The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 5
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Evening, July 18, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Rvtf SP PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES Goessler Pitches Great Game, Score, 10-2. 1UREE-L "If TABLE. Club- Davenport Peorla Springfield Lecatur ... Dubuqne 52 4; 4i 48 3H Qulncy S8 Bloomlngton .... 28 Danville 27 .050 .382 .579 .'508 .423 .334 .346 .854 .388 .364 .364 .313 .480 .303 .354 .648 .37i .371 .351 .300 .418 .350 .342 ' Th» Deeatur Come Across team spik. M the perfect record of the Kenney team Sunday by defeating them, 10 to I Until this Kame. the Kf nney aggre- I ffdtion had won ail n i n e pames they liad played so far this season defeating Harry Syfprt and his Bloominpton froml-pro team twice. They were also nbotit ready to claim the central Illinois championship title. GOESSLER HURLS. Pitcher Go^ssler with excellent support behind h i m , however, never gave the home team a lookln until the ninth, v hen a two-bagger and a home run Club-- j.rttPd them their two lone runs after I £'etro?t p h l ' t j - -- ., .- - t , _ ... .. W a s h i n g t o n ".'.'.''. Chicago St - Peorla it Dubuque. Danville at Sprinrfteld. Decatur at Qulncy. St'.VDAVS RESULTS. De:atur-Quincv. no game because of rain Da-, e n p o r t 4-fl-I: Bloomlnston 0-7-0 Batto, |,. s --I.akaff and Simeon; Marks' and fi-heid .^ei-ontl gamei Davenport, 2-0-S; H l o n m l n g t o n 1-1-O Batteries--Wells and Simpson, B l u e j a c k e t and Keupper 1'coria. S-s-0; Dubuque. 7-13-1. Batteries-T l r n m c r m a n and Yelle; Carroll, Gregg and Hammerschmldt. D a n v i l l e . 4-J2-2; Springfield, S-ll-3. Batteries-- E l l c r and E r l o f f ; Miller and Jacobs. IX MAJOR LEAGUES. American. Wo: two were down. Previous to thia, they Iiad secured but three scattered hits. In two I n n l n K B with men on bases and none d o w n , Kenney lost its chancft to rrore b fast double plays by the Come Across. STRUCK OUT FOURTEEN. Goessler w h i f f e d fourteen, while Boston Xe\v York Cleveland Club-- Xcw York . Chicago Pt Louis . . Philadelphia Srhoby .for Kenney, made eleven De- j Cincinnati . c.itur b a t u r a sit down. Features of | PmSurSh" 45 44 42 41 41 :s 23 National. Won. 48 41 4ft 83 Rame were the three-baggers of Kushins and Moran with men on bases, e r u n n i n s catch by Parjanl and Moran's work at first. Crycr also caught a j.rcat game. The score: COME ACROS3- Moran. 3t T n u n s Sb I M r l a n ' It O. R u s h i n f f . ss ... E Pushing, cf .. Cryer. c Krusc. 2b Howe, r? Go««s!er, p H PO 2 2 2 0 2 1 2 l n 1 '1 4 Totals 42 10 0 12 KE.VNET-- Camra:!. rf 2 Johnson. 3? 4 Pchoby. p 4 TtnndaM. cf 4 XV liHnis. 25 4 Trowbr.'lge, 3b . c. ... 4 Todd. Ib 4 Snider, c . 3i 3 M c N e i l , ir. ...' 2 Totals Bv innnips: Kennev n o o o o o f * o 2-- 2 Come Acro.-s 1 0 1 0 2 0 1 1 1--!0 SUMMARY Bases stolen--R F.ushlng, 2; Kruse. Two base hits--Johnson, wr.lmms. Todd. Three ba«e hits--Moral. C. RusMng, 2 Home rjn-- Trortbri-ipe Double plays--Kruse to Hushi n g to Moran. 2 Johnson to TVIUiams to Tofld Ea««? on halls--Off Fchohy. 1. c!f Goesslpr 3 Hit by pitched Sciobv. o Struck out--By Schohy, I I : bv Goessler. 34 Pa=s«rt halls--Cryer. Snider. 4. Time of game--1 "5 3S 85 33 St 38 43 30 Lost. 29 SS 41 Pot. .564 . .403 .4S7 .471 .4f.3 .43S Federal. r h i c a g n . . . . I n d n n a p o l l s B u f f a l o B a l t i m o r e .. B r o o k l y n ... Kansas City 5t Louis .. Pittsburgh National. Xew York at Chicago B i o o k l j n at Pittsburgh. P h i l a d e l p h i a at C i n c i n n a t i Boston a t St, Louis American. Chicago at New York St Lou's at Philadelphia Detroit at Washington Cleveland at Boston. Federal. ?t Louis at Chicago. I n d i a n a p o l i s at Kansas City. P l t i s H u r s h at Brooklyn. B u l f a ' o at Baltimore. MAJOR LEAGUE SCORES. American. Open date, all teams in east. National. Bos+on. 12-1*1-2. St Louis. 5-3-2 Batteries --Tyler. Crut^her and Whaling; Doak, Perdue W i l l i a m s and Snvder P h M ulelphla. 7-10-3; Cincinnati. 4-10-1. Batte-ies--Mayer and Dooin: Schneider, Dousiass and R e w l n and GonzaleE Xe"- York. 7-10-0: Chicago, 2-0-2 Batteries --Tesreau and Meyers; Cheney, Zabel and Bresnahan Open date for Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. Federal. St. Louli, 4-r-O; Kansas City, 1-4-1. Bat- teries--Dav«nport and Chapman; Stone, Cul)op and Easterly. Chicago, 6-14-0; Indianapolis, S-ll-3 -(13 Innings). Batteries--Fink, Hendrlx and Wilson: Mullen. Mcseley and Rariden Second game: Indianapolis, 4-4-1; Chicago. 2-10-3. Batt«r!e«--Billiard and Warren; Prendergaet and Block Open date for other clubs. MONARCHS LOSE ASHLAND GAME Ashland, July 13.--The Deca.tur Monarchs lost to the Ashland Merchants fcy the score oi S to 1, Sunday, Decatur's only rail was scored when a single rolled tinder a shed in right field and Augustine scored on a fluke* home run. Stacker's hom« run ove right field fe:ice with the bases full was the feature. The score: ASHLAND-- A.B. R. H. P.O. A. B. Fernandes. ts i '· ,, Cassldy, Ib 4 i i Wilson. 3b 4 1 0 Rc-bok, rf s i i Hesse. If 3 i o Stoker, c 2 1 1 Christopher, Zb. ....... 4 0 0 Burns, cf 3 o 1 Peacock, p 3 i o Totals 27 "i "i 27 12 "o DECATUR-- f- Augustlns, c 4 1 1 8 2 1 Kitchen, ss 4 o 0 1 4 0 M. Augustine, If 4 0 0 0 0 1 gray, Sb. 8 0 1 2 2 0 Dressen, 8b., p . 3 0 0 2 2 0 Coover. p 8 0 0 10 0 0 loitarj. e f 3 0 1 1 0 0 DombroskI, rf. , 3 0 0 0 0 0 Rhoades, p 3b 3 0 1 0 2 0 Totals 80 1 ~4 24 12 ~2 By innings: Ashland l o o i e n o o o -- s Decatur 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 1 SUMMARY Stolen bases--Fernandes. 3; Hesse, Rebok Two base hits--Burns. Home runs--Stoker! Augustine. Struck out--By Peacock, 7; by ressen 3: by Rhoades, 5. Bases on balls-Off Peacock, 1; off Dressen, 1; off Rhoades, Earned runs--Ashland. 8; Decatur 1. Sacrifice hits--Wilson. Left on bases-- Ash- nnd, 5; Decntur. S Hit by pitched ball-- ·ernamles, Rebok, Stoker. Time of game-- :oO. Lmplres--Graff and McGraugh At- endance--500. HU Idea. Tonkers Statesman. -- Bill -- "You ·enow five years ago the banana was carcely known In Germany.' 1 Jill--"Go on with the rest." "What do you mean by the rest?" "Why, now Germany's hospitals are rowded with banana-peel victims." Decatur Marksmen Well Up in Years Averages. BART LEWIS !S THIRD State Shoot at Springfield This Week. Bart Lewis of Auburn, member of tti« Illinois Gun club of Springfield, and who took part In the Decatur shoot last ·week, Is third among the amateur shots of the country, according to the official trapshooting averages for 1914 sent out yesterday by Thomas D. Richter of Philadelphia. Lewis has shot at 1,450 targets and has shattered 1,897. Els""s"verasre" Is ".9,364. ' S. A. Huntley of Vancouver, Wash., Is first among the amateurs, having broken 2,676 out of 2,750. William RoBIey of What Cheer, la., U second with 874 out of 900. The showing of other Illinois amateurs follow: Max Kneussel, Ottawa, 766 out of 800; F. A. Graper, Cuter Park, 1.2J8 out of 1,350; H. Kennlcott, Evanston, 2,340 out of 2,500; H. H. Hicks, Lawrencevllle, 878 out of 950; G. L. Bearing, Shelby- vllle, 690 out of 750; J. S. Young, Chicago, 6S5 out.of 750. HERE'S CADWALLADER, The professionals have made high marks for the season. The list Is led by Lester German of Aberdeen, Md., with 2,553 out o£ 2,640. \V. R. Crosby of O'Fallon, broke 3,493 out of 3,640 and is fourth In the list. Scores made by other Illinois shooters are: H. Clark, Alton, 1,861 out of 1,940; F. G-. Bills, Chicago, 1,800 out of 1.890; H. C. Kirkwood, L» Grange, 2,077 out of 2,220; T. A. Mirthall, Chicago, 1,771 out of 1,900 R, W. Clancy. Chicago, 924 out of 1,010 W. H.' Cad wall ader. Decatur. 1,043 out of 1,150; E. S. Graham, Ingle- ilde, 1,018 out of 1,150. STATE SHOOT TO BE HELD. Tn» IlllnoU Gun club has completed plans tor the state shoot to be held In Springfield, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Shooters from various parts of the state will be present. Valuable purses will be hunf up. In addition to these seven eold and sliver watch fob« will be awarded by the Interstate association. Other prizes will be a ISO loving cup and three thoroughbred English setter pups, donated by Dr. John A. Wheeler of Aurora. Players Tired When They Reached Centralia. Not Much Probability of Return to Decatur. Tired from the long, hot trip and arriving at the ball grounds Just a few minutes before time to start the game, giving- them so time for practice, the Decatur Blues went down in defeat before Centralia Sunday, 8 to 1. The Centralia bunch scored five runs in the first Inning but after that were able to secure but one. Rentchler. former Milllkin pitcher, hurled for Centralia. The score: R. H. E. Blues 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 1 3 1 Centralia 5 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- 6 6 2 Batteries -- Faith and Gardner; Rentchler and Heyduck. AwJui. St. Louis Post.--"Have you heard the way Charles disgraced his father?" "So; marry the cook?" "Worse. The governor cut him off with a million and noT he's riding around in second-hand autos." Cleveland has released another one of its recruit shortstops, Blsland by name, secured from th« Atlanta Southern League team. This player ha: been sent back to Atlanta and Steamer Fat Fanagan will 'probably draw his release. However there i»n't much probability ,of his coming back to Decatur, according to local officials, although the Atlanta Constitution »ay» »o. The following Is from that paper: BACK TO DECATUR? "To make room for Blsland, Steamer Flanagan will probably draw his release, unless some club in the league refuses to waive. If everyone waives,' Steamer will probably go back to the Decatur club, of the Three-I league, from whom the Crackers got him last season, via. the draft route." Local officials however, say Atlanta has paid- for Flanagan and that they will not release him outright now but will sell him. Anyway, Pat's salary which he Is entitled to demand would be more than the Decatur club could afford to pay and keep within the salary limit. LOVINGTON CUBS BEAT BROWNIES Lovington, July 13.--The Decatur Brownies, a colored team, was defeated here Sunday afternoon by the Cubs, the score being 14 to 12. The Brownies were all hard hitters and pounded the local twlrlers for some of the longest drives ever witnessed qn the Lovington diamond. The Parker Comedy company band gave a. short concert at the ball park before the game. A large crowd was present. Th» Cub* played th« Brownies off ttiele feet during the first half of the r»me ( but the visltoss later regained thumi selves, tied the score and came n*a4 winning th« contiit. Prints 3c All sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any size roll lOc Bring your work to the only Eastman shop in Decatur. We use nothing but Eastman paper and chemicals. The proof of our «u- petiot workmanlhlp lies ID the fact that we send our print* all ov«r thelUnlted States. U»U oiden lollulted All work guaranteed. C. A. MORROW, «S JTOBTH WATER ST. Bathing Suits Finest line in the city! Women's suits, in different trimmings, $2 to to $10. Men's and boys' bathing suits, one and two-piece suits, in cotton and wool, -50c to $5.00. Caps and shoes for bathers at different prices. Haines SEssick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. LV. Our Annual July Sale oi Furniture You Can Furnish or Replace At Rare Reductions Now! This great sale is making a record far beyond our expectations. It proves the value giving this great store has always practiced at all sales. Our former sales have gained the confidence of the p eople. Our store is becoming better known, our reputation is becoming better known. A store where everything is advertised exactly like the article, no misrepresentation here. We urge you to Here's What We're Doing In This MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE O FFERING you the finest clothing in the world for the same or less money than you'd be asked to pay for the ordinary kind. It's your chance to possess a Kaufman "character" suit at a dollar saving price. The best "picking" is for early comers. Be one of the early ones--TOMORROW. AH of our Featherweight Palm Beachs " its : $6.00 come now to this feast of furniture bargains and share with the others who have saved a neat sum on their purchases. Important- Our store is located at the corner of North Water and North streets. $28 $25 $22 $20 $18 $15 $12 $10 now Straw Hats, choice, Half Price. 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