hla wound was said to be serious. Following the stabbing, Mrs. (Iambic, who for the past .-sixteen weeks has heen detained ut th -i Kiiuf.-as .Sanitarium, ran to the front door and jumped to the ground. She was later taken Into custody. Mr. mid Mrs, Camb'le eaiu i here a year ago from Kenosha, Wis. Numerous flint lust; itiiients. bone harpoons, arrowheads, grindstones, chisels and tooth-heaib'd hpeni'.i have t been discovered In the remains of a i 1 settlement at llolniegnrdHiiins, Den- 1 mark. It Is estimated tho settlement \ is at least 7,000 yeara old. Althou'-'h j no human bones have yet been found, tho excavators uncovered skeletoiis of | elk, reindeer and other animals under \ a layer of peat several yards thick. Dead Body Found. Ottawa, Kan., July 13.- The dead body of an unidentified man, poorly I dressed, about sixty years of age, was i •touud thla morning by the Missouri j Pacific Kallrond track, four miles east | of Ottawa, It la bo] lo veil he died of I cihaustlon. 1 deling hor vesi-jation. Bon't preach service. Do service. Anybody, can Joolt soulful and preach service and iJUty .—Xtchlson Cllobe Ask Those Who Have Invested More tli.'!n 600 people in am! an'mmi Hutchinson (some of them your friends) are now tret !inu' Monthly Dividend Checks on the i'referred Stock of this, < "mnpauy. They invested iheir money here because- they found that the business of the Company was growing larger each year, thai the affairs of the Company and its Slock" was uinler the supervision of the State, thai we supply a public necessity and that there are many other features which made this Stock Safe. Ask your friends about it or ask us fur full in f on-mat ion. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department.

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