The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 16, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 4
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^r^r^^^^^"^.?^-^^ THE CHILLICQTEE DAILY CONSTITUTION, entSale i -· 3 DAYS ONLY-T,,,,TM,.,. Fn . d - --November J6th, 17th and 18th BETTER THAN EVER Clark's Pharmacy THE JRfiXALL STORE - ^ .««,$,«.«« ., THEATRICAL · THURSDAY wnv I ..mine Frederick .Ve.-.-t Monday. The Paramount company announce the star to 'be seen in The World's Great Snare, a picture speoiallv selected, presenting P a u l i n e Frederick one of the best known stars in pictures. Miss Frederick will be re numbered for her excellent work in Bella Donna, The Spider, a n d other dramas depicting h e r w o n d e r f u l emo- tiona' talent. Enchanting^. DMR, COIONEI Florida Awaits You Real luxury in life includes a winter trip to ^MM of the Telephone Under Cover ! Who would, t h i n k t h a t ' i t would be! Possible for people living here to see the most wonderful st ai -e «uc cess, "Under Cover" with a brilliant cast, headed by Hazel Dawn and Owen Moore. The stage version of th's bis success had one of the most remarkable runs ever enjoyed in New ^ork. Tns film version is said to b» elaborately produced. It will be pre" sented at the Majestic Theatre Thu-s- day, Mov. 23. The prices will be advanced for this attraction when you need goods. Call M-h on y o u have an 'Quick delivery." Call vrlieii you linve a \ "--o as ir you visited our store in person. GALL ONE - ONE auytbino- J M drUKS or other ^^ ^^ Mary Piclcford Owns Her Ow-n Co. The New Mary P i c k ford pictures to he seen throughout the land will have their first showing locally a t the 'Mi Utf 0 VT' B !n 6arly D ^ e -ber. The" t tie of the story w i t h the beloved starjvil, be "Less Than Dust". It ,,, credited -- _, j. utui iJ L I , an Egyptian story, and is being production. a super-feature picture Florida--the land of per- petualsummerand flowers. Golfing, b a t h i n g -- j the exercise you crave- all the rest you seek. Next best to getting there is the pleasure of going there, if you take a Burlington-planned trip- generous choice of routes, liberal stop-overs and long limits. Whether Florida every winter is a yearly custom BOY IS HOXOR.K!) -·IT COLUMBIA. Under Col. flarr There WI! rie Thirty-five Commi ss | 0 n e(I Oincer s ;,n! Eight Companies ot Sweiity- flvo Men Each. Columbia, Mo., Nov. 16.--(Special to The Constitution) -- Francis M Darr, a Chillicothe boy, has been ap pointed colonel of cadets at the University of Missouri. President A Ross Hill has approved the appoint meat which was made by Major Chas. W. Castle, commandant of cadets, and Captain Joseph C. King. Francis has worked up from the ranks, having had no military exper- ence before entering the University L'nder Colonel Darr will be about hirty-fivra commissioned officers and ight companies of seventy.five men each. Missouri has ranked as a ais- for need--and ask for SIEJf FEKD TmEI, TOO preseription to be compounded RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" Seller Quality-Larger Qaaatity r i - tret this larger tube of better · · * = · or a new joy-- Burlington service' mil add to your pleasure. A v v JLM.M ASH ·· Ofnfl.jj J T^r *_- .-II . Chicago, Nov. 16.-VcT.cago to 3 the first big American city to have woman for postmaster? It has been contended that this TMld ibe a fitting recognition by tho national administration of of the Nation's greatest suffrag. Let me tell you more R about it. Call 95. JORDAN, Ticket Agent,' Burlingfon Route. eing tavor sidered To a greater degree than you have ever i Deioreexperiencedwill | successor to ne daily brushing of be ii, who has your teeth become a a fe U /L£.Z? u _?? e this"tally cratic factions to 'agree 'oT'- nama. " is said Mrs. Bass mav sented to President Wilson . nve von n nortr of the w r d "quali"y^ t0 i io °* P as te tot" y as its_ c ]eansinff and whiten- mg 5? r- -e---- "-o and the aeiiffBf refreshed condition which it parts to the mouth. When You Have Saved $50 the question arises, "Ho shall I invest i t ? " There _ better way than in a Cci tifieate of .Deposit in Th | Citizens National Bank o Chillicotlic. -\vhoso resource - " $850,000.00 give you as Isnrance of absolute "safety ' pro- ideal settlement paste today and RICE ALLEN PH« P TMf ietors " The San-Tox Drug Store" Ph ° ne 552 708 Washington St. eral of the women's organization at ··' -" T c; utJI Sheffield Ave.". C h i c PREPAREDNESS THE QUESTION. THAT IS AGITATING THE PUB LIC MIND IS, "TO BE" OS NOT TO BE." We know that the farmers must be prepared in order to raise a crop. We have bee£- preparing them for the last 28 veara and are still at the old stand waitin-* for more " DUE PRICES. QUALITY OF GOODS indCOTIRTPSV OF TREATMENT SPE \K FOE -TM^ ~~COURTESY American Pnrrner tl, e Best Washington, Nov. 16.--The American farmer now leads the world Sec ' "CASH" is our slogan. ,We talk it and believe in it. The merchant that sells on time to Tom, Dick and °«* ^0 take " " ' · " · o ^ - i a t j U 1 " of American Agricultural Col and Experiment Stations 'Already," said the secretarv -the American farmer i s the most efflciei farmer in the world. He does no produce more per acre, but he 'does roduce from two to three or f o u r times more per man, or per u n i t s of la'bor and capital, than the European ar,rt h » IS m ° re alert - uses more and be ter machinery and has more Powerful agencies at this service than farmers of any other nation H^ masters his rivals in the Held of competition and will more and more easily hold his own in the rac- for agricultural supremacv". C.'rUllcTHes of D e p o s i t .in I i,n s u m s or $!io , lncl UPWn . r ,| s They hp.n- Interest at t h e rate of · C i - n t . and a ro r o n o w a b l e at t h e -I o r i w , - | \ - p m o n t h s r r y o u w a n t s e c u r i t y ( o r y o u r sav- i n es a n . 7 n h s o n p p of a l l e x p e n s e o n-nrry I n c l u o n t t o mortsairp, b o n d s , stocks, etc., " " OST A C E I t T I S - I C A T B Oil- in !his s t r o n g h a n k . T h e c e r t i f i c a t e s a r e r e a d i l y n e f f o t i a b l e a n d a s c o l l a t e r a l security" ar tinguished military institution several years and Major Castle says "I am well pleased with the showing made by the crorps so far this year and I do not doubt but that it w i l l be able to place in the list of the t e n ' 'best military schools this year." Louis Potter, a Chillicothe Pligh School graduate, entertained five hundred students Friday night at the first j o i n t m e e t i n g of the Y M C A and the Y. W. C A. Mr. Potter portrayed the trials of a housekeeper in a one-act farce. The young women reproduced "Lord Ullan's Daughter" with Miss Anna Stewart in the title role and Miss Mary Ekidmore as Lord Uilan. Don Chapman has been chosen vice-president of his law class. All offices in the law school are hard fought for as law students wish to get all the practice they can in running for office before leaving school. Miss Mildred Johnson a ,1910 C. H. s. graduate, is teaching Spanish and German in the New Castle. Penn. High School. New Castle is a city of about 30,000, and has one thousand students in the High school. Miss Johnson's mother, Mrs. Carolian Johnson, is with her in New Castle. Pleasing Telephone Manners Bring Generous Returns In Good Will. THE MISSOURI KANSAS TELEPHONE CO. 610 Webster Street Telephone 699 CLl'OERINE AVD BARK PREVENTS APPENDICITIS Public Sale! ved some For those w h o h a v e ney and desire ie, free f r o m t h e a n n o y a n c e a n c worry oC o t h e r f o r m s of I n v e s t n e n t , w e stronsly r e e o m m e n c l o u r C e r t i l l e a t e of Deposit. THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK lember Federal Reserve Bank C. S. DEPOSITARr The simple mixture of bucktorn bark, gylcerine, etc., known as Ad. ler_i.ka, astonishes Chillicothe people ier-ka, astonishes Chillicothe people. Because Adler_i_ka. .acts. on. .BOTH lower and upper bowel. ONE SPOON. FUL relieves almost ANY CASE constipation, sour stomach or gas. II. removes such 'surprising f o u l matter that a few doses often relieves or prevents appendicitis. A short treatment helps chronic stomach t r o u b l e The INSTANT, easy action of Adler. i.ka is astonishing. Clark's Pharm. ac?. FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JARVIS. Norman Jarvis FUNERAL HOME EMBALMERS ard FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 Grade Crossings jfeecl Attention. i Washington, D. C., Nov 16 _ Stan Q a r d i z a U o n Qf gradg cr ' tection is sought in a movement ap 'proved by the National Association of Railway commissioners, now in annual convention here. The increasing use of automobiles it 13 declared, makes ineffective olj methods of guarding crossings Shoes Are Going Hi.a'her. to .V20 for a pair of ordinary shoes sound t 0 you? Well, delegates to th° convention of the National Association of Tanners, in session here sav these prices are in the ofHing and coming fast. And they are not the kind that gr o 'way up to meet the hagh skirt, either, hut just the plain every day variety. Your friends can buy any thing you can give them-- EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Watt on Studio Side Sq.. over. Sipple's, Tor QUALITY, SERVICE end us your Kodak Work TIME TO ACT. Don't Wait For the Fat:) I Stages of Kidney Illness. Profit By Chill i- cotlie People's Experiences. Occasional attacks ot backache, irregular urination, headaches and dizzy spells are frequent symptoms of kidney disorders. It's an error to neglect these ills. The attacks may ?as s off for a time but generally return with greater intensity. Don't' delay a minute. Begin taking Doan's I ~ Kidney Pills, and keep up their use until the desired results are obtain. 1 ed. Good work in Chillicothe proves the effectiveness of this great kidnsf? remedy. Mrs. J. B_ Hellam, Graves St , Chillicothe, says: "I had a stead'y dull pain in the small of my back which grew worse until I was nearly worn- out. A good deal of the time I had headaches and dizzy spells, too. .! felt weak, tired out and nervous. I have used Doan's Kidney Pills when ever this trouble has come on and ; am pleased to say that they have al. ways given excellent benefit. I keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand all the (FRIDAY, Nov. 24, '16 I * 10.AI OF .HORSES A3VD MAKES--1 brown mare, 9 years oM wt "00 *^^^^^^»^TM. ·*» Duality, 2 'sows to far- . ^-·Tn^^^S-^y^Mi^pT 1 T C: 2 harr ° WS; * fa "" ' 3 banking plows; 6 sets work tarne SUrrey; 3 cultivators; other articles too nuni B rn,,=. f_ 1 '^TM! SS '' 1 . Set bu ^SY harness, and many =on c to Pf:!?·?, Piatt, Owner COL. D. B. HODGEHS, Auctioneer Public Sale Springhill, the " Thursday, Nov.. 23, 1916 time and use them irises.' when occasion -ar- A. W. CIES JJIVB STOCK Office Booms 19.2O M'allbFtuin Building TERMS REASONABLE Office Hours: 9-.OO a.m. to 5:OO p.m. Chillicothe, Mo. Price 50c at all dealers. Don't simp- 1 McCormic, with ne y ask for a kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same that Mrs. Hellam uses. Foster-Milburn binde · Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. one 1-i-in. breaking p l o w ; i lister; CHAPEL FEES--FIGHT PHONE 44 - 301: DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTOSS H. L. KECSE, Licensed E ibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS; A-sst. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears ^_^ DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOPATH OFFICE IX GUNBY BTjIlG. lid Stairway north ot keeper House PHOVES: Resilience, 2O8; Office. 1-H Calls answered promptly day or night Announcement. 1 have contracts with the Interna. tioual Harvester Co. for the full line of McCormick line of farm machinery. Any one wanting repairs for any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will be furnished by me. E. H. LAKE, Phone 818. 508 E. Webster street. Chillicothe, Mo. 1 sm,othi ns barrow 2 ^ X^^^^ KSo"uv^r m sr" : ' · addtej i MC --- M. M. A. MOSS, Owner \\i~Wf 'AT \ OTT /-i CHARLEY EAULIE, Clerk. COL. WM. MAST, Owner CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS Dyspepsia is America's curse. 1-u restore digestion normal weight good health and purify the blood, us' Burdock Blood Bitters. Sold at all drug stores. Price $1.00. OHIGHESTER S PilLS ^iSr-v ,, T ,? E B1AMOKI) BRAXU. ^ J ~Vi 1 . "'" - o » r r U H » -lcr 8 Uloinon tt «d and Wow ne lrf with Bluo Ribbon. other. .Buy of VIMIF V Aik.frirCIIJ.Oinij').Tt''1? X a KSlAilu fl'S. "foV xr. . , SOLD £V SRL'OGiS XOVEMBKB WEATHER. Early cold snaps, storms and sleet, snow and slush, cause coughs and colds. Foley's Honey and Tar acts q u i c k l y , cuts the phletrm, opens air passages, allays i r r i t a t i o n , heals in- flamation and enables the sufferer ro breathe easily and naturally so that' sleep is not disturbed by hackin" cough. Sold everywhere HELPING HUNGRY HOGS Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner? Bitter taste? Complexion sallow'' Liver perhaps needs waking up. Doan's Regulets for bilious attacks. 25c at all stores. If you want the ria^ht material ETNO UP R A W L I N S \T THF SAUNDERS-TURNER LUMBER CO. ______ _ PHONE 247 CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS rSPAPERf NEWSPAPER!

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