The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1956 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1956
Page 21
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Rodman Girl Bride, Nov. 10, At Whittemore Whillemore—St. Paul's Lutheran churcli in Whittemore was the scene of the wedding of Lois Florenlcna Lentz ,6f Des Moihes, daughter of Mr lind Mrs Carl Lentz of Rodman and Roger Delano Peterson of Des Moines, son of Mrs Lottie Peterson of Rolfe, Saturdav evening at 7:30 on November 10'. Rev. Paul G. Weinhold officiated in-the double ring ceremony. Reuben Butzke was the organist, and accompanied Marlenc Walker who sans the "Lord's Prayer" and the "Wedding Prayer". The bride was attractive in a white ballerina gown of schiffli embroidered tulle, fashioned with a snug bodice and Peter Pan collar with long tapered sleeves. Hoi- fingertip veil was attached to a jeweled tiara. Her bouquet was of pink and white carnations and blue forget-me-nots, and she carried a white Bible which was a gift of the bridegroom. Lorraine Lentz, twin sister, was maid of' honor. Caroline Lentz,-a cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid. "' Richard Lent?:, brother of the bride, was host man. Richard Schall, a friend of the bride- groom, was groomsman. Mary Ann Lentz, cousin of the bride, was flower girl. Wayne Lefttz, brother of the bride, was ring- bearer and carried the rings oil a white satin heart shaped pillow. Ushers were Gary Lent?;, a brother of the bride, James Steven and Larry Lentz, all cousins. Immediately following the ceremony a reception was held in the church parlors for 150 guests. The bride's table was! decorated in pink and blufc and candlebra with pink and' blue candles, and a large four-tiered wedding cake adorned .with a miniature bride and groom. Table waitresses were Katy Bonnstelter, Sandra Perkins, Jeane Haftman and Coleen Elbert. Nancy Perkins of Des Moines was in charge of the guest book. Mrs Fred Lentz of Curlew cut the cake. Mrs Arlo Allen and Mrs James Chapman, aunts of the bride, poured. Kay Burgess of Rodman and Mrs Rollin Davis of Gilmore City were in charge of the gifts. The bride is a graduate of Rodman high school and since her graduation, has been employed with the Bankers Life Insurance Company in Des Moines. The bridegroom graduated from Rolfe high school and is employed with the Iowa Packing Company in Des Moines. Having just returned from their wedding trip they will be at home at 903 7th Ave, Des Moines. A number of relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz gathered at their home Monday evening to help Mrs Potfatz celebrate her birthday. Those present included Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, Mr arid Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith, Mi and Mi's George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt and Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer, all of here; Mr and Mfs Wilmar Wichtendahl, Mr and Mrs William Boettcher, Mr and Mrs John Schallin and Mr and Mrs William Buss, all of Lotts Creek and Mr and Mrs Erwin Wetzel of Lone Rock. Five Hundred was played at five tables, John Schallin and, Mrs George Meyer winning high, Herman Hintz and Mrs William Boettcher, low. Mrs Arthur Heidenwith won the travel prize. A number of relatives were entertained at a joint birthday party Sunday evening at the Cozy Ihn Cafe in honor of Mrs Ernie Meyer and her twin sister, Mrs Herbert Potratz, who had birthdays last Monday. Present were Mr and Mrs Delbert Wichtendahl and son Vernon, MV and Mrs Ernie Meyer, Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz, Mr and Mrs Charles Schultz, Mr and Mrs James Schultz, Mrs Ruth Schultz and daughter, Janice, and Mr and Mrs Norman Schultz and daughter Debra. The immediate families of Mr and Mrs Thomas Kelly honored their parents at a party at their home Sunday evening on their 40th wedding anniversary with a turkey dinner at six o'clock. 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A number of the ladies pleasantly surprised Mrs Margaret Mergen Friday on her 80th birth* day. Mr and Mrs George Meyer and Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt visited with Mr and Mrs Marion Hyink, Tuesday evening, on Mrs Hyink's birthday. Darold Elbert, son of Mr and Mrs Frank Elbert, received his discharge from the army last week, after serving for two years in the paratroops. Mr and Mrs Frank Piekarski are visiting relatives in Fergus Falls, Minn, this week. Mr and Mrs Conrad Alig observed their 40th wedding with a five o'clock dinner at their] home. Present were Rev. William Veit and the Rev. Gerald Zensen,' Mr and Mrs Doh Conrad and'dau- ghter, Mr artd Mrs P: J. Fdch- sen, Mr and Mrs P. J. Dahlhauser, Mrs George S. Elbert and Mr and Mrs George Besch and family, all of here, Mr and Mrs Merle Herbers and family of Minnesota Lake, Minn., Mr arid Mrs Leland Alig and family of Esthefville, Mr and Mrs Ralph Elbert of Algona, and Mr and Mrs Leo Wald- schmit of Fort D.odge. In a deal made last week Virgil Elbert bought the ' late Mrs Catherine O'Brien home in the east part of Whittemore. Mr and Mrs George Maahs left early Thanksgiving morning for Fort Riley, Kansas, to visit their son, Sgt. and Mrs Donald Maahs. Enroute to Kansas, they stopped off at Clarinda, where they attended the morning services in St. John's Lutheran church which is now served by the Rev. W. H. Discher, former pastor of St. Paul's here in Whittemore. They returned home Sunday evening. Tidbits From Evelyn I was greatly interested in a T.V. program one night last week. Yes, I succumbed several weeks ago, and whDe I am not So enthusiastic that I keep a continuous program, there are a few I enjoy very much. Oi course, Lawrence Welk is my favorite. And I like Edgar Bergen and Charley McCarthy. It was on his program "Do You Trust Your Wife" when he introduced Mr and Mrs Bob Miller of Pomona, Calif., that I sat up and took notice. Mr Miller teaches at Chino in the Boys Republic. 1 have been there several times, driven all over the acres surrounding it to see the barns.and out buildings, for this is a sort of "farm" as wc-ll as school. It was there my aunt Mary Henderson Long was house mother and it was from there mother and 1 received one of the dclla robia wreaths, which are made each year by the boys und sold in most of the states of the union. * a * Speaking of writing — I've been told there is a movement started for collecting poems by Ray Kresensky and compiling a book which will be marketed. Kay, was very talented and the book will be certainly worth having m one's private library, v * * Some of the Thanksgiving news I reported did not com» to pass because of the bad weather but for the most part things went off as scheduled. One thing that didn't was my trip to Wichita. Not because of weather exactly, but my fear of what is might be when I'd be going to or from Mason.City to catch the Rocket. * * * Kathy Weydert and Juhe Wall- ukait are cousins whose birthdays are only nine days apart. A birthday dinner was held Sunday, Nov. 25, at the home of the grandparents, Mr and Mrs Chris Wal- lukait. There is a quartet of granddaughters for Duane has another daughter, Jane, and Betty has another daughter, Christie. 4 * * When Mrs Katherine Simon travels she always has interesting experiences. She was recently in Chicago visiting her son-in- law, C. J. Winandy and children and sister, Mrs J. R. Winandy While there she was her son-in- law's guest at a night club where .-^he found out how the other half lives. She decided they lived very expensively and was aghast at the enormous prices charged for food. She considered the floor Fhow good entertainment but she is not keyed to city living and likes -little old Algona which spells home. » * * Two persons who didn't gel home for Thanksgiving were Ruth Schwoppe and her husband. Norbert Hattendorf of St. Paul, Minn. The storm was too b:id for them tt> start out so Ruth called her parents, Mr and Mrs Arthur Schwi'ppc, and said the dinner would have to be canceled so far as she and her husband were concerned. What a disappointment all around. * * * I phoned Theresa Oslwinkle the other day. We always get into quite a lengthy conversation but this one was broken off rather suddenly. The little son, Joey, had discovered the chocolate chips she had opened on the kitchen table in preparation for cookies. So to the rescue fled mother. * * 4 Each day is crossed off the Paul Palmer's calendar and the son Jim's homecoming gets closer and closer. For 6 1 ,-; months Jin, has been in service on the TJ.S S Bryce Canyon and October 2!J reached port at Long Beach, Cal. December 2 marks the date of four years in service and he should be home some time not too far from that. Surely he will make it by Christmas. Not Ions ago he visited his brother Leo in San Francisco. Jim's brother Bob was at one time on the same .•ship with him. At the time- ol sailing, Bob had been in ;in accident and was !iospit;ili/ed. Upon recovery ho was assigned to a destroyer. He has been out ol service since a year ago last September h;,ving served four years too. lit? is at. present employed by the Winters and Burden milk i-ompany and drives UIL Wholesttle truck here. * » « Gary Moore should watch his grammar more closely. Recentiy mi "I Have a Secret" lie nien- tioned a gorilla which had torn the trousers of the St. Louis zoo nit^nci--»nt. ;md remarked ' \Vh i DONE it." And he v,d-n being funny, or was he mentioning the books facetiously called Who Dunnits. * * * In a recent chat with Eula Rich I asked her if she and husband John were going south or west this winter, as they did the past couple of years. She replied she didn't think so. I said, "Well, do as I did. Buy a T.V. and stay at home." Now I don't think she acted on my advice just as though my word had to be obeyed. I think they had toyed with the idea for some time. At any rate, they did buy a T.V. and if I could influence people as easily as that, I'd apply for a job with some of the persons who have agencies. I don't know what the percentage is, but it seems to me there are far more roofs decorated with antennas than there are bare ones. That's one nice thing about living injm area where only "rabbit ears" x are needed. No ghostly wire skeletons hanging to the roofs. Your next door neighbor doesn't know if you "has or .hasn't". Might be able to fool the assessor too. * * • . Mr and Mrs A. V. Larson have returned from a nice trip to 'Niagara Falls, N. Y. where they visited their son-in-law, and daughter, Mr and Mrs K. L. Shumway and the six children. They also enjoyed the twelve grandchildren, the latest of whom was born September 24. From' Nia- trara Falls they went to Grand Rapids, Mich., to visit their yon and daughter-in-law, Mr and .Mrs Roland Larson and three daughters. Enroute home they ; stopped at Decorah to see another son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Russell Larson and their three children. * * * ti i* always heart-warming to learn that a baby has been adopted. Thfe' latest-1 "Have Heard of is that Katherine Stewart and her husband Ralph Fish of Elgin, 111., took an infant November 4 which was born October 10. They have named the child Sherry Lynn." She is a sturdy little girl," wrote Mrs Fish," and weighed ten pounds at birth." Katherine is the. older daughter of Mrs Connie Stewart and the late Clarence Stewart who lived here a number of years ago. The family will be well remembered I am sure. Mrs Stewart is a sister of Ray Beamish. * » « I'd be glad to heat from anyone who can match my record. My Christmas gifts are wrapped, ready for mailing arid ready to go. How's that for November 29? It was the usual scramble for scissors buried under ribbons and tissue, a hunt for the pen covered with other Christmas debris, the tangle of cord, the paper that wouldn't fold nicely, and I finally took to bed for half an hour before the evening meal to sooth my shattered nerves, Merry Christmas. « * * A few more November 1924 items — Samuel Steussy, well known LuVerne man died suddenly. First National Bank of Algona closed it's doors. Lupke Wirtjes, Titonka man, killed in an auto accident. Congressman and Mrs L. J. Dickinson left for Washington, D. C. D. A. Haggard left for San Antoino, Tex., to spend the winter. Tuesday, foeamber 4, 1956 Algono (la.) Uppar D« Mdlnti-? equipment operator in the task force which has the Vifginia fort as its home base. A graduate of Ledyard Consolidated High School, Ternea entered the Army in 1953. STRANGLED Nancy Enockson, 13 year old Plover girl, was strangled to death last month when her head scarf became entangled in * a pump jack. CARLSON CARLSON COMPLETE CLOSING OUT NOTES OF SERVICE MEN FORT GORDON, GA. —- Pvt. Duane J. Seller, 22, son of Mrs Elizabeth Seiler, Route 1, Algona, Iowa, recently was graduated from . the Army's Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Ga. He 'completed the school's ten week power equipment maintenance course. The course trained him to install, operate, and service motor-driven signal equipment. A 1952 graduate of Algona High School, Seiler entered the Army last May and completed basic training at Fort Hood, Tex. —o—• FORT BELVOIH, VA.— Army Specialist Third Class Lcroy A. Ternes, 22, son of Mr and Mrs Lawrence A. Ternes, Ledyard, Iowa, recently returned to Fort Belvoir, Va., after participating in experimental operations of the First Engineer Arctic Task Force in the Greenland Ice Cap. Specialist Ternes is a heavy- As I have sold my farm 1 will sell at Public Auction all of my personal property oh. the firm located 5 miles east and 2 & one- fourth miles south of Emmcisburg of \Vt miles west and 1 mile south of Cylinder 6h ' TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11 Sale Starts at 1:00 P.ftf. ^ ~ Bavidtaen's Lunch Wagort ori Grounds 26 Head of Brown Swiss Cattle 4 Brown Swiss cows-—3rd t»lf—freflh 2 months 2 Brown Swiss Cews—2nd calf—fresh 2 months 2 Br&wn Swiss—1st Calf heiftets-^fresh "6 weeks 1 Brown Swiss Cow—fourth Calf—fresh in September 2 Brown Swiss cows—3rd "ealf~»-freih in January ' ' 3 Brown Swiss cows—2nd calf^-t6 freshen in January 2 Brown Swiss—1st calf—td freshen in January . ,,, 3 Brown Swiss—2 year old hoife'rS fo freshen in February •* 6 Brown Swiss Heifer calve« "• '-. > < "•' 1 Brown Swiss Purebred registered 3 year old bull " T. B. and Bang* Tested. •yr MACHINERY 1938 Jbhn Deere tractor Model "A" -. John Deere 25 mounted Corn picker John Deere 15 V fool disc . John Deere 2-row corn planter M«H< tractor mower John Deere 2-row ctrTH valor McCormick-Deering side delivery rake McCormick Deering endgaift seeder 1938 Case'R. C. tractor Case "F" combine '*" Cue 2-row cultivator 1950 Allis Chalmers baler Case tradtor spreader on rubber 2 Case rubber tired trailers with boxes Little Gfant Elevator ' Flat Rack ' 22 foot Drag ' , ' Weed sprayer 2-16" McCormick Deering Plow Manure Wader MILKING EQUIPMENT 2 Unit Surge milking machine with pipeline for 11 cows; electric milk cooler: McCormick peering 4S Cream Separator. . MISCELLANEOUS: Bench grinder. Post hole digger. Spades and forks, Wrenches, 5 H.P. Electric motor; 2 small electric motors, 1 1 x 38' tractor chains. Miscellaneous Household goods. Other Articles, Too .Numerous To Mention. __ "••-... • : ' ' ' ' ' ... ... , 600 Bales of Alfalfa Hay (inside) 600 TERMS: Cash or make arrangements with clerk. Nothing to bi removed until settled for. NOT RESPONSIBLE In Case of Accidents. Lloyd Berkland. Auctioneer Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, Emmetsburg, Clerk COMPLETE CLOSING-OUT As the farm has been sold, I will hold a complete Closing-Out Sale at the farm located 4 miles South and 1 3 /V miles East of FenJon, or l!/< miles West of Lotts Creek, or 6 West, 5 North and l'/4 miles West, from the Algona junction of highways 18 and 169 . . BEGINNING AT 12:30 P.M. LUNCH WAGON ON THE GROUNDS MACHINERY MISCELLANEOUS Massey-Harris 101 Junior Tractor on good rubber, with starter; Massey-Harris 81 Tractor with anti-freeze, fluid in New Tires, also starter and lights; 2-Row Cultivator, mech. lift; New Idea 2-Row Corn Picker, A-l; 8-F1. John Deere Grain Binder, converted to windrower; John Deere Tractor 15-Ft, Disc; Side Delivery Rake; Two Dump Rakes; Allis-Chalmers 2-14 Plow; John Deere Endgate Seeder; 32-Ft. Steel Elevator with overhead hoist; One 4-seciion Flexible Drag; 6-Section Lever Drag; 4-wheel Rubber Trailer with wood flare box; (2) Steel Running Gears with triple boxes; (2) Wagons with triple box; Steel Running Gear and Hay Rack; Silage Rack; 2-Wheel Trailer; (2) John Deere 999 2-row Corn Planters; (2) Manure Spreaders; John Deere 6-Fi. Grass Mower; Case Grass Mower; 10-Fi. Disc; International Single Row Corn Picker; 2-Row Cultivator; (2) Single Row Cultivators; Sulky Plow; Tractoi- Chains with tractor. 350 BU. OATS — 200 BALES CANARY HAY — 1200 BALES 36-Piece Socket Wrench Set; Forks, Shovels, Hammers; Gas Barrels, Slings, Pulleys; Milk Strainer; Electric Fencer and Weed Chopper; Battery Fencer; Steel Posts — Rough Lumber; Electric Motors -» Big Anvil; 250 Ft. V 8 In. Water Hose; Pump Jack and motor; Ladder — Hog Troughs; Corn Cribbing — 2 Lawn Mowers; Tanks — Hog Waierers; 25- Bu. Hog Feeder; Electric Brooder Stove, 500 chicken capacity; Electric Brooder Stove. 250 chicken capacity; Chicken Feeders & Waierers; Electric Water Heaters; Two Rockers" —Garden Tools; Fruit Jars—Tubs—Kerosene Stove; Many Small Tools and other articles too numerous to mention. One Small Heating Stove, wqod and cob; One Large Heating Stove, wood and cob; Some Alfalfa and other seeds. Pop Corn, Potatoes. 1st, 2nd, 3rd CUTTING ALFALFA — 400 BALES STRAW 250 Large Type LEGHORN PULLETS 150 Hens 15 HEAD CATTLE 7 Blk. Cows, calf in spring 2 Blk. Yearling Heifers 4 Calves, weight approx. 550 2 Sucking Calves ' BROODER HOUSE, 12 x 16 t BROODER HOUSE, 10 x 10 TERMS: Cash or Make Arrangements with Your Banker. No Property Removed from Grounds Until Settled For. Not Responsible For Accidents Clarence Zumach YUNGEBERG 8{ QUINN. Auctioneers. LONE ROCK BANK, C,lerk

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