Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 20
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 20
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F-Mhak. was how. «· chib on Monday Pl«y«t to MM. Boyd Comer, T Mr. ana Mrs J. a u v attended thn tu- little neph«w, JMaur " In Kinmundy, on child hnvlng tiled Funeral »ervl«j« eihodht church COB- J, E, Shafsr, formei- ft th* Mvtnodhr cltv l tit now of 3^, 335 1538 N. Jwper .Mut *te r Bit^ * Price ·*· Hunch :': l n :. 26c at Uila frlce ii.T, CH. pink, tall rarh _ 1 -I Z 1 C -1C-. 1 OC Al ipcr I'OI Sl l rotlNO ____ POVNIt flft* 1 Sh! ..... I'OKND Mo Decatur, Hot frigration »f Stock tomers I^ge of the [en temper- jien you f t p nnd en"on, ?il»o, tie*--- . _ t4 qiiBiUltks Of Stifely for day*. tnuoh o* to tl» of column Sfrvft gnfd riniiHiin on m ltm«. [ Phone 4121 « i GIRL OVER RADIO [ --Mlis Ad* ·- * ts 'My, who it niverilty n. broad CM ting attronoon. wh «n UECATUR HERALD f-KILJAY fcVhNING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. OECATUR HFRAI 19 A great jnany people arc beginning to think that revival of good timesianotfaroff. For the pake of everyone, AP hopes that this is true. ie it it «of t bad idea to taw what voi* (an by taking ad-.antagt of AWP*s itry low ·pneitfor tht btst quality of foods, AP FLOUR Pillsbury's Gold Medal 24-LB BAG 79 C 57 lona . % Sunnyfield VS! 69 e K*l 37 M* Bread 2 '£ 15c VIRGINIA SWEiT Pancake Flour . 3 6. PKG. SANTA CLARA Prunes «? . . 3 tBi 25c Seedless Raisins 4 Ls 25c Dtl MONTI Sardines ION* Cocoo . 19c Salt . 10 w 21c OUAKEft WAIO Cafsup . tSf 15c SUlli Macaroni 3 «* 25c Ivory Soap Canvas Gloves CAMPBELL S Soups 6 CANS 55c TOMATO . 1E«ns,9?c Pumpkin IONGHORN Cheese IONA TOMATO64 Corn, String Beans 3 NO. j CANS Le 25c STANDARD QUALITY Pineapple · · AMERICAN BEAUTY OR ENCORE Macaroni "ESS!. 0 " ,3^ s 20c Nutley Oleo . . 2 i » 25c Pillsbury Pancake Flour 25c GENUINE RED RIVER POTATOES Tm, $2.50 IS U. Peck 33c TEXAS SWEET GRAPE FRUIT 6 For 25c CABBAGE $1.25 BANANAS IIM, 23c APPLES 25c MEAT SPECIALS CHUCK ROAST . , ·* 17c BOILING BEEF . . . ·* 1 0 e GREEN CALLIES . . '·" 15e PORK STEAK . . . · w 18c VEAL . . '-xi. 1 ,: 1 ·-". 35c HAMBURGER , . . « 17% SHANKLESS CALLIES ^a... lh 21c A P Food Stores ~--. M I O D L f W C I T E H N D I V I S I O N Thn Gtvut Atlanllr *nH Pm-lflr T*» USE, ORDER, DESIGN GOVERN HOME FURNISHINGS Q --\,, y .,. v ^ rf dtttafeo^. «. . ' -Vt«,fln« , J T s V , [ j y up^ First of all in the arrangement of furnishings of the home should come use, then order «nd design. Rugs and squure and rectangular pieces of furniture arc placed parallel with similar linos of walls «nit ceilings to secure the best effects. Beautifully curved and queer shaped pieces of furniture arc usually to be avoided, as they are hard to harmonize with other furnishings. Beside each reading chair, near each desk and with each davenport should be a light. Side lights by the dressing table and a lamp ott the desk arc useful, and can be made the beautiful lighting nxlnra for the boudoir. [YELLOW FOODS ALL SEEM RICHER IN VITAMIN THAN OTHERS We now iindt't^tmul that all of \vi noctl vltAtviin A foi I ho niulntpiiancfl nf licnllb. iitul (hut It \t jiactiruljuly Impoitunl In tin 1 JIH uf uhlliliuti Do cuu^c tt ptDniolciB'o^th and intiens- *s ipstbtnru p to InfoctloxiH Ulyiintios VVo know, too, n long Us! o[ foud 1 Decatur Malt Extract Co. 525 North Water St. HICTAI1. WB DKLIViat BVERVWIIICRE! GINGER ALE Extra Pale Dry, Regular 19c Bottle, Per $ I 25 Dozen . , , , JL FREE On Saturday Kuhltor »lr«n it' 1 **' 11 w'** 1 «'* tl ' l y S Bittlc*i i( llinl HIHT Kstruct. Per 19c All Brands MALT$1 2 Cane I which me ileh In thli vitamin: but- lei, cicain, egg yolK, cod liver oit, spirmclt, cat rots plrienpplc, bnnanns, lotniitocji, lollucc, sweot and otlieia In Fludyini; vitamin A It hat found that It is a'jsoi luleil In a re- mai'knbio wuy with yellow jjiffincntn- tion. Cm rota anil Hwcet jiotntocs for (^xaniplo, have much move vitamin A than li found in any ot the loot vcg- MfibleH which do nol havo u yellow color. Yellow eorn iinfl yellow ·tquiiah hnvc the vitamins w h k h uic lucking hi white torn nnil while -Kiimsh Thh yellow plKincnt H culled "caiotlti," lulflnt; llw same from the humtilc cairot which It eoloi 1 , bo Isn't it h» Tjook buelc at lh c lltt of foods which m e rich in vlttunln A find ace how rminy of them Off yellow-col tiet. In tomaloPB. (.lie yoltownasn Id masked, fcy red, and In Hjimuch und lottuec, hy Kr«' l n ft in well to re- member thai the outside green leaves of lettuce contain 30 times as much vitamin A UK the Inside white on en This rlohe asHOdation between carotin and vlluinln A htu led to con- ildeiahlc ocptt[mentation to J*tcr- mln« whether or not thene two mi*- atniKic^ mny. in reality. !· one and the atirne lliltig. A DELICIOUS STUFFING One-fouith cup fill 3 c«i» !no£t biMi) crunfihs, 1 teaspoon fiiMt Few grains pepper. Ono-hnlf lcas]oori hatfe. One-hnlf cup ttilalns, cut in pieces. Onr-hfilf cup walnuts, cut In )lPCf4 Mcll Jal add lreftd crumbs, Bait, anil -tune and mix well. Add ami nutu und mix ly. Uite for Htutflng ronnt ham. Eastern Packing Co* 134 Merchant Street Phone 4238 NOTABLE MEAT VALUES NOW! Lamb SPRING LEG LAMB 3* Lh. SHOULDER 24$ Lb. LAMB CHOPS 45* Lb, PIMENTO SWISS BRICK STANDARD POIlltl?yFRYING CHICKENS" . .32$ Lb.' FATTED Beef NATIVE Hams SKINNED ri\ i inv* ^··t^**ij*'*' · · **^T ^-STEWING CHICKENS, .23$ Lb. PICNIC HAMS 16* Lb. SHOULDER ROAST . . .27$ Lb. Boneless POT ROAST. .27$ Lb. BOILING BEEF 15$ Lb. MEATLOAF .,,. .20$ Lb. WHOI.K EGGS Fresh Butter Creamery MORAN MARKETS, inc. 146 MERCHANT ST. CREAMERY BUTTER Ib. 36c BEEF ROAST 12v 2 c Lb. PORK ROAST Lb. ROUND STEAK 20c Lb. LOIN or POBTEIt HOUSE STEAK 22c Ib. EGGS, Giaranteed, Dozen .24e FRESH GROUND BEEF 15c Ib. HIGH GRADE MARGARINE, 2lbs. Shankless Picnics . 14' 2 c Ib. BEEF OR PORK HEARTS 12c Ib. .26e Sugar Cured Bacon 24c Ib. Pure Preserves =^ Home Brand ' Pure Pretervei "HOME BRAND" A cariMd of rum L'r«tervM direct frpm 'Hf' F«ml Corporation'* modern kitchen. MM* or pwre «r»t* fruit and N» nwtUr what brwid of been ndtiR, or bow mud) mor* you i hmw i e , utytni, compare Home Brand with U. W hi wot M »od or hrtt*r, !H ohterlully mundwl, mwwy O«r miytnt Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry 16 ot. Jar 23c 2Lb. Jar 45c 4Lb. Jar 89c Blackberry, Peach, Apricot, Pinecot I9c L Lb 39c !"' 77c 16 01. Jar Potatoes 15 --^ 35c 2 Bu. Bag $2.75 Thew are the very bert quality PoUtoM *v«bMc thit year CABBAGE Medtm Siie Reach 100 p ^ d $1.25 CELERY Crup-- Mlthitwi 2 Sulk Bundle Grape Fruit "an 7c Bright--Clean 70* Six* Each Bananas SoKd, Rif« Fniit 4 ^ 25c UNIVERSITV Tomatoes ELK CORN LIBRARY FLOUR 1930 Pack Fancy Red Rip«--WboU No, 2 Tin Dozen $1.20 Exceptional Value No. 2 Tnu F«r Milled in Hlinoii. For bread and pattri** 48 Lb. Sack, $M7 Hand P.G.SOAP 24 5 10 25c 29C S9c 33c FREE While They Last Beautiful Full Color Baby Picture With Each Package RALSTON WHOLE WHEAT CEREAL 23' WATER SOFTENER Climalene BORDEN'S M I L K OXYDOL THOMPSON'S Malted Marshmallows Soften* water inttaittty ^equirei far lew Map 2Se Package PET--CARNATION Tall Tim Small Site, 4)« More ·cononueal than 25c PackAfe Addt 76% loth* food vahtt of plain milk. Povnd tin For r , White, Fluffy. Buy them by Ib* box. Powtd, I7c 21C 2SC 21C 39c 73c Gold Medal Flour KiUhm T«t«d For Every Bahhiff Puvpot* 48 Lb, Sack $1.57 24 Lb. Sack 79c

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