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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1859
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^Aptp?? *'• .;. •-^ sra '*. NEW S. NUMBER 23: if I? ';.,: !., ; -••-. , . Crtr GosiftsJaLLsja'a Ornec, ( Owtraet Departaett, Milwaukee, June V, 1SW. f UNITED ^XATES TH,\ RflBA I. >S SAI. E James Buchanan, ] v«. I Th* Propeller or Steamboat I BX fanMrlotUaselMdate of tott and part tb»4Ui Ward, at; of UUwaakee, 'bat wil totbe*moqnt set appalta each br making ib« : j*fe*g wo '-"-- r ''"'' '•'"' r*"' '"'" '„' ""i Bally jttperror<oie y«ar, paysMeta adTano*.. ..fT,08 * rasUI30FTO-WIEFLY?APER. Weakly Taper JoTvnejwr, payable* aaTanoe. .$1,00 KATES or ADTCRTrsiIfG IN DJULT TCm Hum, m toss, of SeBparril maksa sqmar*. i —"»siiii i wg m^Hasw^jsj.a, v*. I flo. Sdayi... J*-m 6 day..-.. 1 do. lw«*t-:».. 1 4b. 8wr.ks... */». (MM 1. do. 'Smooths.. lOjO* 1 00. oBMmth... j*4Q l do. 4motrtbJ..;iM» 1 do. «tnontha.. i«S6 1 do. »tnonUu_. 90,80 1 ta. 1 wear:... 8w,00 -.4-^-, r^^v.. ping at the Newtiall, ex-Ooranor Seymour, New York. ^ThereUno man tre know of vh has more friends and admirers in Wisconsin than Mr Seymour, *nd they, as uelras, will be pleased to learn that he &ta«& rematelng with tjs fcr some time to enjoy W& eonaia sports. . Roonds ACENTS, 1 ft* Rudolph Street, art ovOortMd U rt- eetot Advertitatamtt far tMt ami att Oc leading fttfvn <tf the JforOtuat, and arttla OMCT ondax- ovtliortMd AgaOt <• tkt Northwest for a " other nigh we wereal MarisoB'alwt'rMm and Coatee tinety Saloon, 192 Ea"t*Waier street, when w iieard a young Italian say, "would that could take seme of tbla cream to my country men on the fields of battle in the Bast." They poor fellows, have only the luxury of blood while here we can, at the close of a day of hea and toil, forget care and be comfortable. Mnri aon keeps just that kind of ice cream. IN TOWK AND OUT OP IT. f V KM. POMEOT, Editor. Meteorological Record, for Jane 2&, '6» nept by C. D. GARDINER * OO., Druggliu, U Sprint ftreet. 6 ». M. TBUHOVZTa* S T.H. M° a Or. •. 8»»a ' for Telegraph and Commercial matter* set Fourth Page. ~ eelU furniture at auction this morning, at 10 o'clock , • The Eenosha County Journal, a German paper, has been discontinued. • A new Post-Office hag been established at PoYean City, and Osfear Casts appointed Post-Master. JQ- REMOVAL.—Tbe office of the Oradatu has been removed to Borrner'e block, formerly occupied by the Presoott House, •I VAII —Qoite a com yany of happy people were convened at th new church of the Pilgrims, on Walkers Point last evening, on the occasion of the Strawberry and Ice Cream Festival. We happened around In time to take in tha beauties (of the sceae.— The aflair was gotten np in good tailt most de elded!/, aa the eatables, drinkabliss, andartis- tic arrangOTQents of tfce room leatiBud T< add to the interest of tbe occasion, a wed ding came off, to the supreme satisfaction of a least one happy conpple The church is oni of the most tasty in the city. LITTBB FROM WISJOMA —In |another column will be found a very readable letter from a northern traveler, giving some valna ble information as to crops, e to. The remarks "Observer' 1 makes about wester n Tillages are true to tbe letter. Winona, in Minnesota, is a sample of what enterprise, a good location and liberal management will accomplish. The same may be said of many cities and villages iu this State, and now that a prospect of better times is visible, a few years will see great ch nges in the appearance and population ol the West. : CHRISTY MIHSTKCLS DEAD. —Mi. Pit-roe, one of the Christy troupe, who sang "Hoop-de dooden-doo," died very suddenly on the 18th inst., at Mew York. 9gp*b. Goon APPOINTMENT.—L. P. Harvey, of Book county, hag been appointed by the Governor as State agent to purchase stationery. We will guarantee there shall be no steal, ing s—There are now upwards of seventy churches in Chicago, and new ones are being constantly built. Some of them are very costly structures, and are equal to some of tbe best in the country. IGKAHT*—Yesterday a party of one hundred and fifty Norwefgan immigrants passed through this city for La Cross*. Another party of two hundred an to follow in a few days. The immigration to Wisconsin is larger this year already, than for three years past. I&-PEBSO&AI..—Thomas D. Worrell, ed. itor of the Grand Rapids Journal, called on us yesterday. Mr. W. publishes one of the best literary papers in Michigan, and is remembered by about a hundred Wisconsin editors, as just ac fine a man as there is in the west—good enough to be a Wisconsin editor. be Wisconsin Methodist Conference has expelled Bev. J. W. Wood, for what they oall scriptural adultery, which consist* in marrying a second wife while the first is living, from whom he was legally divorced, but not for the reason for which the Bible allows divorce. • A minister in Shnllsbnrg has presented to his flobk a mare and colt, (o l>e ditpottd of ml lotttry, and the proceeds are to help build the chnrch. If Tom Wicks hadn't gone to Pike's Peak, perhaps he might have been in- dnced to open a game of faro, to assist in the >e_ benevolent object. POLICI DKIPOEM —The uniform of th Milwaukee Police is a blue coat, with handsome brass I uttona, grey pants with black stripe down the outside of the leg, and blue cloth cap. Their weapons are a club, very neatly got np, and the revolver. Their badge is a silver star, on which is engraved the number the policeman stands in the rank*. The uniform looks neat and tasty, and the uniform gentlemanly bearing of the force at all times, places them second in appearance or efficiency to no other police force we know of. From Wm Beck, the wide awake Chief, down, they are quick, able-bodied, noble men. able to take good cant of themselves in a row, or to march dff to the station two or three men <tob. 49** The undersigned commitu* appointed to make arrangements for the annual supper of the Bar Association of the city of Milwaukee, at the suggestion ol varions^members thereof, and for the reason that several of the members of said Association will be absent at Mad' ison on the 30th inst, have concluded to poaL. pone the sapper to the evening of the 15th of September next Dated June 28, 1859. SAM. J. CROOKS, H. M. FINCH. C.A, HAMILTON JAMES 8. BROWN, E. W. DENNIS. A MPTB ORATOR.—The under gradn- •«tea of the "Alumni Association of the High Clam" of the New York Institute for the Deaf and Dumb,are to celebrate the first anniversary of that Society on the 18th of next month. E. P. Morebouse, Esq., the intelligent and gentlemanly post-master at Menaaba, has been •elected to deliver the oration. J&»RE8i7HEB PUBLICATION — The Oshkosh Centner, after an interim of six weeks, has again made its appearance among our exchanges. It looks neat and oleafi, aad somewhat as if it had been tried by fire. The Courier ofttoe lost f 1,800 by the fire, upon which they bad $\ 000 insurance. ASD STB.AWBBBRT SOCIABLB. —Hie church and society of Rev. Mr. Day (Church of the Pilgrims) are to have an Ice Cream and Strawberry sociable next Tuesday, in the chnrch— which is nearly completed— on thetflorner of Hanover and Park streets, Fifth Ward. Yesterday the atmosphere was about several degrees more comfortable than on Monday, and summer clothing WM •ot In M active demand'. A flue shower Monday nighl, accompanied fay thunder aad lightning, did much toward nuking the weather bearable 9ST To HOEM OWRCRS.—Mr. H. W. . bead, who has recently removed to this city from Ohio, where he was celebrated 'as a vetir- narjranrgeon and farrier, has opened an office and Harrier's shop in the rear of Kirby's liver/ stable, where he is BOW prepared to prescribe tor afllng horses, and will i-too pay partloBl*r •MeB^jtp,jh«ang!ftem properly. TfetaTO no4onbt tntt that he understands his *'hU." BLOND™ rm QB«AT Rone PEB- FOBMBE.—along. Blondin, the celebrated tight rope walker, who has just finished stretching an inch rope from one bank of Niagara river to the other, a short distance below the falls, is withont doubt tbe greatest rope performer in the world. For several days, while engaged in arranging and getting his rope across tbe fearful chasm, he has exhibited feats of daring sufficient to appal the stoniest heart. The rope is now acrnst. The distance from bank to bank is eleven hundred and twenty seven feet. The size of the rope is one inch ia dl amater. The distance from the rope to the water is one hundred and thirty feet, and H 1s immediately over a spot where a fall wouW be instant death. He has walked half way across the rope and back several times, merely to teat it* strength, and on the afternoon of ibe 4th of July, will perform the following feats, which, for a man of his size, (two hundred pounds weight,) may be considered as marvellous: 1st He will first walk across the ropn and return, dressed in tights. 2nd. Wheel a wheelbarrow across from bank to tank, in which is to be fastened a live dog weighing not less than sixty pounds 3d. He will walk across tbe rope, carrying a pail of water in each hand. 4th. He will walk across tbe rope with bis feet in heavy wooden shoes. 6th. He will walk half way across, let hrm self down to tbe river by means of a rope, fill a quart bottle frith water, ascend tbe rope, make a glass of lemonade while standing on the tant rope, and carry it across to the Canada side with him 6th. He will, afUr half an hour's resting span, walk across to the American side with his eyes blindfolded and his bead In a bag'. 7th. After having bis bag taken off; he will, walk back to the centre of tbe stream, turn a- somersault, suspend himself by his hands, andjOsoQlating like a pendulum till he acquires sufficient headway, revolve arootxl tlw rope, recover bis position, and continue bit, way. 8th. He will then-walk backwards on the rope across tbe chasm, drawing tbe wheelbarrow. 9th. He win play on a violin while crossing, till be reaches tbe .Canada side, when W will return, bearing in his arms the dog ha wheeled over in tb» wheelbarrow,,' 10th. His day's work I» to conclude with thefdariiigJfeat of ^ahWtisj half way aortas, when lie win JBtaad; ottMr h^d, arid the* d*i »nd toito'wa^^in«ttiii of tLe suspended rope, head foremost, 'ucena. tbe rope feet foremost, regsto-bU jo^iUojjl and retain to bl* -' - i. ;-Xi4,-i ''/: I , « -.?, j - ; : ., ,. > ThtMgday evening, the Good ?euplw will bavei'ftod *iM« tte ^detUcaBon of their •its"' u* If be 1-the above fealty ihe citi. Ivl* J^- : j -~ •>: .--.-<-- *.i. ' .. notjbwnrecw amped drowned. Tbe body hai JO o'clock last alglit. Juno JOB* ».:— ilorris, Tiialatlng > bridge ordteaneei, fined $ And 1 costs. Sarah Cansteld;' T«giW»o*, fined |ltt 2 an costs.. ' "" " Jo^plvAllmeyer ana Tatar Strollair, assao] and'battery," diBobargea. '6omplaln»at 'sen , fff fenced to pay costs. John Kotton and Albert Bttpsky, osawil and battery, defendants discharged? .., Qogor Dye.'—lo one of the conn t1e» of Wisconsin, It ia said, there are ~ candidates. «Tor the Lcgislatnre—J. MJ demoorat; Bobert Hogg, free soil, andl Dy», wflig. So, on election day, it wT "Boot, Hog or faye" with-tbeWten." * H!be New York fferaU states that "we pnb» lished tbe above paragraph IBrce years ago bnt as it has recently rw<>n started afresb give it agate for i beo,.". . uelit of new subaor GIAITD a or M ExcraaiOR TO Mm SEHAHA FAtts.—We have received a olronla of the Chlcago'commiUee, appointed to super- Intend to* exrjeditlon to Minnehaba Falls, o the Sons of Malta, to be about the 21st of July Among the cotnmittpe we notice the " best conditioned 1 ' men in' the north-western com mandery, W. S. Johnson, Jr., Dan. Boss, J L. Marsh, Wm. B. Egan, De Witt Robinson Geo. L. Donlap, W. L St. John, H. D. Laffln J. H. MoVlokar, Wm. Price, Chas. L. Wilson 3. P. Bounds, and other distinguished gentleman. It will cost at least one hundred thou sand dollars to carry out this excursion, which will be participated in by all tke good aondW tioned members of the order iu this vicinity Each one will wear his regalia and ornaments. DEAD HEADS.—One of our city hotels in an advertisement, says:— "Bnt to look at tbe many puffs in the dlnVr «nt papers t-roughont oar State for the pas few weeks, a stranger would suppose that the Newhall Honse was tbe only Hotel, not only In Milwaukee, but west of N«w York City; or In other words, "a little dead-heading goes a groa ways." ' The extract above quoted conveys a false dea of "deid beading, 1 ' as the bills of every editor attending thelat« Convention here, «toj )lng at the Nvwhall House, Were paid iu full There was no "dead-heading'' on the part o: the prtss, and if the editors see fit to speak well of the Newhall, we do not see how it can helped. The Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Company have concluded lo issue their 3d mortgage? per oent. bonds at par, in exchange for the present floating indebtedness, Deluding their issue of $448,000 7 per cent, bonds which mature! in April la»t. But the company hare deemed it expedient, '.u view of the present dull state of business at the west, to rMjulm th--ir creditors to surrender wo years' coupons of interest on these 8d mortgage bends—that is, I he bonds will i,.,i commence to draw inUr^»t until March 15, 1861. The residne a( such 3d mortgage Uoudt s to be applied to the liquidation and payment ol their issue of $234,000 city of Milwaukee 10 per cent bonds, and of some $750,000 of farm, mortgage bonds, a^-d will give to th» ho Idem of these last-mentioned securities about 66 per cent, of their par value. THE FASTEST Taorriso TSUB IK THI WORLD—THS LEDOEB IN THE LEAD —We are nformed that Mr. B«nn«r, of the Ledgtr, not satisfied with distancing orery thing in the two hemispheres in tbe literary line, has d«termln. od also to lead the extreme advance in the way " private trotting team*, and with that vi«w has purchased, from Col. Hall, the celebrated rotter Lantern and bis mate, giving for the pair the round sum of $10,000 Mr. Bonner already owned a team that was worth between ve and alz thousand dollars, and which conld how almost anything tbe way, but as Lantern and his mate, in abandoning the arena tor tbe road, oonld show him to the second place, he jreferred to pass ahead through the gentle Im- ralsion of the above-named price. We should ke to see anything now which can "take" Jonnev! FowjrUi or JsUy-ReerrmesstaJ Order. HEAD QUAB.TF.BJ, 1st Beg. W. S. M. Milwaukee, June 28, 1859 Regimental Order Jfo. 28 : The several companies composing the Firajt Begiment, Wisconsin State Militia, win parade on Monday next, July 4, in honor of the An- ivenary of American Independence. The line will'be formed on Main street, In root of tbe Newhall Honse, at half past nine 'clock, a. m., precisely ; and the procession will move at 10 o'clock. The Artillery Company, Capt. Bade com- andlng, will 8re a Federal salute at sunrise, and) a National salute at mid-day. Tbe Field and Staff Officers of tue Begiment will meet at tbe Ifcwhall House at 9 o'olock, m. It la'expected that every oAcer,noB-comraia- aioned Officer, and private in the" First Begi- eot, will participate in tbe celebration of the Nation's Birthday. By order, RUFUB KINO, . Colonel Commanding. B, CuaanLim, Adjutant. DBOW»D.—A son of Alonio Sherman was rowaed Saturday forenoon while bathing In lie river a mile above the,,dam. He onrou- scionsly got into deep water, and was seen by ome companions to sink.' On* of them went o his aid, and recovered the body soon after, -blob was brought to the o|ty Immediately. .11 effort*; to resuscitate him proved nnavalt- ng.—Jdnemlle Gaielte. _^ ., M , i BOT DMWHBD.—Erik Onlbrand, whose tther lives on the brink of the river, near ones & Co.'s steam jnill, WM drowned on londay aftemobn. He wassUndlng on tbe logs, In the river near the miu and Is supposed to hs-re Mien fa. v ^Pb'a boom was ftll oflogs, and; as he sank beneath them, ft was Imposible for him to do anythlng'to extrlcafe-him. wlf., Tbe boy «/•.)^^^nlne M»r» old, aad the — -'MspareBW, wb!o areln.poor cb> Tbe mother Is a cripple, and -has beei»*piittnedtoher,bed three year*: and on; lie day her child WM buried MIB was delivered f another. Their MTerttriah command them alltla )0t silediBe,;»tor ^Ifiil^rfe^ofeefc ; .Oroiee road is too; » eD , to mato ci in- Tsry nnooBaatoa ooenrtjrjni es. many ne to The crops aljttff the line look,well. Passjag through 1 yflti fields of besiri? looking winter wheat sire . be seen on el ftpr hand, and farmers ferfooafi- dent of a matfjSlargeT yield! than last yijjar At Horioon t ^JSwooded, country was left on tbe east sid« ifvBoek river, and the great) gra nary of the 8! itirwas opane^. From Hojioln, one of the best nts, on the LaQroae road, for a num|»e» of miles west, north, ajid south, one H a bat fide "firms, large croia good soil, plisant tomes and a prosperous people. The?e |a no doubt but tbe wheat crop of Dodge-andl adjoining counties will b« tiie largest tUa 4et»on ever harvested, and tine means a g»°d| crop, will brinj, oanaoi b|nt place many who are now in debt, ont df it, and leave thetn all free and clear for tbe fdtnfe, all the wiser for the little bit of "bard times" of the past year or two. ; The traveled (« struck with astonishment at the marks of Improvement visible on every hand between 'Milwaukee and La Crosse. VII- lages have sprang up, as if by magic. Farms have been cleared off, fenced and cultivated, till the prairies of Wisconsin will rle with the wheat fields of tbe Genmee Valley, of New York Fine white bouses, and tasty cottages, tell that industry will ever prosper, and well modelled bams bespeak the careful and provident husbaodman. The little hamlet :fobr years slnee ia now a thriving town, supporting its paper, Its sthooU, IU churches, and itself, while the village of then, where one store: a^d small school i^onse, answering the double purpose of place of education and worship, tvere the only "public buildings," hu grown to, a olty, with Its thousand of Inhabitants—ltd two or three newspapers—its doxens of fine stores —its banks—Its churches—its ministers—OS fine public school-bouses—Its colleges'-fts well kept hotels—its full complement of tbe various crafts and artizans, and Its well graded streets, filled with busy people. Truly, 'toe west Is "mighty," aad its might will, some, of these days, be felt. Bnt what pleased me n>ost was the appearance of the growing crops. In the La Crosse valley, where heretofore >nt little grain has been raised, there will this year be a large export. Tbe name may be said of many other localities In Wisconsin which I have visited lately, and if tbe wheat bin* of Milwaukee do sot puff out their sides with Joy on beholding tbe vast amount of golden gr^ata hat soon will be pouring in there, it witi he •ery queer. Tbe crops In this Sfcdon of Minnesota are i'«o looking better than ever before. More and baa been seeded, and more care has be«n taken to insure a good yield. This place, W|- nona, is the market for a largo, valuable tract of country of Ban7 mile? in extent, and is>, I hlnk th r«ry best business point on tbe Mis«i»a.| (.1 nilhin three hundred and fifty miles of St. Peal Here l» another Inttanceof western enterprise. Where five years since was bnt a steamboat landing. Is now a fine ity, with its business men and business louses—its numerous advantages over other laces alone the river, and (rival wealth in alt hat makes a city prosperous Prominent mong the wealthy mm of Winor.a stand fT. D. Huff, who, seven years sln'ce, earn* here, ire-empted a tract of land, now covered wflh ne ston>«, and dwellings. The clear sighted, (ar-seelng, pooe man of seven years sine*, is ow one of the wealthiest men in the State, nd to his liberality and enterprise U the city really indebted for its present state of pros- jerity. There are others like him, whoso names I will not now mention, bnt may speak f them in another letter. A few years from ow will see a Still greater change, and one more marked than has the last five. Minnesota, ss well as tbe country about parta, for which country yon h«v« snnh a rtiallty, is noted for its soft water streams, nd Its eonntlesj multitudes of brook tront.^- cores of the disciples oflxaak Walton visit is and other places in tbe vicinity, with k lertain prospect of taking any quantity of rout, and as I have agreed to make one of a jarty of five, and as the time for starting SB ear at hand, t will close this letter, put on my fishing salt, try luck with the rest, an! honld I be successful, you may look ont for I'ltrJi Uinnoremeoli, Tit: TO grade and gravel ifcr street and sidewalk, to the established (fade, k th« street and walka from ind street to Barman aed alio grade and 'gravel Barman street and }kl,-pUa>X the street and sldewatts Iron Fowler i street Ttte same to be done in accordance with ate of Ibe City engineer, on file In Iba Comp- A. H. JOHNSTON, J. H..TISOH, Street Commissioners. i office. iLot, Block. Benefits. 1 1*4 83,80 3 144. T8.M It 144 (9,12 '*. 144 14* Lit Block. B-neflts. 16 IS I XT ID is i 2 a 16 U 12 II 1 t S 144 S3 86 8i 84 143 143 143 148 83 68 142 14S 149 106,18 10831 126,00 S46.I6 S58.98 1SO.M) 141,» 118,18 10T65 4 9 6 1 2 8 4 B 6 r s 9 10 11 in.IT 1M.C6 18T,*T Piece oflsnd between Piece of land between ja2»-d8t BH 14 18 It 16 14 13 ii 8*4 8*4 142 142 143 141 141 141 141 141 14J 14J 141 141 14V 141i 83 188, 18S 130i 13S 1351 139! 138 1431 142! 158,94 IfiT^SA 180.3T 118J8 130,15 119,06 114,T5 113,19 108,90 10T.2S M,«0 131,00 «9,I8 10T37 88^0 80,8» T9,T5 8818 61,02 ffii.S7 . L'B OABDINBR, Ootnplroilrr. CITT CoMrntoLLU s.Omoc, I Gbotract OtpMtmcnt, tjllwaakee, Jane set, ':9 I lC fallovlBg U a icbednU of lots frol Ung on Iba bortb atfe ' Oedar «trert, tram 4th >lr«et to lot* itraet, IB the>d Ward of the Oily of Hilw log; the imonnt wbJcb each lot vtlibe takM, •bow u-ntflted by ' mgj w*e •miNUiav wtuca e»cu IDI> wu* u«j Hagxu+w uj Crsiatiur ^ north X of isvld jtr«»., and the* dewjtt to thevstabtlafeed, pluming and sufbiq.* the **>vlki ui4 p»Tiug the fatten M per plan Add estimate ot tbe Olty Engineer. J. II. BDKNING, LO U1 fl A.UE R, Uumml^uooer*. , In Admlrmllty. ry, bo«t», tackle, tppare) aad 1 IlUllltUTB. J B T virtue of a writ of rendition! exponas tamed oat of and under tbe nal of the Dim let Coart at the 0nlted gtata for tbe Dtrtrlct of Wlaeouin, I ihaU expose for M'e aad tell at Pnbtlo Auction to tha highest bidder for cart, 4D boairi of the n\<\ propeller or iteambou Fenec*, Ijlng at Superior In laid dlitrtot, on Friday, the eighth <1»J of July, 18S9, at fonr o'cloo» in the afternoon, the propeQer or tteamfco a 8«necv her engines, machinery, boati, tackle, Kpt>arel and furni- ton, a* ihe now lies In the harbor of Superior, In the County of Douglas, In nld District of Wisconsin, condemned at the iQlt of James Buchanan. Marshal's Office, Mllwantie, W's. June la, 1399. je2S-U«8w U. J. THOMAS, O. S. Vlarshal. _ AMUSEMENTS. QUEI N ('ITY NO. H4, I. O. OP «.. r. Our Opening WILL COMK o? AT ALBANY IN THIS CITY. > Thursday Evening, June A N AHDRF! 1 ? WILL BK OKI. [ '' VRI- f» BROWN. Eft*., r <if rli^ • W • -•,- HALL which ta fupppr h«rrteii »n«l tS' NOTIOK. Crrr OoMFTBOLua'!) Omca. i Contract Department, Mil., June J6, 18S9. f T HE following d- scribed lots, part of lo > tad par eels of land will be btnefltted to the amount let op poslte each,, hy constructing a sewer through block $2 Fourth Ward A. H. JOHN TON, J. H. Trace. Street Commissioner*. Block. Si 8* N It B \ je»-<J3t l-ii. 1 2 J 1 4 a a ; ^ Benefltt *.2B HOi: 62 6-2 83 13.88 731 7,*i E.L-H. UAHDliTBII. Oompiro.l,. Reward. i.l f> fu . »n.l •n Ban'l, during ;h>- -v ,,,uv »ti i • , : • t II III 1141 K I. i. i IliifNsK VI IIXMIKI K-. Milwauan*. J ,n« '..',. H59 MILITARY BALL Tlu- ,1 W 1, 1 V . ! ||,| r I U K'l H ( ) v r i u t i u 1 2 S E A -< f W ear r.c« -. 1 Apt B' n v h j»m or. in-I t,i -Ii-il Bv I I I N N r- \ I . \ * « »ie'ionv \ r K R. ^ r i: K i r i..r I.- 'i.iutj . " •> • • O N ThamJaj or Friday la*t, lomffwhen? in the ttr>-'*U o of tbe cily of Milwaukee ten or twelv* CO MM JSffI CHER'S OCBTinOATK3 on lot- <n :hi- ,: ty for flUiDg and Improfiogtho nmc. »moimttn« to 11,300 OT 93,600. Th«y were made out iel Kelly or the Klirhth WtH. gome dorsed. Tbe Aoder will receive tha i reiarclng th«m ia tbe lubstrlber Tf.ey run t>« .f a- Fe«liviil in Honor JS^i ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT, USD to tii* flndey, haa b*en »tnppe<i. DANIFL Block 62 M 1«9 1(9 i«a 1*8 168 1(6 1«8 186 1«7 Lot 16 It 6 I 9 11 12 13 14 11 11 K U Benefits. 416,33 226.M 113.88 99,54 9338 140.S8 18S,M 14041 B'tK'l 1ST 161 181 16S 168 Lot. 14 15 16 II U U Benenu. HI 64 137,64 :ST,U H9.i4 m,M 168 1<S 10 ' 20931 lo George Smith's Addl- HOD. HI V 2U,&> Is) 3 UM.W K L'H.GiROINKB, Comptroller. CITT Conmou.aa'9 Orrica, I Contract Department, Jane 28, 1899 f S BALED PROPOSALS will be receiTed at ihls omcs oatil ftatardav, Julj 4J, 1499, at IU IK, for abating the nuisance on ibe (ollowli f described lots in tbe Third Wsrd of lh* Oil/of Mllw.uktc. Tii Loll, block 42, lot 1, hlocH 44, lot 4. block 7, lots 3, 4, and «, block TV. Jei»-J3l K, L'H QAROINKR, Comptroller. NOTIOK. CITT Oostrraou-aa's Orric*, I Contract Department, Joo« 23, I6Q9. f T BB following Is a scbedule of )«ts, parts of lota or parcels ot land la ibe Flfib Ward of ihe Oilr of Milwaukee, ItilTaukee proper. Dial rill be benefited lo the amount set opposite each, by griding lllneral street and sidewalks, aid curbing and planking sidewalks from CUatOD street to Moaioe street. JO N BGSEBiOK, U. K&OEQEK, Street Commissioners, Mb Ward. Lou Block. Amount. U »2 S3.M 11 n soja la *i SS.OO t f3 48,23 69 JO Corner of Eltzabt-ih *nd >e^)S OSt NOT 1C t. OlTT COHPTB«iLl.Ji • '" ' )Ffl,, Contract Department, MUwaukeF, Junt* -H, iSfta HE flowing i« a ichedoJe >( '.*iii ir'miin.r - r . in-l \\ I- l L K HK FNI> i \ N I % PKi ^ 1 II i i K \ \1 \1 1 » I J. street, in the id Ward, of Mil sessment of ihe benefit! to the respective lnt«. i. from rrpiairing tbe street and •idetruJka «nd /uu front of the tarn*-, in the manner prescr:r..-.l n ih and specification <>f tbt; CTty Engineer J. H BUKSlNi, LOUIS AL'RR •. n •• 111 •* /tn i^n-' ».|.|r-«. 1KT 19T 8 40 ft ft w Iu W9 U IM U 141 Ii HI 14 141 1« 191 14 141 1 l 111 l< 111 ^ 101 16.1 131 |«28-dat K. L'H. UAKOINER, C.uiuif.l'.-r ~ " NOTIC:K CITT Coiir^BKLi.*!*'- urriCK. > L'ootrmot Department. June Xt, 1-6* i T HE Common Council by r»sulut.un «'l«pt-l J ir, 2U, 1S&9, haTlog concurretl .n the T-I.T tumeoil^ doo of Ihe Street CoaimiUioQeT'* ^r the ->tti W«r<l. t ordered : That s sewer be eonstmcte<l in 5th iv^uuc 'ro n ,4o.. street lo Wuhiniftin itreet, snd in Wsjhiniflon »trrv from Ath to 4tb svenoe, 4th Wir.l. a sec r l»u<:r « ( K I) ,1 rf ,.,', CITY ADVERTISEMENTS No' I.. tb« plan svod * of thf City t UK.O«^ E 75 n of 8 4« R E K W f IU, 11, 1 lu. II, mess of tbem OBSERVES. UKOOEKIK8 AT AUCTION^ AT HOOD>S AIJCTT1ON HOOIliS. i ntTII.L be sold at Hood's Auction Booms, .No. 4 TT Spring street, on Thursday saorntog, Jane 80t$ 110 o'clock, a federal assortment of Groceries, con'' tstlng parti; ot Teas, Raisins, Ping Tobacco, RnU, Fish, Ac. Also a lot of Scythes, Bnaths, t*. Sale posltlT . Terms cash. • je» ' J. HOOD, Anctloneer AUCTION MALE OF FPHWITUBK. W ILL be sold: at Hood's Aoctlon Booms, No. 4 Spring itreet; on Wednesday morning, Jans 2Bth. 1 10 o'clock, a gefiiral a.sortrntnt of household far- Terms Cash. nHore Sale Positive J. HOOD, sUictloneef. OITT Oaimainxsja'sOrnoB, > Contract Department, Jane 23, 1869. f re-elred at this oBee un- for repairing stooe SEALED profKisafi srlll be re-el 3 ta July x, 1859, at 10 A. su, or reparng sooe gutters In front ot ota, and conatrnotliii and refiajrtng utters on cronlnn In tba lit Ward, Bids must *<11B • Ice per square yi nt for |ak)n( op and relaying with U material; price for furnlshteg new stone wbtnnt- eaiary, and price far conatrucUnr new cauta, lur- nuhlBg all matt rials. Jeai-dtt 8. L'H. QARDIMB, Comptroller. iNOTIOK. i Cm Ooscrraousa'a 0>noa, I Ooturact D|partinenl, Mll^ Jane 28, lf&. f PBK following Isia tcbedide of lots fronting on Tmma-i L rack strteufr«moth street to Ttb atrtet, in theSd f the Olty of MUwaukea, and ahowtnR ih» which ea< It lot *H] b« benefited by tnUta said street to tn»j established grade, graTtUng TaW trett, planking ann eorUnt walk* and na*tt» ratters, accordlDs; to plans Df tbe OR/ Engineer. Ward of the Olt Block. Lot. Benefits. nook. Lot. Benefits. IB 1 10M2 166 « MB 8 H« iContnfstJ neat foupwiosjji _. , L.atreet, Jrom .(;dar to-^Taoi rardofttnOltypEIOIwaukw, ; aaOttomtfmr 1DKUT0CH A WINKI.eB« OODNBttLOM AT LAW., rateptn Block* SOU Cast Water at. »0e»}....... wisoosais. RIC AN CORNET BAND! ii f tnatraneot*. Ihua OB> ,ft)r ' Ac, *&, at sollcltor Mr any KaOroad, or l>abUoH*tue,ar shall 8teasn Boat or Ballroiil. or Boat, Hota I ger for any or Railroad Un*,orakaa solicit any penen togorto.or becooiea guest ai any Hotel or pakllo home, at any Sallread Contract Department, slilwaakeeV7un« «, issi""' ' fVW* following described lot In the 3^r«nth Ward .r A the Cltj-.of Mllwiaakee, wUl be banetttted :o in. amount let opposite It by ailing it with • iuiflcieui amoant at ear.h to abate tbe nuisance inaroon WU. A. NOifci, VICTO8 SOHUTT&% •^M^^^ or addreM *<nerteaa Oorcet Baud, or at M ualo Store, 178, Can Water n. .Je« . .;-*. ;- itftw t*yifi£e&'*&^~£5ri$- - : *^Jri*r?l S>'ri iti-i-^' 52 ' 91 »> Iro bV t» •1 SH 144,110 U«/» 304, US !«,» il8>) nr» 70,75 11 a us jo 15 75 14. uu i. ill IB th< Comptrollrr'i office. Owtiert of propcny oo «»id tircru »rr hereby a tled to construct iald »*wer wUhin tw>nty-iwo l from thlsi J*U, ar th* Street C<ttumi*slan^rt .if 3lh WirJ, will c*aa« ihe >sm« to !>»• JOD-; in-l •trvc lo the reapecuv-tf luu, ftecordtD^ to !•&•* K. L'H GARDINER. L*.mptr .1 - N f > l 1 CITT ConrTmui_L«B * "rn, n, i | Caotr&vjt D«(k.mrtmeut, till , Junr; iS, l**tf ; 1 CI1UK Cou^tioD Oouaoll, by r«MoIut.<>n .uluft'^1 J i j t OQ or lh< 8u-wt C*'mnuuioaeri »t trie i-i W vr ', ' i iu iCi.'»r.t*.D<-e with plan inJ rsOrofttr* ,( ;hr City Ki j ncer, on ttte m Ihe Cooiptro i»r'i . '" operty f •bi»*f i) rn*»r» of ji j d a to mftce tl ' ^nd W»rJ will c»u*»- the **m« lo h- j<-i6-<l«t" K.' L'H i NOTICE CrTT CuMprs.iL teats wtUim t N< * 4 w* j«i9-a8l E. L'H. OAStilNIR. C .n NOTH K I S HEREBY riven thsx s m>«uar ••< ihe 81. In the Bweties Ir4 ° Companj, vlll be he d st IU t- fice In the Otty of Milwaukee, ou Tuesday, the »i d«y of Aamst next, at 2 o ciork r. M . f <r thr ( ^ nf electing Directors for the ensuin? r-*r. in (<ur4 of s. Moekholder't cill. ac<i tl * re^olulon of trW I ouocil by resoiotiun iao[>t?.i J j nfurTe^l .n the r-fiiniii^n'i *. I mooert if ;he -"tl W»r J. ! Mh Ward, be graded t<> if w.,Jt;. planke-l ac>-nr ll,.|t t f th- C ty EnifUieer. ^n tin Jen I f. n 1 tit *0» sfl^<t n lheC"m|.tr. *r- ^>r»hy • of Director^ <.f laid Companj. . Jozte 2*. 1 H. COWLR3, I tjKsffTL.fii.ui :— I Uke pleAaure ID tttAUnf; that I bad ODC of jour Safe* In my office. In VouDg 4 * Block. *nd th*I on being opened thl* roonung liter ihe fire. The boolcfl were found to be nnjr jared imlde cf the COTCTS, and ncne *f tbe pa^ert destroyed, and only few of them tUshUj charred. Ai the Safe wu one of the small-rst • t«. and the ftj e .v T«?7 hot one. I think rrmr Safe itood the test re*j<in- able veil. %nd tld rslioru Office llwren of proper-v ,TO «S'.l ttr.^-t *r- -i>r»hv i r r! ed ui make said improT r menn » iw^ntv-twi Urt 'r m dstr, or the rHreri Cnmmi«itin'.-" *' '•* Htr. Ward w\U cause the fame to be 'l-i'-e »i'l :ri.\r.-tHl :.• C. L'H. likRDINKR. rom;tr- I — i i t I-, T HE foDowmi? i« i I'- Nintt Wmr4. i uv cf CrTT l n»rTBMLl.KB 'S Ontruct D^v-nrtmt-oi J ini* -"' if bi.».-vs AQ r IlHK %ssessmtfnt of benefits h« natsar iji^rc >n . IN LAL'uK -HKIMEK. I am jouri truly, A. P. CLARKE. A BIG PILE OF GOODS For a Snail Pile ef Moneys >CALL AND EXAMINE BUTTON'S! Clothing Establishment NO S, WE WH ALL HOUSE. JeW St Lools Hogar Cured Ham?. I AH constantly recetrtng a supply of these celebrated Basas, tbe best In the United States. Those wbo loTe £T)Od things In mj line would do well to eall and examine my stock. JOSH W. LEDTAB.D, 'Grocer and Wine Dealer, 161 East Water street. MAf OFTHK SEAT OF WAK Pa$lCC TWENTY-FIVE CE.fTa. Hap of Nartbarn and Central Italy, showing Beat ef tbe War, Position of tbe Armies etc.. Is attached a small Hap of Europe—all for 2S cents. ' Alao, « fine Map of the Theatre »f the European .'War.wilb Portraits of tbe Bul-rs In Europe, etc.,—price 30 cents, at ' jeza ^ .to (ha wblsh 8TBIOKLAND A GO'S IM East Water Street. Omr OoitrraoLLza's Ortnn, I Qpvnuor Dariaraftr, Jane 29, '58. ( Ward iUED proposals t/lll be recelred at this offlce, on- tUI Thorsday, Jane 30*b, at 10 o'clock A. •., for oj> and relaying brick ilosnralks and famishing k where reqaJretl; aba for curbing In IhcSd the Oltr of UUvankee; laid work to be done ime and place as U» Street Commissioners B. L'H. QARDIK8E, Comptroller. kt snch time Oar ilreet. [ Je!M-d4t : BUTTER. WOULD call th« attention of raoullea to myselec ^ \- OMOIOE BUTTEK. 1 aft 4aU« reeelTtog by Kxpreat, choice lota or Batter om_tn» bat Dalrla lo the Stas>, which for quality orla ojuurpaaatd. Prices always to eorrea- ih the ••market ratea," and quality warrantad. lallalaad sod a«Dt to aU parts ot th* city free. . JOHH W. CKDT4KD, Grocer aad Wine Dealer, < 141 iMt Water street. Street Co.i i» XT 110 no IS 18 9 1 97 9T »T - Hl.u" 1 1337 i Aonrrtoa. 13 lilsTxt- 14 l.«.» 4 41.5-^ •|4<I,|M IS.|«I Nt > I'll 1.. '|IHE -Mll..» nt < i m. TintinK -n J-tl"^r W <r I, »•) » » , «h~t ira,1^ .: r.-l 4 > >t '.•J.v ' i'I* M l i n 14 89,37 41, ft! 1M.73 !7'.7.1 41.8'- 63.K7 9O,lW 90,00 W130 u«,6J 11J.UO :I),;H) il.Jll V.' ,K) K . rl I, \»|M 1 M ) 1 H H . I. L'H. UAADtNSB. jc2«-d3t CTTT CoMPTaoLaa'4 OFFK*. , CoQtract Dvpartmeat, Mil., June 36, 1SA9. t T HE following described tracts of lanj ly\ag on ihe fouTth aretrae in the Vint W&rU at the Ctty of U.lwaukee, will be benefited to the amount set opposite each by being graded to the established trade JOBS LOCKWOOD, FBCD HK1NEMAN. Street. Commissioner*. "' Section 15, Hospi- 14*. Ii ' ^83, ; J B L'H. ttARDlNKa. Cmptroller la 8 B !», of s w tal tract, Reserroir tract, _je2«-dSt AN ORDINANCE To License and Regulate Steamboat, Railroad <n,i Botel Banners. The Mayor and Common Council of tbe Cu/ of U,i- waukee, do ordain aa follows : S ' £CTION 1. Ifo person shall act as a steamboat runner or as a solicitor of paaseocen for in; -team boat fir Pallrnsjit, or aa a ranner Ifor or solicitor of guests for any Hotel or Public House, at any of rtw Railroad Depota or Stestmboat landings In this city with ont a license from MM olty therefor Issued M in this >r dlnance proTldeii. Bee. 8. Tna Mayor Is hereby authorised to license under hla oaad any resident of the city over tweat*-on? yeaii of age to act as a runner, or solicitor of passengers for any Btaamboaft or Railroad or as a ronne t or solicitor of fnuts, for any public house to this ally. upon hia aBtaiing Into a Bond running to the City of Kllwaakm with or wUfcont lariUea, to be appointed by tbe Mayor In the penalty of one hundred dollars conditioned for the rayment of all penalties which the person so licenses! may tocur, aad all damage* fer which he ahatl be .. £eo. 3 When anx appQcaslon lo the Uayor Tor a license, pursuant to like pros/talons of this Ord'naace, shall be fruted, HM City Olei-k, oexm the payment of »«. dollars Into the City Treasnry, and two doilara lo Ihe Major for (ranting tha license and approving the bond and one dollar to the Clerk, to lane a license, and cause tbe same to be .registered and numbered, and (be license to (ranted and laroedaoall uontlnae In farce for one year (ram the date thenar. See. C B»ery peiKm who shall be licensed as afoie- said lhall forthwith canse the number of hla license together wUh the name ofihe Steamboat, Raih-oad I Company, Steamboat or Railroad Un«, Hotel or Pnbllo Hauc,fbr which ha la to Uconaed lo act s» runner or follctor, to bo plainly painted on a badge which he shall •ear while acting a»sneirann«r or solicitor In a cari- ipsgaoas place en the front of abi-nat or cap. Beo 4. Any DenoBwhoabaU.atanyiUmaactaaanur- depot, or Btetm Boat tandlncla IhM city, jrlttoat be- tncUMaied, at provided bTT&» Ordlnaaee, or ihaU act MSMhraBoer or solicitor without weerlnfe In »coq- apleooai place on thefrontof hla hat S EALED pr . til We«Jii.• lira ih«r [>,.r Wart Ui ;Hf *tM?l ,.- 'I I,*! ': >' E W HOOKS j i ST K K i •: ; . •: : i a 'i i K ir k r i \ o A < 4i l:.H l-.A^ I V W ALL .-TRKHT i,. i:-. ytufi ,n *»".«. \rr ,- Lecture m >l<-i4[>n jrn.'s H»railton, i MI The Kmpir* .if Vu.«trm in John ;* C \bn..n, 1 -.». WyoiuiDj 13 n ilory, •Uir lit' Atlvetiiurefj. i>y w—irtfe B*j Th« Hurp .(' * rho««an*.l ^t if»an »it, **xxvry ind Army Life on the Paciftt- Dun sljfiUDal irif Northern I Diary The Romance f >f * P Bar, h y M. UUU Morgan, 1 &<•, MM Mew hiustraMMl tlarai Manual* <*ttipi;.j.i^ Uouae, ih% Uardeo, ibe Kmrm a»-l Uuiut-itio Ainn.A,^ Prire t 50. U.Dta-towanlii Physical Perfertmn, .rthe Phii'^-.priy ,if tne Human Beauty , sbowlnif fit>* in %,-.(iiir» %n.( r«. i«iO bodily tymmetry, hvalth an>l vnfor, t«cur« ,on.( lifti, and kvold the luflruiitie* *ud .Irf .r?mucs <r «ur O Y D. H. Jacques, I 00. Spurgeon'a dermooii, voium** t)vt«, 1 «•<)Uiva M* Latt'e, Lovu S|« Lontf, t>y Cha*. Unfcdtt, .'Ac •ilatory *f tha Dotnlalua » tna Arab* » Spain, t ;.> A Journey Due North, being not^n ..( ^ re-shJctivje ,n Ru«ta, by deorge Augustus Wala, . W). Lament's MeUical Adv aer ami Marriage uu,.l«, w-ih nearly 100 eagrmviimi. rViou t ^V. The Ptflar of Fire, or Urael ID BundaKf by U«>v } ft, Inffr..vham, I ifi. Irrtng*! Life of Waahlngton, vulam** flvr*, l 50. AliI.X>na*> Dtotlooary of Aathora, t> M), Life of Kit Canon, i 00. STRICKLAND ft CO J"* _ UM Eaat Wat« r .tr^t. Lot 2. block T?, benefit tSOS DO. ie23-d»4 S. L'H. aASOOfsn. Oomptrullar. EMHL.OYM KNT. WO a Month and all Expense* I a S ASKNTta wanted U> erery (own and county in the United States) to engage, ta a reapactaWe and , by wblcb tbe^aooTe proflta may be cer- . W*aM», corner IttbJ BtrvMt And Broadway, ew Tea* CUT, «aBlffitn.f on* Ptw«.T» Sluip. . ...*;.u-,4- * ,

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