Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 27, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1883. -•Jni livening Gazette. M O*7inTB etui be had »t an tlte Price TWO OBNTB. TH» iews stands. MONDAY, FKB. 27. 1BW SOCIETIES A?II» The Will Robinson Post, (}. A. II. Regular. Around the World in Eighty in the Academy of Music; BRKV1TIKM. Days, —Uorn to Mr. and Mr,s. Biebald Corne lius, of Hopkins, Saturday, a boy. —Mrs. V.S. Ferguson w very mucli improved, and is rapidly convalescing. —Chronological: Today la the anniversary of the birth of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in 180T. —The train of the C. B. & (} , Mendota-to Fulton, was composed today of but a single car, that containing the mail. '' —The Northwestean road, in consequence of the Q. strike, is today busy, Indeed, with freights here; shippers all being compelled to use that road. —Supt. Hendricks and Mr. M. K. Kelly are conducting a central examination for the towns of Jordan and Sterling at East Science Ridge school. —Farmers of our section bave done with scrub stock long ago. They art- year by year Improving the breed of horses, cattle and hogs, finding it most profitable. —Johnny Mcduire fell Saturday afternoon upon the silppeiy sidewalk on Third street and sprained his righl wrUt. He is laid off from work temporarily, in consequence. — I he extreme weather of yesterday InterfejedJ somewhat with the attendance Rt the morning services at the several churches, and to a greater extent at the evening services. —A high wind prevailed from rortl north west all yesterday and made out door existence decidedly disagreeable, —more so, in fact, than the much colder, but calmer weather ot thi? morning. —The Presbyterian Sunday school of this city yesterday morning af Us regular session celebrated with appio- priate exerclseR the centennary of Sunday school organization lii that church. —Soon the opening of Spring wi'l reveal QULfarmlug region_ln »U ''»> beauty. An^ one of the many roads leading out of our city will show HB fine farms and farm buildings as can be seen on the continent'. —Mrs. Moses-Dillon received Satin- day afternoon a box of choice Floridii oranges, from hevmother, Mrs. Joseph Golder, the fruit having been pluckeil frotu trees o'n Mrs, Golder's place in the land of flowers and sunshine. —A well-known gentleman told us this morning, in all seriousness, that H party living near George Hoover's was greatly surprised this morning to Und that two inches of ice had formed, last night, over the water in his well, whicii is eight feet deep. —Freeport City Council voted SlOU for the Mt. Vernon sufferers. The rains that have fpllowed the tornado down there have greatly added to the troubli s of that people, and the calls for assistance are piteous'. Might not our Council vote as much as Freeport. —A friend called our attention today to the fact t'.at railroads are planting large groves of catalpa trees to be used later for ties; and adds that next to white oatc the catalpa la most durable for ties and fence posts. Our farmers, if they do not already know this.should bear it in mind. —Thomas Shea, a paper-maker, as he said, of East Troy, New York, was run in Saturday night by Officer Shultz, on a charge of "drunk," and was, this morning taken before Justice, Alexander and fined 83 and costs. He presented the appearance of a nomad to the officials, —Yesterday morning the thermometer registered zero at 7 oolock, and this rooming at the same hour it showed 10 degrees below zero. There was slight additional fall of snow Saturday night, but while the earth la fairly covered with it, still there Is by no means sufficient to make good sleighing. —John the 8-year-old son of Mr. VV. M. Dillon, while riding Saturday afternoon had his pony to slip and fall upon his leg, the large bone of which, bolow the knee, was broken by the weight of the animal. The accident happened near,the Keystone shops in Book FalW. The little sufferer is doing as nicely as could be expected. —A believer in the ground hog theory, living but : a mile or two out from Sterling, made a wager ten days ago ,tha^ he would have hla garden plowed and seed in by the 1st day of March. The wager la sufficiently large to cause him to regard the thermometer anxiously. He'll have to be lively and use dynamite blasts in lieu of plow and hoe, if he would win hia money. —We are informed that the Chicago train of the C. B. & Q. will continue to take the mail, but mail only, until the Jurlington can provide an engineer willing to run the regular train. The lock Island train left on time this uf- eraoon, as usual, Conductor Horn aot- ng engineer. This train will make its egular trips despite the strike, taking mssengers, mall, express, etc. fne Aurora Beacon says that Stering has asked for ao appropriation of J100.000 for a government building and ihat'lt has sent a delegation on to Washington to urge Congress to pass auchablll. It adds the rather lugubrious information that one hundred and sixty other town* In the country are asking for one, too. Sterling IB the moat modeat city in America. Ttila is th« at*t thing it has ever asked of gov- ernmsat, and on tbe principle of fair j>l»», atc^ ours ooghl to be oa* of tu« tote**! eltiwi la «d« —The Uf-rman Lutheran church draped in black on the pulpit and around the altar yesterday morning; on the aftar hanging a black cloth, with the motto, "Christ diea for us," which was in white siik and tinsel. —The Company (Around the World in Kighty Days) had gravn feara as to ability t < get up here to-day, from Rocl< Island; fortunately, though, Conductoi Horn is familiar with the workings'ol the iron horse, and he mounted it and brought them here in safety. —Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock the ice on the north side of thu river broke from the dam and after running six rods lodged, forming a par tial gorge and causing a rise of watei below the dam to a degree that ii necessitated a stoppage of the Sterling Roller Mill today, it demanding a veo considerable amount of power. The other, factories are running.. Those upon the other side are not affected by it. It is not thought that there is anything serious in the matter, and Mr Church thinks the delay is but for a day or two. —The eastern bound train, at 1:40 ibis afternoon, brought to Sterling the mortal remains of Mrs. Col. W. C. Robinson,, accompanied by her brother, Rev. R. Wilson and wife, both of Fairfield, Iowa, where Mrs. Robinson died. Many of the friends of the deceased were at the depot awaiting their coming, and accompanied the body to the Sterling cemetery, where with brief but touching Words from Rev. N. H. G. Fife, it was placed by the side of her greatly loved husband. Mrs. Robinson leaves one child, a. boy of tender years. Mrs. Robinson had been greatly alllicted. She saw her husband gradually fall day by day, assailed us he was was by that insidious foe, consumption, knowing that the end must be death; but^tqo soon. VSince his death sh« was never really well, and at la t WHS stricken by a fatal malady. But her afflictions she bore with tnat resignation which alone can be found in those who have faith in Him who is king ever death and the grave. Sidf by side, her mortal remains and those of her loved'and devoted husband now lie,—their spirits united, where pain and death never come. —This morning &t 4 o'clock the engineers aud firemen of the great Chi cago, Burlington & Qulncy system went out on a strike. Our generwl news contains account-of-tho troubli- between the men and the road; hence we refer here but to the local troubles;. We would say, first, that all freights are abandoned. Early this morniuy Doc. Boynton went to his train in Rock Falls and sought to persuade his engineer, Cornelius Hurley and his (ire man, Dan Daley, both residents ofjllock Falls to make their regular trip; bui, no, b'ir; they were bound by the rules governing their respective organizn tious. Doc. admonished them of th< danger of delaying United States mail? Postmaster McCune was called up. He talked with the two.employes about the importance of the mall servicerami the dignity and greatness of Unclt Sam, aud fiually prevailed upon them to take their train out. It made rea.i) and started on its trip about 8 oclocfc; but the engineer refused positively ,tn go with the train, unless everything ex cept the mall -car was taken off. So there was not a single passenger, nor « pound of express, or freight of an) kind taken. There were the engine and the mall car only taken. —Steps have been taken for the or ganizatlon of a Soldiers Monument at* soclation here, and as soon as plans are perfected, the GAZETTE will refer ti the matter at greater length. For aev eral years past this paper has urged ti memorial of this kind as a worthy trio ute to the brave soldiers who now lie ii. the cemeteries here; and 88 a proof ol the gratitude of our people.' Nevei have we taken a trip to Freeport arid viewed the handsome monument then .without upon our return speakiu,, of It, and urge that what Stepl - enson county has done for its soldier?, Sterling also should do for its soldier* Rome today is filled with reminders ol the deeds of Its great soldiers of tweu ty centuries ago; but Trajan's Columi. the Arch of Titus and all the other* are in honor of the kings and grea' "generals; what is purposed to be rearei here is in honor of thuse who did theli duty most faithfully, who gave ui home with Ita comforts to die if needh be for the sacred cause of liberty; mei> who did not command armies or n - oeive, individually plaudits and fann , yet who nevertheless were aa faithful to trust as any of earth's known heroes. D—Mrs. Anna Kornhaus Nice, wife ol Mr. Philip Nice, a merchant of our city, died yesterday afternoon at three o'clock, after an illness which dates back about three weeks. The distress of this sad. bereavement to the surviv ing husband Is udded to in the fact that she leaves an. infant child, but three weeks old, besides five older children, all of whom are yet ao young as to need the care and attention which only a mother can bestow. Mrs. Nic- was a most exemplary Christian lad> (a member of the Menuonite church) a faiihful wife most happily wedded, a fond and devoted mother. All tboso acquainted with the deceased were attached to ber by her genuine worth, and they sympathize deeply with the stricken husband and children in their great aorrow. Cruel, iu- doed, la death when he Invades 8" y and BO worthy a household, anil ays his hand upon the mother of a family whoae tender years call for hei [iresence aud guidance, and whose removal makes blank the life of "her a!- fllcted-husband, ... Suck diapflnaalions are too deep for humanity; outaide of the Bible, there is no explanation for them. May tjie family find »ome cou solution in that Book which ha* be«-i thH guido of «il of them. The fuueral will take place Wednetday afternoon The tilenda wiU meet at the houae »t ous o'clock; »«r?i<»s at two c'oloc* &« afaureb at rtaienM 6Udg«. For »Mo. Two hundred tons of wild, mixed and tame hay bahd. Will deliver at ^itone Station or Sterling. Also a lot of very good oat straw. Address JOSEPH SPEAK. drntwtf Rock Falls, 111. Miss Jessie in Lotta's destined successor.— Nishvtlle News. See Co. the new tf ad of N. Carpenter & Edwin Hanford is a captivating comedian.—Chicago Herald. i Hterllnc Boomlnir. Call an P. T. Vanllorne for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf ~ little A most versatile, actress and a funny Y. Argus. fascinating play.—Albany, N. : For Hale. Some good work horses and one mule. Will sell cheap for cash or on time. JosEi-H SPEAR. Rock Falls Ills. dmt-wtf The play Trlxie Is full of bright music and taking songs.—Detroit Free Press. ToTemMo tsrinvers. The undersigned is now prepared to make contracts for coming season, and will be at Johnson & Mercer's store Wednesday, 2f»th inst H JAMES R. WEST. Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good properties of the older preparatiou In the market combined with the moat valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf "Velvet" »nd "V7." Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. H.Seloff, manufacturer. tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN. (y We will Insert thrw lines In this umn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents ft week. Kncb additional line will be 5 centa a ilngle la- sorttoa, or 15 cents a week. FOR HALK. H OUSE, No. 722, on east side of Broadway, near the north end. Lots lor Male. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots In Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMBEBLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHEKT. . ' tf Trlxie Thursday March 1st. THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little girl, aged seven yeais, was afflicted with a seVere cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was Induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was astonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. 11. MEHAN, Capitol City Commercial College, DCS Moiaes, Iowa Sold by Strickler & Uoorse. tf n» of 160 acres, 4 miles south of Rock ju Fails, (fxxl house, nearly new. containing B rooms, good out buildings, suitable lor rame. Will be sold nn easy tiTius. Adrress, by postil, box 300, S erllng, llli.or personally, W. W. Pratt, Kock Kails. 11* I WILL sell at auction on my farm In Hopkins township, Friday, Mnrch 2. the Normnn Btal- llon, Hercules. Als", about 25 head of mare* and colts, shoats, TOWS, &c. W. R. Burdlck. 10 A GOOD farm of 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon. _Tenns «asy ; __Apply to J. F. Crlswoll, Room 6, Academy of Music. PP'] sic. RICH AND New Addition to East Bock Fall*. I AH LOT9 for sale lit 4 great reduction and 1UU on easy terms. These lots are 63 by 178 feet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to W. N. The Trixie Co. have some of the best press notices we have ever seen. ^obbiest line ot new neck wear just received at Goldsmith's mwf J3 « OOD light bob-sled xnd Enquire at this office democrat wagon, tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George K. Rogers, Sterling, Ills. Address, tf FOK BK!\T. TTHJUK rooms JF r Third avenue Comer ot Second street and R ESIDENCE of E. W. Kdson and the rtoie room under Farwell Hall. McCune. Apply to J. A. D ONT sleep out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for from six to seven dollars per mouth, of F. B. Hubbard. tf O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished ID elegant shape. Apply to J. R. Hell & Hoa. tf RARE —OF-- BTtGINNINO WITH Big *«p '8 Buds. '8 Havana Filled, '8 Silver Ash. DETROIT Free Press. ALL, S-CESTERM For «*!» at fuller's Book Store, o. jr. I*OL.I-.OCJB:, Oflee !• Ro«k Valla, «T*r the Office. Ttu hackmsn, Baj.zard.w1fl take twrtles to *<>d from Storting to Dr. Pollock'* offla* . jreeof WERE party i<U n Si««lj 100 Lots in Sterling sold/f In 15 Day.. &? 1-0 ' g-o « rfg^as 01-.0-.9 «EO. W. CHAMBFBLJS, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, 8TKBLINO. ILL. Hear the beautiful Spanish Mando- Una playeoLbjiffie-Trixie people, ' A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do line watjh repairing, tf One of the novelties in Trlxia is the Oscarina Quartette. The only one in America. New goods smith's. • arriving daily at'Gold- mwf 13 WASTED. /~(OMPETKNT giri for general housework. Ap- 1 ply at 607 West ith street. Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and are agents for Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples. Reserved seats for Trixie 76 and 60 cents, for sale at J. P. Lawrie's. tf The longest pole knocks the persimmons, and Biglow's Positive Cure knocks all colds, coughs, croup, hoarae- nesi, bronchitis, asthma, influenza- and consumption. Pleasant for children. Safe and speedy. 60 cents and 81 For sale by O. A. Oliver. Immense new stock of mens boys and childrens clothing just received at Goldsmith's. mwfis The Gems She "Wore. BARGAINS IH ACRT8, Bargains in Lot*. BujptiiuN In Houses and Lot*. Buldiip for !sb ul Stitl /The Present Prieei will not be oontlntudN ! (or » Boom It approaching. THE PLACE OF ALL; Gochran's. "CHOICEST AND BEST HOMB-MADE mm COOKS m Home Leader COOKS AND CUTJL.EIiY^, The Mikado. The following correspondence speaks for itself: STERLING, 111., Feb. 25,1888. To the Sterling Library Lecture Association. , ' . Gentlemen: .. ' As the recent efforts of the "Wednesday Club" In the presentation of the operas, "Mikado" and "Chimes of Normandy," have been favorably received by tne lovers of music in Sterling and vicinity and have also resulted in substantial benefit to us; we propose, If ayreeable to you, to present the opera, "Mikado," a second time In the Academy of Music, on the evening of Tuesday, March 6th. The entire net proceeds of the entertainment to be given to the Sterling Public Library. • E. V. CRUMB, Pres. FRED DRIFFEL, Sec'y.- STERLING, 111., Feb. 26,1888. To the Wednesday Club. Your kind offer to give the "Mikado" for the benefit of "The Sterling Public. Library" Is accepted. In reproducing this opera you will not only favor the public with an entertaining musical treat, but also confer a great benefit upon our ol.izena by assisting In the purchase of much needed books for the Library, which it has not now. means to purchase. ' We trust that every public-spirited citizen will show, proper appreciation of your generosity by attending. We remain 5fours, very truly, Sterling Library Lecture Association. By W. H. BENNETT, Pres. All persons are forbidden negotiating a note of 5116.00 given by Leander Book to Joseph Burkett, dated on or about the 28d day of May, 1887; one year's time, without Interest, cfeiid note has been lost or stolen. • • dlOwB* JOSEPH riUBKETT, Arrived, ait Time. The celebrated company that play 'Around the World In 80 Days" ant all here and ID the finest trim for business. One of the leading ladles In the company la a girl whose former home was Sterling and whose husband now resides here. AJMNOUUCKMBJIT. CUTLERY, HARDWARE to STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klale's Merchant Taltorlm« establishment. MEANT IMPORTEDTOBACCO ' All the Brands of CHEWING TOBACCO- I INDEPENDENT GROCER. THE Lewis D. Wynn Oar Mtoeb U too lance and must be reduced at once. Warranty wltli «aeh ImBtrnmcnt. 15 00 to 810 00 per Month. CUT BATES CONTINUED. WEFiTNTZ CO., : «»lt Houe Block, . •old at the lowestllTlug price*; no A ohud can OF- GROCERY- U the most Independent Grocery BOOM In Star- Una. W* make oar price* and Mil . . GOODS 80 LOW That prices astonish every oo». Allsoodi -Matthelowcttll -- orer-ebarglog. BUY At the BKB H1VK u low M a (rowaparoon Thelargest and finest itoek to select from; even thine first-claw. A Urge stock of Blue Cut, Fli« audBmoklng , TOBA.CCO'8 Bought before the recent adfancei. Th« BEX HIVE customer! get the benefit of the low prtoe* before the advance. A Urge stock ol Gilt Edge NEW NEW NEW BRAIDS Embroideries, "White d oods, r>ress Goods, fc » Trimming s PMENTRIES, At 45 and SO Cents per Gallon. Boric Candy Drip*, pace white, M »« Ccitta pwGaJlou. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; the best oil sold la tola market, at as low price as Inferior oils are sold eUowhere. Don't b« deceived and buy low test oila aud roa tne risk of being burned up.. Bomember jro* buy toe . SATINS. RIBBONS, PRINTS, GINGHAMS, MUSLINS, CORSETS, TABLE COVERS, HOSIERY, GLOVES. Curtain Ooodat, Towel*. ALL THE L&DIES USE THEM. At tbe BEB HIVK. Bnow Flake,! and Kansas Winter Wheat: all Boiler Piitvnt* and all Winter Wheat; makes better and waiter bread; keeps rnolst longer than Spring Waeut Flour. A e«nuln* urUcle In FennsflTaul* Buckwheat Flour! I Ten thousand pounds sold last season; BU thousand pounds sold BO far this season. This Hour ha* no equal In Shu oaf- krt; la made by tbe Uteat process; pateat tuUied; no black spack*. A floe stock ot Canned axd Qried Fruits. Oalifornia Fruits of all kindi^ The Genuine Down Ea»t MAPLE SUGAR! cotrea b> annoaoca hlm»*U 1 « e»adlkUi« tar tt» o&ca o( AtiMuar at Uu Wvruot Jordan, tubiwt lo tb« *pprt>»»J ft Aa my expenses are light, I o»n and will Mil ch«*per than can b« booght J. R.

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